Deihmoswinscp makes it really easy to access the server files. is there any other tool similar to it?01:49
sarnoldfilezilla? downloadzilla? something like that.. I think also does sftp01:50
oskiehello, does one need ntp package for time synchronization in bionic, or is the default systemd timedated stuff enough?06:54
ducasseoskie: timedated is enough08:11
lordievaderGood morning08:26
kstenerudI'm getting a strange error in openvpn:09:42
kstenerudJan 25 09:42:17 tester ovpn-uk-kstenerud[2111]: Options error: --ca fails with '/home/karl/.sesame/canonical_ca.crt': No such file or directory (errno=2)09:43
kstenerudand yet: # ls /home/karl/.sesame/canonical_ca.crt09:43
kstenerud /home/karl/.sesame/canonical_ca.crt09:43
blackflowClusterer: how about you fix your connection eh?09:49
lordievaderkstenerud: Can the user running openvpn read that file?10:44
kstenerudIt turns out that it can't read things in user directories, even if started by root10:46
kstenerudeven if the user directory is owned by root10:46
kstenerudeven if the user doesn't exist10:46
herald85kstenerud: maybe apparmor is intervening? If it were RHEL i'd look at selinux11:31
kstenerudI was able to get it to work by copying the files into /etc/openvn and updating the conf file11:32
kstenerudthis was in a standard bionic vm via uvt-kvm11:32
kstenerudnothing in journalctl mentioned apparmor issues11:33
mdeslaurrbasak: hi! are you working on mysql 5.7.25 in debian?13:21
rbasakmdeslaur: I think Lars has prepared it, but it's probably waiting on me to upload or something.13:26
* rbasak needs to give Lars a DM upload bit.13:26
rbasakmdeslaur: how can I help?13:26
mdeslaurrbasak: oh, was just wondering if it was being worked on, no rush13:26
mdeslaurrbasak: thanks13:27
DeihmosWondering if I should install 18.10. Probably no benefit20:11
tewardDeihmos: if this is a production install and not 'testing' or 'development' i'd probably not install 18.1020:16
tewardbut I also don't know what the original problem(s) if any you were having were20:16

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