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kubkdeWindows partition vs. VM? I never use Windows anymore outside of a few CPU/GPU intensive programs.00:44
froggymananyone here experience thermal throttling issues with ubuntu 18.10 on laptops?01:11
froggymanwhen compiling code the CPU frequency doesn't go as high and the fans stay at low speeds01:11
konradosHello. I'm trying to install java jdk8-sdk with `sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk` but I get this result:"The following packages have unmet dependencies" and "openjdk-8-jdk : Depends: openjdk-8-jre (= 8u77-b03-3ubuntu3) but 8u191-b12-2ubuntu0.16.04.1 is to be installed" full:  https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/78f2146d632746f09894b5840e70d8f2 - but... what does that even mean? Depends on X but Y is to be installed? Why?01:20
konradosI found someone having a similar issue, but on debian, and he recommends `apt-get install -t jessie-backports ca-certificates-java` - if this sounds reasonable, how would I do this for ubuntu xenial?01:25
Bashing-omkonrados: What you need to do here is find out why openjdk-8-jre is held. What shows ' apt policy openjdk-8-jre ' ? As a place to start hunting.01:28
krytarikkonrados: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/openjdk-8 - "sudo apt-get update" and try again.01:28
froggymankrytarik: isn't apt preferred over apt-get these days?01:29
konradosBashing-om, I don't even know what 'held' means :( but the result is: Installed: 8u191-b12-2ubuntu0.16.04.1 full: https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/41cad80bd0224663b53e891b209d66b601:30
krytarikkonrados: Well, he did use 'apt-get' in the first place, so I decided to just stick with what he knows.01:30
krytarikErm, wrong ping, but..01:30
krytarikOtherwise yes, I'd have suggested 'apt'01:31
konradoskrytarik, I already did `add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa` - should I now remove this from repo list?01:31
Bashing-om!ppa-purge | ko01:33
ubottuko: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html01:33
Bashing-omkonrados: ^^01:33
konradosBashing-om, I just did add-apt-repository -r ppa:openjdk-r/ppa - shouldn't be enough? I don't want to remove all my ppa I think?01:34
konradoskrytarik, same result ...  also, there were some errors while doing `update` - https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/4c9d85bd3c70421facb9d70eebef6bd601:37
OerHeksoh, why the ppa  for regular openjdk ?01:39
krytarikkonrados: Well, you didn't remove the PPA from your sources yet, did you?01:40
OerHeks!info openjdk-8-jre xenial01:40
ubottuopenjdk-8-jre (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component main, is optional. Version 8u191-b12-2ubuntu0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 68 kB, installed size 251 kB01:40
OerHeksppa-purge and voila01:40
konradoswhere where do you see it? what is 'regular openjdk'? I have a headache....01:42
konradosyou mean jre?01:42
konradosplease... sorry for this stupid questions, but first we have versions of java (jre, jdk), then some 'sdk' thing, and now different repos, I'm lost :(01:44
konradosI did `add-apt-repository -r ppa:openjdk-r/ppa` and `... update`01:45
konradoswhat else should I remove?01:45
OerHeksnothing i guess, ppa-purge reverses to the package ubottu gave01:48
krytarikI'll mention though that there isn't even an openjdk-8 for Xenial in that PPA.01:49
tomreynthere's nothing at all for xenial in that ppa.01:51
tomreynand IIRC ppa-purge fails in those situations where oyu have an apt source configured which cannot be used.01:52
tomreyn"ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported" may help sorting things out.01:53
krytariktomreyn: https://launchpad.net/~openjdk-r/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=xenial - fwiw.01:53
OerHeksthen one can easily remove the files in sources.list.d/ folder, if no package was installed, and that seems so looking at the apt cache post?01:54
tomreynkrytarik: http://ppa.launchpad.net/openjdk/ppa/ubuntu/dists/01:54
krytariktomreyn: That's another PPA though.01:54
tomreynright, that's the one throwing the error. looks like konrados got multiple openjdk PPAs configured.01:55
argusbrhave one command search i install my os ubuntu?01:55
argusbrhave one command search date-time install my os ubuntu?01:56
konradostomreyn, the result of 'show-unsuppoorted' - https://termbin.com/56ix01:56
tomreynlol konrados01:56
konradosso... what do I do? Which is the 'wrong one'?01:56
tomreynwhat a mess01:56
konradoswhat? :(01:56
tomreyn"You have 932 packages (28.5%) that can not/no-longer be downloaded"01:57
tomreynuninstall all of those.01:57
OerHekskde mix.. kde 16.04 gets EOL this month too?01:58
tomreynor enable apt sources for them01:58
froggymanis there a good way to downgrade Ubuntu? Or revert a dist-upgrade?01:58
OerHeksfroggyman, no.01:58
konradosbut ... is this necessary now, tomreyn? Won't that make too much revolution? Can I do it later? :) And now just ... remove this 'wrong jdk repo'?01:58
OerHeksremove *all* jdk repos01:59
froggymanOerHeks: thats what I thought... Guess my current method of clonezilla backup before hand is one of the better options then01:59
konradosOerHeks, ok, sec...01:59
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tomreynkonrados: might work. but surely these *many* packages and package versions you should not have installed in the first place will introduce dependencies which can be difficult to satisfy. which could be the cause for the error you're facing.02:00
konradostomreyn, ok, so this will be my next step if first fails :)02:00
tomreynnote that the openjdk-8-jre openjdk-8-jre-headless package you currently have installed are now "no longer downloadable".02:01
argusbrhave one command search date-time install my os ubuntu?02:01
tomreyn...meaning you have no apt repository configured which they could be installed from.02:01
tomreyn!br | argusbr02:01
ubottuargusbr: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:01
tomreynargusbr: I appreciate your efforts on speaking English, but I fail to understand what you are asking. So for now I suggest you ask in a brazilian speaking channel.02:03
konradosOerHeks, tomreyn ok, I think I removed everything, with `sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:....` and now `cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep jdk ` and `ls -lha /etc/apt/sources.list | grep jdk` gives nothing, now what?02:03
OerHeksargusbr, install date by folder details: ls -l /var/log/installer02:03
argusbrOerHeks ok tnk u ...02:04
argusbr-rw------- 1 root   root     19 Mar  3  2017 version02:04
OerHeksagainst: sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1 | grep 'Filesystem created:'02:04
konradosshould I now do `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk/ppa` ?02:05
tomreynkonrados: why do you want to use a PPA? there are openjdk-8 packages in xubuntu02:05
konradostomreyn, ah, so... now again `sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk`?02:06
tomreynsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install default-jdk02:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:06
