zyga Hello06:55
zygaman it's all snowy white today :)07:02
zygahey mborzecki, mvo07:15
zygaI almost typed "hey mup", but we don't greet mup :/07:16
mvohey zyga07:16
mborzeckimvo: zyga: hey07:17
mvohey mborzecki07:17
mborzecki61 PRs07:23
mupPR snapd#6429 opened: Bboozzoo/section rename 2.37 <Simple 😃> <Created by bboozzoo> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6429>07:26
mborzeckimvo: ^^ need this for 2.37 branch too07:26
zygaI will do some reviews today07:27
jameshhi mvo, zyga07:32
mvohey jamesh07:35
mvomborzecki: ok, I have a look and will cherry-pick07:35
mborzeckimvo: opened a PR to 2.3707:35
mvomborzecki: I also need to cherry-pick the find fix07:35
mborzeckimvo: but feel free to close if you prefer to cherry-pick and push manually :)07:36
mvomborzecki: yeah, did cherry pick some minutes ago, but still thanks for noticing07:37
mupPR snapd#6429 closed: tests/searching: handle renamed video section <Simple 😃> <Created by bboozzoo> <Closed by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6429>07:38
zygahey jamesh07:48
mupPR snapd#6348 closed: snap: split alignment calculation and display for channels <⛔ Blocked> <Created by mvo5> <Closed by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6348>08:40
mborzeckiChipaca: pedronis: updated #601608:51
mupPR #6016: [RFC] move various name validation helpers to snap/name package <Created by bboozzoo> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6016>08:51
Chipacamborzecki: oh no! now what do I do with my "z" snap?08:55
mborzeckiChipaca: you make it go zzz08:56
Chipacaabout half of my registered names are answers to "i wonder if the whole stack catches me trying to register this name we decided was invalid"08:56
Chipaca(hint: mmmmmmaybe?)08:56
mborzeckiChipaca: btw. we allow 2 letter names right? :P plenty of combinations08:58
mborzeckiChipaca: pushing a little tweak, dropped *Name suffix where it seemed a bit sueprfluous given that the package is called 'naming'09:00
* Chipaca looks09:00
Chipacayes that works09:00
jameshmvo: where do you want to have the meeting?  IRC, hangouts, something else?09:01
mvojamesh: meet should be ok, I sent you an invite09:02
mvojamesh: sorry that it was not on the original thing09:02
pedronismborzecki: hi, Q for you in 601609:38
mborzeckipedronis: right, i tried to keep the diff size under control, so introducing the package and indirection felt right as a first step09:39
Chipacapedronis: with removing the store info cache (btw any better names appreciated) from being tasks, I'm moving them out of backend and into snapstate itself (like seq is already), ok?09:39
pedronisChipaca: it's fine out backend09:40
pedronismborzecki: can you work on a follow up to remove the indirection ones when you havea bit of time09:40
Chipacapedronis: should I read that as "it's fine not in backend"?09:40
pedronisChipaca: yes09:41
Chipacapedronis: ok :-)09:41
pedronismissing a "of", at least09:41
Chipacapedronis: spent a little time with nltk looking for the intersection between synonyms of 'container' and 'blob', with no luck09:41
mborzeckipedronis: sure :) planned to do it all along09:41
pedronisChipaca: ok, seems "naming" is reasonable tough09:44
Chipacapedronis: yes <309:44
pedronisChipaca: did you see my #6389 comment ?09:54
mupPR #6389: cmd/snap: small refactor of cmd_info's channel handling <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6389>09:54
Chipacapedronis: yes09:54
Chipacapedronis: thank you09:54
Chipacapedronis: need to get to that yet09:54
zygaFYI I will be away for the next few hours,09:58
mborzeckioh, codecov is back10:08
mupPR snapd#6421 closed: spread: enable upgrade suite on fedora <Simple 😃> <Created by bboozzoo> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6421>10:12
pedronisChipaca: looked at #6356, doesn't seem inline with the requirements, what we discussed originally10:16
mupPR #6356: overlord/snapstate: during refresh, re-refresh on epoch bump <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6356>10:16
sil2100mvo: hey! Did you see Pat's and Cody's e-mail about trusty snap preseeding? I'm not really knowledgable in these areas and thought maybe you had some leads/ideas10:17
