craigbass76When I click my network icon (an up and a down arrow, next to each other) Ethernet Network is greyed out and has "device not managed" underneath it. Anyone know what's going on?01:55
Kumoolkernel problem probably, ethernet should never have any problems02:00
Kumoolif nobody answers, i can only suggest you try another OS and see what happens02:01
Kumoolif the same thing happens, ethernet card is bust, if not, then... well try asking again in channel, i'm sure if you ask everyday someone might answer02:04
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Rtfsc8hi  how to reset default hotkey for Ctrl + F[0-9]?02:49
KumoolRtfsc8: Settings > keyboard i think02:49
Kumoolits either that or window manager02:49
Rtfsc8keyboard without02:50
Rtfsc8there is not found02:50
Kumoolwhat does ctrl+F[0-9] keys do?02:51
Kumoolfor you02:51
Kumoolfor me they do nothing02:51
Rtfsc8default is switch workspace in desktop02:51
Rtfsc8i want to set for another hotkey02:52
Kumoolthat's in window manager settings02:52
Rtfsc8I got it  thks02:53
KumoolSettings > Window Manager > Keyboard > SCROLL DOWN it says Workspace02:53
Rtfsc8i see thank u02:53
xubuntu50ianyone visual studio alternatife in ubuntu?14:28
Saito553hey yeah I think this has to do with steam on xubuntu but im getting an error message in the software updates thing now18:43
Saito553unable to get list of updates failed to write file error opening file steam.xml.hz no such file or directory18:43
Saito553i assume this is steam because it ... stays steam obviously18:44
Saito553dunno why steam would be in here too18:44
Saito553steam does it's updates itself18:44
Saito553kinda new to all this18:44
Saito553just seeing if i broke something really18:47
Saito553let me try something i think i see something i can uncheck in this software and updates thing18:49
Saito553yeah that didnt work18:51
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