leftyfboddtod: for loop and ssh, ansible, chef, terminator with groups terminals. There's so many products out there to do this sort of thing. A quick google would give you lots of results.00:05
joeyis there something else i need to do after installing ubuntu on an ssd drive00:13
joeylike and settings for the ssd i need to checkmark00:14
OerHeksno, not really, a cronjob is activated for maintenance, fstrim00:15
joeyso dont do anything?00:16
OerHeksthat is why you will not find special tweaking tips, though you can tweak a lot more with gnome-tweak-tool00:18
OerHeksbut not ssd specially00:18
OerHeksthat will give you access to gnome extentions menu too00:18
oddtodleftyfb: I was looking for something that wasn't a thirdparty tool, pure bash would be my perference.00:26
swift110hey OerHeks00:52
stormchas2000My nick appears to have been hacked, is there anyway to regain my nick01:29
teage__Has anyone here ever used a linux phone?01:30
guivercstormchas2000, if you're talking about your freenode nick - why not ask or speak to freenode support?01:32
guivercstormchas2000, #freenode01:32
Sven_vBone of my computers experiences a strange data loss phenomenon like another one did a few weeks ago, but this time I'm able to investigate it live. any ideas? $ /bin/mount; [ -x /bin/mount ]; echo x=$?; read -n 4 </bin/mount YOLO; echo "$YOLO"¶ bash: /bin/mount: No such file or directory¶ x=0¶ ELF01:35
Sven_vBit's probably running xenial, maybe trusty, can't tell because /sbin/lsb_release and /bin/dmesg are claimed to be missing01:37
* Sven_vB copies the log files01:43
Sven_vBwhoops. looks like files started disappearing about one minute after CRON[29623]: (root) CMD (  [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -x /usr/lib/php5/sessionclean ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && /usr/lib/php5/sessionclean /var/lib/php5 $(/usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime))01:48
OerHeksthat command is pretty normal, https://askubuntu.com/questions/433333/what-does-this-root-cmd-line-in-system-log-mean-why-is-it-there01:51
OerHeksthis cron job is scheduled in /etc/cron.d/php5 file.01:52
Sven_vByeah I meant to suspect a possible bug, as one of many possible causes01:52
OerHekscheck the health of the disk, and/or memory01:53
mousesSven_vB: quite literally, the link OerHeks sent you answers your question in the top response.01:53
Sven_vBfrom auth.log, my failed login attempt a few minutes ago: "tty2: can't exec /bin/login: No such file or directory", however when I sha1sum it via sshfs, I get 26b99d13ccf436851f4e881dcd45374f7561cd0001:53
Sven_vBmouses, thanks, I'll actually read it then. =)01:54
OerHeksis there a filesystem mounted RO ?01:54
mousesobvious troll is obvious01:54
Sven_vBOerHeks, I wish I knew. that's why I tried to run "mount" in the SSH session that's still alive01:54
Sven_vBwould a read-only remount show up in dmesg.log?01:57
OerHeksjust type 'mount'01:58
OerHeksor do a 'touch something'01:58
Sven_vB"bash: /bin/mount: No such file or directory01:59
Sven_vBthat's why I used bash's built-in "read" to verify it's still executable and starts with "ELF"01:59
Sven_vBwell, [ -x ] for the first, read for the latter02:00
Sven_vB"$ >>/tmp/yolo && touch /tmp/yolo¶ bash: /usr/bin/touch: No such file or directory"02:01
Sven_vBI wonder why bash found the absolute path to touch. I hadn't used that command in that shell yet.02:01
Sven_vBI successfully created a file in /etc/xinetd.d, so at least / is still mounted read-write.02:09
Sven_vBthat's where /bin and /usr/bin are as well02:09
Sven_vBin usr/bin via sshfs I can enumerate lots of files but not read some of them: "$ ls usr/bin/cha*[lp]¶ ls: cannot access usr/bin/charmap: No such file or directory¶ usr/bin/chacl"02:10
JFox762Backup isn't working02:11
JFox762Keep getting that error02:11
Sven_vBmouses, I've read the answers in OerHeks' link now, but can't see how they apply to my case. the cron command seems to not be chopped in my case. it appears regularly as expected, also on another computer with similar setup. on the broken one, /etc/cron.d/php5 and /usr/lib/php5/sessionclean seem to no longer exist, they're not visible via sshfs. on the computer that still works and has PHP, I found a suspicious "-ignore_readdir_race" in02:26
Sven_vBthe find command in /usr/lib/php5/sessionclean , which rather adds to the possibility of a bug in there.02:26
mousesSven_vB: so what is your actual problem?02:27
mousesSven_vB: If you suspect a bug, submit a bug report.02:27
terrymIs anyone familiar with the CD ripper jack?02:28
OerHeksi would first check the health of the disk, and/or memory,..02:28
Sven_vBmouses, my current problem is that I can't get a list of which partitions are mounted via the existing SSH session, and can't login locally because of "tty2: can't exec /bin/login: No such file or directory"02:28
Sven_vBOerHeks, any ideas how to do that? initrd is gone, so once I shutdown I'll be out.02:29
hggdhSven_vB: sounds like you have a bad boot/disk problems02:29
Sven_vBhggdh, well /bin/login still passes bash's [ -x ] and has sha1sum 26b99d13ccf436851f4e881dcd45374f7561cd00 when read via sshfs so I don't believe it's really gone02:30
mousesobvious troll is even more obvious02:30
Sven_vBI'd like to use this chance to investigate the strange phenomenon before it hits a 3rd computer02:30
hggdhmouses: please stop02:31
Sven_vBmouses, I wish I were trolling. the 1st occurrence hit an important computer and cost me substantial money and effort to recover some files.02:31
mouseshggdh: please scroll up ^^02:31
LSUTigercould someone help me out ... ubuntu 16.04  installed ptyhon 3.7 and uninstalled python 3.5 but seems partially uninstalled.  when i try to install dev tools it seems that it is trying to pull 3.5 tools.  how can i straighten this out?02:31
Sven_vBnow the 2nd computer fortunately is one that's more easily replaced02:32
Sven_vBbut I don02:32
hggdhmouses: I have followed it02:32
Sven_vB't have too many spares left so I'd like to debug and defend asap02:32
mousesAdmin ^^^02:32
terrymIs anyone familiar with the CD ripper jack?02:33
hggdhSven_vB: your best option is to reboot the machine *locally*, probably into rescue mode, and check for boot errors02:34
Sven_vBI wish I had left some root shell open in that SSH session, so I could try and restore sudo02:35
Sven_vBhggdh, /boot/grub/grub.cfg is not visible from sshfs so I'd rather not try.02:36
Sven_vBhggdh, in the 1st occurrence I had the bad luck to discover the grub rescue shell after I powercycled it02:36
OerHeksterrym, ask your real question to find out?02:37
hggdhSven_vB: which, again, points to probable disk/partition issues. Perhaps you should boot from a USB, and look at the disks.02:37
OerHeksi use asunder, not that different02:37
hggdhSven_vB: right now, for all that matters, your system is trashed02:37
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Sven_vBhggdh, I did that in the first occurrence computer. I started the bionic live CD, which unfortunately insisted to fsck the disks before I could do anything; however, I imaged the remains shortly after. If you're interested, I'll work on these images. the machines were set up similarly.02:39
hggdhSven_vB: "insisted to fsck" pretty much means the partitions are corrupted02:40
Sven_vBhggdh, yeah I'm mostly trying to collect as much evidence as possible while SSH is still alive02:40
Sven_vBhggdh, afair fsck reported them as clean. I was just shocked to see it ran at all, unsure whether the live CD might have modified them.02:41
Sven_vBlike "noooo systemd dooon't touch iit"02:42
Sven_vBwell next time I'll use an eSATA adapter with physical read-only switch02:43
Sven_vBwould it be useful to try and exploit the machine (since sudo is broken) to try and dump RAM?02:44
hggdhSven_vB: not really.02:44
hggdhSven_vB: something is really broken on that system. Can you run 'ls'?02:45
hggdhSven_vB: via SSH02:45
Sven_vB"bash: /bin/ls: No such file or directory"; via sshfs, sha1sum of bin/ls is 64958d34fd66c525b4b9b0bd5fd8f55257bc79ba02:46
hggdhSven_vB: yeah. You have a SSH session running that is worth nothing02:46
Sven_vB"$ test -x /bin/ls; echo x=$?¶ x=0"02:46
sufyhi is anyone good with jack202:47
Sven_vBhow can that bash error even occur when in the same shell, test -x succeeds?02:48
sufyim trying to add another input port using alsa_in but it is in use at the moment not sure how i can close it02:48
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hggdhSven_vB: test should be on /usr/bin/test, not /bin/test02:49
Sven_vBhggdh, yeah but I asked it to test whether /bin/ls is executable :)02:49
Sven_vBand return value 0 means it is… so bash should be able to run it02:50
JFox762Backup isn't working02:50
JFox762Keep getting that error02:50
hggdhSven_vB: I know. this is not the point. The point is you were able to execute test, but (seemingly) cannot execute anything on /bin/02:50
Sven_vBhggdh, oh! I see02:51
hggdhSven_vB: so I wonder... did you install anything to validate programs? Like, say, tripwire?02:51
babou_tunti screwed up02:51
babou_tuntI accidentally added a 4k resolution image to seahorse and now i cant get to the bottom of the dang app to delete the pic02:51
Sven_vBhggdh, nope, I didn't feel threatened enough until lately. in the 1st occurrence, I thought it was just because the disk was very old.02:52
babou_tuntany ideas on how i can unfugg this situation?02:53
OerHeks"Add an image in any GDK supported format as a OpenGPG photo ID."... https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Seahorse02:53
Janat08All filesystems are unknown in grub rescur02:53
Sven_vBbabou_tunt, is it a problem about window size and position02:53
OerHeksOpenGPG takes 4K ..?02:54
babou_tuntits not supposed to i dont think02:54
Janat08Hd1 doesn't have any partitions02:54
babou_tuntyes the image made the seahorse app un resizable and i cant get to the delete button02:54
Sven_vBbabou_tunt, which window manager do you use? maybe it has a key that makes any click-and-drag become move window02:54
babou_tuntmmm.... whatever default is for 18.1002:55
babou_tuntnot wayland02:55
Sven_vBbabou_tunt, try alt or shift or the logo key02:55
OerHeksyou can delete the photo on comandline02:56
Sven_vBhggdh, do you suspect a virus, or hack or something? the current victim computer doesn't seem likely as a target, all I really lost was my capability to watch video for entertainment.02:58
hggdhSven_vB: I had, so far, no reason to suspect virus, or hack. It still sounds more like a corrupted system. What version of Ubuntu is this?02:58
Sven_vBhggdh, it's either xenial or trusty. I don't know how to tell without lsb_release. I'll see if I can find the kernel version in dmesg.02:59
Sven_vBoh, there's no /var/log/dmesg :(03:00
hggdhSven_vB: I hope you realise that most of the commands we would need to use are uner /bin03:01
Sven_vBhggdh, yeah.03:01
hggdhSven_vB: also, I am not sure I even seen, on a standard install, a try to execute a program respond with a checksum03:02
Sven_vBnice, the apt sources list still exists. it's trusty.03:02
babou_tuntfixed it03:03
Sven_vBhggdh, no the checksusm I made via sshfs which fortunately is still mounted on a remote computer03:03
Sven_vBso I still have user level file system access03:03
hggdhSven_vB: it is better to give us the raw errors, without any edits on your part. shasums, for example do not help any id they are given as output of the command execution03:10
Sven_vBhggdh, the original error was the one in quotes, I had thought it was obvious because for me it was. :D03:11
Sven_vBI should probably have written them on a new line.03:11
hggdhSven_vB: so far all we know is that anything you try to execute from /bin fails. I wonder. Is it on a different partition?03:12
Sven_vBhggdh, nope, it's on the same partition as /usr/bin and /etc/xinetd.d03:13
Sven_vBI'll check if I can find something in /bin that still executes03:13
Sven_vBoh, maybe if I copy /bin from another trusty computer into my home directory I can execute from there!03:14
terrymWhen using jack -R, it renames the directories, but not also the files, as the docs say it should.03:14
hggdhSven_vB: you can try03:14
terrymjack the CD ripper, not the other jack stuff.03:15
terrymAnyone know how to make this work?03:16
Sven_vBnoooooooo I misclicked and closed the SSH session :((03:18
Sven_vBwell that concludes this investigation.03:19
