hangar18how folks! i'm using docky and i'd like to remove the standard panel. i'm looking everywhere for the option to delete the original panel.00:21
ZurnHello, I was on here a few hours ago with an issue about JACK not responding to my QJackCtl settings.... we fixed it, but now there's a much bigger issue....01:23
ZurnNow sound comes from my internal computer speakers but not from the USB audio device we configured to work with JACK (which it temporarily did)01:25
ZurnPulseAudio is the only way to make sound come out, which only comes out of the speakers - and get this, it won't work unless the USB device (which it doesn't recognize) is plugged in!01:26
ZurnWhen I launch qjackctl I get the error message:   D BUS: JACK SERVER could not be started Sorry01:28
Zurnhere's the output I get when I enter a particular command (which I did not save nor can I remember, but I'm sure is very familiar to anyone on here): https://pastebin.com/Bt4vcdpL01:30
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I believe you were helping Zurn? ^01:31
ZurnYa it was OvenWerks who kindly helped... I'm sure it's not too tricky a fix, though I'm still very new to all this01:36
EickmeyerZurn: One of the first mistakes most people make is that they don't configure the audio device in QJackCtl. That said, what version of Ubuntu Studio are you using? (in the terminal: lsb_release -a)02:49
ZurnQJackCtl was configured nicely for a short time, now it's comepletely inoperable unfortunately02:54
ZurnUpdate: PulseAudio seems to be working fine again02:55
EickmeyerOh, gotcha. 18.10 and above has an improvement to Ubuntu Studio Controls that makes what you're trying to do dead simple. I'm considering backporting it into a PPA for 18.04. I would for 16.04 as well, but the EOL on that is in April.02:56
sufydoes anyone know if i can route my audio into my computer by default sound card and back out to a real guitar pedal then back in through my usb interface using several chords?02:56
Eickmeyersufy: It's theoretically possible.02:56
EickmeyerDepends on your interface.02:57
sufyim talking about using the regular sound card aswell as another usb interface302:58
sufyusing alsa_in02:58
sufyi just want to put a compressor before my pedals but i dont own a compressor pedal02:58
Eickmeyersufy: The only way you're going to be able to do that is by using Jack with Ubuntu Studio Controls in Ubuntu Studio 18.10 or higher.02:59
sufyEickmeyer: i have that how can i achieve this03:00
sufyis there a program i can use to arrange it03:00
EickmeyerUbuntu Studio Controls automatically configures Jack to recognize any USB audio interfaces in addition to your regular sound card. The interface is very self-explanatory. After that, open Patchage and do your routing there.03:01
ZurnOkay, random question: how risky or inadvisable is it to upgrade to 18.10 without backing up my harddrive03:02
sufyok im only getting one input and one output03:02
EickmeyerZurn: I'd upgrade to 18.04 first, then 18.10.03:02
sufyi need 2 inputs and 2 outputs03:02
Eickmeyersufy: Did you run Ubuntu Studio Controls, configure it, and then click on "Start Jack"?03:02
ZurnEickmeyer: Great, I'll consider that if I can't fix my qjackctl problem03:03
sufywell i installed kxstudio repositories03:03
sufycould that have affected it03:03
Eickmeyersufy: We do not support Ubuntu Studio with kxstudio repositories. That does affect our default configuration.03:03
sufyEickmeyer: ok should i reinstall can i do so without deleting data03:03
Eickmeyersufy: That's up to you and whether or not your home directory is in a separate partition.03:04
EickmeyerIf it's not, then it's going to be an uphill battle.03:05
sufyits not in a seperate partition, so your saying with ubutnu 18.10 default it will let me hook jack to all the audio devices?03:05
EickmeyerThat's correct, so long as you're letting Ubuntu Studio Controls start Jack.03:05
sufyok is ubuntu studio controls a program?03:05
sufyor just the default config03:06
EickmeyerIt's a program pre-installed with Ubuntu Studio. It does all of the nitty-gritty audio configuration for you.03:06
sufyhow do i try run it now?03:06
EickmeyerYou can, but not if you installed Cadence.03:07
sufyif i reinstall what is the name of it03:07
EickmeyerHowever, if you've ever run Cadence, I cannot guarantee you it will work.03:08
ZurnHi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me make an external hard drive writeable... it's currently read only. I've tried a bunch of things on forums etc. but none seem to work!18:00
Zurnhere's the info on the HD: https://pastebin.com/P56WMdHd18:02
EickmeyerZurn: That's not exactly an Ubuntu Studio-specific thing. We're very few in number here, so if you find yourself waiting for a long time, head to #ubuntu18:37
EickmeyerBut, basically, it comes down to the file system. It needs to be something writable by Linux, such as FAT, EXT4, or NTFS so long as you have NTFS-3G installed (as it is by default).18:38
ZurnEickmeyer: Good point, I'll head to #ubuntu18:39
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