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xibalbawhat're you guys using for a time server now a days? ntpd/openntpd/chrony ?02:51
xibalbai need it to provide time to a bunch of down stream devices02:52
tomreynmany prefer chrony over ntpd for its reduced complexity / newer code. but i don't know how well it works as a server (i suspect it does).02:54
xibalbai'm going to point alot of network gear at it, i know ntpd is tried and true but chrony is the new comer and has better/quicker time sync code03:04
xibalbai have seen it more demo'd as a client based time sync than a server for various gear down stream03:04
tomreynmaybe also ask in ##linux , ##networking , ##security to get more opinions03:07
xibalbawill do, thanks tomreyn03:10
lordievaderGood morning06:26
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Ussat19.02 wont be a LTS release, correct ?13:45
sdezielUssat: correct, next LTS will be 20.0413:45
UssatOK, thought as much, just making sure13:45
Ooleach 2 years13:46
Ussatwe only run LTS, I might spin a 19.04 for testing etc....13:46
Ussatso even LTS odd not ?13:46
sdezielin the past, the following were LTSes: 6.06, 8.04, 10.04, 12.04, 14.04, 18.0413:47
sdezieland 16.04 :)13:47
ahasenackrbasak: hi, what would you expect to happen with an SRU for two packages, where one introduces a new api call (samba), and the other one just needs a rebuild in order to detect it and use it14:06
ahasenackrbasak: samba will land later today, but the other one (gvfs) needs to wait for samba to arrive in proposed and then be rebuilt14:06
ahasenackso for the second one, would you expect an MP? Or just a dch -R like change and upload?14:07
ahasenackboth packages are tasks on the same bug14:07
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tewardhmm... has anyone had any issues submitting DNS queries to, the stub resolver for SystemD?  `dig` to it always times out as if it doesn't know how to reply...15:52
tewardor do I have to configure it differently?15:52
blackflowteward: I have no issues, I don't use that pile of ...16:38
lordcirthteward, systemd-resolve has worked pretty well for me. I just tried dig google.com @ and it worked fine too.16:47
tewardwonder why then it's being a derp16:48
blackflowyeah I wonder...16:50
lordcirthteward, what does systemd-resolve --status show?16:57
teward         DNS Servers:  <-- but this server uses a local bind9 recursive resolver and only the stub resolver derps on replies16:58
tewardDNS *does* work systemwide though, and querying the bind server direct works too (, and yes that address does exist on-box)16:58
* teward shrugs16:59
tewardprobably some SystemD nonsense16:59
lordcirthteward, does /etc/resolv.conf point to systemd?16:59
tewardlordcirth: yes16:59
tewardsudo nano /etc/resolv.conf16:59
tewardso we know the stub resolver works NORMALY, but it just doesn't like something about the rest of the infra for some reason :?17:00
tewardnot sure what that's about17:00
* teward checks the progress on his local packages mirror's sync, and sees it's completed.17:00
teward... wow 1.2TB in a little over 8 hours o.O17:00
tewardsarnold: yeah, 20MB/s average (and yes that's mega*bytes*) is pretty decent :P17:05
lordcirthshiny. I'm testing a Ceph cluster right now, getting 3 to 5 GiB/s read O_o17:06
sarnoldteward: man how'd you win the archive mirror lottery? :)17:06
tewardsarnold: well, gigabit internet is nice... and sleeping for 12 hours means nothing's using the internet majorly.  :P17:06
lordcirthTurns out that sticking enough 7200rpm drives together can get things going pretty fast, as long as you have nvme for write journaling17:06
tewardheh nice17:07
lordcirthKnow what the bottleneck is? 100GiB/s ethernet.17:07
lordcirthOn reads, that is17:08
lordcirthOn writes, it's the Write-ahead-log (WAL) on nvme.17:08
sarnoldthen you need more nvmes! :D17:09
lordcirthWell, considering that the prod cluster is doing fine, and this next gen one I'm testing is several times faster on every metric, no, not really :P17:09
lordcirthNot that I would *mind* more vroom17:09
* teward anti-vrooms the Ceph cluster with magicks17:10
tewardlordcirth: this server IS set up with its recursive resolver to pass through a pihole though...17:10
teward... wonder if *that* is the first bottleneck breaking the replies17:10
tewardyep that'd be the problem17:11
tewardlordcirth: solved it xD17:11
lordcirthteward, cool. blackflow ha, not systemd's fault :P17:13
blackflowlordcirth: lies!17:55
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