Sven_vBthe last observation was "$ echo /tmp/imported/bin*/ls ; /tmp/imported/bin/ls¶ /tmp/imported/bin/ls¶ bash: /tmp/imported/bin/ls: No such file or directory"03:20
Sven_vBsshfs says the file mode of /tmp/imported/bin/ls is 075503:20
hggdhSven_vB: so, you can run it03:21
Sven_vBhggdh, in theory, yes. as with the original /bin/ls03:21
Sven_vBit just doesn't work in bash03:21
hggdhSven_vB: which still suggests corrupted partitions03:22
Sven_vBhggdh, yeah, probably. it wasn't remounted read-only though, as I could still write to /etc which is on the same partition.03:22
Sven_vBwell, now there's nothing left to lose I'll power it off and start the usual forensics ritual03:24
Sven_vBquestion remains… how do I best protect my remaining computers from breaking in a similar fashion?03:31
lotuspsychjeSven_vB: feel free to re-ask your issue in the channel once in a while, volunteers can have a look for you03:36
hggdhSven_vB: since we have no idea what happened in the first place, there is no suggestion we can give you to prevent another occurrence. Desolé/03:41
Sven_vBhggdh, what could I do to prepare my computers in ways to help debug the next occurrence in case I'm hit again?03:43
Sven_vBat least "find"'s -ignore_readdir_race seems rather harmless now that I read about it, it probably can't cause find to delete a wrong file.03:48
aneonhi, how to find offending columns in yaml config files?03:49
aneondon't understand why there is a need for complex yaml configuration files instead of normal text files03:49
aneonwaste of time03:50
aneonwhoever has done this is an enemy of simplicity and usability03:50
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aneonstuff doesn't work03:54
stormchas2000what does not work?03:56
lotuspsychje!rootirc | machfas03:56
ubottumachfas: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.03:56
aneonstormchas2000: I am trying to setup netplan but netplan --debug generate throws errors over columns03:57
stormchas2000very true i do agree with ubottu03:57
aneonmy syntax is correct, there is no tab03:57
stormchas2000aneon I am not sure myself with netplan03:58
aneonwell a simple text conf is enough03:59
aneonwonder why there is a race to switch over to different configuration syntax and make life difficult03:59
aneonspending 2 hours of work time over a configuration file is enormous waste of resource04:00
aneonanyway time to nuke this broken thing04:01
stormchas2000They are always trying to make things do more and in doing so they make it more complicated04:01
aneonthere is a 1.6K line conf file in YAML, it takes a lot of time04:03
Sven_vBaneon, maybe you can find a yaml lint program that tells you which line offends04:03
aneon--debug gives line error but I can't find offending column04:03
Sven_vBaneon, maybe you can make a tool that generates the expected yaml from a simple text config in your preferred format :)04:03
aneonlet me pastebinit04:03
aneonis it worth, I guess not04:04
Sven_vBdepends on your usecase probably04:04
aneonthis is one part of problem, I have disabled device bios names thru grub and my networking devices don't get an ip04:04
Sven_vBguess I should focus on my Ubuntu replicator, or soon I won't have any working machines left04:05
aneonanyways I am tired04:06
aneondon't understand whats wrong with simple text configuration files04:06
aneonthis is the netplan yaml https://paste.debian.net/1062561/, let me know whats wrong with it04:14
dramaaneon, do you need a network device like enp0s25 ? used to be eth0 ecetera04:24
aneondrama: I want eth004:26
aneonthere is some issue with suricata & snort that seek eth* and that being the case I am using net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0 in grub04:28
dramaaneon, is that what 'ip a' calls the interface?04:30
aneonip a show eth* & wlan*04:31
aneonI need static ip for all interfaces04:32
aneonsince netplan is failing I am using dhclient04:32
aneonone way of doing it is to set desired IPs thru router but that won't help me fix broken yaml04:33
cryptodani just did a netplan yaml file04:35
aneondue to notepad++ a lot of irregular stuff became mainstream04:35
aneonis it working?04:35
cryptodanyes it is04:35
aneonwhat you got?04:35
cryptodanhttps://linuxconfig.org/how-to-configure-static-ip-address-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux copy and pasted that and made edits and rebooted04:36
aneonthere are examples in /usr/share/somewhere, I used those and it isn't working04:36
drama  renderer: NetworkManager <- This will make NetworkManager manage all devices (and by default, any ethernet device will come up with DHCP once carrier is detected).04:36
dramathis is sick!04:37
aneonNetworkManager is gui, I am using netword04:37
aneonUbuntu development on notepad++04:38
aneonyaml spec is some 23K words, not easy to remember and implement without notepad++04:40
cryptodananeon: I followed that page and its working fine04:43
aneonI am getting syntax errors, my configuration is correct04:47
cryptodani just used vi to make the file04:48
cryptodando you mind pastebining hiding the ip if you are using external?04:48
aneonYAML Lint says syntax is correct04:50
aneonbut netplan --debug generate disagrees04:50
cryptodanno spaces in the name servers04:50
aneonthe example files in distribution has spaces04:50
aneonthe error is in wlan section04:50
cryptodanthey maybe wrong04:50
aneonright, i will remove spaces and try. I did try that already04:51
aneonsame thing again04:53
cryptodananeon: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1042789/ubuntu-server-netplan-for-wifi-and-ethernet04:55
aneonthat is about wpasupplicant, I have it already04:57
cryptodanand in those the access point and passwords are in quotes04:58
aneontried that too04:59
aneontried again, same thing05:00
aneonits been a few hours already05:00
aneonother than different mapping errors there isn't much to report05:01
cryptodandoes it say exactly what is out of line05:02
aneonit syas column out of the line05:03
aneonhow you find a column in yaml?05:03
cryptodanopen in vim and and see maybe05:03
aneonthe file is created with vi05:04
dramawifis is not in line with version... would that make a diference05:04
cryptodandrama: thats likely it05:05
dramacryptodan do you have the paste open?05:05
aneonit is in line with version05:06
cryptodananeon: your file is all messed up comepared to mine05:06
aneonhttps://pasteboard.co/HYbrBPu.png syntax check on my file05:08
cryptodananeon: try this http://dpaste.com/3GTTESQ05:10
aneonin 5 mins, logstash is taking 300% cputime05:12
aneonnytol is antigistamine05:13
aneoncryptodan: changed it but there is same error05:25
aneonyeah, beats me05:29
aneonanyways, time to take break05:30
aneonthanks for your help05:30
aneonmaybe some vodka will help me sort this05:30
aneongoing to reboot and see what happens05:54
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all07:53
mrkotfwHello all08:08
lotuspsychjewelcome mrkotfw08:08
lotuspsychjehow can we help you today mrkotfw08:09
microsoftpigMedical Murder, Organ Theft, Organ Harvesting: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Fl3Del1GhuMn/08:09
mrkotfwI'm trying to install emacs2608:09
mrkotfwRunning on 18.1008:09
mrkotfwBut there is no valid release for 18.10 it seems08:10
ducassemrkotfw: talk to the ppa maintainer, we don't support those08:11
lotuspsychje!latest | mrkotfw08:11
ubottumrkotfw: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.08:11
lotuspsychjemrkotfw: we also have a 24.5 emacs snap if you want/like08:11
mrkotfwI'll contact the maintainer\08:14
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MyrosHello, i'm currently in an initramfs busybox thingy shell, i cant boot. I renamed my vg, and update(d)-grub. I've edited fstab to match the new vg's name.if i try to unlock my luke_crypt partition it gives me an unknown fstype error. If i try blkid it shows me the disk. If i try cryptsetup open /... It says the device already exist. What can i do?08:54
bricleIt's amazing!I's my first time to use ICR.08:57
lotuspsychje!support | bricle08:57
ubottubricle: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com08:57
tomreynhey Myros, do you have sd*_crypt in /dev/mapper/ ?09:03
tomreynMyros: it may help if you could provide the exact commands you ran so far and the output they produced09:04
tomreynMyros: i looked up your earlier chat with TJ on this, and - unless you will state otherwise - assume your system is still set up the way you discussed then. i.e. it should be an installation done by the ubuntu desktop installer with the "setup LVM and use encryption" option selected.09:05
MyrosIn /dev09:06
tomreynMyros: sorry?09:06
MyrosIn /dev/mapper i see control sda3_crypt ubuntu--vgt-swap_1 ubuntu--vgt-root09:07
MyrosYes default instalation09:07
tomreynso your encrypted partition /dev/sda3 is already decrypted / opened / made available and a LVM2 volume group "vgt" with logical volumes "swap_1" and "root" was detected09:08
tomreynwhat is the error causing you to be dropped into the busybox shell then?09:09
MyrosUnknown fstype09:09
tomreynon what?09:10
MyrosI imput my passwort and it gives me the same error as if the passwort is wrong, but with the addition or unknown fsty?e09:10
MyrosOn crypto boot setup09:11
MyrosThe part where you give the system the passwort to his devices09:11
tomreynok. by the way: would german language support be easier to you? do you know about #ubuntu-de ?09:12
Myrosoh a little bit yes, last time i was like 4h in there but no one responded09:13
tomreynthis happens. but i'm sure someone would respond this time.09:14
arpad2why is it that sometimes my browser shows no internet access, while Thunderbird email/chat client has internet access? thanks!09:22
lotuspsychjearpad2: are you behind a firewall or router?09:23
arpad2I am using firewall of the Xubuntu09:23
lotuspsychjearpad2: did you try disable firewall when browser fails?09:25
arpad2I am trying to locate firewall first09:26
lotuspsychjearpad2: could be a dns problem from your isp too perhaps?09:27
arpad2I don't know too much about networking, the Android phone connecting to the network has no issues09:29
lotuspsychjearpad2: see also ##networking to debug network troubles09:31
arpad2few web-addresses are reachable, but most of them are unreachable09:32
arpad2another freenode channel?09:32
lotuspsychjearpad2: it sounds more like a networking problem then ubuntu09:33
arpad2though I have a long term ubuntu problem as well09:33
lotuspsychjeask in this channel arpad209:33
arpad2I don't know how to make the optimus nvidia card working, only the Intel graphics works09:34
lotuspsychjearpad2: an optimus card, you need the ubuntu nvidia driver installed09:34
arpad2well, I did it , as it is recommended, but still only the intel card is working09:35
lotuspsychjearpad2: after the nvidia driver is installed, nvidia-prime will handle your optimus, and you can switch performance mode or powersaving mode in your nvidia settings09:35
lotuspsychjearpad2: check your additional drivers section to see wich driver is active (in software&sources)09:36
arpad2the prime profile is set to nvidia, but intel is working09:36
sevenelevenwhy does apt still support --dist-upgrade although I read " it’s not backward compatible with apt-get. That means it won’t always work if you just replace the apt-get part of an apt-get command with apt."09:38
sevenelevenshould I use --full-upgrade with apt, because --dist-upgrade might be deprecated in future09:38
arpad2lotuspsychje: "using NVIDIA driver metapackage...390..."09:39
lotuspsychjearpad2: sounds good09:39
lotuspsychjearpad2: check nvidia-settings if you have it enabled on performance mode09:39
arpad2lotuspsychje: I did09:40
arpad2lotuspsychje: the trouble is that when I start a video game in steam it is using the intel graphics09:40
lotuspsychjearpad2: can you check sudo lshw -C video if your nvidia card shows driver= ?09:41
arpad2lotuspsychje: sure09:41
arpad2lotuspsychje: it is showing two displays, one nvidia, one intel09:44
lotuspsychjearpad2: the driver= at bottom should show latency09:44
lotuspsychjearpad2: as a test you can try switching driver versions from the ubuntu graphics ppa09:45
lotuspsychje!nvidia | arpad209:45
ubottuarpad2: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa09:45
arpad2lotuspsychje: in both cases latency = 009:45
lotuspsychjearpad2: if that doesnt work, come back here in the channel and ask again ok09:46
