tjaaltonRAOF: did you accept intel-mediasdk? :)06:05
tjaaltonmany thanks if so, there's also intel-opencl-clang on the queue.. -graphics-compiler and -compute-runtime are on then way06:08
RAOFtjaalton: yup! I don't suppose there's any way to do this without having three copies of llvm in the archive 😜07:15
tjaaltonRAOF: all I care about is already on llvm 8 (including mesa), I'm not sure if we can drop older ones yet.. I'll have a look though07:22
RAOFThat was snark on my part. I haven't looked at intel-opencl-clang yet. You mean it doesn't include its own llvm fork?!07:24
tjaaltonah.. it doesnt'07:28
tjaaltonintel-cm-compiler kinda does, but it's a clang based compiler so doesn't actually ship clang07:29
tjaaltonbut it's not strictly needed at this point, only when we want to build the media shaders from source07:30
tjaalton"Opencl-clang is a thin wrapper library around clang"07:32
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rbalintRAOF, also thanks for waylandpp if you accepted that, too! :-)09:19
rbalintbtw i can't trigger autopkgtests manually, i get gateway timeouts :-(09:22
rbalintcan i please get the ff exception for LP: #1822341?09:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822341 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "[FFE][SRU] Please add ubuntu-wsl binary package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182234109:23
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acheronuksil2100: why does this bileto ticket only see one source package, when there are 66 in the PPA? https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/368012:30
ahasenackHi, I'm having a dep8 test failure in cosmic in what seems to be a math rounding error, I vaguely remember something like this when glibc was upgraded in one of the cycles, but can't remember it well. it's only happening on i386: https://bileto.ubuntu.com/excuses/3686/cosmic.html12:37
ahasenackI added some debugging, and this is what I get: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/gDwknD4rZK/12:37
ahasenackganhei um bounce, peraí12:39
ahasenack    Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table12:39
ahasenackwrong channel (the pt_BR and bounce bits)12:39
xnoxjamespage, how come nova-compute-libvirt and nova-network depend on package 'vlan' which as far as i can tell useless.13:14
xnoxjamespage, and like if any vlan stuff is needed to be done by libvirt, it should be like using iproute2/netplan/networkd and not ifupdown....13:15
xnoxjamespage, we shouldn't need to install vlan package at all anymore.13:15
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cpaelzerxnox: libvirt used to use netcf (for ifupdown) but this didn't work in the networkd world anymore13:19
cpaelzerfurthermore it was an unused (and unwanted) feature to control networking through libvirt13:20
cpaelzerdue to that the netcf dependency and feature was droped I think at Bionic or Cosmic13:20
cpaelzernot sure what it would do with vlan, but you said that is a dependency of nova right?13:20
xnoxcpaelzer, should the vlan dep be then dropped from nova-network and nova-compute-libvirt then as well? i don't see those calling ifupdown/vconfig or anything like that.13:21
xnoxcpaelzer, not sure if that dep was added because it used to be used indirectly via libvirt...13:21
cpaelzerfrom libvirt's POV it isn't neede dthere13:22
cpaelzerwaiting for jamespage to answer the nova POV on this13:22
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xnoxcoreycb, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/635533/3 did you include that in ubuntu's nova now? or are you still waiting on usptream to incorporate that?14:04
xnoxcoreycb, we are in final stages of pushing openssl 1.1.1 update into bionic, and we will need that patch in bionic's nova.14:05
xnoxjibel, hmmmm.... is one supposed to configure /etc/utah/config on per-arch basis? or do we need to install/detect the right things on per-arch basis?14:23
xnoxjibel, i see that ppc64 jobs are using the wrong libvirt xml file. THye use default-vm.xml instead of default-vm-ppc64.xml14:24
xnoxand i'm not sure how/where/why it's configured that way.14:24
jibelxnox, it's defined in https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa-jenkins/qa-jenkins-jobs/trunk/view/head:/scripts/iso-testing/run-iso-test.sh14:32
jibelbut there is no way to override it apparently14:32
xnoxjibel, and we (a) don't generate bridged-network-vm.xml for ppc64le & s390x b) don't use them.14:33
xnoxjibel, i guess i can extend utah to generate those and make that script use per-arch xml files then.14:34
xnoxlet me try to do some typpy typpy14:34
coreycbxnox: i was waiting for it to land upstream first14:39
coreycbxnox: sounds like we need to expedite this to get back to bionic14:40
xnoxjibel, it looks like in some jobs run-iso-test.sh is carbon copied included and changes the -xml arg. but in other praces the script is used, but arch argument is passed. So just updating the script should do the trick to unbreak ppc64le.15:08
xnoxjibel, could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/qa-jenkins-jobs/enable-per-arch-xml/+merge/365357 or should i like self merge that?15:11
xnoxcoreycb, not quite expedite, but we need it. also it means nobody to date uses that bit of code on any recent releases, cause clearly xenapi+openssl1.1.1 is busted.15:17
jibelxnox, merged15:45
jibelxnox, there is no config for s390x on venonat15:45
xnoxjibel, tah.15:46
xnoxjibel, and no s390x jobs yet.15:46
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wxlooh that was a fun oopsie17:47
EickmeyerUpdated screenshot for Ubuntu Studio's slideshow in bug 1822663.18:20
ubottubug 1822663 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Update Ubuntu Studio Screenshot in Slideshow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182266318:20
Eickmeyer(includes patch)18:20
Eickmeyercyphermox: ^18:21
seb128jdstrand, hey, just as a fyi ipset/firewalld needed to be hinted to be tried together from proposed, I did that and they both migrated now. Thx for the work dealing with the iptables/ebtables side of things19:05
robert_ancellinfinity, did you approve the snapd-glib packages in NEW in cosmic? If so, can you do the same for bionic/xenial?19:28
cyphermoxEickmeyer: could you please just attach the image file in it's entirety instead? it'll be much easier to update that way19:38
Eickmeyercyphermox: Okay, sure thing.20:05
infinityrobert_ancell: I did, and I can go look, sure.20:10
robert_ancellinfinity, thanks!20:10
Eickmeyercyphermox: Done.20:10
infinityrobert_ancell: Intentional that xenial doesn't ship test-qt?20:23
robert_ancellinfinity, yes, we never added qt support to xenial20:23
infinityrobert_ancell: Processed.20:24
robert_ancellinfinity, cheers20:24

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