sparrI need to build a kernel from https://cgit.freedesktop.org/drm-tip/tree/ with all the same options and modules that my current kernel has (https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.0-rc2/). Is there a guide on how to do that?01:09
sarnoldsparr: is the config in /boot/config-`uname -r` ?01:11
sarnoldif so, copy that config to .config in your kernel tree, then make oldconfig01:13
sparrsarnold: when make prompts something with (NEW) that means the option didn't exist in the previous config?04:45
sparrok, after make oldconfig and answering the one new thing?04:47
sarnoldbuild kernel as needed :)04:50
sparrhow can I find the build dependencies for my kernel(s) when none of my installed kernel packages have source packages for doing apt-get build-dep on?04:52
sarnoldthe Documentation/Changes file lists the *programs* you need; that might not translate easily to *packages* to install, but it should be pretty close04:53
sarnoldinstalling build-essential and then starting the build and fixing errors as they occur will probably get you pretty far04:53
sparrthanks, picking through dependencies like libssl now04:55
sparrdrives me nuts when the name of a library doesn't match the name of the package (openssl vs libssl)04:55
sarnoldheh, the number of times people have installed just an openssl pckage update and missed the libssl package -- which actually fixes the security bug..04:56
sparrI guess I should count myself lucky that I couldn't continue without the right onw04:57
sparrsarnold: if I started with source not from an ubuntu package so I don't have a debian/rules directory for fakeroot, what's the actual build step?06:03
sparrthe guide I'm using wants me to do "fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic binary-perarch" but debian/rules doesn't exist06:04
dokocpaelzer: qemu-system-arm/amd64 unsatisfiable Depends: libvirglrenderer0 (>= 0.7.0)10:11
cpaelzerdoko: that has a MIR https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virglrenderer/+bug/165740911:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1657409 in virglrenderer (Ubuntu) "[MIR] virglrenderer" [Medium,In progress]11:24
cpaelzerdoko: do you have time to do the override?11:25
cpaelzerI have updated the MIR bug to make clear that the upload triggering it now is intentional11:25
dokocpaelzer: done11:34
dokocpaelzer: libsys-virt-perl autopkg test failure12:31
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dokooSoMoN: lo needs https://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/core/commit/?id=635b38704594851648f359477b53f2224b9e6ee1  for openjdk 11.0.213:02
oSoMoNdoko, ack13:08
cpaelzerthanks doko13:37
cpaelzerI'll look into test errors as usual, but it most likely will be monday until I get more time to really work on it13:38
oSoMoNdoko, LO 6.2.0 is due out next week, so I'll apply the patch there, I won't rebuild 6.1.4, unless really needed?14:05
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dokooSoMoN: there are some autopkg test failures, but nothing blocking afaics14:28
dokorbasak: pacemaker would need a merge, there are some dep-waits in proposed14:36
rbasakdoko: how do I find the dep-waits please?14:38
dokorbasak: http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/14:39
rbasakdoko: pacemaker doesn't appear there though?14:40
dokono, but dlm14:40
rbasakJust dlm?14:41
rbasakWe're looking into whether we want to merge pacemaker 2 this cycle, or if it's too close to feature freeze.14:41
rbasakSo knowing what's impacted would be helpful.14:42
LocutusOfBorgmdeslaur, http://debomatic-amd64.debian.net/distribution#unstable/libcaca/0.99.beta19-2/buildlog can you please open a debian bug too? :)14:42
LocutusOfBorgwe might go back in sync :)14:43
mdeslaurLocutusOfBorg: sure, debian bug 92044214:51
ubottuDebian bug 920442 in libcaca "libcaca FTBFS in unstable" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/92044214:51
mdeslaurLocutusOfBorg: thanks14:51
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dokoRAOF, xnox: mir is now back again to happily ftbfs in the tests ... trying if the version in the release pocket still works ...15:58
LocutusOfBorgthanks mdeslaur :)16:06
RAOFdoko: thanks for checking. I'll get on to it when I'm back at work on Tuesday.16:15
dokoThe following tests FAILED:16:28
doko372 - mir_umock_unit_tests.EvdevInputPlatform.* (Failed)16:28
doko376 - mir_umock_unit_tests.DeviceHandling/EvdevInputPlatform.* (Failed)16:28
dokoRAOF: ^^^ I'll upload with ignoring the test results, so we have something in the archive which allows me to continue with the migration stuff. btw, these fail in 0.32.1 as well16:29
RAOFdoko: oh! That's fixed in trunk.16:30
RAOFI guess we've now got the systemd version which exposes that bug.16:31
LocutusOfBorgso better upload a patch...16:31
dokoRAOF: could you point me to that patch?16:32
RAOFYup! The patch should apply without problems.16:32
RAOFLet me get out my laptop...16:32
dokoand building with -DMIR_USE_PRECOMPILED_HEADERS=OFF for now ...16:32
RAOFdoko: https://github.com/MirServer/mir/commit/c845095f291af00d94ea3918e41a59509bd2950916:37
dokoRAOF: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mir/1.0.0-0ubuntu716:48
RAOFOh! Does this mean the yaml-cpp MIR has been resolved?16:49
dokono, not yet. so maybe I re-upload 0.32 this weekend. not sure16:56
sparrshould https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel still be accurate?17:00
sparrI got to the fakeroot step and ended up with "/usr/bin/fakeroot: 175: /usr/bin/fakeroot: debian/rules: not found"17:01
sparrpossibly because I'm fetching a mainline kernel source instead of from the release git17:01
tewardrbasak: is the pcre2 thing needed before 19.04 release?  I.E. release-critcal for this cycle?17:19
jbichateward: definitely no, there are many main things that will still be using pcre3 for 19.04 and probably 19.10 too17:21
tewardjbicha: that's what I thought.17:22
tewardjust checking to make sure before I ask -release to demote nginx* back to Universe because currently upstream doesn't support pcre2 and doesn't seem to want to redo all the PCRE API stuff since it changes17:22