arpad2lotuspsychje: ok, thanks for your help09:46
flux242hi, why would one put a dependency to a specific python version if the original package does not require it? ranger requires pyton > 3.1 and packages put 3.7 dependency in disco https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco/ranger  Why is that?09:53
qwebirc83017hi there i have been having problems with wifi on my 81.04 system using qualcomm wifi adapter. The wifi signal is very weak  even when the computer is next to the router09:58
RonaldsMazitishow do I make pulseaudio mixer default10:01
BloqueNegrohi together :) somebody here using the decrypt_derived script with luks and systemd?10:02
BloqueNegrothere is a rather old bug from 2015 since systemd didnt support keyscripts back then... i'ld like to know if there is a way around that10:02
BloqueNegroentering the same password 5 times is not really an option for me10:03
RonaldsMazitisI'm using pnmixer10:07
RonaldsMazitisand it uses gnome alsa mixer by default10:07
SPFI have booted Ubuntu 18.04 from usb drive but fdisk doesn't show by 1TB hdd. Secure boot is enabled. BIOS does show 1TB hdd10:12
BloqueNegroSPF: does blkid show it?10:13
SPFBloqueNegro: no10:17
BloqueNegrojesus christ, what kind of mess is this stupid software :<10:17
BloqueNegrousing the same sata controller as another disk which is recognized?10:18
SPFBloqueNegro: I got this computer from a friend. The desktop case is still sealed, but I could break the seal to have a look inside. The computer did try to boot from Windows10 but it failed.10:19
BloqueNegrothen maybe the disk is shot10:19
SPFI was planning to use Ubuntu to recover the files10:19
SPFyea, that might be the case10:19
BloqueNegroi would avoid using the device directly, rather have a sata2usb adapter or something similar10:19
BloqueNegrothen create a bitwise copy of the device and work with that10:20
BloqueNegroso you don't destroy data during recovery process ;)10:20
SPFstill, I don't understand why Ubuntu isn't able to recognise the disk10:21
Lootmoany one knows if it's ok to nmap websites ? just want to toy with it a little10:25
BloqueNegroLootmo: probably ask the owner beforehands :D10:25
BloqueNegroor nmap something in your own network10:26
BloqueNegrousing a vm maybe10:26
Lootmowhat if i go external , does my isp gets it ?10:26
BloqueNegrouh, probably10:26
BloqueNegroalthough he may not be interested in it as long as the server owner does not complain10:27
Lootmooh is ok than :) thanx BloqueNegro10:27
mmkumrWhich is the best software to convert speech to text for ubuntu?10:36
hadifarnoudI get E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages for linux kernel image10:55
hadifarnoudI do not want to install that image anymore10:55
hadifarnoudhence doing -f install won't help10:55
hadifarnoudhow can I cancel it?10:55
hadifarnoudshould I just remove content of /var/cache/apt/archives/ ?10:56
blackflowhadifarnoud: never a solution. can you pastebin the command and its output please?10:56
BluesKajHowdy folks10:57
hadifarnoudI am trying to apt-get install another package10:57
blackflowhadifarnoud: "No space left on device"10:58
hadifarnoudI know. my boot folder is mounted on a read-only device10:59
blackflowthat won't work then10:59
hadifarnoudso I can't fix that issue. therefore I won't be able to install it10:59
blackflowthe kernel package has to install and remove files under /boot10:59
hadifarnoudthat's why I need to cancel this install and just ignore it10:59
blackflowmake /boot rw for that session?10:59
hadifarnoudI have no access blackflow10:59
blackflowmoount a dummy tmpfs partition as boot just so the cycle completes. iirc it'll complete uninstalling even if thefiles are missing, or simply copy off /boot11:00
blackflowof course that will leave you with orphaned files under /boot because you're totally doing this wrong. /boot should be rw if you wanna remove packages that have files there.11:01
hadifarnoudI can't mount stuff in /boot blackflow11:03
hadifarnoudI have no access11:03
hadifarnoudsurely there must be a way to make apt-get forget about this half installed package?11:03
blackflowhadifarnoud: but surely you can, as I said, create a dummy tmpfs partition and mount it under /boot ?11:03
MyrosHello, is it possible to soft or hardlink /dev/mapper/ubuntu-vgt to /dev/mapper/ubuntu-vg in initramfs?11:04
hadifarnoudhmm, then I have no idea how to do that11:04
blackflowhadifarnoud: learn it. also Ubuntu 12.04 is not supported any more (except through canonical's Advantage programme)11:05
blackflowhadifarnoud: also see if this helps: https://askubuntu.com/questions/525088/how-to-delete-broken-packages-in-ubuntu11:05
aldcorI have ubuntu 18.04 on Lenovo (nvidia). On ubuntu wayland my video tearing is close to 0. How so? It uses intel Haswell mobile according to setting info. Shouldn't tearing be elaminated when using nvidia  with high performance settings?11:06
aldcordont get me wrong..i am glad it works. I can finally watch netflix and youtube without annoying video tearing11:06
blackflowaldcor: is that the proprietary driver or nouveau?11:08
hadifarnoudthat url did help blackflow11:08
blackflowhadifarnoud: excellent.11:09
aldcori think wayland uses  proprietary driver11:10
aldcorand now it works so much better11:10
blackflowaldcor: it doesn't that's why I am asking. if you have the proprietary driver, then you're not really using wayland, but xwayland shim with xorg in the background.11:10
blackflowmeanwhile, on regular xorg bionic, and proprietary drivers, I have zero tearing with gtx960 and drivers from the graphics PPA11:11
blackflow(and no special configuration, all out of the box, nvidia-wise)11:11
aldcorwhen i login, i clicked ubuntu wayland. I am not sure what am I using then.. i cant open nvidia-setting utility also on wayland11:13
=== arpad3 is now known as arpad2
blackflowaldcor: nvidia proprietary driver does not (yet) support wayland11:14
MJCDwhat is the recommended way to take a drive image onto say, a usb hdd that comes with a way to restore from it?11:42
MJCDideally gui11:42
MJCDalso the drives wont be the same, i'm wondering if that is even a factor anymore11:42
sirensari_is this performance normal for nvme disks https://termbin.com/g39h12:18
sirensari_in raid 012:18
ikoniasirensari_: there is no such thing as "normal"12:20
sirensari_ikonia: okay but that performance is bad right12:20
sirensari_especially for raid 0 nvme?12:20
ikoniadepends on what it's doing12:21
ikoniaand it doesn't mean it's bad12:21
ikoniait's actually perfoming quit well for the work12:21
sirensari_my other machine is just so much better12:22
ikoniadefine better12:22
ikoniahow are you measuring that12:22
sirensari_10% util vs 100% on orders of magnitude more usage12:23
ikoniasirensari_: no it's not12:23
ikoniathe workloads on those disks are different12:23
sirensari_what stat should i be looking at?12:23
ikoniaalso the make up of the raid arrays looks different based on the distribution of consistent work12:23
ikoniasirensari_: what is your actual problem ?12:23
sirensari_maxed out disk i/o is causing issues with a sqlite db12:24
=== Dbugger is now known as Dbugger_
ikoniasirensari_: so how do you know it's maxed out12:24
sirensari_the disks are always at 98+ percent usage12:25
sirensari_often 100.0012:25
ikoniasirensari_: is that because they are actually busy or because they are waiting on something ?12:26
sirensari_how do i check?12:27
ikoniasirensari_: lets maybe take a step back12:28
sirensari_the iowait is usually 5-10% but spikes to 20-30 often. context switches are 30-100k12:28
ikoniasirensari_: your running sqlite, on two different machines and seeing one machine not perform how you want based on stats12:29
ikonia(please correct the parts that are wrong in that)12:29
sirensari_no their workloads are very different, i was just comparing the iostat columns12:30
sirensari_i'm basically just wondering if i should complain to my host about the disks12:31
DbuggerHello everyone12:31
ikoniasirensari_: so the first question is the raid array, is it software raid/fakeraid/hardware raid12:31
DbuggerTrying weechet, a terminal IRC for first time... lets see how it goes12:31
sirensari_it's mdadm12:32
ikoniasirensari_: software raid, great,12:32
ikoniasirensari_: so what is the health of the raid array now ?12:32
ikonia(while you see the problem)12:32
sirensari_however, if i do put the same workload on the machine with better disks it has nowhere near as much i/o usage. like 0-5%12:32
sirensari_i'm not sure about the health. it's a fresh install w/ raid 0 though12:33
ikoniasirensari_: check the health12:34
ikoniasirensari_: there is not much reads going on - lots of writes12:34
sirensari_can i do that safely while the machine is running?12:35
ikoniathat can often be an array rebuild happening at the same time12:35
ikoniasirensari_: sure12:35
ikonia(it's unlikely but it is the same patterns you see in that output)12:35
sirensari_ikonia: is mdadm --detail enough?12:36
ikoniasirensari_: just cat /proc/mdstat12:36
ikonia(it's an ubuntu box right ?)12:37
sirensari_yes 18.0412:37
sirensari_that mdstat. this is mdadm --detail https://termbin.com/a9c312:38
ikoniaok - that's interesting12:38
ikoniayou've actually got 3 virtual devices hanging off 3 partitions of the same two disks12:39
ikoniaso you need to understand the load on all 3 of those as that will impact the disk12:39
ikoniayou need to understand if you have i/o problems and where - against the effort the machine is doing12:40
ikoniaonce you've confirmed you've got real i/o problems - you can zero down to is it the disks12:40
sirensari_they're /, /boot and /home12:41
=== upclime is now known as Taco
caipiblackHi, I am looking for have an device file in /dev/ for audio input the idea is to be able to redirect audio from a software to that file and this file will redirect the sound to the soundcard13:32
caipiblackI see that in the past we used alsa-oss but, as i see on ubuntu 18.04 oss is not used anymore, not sure if it's good to install this13:33
caipiblackIs there any alternatives ?13:33
caipiblackI don't have /dev/audio and /dev/dsp13:33
=== jabbslad_ is now known as Jabbslad
BluesKajcaipiblack: check your pulseaudio settings and you may want to install pavucontrol13:35
BluesKajalsa is also installed by default, so check alsamixer first to set your basic audio controls13:38
caipiblackBut I don't know with this, how you create an audio file in /dev not sure that it could help to do it ? Or I missing something13:40
UnNomefilm 201913:40
BluesKajcaipiblack: what are you trying to accomplish by creating a file in /dev?13:42
caipiblackBluesKaj, I have a software (dsd) used to decode DMR transmission. This software can be simple configured to play the sound on stdout, but in my case i need to develop this software, so I prefere to use "parameters" -o or -w to redirect the sound to a DEVICE13:46
caipiblack-o is basically used with /dev/audio13:46
caipiblackBut I do'nt have /dev/audio on my system13:46
caipiblackQuestion: Where is /dev/audio on ubuntu 18.045 ?13:47
BluesKajcaipiblack:  perhaps the /dev/snd file ?13:49
caipiblackBluesKaj, I found this, but it's a folder13:52
caipiblackAnd I don't know witch file I can use inside13:52
caipiblackAnd if it works like /dev/audio ?13:52
caipiblackby-path    controlC1  hwC1D0     pcmC0D3p  pcmC0D8p  pcmC1D0c  seq13:53
caipiblackcontrolC0  hwC0D0     pcmC0D10p  pcmC0D7p  pcmC0D9p  pcmC1D0p  timer13:53
caipiblackdo you know witch file i can use in /dev/snd ?13:53
BluesKajno idea, that's beyond my scope and experience13:54
blackflowcaipiblack: none any more. it was possible with OSS as it exposed devices you can directly output PCM data to, but afaik that's no loner being compiled in the kernel13:56
caipiblackDamn it13:56
blackflowcaipiblack: what you could do is use aplay instead. you can pipe to it as well.13:57
blackflowfor example, this works    cat /dev/urandom | aplay     (mind the volume!)13:57
al_anyone no how to keep someone off my iphone i think they are using the ss7 cause it dont matter were i go13:57
caipiblackYep, I do it like that (or something like that) when i want to use the software but currently i need to develop the software, and when i debug the software from Qt i can only pass "arguments" to the software13:58