argusbrhow to solve problens in apt https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CrP586ZnXK/02:07
konradostomreyn, I only removed 'repos', maybe I should also remove my current jdk if I have something? Because I might have some sort of... junk after trying to install it?02:08
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tomreynkonrados: hmm if your currently installed openjdk packages have a higher version number than those in 16.04 then yes, purge them first.02:09
konradostomreyn, `java --version' says "openjdk version "1.8.0_191"" - so I might have something, actually my problem is that some libs are missing, so...  `apt-get purge openjdk`  ?02:10
tomreynkonrados: apt policy openjdk\* default-j\* | nc termbin.com 999902:11
krytarikkonrados: How about you pastebin your current 'sources.list' for us to check what official repos are disabled or missing?02:11
tomreynkonrados: sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog02:12
konradostomreyn,  https://termbin.com/o93a02:12
konradoskrytarik, https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/c5e93102686b41cca31383ffedfef19d02:14
tomreynkonrados: if you run the longer command line i posted above this will provide a better idea.02:14
konradostomreyn, yes, it's running.... :)02:15
argusbrhow to solve problens in apt unavaliabe https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CrP586ZnXK/02:15
konradostomreyn, https://termbin.com/41z3g02:15
OerHekskubuntu-ppa-ubuntu-backports-xenial.list .... openjdk-r-ubuntu-ppa-xenial.list -  openjdk-ubuntu-ppa-xenial.list02:16
OerHeks1st one worries me ..02:16
OerHeksbut oke, nice collection of ppa's ..02:17
tomreynsecurity.ubuntu.com is missing02:17
tomreyni mean xenial-updates02:18
konradosOerHeks, but I removed that, now it's there after my ... or maybe not, sec, I'll remove it again (openjdk-r-ubuntu-ppa-xenial)02:20
tomreyndeb http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial-security main restricted universe02:20
tomreyndeb http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial-updates main restricted universe02:20
krytarikThat looks like Lubuntu plus Plasma on top btw.02:20
argusbrOerHeks help-me solved problem apt https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2dYj6Yf5Zz/ remove unavaliable02:21
konradosI'll just remove the files from /etc/apt/sources.list.d02:21
konradosi did sudo rm  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*jdk*  and doing update...02:22
konradostomreyn, I should run the `deb...` command you posted?02:23
OerHeksinteresting .. old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial  ??02:23
konradosI don't know :( :( I don't remember :( :(02:23
OerHekskonrados, no, was not for you02:24
konradosah, ok02:24
konradoshow do I purge all java stuff?02:24
OerHeksargusbr ^^02:24
argusbrOerHeks yes02:24
argusbri interesting02:24
konradosI found this : `sudo apt-get purge openjdk-\*` in internet, is that ok?02:25
argusbrOerHeks check02:26
krytarikkonrados, tomreyn: The 'multiverse' -updates and -security repos are missing too.02:26
tomreynkrytarik: yes, you created a big mess there.02:27
krytarikYes, meee!02:27
tomreynoops, konrados did02:27
tomreyntoo many k nicknames02:27
konradosyes, but ... I did not remove remove them o.O should I now ... IDK, add them?02:27
tomreynkonrados who else could have removed them?02:28
konradosIDK :(02:28
tomreynif you don't know who manages your system besides you, then maybe it's better to reinstall it.02:28
konradosno no, it had to be me02:28
tomreynoh so it was you who decided that security patches are irrelevant02:29
konradosno, I'm sure it wasn't a ... mindful decision, if this is a correct word :)02:29
konradosso how do I bring it back, `add-apt-repository <what>`?02:30
konradosbtw, I did a mess in the very beginning, it's sort ubuntu + kde + lubuntu, I was just playing around, I promise I'll clear the mess later :)02:31
konradosbut for now, can I just do `sudo apt-get purge openjdk-\*` and try to install it again without those PPA's I added (and now removed)?02:32
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krytarikkonrados: Just start with fixing your 'source.list' by adding the lines tomreyn suggested and appending "multiverse" to them.02:38
tomreynkonrados: add these lines to the end of your /etc/apt/sources.list : https://termbin.com/bzfu02:39
tomreynkonrados: then run this:     sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog02:40
Lub18042ltsGot a question. I need VLC to start with the picture zoomed out a bit (so a black frame is visible outside the picture)02:41
TimeDoctorI think that's underscan02:42
Lub18042ltsYeah but where do I set that and, more importantly, get it to apply to all videos loaded automatically?02:44
tomreynkonrados: to explain in some more detail: yat some point you removed the essential apt repositories which provide your system with security patches. since this point, your system has not received any security patches, vulnerabilities which were published were no longer fixed on your system. We cannot rule out that your system was taken over by a third party in the meantime. This is why I recommend reinstalling. The situation where you don't know02:44
tomreynhow you ended up there adds to it. What we're doing now is to pretend that nothing ever happened and your system got updates all the time and we just need to 'repair' it  (which may not be sufficient).02:44
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konradoskrytarik, tomreyn ok, got it, and doing...02:45
konradostomreyn,  https://termbin.com/3jap02:47
tomreynkonrados: generally, don't make changes to configurations you do not understand. or, much better, do make changes to them, but make sure you understand what you are doing and which impact it has.02:47
konradosyes, I will never do it again :) btw, the result is here: https://termbin.com/3jap02:47
krytarikkonrados: Right away installing 18.04 LTS with the desktop environment you actually want to use would be an option too in this case.02:48
tomreynkonrados: what does this show now?   ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported | nc termbin.com 999902:48
konradostomreyn,  https://termbin.com/jyo802:49
tomreynkonrados: also this:  sudo apt-get install -Vsy default-jdk02:49
tomreynkonrados: sorry, this:  sudo apt-get install -Vsy default-jdk | nc termbin.com 999902:49
konradostomreyn,  https://termbin.com/n0wr02:50
tomreynyou have "427 packages (13.1%) supported until April 2019 (Community - 3y)" - i.e. next months those will become unsupported02:50
tomreyni mean this month02:51
tomreynso if you intend to run kubuntu, you should upgrade to 18.04 before this happens.02:51
Lub18042ltsSo yes it's underscan that I need, but must be applied upon start each time I play a movie.02:51
konradostomreyn,  ok, I will :) So, should I do `sudo apt-get install default-jdk` now?02:52
tomreynkonrados: okay just install the default-jdk package now.02:52
konradosok, so I should not purge anything before?02:52
tomreynnot needed02:52
konradosok! sec02:52
