sorin-mihaiwhich of the mailx providers would be 'better' for local mail delivery?00:02
geniisorin-mihai: Since apt (on this system, 16.04) is 14376 bytes and apt-get is 43128 bytes, I'd suspect that it does call apt-get ( and apt-cache for other commands)00:03
IniGitok, just setting the correct boot order solved the problem. I was confused by the MSI BIOS. On the one hand there is an option under Settings\Boot that is called 'Fixed Boot Order Priorities' and then there is another settings that is called 'UEFI Hard Disk Drive BBS Priorities'. When I change something in UEFI Hard Disk Drive BBS Priorities it actually does something and the Fixed Boot Order Priorities00:20
IniGitsettings does nothing it seems00:20
IniGitconfusing BIOS by MSI00:20
footomreyn / blackflow - btw, thank you for answering my question earlier. I do have /var/log/auth.log, that'll do the trick. Thanks00:29
opensource_2kGood morning to all.00:37
Erdem11hi channel00:56
leonardusI'm trying to use ncdu but I want to exclude /media. I tried running `sudo ncdu -X /media/*` but it still included /media. Anyone know how to do what I want to do?01:14
leftyfbleonardus: sudo ncdu / -X /media01:25
VallFolks, using GNOME3 on Ubuntu 18.04 here, my graphical session no longer starts... :-/ Here's what I find on /var/log/messages:01:49
VallJan 24 22:01:01 jade gnome-shell[4687]: Script <main> terminated with an uncatchable exception01:49
VallLooking around that message, I don't see anything that wasn't being also logged before (when the graphical session was working).01:49
VallI suspect some file got corrupted as I had to reset the machine previously to that problem.01:49
VallBut how do I debug this?01:49
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metracomCan you help me please.  My dragon boating team wants to win a contest.  We need as many people as possible to click the "Like" button on a youtube video.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSLuGWetVPQ&t=88s02:20
geniimetracom: This channel is for support of the Ubuntu operating system, please try to stay on topic.02:23
metracomCan you help me please.  My dragon boating team wants to win a contest.  We need as many people as possible to click the "Like" button on a youtube video.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSLuGWetVPQ&t=88s02:27
* strive sighs.02:27
OerHeksmetracom, spamming is not oke on #freenode, and the channel topic02:27
metracomYes, this not spam.02:28
geniiYes it is.02:28
geniimetracom: If you persist, I will remove you.02:28
VallFolks, using GNOME3 on Ubuntu 18.04 here, my graphical session no longer starts... :-/ Here's what I find on /var/log/messages:02:40
VallJan 24 22:01:01 jade gnome-shell[4687]: Script <main> terminated with an uncatchable exception02:40
VallLooking around that message, I don't see anything that wasn't being also logged before (when the graphical session was working).02:40
VallI suspect some file got corrupted as I had to reset the machine previously to that problem.02:40
VallBut how do I debug this?02:40
OerHeksperform a filecheck on your system, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilesystemTroubleshooting02:42
OerHekssudo  touch /forcefsck # and reboot02:43
tanja84dkSorry if its the wrong place to ask I have 3 packages that apt wont upgrade and would like how to fix it. Errors are pasted here in this pastebin https://pastebin.com/NyhJRf1K02:56
VallOerHeks: will try, but I do not have a corrupted filesystem, just a corrupted (ie, truncated, or messed upo) file02:56
janat08how do i copy root from live drive03:16
janat08i get black screen when starting from that install03:17
CoolerZwhat is the proper way to install virtualbox on ubuntu 18.04 ?03:23
janat08with a wiki03:23
CoolerZi installed it normally using the software manager but its saying kernel modules are not loaded and i need to run script or something to install it03:23
janat08yes, find a wiki03:24
CoolerZ /sbin/rcvboxdrv03:24
CoolerZbut running that says it failed, and run dmesg to get more info03:25
CoolerZand then dmesg prints a huge list of stuff03:25
CoolerZand looking at the errors it says "failed to install key" and "failed to remove key from hardware"03:26
VallOerHeks: just fixed it.03:27
VallFYI, It was a broken GNOME3 extension. workspace-grid. Removing and reinstalling it fixed the issue.03:27
CoolerZjanat08, most wikis just say to do the normal method of using software manager03:27
CoolerZor use sudo apt-get install virtualbox03:27
applocalehelpsorry my english isn't very good, but i'm trying to get japanese applications to work on ubuntu. most of them have shift_JIS locale not UTF803:30
janat08i don't know.03:30
applocalehelpwhat's the simplest way for me to run an application in shift_JIS?03:30
janat08how do i copy root from live drive03:37
geniijanat08: In what context? Are you trying to make a copy of your existing install on another partition or something?03:39
genii..also if you have only that one computer, whether it needs to be running some crucial thing like a database or email server which cannot be taken out of service by power cycling it would be useful to know03:44
janat08genii: when Im looking to reinstall03:45
geniijanat08: So.. when you plan to reinstall, you want to do something like save all your settings for certain things? Or make a backup of the existing install? Or something else?03:47
janat08save settings03:48
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geniijanat08: Almost all global settings for stuff will be in the /etc directory, for personal settings, in your home directory03:50
janat08Oh ty, but I don't think I have the permissions03:50
janat08to actually copy stuff03:51
janat08oh well nm03:56
janat08sounds like that stuff was security related03:57
zzpany one here?04:15
zzpmy ubuntu dock crashed after screen goes black04:16
zzpit will become black, not transparent04:16
zzphave you ever met the same problem?04:17
zzphow to restart ubuntu dock?04:17
Wonnyzzp does the screen go black on start up?04:27
Wonnyrip he left04:27
antimatroidwhat are the likely nuances one will cross if using ubuntu 14.04 past the end of support in august?05:07
antimatroidI just installed 18.04 on a new laptop and can't stand what's happened to gnome-session-flashback, it's unusable05:07
ryuoantimatroid: did you consider looking at 16.04?05:30
antimatroidthe screenshots on google look more similar to 18.04 than 16.0405:33
antimatroidI was thinking maybe I should see what happens if installing gnome-session-flashback in 14.04 then upgrading05:33
antimatroidthe way the cursor works has changed too, did they add acceleration in to it? I hate it when the speed isn't constant05:35
antimatroidhow do I make the speed constant again?05:35
de-factoi would try something actively developed05:35
antimatroidor have linux given up on making things customisable? that's a large draw for linux over osx/windows in the first place :(05:35
antimatroidactively developed and usable seem to be very hard to find these days05:36
antimatroidyou are stuck with other people's preferences05:36
antimatroidand so many animations/effects etc. that use up resources and slow things down05:37
antimatroidthey are very impressive, I'd have a hard time making them myself, but they slow me down and frustrate me when getting work done05:37
de-factoYou have more choices on lnx than any alternative plus you can customize everything with more or less effort. its just about making the right choice....05:39
antimatroidhow do I customise the cursor to always move at a constant speed in 18.04?05:40
antimatroidand gnome-session-flashback has all sorts of changes that suck, and there's only like 9 people in their irc channel :(05:40
antimatroid9 including myself05:41
antimatroidubuntu 14.04 with gnome-session-fallback is perfect :(, now I don't know what to do come august05:42
antimatroidflashback* (keep forgetting which name they're using these days)05:42
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mdihhi guys, may i know which package responsible of mounting /dev/dm-* for every partition? have this weird issue on my ubuntu 16.04 box, wherein those dm-* are missing05:50
mdihdmsetup ls also returns empty05:50
mdihseems like the volumes are okay though as i can mount and use them properly..it's just that we have an app thats using those links (dm-*) as the reference05:51
Kon_antimatroid, why not MATE?05:54
Kon_If you're looking for a more classic GNOME-style experience05:54
antimatroidKon_: I may have to see what the more recent mate is like05:57
antimatroidI preferred gnome-session-flashback on 14.04 last time I checked05:57
abusimbalGood day every one06:02
lotuspsychjewelcome abusimbal06:03
abusimbalthank you for the welcome. I can hear the groans lready I am new to IRC06:05
abusimbalBeen on UNIX for 18 years.06:05
lotuspsychjeabusimbal: this is the #ubuntu support channel, for ubuntu problems06:06
abusimbalunderstand that just moved to Ubuntu06:06
lotuspsychjeabusimbal: to be able to help you, you need to ask a question first06:09
abusimbalthank you sorry for the ignorance just wanted to set up a connection for later06:10
sparrI need to compile a kernel for ubuntu from non-ubuntu kernel sources. I already fetched the config from /boot for my kernel, but now to actually compile I need to use fakeroot but the debian/rules directory is missing so I am not sure how to improvise from here.06:13
lotuspsychjesparr: we dont support the own kernel builds in the support channel sorry, instead use the !mainline kernels06:15
sparrlotuspsychje: I am currently using a mainline kernel and have encountered a bug in the intel graphics driver. the folks in #intel-gfx pointed me at a recent commit to the drm-tip kernel repo to find out if the bug has been fixed06:31
lotuspsychjesparr: not sure i understand, when you use mainline kernel, you dont need to compile it anymore right06:34
lotuspsychjesparr: you ahve a bug url?06:34
sparrno. need to do a lot more investigation before filing a bug report. but that would be a waste of time if it has already been fixed.06:35
lotuspsychjesparr: i would advice to approach this systematic, aka:  you found a bug on your intel, first investigate whats happening, then check if there are existing bugs, if not, file a new !bug for your system06:37
lotuspsychjesparr: maybe if you share your whole story & details, volunteers can think along with you06:42
lotuspsychjesparr: the exact chipset, ubuntu version, kernel version affected,..06:42
sparrlotuspsychje: I've been sharing my story and details and doing troubleshooting and investigation here and in other channels for over a week now06:56
Guest87131Hi hi! I have a question. Is it possible to install kde4 DE on Kubuntu 18.04? I’ve tried the backports but no luck.06:56
sparrlotuspsychje: the next step is to try the latest driver06:56
sholckno people speaker07:13
lotuspsychjesholck: this channel is for ubuntu support only, no regular chat07:13
lotuspsychje!chat | sholck07:13
ubottusholck: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:13
sholckI am sorry07:14
LSUTigeri am having trouble removing references to an older version of python ... could someone help?07:21
LSUTiger16.04 server07:22
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bigMouthCommieusing ubuntu-mate, and i think lightdm. how do i enable autologin?07:29
bigMouthCommieand how do i prevent it from going to lockscreen07:30
bigMouthCommiev 18.1007:31
sparrhow big should I expect git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel-test/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/mainline-crack v5.0-rc2 to be to check out?07:33
