IrcsomeBot4<Anarchotaoist> @Meili, ooh! This command brought in missing parts for me! 😀 I still cannot get enough function out of Calligra though! How can I get an image to insert within a table cell?? I have to drag in the image too! I cannot do it with Calligra. How to you manipulate table properties - like make all side invisible in one step?07:16
MyrosHello, i'm currently in an initramfs busybox thingy shell, i cant boot. I renamed my vg, and update(d)-grub. I've edited fstab to match the new vg's name.if i try to unlock my luke_crypt partition it gives me an unknown fstype error. If i try blkid it shows me the disk. If i try cryptsetup open /... It says the device already exist. What can i do?08:54
BluesKajHowdy folks10:57
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mattflyhow can i make dolphine terminal followe into mtp folders?15:46
valorie@Anarchotaoist the IRC chan for Calligra would probably be more productive20:23
valoriealis tells me that #Calligra exists20:24
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @valorie, Thanks22:37
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