Lub18042ltsI have a system set up where display 2 is cloned to display 3, but display 3 is bigger. To make it fullscreen all around, I made display 2 monitor settings scale down (or zoom out). The problem now is that videos that appear to be full screen on display 2 are now out of bounds on display 3, effectively making the outer edges of the video invisible. So I want VLC to auto zoom out on start to make it fit perfectly to display 302:55
Lub18042ltseven if I have to deal with black bars on display 2.02:55
krytarikLub18042lts: That sounds to me like you could just revert your change and have the same result though?02:57
konradostomreyn, it worked!!! :) I can't express how grateful I am, Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I own you a beer or two :)02:57
Lub18042ltskrytarik: no because then display 3 ends up with LOTS Of unused space on the edges.02:58
Lub18042ltsAll I need is to auto underscan to specific settings.02:58
krytarikAh, ok.02:58
konradoskrytarik, OerHeks, Bashing-om - thank you as well!!!02:59
krytarikLub18042lts: I'd maybe ask in a VLC-specific channel then.02:59
tomreynkonrados: you're welcome. you continue to have "No longer downloadable" packages listed on ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported. These are package for which no apt source is configured, so these packages will never get (security) updates. you need to eithe runinstall these or find a trustable apt source to receive updates for them (with the exact same package names) from.03:00
Bashing-omkonrados: :) tomreyn gets the cookies :P03:00
konradosyes, he does :)03:00
Lub18042ltsGetting this: #videolan :Cannot send to nick/channel03:00
krytarikLub18042lts: Yeah, apparently you need to register a nick to speak there.03:01
konradostomreyn, I'm gonna install newest kubuntu, as soon as I'm done with the project at hand, this will probably be in the end of this week, and I will probably have questions too :) Thanks again :)03:01
tomreynkonrados: so you have more work to do. i still think it's better to do a fresh installation rather sooner than later. if you run into more issues while cleaning up, feel free to ask. and be sure to read some documentation before you make changes to essential files and configuration sin the future.03:02
tomreynkonrados: cool, good luck.03:02
konradostomreyn, yes, that was actually my question (will be), fresh install or an upgrade, but I guess I would go with fresh one, and then just reinstall everything, and read more about those things, as you said :)03:04
tomreynkonrados: yes, do a fresh install. it also enables you to switch to uefi booting if your mainboard firmware supports this (and you're not already doing so). just restore your backups after you reinstalled.03:05
konradosok, I will!03:06
* defender99zu3 bows to all the nice people.03:07
defender99zu3Anyone know if there is a way to start up ubuntu remotely into a desktop environment?03:08
tatertotssucks to be you if you didn't configure the system for remote access into a desktop environment, then have it shipped to the remote location and installed by local help desk hands or lads03:10
tatertotshind sight is 20/2003:10
defender99zu3tatertots: Actually, both systems are local. I would like to set up a torrent box and file server without a monitor.03:11
defender99zu3tatertots: I already have Teamviewer installed on the remote system. I just cant figure out how to log in remotely then start up a desktop environment.03:11
tatertotsif you configure things right it is doable03:12
defender99zu3tatertots: I am all ears! Thanks for your help BTW.03:12
tatertotsteamviewer has had ubuntu bin for years03:13
tatertotscomputer A and computer B03:14
tatertotswhich computer are you chatting from now?03:14
tatertotsthe one without teamviewer?03:14
defender99zu3tatertots: Yeah, I have Team Viewer installed on both systems. I am on the non remote system.03:15
tatertots.....this is where you say true/yes or 103:15
tatertotsno or false would be 003:15
krytariktatertots: "Yeah" == true03:16
defender99zu3tatertots: I am chatting from my main desktop, not the computer that I would like to use remotely.03:17
tatertotsi won't ask why on both03:17
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tatertotsdefender99zu3: open terminal>    sudo apt install inxi03:17
tatertotsdefender99zu3: let me know when done03:17
Eickmeyertatertots: What is that supposed to do?03:17
tatertotsyou should be able to log in and connect03:18
defender99zu3tatertots: if you have a resource you can point me to, I can totally follow that. I don't nessessaryily have to be walked through each step.03:19
tatertotsdefender99zu3: https://www.teamviewer.com/download/version_3x/teamviewer_manual.pdf03:19
Eickmeyertatertots: That won't do him any good in a headless environment.03:20
tatertotsunsupported then03:20
tatertotsor rtfm03:20
Eickmeyertatertots: That's not true. What he's attempting is completely supported.03:20
EickmeyerHe was just hoping to find something in here.03:21
EickmeyerWe couldn't help him in #kubuntu, so we pointed him here.03:21
EickmeyerI've done what he is trying to do years ago, but I can't remember how to do it.03:22
tatertotsEickmeyer: he's here now you can right?03:22
tatertotsEickmeyer: go ahead then sir...take care03:22
Eickmeyertatertots: I'm just asking you to please be more constructive when helping people. None of this "sucks to be you" stuff.03:23
Eickmeyer!polite | tatertots03:23
ubottutatertots: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:23
tatertotsdefender99zu3: Eickmeyer couldn't help you in the other room most likely due to the political/hostile environment of the original room03:23
Eickmeyertatertots: Also not true.03:23
tatertotsEickmeyer: you can help defender99zu3 in #ubuntu though? just to confirm what exactly happened here for me03:25
Eickmeyertatertots: I cannot because, as already stated, I can't remember how I did it.03:25
defender99zu3tatertots: Teamviewer does not seem to have a seperate remote client and server application. They both seem to be intergrated into each other. Which is why I have them both installed on each computer. The problem is now that I have the remote server with XFCE installed the way I like it. I need to unplug it from the monitor its using right now and set it up by my router without the moniitor. Once I hit the button to turn it on, its03:26
defender99zu3going to go to XFCE. I need to figure out a way to log in to XFCE without a monitor. I'm not even sure its possible.03:26
tatertotsEickmeyer: oh i see, well take care i just was unsure how this turned into a 3 way so quickly lol03:27
tatertotshave a nice day everyone03:27
tatertotsi think that's "polite"03:29
tatertotsi said "have a nice day"03:29
lotuspsychjetatertots: dont repeat please03:30
krytarikdefender99zu3, Eickmeyer: https://askubuntu.com/questions/229989/how-to-setup-x11vnc-to-access-with-graphical-login-screen/676978#676978 - I'd give this a try.03:31
Eickmeyerkrytarik: Thanks!03:31
defender99zu3krytarik: that is 6 years old and back to 12.10. I'll totally read it if you think its still relavant. Or were you just wanting me to use that as a jumping off point for my own research?03:34