sparrI'm 5M objects in and still counting, not evne downloading yet07:34
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qwebirc74055Anyone here have experience with IBUS on Ubuntu 18.04?08:13
ducasseqwebirc74055: it's best if you just ask your actual question08:19
qwebirc74055My question is: The Chinese input window does not show up, only in the search bar (the "activities" search bar), but not in applications. I found an entry in the forums where someone had the same problem, but he was referred to IRC.08:21
threenucWhat affects the initial values inside /etc/resolv.conf after you connect to a new network? I'm using the openconnect vpn to connect to a network in the arab emirates (very slow connection) and resolv.conf has the nameserver/search params for the emiartes even if I connect to my home's wifi network08:30
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Guest62986somebody here?08:57
Guest62986from where?08:58
nawabHello guys09:03
lotuspsychjewelcome nawab how can we help you today?09:03
nawabjust new to IRC exploring it a bit09:04
ducassenawab: if you want to chat you can do so in #ubuntu-offtopic, this channel is strictly for ubuntu support issues.09:06
mxxx /msg NickServ identify swierszczyk09:11
lotuspsychjemxxx: change password now :p09:12
SwedeMikealso change it if you use it in other places.09:12
geirhaI can strongly recommend Passw0rd1. It has served me well over the years09:12
lotuspsychjecan anyone confirm this bug on a system with another language then english? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/181326209:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1813262 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "After updates window gives mixed languages instead of native" [Undecided,New]09:13
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qwebirc74055Ubuntu 18.04 IBUS question: The Chinese input window does not show up, only in the search bar (the "activities" search bar), but not in applications. I found an entry in the forums where someone had the same problem, but he was referred to IRC.09:15
marz_d`ghostmanIs there any other location for postfix config aside from the main.cf? I can see from the logs that it is using a relayhost, but it is not set in /etc/postfix/main.cf09:18
lotuspsychjemarz_d`ghostman: perhaps a question for #postfix ?09:18
marz_d`ghostmanlotuspsychje: Okay, just though I'd ask here since I'm using Ubuntu. :)09:19
lotuspsychjemarz_d`ghostman: its ok, but usually we focus on ubuntu issues, or if you thinks its ubuntu related postifx idle here np09:20
ducassemight be an ubuntu question, as other distros can do config differently - try #ubuntu-server09:21
lotuspsychjegood idea09:21
marz_d`ghostmanlotuspsychje: ducasse thanks guys, will try doing that09:21
zipperTrying to install biolinux that is based on ubuntu 14.04. Problem is when I try boot the flash drive I get an error: `(initramfs) mount: mounting dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: Input/Output error Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs`09:31
zipperI've checked the checksum and it seems okay to me.09:31
EriC^zipper: might be a bad usb, try a different one09:33
zipperEriC^: It's not a bad USB afaik I've used it before. I think the issue is to do with UEFI09:37
EriC^zipper: hmm, input/output error suggests bad usb/hardware09:38
EriC^zipper: you could try booting in legacy mode to remove the uefi effect09:38
zipperI get the same error when I try boot it in legacy or UEFI :(09:39
EriC^i'd say try a different usb09:39
EriC^or a different port too09:39
ducassezipper: biolinux is not supported here, try their own support forums09:43
zipperducasse: Well it's based on ubuntu 14 is why I asked09:44
ducassezipper: not really relevant, we've no idea what they've altered09:45
ducasse!derivatives | zipper09:45
ubottuzipper: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)09:45
zipperI'll try boot plain old ubuntu then09:47
legreffierzipper: probably a better idea.09:47
zipperI wish it was my computer. Problem is that it's not mine.09:48
Janat08Can I just copy and paste old install on different fs?10:17
Janat08With lvm10:19
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EriC^^Janat08: you need to edit fstab and install lvm2 i guess10:29
EriC^^Janat08: and reinstall grub/update grub as well10:29
neureis there gui for showing hardware details?10:30
neurefound hardinfo10:34
neurelooks good - except, it doesnt show any USB devices (mouse, keyboard..)10:34
Guest6wanted some help about installing deluge client on ubuntu server10:40
no_gravityHello! When I move a window to the top of the screen, it maximises. Is it possible to disable that?10:43
janat08I'm reinstalling ubuntu cuz of btrfs issues. Can I just copy and paste files from root after running installer, and how do I get permissions and mount the partitions.10:48
no_gravity'files from root'?10:48
janat08yes from old install10:49
no_gravityjanat08: What's the exact command you would use to 'copy and past files from root'?10:49
janat08drag and drop10:50
no_gravityjanat08: I see. It's hard to reason about actions in a GUI interface.10:51
ducassejanat08: you need to copy with same ownership and permissions, so i don't think you can use the gui10:51
no_gravityjanat08: It would be easier to talk about command line commands.10:51
janat08you asked and that's what I would've tried10:52
Squall5668janat08: do not use drag and drop. You should use something like rsync -aP --10:52
EriC^^janat08: use rsync to copy the files10:52
Squall5668janat08: sorry, enter'd. 'rsync -aP --numeric-ids'. Be very careful10:53
janat08Should I bother with the installer, maybe i should just reinstall grub after copying stuff over?10:56
no_gravityjanat08: I usually do a fresh install from scratch and do not bother with any old files.10:57
janat08I'd rather not reinstall stuff all over agian10:58
no_gravityI see. Well, most people these days just need a browser and that comes with the default install already.10:59
TJ-janat08: You said you are reinstalling, does that mean you've installed a base system and want to add to that additional packages, and their configurations, from the BTRFS installation?10:59
TJ-janat08: In which case there's a more intelligent way to go about. We have tools that can identify the list of 'top-level' packages required to be installed. That is done by first mounting the 'old' install as a chroot and running a command like debfoster or apt-mark (I'd have to check the exact command)11:01
TJ-janat08: if you're able to do a chroot mount of the BTRFS root file-system that'd be the easiest way to do it and ensure the system remains stable11:02
adachi there! Which package does hold the "rev" binary? Aynone knows?11:02
lotuspsychjeadac: rev: /usr/bin/rev11:03
adaclotuspsychje, yes but which deb package has this?11:03
geirhadpkg -S /usr/bin/rev11:04
TJ-!info util-linux | adac11:04
ubottuadac: util-linux (source: util-linux): miscellaneous system utilities. In component main, is required. Version 2.31.1-0.4ubuntu3.3 (bionic), package size 907 kB, installed size 3397 kB11:04
ducasseadac: util-linux11:04
adacthanks guys!11:05
TJ-I'm chasing down a really annoying issue with 18.04, LUKS2 encrypted root container won't unlock from initialramfs11:07
SwedeMikeTJ-: what have you done so far, and what happens? Has this ever worked?11:08
TJ-SwedeMike: done? broken it I think! It *seems* as if kernel modules (or libraries) are missing from the initialramfs. cryptetup --debug reports "Userspace crypto wrapper cannot use aes-xts-plain65 (-95)". -95 == -EOPNOSUPP so I'm inclined to think there's a missing kernel module for crypto side but not been able to determine which so far. I'm building a duplicate config to test in a VM now.11:11
TJ-SwedeMike: I think it may be due to having "MODULES=dep" in initramfs.conf but can't confirm that as yet11:11
SwedeMikeTJ-: so it worked before, and then you changed to MODULES=dep and updated initramfs and then it didn't work after that?11:15
antimatroidwhen I scroll using a macbook trackpad using ubuntu 14.04 with gnome-session-fallback it keeps scrolling when my fingers leave the track pad, this is not happening for me with 18.04, how do I turn this feature on? I cannot live without it.. or are there any other distros that have this feature?11:15
antimatroidIt also speeds up the more times I fling my fingers, and works seamlessly, also stopping when I put my fingers back down, it is amazing, why on earth would this not happen with 18.04?11:16
antimatroidalthough I'm running 14.04 on a 2014 11 inch macbook air, and 18.04 on a 2015 11 inch macbook air if that is for some reason making the difference?11:16
SwedeMikeTJ-: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=901884 talks about this and possibly how to remedy the situation.11:16
ubottuDebian bug 901884 in cryptsetup-initramfs "cryptsetup-initramfs: Unbootable initrd compiled with MODULES=dep on systems lacking AES-NI" [Critical,Fixed]11:16
SwedeMikeantimatroid: I doubt it, they both have similar touchpads, right? They're both the old click-style one?11:18
TJ-SwedeMike: no, its nothing so simple unfortunately; all the obvious modules are loaded11:19
antimatroidyep, though I think there were problems getting linux running on the 2015 models when they first came out11:20
antimatroidI originally got a 2015 one years ago and couldn't get ubuntu running so sold it and got a 2014 model (with i5 and 8gb ram), just got myself a 2015 model with i7 and 8gb ram as a second (love the 11 inch airs, and still can't run linux on the 12 inch macbooks well)11:21
lotuspsychjeantimatroid: did you try 18.04 on those?11:21
antimatroidthat would have been around the end of 201511:21
TJ-SwedeMike: actually, scratch that, it could be the one. Although I did look on another system for an xts module and there wasn't one. I'll recheck11:21
antimatroidI am typing this on the 2014 laptop that still has 14.04 on it11:22
antimatroidI am not liking 18.04 at the moment, there's quite a few things that seem like a step backwards to me11:22
lotuspsychjeantimatroid: 14.04 will soon be eol, maybe try a few 18.04 tests11:22
antimatroidand a whole bunch of animations/effects that use up resources and slow things down11:22
antimatroidI am, but I'm hating it11:22
antimatroidI am starting to consider what other distros I should try11:22
lotuspsychjeantimatroid: ive tested 18.04 on several macs recently, all worked like a charm11:22
TJ-SwedeMike: I was correct; we don't have an 'xts' module11:22
antimatroidI love 14.04 with gnome-session-flashback, it works perfectly :(11:22
antimatroiddo you use gnome-session-flashback?11:23
lotuspsychjeantimatroid: lets discuss in #ubuntu-discuss11:23
LaRose_Bleudoes anyone here know how to use TheFuck?11:24
lotuspsychjethats a git right LaRose_Bleu ?11:24
LaRose_Bleui only found out about it yday and the documentation makes no sense11:24
LaRose_Bleuyeah lotuspsychje11:24
LaRose_Bleui think so11:25
lotuspsychjeLaRose_Bleu: follow the instructions of install on the git11:25
LaRose_Bleuits on the main repo so install isnt the issue11:25
LaRose_Bleui read that its great when you can use it but its really not noob friendly11:25
lotuspsychjeLaRose_Bleu: how about the manpage?11:26
LaRose_Bleulotuspsychje: ive had better luck asking a blinf man for directions11:27
lotuspsychjeLaRose_Bleu: sorry?11:27
LaRose_Bleui mean the man page is absolutely no help lol11:28
LaRose_Bleui checked it, did some googles11:28
LaRose_Bleuchecked the thing's help page11:28
lotuspsychjeLaRose_Bleu: this channel is really for the ubuntu support of things, not specially for every package tutorial11:28
LaRose_Bleualright, thats fair11:29