oSoMoNhow do I build a core snap from a PR that adds a new interface, to test it locally?10:18
mvosil2100: I did see it, but haven't managed to look at it yet :(10:21
sil2100mvo: busy times, no worries! It might be something wrong from the image build POV, but I'd like a snappy expert to first take a look and see if there's anything obviously wrong there10:26
mborzeckiChipaca: /var/lib/snapd/sequence is something from snapshots?10:40
Chipacamborzecki: nop10:40
Chipacamborzecki: it's a cache of <snapstate>.Sequence10:41
Chipacaused for recovery iirc10:41
mupPR snapd#6427 closed: interfaces: add block-devices interface <Created by jdstrand> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6427>10:42
mborzeckiChipaca: hm, didn't notice this before, snapd arch package does not clean it up properly for some reason10:42
Chipacamborzecki: missing diff in cmd/snap-mgmt/snap-mgmt.sh.in ?10:42
mborzeckiChipaca: nah, it's not accounted for in the package, so removing the package leaves the dir behind10:43
mborzeckiChipaca: snap-mgmt only removes /var/lib/snapd/sequence/*10:44
Chipacamborzecki: when you get a diff, show me? because I need to do something similar for /var/cache/snapd/store i suspect10:44
Chipacamborzecki: unless you mean it doesn't remove the director itself?10:44
mvo6408 needs a second review, hopefully simple10:44
mborzeckiChipaca: snap-mgmt removes all of /var/cache/snapd/*10:46
mupPR snapd#6424 closed: tests: remove -o pipefail <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6424>10:48
Chipacamborzecki: why doesn't it remove all of /var/lib/snapd?10:48
mborzeckiChipaca: because fedora packaging takes care of this with %dir entries in rpm spec10:48
mborzeckiChipaca: there is no equivalent on arch, so dirs are precreated when package is built and then automatically revmoed by pacman10:49
mborzeckimvo: got a node when console-conf@ttyS0 keeps restarting11:26
mvomborzecki: what is the systemctl status / jounralctl log output?11:29
mvomborzecki: any interessting error message11:29
mupPR snapd#6408 closed: tests: add spread test for system dbus interface <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6408>11:29
mborzeckimvo: no, the log is rather useless https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CHH2m9k6t5/11:30
mborzeckimvo: hm looking at the full log, there might be a pattern though11:31
mvomborzecki: how did you trigger it?11:31
mvomborzecki: my naive way did not work :/11:32
mborzeckimvo: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qyGfvxNrmh/11:32
mvomborzecki: aha, maybe different machines11:32
mborzeckimvo: notice how reloads are interleaved with console-conf restarting11:32
mvomborzecki: indeed11:33
mvomborzecki: that looks suspicious11:33
mborzeckimvo: note, i'm installing and removing 11 snaps in parallel in a separate shell11:33
mvomborzecki: interessting11:34
mvomborzecki: is this all the logs we get? Jan 25 11:24:45 jan251115-985265 systemd[1]: serial-console-conf@ttyS0.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'. is really not helpful, not even the exit code numbe11:34
mborzeckimvo: yup11:34
mvomborzecki: nothing in journalctl -u serial-console-conf@ttyS0.service or systemctl status -l serial-console-conf@ttyS0.service :( sad11:35
mvomborzecki: I guess you can't strace it as this all happens too quickly?11:35
zygamvo: what is the value you saw from exit code?11:37
mvozyga: looking at the logs from mborzecki I see nothing there11:37
mupPR snapd#6430 opened:  tests: enable debian sid as part of the main suite on travis <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6430>11:42
mborzeckimvo: heh, reloading daemon makes console-conf fail, wtf?11:50
mvomborzecki: yeah, that is … unexpected11:51
mborzeckimvo: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZsCjMDdQNC/ confole-conf-wrapper started by agettu11:56
mborzeckimvo: fd 0 is /dev/ttyS011:57
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mborzeckimvo: another one showing what it writes to stderr https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ht5v7QhPxC/12:04
mvozyga: do you know/remember the switch to drive sbuild so that it is as close as possible to the buildds?12:05