Eickmeyerdefender99zu3: Last edit on that was June 2018, so I'd say it's still good.03:36
EickmeyerThat's one of the nice things about askubuntu, it can be edited for the future.03:36
EickmeyerThe second answer on that, in particular, looks helpful.03:38
tomreynas far as i can tell (may well be wrong) this lacks instructions on how to get X display :0 created in the first place. here's another approach (ignore the "upstart" section in the end if you're on ubuntu 16.04 or newer) which includes creating a dummy X window https://lxtreme.nl/blog/headless-x11/03:40
tomreyndefender99zu3: ^03:41
defender99zu3tomreyn: I guess its too much to ask that Teamviewer work instead of vnc ... Xubuntu had some darn bug where part of the security couldnt be turned on when using VNC. I don't exactly remember what it was.03:43
defender99zu3Also, thanks everyone for your help!03:44
tomreyni know next to nothing about teamviewer, woud just go with x11vnc03:44
tomreynor vinagre + vino03:44
defender99zu3Both of those links were excellent. Slightly reaching for my understanding. But probably/possibly doable.03:47
analogicalhow do I exit from the Vim texteditor?05:06
sjeohp:w to save first05:06
sjeohp:x to save and exit05:07
sjeohp:q! to discard changes05:07
analogicaldidn't work05:07
analogicalthe program won't exit05:07
sjeohpesc first05:07
analogicalI get the message "Not an edit command q"05:08
sjeohpesc or crtl-c to exit insert-mode, then one of the above to exit vim05:09
sjeohpotherwise you’re not in vim05:09
CarlFKthat should look more like this: E492: Not an editor command: Q05:09
analogical:q! worked!05:10
analogicalwhat a nightmare05:10
CarlFK! is pronounced "dam it!"05:10
ubottuCarlFK: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:10
CarlFKso when q alone doesn't work, q! is "quit dam it!"05:11
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analogicalsjeohp, does IRC lag in NZ hehe?05:31
sjeohpanalogical: ?05:32
analogicalwell adsl and NZ = lag or am I wrong?05:33
lotuspsychjeanalogical: what has that to do with ubuntu?05:36
pragomerhow / where can I disable the automount of flashdrives/harddisks under gnome?06:05
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Peter_Griffinlotuspsychje, Are you here?06:26
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=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
lotuspsychjePeter_Griffin: yes07:19
staxxxNew to ubuntu here but pretty cool thus far07:23
gnomethrowerstaxxx: nice07:24
gnomethrowerany help needed?07:24
staxxxI have a billion and 1 questions lol and itd probably be best if i learned the basics first07:25
staxxxDont wanna bug anyone with the simple shit haha07:25
mousesstaxxx: welcome, but you might want to watch the language in channel xD07:26
mousesdon't be :307:26
mousesstaxxx: and welcome, yeah - ubuntu is quite great in my opinion07:26
mousesit has come a long way*07:26
staxxxMy irc died07:28
pjmavamouses, Right !07:28
staxxxPretty sure im stuck in a vm trap/jail07:28
sentimenthey just wanted to say that the 18.10 is great07:29
sentimentspecially the theme and colors are so cool07:29
sentimentthank you!07:29
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!07:30
lotuspsychjenot here staxxx07:36
lotuspsychjeonly ubuntu questions here staxxx07:36
staxxxYoure a little late on that one but alright...07:37
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pridkettdoes ubuntu have a itatnium port ?07:42
bhuddahjust a troll.07:44
=== captain__broken is now known as captainfixerpc14
guivercpridkett, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SupportedArchitectures  (ia64 but was abandoned so wiki is out-of-date, only EOL ia64 iso's exist)07:56
pridkettEOL? so only old versions?07:57
guiverci haven't looked pridkett, but i do believe only EOL releases support ia6407:58
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
Jerry_how can run uniserver in ubantu08:29
Jerry_anybody there?08:32
isomarigreetings, when will Disco obe fficially released.09:07
VuurdraakUbuntu 19.04 will be released on 18th April 2019. Here’s the official release schedule for Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo: https://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-19-04-release-features/09:09
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=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
BluesKajHowdy folks09:35
Guest37955BluesKaj: Good afternoon!09:35
BluesKajHi Guest3795509:36
BlackDalekHi.. Does anyone know how to use ffmpeg to add a timecode overlay onto existing video? Or is this now something ffmpeg can do?09:45
BlackDalekis this not*09:47
mousesBlackDalek: first google result - http://johnwarburton.net/blog/?p=309:48
mousesBlackDalek: that should sort you out09:48
gde33trying to add the ppa for lxqt but ppa:lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-daily doesn't exist09:50
gde33ah figured it out just sudo apt-get install lxqt openbox09:51
mousesgde33: you should (in my opinion) never use PPA's unless last restory09:51
mousesresort* - the're a ton of security risks inherent with them09:52
gde33where is your sense of adventure! lol09:52
mouses(host of PPA sets a weak password/security, account gets compromised, updates pushed to software you use that include back doors and other danger, you update and end up rooting yourself)09:53
mousesgde33: xD09:53
gde33I'm just folliwng what the tutorials say09:53
mousescareful with that09:53
mousesoutdated/bad tutorials are a dime a dozen09:53
gde33lubuntu-dev doesn't sound all that terrifying?09:53
mousesthere's a million ways to do most things, 950,000 of them will work and 900,000 will be a bad idea09:53
mousesgde33: probably not, just meant in general xD09:54
gde33reminds me of something I wanted to ask.09:54
gde33I would call it the only fun windos xp feature09:54
gde33I would stick a drive with a windos install into a new computer09:54
gde33like an old install from previous system09:55
gde33that doesn't work but if you then run the repair tool it fixes everything09:55
mousesgde33: oh, like a 'burn entire system to a image that I can restore later and have everything just as I left it' thing?09:55
gde33and faster than a new install too09:55
mousesgde33: I do that often for work and personal projects, many ways to do it - I prefer CloneZilla09:56
gde33is this doable for a noob on unbuntu?09:56
mousesthere's a learning curve but it's not that awful09:56
mousesdownload it, create a bootstick of clonezilla, boot it, select drive/partition to backup, tell it where to backup to, push button09:56
gde33I always want to punch someone when told to just format the drive and start from scratch09:57
mousesassuming the source+target are not the same sizes, you'll have to make some config changes, but it09:57
mouseswill walk you through it09:57
mousesgde33: lol yeah no need for that09:57
mousesgde33: another nice way (that I use) is keep / and /home on seperate parts09:57
mousesso I can just reinstall and then restore /home09:57
mousesand have APT export names of all installed packages09:57