Luda421Hey, I've been using Ubuntu for a few years now(using 18.04 currently). Tried erasing windows and installing 16.04 in another laptop, but I'm getting an Errorno 5: Input/Output Error. I don't have any OS currently, and click 'try ubuntu' everytime to use it. The disk has no bad sectors, and the iso is a fresh download from the Ubuntu Website13:58
caipiblackDuring the "debug" I can't pipe, that's why I'm looking for audio device.13:58
caipiblackblackflow and BluesKaj thanks for help13:58
blackflowcaipiblack: you can always recompile the kernel if it is _really_ that important to you. the code still exists it's just being configured off. but I am sure more simple ways, based on aplay or using proper audio APIs (if you're writing a program to beign with).14:00
Luda421The problem is that I have only one working pen drive slot in my laptop, which I use to boot into Ubuntu. Any way I can get it running on my laptop? Need a temporary fix, so even making the data persistent on my pen drive is also fine14:00
=== daniel is now known as Guest36889
al_anyone know about ss714:15
blackflowLuda421: you're getting that error in which context exactly?14:16
Luda421~blackflow while installing it. The installation stops midway.14:17
blackflowLuda421: sounds like disk issues. "bad sectors" woulnd't be the only cause. besides, how did you check for those?14:18
Luda421@blackflow: Using fsck. Found it online.14:21
blackflowLuda421: that doesn't check the disk for bad sectors in plces where there's no data written yet (which happens during installation). infact, fsck won't check for bad sectors at all. you need `badblocks`14:23
blackflowLuda421: if this is a fresh new installation, you can even use the fuller write test as there's no data that will be destroyed. see the badblocks(8) manpage for details14:24
EriC^Luda421: where do you get that input/output error? does it boot to the actual "try ubuntu" live session?14:26
gimpnixonhello good morning. I have been working on a sound issue for some time and have only been able to come to a half conclusion. The front 3 sound inputs on my laptop werent working. I am running alsa>jackd>pulseaudio, I was able to remove jackd and stop pulse audio and configure the sterio out and headphone jack with hdajackretask. My microphone on the other hand when plugged only looks like it's giving14:27
gimpnixonfeedback (the monitor of the input device is in motion) but when i talk into it it's not actually working. my internal mic is working fine when the external mic is not plugged in. is there a way to probe my input/output pins to maybe see if i dont have the mic on te right ports?14:27
blackflowLuda421: alternatively, what EriC^ is probably aiming at, is to see whether _reading_ from USB is causing this, rather than _writing_ to the hdd14:29
Luda421:_Eric^ I get that error during the installation. It boots into the 'try ubuntu' live session after the error, or even if I go to the live session directly, without installing it14:29
EriC^Luda421: "it boots into try ubuntu after the error" ?14:29
EriC^Luda421: do you get the error as you are booting into the Live session or not?14:29
Luda421Eric^: I get it while installing, but not while booting into it.14:30
EriC^Luda421: ok, did you try a smart test on the hdd?14:30
Luda421Eric^: No, I didn't14:31
EriC^Luda421: that's probably a good idea14:31
EriC^Luda421: sudo apt-get install smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX14:32
EriC^it's in the universe repo, you might have to enable that first.14:32
Luda421Eric^: installing it now, and I've enabled universe repo14:33
EriC^Luda421: alright, waiting for your pastebin of the results.14:34
blackflowLuda421: use --no-install-recommends for smartmontools or else it'll pull in entire postfix and friends (unless that's what you want or already have it)14:36
Luda421blackflow: Yeah okay, did that14:37
Luda421Eriv^: It says there's no device called sdX. Is it because it's  booting from the pen drive directly and not the hdd?14:38
EriC^Luda421: you need to replace sdX with the hdd, look it up under "sudo parted -ls"14:38
Luda421Eric^: https://pastebin.com/QdEfMNxH14:42
blackflowthat looks like one totally busted ssd14:44
EriC^Luda421: yeah, it looks dead/dying14:44
Luda421blackflow: Hmm okay, but is there any temporary fix?14:44
blackflowLuda421: no. that's a dead drive.14:45
blackflow16k reallocated sectors? I mean, I am assuming that's raw value as that attribute _should_ be raw value and not vendor encoded bitmap14:45
Luda421Is there any way I can make it persistent on the pen drive?14:45
blackflow#187 and #196 only confirm it tho'14:45
Luda421Eric^: blackflow: cuz I need this only for a few weeks max14:45
EriC^Luda421: you *could" try to run sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX and it might try to replace the bad sectors14:46
EriC^i'd just use the pen drive though as it'd be more reliable, nevermind the above idea14:46
blackflowEriC^: nah, installation would do that anyway (as it's a _write_ action as well)14:47
blackflowLuda421: is it really less than a year old, or is it many years old and that attribute #9 rolled over maximum possible age value :)14:47
Luda421Eric^: tried it anyway14:47
Luda421blackflow: its probably around 6 years old14:48
blackflowit's ded. :)14:48
EriC^!persistant | Luda42114:48
ubottuLuda421: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:48
Luda421Eric^, blackflow: thanks, I'll do that then!14:51
EriC^Luda421: np14:52
RobBurkehi all. I have to reinstall my system and right now I am backing up my home directory. I want to use rsync for that (or Dolphin, depending on what is recommended). What options should I use so that I can just copy everything back into home afterwards and have all permissions and metadata saved and ready?14:53
blackflowRobBurke: I'd use rsync -aAX. Never rely on file managers like Dolphin to make proper copies with all the metadata preserved.14:54
EriC^RobBurke: remember if your current uid isn't 1000 then you'll have to chown after copying it back14:57
RobBurkeblackflow, cheers! will use that setting14:57
RobBurkeEriC^, I have no idea about the uid in place, I cannot boot the system and running a live system for the whlole thing14:58
blackflowRobBurke: definitely make a copy as root so it can consider files owned by anyone (though there shoulnd't be any unowned files under ~/)14:59
blackflowRobBurke: I'd also make a copy of /etc just in case. and dump   dpkg --get-selections > to-a-file.txt14:59
RobBurkeI'm root already. so this should work out15:00
EriC^RobBurke: "stat -c %u /path/to/file" gives the uid15:00
gimpnixonI think maybe my chipset is being wrongly recognized as ACL668, so I am trying to refer to the manual and maybe get more information to use with /usr/shae/alsa-base/driver/ documentation15:00
RobBurkeblackflow, why copying /etc? I just want the user data saved15:00
RobBurkeEriC^, did some random sampling, files are at 100015:02
EriC^RobBurke: alright, all good15:03
blackflowRobBurke: just in case (eg. update-alternatives are going through /etc)15:05
RobBurkeblackflow, ok I see15:13
lolTestwhat is a good ubuntu version/flavor to use i3wm on?15:18
lotuspsychjelolTest: we have users with i3 on every ubuntu version15:18
lotuspsychjelolTest: with ubuntu as the base, you can choose to tweak your system as your own needs15:18
lotuspsychjelolTest: also depends what you want/need lts vs non-lts?15:19
xXEoflaOEXxlolTest: And is your computer old? Or new?15:19
lolTestrather old, 4GB ram15:20
lolTestI installed i3 on a VM, using ubuntu LTS netint as base but I have the feeling lot's of QoL features (like automatic mounting etc.) are missing15:21
lolTestso I was looking into other flavors, but they all come with a window manager preinstalled15:22
lotuspsychjelolTest: alot of flavors will work just nice with 4G, mate, budgie,xubuntu,lubuntu15:23
lolTestI am using Kubuntu right now and it works very well, I just play around with i3 in a VM and was wondering which ubuntu "base" works well with i315:26
lotuspsychjelolTest: if you are using i3, boot process till login window will be very equal on every flavor right?15:27
SomeThingOrTheregular ubuntu should work well.15:27
SomeThingOrTheI have used i3 with regular ubuntu (ge) for a couple of years.15:28
SomeThingOrThe(sorry for botched text; my irc client is a bit funny)15:29
lolTestmy VM with i3 is configured right now in a way that reuquires me to manually start my xserver15:29
lotuspsychje!zh | kileng15:29
ubottukileng: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:29
SomeThingOrTheWell, that works too, but if you want a display manager (gdm, lightdm, sddm, etc.) they should all work with i3 just fine.15:30
lolTestok so I think here is the point: what is the difference between a display manager and a window manager (like i3)?15:32
lolTestI had the assumption all I need is a window manager, but just installing i3 seems to be missing lot's of features I saw in youtube videos15:33
phazondisplay managers are like wayland or Xorg, windows managers provide the ui bits, like openbox or ratpoison15:33
lolTestoh so I definitly have x.org15:33
phazonthats the display manager, yes15:33
SomeThingOrTheNo, display managers are just login screens with a few more functionality.15:33
SomeThingOrThedisplay servers are xorg or wayland.15:34
blackflowuhm no, a display manager is not it. it's literally just a login session manager. it's a bit of a misnomer.15:34
phazonthat ^^15:34
lotuspsychjelolTest: in my opinion, its best you ask yourself whats your end goal first, when you say 'best'?15:34
phazoni have too much blood coffee stream atm15:34
blackflowalso wayland is not a display server, it's a protocol.15:35
blackflowa "wayland compositor" does the similar job to xorg server.15:35
blackflowlike the reference weston compositor, or KDE's kwin, or gnome's mutter15:35
SomeThingOrTheTechnically true, but that's not what most people say.15:36
blackflowand.... laterly mir (which projects like MATE consider(ed) to use as they don't have their own compositor)15:36
phazonit is important to be technically correct tho, and to not mix words15:36
blackflowSomeThingOrThe: then they're wrong. technical truths are .... yeah, what phazon said :)15:36
SomeThingOrTheIt is *somewhat* important, yes.15:36
SomeThingOrThesome names become de facto, despite being somewhat inaccurate15:37
blackflowit's very important especially in technical circles.15:37
SomeThingOrThesfor instance, most people don't refer to the protocol at all.  That's how usually we hear wayland used to refer to the display server.15:38
j92kehello , i have ubuntu 14 and i want to upgrade to ubuntu 18 , apt-get update is not working its keep giving me 404 eror15:38
lolTestlotuspsychje: I am not looking for the best, a good one to start with will be fine. I will make it the best ;)15:38
lotuspsychjej92ke: you need to ltsupgrade first to 16.0415:38
blackflowSomeThingOrThe: then those people should be corrected. Last thing we want is dillution of established and understood technical terminology just because a few noobs have no idea what tehy're talking about.15:38
SomeThingOrThePlease don't do that.  You'd have to resolve a fair amount of things as upgrading from 14.  Try a fresh install.15:38
lotuspsychjeSomeThingOrThe: 14.04 is not eol yet15:39
SomeThingOrTheI believe it is easier to do a fresh install than upgrading from 14.04.  Am I wrong?15:40
lotuspsychjeSomeThingOrThe: the user also asked to upgrade himself15:40
j92keSomeThingOrThe, but i have alot of data i won't lose15:40
j92keand alot of configs15:40
lotuspsychjeSomeThingOrThe: nothing can beat a fresh install, but that doesnt mean lts upgrades dont work well15:41
blackflowj92ke: surely you have backups of those.15:41
lotuspsychjej92ke: also make sure you disable external ppa's from your system first and apt does not have errors before upgrade15:41
SomeThingOrTheI don't usually do a fresh install (I debootstrap from the old running system, which does beat a fresh install).  But that's not important.15:42
j92keanother question ,  is there ubuntu 18 with security tools iso like kali linux ?15:42
lotuspsychjej92ke: we can only support vanilla ubuntu and their flavors here15:42
lotuspsychjej92ke: but there's a lot of pentesting packages on the official ubuntu repos too, if thats what you want15:43
phazonj92ke: there are some, but you can always build them yourself and stuff them in /opt, or run from your home directory15:43