NemPlayerI have a problem with my 5.1 surround sound speakers which I've been trying to fix for the last 3 hours11:34
qwebirc16339hey folks! quick question! i have a dual monitor setup running on my dedicated and igpu (desktop) and suddenly my 2nd monitor is not detected, the igpu shows up in neofetch, but i can't find the monitor, any ideas?11:36
NemPlayerUbuntu doesn't let me change the speakers to stereo mode in the settings, but when I open the pulseaudio settings, there is an option - but when I choose it it just produces loud crackling noises and says Establishing connection after a second11:36
lotuspsychje!sound | NemPlayer start here11:37
ubottuNemPlayer start here: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:37
lotuspsychjeNemPlayer: see also pavucontrol as a test, and check sudo lshw -C sound if your driver= is loaded11:37
NemPlayerlotuspsych, thanks for your suggestions - my driver is loaded, I just can't choose the 5.1 surround sound option, it doesn't let me as I described earlier11:44
NemPlayerI've also checked the bot's response and it seems that there is nothing similar to my issue there11:45
BluesKajHowdy folks12:11
qwebirc12524Ubuntu 18.04 IBUS question: The Chinese input window does not show up, only in the search bar (the "activities" search bar), but not in applications. I found an entry in the forums where someone had the same problem, but he was referred to IRC.12:11
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tomreynqwebirc12524: is this a fresh standard ubuntu 18.04.1 installation?12:14
tomreynon amd64 / x86_64 ?12:14
qwebirc12524yep, 18.04, 64bit ubuntu; I followed these instructions here: https://www.pinyinjoe.com/linux/ubuntu-18-gnome-chinese-setup.htm12:16
tomreynqwebirc12524: did you logout and login since setting this up?12:18
qwebirc12524yes, that did not seem to help.12:19
tomreynqwebirc12524: hmm, sorry, i don't really know then, did you ask in #ubuntu-cn ?12:21
qwebirc12524tomreyn: not yet, I did not know about that channel. Thx!12:21
tomreynqwebirc12524: if the issue persists afterwards, please do file a bug using "ubuntu-bug ibus"12:22
tichunAnyone got non-english characters display just as other characters in chrome? https://imgur.com/a/XW3nHNy - ę in this case looks non-standard.12:22
tomreyntichun: i have them display properly in chromium-browser. maybe chrome uses a different font, or just this website you're visiting?12:26
tichunInstalling chromium. I think it happens on all sites, and this screenshot comes from youtube. These characters appear a bit under others, that makes them stand out.12:28
tichunNevermind, I'll try searching the web more. Thanks and sorry12:31
LaRose_Bleuis there a way to turn off some notifications on gnome?12:37
LaRose_Bleutired of my laptop telling me its gonna sleep whenever its about to sleep12:37
tomreynLaRose_Bleu: in "settings", you have "notifications", which can be enabled or disabled per application, and where you can choose to have notifications stack up next to the calendar / clock menu only instead of showing as popups12:42
tomreyn(i see how this doesn't enable you to suppress select notifications, though.)12:43
tomreyni'm assuming you're asking about gnome-shell here.12:43
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LaRose_Bleuyes, i have kubuntu installed but i replaced the DE with gnome313:02
LaRose_Bleuits pretty and all but the notifications are a bit much13:03
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roraclehey guys, having a problem: when i install the nvidia drivers (official), my full screen games (like quake3) is dark.  Desktop is normal brightness, but all fullscreen ogl stuff is dark.  any tips on this?13:05
LocodiceStarting Linux From Scratch !13:25
lericsonAny xfce users? I'm wondering if there is something like xfce4-app-finder but also files.13:38
ohithi parser here14:01
ohitwhat is this plac14:01
Guest22hey I need help14:04
ghostnik11hey i am trying to boot from grub as i had an error with /boot/grub/i386-efi/normal.mod not found14:07
ghostnik11so now i am trying to run linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/?14:07
ghostnik11but i don't know what the sda is suppose to be14:08
lericsonyou get no menu at all, ghostnik11?14:09
lericsonyour best bet is probably to try to cat the actual grub cfg and find the dev id or sth14:09
ghostnik11lericson: nope, right now i am trying to use a live cd to fix it or actually boot into ubuntu bungie14:09
ghostnik11lericson: and i can't just say to grub that the kernel is here: linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/14:11
TJ-ghostnik11: if normal.mod cannot be found that suggests root= and prefix= may be incorrect. Examine them with "set"14:11
lericsonghostnik11: fyi the normal.mod i got if i tried to do "old-skool" boot into a grub-efi install14:12
lericsoni'm sure there is some way to make grub able to handle both but i couldn't14:12
TJ-ghostnik11: if you're in the live environment right now you can mount the target in a chroot to fix14:12
ghostnik11TJ-: i used: set root=(hd1,gpt2)14:12
TJ-ghostnik11: ok (doesn't need the parenthesis though) and what did you set prefix= ? that is the more important value14:13
ghostnik11TJ-: so i should just boot the live usb and then do chroot to fix, b/c i went to live cd and just pressed c to edit14:13
ghostnik11set prefix=(hd1,gpt2)/boot/grub14:13
TJ-ghostnik11: usually, if the OS root-fs also contain the /boot/grub/ files, you'd do "set prefix=($root)/boot/grub"14:13
TJ-ghostnik11: at that point "ls /" should list the grub directory with grub.cfg, and i386-pc/ (or x86_64-efi/) directory14:14
ghostnik11TJ-: "set prefix=($root)/boot/grub" and then i would be able to boot normal in14:14
TJ-ghostnik11: at that point any 'insmod' shuld work *if* the module's have been correctly installed in /boot/grub/i386-pc/14:15
TJ-ghostnik11: usually the modules are there but the prefix is set to point to the wrong location14:15
TJ-ghostnik11: use 'ls $prefix/" to check what files are there14:16
ghostnik11TJ-: yeah insmod linux works its i can't boot because it says i need to load the kernel first14:16
TJ-ghostnik11: if grub has it's own boot file-system that is usually mounted to /boot/ by the OS, then you'd need "set prefix=($root)/grub" instead14:16
ghostnik11which is where i am stuck b/c i don't know where to check for linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/gpt2 ro14:17
ghostnik11TJ-: okay14:17
TJ-ghostnik11: OK, so is there a grub.cfg listed when you do "ls $prefix/" ?14:17
ghostnik11when i run ls $prefix/ it comes back and says /grub/ not found14:18
ghostnik11TJ-: but when i run with /boot/grub and run $prefix/ i get gfxblacklist.txt unicode.pf214:19
TJ-ghostnik11: Good, that tells us 1) that /boot/grub is in the OS root file-system and 2) that both "grub-install" and "update-grub" were not used there14:20
ghostnik11TJ-: i think i should just boot into live cd and try to fix grub14:20
TJ-ghostnik11: for (2) I know grub-install wasn't used properly because it creates the modules directory for the architecture, which for BIOS/legacy boot is i386-oc/14:21
TJ-grrr, i386-pc14:21
TJ-ghostnik11: there's one other thing, that might help you set a correct "linux" command-line. I notice you've got 'hd1' which implies there is also a hd0 - is the hd0 a USB device or another HDD/SSD ?14:22
TJ-ghostnik11: the 2nd question is, did the OS get installed using LVM in which case you'd have a "root=/dev/mapper/$VGNAME-$LVNAME" form14:23
TJ-ghostnik11: I'm assuming not in which case "linux /vmlinuz-4.15.0-43.generic ro root=/dev/sda2 debug systemd.log_level=info" should be enough, followed by "initrd /initrd.img-4.15.0-43-generic" and then "boot"14:24
ph88sometimes my audio start to make noise, after a reboot it's fine. How do i restart audio from command line ?14:26
Tin_manph88, this might work >> sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart14:28
zetherooHow do you force Ubuntu to renew it's IP address from the DHCP server?14:28
ph88init scripts ?14:28
Tin_manph88, found here >>> https://superuser.com/questions/17312/restart-ubuntu-sound-processes-via-command-line14:29
TJ-zetheroo: That depends on what network manageer you're using14:29
ph88thanks Tin_man14:29
Guest22how to install deluge client on ubuntu server ? I m new to linux14:29
zetherooTJ-: no gui installed14:29
zetherooTJ-: just using netplan afaik14:30
Guest22ph88 here is another one https://askubuntu.com/questions/15223/how-can-i-restart-pulseaudio-without-logout/15224#1522414:30
TJ-zetheroo: which ubuntu release? possibly systemd-networkd or ifupdown ?14:30
TJ-zetheroo: OK, so it's systemd-networkd then14:30
TJ-zetheroo: this may do it but I'm not 100% sure it will renew a lease that isn't close to expiry: "sudo systemctl restart systemd-networkd"14:31
ghostnik11TJ-: yeah (hd0) is a filesystem is iso9660 and (hd0,msdos2)14:31
ghostnik11TJ-: no i did install using lvm14:32
TJ-ghostnik11: I'm doing something similar to you right now, but to solve a LUKSv2 issue.14:32
TJ-ghostnik11: if you're seeing an incomplete hd1,gpt2 then it's possible you're looking in the wrong place, especially if the system was installed using LVM14:32
TJ-ghostnik11: how many partitions does hd1 have?14:32
joop_Hey, I'm trying to run nfs-kernel-server in an LXC container, but the service won't start14:33
joop_Dependency failed for NFS server and services.14:33
joop_Anyone knows the answer? rpcbind service is running, export folder exists, apparmor is not present (anymore) on the host14:33
ghostnik11ls shows me this: hd0 hd0,msdos2 hd1 hd1,gpt2 hd1,gpt1 hd2 hd314:34
ghostnik11TJ-: hdt,gpt2 is a ext 214:34
joop_Running Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS14:34
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TJ-ghostnik11: OK, so I'd presume hd1,gpt1 is the BIOS Boot partition for GRUB's core, and hd1,gpt2 is the OS installation. Those names seem to tell us also that the system is NOT using LVM for the root-fs, else you would not be able to list the files as you can14:37
TJ-ghostnik11: that in turn confirms that using "root=/dev/sda2" may be correct (but as there are other fixed devices (hd0, hd2, hd3) Linux may see the rootfs on e.g. sdb2 instead, so you may have to experiment on that14:39
ghostnik11TJ-: i see, so i have been setting grub incorrectly i should have been using hd1,gpt114:39
TJ-ghostnik11: no, so far it seems correct. GRUB's core image is pure binary in gpt1, it IS NOT a file-system14:39
luceneraI keep getting a message from ubuntu-softare when I'm looking for updates: it's impossible to get a list of updates. Does anyone else have the same problem? I have tried various versions of the ubuntu-software package and Ubuntu 18.04.1 and 18.10, same problem.14:40
luceneraIf I use apt from the command line, it works all regularly.14:40
TJ-ghostnik11: so far you seem to have things in order with the exception of (some/all) missing GRUB modules. However, as hd1,gpt2 appears to be the root-fs, you can still load them!! they're in /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/14:41
TJ-ghostnik11: so, if you do "ls (hd1,gpt2)/boot/" and you see the OS's vmlinuz-* and initrd.img-* you can infer you can also do "set prefix=($root)/usr/lib/grub/" and then 'insmod xxxx'*should*  work14:42
TJ-ghostnik11: you can check that first with "ls (hd1,gpt2)/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/"14:43
ghostnik11TJ-: yeah doing ls (hd1,gpt2)/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/" gave me a list off all the files in side of that folder14:45