mvomborzecki: aha, nice12:06
zygayou have to change .sbuildrc12:06
mvomborzecki: "write(2, "/usr/share/subiquity/console-conf-wrapper: line 62: read: read error: 0: Resource temporarily unavailable\n", 106) = 106"12:06
zygato build arch indep separately AFAIK12:06
zygamvo: but I strongly recommend something else12:06
zygamvo: please look at and improve this: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/641012:06
mupPR #6410: release-tools: add debian-package-builder <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6410>12:06
mvozyga: well12:06
zygayou can test it there :)12:06
zygait's just a fire&forget12:06
mvozyga: I'm looking at a spread test12:06
zyga(for experimenting)12:06
zygaI mean, to get to the point where we can be certain 2.37-2 reproduces the failure12:07
zygajust feed the 2.37-2 package to this script12:07
zygaand see if it fails12:07
mvozyga: the arch indep ?12:07
zygaif so, that's representative of what we know so far12:07
mborzeckimvo: yeah, then it proceeds to run stty, waits for it, waits for any children and exits, maybe it's how this works? the sequence seems legit12:07
mvozyga: but that is "just" doing a normal sbuild without any extras, no?12:08
zygaI suggested that as a vehicle to find out which setting in sbuild controls this to reproduce the failure12:08
mvozyga: we did this as well and for us it did not fail12:08
zygaI think it's just one of the variables you can set there12:08
mvozyga: aha, ok12:08
zygaI don't know the answer from the top of my head12:09
zygasorry :/12:09
zygaI just recall reading the example file12:09
zygaand this is something you can tweak there12:09
zygaI believe we need to run a pair of builds then though12:09
mvozyga: all parts of the example are commented out :/12:09
zygamaybe               --no-arch-all12:10
zygaby default they are built12:10
mvozyga: yeah, I play around, thank you12:11
mvozyga: but lunch first :)12:11
zygaI mainly recommended that script because you  can get to the part where you can tinker easily12:11
zygaand it is reproducible12:11
zygamvo: the thing is https://salsa.debian.org/debian/snapd/commit/7991e731c068148de7ae1b9e99d8df4e6f45601e12:28
zygathat's what you need12:28
Chipacapedronis: pushed changes to the store info cache. This change makes it a lot smaller; need to update the description though12:34
Chipacapedronis: but, one more change I think I should make: I should make the cache be per snap id, not per  snap name12:34
pedronisChipaca: sounds reasonable12:36
Chipacapedronis: making it per snap name would  be more friendly but not sure if we care12:36
Chipacacould include the name in the json if that helped? (would it?)12:36
* Chipaca thinks it'd be fine as is but with snap id12:37
pedronisChipaca: we don't want people to rely on this, so it shouldn't matter12:39
pedronisChipaca: I mean, it should be a snap detail, not something people use, no?12:39
pedronis*snapd detail12:39
Chipacaand tomorrow we couold change it to be a sqlite or something12:39
pedronismborzecki: reviewed 633312:41
mborzeckipedronis: thanks12:41
pedronismborzecki: anything blokcing #6403 ?12:44
mupPR #6403: many: cleanup golang.org/x/net/context <Created by bboozzoo> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6403>12:44
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mborzeckipedronis: not really12:46
mborzeckimvo: are we ok to land 1.9+ things?12:47
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rbasaksergiusens: around? About https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2018/12/18/%23snappy.html#t02:0913:01
rbasakIf you are, then I'll catch up on any upstream changes to the problem since, and if it's still there I'd appreciate some of your time please.13:01
rbasakHmm I say that but the problem appears to have gone away for now. Presumably requirements.txt changed again.13:02
sergiusensrbasak: if you use a base, it is a list, if you do not, it is a string when using 3.x13:03
rbasakHowever it would be nice to know how to solve it properly and/or register it as a shortcoming in snapcraft's Python plugin if appropriate.13:03
sergiusensrbasak: and fwiw, the deb is going to stick to 2.x13:03
