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dsmythiesWith the pending kernel 5.1-rc1, and already in the Ubuntu mainline daily, there will be a new Timer Events Oriented (TEO) idle governor.18:26
dsmythiesCurrently, and in today's mainline daily, the related kernel configuration does not include this governor:18:26
dsmythies# CONFIG_CPU_IDLE_GOV_TEO is not set18:26
dsmythiesWhereas it would be great, and allow users that do not compile the kernel for themselves to be able try try the new governor if it could be included. i.e.:18:26
dsmythiesWhat is the appropriate procedure to request this change to the Ubuntu mainline kernel configuration?18:27
TJ-I suspect poking apw since I think he's generally in control of those builds18:29
apwdsmythies: normally we get it fixed in disco, then rebuild it18:36
apwas that is where the mainline kernel builds gets its config18:37
dsmythiesapw: How do I go about getting it "fixed in disco", which I don't know what that means?18:42
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apwsforshee, ^18:52
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sforsheeapw, dsmythies: if that's a new option in 5.1 we can't enable it in disco. But we should rebase unstable to 5.1-rc1 next week and can enable it then18:53
dsmythiessforshee: O.K. thanks. Then I'll watch for it for it in mainline 5.1-rc2, and maybe dailys before that.18:59
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