TJ-ghostnik11: so you set prefix= as I suggested above ^ and then use 'insmod xxxx' to load modules to help you get bootstrapped into the system, from where you can rerun grub-install and update-grub to fix it14:48
TJ-ghostnik11: I've just used the same method to get into the LUKSv2 encrypted system, but using an external USB with an alternative vmlinuz/initrd.img on14:50
ghostnik11TJ-: i get to busybox with (initramfs) now14:56
ghostnik11TJ-: says no init found. try passing init=bootarg14:57
TJ-ghostnik11: that suggests the wrong root= was specified. what does "cat /proc/cmdline" report?14:58
noonienhello folks15:00
noonienis it possible to do an even more minimal instalation than mini.iso?15:00
lotuspsychjenoonien: what purpose do you have exactly?15:00
joop_You could of course compile a kernel that only supports your specific hardware.15:01
lotuspsychjejoop_: we dont really reccomend compiling own kernels here15:02
noonienjust curious, i see a that a mini.iso instalation results in ~357 installed packages15:02
TJ-Kernel isn't that big, usually around 8-9MiB15:02
lotuspsychjenoonien: you can strip down the mini install to a real base minimum, choose what and whatnot you need during setup15:02
lotuspsychjenoonien: or talk to the server guys, maybe that can be small too15:03
noonieni see binaries such as "eject, ed, ftp" which i never use15:03
noonieni installed from mini.iso, selected no options during tasksel15:03
barnexcan I ask someone to confirm for me that firefox on ubuntu (I'm currently at 18.04 but I've also tried the 'official' ff from their page) goes to the beginning of the line when you input right alt+space in its input boxes? like chat, messenger or comment/comment reply?15:03
noonienfrom what i remember, mini.iso was the most minimal installer, apart from doing it manually with debootstrap, which i don't care enough to do15:04
noonieni'm guessing the commands i don't use are probably installed by a meta package that something depends on15:05
lotuspsychjenoonien: depends on your purpose, but you can purge packages to minimum after the mini install15:05
TJ-noonien: "dpkg -S /path/to/file" and then "apt-cache rdepends $PKG" will give you an idea of what pulls them in15:05
jmcnoonien: i'm typing right now from a mini.iso instalation15:06
lotuspsychjejmc: maybe you can df -h him as a preview?15:06
noonieni got 2.3G on a fresh install of 18.1015:07
noonienwith a luks root, so that might have pulled in additional packages15:07
lotuspsychjenoonien: i always clean out around 2Gig with bleachbit too15:07
jmci instaled several packges now...15:07
noonienjmc: you running X?15:08
barnexre my question, I meant facebook in firefox on ubuntu, cause I can't find that weird behaviour anywhere else.15:08
jmcnoonien: yes i do15:08
jmcdf -h partial results: /dev/sda1       220G   17G  192G   8% /15:08
noonienjmc: cool, installed by `apt-get install xorg`?15:08
noonienalso, do you use lightdm?15:09
jmcyes, and after that i install I315:09
noonienawesome, it's what i want to do as well!15:09
jmcworks great15:09
noonieni tried xorg lightdm i3-wm yesterday, got a `could not start session`15:09
noonientrying again today, did you have to install anything else?15:10
lotuspsychjebarnex: ive just tryed alt space, doesnt do anything weird here15:10
noonienjmc: could i bother you for a list of packages you installed manually?15:10
barnexlotuspsychje: in facebook, right?15:10
barnexlotuspsychje: thanks15:10
noonienif you have such a list15:10
lotuspsychjebarnex: yes15:11
barnexseems that's something that only happens to me somehow :c15:11
barnexmay I ask for your locale?15:11
lotuspsychjenoonien jmc you can discuss in #ubuntu-discuss if you like15:11
lotuspsychjebarnex: Nl (belgium)15:11
barnexlotuspsychje: thank you15:13
ghostnik11TJ-: i get BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda215:21
TJ-ghostnik11: OK, which is what you set. Does "blkid" correctly report the info for /dev/sda2 (fs-type, etc) ?15:29
TJ-ghostnik11: as I said earlier, it may actually be /dev/sdb2 due to the other devices15:29
ghostnik11TJ-: i tried with sdb2 and it says /dev/sdb2 doesn't exist15:37
ghostnik11TJ-: actually blkid gives me /dev/mmcblk1p2: uuid= ... type=ext415:38
TJ-ghostnik11: AHH!!15:39
ghostnik11TJ-: okay so it should be linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 ro15:39
TJ-ghostnik11: so you've an SD-card in there too? Is the device booting from it?15:39
ghostnik11TJ-: its a 2 in 1 baytrail tablet/pc15:40
TJ-ghostnik11: so that's the boot device though?15:40
TJ-ghostnik11: in which case your amended command-line will be correct15:40
rapidwaveI have recently installed Bionic. I'm trying to put a lighter-weight DE on here, but installing xfdesktop4 didn't seem to work. Installation went fine, but there is no option for it at login.15:42
TJ-!info xfce4-session | rapidwave15:43
ubotturapidwave: xfce4-session (source: xfce4-session): Xfce4 Session Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.12.1-3ubuntu3 (bionic), package size 608 kB, installed size 2243 kB15:43
OerHeksor just xubuntu-desktop ?15:44
rapidwaveI'm not looking to install another flavor over this one, just switch to lighter desktop ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnvvironment.15:45
ghostnik11TJ-: okay thanks for the help, now i have to tell it how to fix grub15:46
ghostnik11TJ-: i finally booted in15:46
TJ-rapidwave: you want XFCE4 session available at the greeter login don't you?15:46
TJ-ghostnik11: "sudo grub-install /dev/mmcblk1" then "sudo update-grub"15:47
ghostnik11TJ-: thing is my device is specific b/c it uses a 32 bit grub and its OS is 64bit15:47
OerHeksghostnik11, because it is 32 bit UEFI ?15:48
ghostnik11OerHeks: yeah15:48
OerHeksuhoh, good luck with drivers, networking and such15:49
albechanyone successfully configured openvpn to use internal DNS when connecting? used to work in 16.04 but in 18.04 its broken..15:49
TJ-ghostnik11: tha'ts standard if the device boots using Legacy/BIOS15:50
ghostnik11OerHeks: well, it boots normal and wifi works along with brightness and etc.15:50
TJ-ghostnik11: you listed modules in ../i386-pc/ so it's BIOS mode booting15:50
ghostnik11TJ-: yeah but now i need to install the bootloader15:51
ghostnik11TJ-: i will have to mount efi system partition then do chrooting15:51
TJ-ghostnik11: if it were doing UEFI boot they modules would be ../i386-efi/15:51
TJ-ghostnik11: what does "ls /sys/firmware/efi/" report?15:52
phazonrapidwave: so use window manager, with pkgs picked yourself, and not the full blown suite of DEs; we have a metric tonne to choose from15:52
lotuspsychje+1 phazon15:52
ghostnik11TJ-: so when i run lsblk -f i get: mmcblk1p1 as vfat with /boot/efi and mmclbk1p2 as ext4 with /15:52
phazonrapidwave: also: dont spam with nonsense15:53
TJ-ghostnik11: so how come you earlier reported that /usr/share/grub/i386-pc/ listed and loaded modules?15:53
ghostnik11TJ-: there are modules there15:53
TJ-ghostnik11: do you have both grub-pc and grub-efi-ia32 installed?15:53
ghostnik11TJ-: no15:54
ghostnik11TJ-: should i mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /boot/efi15:54
TJ-ghostnik11: something isn't added up. Earlier you reported that from grub you could see/use (hd1,gpt2)/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/15:54
rapidwaveIs xubuntu-desktop package just DE or is it a complete other flavor of Ubuntu?15:54
TJ-ghostnik11: if that ^^ is the case then it did NOT boot in EFI mode15:55
TJ-ghostnik11: so, what does "ls /sys/firmware/efi" report?15:55
phazonrapidwave: it pulls in the entire suite of pkgs from xubuntu; which is just a flavour of XFCE with a preselection of pkgs and configurations15:55
OerHekssudo apt install xubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends # would add a slim xubuntu desktop15:56
ghostnik11TJ-: it shows me: config_table, esrt, fw_vendor, runtime-map, vars, efivars, fw_platform_size, runtime, systab15:56
phazonrapidwave: it at least has a properly configured pulseaudio, out of the box, and whisker-menu15:57
TJ-ghostnik11: So it is booted in EFI mode; not sure how but presumably you didn't have to actually insert any additional modules for it to boot. OK, so, does /etc/fstab contain an entry for /boot/efi ? If so it should already be mounted15:57
phazonrapidwave: but it you still have all the bloat of gnome services and support pkgs that came along with default ubuntu15:59
ghostnik11TJ-: i just looked via regular file manager and i see /boot/efi and it has files in it16:00
TJ-ghostnik11: if it's mounted then "sudo grub-install /dev/mmcblk1 && sudo update-grub" is all that is needed16:00
ghostnik11TJ-: shouldn't i run apt install grub-efi-ia32 then grub-install --efi-directory /boot/efi followed by update-grub16:04
TJ-ghostnik11: but grub has just booted so it must have that package surely? Or did you remove it at some point?16:08
ghostnik11TJ-: yeah but grub booted b/c i used a live usb to get in16:09
TJ-ghostnik11: if the system doesn't need grub-pc remove that, for a UEFI install you do not need to tell grub-install anything but the boot device; it works everything else out16:09
TJ-ghostnik11: Ahhhhh! now it becomes clear!16:09
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ghostnik11TJ-: so i should just use apt install grub-efi-ia32 which will remove grub-pc with that command16:11
TJ-ghostnik11: yes16:12
ghostnik11TJ-: okay cool, i did apt update first in terminal now the software updater is updating the software. once its done then i can run the command16:13
TJ-ghostnik11: I have to depart now but I think you're about sorted :)16:15
ghostnik11TJ-: thanks for all the help and have a nice day16:16
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tanja84dkdoes anyone know how I can fix this kind of apt issue where packages are held back https://pastebin.com/NyhJRf1K16:32
tewardtanja84dk: stop using PPAs?  What does `sudo apt-get install -f` suggest as a resolution?16:33
Wenzelhi, does the old repositories on old-releases contain debug symbols ?16:34
Wenzeli would like to debug the linux kernel of 14.10 and i can't find them16:34
Wenzelnot there on ddebs.ubuntu.com also16:34
Wenzelhave they been removed forever ? :(16:35
sparrtrying to follow a guide on the ubuntu wiki for building a kernel, I end up failing to run fakeroot, "175: /usr/bin/fakeroot: debian/rules: not found"16:35
tanja84dkteward, its not ppa but repos directly from nginx and mariadb to have the newest stable asap for security reasons. Btw it says "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded."16:35
phazontanja84dk: "repos directly from nginx and mariadb" are PPAs...16:36
tewardtanja84dk: ^ that.16:36
tewardtanja84dk: PPAs and "external repositories" are both considered "PPAs"16:37
phazonif it isnt in the distro repos, it is a problem you've created for yourself16:37
tewardtanja84dk: keep in mind that mixing Ubuntu repos and third party repos doesn't always work16:37
tewardesp. with nginx and such :P16:37
tanja84dkokay...  hmm guess I need to find another system for the server then16:38
tewardit can cause headaches like this.16:38
tewardtanja84dk: no, you just need to better configure things and know what you're doing16:38
tewardI can probably help with the nginx problems but in an external area, not here.16:38
phazonor you could just use what the distro provides...16:38
teward^ this too16:38
tewardtanja84dk: keep in mind nginx and MariaDB are both in the repositories16:38
tanja84dkwell the versions that the distro provide is many times old stable so they are behind. And when we are talking about a online server that is a big security risk16:39
phazonubuntu and debian developers are packaging builds with security fixes as fast as they can too, ya know; no need for buggy external repos16:39