mousesand then reinstall them09:57
mousesyou'll lose some config outside of /home but no big deal09:58
BluesKajyeah, usually non-default packages09:59
jorrit_atUbuntu 18.04.2 | evolution & evolution-ews 3.28.5 | Evolution won't sync last days of e-mail on my Office365-account. No errors reported when starting from terminal. the Office365 website does show those e-mails correctly09:59
gde33ok, going to try swithc desktop environments now, if you never hear from me again its been nice guys :P10:00
jorrit_atLatest e-mails arrive normally, but I experience a gap of three days.10:00
gde33that wasn't very exciting, it prompted me to chose "my vavorite windos mananger" and offered a list of 0 items.10:12
gde33it also talked about how easy it would be to change it after I chose one10:12
* gde33 reads websites from 201410:14
Vuurdraakgde33, at least it didnt lie :) easy to install and easy choice as in zero effort znad zero choice :P10:18
gde33I like the part where it is "not our problem"10:19
gde33this window should never pop up - so it would be a good idea to configure your default window manager. We have done that - but if our default configuration isn’t readed the distribution in charge should provide a valid configuration file in a xdg-place where the session can read from. ‘/etc/xdg/lxqt’ would be a good place.10:20
Vuurdraakmaybe you need to pre install different desktop enviroments first from the ubuntu repository ?10:21
Vuurdraakno idea though i have never changed my destop10:22
gde33I have the unity and the gnome and the lxqt and it also lists openbox under the options10:22
gde33Vuurdraak: where is your sense of adventure! lol10:22
Vuurdraaki had a lot of adventure compiling ffmpeg & obs a month or so ago to be able to use nvenc hardware encoders for recording and streaming, that was enough of an adventure for 2019 :D10:23
gde33right, you need some time to cool of and calm down too, I get it10:24
gde33"setting the search path right should be sufficient - ok, the right search path is still under discussion"10:25
BluesKajcompiled ffmpeg, why? it's in the repos10:26
Vuurdraakffmepg doesnt support NVENC out of the box cuase its propriatairy closed software from nvidia10:28
Vuurdraakso to get OBS & ffmepg to work with nvenc you need to compile it your self10:29
_bradkany known problems with ubuntu 18.04 and running triple high res (1440p) monitors?10:30
ghostcubeVuurdraak: hmmm ffmpeg is build with nevenc support since 201710:32
=== Taco is now known as pocket-mouse
Vuurdraakghostcube, okay i didnt know i followed a guide to build obs with nvenc support, and currently on the obs website it also points to building ffmpeg your self , so i followed that advice basicly10:36
Vuurdraakmaybe you got more codecs build in specificly for streaming if you build it your self idk what the idea behind that is10:37
=== Sveta_ is now known as Sveta
=== andrewc is now known as Guest79633
amcsi_is it possible to run a script with the system time offset by an amount given by me?10:51
JimBuntuamcsi_, I really don't understand that question... but I think not, if it's what I think you are asking... as 'system time' applies to the whole 'system'10:52
Xgreemhi lads! How to redirect ssh traffic to VM for example genymotion or android VM? I know how to use ssh as socks5 on linux. But how to bridge that to VM? it doesnt see ssh tunel10:58
Xgreemon windows it looks like this10:59
Xgreemhow to archive that on linux?10:59
MonkeyDustamcsi_: there's the sleep command, like       sleep 5; ls11:17
JimBuntuXgreem, I wouldn't tunnel exactly... I would let the Vm have it's own IP11:20
Xgreembut my main goal is to make genymotion or android x86 to connect via SSH tunel without SSH juice and droidproxy app11:22
Xgreemlike on this video11:22
=== pocket-mouse is now known as Taco
Xgreemon psichical device I can do ssh juice and proxydroid app, it works well. All apps connects trough ssh. But on VM it doesnt work. I want to make bridge connection so genymotion connects without any apps11:24
=== mnoop is now known as mniip
MonkeyDustXgreem: what vm are you using11:56
lotuspsychjehey MonkeyDust11:56
MonkeyDusthi lotuspsychje11:57
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest64469
MonkeyDustXgreem: virtualbox, vmware player, something else?11:57
MonkeyDustXgreem: have you asked in the #virtualbox channel?11:59
Xgreemoh no12:00
Xgreemwill do12:00
Strachewählt die fpö12:04
drachialle die fpö12:04
peter22222 hi folks... can anybody explain what rsync -H  ( #preserve hard links )is useful for?12:04
peter22222cos i dont really get it...12:04
=== real_walnut_burl is now known as walnut_burl
MonkeyDustpeter22222: rsync is similar to cp... if you created a hardlink of a file to another folder, you then copy the file to another folder, the hardlink will be preserved12:08
peter22222thank you MonkeyDust... i d like to backup my whole / with rsync and considering if i should include the -H option, i ve researched a bit about it and i read that there might be some issues using it and thats why it's turned off by default...12:10
MonkeyDustpeter22222: do you know the difference between a hardlink and a symlink?12:10
peter22222MonkeyDust I think I do as far as I have read about.12:10
rypervenchepeter22222: If you have manually created many hardlinks on your system and you don't use -H with rsync, then you could possibly run out of disk space when rsyncing the data to your backup drive.12:24
peter22222rpervenche thank you... well i have never manually created a hardlink intentionally ;-) so i guess i dont really need the option then...12:26
peter22222thank you guys! :-)12:27
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Rory2Hello, on my Ubuntu 16.04 server, after rebooting, I am unable to start apache2 service. I get the following error: mktemp: failed to create file via template ‘/tmp/tmp.XXXXXXXXXX’: Read-only file system13:01
Rory2I don't see /tmp mentioned in the output of "mount" command13:01
Rory2I am able to create other files just not in /tmp13:02
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
Rory2I have checked if there are any open files here with lsof | grep /tmp, but this output is empty13:02
Rory2"umount /tmp" says "not mounted" - and "mount /tmp" says not in fstab13:03
EriC^^Rory2: does "mount | grep /tmp" give anything?13:08
Rory2no. I don't see /tmp mentioned in the ouput of "mount" command13:09
Rory2I do only have 1.1G free space remaining on the root partition but that ought to be plenty, right?13:11
EriC^^Rory2: 1.1G out of how much?13:11
EriC^^Rory2: 5% is reserved for root, so that explains it13:12
Rory2oh hang on, it's not just tmp that's affected. it's my entire root13:12
Rory2When I tested earlier I was in /home which is another drive13:12
Rory2what can I do then? I can't free any space because it's read-only13:12
Rory2I can't boot from a live CD because it's a remote server13:13
EriC^^Rory2: is it really mounted read only?13:13
Rory2touch: cannot touch '/root/foo': Read-only file system13:13
Rory2\/dev/sda2 on / type ext4 (ro,relatime,data=ordered)13:13
EriC^^Rory2: try "sudo -i" then type "mount -o remount,rw /"13:13
