kent1402hey guys.. is there a software in linux that I can make graphics like smart objects in microsoft office flawlessly? I've been having a little bumpy road with Dia, as it's not that practical07:09
kent1402thank you07:09
lordievaderGood morning08:27
kent1402I have a problem here. I'm currently running kubuntu 18.04, installed calligra suite by the command of '# apt-get install calligra'. However, Kexi, Flow, Plan and braindump were not installed11:37
kent1402Tried to search them by the synaptic package manager, but there weren't there too11:37
kent1402Is there something wrong?11:38
Meilikent1402: can you do "apt search kexi" in a terminal?11:40
kent1402alright, wait for a sec11:41
kent1402I found Kexi, thanks, but flow is still absent11:43
Meilikent1402: were not quite there yet11:43
kent1402Does it get merged to the karbon application?11:43
Meilikent1402: Please do a "sudo apt update" and then "sudo apt-get install calligra --fix-missing"11:44
kent1402ok, wait11:44
kent1402the terminal says 'E: Invalid operation get'11:46
kent1402oh wait I had a mistake11:46
kent1402the terminal just said that calligra is already installed to the newest version11:47
kent1402with 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remve and 0 not to upgrade11:47
Meilikent1402: i've never used calligra and i'm not sure what the other package names are11:52
kent1402Oh.. ok thank you..11:52
kent1402well, seems like I have to look out for another flowchart maker software11:52
Meilikent1402: i've got some work to do now, but if I find the time later today i'll have another look11:54
BluesKajHowdy folks12:11
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sparrwhat's the most up to date guide on building a kernel?17:53
MyrosHello, i'm currently in an initramfs busybox thingy shell, i cant boot. I renamed my vg, and update(d)-grub. I've edited fstab to match the new vg's name.if i try to unlock my luke_crypt partition it gives me an unknown fstype error. If i try blkid it shows me the disk. If i try cryptsetup open /... It says the device already exist. What can i do?21:06

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