floridagram-bot<RazPi> Giveaways? I'm there01:00
floridagram-bot<RazPi> A dually rsvo I do plan to be there01:02
floridagram-bot<RazPi> *rsvp01:02
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Sweet01:02
floridagram-bot<KMyers> I assure you that it will be a nice thing01:03
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Will there be flappy bird involved?01:11
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Not sure01:21
floridagram-bot<KMyers> I am a bad person - https://usnews.today/2019/01/26/9-types-of-layoff-calls-that-only-former-buzzfeed-employees-would-understand/?preview=true&_thumbnail_id=13802:08
floridagram-bot<RazPi> wow XD02:24
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @SivaMachina - can you be ready around 10:45?02:28
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> I can02:28
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Same address?02:29
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> Yip02:30
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> yup*02:38
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> @KMyers I'm bringing Benjamin, my wife and her sister.  None of them are really technical, but you know Benjamin03:21
floridagram-bot<KMyers> All are welcome03:21
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Something you want to tell us about that secret service ad on usnews.today?03:22
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> I never saw that elsewhere03:22
floridagram-bot<KMyers> If I told you I would have to kill you03:23
floridagram-bot<RazPi> First freebsd bummer04:20
floridagram-bot<RazPi> I let the laptop either lose power while suspended or just lose power and cut out without warning, so etch-a-sketching it and asking on the forums what I can do to prevent that again04:22
floridagram-bot<RazPi> Maybe I need to enable copy-on-write so that power interruptions don't destroy previous data04:23
floridagram-bot<RazPi> But I thought it was already installed04:23
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Wow. That is not a good thing to see when that happens04:23
floridagram-bot<RazPi> *flagged04:23
floridagram-bot<RazPi> yeah04:23
floridagram-bot<RazPi> I'm going to chalk it up to my inexperience though and brave zfs again though04:23
floridagram-bot<RazPi> I'm trying to get comfortable enough with the system on the x220 that I can eventually use it with peace of mind on that hp spectre I have my eye on04:24
floridagram-bot<RazPi> It still feels like magic no matter which system I'm on that when I do a console based install and then pull in xorg04:26
floridagram-bot<RazPi> voila graphics04:26
floridagram-bot<RazPi> I get a funny kick out of that- and seeing twm =P04:26
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Not sure about that bootloader @RazPi but you could try an Ubuntu recovery disk and run boot-repair14:29
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> I'm not good with Unix.14:30
floridagram-bot<KMyers> https://twitter.com/ubuntufl/status/108917525097636659214:59
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> perfect for those times when you need to bring your own network.15:01
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @AdamOutler, Actually it is more than that. You can run an OpenVPN client on it to automatically encrypt the traffic of anything that connects to it (wireless or wired via the USB port)15:02
floridagram-bot<KMyers> It can also act as a bridge for when hotels charge a per-device fee for WiFi15:03
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> hehe15:04
floridagram-bot<KMyers> It can also be used for evil by creating a backdoor. You join it to a companies open Wifi, join it to a VPN tunnel and plug it into something. It will create a secondary NIC on the device and you can see how it goes from there15:05
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Nothing to install or configure on the host machine as the Micro Router has its own web UI to allow you to set the configuration beforehand15:09
floridagram-bot<KMyers> It is the size of a large USB flash drive15:09
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @SivaMachina - are you awake?15:12
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> I am15:12
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @SivaMachina, Ok, I am just getting dressed15:19
floridagram-bot<KMyers> I may need to call and wake @RazPi up as he did not respond to my message and may have slept in15:19
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> @KMyers, ready when you are.15:21
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Damn15:21
floridagram-bot<KMyers> My website got slammed over the past few days15:22
floridagram-bot<govatent> Was it an attack?15:22
floridagram-bot<KMyers> I normally get between 100 and 150 unique visitors a day15:22
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @govatent, No, all legit. I had a post on my blog that was cross-posted on XDA-Developers, AndroidPolice and several other sites15:23
floridagram-bot<govatent> Ah15:23
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @govatent, Specifically this - https://kmyers.me/blog/chromeos/chromeos-73-0-3669-0-brings-instant-tethering-to-non-pixel-phones/15:24
floridagram-bot<KMyers> XDA mostly plagiarized it - https://www.xda-developers.com/chrome-os-73-instant-tethering-non-pixel-smartphones/15:25
floridagram-bot<KMyers> And a few other sites completely plagiarized it15:25
floridagram-bot<KMyers> No answer at Judd, hopefully he is awake and getting ready15:27
floridagram-bot<ghbd0wn> Morning15:51
floridagram-bot<ghbd0wn> Was at chiro15:52
floridagram-bot<ghbd0wn> Going to come a bit late15:53
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Sweet, I may be a few minutes late as well15:56
floridagram-bot<KMyers> My gas tank was low15:57
floridagram-bot<RazPi> Heading down I passed out :(16:05
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Omw.16:24
floridagram-bot<RazPi> (Location, lon: -80.108819, lat: 26.667902)16:24
floridagram-bot<RazPi> I guess I'll see you guys after food @_@16:25
floridagram-bot<RazPi> Heading down16:25
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> In parking lot16:40
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> @AdamOutler, Grab a table, we should be there in about 10 minutes16:41
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Hey @Ivoriesablaze , @ghbd0wn is filling us in on your next round of torment18:17
floridagram-bot<Ivoriesablaze> ... oy18:18
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> It was fun hanging out again.  It's been too long. We should do that more often.18:39
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Who won?18:39
floridagram-botLuke Van Dervoort was added by: Luke Van Dervoort18:53
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Hi18:54
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> @AdamOutler, Gadi did18:54
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> @govatent https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40363418:54
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> YAy!18:54
floridagram-bot<govatent> Does it reproduce every time?18:58
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> Well it seems it's not an issue with external monitors because I just did it without one.19:23
floridagram-bot<RazPi> ....19:24
floridagram-bot<RazPi> PAST PRESENT FUTURE IS LIKE 4MI AWAY19:24
floridagram-bot<RazPi> @KMyers19:24
floridagram-bot<RazPi> I'm suddenly reinvigorated.19:24
floridagram-bot<RazPi> At least I'm lying to myself that I am.19:25
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> You're most likely still to tired19:25
floridagram-bot<RazPi> Yeah19:25
floridagram-bot<RazPi> But it's so close..19:25
floridagram-bot<RazPi> Ok still to tired damn.19:28
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @ghbd0wn - do you have a Twitter?20:21
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> @RazPi  Did you make it to @KMyers place ok?20:50
floridagram-bot<KMyers> He did20:50
floridagram-bot<SivaMachina> good20:50
floridagram-bot<KMyers> $#@(%URd22:07
floridagram-bot<KMyers> I paid 2.2722:08
floridagram-bot<govatent> That's just regular price22:35
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1dWbiXnz_s22:51

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