tewardtanja84dk: Ubuntu's nginx is patched for security risks16:39
tewardso is MariaDB16:39
tewardand I know about the nginx being patched 'cause I'm one of the primary maintainers of nginx in Ubuntu ;)16:40
phazonstable is old, but it is stable; they backport patches, often when a release isn't even supported upstream anymore16:40
jellycodeON ubuntu 18.04, i'm trying to get a specific version of openssl, and it's not working:            apt-get install libssl1.0.0=1.0.2h-1ubuntu416:40
tanja84dkẅell even a delay of a week for the patch to get to ubuntu's repo is a week where the server could be exployded16:40
tewardtanja84dk: see PMs, i'll help yo uwith nginx there.16:41
tewardtanja84dk: as for the security updates, usually they're released way more frequently than that :P16:41
tewardesp. with nginx and me helping drive it :P16:41
teward(usually within a day or two at most though for the nginx stuff, I always bug the security team lolO16:42
phazonreleased within hours sometimes...16:42
teward^ this16:42
tewarddepending on the circumstances.16:42
tewardbut again that's a larger discussion not in the purview of this channel :P16:43
phazonoften coordinated with other vendors as well so the patches are available as soon as possible across the ecosystem.16:43
noonienis there a way of being able to choose what optional dependencies to install when installing a package from a command line?16:47
noonienfor example, package xorg depends on gnome-termnal or xterm or x-terminal-emulator16:48
noonienhow can is see these options when installing a package?16:48
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coz_noonien, if i am not mistaken, when you do apt install something, it should list all dependencies before installing, giving you a choice, however if you want to avoid installing some dependency you might try  switch, let me fine a link16:51
coz_noonien, https://serverfault.com/questions/250224/how-do-i-get-apt-get-to-ignore-some-dependencies16:51
noonienwell, yes, but in xorgs example, it lists gnome-terminal as a dependency16:51
phazon'--no-install-recommends' stops installation of _optional_ dependencies16:51
coz_ahh ^^^16:52
noonienyeah, that's not what i want16:52
noonieni guess "optional" dependencies is not the correct term16:52
EriC^^noonien: apt-cache show <package> shows the recommended ones16:52
noonienthey aren't optional, you just have an option of what to choose16:52
nooniennotice the first 3 packages16:52
EriC^^you could do that command and manually install what you want of them16:53
phazonnoonien: so choose one that meets the requirement of "x-terminal-emulator"16:53
noonienyes, that's not the issue16:53
* coz_ is a bit confused16:54
noonieni wanted to know about these packages, and optionally be prompted by which one to install, when installing a package16:54
noonienwithout going to the website16:54
noonienor running apt-cache16:54
EriC^^noonien: you want to get an option to select which packages of the 'recommended' ones ?16:54
noonienbecause, for example, what if i wanted to install something that depends on xorg16:55
phazonEriC^^: xorg has a hard dependency on an xterm, they wanna be able to select one themselves16:55
noonieni would have to run apt-cache on all of the dependencies, and then discover that xorg can have multiple dependency options16:55
EriC^^noonien: if you install something that depends on xorg, then apt would install xorg as a dependency16:55
phazonwhich is easy, just pick one from the list of recommends, and manually install it along with xorg16:55
noonienit does not appear in recommends16:55
phazonnoonien: in the depends then.16:56
noonienit appears nowhere when running `apt-get install xorg`16:56
tewardnoonien: the 'depends' is "a OR b OR c" when you have `a | b | c`16:56
noonienit just resolves `gnome-terminal` as a dependencies16:56
tewardyou don't get to 'choose' that16:56
noonienteward: well, that's exactly what i want to do16:56
noonieni know the aptitude GUI can do that16:56
tewardit does it in order, checks if 'a' exists, if it odesn't checks if 'b' exists, if it doesn't checks if 'c' exists, if all else fails.16:56
noonienis there a CLI tool that can as well?16:56
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tewardnoonien: i mean, you can do `apt install package b`16:57
tewardand explicitly *state* what you want installed16:57
tewardbut there's no way to select at install time no16:57
noonienargh :(16:57
tewardnot without manually specifying the 'dependency' you want to install16:57
ducassenoonien: just do 'apt install xorg xterm''16:57
phazonnoonien: apt install xorg sakura xterm <x-terminal-emu-package-here>16:57
coz_noonien, if you are sure aptitude does it, can't you us that?16:57
noonienyeah, that's what i'm doing atm, but i have to look into what dependencies satisfy that option manually16:57
phazonnoonien: that's what happens when you're at the mercy of other pkg maintainers16:58
noonienxterm might have similar depends conditions as well, for example16:58
noonienand a dependency of xterm might as well16:58
EriC^^noonien: how does one list all packages that provide "x-terminal-emulator" ?16:58
phazonmaintainers make odd choices sometimes; we have to live with them16:58
nooniencoz_: i don't have an X session running yet, and i want to be able to do that from the command line, since i always install packages from cli16:59
noonienphazon: but, i CAN make a choice16:59
noonieni just don't know what choices are available, without recursively looking into all dependency conditions16:59
coz_noonien, I see, and the problem with dependencies is what again?16:59
EriC^^noonien: how are you recursively looking into the deps?17:00
hggdhhe is not. He would like an easy way to do it17:00
EriC^^noonien: like it says "xterm | x-terminal-emulator" then what17:00
EriC^^he says he's manually doing something17:00
EriC^^is there a way to list all packages that have "Provides: x-terminal-emulator" ? i guess one could get the dpkg files if anything17:01
tewardEriC^^: he wants to be able to manually *select* which between xterm or x-terminal-emulator he installs, but to be prompted to rather than having to manually specify it during the apt install step17:01
tewardbut you're right there it's not done easily on the CLI17:01
EriC^^teward: yeah, it sounds like something doable with a script17:01
EriC^^before running apt, check the "optional stuff" list them, give list and choose 1 and install before installing said package17:02
noonienEriC^^: let's say i want to install xorgxrdp. it depends on xorg, but when doing a simple `aptget instal xorgxrdp`, gnome-terminal gets resolved as a dependency. this is fine, however, i want to be able to know that there are alternatives17:02
noonienlooking as xorgxrdp does not give an answer, i have to look into its dependencies as well, until i hit xorg17:02
noonienthen i can see that there is an OR dependency17:03
EriC^^i dont have that package in 16.0417:03
EriC^^!info xorgxrdp17:03
ubottuxorgxrdp (source: xrdp): Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) modules for X.org. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.5-2 (bionic), package size 80 kB, installed size 411 kB17:03
nooniensame thing with virtual packages17:03
noonienit would be great to have a tool to be able to select which package i can install, recursively17:03
noonienthe problem seems convoluted, i don't even know what to search for17:04
coz_noonien, I don't have a decent answer for this one, sorry17:04
EriC^^noonien: it's easy, if you can find a way to get which packages have the "Provides: x-terminal-emulator" for instance then the rest is easy17:05
EriC^^i googled but came empty17:05
noonienit's really not17:05
noonieni mean, sure, for simple conditions, and virtual packages, it is, i think17:06
EriC^^it is, write a script like "apt-select" and it checks and gives you the options then calls apt after installing said option17:06
noonienbut solving dependencies is usually a bit more complex17:06
phazonisn't provides handled by debtags? (if so, they're not always authoritative, accurate, nor enclusive)17:06
noonienfor example, if installig ubuntu-desktop, gnome-terminal gets installed either way17:08
EriC^^noonien: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/any-aptitude-command-to-find-out-what-packages-belong-to-a-virtual-package-379430/17:09
nooniensolving dependencies usually requires a SAT solver17:09
sparrI tried copying the debian folder from the kernel 4.18 source package into the mainline 5.0-rc2 source directory and continuing to follow the kernel build instructions but now it complains Unknown sequence binary-headers (choose from: binary binary-arch binary-indep build build-arch build-indep clean install install-arch install-indep)"17:15
socommHello I noticed on bionic tehre is a /run/usr/UID directory. What terms can I search to find out more about this directory?17:22
socommAlso how to tweak its settings. Currently I see multiple directories for my users each purportedly 3.2G each tmpfs.17:23
socommpam_systemd it appears.17:25
noonienApparently, i was looking for all available installation sets17:25
qualityHello, I got some trouble in booting up my Ubuntu, and it asking me manually type-in password to decrypt my root partition now. Is there a stand-alone keyfile in boot partition or it has been integrated into initramfs?17:27
lordcirth_quality, how did it work before?17:27
lordcirth_And what did you change?17:27
qualitylordcirth_: I just recently run aptitude upgrade17:27
qualitylordcirth_: It seems that grub has been upgraded17:28
lordcirth_quality, and do you have a password, or did you only have a keyfile?17:28
qualitylordcirth_: I didn't add additional key into keyslot17:28
qualityI think the default decryption key is the only thing I have17:29
lordcirth_quality, so the keyslot requires a keyfile?17:29
qualitylordcirth_: No idea, it might be17:29
qualitylordcirth_: It's the default setting when I installed the Ubuntu17:29
kappa1on lsblk I see this entry: sdc      8:32   1    60M  0 disk <- which is my usb flash drive17:29
lordcirth_quality, the default setting requires you to set a password, last I checked?17:29
kappa1how can I access it?17:30
qualitylordcirth_: No17:30
tomreynquality: yes17:30
kappa1sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdc a17:30
kappa1mount: /dev/sdc is not a valid block device17:30
lordcirth_kappa1, Ubuntu desktop? If it is formatted, it should mount automatically17:30
qualitylordcirth_: I don't think the encrypt key is password protected17:30
qualitytomreyn: Usually, I don't need to type in a password to let it decrypted17:30
kappa1lordcirth_, apparently there is a problem with this flash drive, how can I format it?17:30
qualityand there is no TPM in my computer17:30
lordcirth_quality, a LUKS keyslot contains a master key, which is then encrypted with your password or keyfile. Perhaps you set a password of ''?17:31
qualitylordcirth_: Maybe17:31
lordcirth_kappa1, the easiest way is to 'apt install gparted; sudo gparted'17:31
lordcirth_Or I think the default disk utility is easy too17:31
kappa1lordcirth_, I tried gparted it says it does not recognize the device17:31
kappa1"Error opening /dev/sdc: No such device or address"17:32
tomreynquality: there is, i think, no way to set a key file for use with cryptsetup-luks using any of the ubuntu installers. so how was this done on your system?17:32
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
lordcirth_kappa1, if you run lsblk again, is it still there?17:32
kappa1yes it is17:32
lordcirth_kappa1, run 'dmesg -w | tail -f', then unplug and re-plug the USB17:33