phazonj92ke: many of the tools in kali can't be included due to licensing issues15:43
SomeThingOrThej92ke: Please take a backup, of your home and /etc, and also be careful not to overwrite your home partition (assuming it's separate).  Later merge your /etc/* manually, as a lot of config will be outdated and not good to copy over plainly from the old system.15:43
lotuspsychjej92ke: another thing to keep in mind is the old init transition to systemd15:44
j92kethanks for support <315:45
aneonwhy not install 18.04 or the other version on USB, configure your system and go from there15:46
j92kewhat is new and better 18.10 or 18.04.1 lts ?15:48
phazonI'm not too keen on kali anyway, seeing as how martin muench, the previous lead dev on kali, is/was ceo of the malware firm gamma, who create finfisher & finspy15:49
lotuspsychje!discuss | phazon15:49
ubottuphazon: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!15:49
j92keaneon, why ?15:49
phazonj92ke: go with lts if you want a platform supported for a longer period of time15:49
j92kewhat is different ?15:49
aneonj92ke: long term support15:49
j92keah , okay15:50
phazonj92ke: one has long term support, and the other is more or less a testing release to iron out bugs or test technology15:50
aneonhas anyone tried TOMOYO instead of SELINUX & APPARMOR15:52
aneonneed to know how to allow on-access clamd with TOMOYO15:52
aneonI am using it with APPARMOR atm but want to try TOMOYO15:53
dan__I've just installed Linux using netinstall, and all went fine, except grub menu has only one entry called 'system setup' that will lead me to UEFI. It's not Ubuntu, it's Fedora, but maybe some here can help me..15:57
leftyfbdan__: If you didn't install ubuntu, this is the wrong place to ask for help. Try #fedora or #linux15:57
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RobBurkewhats a good size for a root partition when using the machine as a daily driver and installing all kinds of software over the years?16:23
SomeThingOrThedepends on how curious you are :-)16:24
SwedeMikeRobBurke: what SomeThingOrThe said.16:24
RobBurkeokay, sounds reasonable. Its in the same ballpark that I've been before16:25
SomeThingOrThethis is assuming home is a separate partition of course.16:25
RobBurkeof course.16:26
RobBurkespeaking of it. With / I would now have four primary partitions, so my installers refusing to create /home as another primary partition. Does that mean I have to creat and extented partition now?16:27
SomeThingOrTheWell, there are quite a few options.  You can look into logical partitions, etc.  If all you care is "I'd rather have 5 primary partitions", then the other options probably don't matter much; just make one of them an extended partition.16:29
RobBurkeI opted for having my installation in an extended partition with two logical partitions for / and /home. I should be fine with this, I guess.16:32
aneonyou can try gpt16:32
SomeThingOrTheThen he has to repartition, and possibly lose /home.  If that is not an issue, yes, GPT is pretty good.16:33
RobBurkeaneon, interesting! Reading about it now...16:33
aneongpt is good16:34
lotuspsychjewelcome u0_a41516:34
RobBurkeI rsynced the whole /home and will rsync it back afterwards. So whiping everything shouldn't be an issue. I will see, though16:34
aneonmake sure you create different /tmp & /var too16:34
altoidnerdis there an ubuntu distro for Power PC?16:54
shana_firefox keeps crashing17:03
lotuspsychjeshana_: your ubuntu version please?17:03
lotuspsychjeshana_: allright, tell us what happens exactly?17:04
shana_when I click on Firefox to browse it says firefox has crashed  each time - is there another way to browse ?17:05
lotuspsychjeshana_: could you try to launch firefox from a terminal? and pastebin us the output?17:05
shana_ok will try it thanx...17:06
lotuspsychjeshana_: is your system up to date also?17:06
leftyfbaneon: you do not need to create separate /tmp or /var17:11
Nemesyshi to all17:25
lotuspsychjewelcome to ubuntu support Nemesys17:25
gr33dy1is it possible to do ssh remotely ?17:25
gr33dy1hi bill17:28
bill__I'm new to this.17:29
gr33dy1welcome :)17:29
gr33dy1new to linux as well ?17:29
bill__Thank you!17:30
xXEoflaOEXxWelcome bill__! Do you have any probems with Ubuntu?17:30
bill__For the most part, yes.17:30
bill__I did have problems, but not now...so far...17:30
gr33dy1good to hear :)17:30
gr33dy1does anyone know how to do ssh remotely ?17:31
xXEoflaOEXxDo you mean that you want to remote control your PC from another device using SSH? or what?17:34
gr33dy1yes, but when im not connected to my home network17:36
gr33dy1hi bmx17:37
xXEoflaOEXxgr33dy1: You have to install the SSH server and then open your router page and make a port-forward so that it makes your PC connectable to SSH in public. You need to have an external IP address (not internal, ex. 192.168.1.xxx) and the port of the SSH server.17:39
aneonleftyfb: separate /tmp advantage is that it can be mounted as nosuid and noexec17:40
xXEoflaOEXxgr33dy1: You can check the port of your SSH server using "sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN"17:40
xXEoflaOEXxgr33dy1: And you can check your external IP address by going to https://myexternalip.com17:42
gr33dy1ive tried all of that but when i try to connect it just times out17:43
gr33dy1i will doublecheck that i opened the correct port though17:44
xXEoflaOEXxOK. Tell me the results when it's done.17:44
gr33dy1illegal process id: -n17:45
gr33dy1is what i get when i run that17:45
aneonss -tulpn | grep ssh or something17:46
gr33dy1btw im running mint17:46
aneonyou can remove u flag17:46
aneonit is udp17:46
tomreyn!mint | gr33dy117:46
ubottugr33dy1: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)17:46
gr33dy1fine ill go there, thanks though gugys17:47
xXEoflaOEXxYou are welcome gr33dy117:48
linuxliamhas anyone tried adding the xerox c7025 i cannot get it to print from ubuntu17:53
blackflowaneon: true, about /tmp, just keep in mind apt needs it exec for some postinst scripts17:54
blackflowwhat I do is a dpkg pre-invoke and post-invoke hook that enables exec at the beginning, and disables at the end of apt work17:54
aneonfrom security standpoint it is a good idea to separate /tmp and /var, /var may have www directory17:55
j0sephHi all, I wanted to ask a quick question: Ubuntu 18.04 (and 18.10) by default has the Calculator, Logs, and Characters app packaged as snaps. Does this mean that, in the future, all of the GNOME apps will be installed as snaps also? Or is this some special case?17:56
aneonwork time, bbl17:57
blackflowj0seph: it is expected that more and more apps will be defaulted to snaps, yes17:57
lotuspsychjej0seph: alot of snaps are now also from canonical maintainer by default17:57
j0sephI see. Thanks.17:58
xXEoflaOEXxI too have a question. Does the anti-32bit apply to snaps and Ubuntu ISOs and its flavors except Lubuntu and Xubuntu only? Or do they affect packages (apt-get install <package>)? Because my PC isn't capable of 64-bit and I'm running a 32-bit version of Xubuntu 18.10.18:01
lotuspsychjej0seph: as user you have the choice to uninstall your likings of course, but some snaps are part og gnome to be able to function18:01
lotuspsychjexXEoflaOEXx: 32bit is a dying sort, more of more we will see it vanish18:02
lotuspsychjexXEoflaOEXx: havent tested snaps on 32bit yet myself18:03
lotuspsychjemaybe someone else know18:03
EoflaOEAllright. So can I expect the 32-bit Linux kernel packaged by Ubuntu be gone?18:04
blackflowwhat's "anti-32bit"?18:04
EoflaOEblackflow: Anti-32bit packages are packages that is only built for 64-bit machines and not for 32-bit ones.18:06
EoflaOEHi abdomatrix18:07
j0sephlotuspsychje: yeah, I'm not totally against snap, though I'd much prefer that all of the 'apps' (calculator, logs, characters, calendar, clocks, file manager, among other things) be installed from 'ubuntu-[release name]-main' (or appropriate repo) so, maybe in future releases, I would have a lot of work to do aha.18:07
abdomatrixquick qusetuion how can i change the hexchat themes18:07
lotuspsychjej0seph: i made a bug wishlist to divide snaps & apt packages on gnome software, but it was rejected..18:08
ioriaEoflaOE, you can use 32-bit 18.10 mini.iso and install ubuntu-desktop, if you want... but considering that also lubuntu is dropping support for low specs hw, i'd say . yes, 32 bit is gone.18:09
lotuspsychjej0seph: blackflow is right, more snaps will come our way :p18:09
j0sephlotuspsychje: :( shame. i'm not one for containerised apps like this. it takes up a lot of memory. or is snap employing some voodoo stuff to reduce the snap sizes?18:10
EoflaOEioria: Thanks! Now, whenever every Ubuntu and its flavor 32-bit ISOs except the 32-bit mini.iso be gone, I will use that to install Ubuntu.18:10
lotuspsychjej0seph: im no snap specialist, but i dont think they use compress methods on snaps, when installing snaps, i rather see high data downloads :p18:11
ioriaEoflaOE, ok18:11
ioriaEoflaOE, but there are also ram and cpu limitations for gnome-shell, you know that , right ?18:12
blackflowlotuspsychje: j0seph: it's actually compressed squashfs, but the problem is snaps are carrying all the libraries it needs to run, so if you had 10 snaps that used the same (like, say, openssl), there would be 10 copies of openssl (and possibly different versions) through 10 snaps.18:12
EoflaOEioria: Yes, because I tried that one time and it fails to run.18:13
lotuspsychjeaha thats good to know blackflow18:13
ioriaEoflaOE, ok18:13
EoflaOEOne question before I go: I've seen that some packages that Ubuntu ships like xscreensaver and others are outdated, although the updated ones are on their official websites. Why is that?18:15
ioriaEoflaOE, the version is usually forzen at release time18:15
EoflaOEOK thanks! Because Ubuntu is based on Debian.18:16
EoflaOENow, goodbye.18:17
ioriaEoflaOE, and universe reies on community btw18:17
blackflowEoflaOE: yes but it rebases software and their version on each release. there are no updates except special SRUs usually driven by extreme need or security, between versions, except with backported bug/security patches.18:18
EoflaOENow, I know why. Thanks for the answers ioria and blackflow. I need to go.18:19
ioriaEoflaOE, bye18:19
EoflaOEGoodbye everyone18:19
EoflaOEbye ioria18:19
ioriaEoflaOE, byebye18:19
j0sephblackflow: yeah, that's what I don't like too much. of course, i know I have the option to uninstall all of the snap apps I don't like and then replace them with their non-snap equivalent, though that's a lot of hassle. maybe i'll write a super-simple script to do that at some point if it gets unbearable.18:24
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ioriaj0seph, there could not be an equivalent .... that's the point of snaps (one of them)18:29
MyrosHello, i'm currently in an initramfs busybox thingy shell, i cant boot. I renamed my vg, and update(d)-grub. I've edited fstab to match the new vg's name.if i try to unlock my luke_crypt partition it gives me an unknown fstype error. If i try blkid it shows me the disk. If i try cryptsetup open /... It says the device already exist. What can i do?18:32
ZurnHi everyone, I'm having a lot of difficulty setting the permissions of my external hard drive to be writeable... as of now it's Read Only.... here's the drive info: https://pastebin.com/P56WMdHd18:40
ZurnI've read a lot about it on forums, and have tried many things but I just can't seem to get it to work18:40
Sven_vBcan Ubuntu tell me how many RAM slots my mainboard has and what modules are in them?18:47
SwedeMikeSven_vB: "lshw" might tell you that.18:47
Sven_vBSwedeMike, thanks! I tried that earlier but grepped in the wrong language. =)18:53
Sven_vBfound it, with size, type, manufacturer and product.18:54
mikecmpbllcan someone help me with this issue? https://gist.github.com/mikecmpbll/fda29a0da7215c7d4df4e6013731f80b19:10
mikecmpbllget these errors on most apt-get commands19:10
Guest30Hi, guys I have this problem with Ubuntu https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1759836 I have try to edit the /lib/udev/rules.d/97-hid2hci.rules the high problem has been partial resolved because I have not the high cpu but when I send one file from smartphone to PC the smartphone tell me that the file has been sended but the incom19:11