* Chipaca goes to have lunch13:04
mupPR snapcraft#2451 opened: static: address black warnings <Created by cmatsuoka> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/2451>13:35
mvomborzecki: yes, we are ok13:45
mupPR snapd#6431 opened: snapcraft.yaml: fix snapcraft building in launchpad <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6431>13:45
mupPR snapd#6403 closed: many: cleanup golang.org/x/net/context <Created by bboozzoo> <Merged by bboozzoo> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6403>13:46
mupPR snapd#6430 closed:  tests: enable debian sid as part of the main suite on travis <Created by mvo5> <Closed by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6430>13:47
jdstrandzyga: hey, don't bother adding your backlight to the PR, I've got a better idea13:57
Chipacajdstrand: should I mark that pr blocked? it's green and has two +1's, somebody'll land it otherwise :-)13:58
jdstrandChipaca: I just did, thanks!13:58
zygajdstrand: ack13:59
zygajdstrand: I really wish sysfs wasn't a maze of symlinks :)13:59
Chipacajdstrand: github here disagrees, but i guess eventual consistency is eventual13:59
jdstrandChipaca: I *just* did it after you suggested it13:59
Chipacajdstrand: reloading it and still not seeing it :)14:00
Chipacaanyway, i'm off to the standup14:00
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Chipacadegville: 2010 says hi: https://r.chipaca.com/the_cult_of_done_manifesto.png14:12
degvillethanks Chipaca!14:13
degvilledone is definitely better than perfect.14:13
Chipacazyga: "shall I compare thee to seccomp" -- mvo, probably14:17
Chipacazyga: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singularity_(operating_system)14:24
zygaI love the shade of blue they used14:25
Chipacazyga: https://wiki.debian.org/X32Port FWIW14:47
Chipacazyga: but alas debian-x32.org is no more14:48
Chipacazyga: mborzecki: and i was wrong about the kernel it seems. Had the worng end of the stick on this. Sorry for the noise.14:50
mvomborzecki: re 6422 - you write that you can reproduce hte mount issue without the change in the PR. does that mean with the change (i.e. when console-conf is disabled) the mount issue is no longer there?15:02
mborzeckimvo: it's still running15:03
mborzeckimvo: so a core 18 node was up for ~1h and didn't error out15:05
mborzeckimvo: need to go out now, but i'll spin another one and let it run15:06
mvoChipaca: do you know if 6280 is ready for a second review? or is there something fundamental that needs discussion still?15:06
mvomborzecki: ta15:06
mborzeckimvo: this is the script i'm using if you want to try it yourself too https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rXDvJgFShf/ imo it's bit more aggressive than the test we have15:06
mvomborzecki: so a core18 node without console-conf (with console-conf disabled) survived 1h ? that sounds encouraging15:06
mvomborzecki: thanks, looking15:07
Chipacamvo: I think pedronis unblocked it because it's ok15:07
mvoChipaca: it got my +1 - its (IMHO) an easy win, would love to see itin15:07
mvoso if someone looks for a fun review: 6280 (/me clearly works on is marketing skillz)15:08
roadmrI bet it's a trap15:10
pedronisChipaca: mvo: yes, nothing fundamental against it (also now that --unicode is fixed for non-tty)15:18
pedronismborzecki: +1 to 6016 but some comments there15:31
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zygadinner done, now onwards15:43
r4co0nSince a few months, sound is no longer working in my snapped Firefox, but other applications can still produce sound. This is running Debian buster. I haven't tested other sound-producing snaps, though. (repost from #snapcraft)15:53
kenvandiner4co0n: how about the chromium snap?15:53
r4co0nkenvandine, I'll go install and test. I got chromium installed via apt and it is working fine.15:54
zygar4co0n: hey15:54
zygar4co0n: we've made an upload to buster recently, 2.37-3 will be coming your way soon (tm)15:54
zygar4co0n: would be great if you could check once that is released15:54
zygar4co0n: or get it from the incoming pipe if you want15:55
* cachio lunch15:55
r4co0nzyga, I'm still on 2.36-3, let's see when this comes to my mirror.15:56