tewardand I"m not familiar enough with either PCRE to do patches for thsoe changes :P17:22
jbichait it were that easy to kill pcre3 in main, the pcre2 MIR would have been approved a long time ago17:23
sparrhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile points to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel which also seems to be outdated. Is there a newer guide?17:38
gQuigssparr: if you're doing mainline, another outdated guide might help: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild17:58
gQuigsbut I think it still works..17:59
sparrthanks, I'll try it18:00
sparralso trying to figure out how to apply https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.0-rc2/0001-base-packaging.patch18:00
gQuigsif it changes the packaging I wouldn't do it for Git build to work.. . if it's a normal patch just git apply...18:03
sparryour wiki page wants me to do git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-lucid.git which fails :(18:04
sparrlucid is old, no?18:05
sparroh god, is this a full kernel source? that's a 4 hour clone18:05
sparrthis is the fourth full copy of the kernel source I've had to download, three from git :(18:07
rbasakteward: no need to demote nginx yet. I was only talking before about some eventual future time when we're ready to demote pcre3. Only at that future time will we need to care about nginx not having support.18:08
tewardrbasak: ack.18:08
tewardthat's why i inquired as to the criticality of it18:08
tewardjbicha's note that there's a ton still using pcre3 makes sense :P18:08
tewardi'm sure not all upstreams want to move off pcre3, too, because of different API and such18:08
rbasakBefore the next LTS would be nice but I'm not sure if that'll happen.18:08
teward20.04 you mean18:08
tewardby that point I can probably persuade NGINX to move on it, because the OSes they're still 'supporting' that don't have PCRE2 die in 2020 :P18:09
sparrgQuigs: stuck at `cp -a /usr/share/kernel-package ubuntu-package` because I don't have /usr/share/kernel-package18:17
sparroh, sorry, I missed that that guide has a couple of extra packages to install18:18
sparrthen actually failing on "cp ubuntu-cosmic/debian/control-scripts/{postinst,postrm,preinst,prerm} ubuntu-package/pkg/image/"18:26
sparrno such files18:26
sarnoldsparr: ahh, sorry, I thought you wanted to just do the make -j ... bzImage modules install step to get your kernel..18:40
sarnoldsparr: I haven't built my own kernel in ages but last time I did the kernel-package package's make-kpkg command was pretty useful. It's probably a lot faster than *properly* building a .deb package18:41
sparrI am worried about producing a kernel or package (including initrd and grub settings) that do not well match my current kernel19:01
sparrI am super annoyed at what seems to have become common practice, to distribute whole copies of the kernel source for small changes to one module :/19:02
cjwatsonif you just add more remotes to an existing git clone then it shouldn't be anything like as much to download19:03
TJ-^^^^ this - I have a mainline based repo with about 30 remotes, for the linux-next linux-stable and all ubuntu-XXXX releases etc.19:04
sparrthat would require me to have a much more broad and deep knowledge of the package building process, because I wouldn't be able to follow any guides19:05
sparrnot that the guides are super helpful, since even the most recent official-ish ones seem to be 3-5 years out of date19:06
sparrthank you for the idea, though19:06
TJ-sparr: what is it you're trying to build, is this for the i915 glitch?19:08
sparryes, for the i915 glitch19:09
sparrtrying to build https://cgit.freedesktop.org/drm-tip/ at commit d0757afd00d71dca98268d09884dc6248743d8ce19:11
sparrwhich I *think* I have just started compiling, after accidentally doing a full compile of 5.0-rc319:13
sparrdrm-tip on  d0757af $ CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=`getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN` fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-custom --overlay-dir=../ubuntu-package kernel_image kernel_headers19:17
sparrexcept that it's not visibly doing much and pstree reports "conf" has been running for a while now. fakeroot───make-kpkg───sh───make───sh───make───make───make───conf19:19
TJ-sparr: I generally use the kernel's own package-build targets (e.g. bindeb-pkg) - and I disable generating the debug-symbol packages to save time/space for non-gdb testing (in scripts/package/mkdebian, removing then code for $packagename-dbg  )19:26
sparrTJ-: more responses in #intel-gfx, hard to keep track of which channel you're asking in19:28
sparrI can continue or repeat here?19:28
TJ-sparr: hehe sorry, it is a bit difficult to decide which is more appropriate!19:28
sparrI am tempted to start over19:31
sparrI've downloaded and copied so many things so many places now that I've lost track19:31
sparrlost track to the point that I ran an entire successful kernel build... on the wrong directory19:31
sparror to just give up19:31
sparrI only have to deal with this laptop for another few weeks, then I can switch to nvidia graphics and not look back19:32
sparrif someone thinks it's worth walking me through the process to get a good bug report to improve the intel drivers, I'm game, but it has passed the point where it's worth my time to keep trying alone for just my own benefit.19:32
sparrI currently have 3 kernel sources checked out, drm-tip, ubuntu-cosmic, and mainline v5.0-rc219:36
sparrI actually managed to get v5.0-rc2 to build with some tweaks and skipped steps from these instructions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild19:40
sparr(oddly, it build rc3, which I don't remember checking out)19:43
sparrok, after doing some magical incantations with the moon in a slightly different phase than before, I seem to have drm-tip building19:54
sparrnow, back to #intel-gfx...19:57
hggdhah crap, cannot edit it here22:19

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