Guest30ing PC folder is empty. Why??19:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1759836 in linux "systemd-udevd consumes 100% of CPU" [High,Confirmed]19:11
MyrosHow can i grep inside multible files for a certain sting?19:13
OerHeksmikecmpbll, not sure what this is , EC2 instance?19:13
MyrosAnd have the filename returned19:13
mikecmpbllOerHeks : digitalocean19:13
mikecmpbllMyros : just list the filenames at end of grep command19:14
mikecmpbllor filepaths, rather.19:14
MyrosHow can i do that?19:14
MyrosI want to grep for ubuntu--vg19:14
OerHeksmikecmpbll, normally one would remove kernel cruft with autoremove?19:15
mikecmpbllOerHeks : same error with autoremove19:15
mikecmpbllMyros : grep ubuntu--vg path/to/file1 path/to/file219:15
OerHeksmikecmpbll, for normal removal, you need to put that linux-image-something back, else there will be 2 parts left, unremovable19:16
Myrosmikecmpbll can i just give / as path?19:16
mikecmpbllMyros : grep -r19:16
mikecmpbllOerHeks : hmm, i don't follow that bit19:17
OerHeksautoremove wants a fully installed kernel with all parts, that is now broken19:18
mikecmpblli see. what's broken about it?19:18
OerHeksjust put the removed kernel part back, and run autoremove19:19
mikecmpblli don't know what "removed kernel park" means, or what putting it back involves. i know next to nothing about kernel stuff.19:20
mikecmpblli don't know what's caused this.19:20
teledynis there a dedicated channel for ubuntu-mate?19:23
bizzsdoes anyone here run tvheadend19:24
Eickmeyerteledyn: #ubuntu-mate19:25
teledynhmmm ... tried that, but I guess I have to remember my freenode login first ;)19:25
bizzscan somone answer question regarding ununtu 18.04 and tvheadend?19:26
ZurnAnyone willing to help me make an external hard drive writeable? I've tried many things found on forums and nothing is working :S19:32
ioriaZurn, did you create a fs on it ?19:35
Zurnmmm... I'm not sure19:35
ZurnI don't think so19:35
ioriaZurn, paste     sudo parted -ls19:36
ZurnIt's sdb, the 500 gig one that I'm trying to change the permissions on19:38
OerHeksno write access to fat 32, sounds like there is a filesystem error, perform a fsck19:39
OerHeksfat32 is not posix, so there are no permissions19:39
ioriaZurn, what's thew use of this disk ? os or storage ?19:39
Zurnit's a storage device19:40
ioriaZurn, so you need to format it ?19:40
Zurnno, it has lots of precious files on it from a past computer (macbook), I'd just like to be able to continue to use it as a storage device with my linux system19:41
ioriaZurn, oh, i see19:41
ioriaZurn, well, i don't know almost nothing about mac os fs19:42
ioriaZurn, you probably need to install some hfs pkgs19:43
Zurnioria: yes, I'm just looking into that right now19:44
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* OerHeks facepalms .. misread, hfs+ 19:44
ioria!info hfsplus19:44
ubottuhfsplus (source: hfsplus): Tools to access HFS+ formatted volumes. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.4-15 (bionic), package size 41 kB, installed size 216 kB19:44
ioria!info hfsutils19:44
ubottuhfsutils (source: hfsutils): Tools for reading and writing Macintosh volumes. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.6-14 (bionic), package size 75 kB, installed size 2037 kB19:44
ioria!info hfsprogs19:44
ubottuhfsprogs (source: hfsprogs): mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 332.25-11build1 (bionic), package size 132 kB, installed size 336 kB19:44
OerHeksand https://help.ubuntu.com/community/hfsplus19:45
ioriaZurn, after those, you try    sudo mount -o force /dev/sdc2 /media/somepoint19:47
OerHeksit will kill journaling19:47
johny23hello i'm trying to install ubuntu using usb on a pc i get problem : kernel panic - not syncing attempted to kill init! , end kernel panic - not syncing attemp to kill init! , any help ?19:48
johny23the pc is with out any os19:48
EriC^johny23: did you try a different usb? might be worth a shot19:49
ioriaZurn, i mean  /dev/sdb219:49
johny23i reburn it 3 time19:49
EriC^johny23: did you checksum the iso?19:49
EriC^cause that's important19:49
johny23i downloaded it from ubuntu website19:49
EriC^how'd you d/l it, torrent?19:50
johny23from website directly19:50
EriC^try to checksum, it's just proper "iso etiquette"19:50
EriC^like checking the battery before other stuff when a car won't crank19:50
johny23but the usb is work successful in another pc19:51
johny23the problem is not with usb19:51
johny23i can open boot menu19:51
Zurnioria: didn't work, says it doesn't exist when I do it from unmounted, says it's already mounted when I do it from mounted........ I think this info that OerHeks dropped might be the ticket - disabling journaling from an OSX computer... I'll try that (as soon as I find a macbook charger!)19:52
EriC^Zurn: are you trying to write to it or just read it?19:52
OerHeksthe wiki gives an option, change userID to 500, should work fine19:52
OerHeksall other tricks crack journaling, AFAIK19:53
ZurnEric: I can already read it, I'm trying to write to it as well (without formatting it)19:53
bumblefuzzI'm working from a fresh install of ubuntu 18.0319:54
bumblefuzzand my microphone just stopped working19:54
bumblefuzzit did it on the last install and I couldn't fix it19:54
bumblefuzzso, I reinstalled and it worked for about 30 minutes19:54
bumblefuzzthen it stopped again19:54
EriC^Zurn: is it already mounted?19:54
bumblefuzzcan anyone help me figure out why my microphone isn't working?19:54
bumblefuzzfresh install19:54
bumblefuzzjust updated19:54
bumblefuzzworked for 30 minutes then stopped19:55
ZurnEric^: yes, it's mounted... though I tried ioria's suggestion from both mounted and unmounted19:55
EriC^Zurn: try "sudo mount -t hfsplus -o remount,force,rw /mountpoint"19:56
EriC^Zurn: you installed hfsprogs yeah?19:56
EriC^johny23: maybe the kernel and hardware isn't compatible?19:57
ioriaZurn, i suggest umount, check in lsmod if the module is loaded, mount again and paste any errors19:57
EriC^johny23: can you paste the exact error it gives before it decides to kernel panic?19:57
ZurnEric^: yes I did install hfsplus... when I enter the above code I get: mount: can't find UUID=D04A-0AE419:57
bumblefuzzthis is somewhat time sensitive19:57
bumblefuzzcan someone help me with my mic19:57
EriC^Zurn: did you give it the uuid?19:58
bumblefuzzubuntu 18.04.1 installed for less than an hour19:58
bumblefuzzmic stopped working19:58
EriC^Zurn: where is it mounted right now? type "mount | grep hfs"19:58
ioriaZurn, that ^19:58
OerHeksbumblefuzz, you might want to share the hardware specs? and time sensitive, we are volunteers, just saying19:58
ZurnEric^/ioria: I get this: /dev/sdb2 on /media/zurn/spacecase type hfsplus (ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,umask=22,uid=0,gid=0,nls=utf8,uhelper=udisks2)19:59
EriC^Zurn: try "sudo mount -t hfsplus -o remount,force,rw /media/zurn/spacecase"19:59
ioriaZurn, umount   sudo umount  /media/zurn/spacecase19:59
bumblefuzzlenovo x27019:59
EriC^Zurn: try mine first please19:59
ZurnEric: I'm not sure what the uuid is.... but when I try the above line I get this again: mount: can't find UUID=D04A-0AE419:59
bumblefuzzOerHeks: lenovo x27020:00
EriC^Zurn: odd20:00
ioriathat is the efi , ithink20:00
EriC^that looks like some fat32 uuid20:00
ioriaZurn, did you do something in fstab ?20:01
bumblefuzzOerHeks: it works by default right after install20:01
bumblefuzzOerHeks: it just stopped working 30 minutes after install20:01
Zurnioria: .....maybe? I've done a lot at this point20:01
EriC^Zurn: try to unmount it using ioria 's command20:01
bumblefuzzOerHeks: is there a way to check if any files have changed in the meantime?20:01
bumblefuzzOerHeks: something has to be different between now and when it was working20:02
EriC^Zurn: then try "sudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /media/zurn/spacecase"20:02
ioriaZurn, shall start again... umount20:02
EriC^bumblefuzz: yeah mean after you restarted into the actual install? it works in the live session then not after restarting?20:02
ZurnEric/ioria: tried it... still gettings: mount: can't find UUID=D04A-0AE420:02
ioriaZurn, cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999920:03
EriC^Zurn: can you pastebin you running the command, and then "sudo blkid" and "cat /etc/fstab" please ?20:03
Zurnioria: that command gives me this output: https://termbin.com/3skn20:04
ioriaZurn, comment the last line in there20:04
bumblefuzzEriC^: no, it worked in the final install20:04
bumblefuzzEriC^: I don't use the live session to do anything but install20:04
ioriaZurn, i think you are mounting the efi partition20:05
bumblefuzzEriC^: I was fully installed and updated and the mic worked fine for ~30 minutes20:05
bumblefuzzEriC^: something has changed to disable the mic20:05
Zurnioria: my apologies, but what do you mean by "comment the last line"20:05
ioriaZurn, sudo nano /etc/fstab20:05
EriC^Zurn: seems you have something that mounts there usually, just change the mountpoint in the commands we used20:05
OerHeksfor x270 i find no special solutions or bugreports, most of them for x22020:05
EriC^Zurn: sudo mkdir /media/zurn/hfsplus20:06
bumblefuzzOerHeks: right, I expect this isn't hardware related since it worked fine20:06
EriC^Zurn: then try "sudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /media/zurn/hfsplus"20:06
bumblefuzzthis happened to be on my last install too20:06
bumblefuzzwhich is why I reinstalled20:06
OerHeksthis is interesting, install pavu control, and make sure 1 slider is used for mic, it is not stereo? https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=183740#p95217520:06
Zurnioria: oic, yes I commented out the last line20:06
bumblefuzzthe fact that it works fine the first 30 minutes and repeats after installs indicates it's OS related20:07
ioriaZurn, again   cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999920:07
bumblefuzzit only works RIGHT after install20:07
EriC^bumblefuzz: if you restart, does it work again?20:07
bumblefuzzEriC^: tried that first, no it doens't work20:07
bumblefuzzsomething is changing after the system has been on for some amount of time that disables the mic20:07
Zurnioria: https://termbin.com/aaso20:08
OerHeksjust this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/1716359 but that is unity20:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1716359 in OEM Priority Project "Unplugging headset with audio panel open mutes internal mic" [Critical,Fix released]20:08
EriC^bumblefuzz: you could see what's in '/var/log/syslog' for clues maybe20:08
ioriaZurn, good    sudo blkid | nc termbin.com 999920:08
Zurnioria: https://termbin.com/z9lu20:08
ioriaZurn,  sudo umount  /media/zurn/spacecase20:10
EriC^bumblefuzz: it's timestamped so it shouldn't be too difficult to find what happened around that time20:10
Zurnioria: that gives me this: umount: /media/zurn/spacecase: mountpoint not found20:10
ioriaZurn, mount | nc termbin.com 999920:11
Zurnioria: https://termbin.com/gtl520:11
ioriaZurn, ok, is gone20:11
ioriaZurn, lsmod  | nc termbin.com 999920:12
Zurnioria: https://termbin.com/w5ji20:12
j0sephHi all. I wanted to ask another question about snap, as I don't quite understand it after doing some digging. Is snap intended to replace .deb/apt? If not, what will each of those serve? Will Ubuntu become entirely dependant on snap to install applications? Thanks again.20:12
ioriaZurn, did you install the 3 pks above ?20:12
ioriaZurn, i mean : fsplus hfsutils hfsprogs20:13
OerHeksj0seph, there is no message about apt replacement, it serves as an independant distribution channel for software, free or other license20:14
bumblefuzzI can read this20:14
OerHeks18.04 uses the snap calculator as standard20:14
Zurnioria: I thought I had... maybe I missed one? I just reinstalled them all though20:15
studio-user001buenas tardes amigos20:15
ioriaZurn,  ls -l  /media/zurn/spacecase20:15
EriC^buenas tardes20:15
OerHeksbumblefuzz, and in what program you detect this mic behaviour?20:15
j0sephOerHeks: Yes, I picked that up after a while. I'm told that in the future, new versions of Ubuntu will come with more default apps packaged as snaps (Image Viewer, files, etc.)20:16
EriC^studio-user001: english only here if you want another language there is another channel for it20:16
bumblefuzzOerHeks: discord20:16
Zurnioria: it gives me this: ls: cannot access '/media/zurn/spacecase': No such file or directory20:16