zygar4co0n: it's not migrated yet15:57
zygar4co0n: can you look at your journal output, perhaps there are some denials or something similar?15:57
zygar4co0n: I can try locally in a moment15:57
mupPR snapd#6412 closed: tests: interfaces tests normalization <Created by sergiocazzolato> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6412>15:57
Chipacapedronis: got a bit to talk about the triggering logic for rere?15:58
r4co0nzyga, kenvandine, sound is working in the chromium snap.16:01
pedronisChipaca: I have a meeting noew16:01
Chipacapedronis: my condolences16:01
zygaChipaca: let's just head to the pub then ;)16:02
* Chipaca puts on his boots16:02
mvozyga: I added sbuild spread test now16:03
zygawoot, I'm going through reviews now, but I can look at this out of band if you want16:03
r4co0nHow can I run the firefox snap in safe mode, with all plugins disabled? I tried gathering it from the help and a websearch, but found nothing.16:06
zygar4co0n: no idea, sorry16:06
kyrofar4co0n, zyga, kenvandine might be able to help16:06
r4co0nI can start with --ProfileManager and create a new profile16:08
r4co0nNot exactly the same, but problem solved.16:08
r4co0nBut no sound in a new profile :/16:09
r4co0nzyga, you were talking about some journal output I can be checking? How do I do that? I ran the snap from the terminal and there is nothing remarkable showing up...16:11
mvo6431 is a very easy review16:11
pedronisChipaca: the meeting was short, didn't quite happen16:12
r4co0nbtw, the same snap continues to work fine on Debian stretch.16:12
r4co0nSimilar setup.16:12
r4co0nOther system.16:13
kenvandiner4co0n: maybe different versions of snapd though16:14
Chipacapedronis: wrt "only do refreshes that would change epoch again", I would have to check with the store about updates, and then decide client-side whether to do the update or not depending on whether an epoch change happened?16:14
kenvandiner4co0n: is it connected to the pulseaudio interface?16:15
kenvandinecheck "snap interfaces firefox"16:15
Chipacapedronis: I understand that there's a small window where a snap changes its epoch and then refreshes without changing the epoch and this would re-refresh "early" (not sure why it's a problem), but having to decide client-side whether to do a refresh the store told me to do seems wrong?16:15
r4co0nkenvandine, yes ':pulseaudio              chromium,firefox'16:16
r4co0nCould reinstall help anything?16:17
r4co0nThe thing is, I am using every other part of this snap just fine everytime I'm at this system. It's just those odd YouTube,etc. moments when I get aware of this problem again.16:19
kenvandiner4co0n: did you try chromium?16:20
r4co0nkenvandine, yes I did and it works there16:20
kenvandinewell that's odd16:22
kenvandiner4co0n: what version of firefox?16:22
mupPR snapd#6419 closed: miscellaneous policy updates <Created by jdstrand> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6419>16:23
mupPR snapd#6420 closed: miscellaneous policy updates - 2.37 <Created by jdstrand> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6420>16:23
mvo6417 is another simple review16:25
mvo(we just need a second one :)16:25
r4co0nkenvandine, it's 64.0.2-1 (167) with no available upgrades on stable16:27
kenvandiner4co0n: same as me16:31
mvoChipaca: if you are around - can I merge 6400 (nice number!) or is there anything missing? I did a quick test on the UX and it looks reasonable to me16:34
mvoChipaca: nice job btw, really like this16:35
r4co0nI got KDE reporting  in Audio Volume Applications that 'No applications playing or recording audio' before I start audio in firefox snap, and 'AudioIPC Server' showing up as an application as soon as I start the audio stream.16:35
r4co0nThe volume is non-zero.16:35
Chipacamvo: ooh, you did the ux thing?16:35
Chipacamvo: let me look16:35
Chipacamvo: nice. It won't be translated, but at least it's not lying :-)16:35
Chipacamvo: pedronis had Opinions about the naming of things, but not sure if they were blockers16:36
ChipacaErrNoExpectedResult instead of ErrStoreUnresponsive16:36
Chipacaalthough ErrNoExpectedResult is wrong; it'd be ErrMissingExpectedResult16:36