Rory2OK that worked, but if I reboot it's going to go back again13:14
Rory2What is the 5% reserved for?13:15
Rory2I'll just uninstall some stuff13:15
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qwebirc50033Hello, anyone can advise on why i can't delete folder on a samba share?13:24
qwebirc50033cd -13:28
=== glguy_ is now known as glguy
solderfumes<Rory2 "What is the 5% reserved for?"> If you want to reboot to single user mode because nothing works when the disk runs out of space, you want to have some space so at least _something_ works. Just so you can fix the file system enough to reboot. Thus, /root has some reserved space in ext413:36
solderfumesEven though 5% is probably overkill on a big HDD, it's there for a good reason13:36
=== lotuspsychje__ is now known as lotuspsychje
mattflyDo you think a tuxonice kernel will help to solve my hibernation issues?14:39
=== med is now known as med_
JimBuntuHi mattfly14:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1819915 in linux (Ubuntu) "s2disk freezes at saving image to disk (hibernation)" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:39
mattflyis that still a thing for 18.04 lts?14:39
cfhowlettnon-standard kernel?  might cause more problems than it solves.  try it if you must.14:39
fritzroy15howdy, I'm running on ubuntu 18.04 and for some reason rdp connections don't work on my computer ( trying to reach a windows server 2008 ); always getting 'connection reset by peer'; tried rdesktop, remmina and xrdp as clients, always the same; i know it's an issue with my machine because my colleague on 16.04  has no issues; any ideas where to start properly looking?14:43
lordcirthfritzroy15, check the server logs.14:49
Stochastix_Im in 18.04  , how can I get the file manager to search the contents of the text files in a dir?14:51
Stochastix_Read i had to install tracker, and I added that folder to the list of folders in search locations14:51
Stochastix_still  nothing14:51
Stochastix_is this feature broke? maybe there is another filemanager i can install?14:52
learningllamahi, I'm trying to upgrade from 18.04.1 to 18.04.2 and running into package source issues,   E: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/apport/python3-problem-report_2.20.9-0ubuntu7.3_all.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80] E: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/apport/python3-apport_2.20.9-0ubuntu7.3_all.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80] E: Failed to fetch http://14:52
learningllamaI can find these packages on launchpad.net (eg https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/amd64/python3-apport/2.20.9-0ubuntu7.3) how would I reference this in  my sources.list to direct apt to look there?14:53
Eickmeyerlearningllama: Did you use "sudo apt update" before "sudo apt upgrade"?14:53
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=== hypnos is now known as HypnosOrSomnus
micheleis there a way to know how big is the universe repo for 18.04? I want to mirror it and I wanted to know beforehand how big it is15:01
lordcirthmichele, are you sure you need to mirror it? Most people who think they want to, don't.15:02
michelelordcirth: yes i'm sure15:02
lordcirthMay I ask why?15:02
michelelordcirth: i will evaluated every option and mirroring is the best for my case15:02
learningllamaEickmeyer: I just tried update and upgrade still failed15:03
learningllamaI believe the issue is not order of operations but the packages not existing in the source where I'm looking15:08
fritzroy15lordcirth it doesn't seem to even reach the server with rdp; although it reaches it via telnet15:11
lordcirthfritzroy15, nmap the target15:11
EriC^^fritzroy15: maybe a firewall isnt allowing it?15:12
lordcirthfirewalling RDP is pretty common.15:12
fritzroy15Note: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes,15:14
fritzroy15thanks guys, i'm going to have to asky the company IT15:18
fritzroy15since i know there's some sexy firewalling going on15:18
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=== tiago_ is now known as assertionerror
Sven_vBsometimes on xenial, when I try to quit a program (e.g. leafpad) that had just copied text to the clipboard, it just won't close for several seconds. it will accept other requests, like save or close the current document, or even entering text. then after a while, it suddenly complies with the earlier request to close, even if I made unsaved changed meanwhile. any idea what's wrong? I suspected it might be some clipboard lock being15:42
Sven_vBheld, but in that case I'd expect it to quit as soon as I copy text from another program, but that has no effect.15:42
Sven_vBso far all affected programs use Gtk15:45
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donofriook if I have ubuntu installed on my note8 using ssh port 2022 what should I do to get eyes to work though ssh -Y (I've done this before with xhost + on desktop (VcXsrv) then ssh -Y and the export DISPLAY=desktop ip:0.0 then it should work right?16:00
srulidonofrio: i dont know, but you have ubuntu running on samsung note?16:02
pavlosdonofrio: make sure /etc/ssh/sshd_config has X11Forwarding yes16:11
ryahi_skaprinavxubuntu, kubuntu or lubuntu : considering pc speed?16:17
=== Evie is now known as someuser
=== someuser is now known as Evie
EriC^^ryahi_skaprinav: lubunt16:20
ryahi_skaprinavEriC^^: ok thanks16:21
tmrolandhow do i delete EVERYTHING that aptitude install xfce-desktop installed? to the last bit, im leftover with lots of shitty tinny apps16:23
tmrolandthat i never asked for16:23
donofriosruli, www.tinyurl.com/donofriodexnote8 - that is my desktop docked setup, also shows my roadwarror setup, what I'm trying to do now is just use the x11 on my desktop to connect though ssh -Y to note 8 proot session and startxfce4 though the tunnel....like I did years ago (think I'm missing that x11forward config update on desktop I'm guessing)16:25
OerHekstmroland, adding a desktop is no problem, removing one can be interesting : sudo ap-get remove xfce*16:25
tmrolandnothing to remove, everythings been removed already16:28
tmrolandwith muon/aptitude/apt autoremove16:28
tmrolandbut ther eare stil many leftovers16:28
tmrolandvarous ugly shitty gtk apps like uxterm, gnome software center, libre office16:28
tmrolandwhy would a desktop environment need to install them?16:28
OerHekslibreoffice is standard16:28
fleabeardtmroland, have you tried sudo apt autoremove? or sudo apt purge xfce?16:29
OerHeksgnome-softwarecenter, easy to remove16:29
OerHeks.. and does not bite16:29
ioriatmroland, then you installed xubuntu-desktop   not xfce16:30
tmrolandlibreoffice is not standard anywhere, i have kde plasma on ubuntu and it didnt need libreoffice16:30
tmrolandwhy would a de need a office suite?16:30
tmrolandso i have to hunt and remove each of them right?16:30
tmrolandi tried autoremove , nothing left16:31
tmrolandapt purge nothing either16:31
ioriatmroland, you can parse apt-cache show xubuntu-desktop16:31
tmrolandright, so from what i see from that i have the recommends installed16:32