lordcirth_See if you get error messages17:33
qualitytomreyn: I tired ''. It obviously isn't the PSK to decrypt the partition17:33
tomreynquality: i didn't ask about this, i asked a different question, though.17:34
lordcirth_quality, by that, do you mean two literal quotes, or emptystring?17:34
qualitytomreyn: oh, i see17:34
qualitylordcirth_: empty string17:34
kappa1lordcirth_, nothing happens17:34
lordcirth_kappa1, you see a few lines when it run it, but nothing new when you plug it in?17:34
kappa1lordcirth_, I don't see any lines at all. It keeps waiting, but does not output anything17:35
lordcirth_kappa1, oh, oops, just run 'dmesg -w'17:35
kappa1I don't see any lines because I think I cleaned the file some minutes ago17:35
qualitytomreyn: The initial installation was done by somebody else. Usually, there is a step to ask me input password to decrypt, in normal boot. However, I actually don't need to input anything. Just wait 5 sec, and it goes to next step17:36
lordcirth_apparently it doesn't like being piped - that's weird17:36
coconutI can't get ttf-mscorefonts-installer installed. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sV4rNKbY2G/17:36
lordcirth_quality, that's bizarre17:36
sparrhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile points to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel which also seems to be outdated. Is there a newer guide?17:36
tomreynquality: do you need to aattach a usb device or similar to make the computer boot then?17:36
kappa1lordcirth_, usb-storage 1-3:1.0: USB Mass Storage device detected. [sdc] 122880 512-byte logical blocks: (62.9 MB/60.0 MiB)17:37
qualitytomreyn: no17:37
coconutIt says "Could not wait for server fd - select (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) [IP: 443]"17:37
kappa1messages in red: [sdc] No Caching mode page found; [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through17:37
kappa1not it keeps displaying this message (in white): usb 1-3: reset high-speed USB device number 7 using ehci-pci17:37
tomreynquality: so your encryption is effectively void anyways, since you either have a key file laying around in the clear, or the encryption was never properly setup-17:38
kappa1sd 10:0:0:0: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery; [sdc] tag#0 FAILED Result: hostbyte=DID_ABORT driverbyte=DRIVER_OK; [sdc] tag#0 CDB: Read(10) 28 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 0017:38
ongoHello, is there a minimal ubuntu install image?17:39
tomreynquality: your best bet is probably to talk to whoever set up the encryption for you to find out how to get access to your data, since there is no standard way to configure what yui seem to have.17:39
ongosomething I can bake i3 onto without bloat17:39
qualityThere is an error message during boot: Mandos plugin mandos-client: Error[-1250] while reading the OpenPGP key pair ('/conf/conf.d/mandos/pubkey.txt','/conf/conf.d/mandos/seckey.txt')17:39
kappa1in red: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sdc, sector 0; Buffer I/O error on dev sdc, logical block 0, async page read; sd 10:0:0:0: rejecting I/O to offline device; ldm_validate_partition_table(): Disk read failed.17:39
lordcirth_ongo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:39
lordcirth_kappa1, oh, yeah. USB is broken17:39
ongothanks lordcirth_17:39
tomreynquality: oh you use mandos, even more a reason to talk to whoever set it up for you17:39
qualityMandos plugin mandos-client: The GnuTLS error is: An unimplemented or disabled feature has been requested17:39
kappa1sd 10:0:0:0: [sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk17:40
qualitytomreyn: okay, thx17:40
tomreynquality: this error message will be crucial in solving the issue, pass it on, too.17:40
=== B0g4r7__ is now known as B0g4r7
kappa1lordcirth_, should I trow it away?17:40
lordcirth_kappa1, if there's nothing important or private on it.17:40
lordcirth_kappa1, you could double-check that another USB works in the same port, but 95% likely the USB burned out. They do that.17:41
B0g4r7I've had a lot of problems with USB.  It seems kinda fragile.17:41
TJ-quality: tomreyn 'mandos' fetches the key over the network17:42
lordcirth_B0g4r7, there are more expensive ones that are more reliable. But most are very cheap.17:42
kappa1lordcirth_, yes, another usb works on that port. this last message does not matter right? : "sd 10:0:0:0: [sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk"17:42
lordcirth_kappa1, yeah, the I/O error is the relevant bit. It can't read data from the drive.17:43
B0g4r7Not just with USB mass storage, but with all kinds of USB devices.  I'm fighting with a USB scanner now.17:43
kappa1ok, thanks for your help17:43
B0g4r7On most hosts it will scan part of the page, and then throw an error about "lost connection".  Only on a few magic hosts does it work correctly.17:44
tomreynTJ-: right. but since tihs involves a server compnent and is a somewhat complex setup i guess there will be some kind of organization involved there which can help troubleshooting this,17:44
qualityThere is another error: Volume group "ubuntu-vg" not found17:44
TJ-tomreyn: quality The issue is likely that the initramfs-tools hook scripts haven't copied the PGP keys into the initrd.img17:46
TJ-quality: you can check that with "lsinitramfs /boot/initrd.img-$(uname -r) | grep mandos"17:47
wasutton3i've got a brother mfc9330cdw and im having trouble getting it working on kubuntu 18.04LTS17:47
wasutton3i've got the ppd and the /usr/lib/cups/filter file from my arch machine that has it working just fine17:48
TJ-quality: that error is to be expected since the LVM VG is inside the encrypted container which you've not unlocked, due to the mandos error. If you're in an initialramfs shell do "find / -name '*mandos*'  " to verify what files are present17:48
wasutton3but the same cups settings don't allow printing17:48
qualityTJ-: can I add something in grub command to enter a initramfs shell?17:53
TJ-quality: Yes: "break=premount" on the kernel command line (the line starting "linux ..."17:54
qualityTJ-: thx17:54
t0rrantHi, have you guys had, or are having, any issues with your cloud repos throughout the day? i.e: http://zone2.clouds.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu17:59
tewardt0rrant: poked my contact on the mirrors team, they haven't heard of any issues, what kind of issues are you seeing?  (cc: jk0ne)18:01
t0rrantteward: intermittent lack of connection on apt-get update for example, thought of asking here as this could also be on my side, proxies and stuff, being intermittent is what bugged me (cc: jk0ne)18:03
tewardt0rrant: have you tested another repository mirror just to make sure it wasn't that repository mirror/zone?  (such as archive.ubuntu.com directly)18:04
tewardt0rrant: if the case is that you get that on archive.u.c as well then it's likely your end18:05
tewardif not then I'm sure jk0ne can go prodding :P18:05
jk0net0rrant: what teward said.  I haven't heard of any bad behavior in that zone (or any zone) so I'd suspect a local problem18:05
t0rrantnot really, this is a preconfigured cloud image running on top of openstack18:05
t0rrantyea i think so too18:05
tewardt0rrant: mind adjusting the image to use archive.ubuntu.com instead?  Assuming you can get into it18:05
t0rrantoddly enough I sometimes *don't* get the error18:06
t0rrantso I was just going mad trying to understand why18:06
t0rrantat first it seemed like a proxy issue18:06
t0rrantbut even after I defined the proxies for both apt and profile I would still get that issue18:07
OerHeks<sparr> I tried copying the debian folder from the kernel 4.18 source package into the mainline 5.0-rc2 source directory .. what guide do you follow? anyway, rc3 is released today https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D18:07
t0rrantteward: I guess it's something related to the network here. Anything else, I'll bug you guys. Thanks and have a good one! (cc: jk0ne)18:08
jk0net0rrant: good luck.18:09
tewardsee you :)18:09
sparrOerHeks: I was trying to follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel18:09
gaojianwho can teach me to play with linux18:11
hp-div7i womt to #ubuntu support german18:22
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:22
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io18:24
tanja84dkphazon, why is it that the mariadb there is in the ubuntu repo is over 6 month old and there is two versions there is newer marked stable18:30
SlidingHorn!newest | tanja84dk18:31
ubottutanja84dk: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.18:31
eraserpencili'm reading through https://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/html_node/The-Shopt-Builtin.html and am at the 'execfail' option. What does it mean by a shell dosent exit?18:31
OerHekstanja84dk, sure you will have found their ppa to get the latest version18:33
tanja84dkSlidingHorn, then tbh the server will get off ubuntu as soon as I find the time to reinstall it because then I also cant be sure that the software is secure18:33
TJ-tanja84dk: how is it not secure?18:34
ducasseeraserpencil: why not ask in #bash?18:34
tanja84dkTJ-, because the version that ubuntu uses have not recieved updates for over 6 month and even the 10.1 series that ubuntu have has recieved several security updates after the 10.1.34 that ubuntu have18:40
TJ-tanja84dk: Oh, I see what you're getting at. That's because the package is in the 'universe' component which relies on community/volunteers for security patches; Unfortunately no-one has volunteered to do that18:46
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crazyhin ubuntu 16.04, who owns the Xsession that is started up by lightdm18:56
=== codegyver6 is now known as codegyver
crazyhI need to know, because I want to connect to that xsession using x11vnc, but I can't do that unless I run it as the owner of the Xsession18:58
BluesKajthe user who logs in afaik18:59
crazyhBluesKaj, I'm not trying to connect to the users session AFTER they log in. I'm trying to conenct directly to lightDM, so that I can even see and controll the user login screen19:00
crazyhin previous versions of Ubuntu 16.04 I could do so as root. Now something has changed and I can only access the X-session if I am the owner of it ( even root can't do it )19:01
BluesKajis this a server or desktop?19:01
crazyhSo... who owns it? who do I have to be?19:01
crazyhBluesKaj, I'm pretty sure it's Desktop, but I didn't install the system... so I don't know 100%19:02
queskerwhy does ubuntu have both /boot/grub/menu.lst and /boot/grub/grub.cfg?19:02
queskerisn't one grub1 and the other grub2?19:02
EoflaOEHello. I have a problem that the Xfce4 keyboard shortcuts won't register when pressed, whenever I tried to take a screenshot of an amazing scene of the screensaver which comes from XScreenSaver. I have made it so that when I press the "Prt Scrn" key in my OS/2 keyboard, it will execute "xfce4-screenshooter --save ~ --fullscreen" which takes a screenshot and asks me where to save it. However when running a screensaver, that keybinding won't work. Instead,19:03
EoflaOEthe screensaver goes away. Is there any way to fix this problem in order to be able to take screenshots of an interesting part of the screensaver?19:03
queskerI used to run lotus notes servers on OS/219:04
adrian_1908I doubt that's easily fixed, the screensaver probably grabs focus and I imagine you cannot press any key without interfering.19:05
BluesKajcrazyh:  well my experience is the user who has login/user premissions owns the xsession19:05
crazyhBluesKaj, I'm not sure if this helps... but here is what lightDM is using: http://pasteall.org/146821919:06
