joelkraehemanndoko: ping12:33
joelkraehemannI just answered your email12:33
dokojoelkraehemann: ta19:46
joelkraehemannhi doko19:57
joelkraehemannask me what you want ...19:57
dokonothing more to ask. our release managers need to configure the autopkg test to run on the bigger instances19:59
joelkraehemanndoko: have you tried to run the tests with more than 1 GB RAM?19:59
dokono, not yet. letting the autopkg testers do their work ...20:00
xnoxdoko, one can proposed a merge proposal... the conifgs are in git and public20:04
xnoxdoko, what package do you believe needs to be bumped to be marked as "big_packages" ?20:04
dokoxnox: joelkraehemann analysed the gsequencer failure20:05

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