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xubuntu29wHello! Anyone online?09:03
pjotterHi people. Is there a seperate channel for xfce4 in general?15:48
gnrppjotter: #xfce?15:53
gnrp"as seen on freenode"15:53
gnrpThat was easy ;)15:54
pjotterI'll try. I have a question regarding mousepad15:54
gnrpask something harder15:54
gnrpok, I just realize I never used mousepad15:54
pjotterSo, if I open a textfile on a mounted NAS with mousepad. And save it, everything is fine. When I then proceed and try to save it again. I get a message that the file has been modified externally and I have to agree to continue. I would like to know why these messages appear and how I can avoid them.15:55
pjotterThis only happes with maousepad btw. Not with other editors.15:56
pjotterBut I guess this is too mousepad/xfce4-specific?15:57
pjotterIt really got me puzzled. I tried to fiddle around with the mountoptions in fstab but haven't found anything that made any difference so far.15:58
gnrphm, good question. I guess it is about mtime?16:02
gnrpdoes your mounted filesystem or the mount layer support mtime?16:02
pjotterMaybe? I don't know. Is that an option on the fstab line?16:02
pjottergnrp: Or are you perhaps referring to the atime and noatime attribute?16:05
gnrppjotter: No, atime is not important16:22
gnrpwhat filesystem do you use for mounting the NAS?16:22
gnrpand what filesystem is on that NAS on the hard drive?16:23
pjottergnrp: I use CIFS16:50
pjotter//NAS-ip/Share  /mnt/Mountpoint  cifs  defaults,guest,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,vers=1.00 016:51
pjotterThe filesystem on the NAS is unknown to me. It is formatted as NTFS, I think. But it's a raid 1 configuration. It probably runs on a unix/linux system.16:54
Uf33Hi, I've been looking for a way to change my DNS server from to, but so far it keeps going back to I assumed it's getting overwritten by systemd-resolved, so I tried changing the settings in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf but it doesn't work either and /etc/resolv.conf still shows I also tried to change the DNS directly using network-manager, with no success. What am I doing wrong?18:22
geniiUf33: Did you restart the systemd-resolved service after editing /etc/systemd/resolved.conf ?18:25
Uf33genii: Yes I did18:26
blebanyway i can have no gtk or xfce theme?19:15
blebi dont know exactly what that would mean but i remember one time i uninstalled xfce while logged in to xfce, and the look changed to more boxy and retro looking19:16
blebany way i can choose that deliberately?19:16
Spassbleb, if I'm not mistaken, GTK2 apps default to Raleigh and GTK3 apps to Adwaita, you should find both styles in Appearance settings20:32
Spassbut it would be a better choice to find a retro style made for both GTK2 and GTK3, try on xfce-look.org20:33

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