studio-user001tengo problemas con mi escritorio en ubuntu.studio, algun canal de ayuda en español?20:16
OerHeksoh, it might be a discord mic setting20:16
EriC^!es | studio-user00120:16
ubottustudio-user001: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:16
bumblefuzzI have sound back now in 'sound' and 'pulse audio'20:16
ioriaZurn,  ls -l  /media/zurn/20:16
bumblefuzzbut still not discord20:16
studio-user001<ubottu> me salió esto: [14:15] == #ubuntu-es Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services - see https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration20:17
EriC^bumblefuzz: you could use discord's web app20:17
EriC^as a temp fix20:17
OerHeksyou could try in ##discord20:17
Zurnioria: I get: total 36 drwxr-xr-x 8 zurn zurn 32768 Dec 31  1969 3332-3434 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root  4096 Jan 26 16:07 hfsplus20:18
EriC^studio-user001: you have to register your nickname i guess20:18
ioriaZurn,  sy for asking but '/media/zurn/spacecase' was your mounpoint .....20:18
studio-user001how register my nickname?20:18
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.20:18
ioriaZurn,  how comes it does not exists ?20:19
EriC^studio-user001: choose some nickname with /nick <nickname>   then type /msg nickserv register <password> <email>20:19
Zurnioria: it seems to only exist when the HD is already mounted20:19
studio-user001Tanks EriC^20:19
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
EriC^studio-user001: no problem20:19
ioriaZurn,  ok;  sudo mkdir /mnt/mymac20:20
Zurnioria: yep, did that20:20
ioriaZurn, sudo mount -o force /dev/sdb2    /mnt/mymac20:21
Zurnioria: yep did that20:22
ioriaZurn, ok ...20:23
=== studio-user001 is now known as hugodidier
ghostnik11my t100 keeps crashing every time, i run grub install or dpkg --configure -a, it crashes at installing i386-efi platform20:23
Zurnioria: now the HD is mounted in the /mnt/mymac directory but it still isn't writable20:23
ioriaZurn, try with sudo20:23
ioriaZurn, sudo touch myfile20:24
ioriaZurn, sudo touch /mnt/mymac/myfile20:25
Zurnioria: yes it worked! but is there any way to allow this to happen in the GUI?20:25
ioriaZurn,  ls -l /mnt/mymac | nc termbin.com 999920:26
Zurnioria: https://termbin.com/ad3s20:26
ioriadialout ...20:27
ioriaZurn,  well, in this case, i usually sudo chown -R myuser:myuser  /mnt/mymac , but as i said i know very few about macos20:29
ioriaZurn,  where myuser is 'zurn' in your case,probably20:30
Zurnioria: it's working its way through the HD, but seems to consistently give "No such file or directory" to everything its trying to change the permissions for20:31
ioriaZurn, did you try    sudo chown -R zurn:zurn  /mnt/mymac ?20:32
Zurnioria: it worked! mission accomplished20:33
samuel32213Hey all,, having issues with my touchscreen not working on my surface go, any ideas?20:33
ioriaZurn, good boy20:33
Zurnioria: actually, false alarm - I get an error message in the GUI that says the destination is read only   ---MY BAD---20:34
ioriaZurn,  ls -l /mnt/mymac | nc termbin.com 999920:34
Zurnioria: https://termbin.com/u77120:35
ioriaZurn, using nautilus ?20:35
Zurnioria: you know what it actually works using nautilus20:37
ioriaZurn, meaning ?20:37
Guest30> any suggestions?20:37
Zurnioria: I can copy items from my computer to the HD using the nautilus GUI20:38
ioriaZurn, ok... and ?20:38
Zurnioria: not that I really know what nautilus is... I'll have to look into it............. I think we're good!20:39
Zurnioria: thank you so much for your time20:39
ioriaZurn, nautilus is the filemanager ... also called 'Files'20:39
ioriaZurn, but you are welcm20:39
Zurnioria: right... I definitely should have mentioned from the get go that I'm in Ubuntu Studio 16.04 and not regular Ubuntu20:40
ioriaZurn, i see... so probably 'thunar' ? or nemo ?20:40
ioriaZurn, but it's ok whatever20:41
Zurnioria: thunar, I believe20:41
ioriaZurn, ok20:41
Zurnioria: yes, it's working so I am very happy - thanks agaiN!!!20:41
ioriaZurn, no prob20:41
ghostnik11is there i can install boot repair even if i have to first do a dpkg --configure -a20:47
RailalisHello! Is anybody out there?20:48
Railalisdang :P20:49
coconuti am also not here20:49
RailalisSo I am doing the crazy thing where you use the i3 window manager, and I've been hopping from one DE to another.. I think I have a bunch of leftover configurations and packages all over the place. That said, my /home is on a seperate partition, is the easiest way to get back to a clean install to just install ubuntu-minimal and then reinstall my window manager etc.?20:50
Railalislike just keep my /home away and wipe everything else20:51
EriC^ghostnik11: what's the problem? we can fix it without boot-repair20:52
ghostnik11EriC^: the problem is i can boot and i bypassed the grub install of that foolish i386-efi platform but now the dpkg is broken and once it comes to grub install with that stupid uefi it crashes my system. i have a t100af and in the pass i have been able to fix it but for some reason20:54
ghostnik11EriC^: after installing ubuntu budgie 18.04 i can't fix it, there is always an error. i have the esp partition at /dev/mmcblk1p1 and then the actually files sytem is at /dev/mmcblk1p2 and i just don't get why it keeps freezing20:56
ghostnik11EriC^: i boot in normal, even though my grub window is gray and not black, which black is its normal color with white words. this grub is gray with white colors20:56
EriC^ghostnik11: remove the grub packages from dpkg20:57
ghostnik11EriC^: wait i can do that?20:57
EriC^ghostnik11: isn't there a ia32 efi grub package?20:57
ghostnik11EriC^: yeah20:57
EriC^ghostnik11: is that the one crashing?20:58
EriC^ghostnik11: show us "dpkg -l | grep grub" please in a pastebin20:58
ghostnik11EriC^: but i thought the system always needs to check that grub is correct and working for it to function20:58
ghostnik11EriC^: i will do it real quick, one sec20:58
EriC^ghostnik11: nope, you can even use another bootloader if you'd like20:58
ghostnik11EriC^: but isn't grub the best bootloader, and is better than windows bootloader20:59
EriC^ghostnik11: sure, i mean that the system doesnt care what's installed20:59
EriC^ghostnik11: actually, running a reverse depends on grub shows that the linux-image packages recommend grub | some bootloader, but you can always pretend a bootloader is installed, like a ghost package21:02
EriC^ghostnik11: anyways, show the paste and also try to run the grub installation command that's failing and pastebin it as well21:03
ghotsnik11EriC^: here it is https://pastebin.com/kWA0Wngk21:03
ghotsnik11EriC^: if i run the grub installation command it will crash the system and i will have to do a hard reboot21:04
EriC^ghostnik11: ok, first get rid of the grub-pc related package, "sudo dpkg -P grub-pc-bin"21:04
EriC^ghostnik11: aha maybe we can check the previous logs then and see what it's saying21:05
EriC^ghostnik11: try "grep -C4 grub /var/log/apt/term.log" and see what you get21:05
ghotsnik11EriC^: hey i got rid of grub.pc and here is the new pastebin https://pastebin.com/D33qgHjZ21:07
EriC^ghostnik11: hmm try to manually search for the error it was making type "less /var/log/apt/term.log"21:08
ghotsnik11EriC^: thats a lot of info, i can't even copy and paste it. but will try to do ctrl f and see if i can search for it21:10
EriC^ghostnik11: to search type "/something" and press enter21:11
EriC^"/grub" for instance or "/error"21:11
ghotsnik11EriC^: okay so i see it but it won't let me copy it b/c its so much info. its litterally at the end21:16
EriC^ghostnik11: hmm highlight the stuff and then in the browser press middle mouse button to paste21:18
Deihmosif i add a user to a group that matches my login will the user have the same file access?21:20
ikoniaDeihmos: depends on the permissions on the file21:21
ikoniaif the group has access and you add him to that group, he'll have access21:21
Deihmosthese file permission are driving me nuts21:21
Deihmosok got it21:21
ghotsnik11EriC^: okay so i pasted what i could, but i had to copy some and then copy again so you might see an overlap21:22
ghotsnik11EriC^: here it is: https://pastebin.com/jMxxjUGz21:22
EriC^ghostnik11: i can't spot any errors21:23
ghotsnik11EriC^: it freezes though. like it crashes the system21:25
ghotsnik11the last thing it says is that at the end before it crashes. it always gets to installing i386-efi platform and then its unresponsive21:26
ghotsnik11EriC^: like right now i can't run sudo dpkg --configure -a b/c it will get to installing i386-efi and then will freeze but like what you said the first time, where i can just take grub out of dpkg21:27
EriC^ghostnik11: oddly enough the only package that isnt installed right is grub-efi-ia32, which is just the meta package21:27
EriC^grub-efi-ia32-bin and grub2-common and grub-common are all installed successfully (it's the "ii" at the start)21:28
EriC^so that's odd21:28
ghotsnik11EriC^: yeah, i have spent the last day trying to fix it but i just can't, figure it out, but i should say i copied certain folders into the efi partitiion to try and get around it21:28
EriC^ghotsnik11: ok, i guess that it's freezing after the end of your log, where it says "installing for i386-efi platform"21:29
EriC^let me see if mine says something after that21:30
ghotsnik11EriC^: okay21:30
EriC^yeah mine has "Installation finished. No error reported." after it21:30
EriC^it must be freezing there and the log ends21:30
EriC^so i guess it has some problem to install grub, too bad it freezes21:31
ghotsnik11EriC^: i don't get it, i wish i just use legacy grub but uefi is forced upon everyone now21:32
frankyTheGovernehello all21:32
frankyTheGovernepretty knew with Ubuntu21:32
frankyTheGoverneI had a question related to the installtion of Firefox on Ubuntu 1821:32
frankyTheGoverneBasically many sites shows as unsafe21:32
EriC^ghostnik11: do you notice it says anything usually in the terminal before freezing? or it gives a black screen? or just that Installing line?21:33
frankyTheGovernealthough I contacted the webmaster of those sites and they confirmed that it was on my end21:33
ikoniafrankyTheGoverne: using firefox from the official ubuntu repos, assures you the app is safe21:33
ikoniafrankyTheGoverne: if you are getting saftey warnings your risk is either the client SSL cert (unlikely for many) or some sort of network problem21:34
ghotsnik11EriC^: just that installing line and then i lose response to the keyboard, the touchpad and the only thng i can do is, hard restart by holding down power button21:34
frankyTheGoverneikonia:  my broadband has too much overhead and cannot used SSL?21:34
frankyTheGoverneikonia: can be?21:34
ikoniafrankyTheGoverne: nope21:34
EriC^ghostnik11: alright, let's try removing grub, "sudo dpkg -r grub-efi-ia32"21:34
ghotsnik11EriC^: okay i ran command and it says its removed21:35
EriC^ghotsnik11: ok, also let's remove the rest of the grub packages so they never try to install grub and freeze21:36
ghotsnik11EriC^: can i do sudo dpkg -r grub21:37
EriC^ghostnik11: actually we never tried to reinstall grub after we removed grub-pc-bin, that potentially might have fixed it21:37
ghotsnik11EriC^: so should i do sudo apt get update21:38
EriC^actually nevermind, the -bin package seems to only have modules and since it said installing for i386-efi it would have not touched them i think21:38
EriC^ghostnik11: yeah, run sudo dpkg -r grub-efi-ia32-bin21:39
EriC^and also on the grub2-common and grub-common packages21:39
EriC^then show "dpkg -l | grep grub" again21:39
OerHeksfrankyTheGoverne, it is true that there are a lot of ssl certificates dumped, firefox 64 and chrome 71 the same.21:40
OerHeksor you might want to give an example, to check out?21:41
ghotsnik11EriC^: okay it won't allow me to do the others, said it depends on them. here is the pastebin https://pastebin.com/NgvFcsJL21:42
OerHeksremove os-prober too ?21:43
ghotsnik11OerHeks: but isn't os-prober a key part of the system.21:43
OerHeksyes, it is part of grub-common21:44
OerHeksi am not sure why you want to remove those21:44
ghotsnik11OerHeks: well its because grub-efi is crashing when it trys to insall21:45
ikonia"crashing" ?21:45
EriC^ghotsnik11: ah ok, right leave grub2-common and grub-common21:45
OerHeksi followed the story, but i have no clue with 32 bit uefi21:45
EriC^ghotsnik11: type sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub2-common grub-common21:46