Chipacabut, as i say,  dunno if a blocker16:37
kenvandiner4co0n: so it's trying to do something16:37
mvoChipaca: hm, hm, both seem ok to me. no strong opinion16:38
mvoChipaca: anyway, should be landable once this is clarified16:38
Chipacamvo: thanks16:38
mvoChipaca: you trapped me, now I'm thinking about a good name for the last 5min16:39
pedronisChipaca: yes, it's a blocker16:40
r4co0nkenvandine, with Chromium, it is showing the application name 'Chromium' almost(?) immediately, sound is at the same level, and I hear stuff.16:40
r4co0nTesting with the top-left link on YouTube, btw.16:41
pedronisChipaca: I mean, I really don't like unresponsive there16:41
pedronisChipaca: do you want me to explicitly -1 it ?16:41
mupPR snapd#6363 closed: cmd/snap-update-ns: save errno from strtoul <Simple 😃> <Created by zyga> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6363>16:41
Chipacapedronis: it wouldn't be necessary now that i know you think it's a blocker16:42
Chipacapedronis: but it does communicate that unambiguously :-)16:42
Chipacai wish the store returned 420 instead of bogus responses, fwiw16:42
pedronisChipaca: done16:43
Chipacathis is again us heuristicating things16:43
kenvandiner4co0n: gnome also shows firefox as Audio IPC Server16:43
kenvandinebut i can hear it16:43
pedronisChipaca: once we alway have rerefresh , we have to do something to chose when to reupdate16:44
mupPR snapd#6432 opened: interfaces: add block-devices interface - 2.37 <Created by jdstrand> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6432>16:44
r4co0nkenvandine, funny side story, I purged it yesterday after having not used it for quite some months. But I still run it on my laptops.16:45
r4co0nWould have been nice for testing now.16:45
pedronisChipaca: you are already checking if epochs are equal  (in the common code, which I don't think is where we want to make the choice)16:45
pedronisChipaca: I'm saying that needs to be postponed plus extra recheck in the task itself16:46
mvodown to 53 open PRs - lets see if we can hit 50 today!16:46
pedronisChipaca: we can chat more on Monday16:49
pedronisChipaca: Missing works for me16:52
pedronisjdstrand: hi, could you look at #637616:56
mupPR #6376: tests: split the test interfaces-many in 2 and remove snaps on restore <Created by sergiocazzolato> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6376>16:56
jdstrandpedronis: yes, I started yesterday and will pick up in a bit16:57
mupPR snapd#6433 opened: tests: Update fedora 29 workers to speed up the whole testing time <Created by sergiocazzolato> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6433>17:03
kyrofaHey ogra, does the Ubuntu Core image support the rpi 3B+ ?18:01
cwaynekyrofa: ^18:10
kyrofacwayne, thank you, I suppose you ARE the person to ask these days, eh?18:10
cwayneSo I've heard :)18:11
* cachio afk18:36
* zyga fell asleep, sorry :(18:43
zygaChipaca: https://github.com/google/gops19:16
mupPR snapd#6425 closed: interfaces: add u2f-devices interface and allow reading udev +power_supply:* in hardware-observe <Created by jdstrand> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6425>19:31
mupPR snapd#6432 closed: interfaces: add block-devices interface - 2.37 <Created by jdstrand> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6432>19:32
mupPR snapd#6433 closed: tests: update fedora 29 workers to speed up the whole testing time <Simple 😃> <Created by sergiocazzolato> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6433>19:32
mupPR snapcraft#2449 closed: Release changelog for 3.1 <Created by sergiusens> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/2449>19:38
mupPR snapd#6434 opened: interfaces: add u2f-devices interface <Created by jdstrand> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6434>19:49
mupPR snapd#6435 opened: interfaces: add display-control interface - 2.37 <Created by jdstrand> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6435>20:04
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mupPR snapcraft#2452 opened: Fix typo in comments <Created by Lin-Buo-Ren> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/2452>21:36
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