crazyhBluesKaj, I understand that, but this happens BEFORE user login19:07
EoflaOEadrian_1908: Yes. But is there any way to fix that?19:07
adrian_1908No easy way at least. Is the screensaver really THAT good? Maybe you can find another program that can replicate the effect and export images.19:08
EoflaOEYes, and the name is VidWhacker.19:08
tgm4883EoflaOE: you could attempt to login via SSH and take a screenshot. Not sure if that would capture what you want though19:10
EoflaOEtgm4883: Thanks! I will try it.19:11
EoflaOEtgm4883: but first I need to install openssh-server and configure.19:11
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crazyhBluesKaj, aparrently I need to have the correct Xauthority19:12
OerHeksxvnc11 and login before the user logged in, tons of howto's with  -auth guess19:14
EoflaOESSH is working, now I will try to take a screenshot.19:15
crazyhOerHeks, I've read the howto's I had this working in Ubuntu 16.04. However, apparently in the newest version there is some small change that makes it now work?19:17
crazyh*NOT work19:17
OerHeksno clue about small changes, totally different issue as you stated19:18
swift110sup folks19:18
crazyhOerHeks, wow.. thanks man! simply adding '-auth guess' made it work.19:18
EoflaOEtgm4883: Thanks very much for the solution! It worked perfectly! Now I can take screenshots of interesting parts of the screensaver!19:19
tgm4883EoflaOE: yw19:19
EoflaOEgoodbye everyone19:19
BluesKajcrazyh:  never had that happen so I'm glad OerHeks could help19:19
EoflaOEand thanks adrian_190819:19
OerHekscrazyh, have fun!19:19
crazyhBluesKaj, OerHeks, it looks like it is using this: -auth guess: using 'XAUTHORITY=/var/run/lightdm/root/:0' for disp=':0'19:20
core7what is a good software to provision cloud instances? I was looking at vagrant+plugins - any other suggestions?19:22
core7Was looking at terraform - any others I should be looking at?19:23
phazontanja84dk: as you've been informed numerous times: older releases of a package get patched for vulns19:24
phazontanja84dk: there's a system in place that works for millions of people, you've rejected it; and that's why your machine is now borked by external repositories19:25
MyrosHello, i'm currently in an initramfs busybox thingy shell, i cant boot. I renamed my vg, and update(d)-grub. I've edited fstab to match the new vg's name.if i try to unlock my luke_crypt partition it gives me an unknown fstype error. What can i do?19:26
TJ-Myros: Let's be clear, the system has disk > partition > LUKS > LVM > rootfs ?19:27
MyrosTJ- in my brain there is a neuronal connection for these words, i undestand those (mostly), but i dont know what information you want.19:29
TomyWorkis there any advantage to using 18.10 over 18.04 when dealing mainly with, let's call it "bleeding edge devops" that probably needs PPAs and source installs for a lot of stuff anyway?19:30
hggdhTomyWork: it all depends on how much up-to-date the dependencies have to be19:31
TJ-Myros: confirmation of how you believe the block devices are arranged so we know how to get to the root-fs19:31
TJ-Myros: if it's a default FDE install it'll be disk > partition > LUKS > LVM > rootfs19:31
hggdhTomyWork: but, usually, I deploy containers or VMs to do something like that, and leave my main system as near to stable as possible19:31
TomyWorkhggdh roger, thought so :)19:32
RandolfThanks for your help the other day, phazon.  And also thanks to SlidingHorn.19:32
MyrosI installed the default ubuntu lvm-crypto via a live stick. I changed the vg because i had 2 disk with the same and was unable to mount the other disk.19:32
TomyWorkcolleague of mine is considering reinstalling his 18.10 cause of some weird breakage and i'm gonna recommend him to stick with 18.0419:32
MyrosYea default19:32
TJ-Myros: And if you're at the initiamramfs shell (busybox) you should be able to identify what is in each partition to begin with using "blkid", identify the LUKS block device, then do "cryptsetup open /dev/sdXY sdXY_crypt"19:32
RandolfI'm using the standard OBS Studio from apt.19:33
phazonRandolf: assume that means OBS from the repo is working?19:34
SlidingHornRandolf: Everything working as you'd liked?19:34
RandolfI'm using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.  I downloaded the ISO from the Ubuntu web site and installed it on my laptop (it replaces Windows 10 that kept destroying itself beyond repair at boot).19:34
RandolfIt's not working.  When I try to start it, it doesn't seem to start.  No error messages appear either, although I haven't tried starting it from the shell.19:34
MyrosIf i press esc(ape) on the imput password screen, it automaticly found sda3. What command do i have to execute to identify what is in each partition?19:34
kinghatdo i need to use a different shell to bash into a docker container?19:35
SlidingHornRandolf: give it a shot from the command line and see what it tells you.19:35
RandolfI'm going to try installing it again, and see if I can find out more.19:35
phazonRandolf: also: does your video card support openGL 3.2?19:35
TomyWorkkinghat what command are you trying to run?19:35
TJ-Myros: I'm not sure what you mean by 'automatically found sda3' - do you mean sda3 is the LUKS container and it was unlocked?19:36
TJ-Myros: If you're at the shell do "blkid"19:36
kinghatTomyWork: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/0F8WTOUQ/19:36
TomyWorkkinghat suggestion to ask in #docker?19:37
TomyWorkdoes your container have a PATH?19:37
phazonRandolf: they have an older "OBS Classic" edition that is no longer developed, but it's not /that/ old; might consider trying to build that and just running from your home folder19:37
kinghatTomyWork: ya im over there now.19:38
RandolfI'll take a look at that too.19:38
EriC^^TomyWork: sounds like a linux pick up line ;)19:38
RandolfIf I can get the current one running, that will be better of course.19:38
TomyWorkEriC^^ my container is currently being rebuilt, let's go to yours19:40
kinghatTomyWork: the image/container uses alpine so needed `sh` over bash. ty19:40
EriC^^no thanks, i wasnt suggesting going to anyone's container here, just sounded like a good pickup line19:41
TomyWorki'm off home19:41
RandolfHmm, it still doesn't start.  I'll try from the shell.19:42
phazonRandolf: If it were me, I'd shallow clone their git repo, and attempt building that way, then run from my home folder19:42
phazonRandolf: if there are error msgs when executing from the shell, pastebin them19:42
phazon!paste > Randolf19:43
ubottuRandolf, please see my private message19:43
RandolfI'm getting this:  https://pastebin.com/BKbMtkQE19:44
RandolfStrangely, when I type "apt search obs-studio" it doesn't indicate that it's installed.19:44
RandolfI used the GUI to install it -- the Ubuntu store/shopping-bag icon.19:45
RandolfI'll remove it and try installing from apt instead.19:45
OerHeksRandolf, does obs-studio need wayland? maybe you run xorg session now, or have no wayland session if you installed nvidia drivers19:46
RandolfAlso, the one in the GUI includes some notes about it beinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng an "unofficial build."19:46
RandolfI don't know what wayland is.19:46
ubottuWayland is a display server protocol that can be used instead of X. Ubuntu 17.10 uses Wayland by default on systems that support it. For more info, see https://wayland.freedesktop.org/19:47
phazonRandolf: try installing libwayland-egl1 and see if that helps19:47
RandolfOkay.  I'm making a note of that.  Thanks.19:48
maetthewAre there not any dialog showing progress when copying files in Dolphin? Mine just kinda "hangs" until the file finished copying19:48
RandolfWow, apt's installer is hundreds of times faster than the GUI installer.19:48
Randolf...and it works.19:49
RandolfSo, the lesson here for me is not to use the "Ubuntu Software" icon to install OBS Studio.  Use "sudo apt install obs-studio" instead.19:49
phazonRandolf: so it works if using the command line, or ofter installing libwayland-egl1?19:50
phazonif the latter: might wanna file a bug report on that one, tell the maintainers it has an unmet dependency they failed to include in the manifest19:51
phazonof course check to see if someone hasn't already reported that too19:52
Randolfphazon: Command-line.  I did NOT install libwayland-egl1.19:58
RandolfThe command-line also doesn't indicate "unofficial build."19:59
phazonRandolf: obs is working now?19:59
RandolfAnd I just tried out ChromaKey and overlayed a PNG onto the live image.  It's great.19:59
* phazon pops the cork on a bottle champagne20:00
RandolfInterestingly, the GUI icon for OBS is just "OBS" with the command-line installation.  From the GUI installation of the "unnofficial build" the icon is called "OBS Studio."20:01
tgm4883Randolf: my guess would be you installed the snap via the GUI20:01
RandolfIt's a subtle difference, but interesting to see.20:02
tgm4883obs-studio  22.0.3   snapcrafters  -      OBS - Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording  - Unofficial build20:02
Randolftgm4883: I do recall seeing the word "snap" in there, actually (with the GUI install).20:03
tgm4883that would explain it then20:03
OerHeksthere is also a deb package offered, v2120:04
tgm4883yes, that's available via apt and is what is installed now20:04
OerHeks* with star rates20:04
OerHeksi guess the snap rely on wayland?20:05
tgm4883Guess so20:05
phazonOerHeks: or just needs that library20:05
JuJUBeeFor some reason the default gateway I set in network-manager is not showind as a default route in route -n20:06
BluesKajJuJUBee:  what does ip add give?20:07
JuJUBeelists my interfaces lo0, enp0s3, enp0s8.  enp0s3 has my lan address I assigned in nm20:08
tewardJuJUBee: did you disconnect and reconnect yet with the updated profile?20:08
teward(have to ask)20:08
JuJUBeeteward, I restarted network-manager and disconnected/reconnected a couple of times.  For some reason this time it worked.  Thanks for reminding me to try the simple solutions first20:10
tewardJuJUBee: you're welcome :P20:10
slavanapHi! What cause priority process change (nice value) over time in Ubuntu Server (16.04.5)? I haven't changed nice value for any process but for some reason /sbin/init has 19 as nice value in htop.20:22
ioriaslavanap, did you check /etc/security/limits.conf ?20:31
slavanapioria, no, what I should look for there?20:31
Myros@TJ- Device xxx already exist20:31
ioriaslavanap, by default, it's all commented  :P20:32
MyrosTJ- sorry for the waiting time20:32
slavanapioria, cat /etc/security/limits.conf | grep -v ^#   <--- this returns nothing20:33
ioriaslavanap, can you paste it ?20:33
slavanapioria, paste what? all lines are commented out20:40
Myros(Myros) Hello, i'm currently in an initramfs busybox thingy shell, i cant boot. I renamed my vg, and update(d)-grub. I've edited fstab to match the new vg's name.if i try to unlock my luke_crypt partition it gives me an unknown fstype error. If i try blkid it shows me the disk. If i try cryptsetup open /... It says the device already exist. What can i do?20:40
ioriaslavanap, as i said, the should be 'commented'20:40
slavanapioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sJnSQGCkwR/20:41
ioriaslavanap, ps ax -o pid,ni,cmd | head20:42
slavanapioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Np4KHCSdTY/20:42
MyrosHello, i'm currently in an initramfs busybox thingy shell, i cant boot. I renamed my vg, and update(d)-grub. I've edited fstab to match the new vg's name.if i try to unlock my luke_crypt partition it gives me an unknown fstype error. If i try blkid it shows me the disk. If i try cryptsetup open /... It says the device already exist. What can i do?20:43
