heymanhewSo are people in here, just not talking?02:10
* Eickmeyer wonders if people actually read the topic line... 03:49
Eickmeyer^ https://reddit.com/r/ihadastroke ?16:13
ZurnHello, I'm having an issue with JACK not recognizing my QJackCtl interface settings... when trying to set my USB audio device as the output on JACK, it doesn't seem to do anything, even though it works fine through PulseAudio21:24
OvenWerksZurn: are you tryinh to use two interfaces with jack? (One for input and another for output)21:28
ZurnNot at the moment, I simply want to tackle getting the sound to output from my USB device, which isn't something I would ever use as an input21:32
ZurnAlso worth noting: I have tried setting the USB audio device to OFF on PulseAudio before starting QJackCtl21:36
OvenWerksWith pulse running try running:21:39
OvenWerkscd /tmp && wget http://jackaudio.org/downloads/adevices.sh && bash ./adevices.sh21:39
OvenWerkspaste the output to a paste site like pastebin and send the url for that paste21:39
OvenWerksSo you have jack set to use your internal device?21:43
OvenWerksIt also looks like you have qjackctl set to not use dbus?21:45
OvenWerksOk try:21:45
OvenWerkskillall -9 jackd21:45
ZurnThat's the thing, I do have QJackCtl to use DBUS in its GUI settings... yep, just entered the above command21:46
OvenWerksThen try starting jack with qjackctl again21:47
OvenWerksThere are some jack applications that will start jackd with the default device if jack is not already running21:47
ZurnDid it, audio is still coming from the internal speakers21:49
OvenWerksOk, the hard way... there will be about 4 lines or so...21:50
OvenWerkskillall -9 jackd jackdbus21:50
ZurnIt did temporarily stop the music playing from PulseAudio out of the USB device though... music started again through internal speakers (via Jack) when I tured it off in PulseAudio21:50
OvenWerksjack_control ds alsa dps capture none dps playback none21:51
Zurnwhen I enter the first line I get:21:52
Zurnbash: kill: jackd: arguments must be process or job IDs bash: kill: jackdbus: arguments must be process or job IDs21:52
Zurnbash: kill: jackd: arguments must be process or job IDs bash: kill: jackdbus: arguments must be process or job IDs21:52
Zurnwoops, only once... there's two seperate lines there21:52
Zurntried as sudo and got: kill: failed to parse argument: 'jackd'21:53
OvenWerksjack_control dps device hw:Device  dps rate 48000  dps period 1024  dps nperiods 2 start21:54
OvenWerksare you using kill or killall?21:54
OvenWerkskill requires a PID killall will use the name21:54
OvenWerksagain killall -9 jackd jackdbus21:55
ZurnYes, I WAS only typing kill, however, when I type killall I get: jackd: no process found21:55
Zurnso I'll try the next two lines...21:56
Zurnnaw, same thing, still coming from internal speakers21:57
OvenWerksWhat is still coming from internal speakers? desktop sound?21:58
ZurnWAIT! It's working!21:58
OvenWerksUse patchage to connect stuff in jack21:59
ZurnI had to change the PulseAudio output to Jack... thankyou so much, I've spent many hours trying to figure this out21:59
OvenWerksyour qjackctl config may still be messed up22:00
OvenWerksI don't know, or it could be just that jackd was started by something that sholdn't22:00
ZurnI'll keep looking into it as I learn more about the system, terminal, etc... but for now have tried switching back and forth several times and everything seems to work very well22:02
ZurnThanks again22:02
OvenWerksyou're welcome22:02
esco_pazzobuona sera23:15
esco_pazzonuovo dell'ambiente grafico ubuntui studio23:15
esco_pazzoinfo per liste e lista motore di ricerca mirc23:16
higgit161what interface should I use to record guitar and vocals23:52

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