JackFrostI guess the pcre2 issue was resolved, someone sync'd xfce4-terminal from Unstable.00:47
DusanI have basic knowledge of English and I would like to help improving Xubuntu21:27
brainwashhi Dusan 21:28
DusanI dont have a clue about anything related to Xubuntu 21:28
brainwashyou should read through this https://xubuntu.org/contribute/21:28
DusanYeah I've seen that21:28
DusanIve came to this throught that page21:28
brainwashgot any particular question?21:29
DusanI still dont know where should i begin with21:29
DusanYes, what should I do if i want to contribute?21:29
brainwashwhich part of xubuntu do you want to improve?21:29
DusanAny is good21:30
DusanHardest might work for me21:30
brainwashhardest would be actually fixing bugs and writing new code21:30
DusanThats what i would love in the first place21:30
DusanWhere to start?21:31
DusanAnd can I contact you later xubuntu related :)21:31
Dusanoh im so dumb21:31
Dusani didnt want to click on any since i had no idea where to start :D21:31
Dusanim sorry21:31
Dusanand thank you very much :)21:32
Dusancan i learn to code with my english?21:32
brainwashyour english seems perfectly fine21:32
Dusani dont have full knowledge (ill go to English lessons soon)21:32
DusanThank you <brainwash>21:33
DusanYou all have a good day :)21:33
brainwashfeel free to stay in this channel and ask questions21:33
DusanShould i use google translate if i dont know the words?21:34
brainwashbluesabre and ochosi are both Xfce developers also21:34
Dusanlike respositary :D21:34
brainwashsure, use google translate21:34
DusanOkay thanks :)21:34
DusanBy the way21:34
DusanOne more thing21:35
DusanIm sorry i had someone at my door21:35
DusanCan I find a job with development of linux?21:36
DusanI dont have a job atm21:36
DusanAnd im ready to work :D21:36
brainwashyou won't get paid for working on xubuntu21:37
brainwashor xfce21:37
DusanNo no thats not what i meant21:37
brainwashit's a community effort21:37
DusanWhat I meant is 21:37
DusanWhen i learn to code and develop21:37
Dusanwith that knowledge can i find a job related?21:37
DusanI understand :)21:38
brainwashit will take time to learn21:38
brainwashand gain experience21:38
DusanAnd im willing to help as I said :D21:38
DusanI was just curious :)21:38
DusanThanks anyway 21:38
DusanI mean21:39
Dusanthanks :D21:39
brainwashgood luck then :)21:39
Dusanthank you ^_^21:39
DusanThank you <brainwash> again, i must say goodbye because I'm switching to Ubuntu for developing it :)22:41
DusanGood day.22:41

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