ioriaslavanap,  well, you might have been set a script or a systemd unit  to change that20:44
slavanapioria, but i haven't20:46
slavanapsorry, I have to disconnect for 30 minutes20:46
kinghatso i installed `apache2` awhile ago and now i want to remove it. i did `sudo apt remove apache2` and said it completed and then a bunch of stuff left for `auto-remove` but when i do `apt list --installed | grep apache*` it shows me that i have apache2 still installed.20:47
kinghati logged out and back in but it still shows the same. not that that should do anything.20:47
kinghatthese were all installed via apache? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/UdeILvkc/21:00
blackflowkinghat: no probably something else that had apache as dependency, so removing apache, removed all its rdeps21:03
sayihi guys, can someone please help with iptable/NAT config... i have PC<-----dhcp/dns---->ubuntu-server<---static-IP--->internet-router. the PC can reach both server NICs but cannot reach the internet21:03
kinghatthat makes sense blackflow. could have been leftover from removing other apps and i just never autoremoved yet i guess.21:04
kinghatso i removed `libapache2-mod-php7.2` here and it removed it but installed `php7.2-fpm`. is that normal? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/kgKE2FQO/21:05
blackflowkinghat: yeah, something that uses PHP obvs needs one or the other21:07
MyrosHello, i'm currently in an initramfs busybox thingy shell, i cant boot. I renamed my vg, and update(d)-grub. I've edited fstab to match the new vg's name.if i try to unlock my luke_crypt partition it gives me an unknown fstype error. If i try blkid it shows me the disk. If i try cryptsetup open /... It says the device already exist. What can i do?21:14
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murthyslow boot on ssd, I could see an error message during boot on tty, something like "giving up". I tried to see the error message with this command "journalctl -r", but I am not able to find it. I want to find the error message and solve the problem that causes the slow boot21:41
blackflowmetbsd: anything in systemctl list-units --failed   ?21:42
murthyblackflow: are you asking me?21:42
blackflowmurthy: yeah, sorry metbsd, mistabbed21:43
murthyblackflow: let me check21:43
murthyblackflow: I am getting the following output. "0 loaded units listed. Pass --all to see loaded but inactive units, too."21:44
blackflowmurthy: how 'bout  journalctl -b -p err   ?21:45
murthyblackflow: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kTpBPGGj2b/21:46
blackflowmurthy: I thought you just booted the system? that looks like it hasn't booted since april21:48
blackflowmurthy: ah nvm, that's just persistent journal right? anyway nothing screams in that output. perhaps check again with -p warning   instead of -p err21:52
murthyblackflow: no, I saw that too, but I have no idea why the recent boot are not showing, but I am able to view the recent boot with -b 021:53
murthyblackflow: checking21:53
TeachMePleaseHello guys, I've installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my laptop at sda2 partition, and I've installed OpenBSD on sda3 partition, my sda1 is a swap partition, my problem is, grub doesn't recognize OpenBSD, I edited my /etc/grub.d/40_custom adding these lines menuentry "OpenBSD" {set root=(hd0,3) chainloader +1} , but nothing worked well, Can anyone helps me ?21:54
netametaFollwoing https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-ubuntu/, when i do `sudo service mongod start` I get an error21:56
netametaFailed to start mongodb.service: Unit mongodb.service is masked21:57
murthyblackflow: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/F59n7wsntk/21:57
murthyblackflow: I think I saw these lines in the tty21:58
ddhi guys22:03
ddCan anyone help with a rookie question?22:04
joeyask the question dd22:05
blackflowmurthy: that doesn't immediately look like something that would cause such problems.22:06
blackflowmurthy: I mean, assuming this is significantly slowing down boot, like several seconds or more, you should be able to reboot and observe it again, and perhaps make a screenshot with your phone. apparently it didn't fail a service or get logged as an error22:07
tomreyndd: hello there, please just ask.22:09
ddok it is a program i installed in ubuntu called tesseract. while i use it though my terminal it works absolutely fine. But when i include it in a script which is compiled in perl. It gives an error cannot find object method via (image name).22:09
tomreynsounds like a programming related qurestion, i suggesto you ask in #perl22:10
ddok thankyou.22:10
murthyblackflow: I will try to find to take a snap of the error by rebooting, this time with noguiboot and nosplash grub options22:12
murthyblackflow: If that doesnt work I think I have to profile boot22:13
blackflowah yes, there's that blame thing22:13
blackflowsystemd-analyze blame22:14
ddCannot send to nick/channel: #perl22:16
ddmy messages are not getting received on channel #perl. any suggestions22:16
tomreyn!register | dd22:16
ubottudd: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.22:16
tonytdd is your nick registered on freenode?22:16
ddnot its not. I get it now22:17
ddthankyou. you guys are love22:17
tomreynalso consider installing an irc client, it'll be less burdonsome than the webchat, where even copy  + paste fails if it spans more than one line.22:17
blackflowdon't use dd as your nick tho'. will be your fault when you get highlighted every time someone mentions the dd tool22:17
murthyblackflow: The top most is this "36.486s apt-daily.service" is that service starts after boot or during boot?22:18
ddok. nice suggestion22:18
blackflowmurthy: you can ignore that one, that's oneshot timer thing for apt update22:18
blackflowwouldn't hog the boot22:18
murthyblackflow: I am going for a reboot, I will see If I am able to take a snap of the error message22:20
murthyblackflow: https://imgur.com/a/9lRyTa322:42
murthyblackflow: caught the error message22:42
murthyblackflow: Error message seems to be "Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device"22:43
murthyblackflow: boot takes more that 40 sec22:44
NorthwestVeganhi live22:44
murthyblackflow: I think Its a issue caused by improper swap configuration22:46
tomreynmurthy: make sure /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume sets RESUME to your swap, ideally its UUID (see "sudo blkid"), and run "sudo update-inintramfs -c -k $(uname -r); sudo update-grub"22:47
murthytomreyn: Can I disable swap?22:47
abdomatrixis that a real chat here22:47
murthyabdomatrix: yes22:47
murthyabdomatrix: ubuntu help22:47
tomreynabdomatrix: just ubuntu *support* though22:48
abdomatrixoh first time for me to try22:48
murthytomreyn: does ubuntu has offtopic channel?22:48
tomreyn!ot | murthy22:48
ubottumurthy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:48
abdomatrixyes I'm using zorin os22:49
murthyabdomatrix: you could be at #ubuntu-offtopic for casual chat22:49
abdomatrixbuild on ubuntu 16.04 lts22:49
tomreynabdomatrix: that's not supported here22:49
tomreynmurthy: you can "rm /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume", remove any reference to the swap partition off /etc/fstab, then "sudo update-inintramfs -c -k $(uname -r); sudo update-grub"22:50
abdomatrixcan you help me with some terminals22:50
murthytomreyn: I will try that22:50
abdomatrixi'm looking for terminal of compress with different place22:51
abdomatrixwith tar or gzip22:51
tomreynmurthy: you *may* need to actually remove the swap partrition using a partition table editor.22:52
tomreynabdomatrix: please seek support for your OS in its respoective support channels, thank you.22:52
abdomatrixtomreyn how can i find my support channel22:53
tomreynabdomatrix: try a web search22:54
tomreyn!alis | abdomatrix22:55
ubottuabdomatrix: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"22:55
abdomatrixtomreyn: thanks for your help22:55
OerHeks#ZorinOS it is22:55
murthytomreyn: I have done what you said, before that I would like to know what process sets the resume file with the swap uuid ?22:55
abdomatrixubottu: thanks for your help22:55
ubottuabdomatrix: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:55
murthytomreyn: I mean I want to know before I reboot22:56
tomreynabdomatrix: you're welcome, and please come back with any questions should you switch to ubuntu at some point.22:57
abdomatrixi have ubuntu 18.04 lts i can switch to it22:58
abdomatrixi want to learn about linux so i'm trying some things in every distrib22:59
abdomatrixthis is my first time here in zorin23:00
OerHeksabdomatrix, good luck, mind that zorinos has its own issues, we can and will not help23:01
tomreynmurthy: in 18.04, hibernation is controlled by systemd-hibernate.service, there are a few man pages for it. it actually uses uswsusp23:02
abdomatrixi will switch to ubuntu now thanks for all23:03
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tomreynmurthy: in 18.04, hibernation is controlled by systemd-hibernate.service, there are a few man pages for it. it actually uses uswsusp23:04
murthytomreyn: your solution worked23:04
murthytomreyn: os its created once during installation?23:05
tomreynmurthy: huh?23:05
murthytomreyn: boot time reduced from more than 45 sec to 8  sec23:06
murthytomreyn: the resume file23:06
tomreyni dont understand your question23:06
murthytomreyn: the resume file with the swap parition uuid23:06
tomreyn /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume is, i think, created by the time you install, if you have swap.23:07
murthytomreyn: by install you mean during the OS installation?23:07
tomreynthis file is read by update-initramfs when it creates the inital ramdisk23:08
tomreynmurthy: yes, by the ubuntu installer23:08
maetthewAre there not any dialog showing progress when copying files in Dolphin? Mine just kinda "hangs" until the file finishes copying.23:08
murthytomreyn: So I can safely assume that if I create a swap partition in the future, the system wont set it as a resume device?23:09
tomreynmurthy: the initial ramdisk (initrd) is created during installation and is updated or recreated whenever there are changes impacting it, such as kernel updates.23:09
tomreynmurthy: i would think so, unless you add another RESUME= option, no attempts sould be made to restore a ram image from swap during boot.23:10
murthytomreyn: ok23:11
murthytomreyn: thank you very much23:11
murthytomreyn: one more thing, where is the warning/error message logged23:12
tomreynmurthy: which one?23:12
murthytomreyn: "Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device"23:13
murthytomreyn: I saw that error message when that problem was present and I was not able to find in journalctl log23:14
tomreynmurthy: at this early boot phase /var/log is probably not writable, yet, so it will only go to dmesg23:14
murthytomreyn: oh ok23:15
murthytomreyn: see you later, good night23:16
tomreyngood night murthy23:16
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Kon_Which packages are downloaded during installation if you check the box for "additional media formats?"23:38
luceneraI have a proble with gpg when I try to import any key: No secure key holder on which to write the keys. I can import keys only using the sudo command. Before it was not like that. What happened?23:56
oddtodhey everyone, i am trying to manage a group of servers and modify the sudoers file without changing each one individually. What is a good way to go about this? Thank you in advance for your assistance.23:58

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