tmrolandi have to go about removing each or is there a single command16:32
OerHeksyou have to do those manually, synaptic can be a help16:36
OerHeks!info synaptic16:36
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.84.3ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 624 kB, installed size 3276 kB16:36
OerHeksmore detailed softwarecenter, or use the comandline16:36
cfhowletttmroland, sudo apt purge xfce*        might do16:37
pragmaticenigmacfhowlett: without validating that, please don't recommend those commands16:37
cfhowlettpragmaticenigma, okay.  why, please?16:38
pragmaticenigmacfhowlett: It's a greedy remove and may remove packages the user needs to have in order to keep their machine functioning16:38
cfhowlettnoted.  wouldn't the system then revert to plain vanilla ubuntu-desktop?16:39
tmrolandcfhowlett: also i said it before, that command does nothing for my problem16:40
EriC^^tmroland: you could get the list from /var/log/apt/history.log and use xargs to feed it to apt-get16:40
tmrolandbut the history.log might contain other packages that i need16:40
pragmaticenigmacfhowlett: It's possible through the network of dependencies you would be left without any desktop. There is no automatic reversion. That package manager either installs or removes the packages you tell it to. Removing XFCE does not trigger an install of Gnome-Desktop16:40
EriC^^tmroland: get the list of packages it installed when you installed xubuntu if it's recent enough nothing else should depend on it16:41
EriC^^tmroland: it'll literally say the command you used e.g 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop' and mention everything it installed16:41
tmrolandwell that file is a endless mess of words and package names16:42
tmrolandmany of whicih i can easily see i need16:42
tmrolandie kde ones16:42
tmrolandok ill check16:42
EriC^^tmroland: type 'grep -A4 xubuntu-desktop /var/log/apt/history.log'16:42
EriC^^tmroland: the only issue is if you installed something post-xubuntu-installation, that might depend coincidentally on the packages that were installed during that operation16:43
EriC^^so see what you've installed after that command ran, and if it's not too many possibly use 'apt-cache show <package>' to see any dependencies or maybe run xargs and apt-get with the -s (dry run) flag to see if it will remove any program you care about16:44
tmrolandtheres like 10 thousand packages16:45
tmrolandtnes of lines16:45
EriC^^when did you install xubuntu-desktop?16:45
tmrolanda hour ago using aptitude16:45
EriC^^tmroland: did you install anything after doing so?16:45
tmrolandactually mc neofetch htop16:46
=== upline is now known as grumble
EriC^^tmroland: ok, type 'grep -A4 xubuntu-desktop /var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 9999'16:46
EriC^^paste the link here16:46
EriC^^tmroland: what was the command you used?16:50
OerHeksso it was not xfce-desktop, just xubuntu-desktop?16:50
tmroland100% actually16:51
EriC^^i dont think it was xubuntu-desktop, it would have mentioned it in the paste16:51
EriC^^tmroland: please try 'grep -C4 xubuntu-desktop /var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 9999'16:51
EriC^^if it checks out, i'll parse the list quickly and upload it, if you want to remove the packages it installed16:52
OerHeksoke, that clears this up i guess , i see wallpapers and the metapackage  xubuntu-desktop:amd6416:52
EriC^^i guess newer ubuntu doesnt show the command there anymore16:53
EriC^^tmroland: i'm just trying to make sure only xubuntu was in the install, if you remember for sure only installing it or xfce that would do16:55
donofriopavlos, on desktop x11forward the xhost + then ssh -Y then setdisplay to desktopip:0.0 then xeyes still doesn't show up on desktop though tunnel ;(16:55
EriC^^tmroland: are you sure you only ran apt-get install xfce/xubuntu and nothing else was in it you might need?16:56
EriC^^i mean in the command line16:56
pavlosdonofrio: this may help, https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/108085/run-x-clients-over-multi-hop-ssh-tunnel17:02
pragmaticenigmadonofrio: Have you tried it with just xforwarding. not setting any of the other parameters17:09
pragmaticenigma!touch | donofrio: #ubports might be able to help better17:10
ubottudonofrio: #ubports might be able to help better: Information about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports17:10
=== akemacer_ is now known as akemacer
ChiLLabiSsudo apt-cache search xserver17:36
geniiThat will return a lot of entries, including all the video drivers17:36
ChunkzZMinidlna can't seem to find my files, I've checked the permissions and restarted minidlna... I'm lost?17:38
EriC^^ChunkzZ: which files? do you remember the name of any?17:38
ChunkzZEriC^^: video files.17:39
ChunkzZSee above please17:40
EriC^^ChunkzZ: they seem to be on another partition or hdd?17:40
ChunkzZExternal HDD.17:41
EriC^^ChunkzZ: is it mounted right now?17:41
EriC^^ChunkzZ: under what dir?17:41
ChunkzZ. /mnt/Downloads17:42
EriC^^if you type "lsblk" does it show the right partition mounted there?17:42
RootsudoI blew off an interview with Canonical :\17:43
EriC^^try "sudo find /mnt/Downloads -type d -iname movies"17:43
rollappuserthats not good17:43
EriC^^ChunkzZ: aha, are there any files at all in "/mnt/Downloads" ?17:44
ChunkzZYes, 3 video files.17:46
ChunkzZSub folders17:46
donofrioRootsudo, why did u do that?17:46
EriC^^ChunkzZ: ok, try the find command17:46
Rootsudodonofrio interview was shady af17:46
donofriohumm......inquiring minds want to know moar ;)17:47
lordcirthdonofrio, #ubuntu-discuss or -offtopic, I think17:47
EriC^^ChunkzZ: ok, anything in /mnt/Downloads/completed/Movies ?17:48
EriC^^i'm assuming those are where the movies you want were?17:49
ChunkzZYes, 3 video files.17:49
EriC^^ChunkzZ: alright so all good then?17:49
qwebirc74851my computer17:49
qwebirc74851is fucked17:49
lordcirth!language | qwebirc7485117:50
ubottuqwebirc74851: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:50
qwebirc74851so i had ubunto on a partition17:50
ChunkzZEriC^^: no because minidlna still won't find them.17:50
qwebirc74851man my computer is oned then17:50
qwebirc74851i had that on a partition and i didnt wanna use it anymore17:50
qwebirc74851so i wiped the partition17:51
hggdhqwebirc74851: please mind your language17:51
qwebirc74851now i can only boot in to grub rescue17:51
lordcirthqwebirc74851, so, you erased your OS and now you can't boot? I'm unsure where the unexpected part is.17:51
EriC^^qwebirc74851: do you have a windows cd?17:51
qwebirc74851man nah i have windows 10 dude17:51
qwebirc74851ur a funny guy tho17:52
EriC^^qwebirc74851: do you remember if you were using uefi? spot any efi partition or fat3217:52
qwebirc74851and no i dont have a windows 10 cd17:52
lordcirthqwebirc74851, so you had a dual-boot, using GRUB, and then you removed Ubuntu, and now GRUB is broken, and you want Windows boot fixed?17:52
EriC^^qwebirc74851: nothing funny about what i said17:52
lordcirthEriC^^, I think he was talking to me there17:52
ChunkzZEriC^^: see above screenshot.17:52
qwebirc74851i was talking to him lol17:53