ghotsnik11EriC^: here is the other pastebin for dpkg -l | grep grub: https://pastebin.com/P9sWcUv921:49
frankyTheGoverneikonia:  I just reset the firewall and update Firefox. It was already the latest version available. I still see the same problem21:49
EriC^ghostnik11: looks good21:52
EriC^ghostnik11: try now "sudo apt-get -f install && sudo dpkg --configure -a"21:52
ghotsnik11EriC^: it went through but just says: 381 not upgraded and i feel like it didn't do the second command b/c it didn't ask about grub21:54
ghotsnik11EriC^: the -f is what tells it not to look for the i386-efi platform?21:55
EriC^ghostnik11: no -f install is just a package manager consistency check/fix21:56
EriC^ghostnik11: try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:56
ikoniafrankyTheGoverne: latest version from where21:59
ikoniafrankyTheGoverne: can you give an example of one of the broken sites21:59
EriC^ghotsnik11: hmm, i think you need to also make some ghost package, i noticed grub is one of the Recommends of the kernel package, and at first i tested it by removing grub and doing --reinstall kernel on my pc, but i noticed if you do --reinstall and it's already installed it doesnt try to install the recommends, whereas if it's not installed already it tries to install the recommends22:01
Aaron /part22:01
EriC^ghostnik11: has it finished the upgrade?22:03
EriC^ghostnik11: it might crash if it tries to install grub package again if a new kernel is being installed, if grub is in the list then abort the upgrade til we make the ghost package22:04
ghostnik11_EriC^: how can i stop it if it comes up about the grub, the process is still running to update all the packages22:06
ghostnik11_EriC^: it just passed the grub configuration and is now installing the kernels22:07
EriC^ghostnik11_: in the list of packages to be installed, was grub there?22:08
ghostnik11_EriC^: i didn't even see the list come up, it just said 60mb or more to download and i didn't even think to check22:08
EriC^ghostnik11_: "tail -4 /var/log/apt/history.log" should show what it will install22:08
ghostnik11_EriC^: so you want me to stop the update, while its in process?22:11
ghostnik11_EriC^: and then run tail -4 /var/log/apt/history.log22:11
ghostnik11_EriC^: i feel like i shouldn't stop it b/c i might break the system22:11
EriC^ghostnik11_: no, try running the command right now it might show what it's about to install22:11
ghostnik11_EriC^: yeah, it finished22:12
ghostnik11_EriC^: i don't think it ever installed grub22:12
EriC^ah cool, what did it install? try the tail command22:12
EriC^i want to see if it installed a new kernel22:12
ghostnik11_EriC^: https://pastebin.com/RwRR0JQ822:13
EriC^hola EGROR22:13
EriC^ghostnik11_: as huge as the list is, doesn't seem to have linux-image packages in it22:14
ghostnik11_EriC^: lol, yeah. but i am on kernel 4.1522:15
OerHeksalso no grub packages, looks good22:15
EriC^ghostnik11_: perhaps try installing some random kernel just to see how it will react, "sudo apt-get -s linux-image-4.4.0-141-generic"22:15
EriC^the -s will let it only simulate the run22:16
EriC^look if it wants to install grub as well22:16
EriC^sorry, typo ghostnik11_ "sudo apt-get install -s linux-image-......"22:17
ghostnik11_EriC^: i have kernel 4.16 that i used before with my lubuntu setup and this t10022:18
ghostnik11_EriC^: should i try and install it, i have it on mine microsd card which is already mounted22:19
EriC^ghostnik11_: nah just install any package from the repo using apt-get install -s22:20
EriC^it wont actually install, it'll do a simulation22:20
ghostnik11_EriC^: yeah, okay well what package. oh i know like hexchat22:21
EriC^ghostnik11_: no, type apt-cache search "linux-image-4.*generic"22:21
EriC^and choose any one22:21
ghostnik11_EriC^: https://pastebin.com/pLnMVZRC22:26
EriC^ghostnik11_: ah it's trying to install grub, we got to trick it into thinking it's already installed22:27
ghostnik11_EriC^: okay, how can we22:27
EriC^ghostnik11_: we could write a custom package in the dpkg status, i guess22:28
ghostnik11_EriC^: wouldn't it be easier to just give the system what it wants which is making sure the i386-efi goes to the correct place22:29
EriC^the problem though is that if we write in dpkg that 'grub-efi-ia32' is installed, if the package ever gets updated in the repos apt would try to install it22:29
ghostnik11_EriC^: oh okay22:30
EriC^ghostnik11_: what do you mean by go to write place? actually installing it you mean?22:30
ghostnik11_EriC^: yeah b/c if we tell it that its there and it gets updated in repos, wont it break the system22:31
Jubawubyo is reddit user "farmingdale" in here22:31
Jubawubjust read a post comment from 5 years ago where you plug this irc22:31
Jubawubthe internet is amazing damn someone said something 5 years ago and it brought me on a journey here22:31
EriC^Jubawub: what did he say?22:32
Jubawub"I really like hanging out on freenode #ubuntu-beginnersBeen going there for about 8 years now when I was a true beginner I was shown how to use the irc. My time on that room has lead me from "where is my start menu?" to being a linux sysadmin. If I see you I will say hi."22:32
Jubawuboh wait22:32
Jubawubthis is awkward22:32
JubawubI only joined ubuntu22:32
EriC^ghostnik11_: yeah, we could put the version number in dpkg very advanced so it never upgrades it, or better yet tell dpkg to make a hold on it22:33
EriC^ghostnik11_: the linux-image has the Recommends as 'grub-efi-ia32'22:33
ghostnik11_EriC^: okay which one in your opinion is the best one22:34
raidghostWhen 11 ironwolf drives just suddently goes into "We dont want to communicate with the controller anymore"22:35
raidghostWhat is wrong then? Its so freaky irritating, bought some new drives. And the same error seems to appear on that drives to.22:36
EriC^ghostnik11_: let's make a custom entry in the dpkg status22:38
ghostnik11_EriC^: okay22:39
EriC^i think that way when installing linux-image it'll see it there so no problem, and nothing will ever get installed and stuff, we can make the version very advanced so dpkg never tries to replace the info there from newer grub-efi packages that may come22:39
EriC^ghostnik11_: type "tail -20 /var/lib/dpkg/status" just to see what yours is like22:41
ghostnik11_EriC^: okay, quick question how often does grub-efi packages get changed?22:41
EriC^ghostnik11_: no idea22:42
EriC^who knows, depends on dev or bugs found etc22:42
EriC^it doesnt matter, we can tell apt to make a hold on the package and never try to update it, or we can make the version in our fake package very high so it never tries to replace it22:43
ghostnik11_EriC^: apt to make a hold on the package22:43
ghostnik11_EriC^: but this way i would have to do it every time manually22:44
EriC^you mean update the grub package?22:45
EriC^ghostnik11_: the grub package will very rarely get updated, then yeah you will, but i mean already you can't install grub using apt22:46
El_GiorgiosIl y 'a quelqu'un ici ?22:47
ghostnik11_EriC^: well when i do grub-update it usually has no issue22:47
EriC^!fr | El_Giorgios22:47
ubottuEl_Giorgios: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:47
ghostnik11_EriC^: but for grub update, isn't that if i change something in grub22:47
EriC^ghostnik11_: update-grub will still work22:47
EriC^ghostnik11_: it's the grub package that installs the efi bootloader22:48
EriC^in /boot/efi/efi/ubuntu22:48
ghostnik11_EriC^: yeah update-grub has always worked, but it never messed with that package22:49
ghostnik11_EriC^: okay so lets try to tell that package to never do it22:49
EriC^ghostnik11_: ok22:50
EriC^ghostnik11_: type "tail -20 /var/lib/dpkg/status" and pasteib22:50
ghostnik11_EriC^: https://pastebin.com/0N7AGwgt22:52
EriC^ghostnik11_: try "tail -60 /var/lib/dpkg/status" and pasteib22:52
ghostnik11_EriC^: https://pastebin.com/jW5DRwik22:54
EriC^ghostnik11_: first make a backup of the dpkg status file, sudo mkdir /var/lib/dpkg/status{,.backup}23:00
EriC^ghostnik11_: then type "sudo nano /var/lib/dpkg/status" and add at the bottom this package info and save and exit https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GXft2C2tpk/23:00
ghostnik11_EriC^: okay it says it won't let me make a backup b/c it already exists23:01
EriC^ghostnik11_: sorry typo in the command23:01
EriC^ghostnik11_: first make a backup of the dpkg status file, sudo cp /var/lib/dpkg/status{,.backup}23:01
ghostnik11_EriC^: should i copy the pastbin u posted added to the command23:03
EriC^ghostnik11_: not sure what you mean, type the nano command and paste the stuff in the editor way at the bottom23:04
VladyslavHi! Does anyone can explain to me difference between netplan and netplan.io package? Thanks23:04
dmnurVladyslav: netplan.io is the new Ubuntu network config format; netplan is some schedule planner, not related to this at all.23:08
ghostnik11_EriC^: okay i did it23:08
EriC^ghostnik11_: ok try now sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get -f install23:10
EriC^as a sanity check23:10
ghostnik11_EriC^: okay came back and everything is normal23:11
ghostnik11_EriC^: i should be able to restart now with no problem and boot normal also23:12
EriC^ghostnik11_: yeah, try the previous command to simulate a kernel install23:13
EriC^ghostnik11_: to make it more foolproof, you could run "sudo apt-mark hold grub-efi-ia32" as well23:14
how2hackhi, to be able to see and add new samba printer in cups, do i need to install a package or something? i don't see the windows printer via samba option23:14
ghostnik11_EriC^: https://pastebin.com/gDc5g9G723:16
ghostnik11_EriC^: also i set it to hold23:17
OerHekshow2hack, what printer exactly? and how connected?23:21
EriC^ghostnik11_: looks good23:22
how2hackOerHeks: pdfcreater, after installing it i shared it, but it's not showing up, the weird part is that cups is missing the "windows printer via samba" option, do i need a package or something?23:23
ghostnik11_EriC^: so i can reboot now23:27
OerHekshow2hack, standard ubuntu cups can print directly to pdf, what PDFcreater is this exactly?23:28
EriC^ghostnik11_: yeah23:28
how2hackOerHeks: sorry, i meant PDFCreator http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator23:29
OerHeksoh, outside our repos for support. anyway, make sure that thingy is member of the lpadmin group, to access cups23:30
how2hackwell, theproblem i think is with cups, it's missing the add samba printers option23:30
how2hackis there a package/config/whatever that controls that?23:31
how2hackhere i found this online, exactly my problem http://i.imgur.com/wVcTq.png23:31
OerHeks.. i just pointed you to the possible cause, lpadmin = cups23:32
how2hackhmm what thingy? cups?23:32
ghostnik11EriC^, okay i restarted and now i am back23:32
EriC^ghostnik11: cool23:32
ghostnik11EriC^, okay now i will work on getting the sound back, thanks for the help bro23:33
EriC^ghostnik11: alright, no problem23:33
how2hackthis last option is the one i'm missing https://blog.yoitsu.moe/images/cups_sharing_printer/2.png23:34
=== mnemonic is now known as Guest39683
Vladyslavdmnur: >  netplan.io is the new Ubuntu network config format; netplan is some schedule planner, not related to this at all.23:50
Vladyslavyeah but then why when I'm trying to install netplan ubuntu automatically removes netplan.io?23:50
OerHekshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Netplan Please see: https://netplan.io23:51
VladyslavOerHeks: so your idea is that netplan = netplan.io, right?23:53
Vladyslavproblem that they do have different dependencies ....23:54
adrian_1908Vladyslav: I joined late, which one do you actually want? Both?23:54
dmnurVladyslav: because both packages provide /usr/sbin/netplan.23:54
dmnurVladyslav: and `netplan.io` has `netplan` in its Conflicts.23:55
Vladyslavadrian_1908 - honestly, I just want to understand difference so I can decide which one I want to use23:56
how2hacki have found the problem, cups doesn't have a smb backend (/usr/lib/cups/backend), how can i install it?23:56
adrian_1908Vladyslav: netplan.io is what you want.23:57
Vladyslavadrian_1908: can you please be more specific, why do you think so?23:57
adrian_1908netplan.io is part of a modern Ubuntu installation, netplan is some old calendar style application that nobody uses.23:58
Vladyslavadrian_1908: thanks23:59

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