programmerqI imported a couple of openvpn config files on ubuntu 18.04 via 'sudo nmcli connection import type openvpn file client1.ovpn'. One work, one doesn't. The config that uses a tap device is the one that doesn't work.17:53
lordcirthqwebirc74851, so, you need to download a win10 ISO, put it on a USB/CD, and boot that and repair.17:53
qwebirc74851and no dude i dont know17:53
programmerqthe networkmanager gui doesn't seem to expose debug logs17:53
qwebirc74851is there like an easier way than that17:53
EriC^^qwebirc74851: which laptop is it or pc?17:53
qwebirc74851my isp shut off my internet17:53
EriC^^the model17:53
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc74851: to fix windows, you need to aquire a windows installation iso ... Microsoft has one available on their website. It will provide you with the option to repair your windows installation17:53
qwebirc74851by acccident17:53
qwebirc74851cant i just get rid of grub17:54
EriC^^guys if he has uefi he can just choose windows from the uefi menu and then reinstall the bootloader from there once it boots17:54
ChunkzZIgnors me then... Damn.17:54
EriC^^qwebirc74851: which pc model is it?17:54
qwebirc74851im never gonna download an 8gb livecd17:54
ChunkzZAnyone else?17:54
lordcirthqwebirc74851, you can get rid of grub, but that won't put bootmgr back.17:54
qwebirc74851idk i17:54
qwebirc74851made it myself17:54
qwebirc74851its a gigabyte mobo17:54
qwebirc74851if that helps17:54
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc74851: An ubuntu live image will not fix your windows installation17:55
EriC^^ChunkzZ: sorry i've never used or know what mndilna is17:55
qwebirc74851my windows installation is fine17:55
lordcirthEriC^^, minidlna* is a program that shares media over DLNA, to smart TVs and such17:55
qwebirc74851i deleted my ubuntu partition from disk manager17:55
qwebirc74851now when i boot im straight in to grub recovery or whatev17:56
lordcirthqwebirc74851, so, you don't know if you are using EFI or not?17:56
ChunkzZYeah lordcirth any help you can give me?17:56
lordcirthqwebirc74851, what motherboard model?17:56
EriC^^qwebirc74851: ok, boot it and try pressing F12, see if you have windows there and choose it17:56
qwebirc74851i pressed f12 and it just shows my media, i cant boot windows from any of em17:56
qwebirc74851and lemme see17:57
lordcirthChunkzZ, so, minidlna isn't detecting the video files?17:57
EriC^^qwebirc74851: try pressing Del and go to the bios and see what mode you were using, uefi or csm legacy17:57
pavlosprogrammerq: the .ovpn file will tell you if it uses "dev tun" or "dev tap" (line 5)17:57
EriC^^qwebirc74851: do you remember seeing GPT anywhere when you deleted the partition? or FAT32 ESP or EFI?17:57
lordcirthChunkzZ, what user is minidlna running as?17:58
qwebirc74851i got to the bios screen18:00
qwebirc74851its uefi18:00
ChunkzZDefault lordcirth_18:00
lordcirthqwebirc74851, oh, good. So if you go to the boot menu, is there a Windows entry?18:00
EriC^^ok, you should be able to choose windows there qwebirc7485118:00
qwebirc74851and no i literally just18:00
lordcirthChunkzZ, it's been a while, what is the default?18:00
qwebirc74851kk 1 sec18:00
programmerqpavlos▸ the problematic .ovpn file uses tap.18:00
ChunkzZMy username lol18:01
lordcirthChunkzZ, you're running it as you? Not as a systemd service or something?18:01
programmerqhttps://gist.github.com/programmerq/6be97755d5003a6e651224d0da5700d1 - here's a little more detail.18:01
demuwhy do these two commands have the same output: grep --include=\*.{cats,dogs} -rnw 'pets/' -e "bessie" and grep --include=*.{cats,dogs} -rnw 'pets/' -e "bessie" Note the "\" has no effect18:01
ChunkzZNo, I mean the default name on the system.18:01
ChunkzZMy Xbox see's it but shows no video files18:02
pragmaticenigmademu: Please do your homework on your own.18:02
lordcirthChunkzZ, does that user have permission to read those files?18:02
lordcirthChunkzZ, well, sudo -i -u username and find out18:02
EriC^^demu: the \ is just for bash in this case, if nothing expands then itll be the same, a literal "*"18:02
FieryCodHello. I'm struggling with mounting the sdXC card in ubuntu18.10. I installed both exfat-utils and exfat tools but still I receive18:02
FieryCod[  192.353634] mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card18:02
FieryCod 18:02
FieryCod 18:02
pragmaticenigmaEriC^^: That was a cut and paste from a homework assignment18:02
lordcirthFieryCod, please don't paste so many lines, thanks18:03
EriC^^pragmaticenigma: how do you know so?18:03
FieryCodlordcirth: Oh crap. Sorry18:03
pragmaticenigmaEriC^^: I've seen it before18:03
demuEricC^^ would there be a reason to included it?18:03
EriC^^pragmaticenigma: oh, well18:03
devon121hello world18:04
FieryCodDoes anyone have experience with mounting sdxc?18:04
lordcirthChunkzZ, so, it's running as 'odroid'? Is this a normal Ubuntu install?18:04
lordcirthdevon121, hi18:04
qwebirc74851nah i cant see windows18:04
pragmaticenigmademu: The back slash only escapes specific characters defiend in the GREP documentation. You should go read the documentation for a listing of escapable characters.18:04
qwebirc74851i selected the disk to boot from on my mobo screen18:04
pragmaticenigmademu: As well as when are some characters escapable and when they are not18:04
devon121how many people are here18:05
qwebirc74851and its just talking me directly in to grub18:05
EriC^^demu: if you run the same command in a populated dir, just using "echo <command here>" does it change?18:05
pragmaticenigmadevon121: This is a channel for requesting assistance with Ubuntu Desktop. Please do not chat here18:05
ChunkzZlordcirth: ^18:05
devon121ok, sorry, where is channel for web developers18:06
lordcirthChunkzZ, and you can read the files?18:06
EriC^^demu: using 'echo stuff' is a good way to see what will happen post-bash expansion and stuff, i think grep takes \ itself, but you'd possibly need to do something like '\stuff' to escape bash first18:06
FieryCodI suspect that it's an issue with my sd adapter driver since it's not shown when using lshw. My laptop is XPS 15 957018:06
pragmaticenigma!alis | devon12118:06
ubottudevon121: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:06
lordcirthChunkzZ, 'file filename' will try to get the file type, which should try to read it18:06
qwebirc74851@lordcirith what should i be looking for18:06
EriC^^demu: as pragmaticenigma suggested read the docs and stuff, get your hands more into it18:07
EriC^^qwebirc74851: you need to select some sort of "Windows" entry not the disk, the disk is set to ubuntu right now18:07
EriC^^qwebirc74851: look for some sort of "uefi list" where you can put windows at the top one18:08
EriC^^might be under boot options or uefi options etc, the alternative is to drop into some uefi shell and manually boot "efi\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi"18:09
qwebirc74851you mean like18:09
qwebirc74851when im choosing the os?18:09
hggdhqwebirc74851: please, write a COMPLETE sentence in one line.18:09
qwebirc74851i cant see anything with windows on it18:09
qwebirc74851i can see sandisk, toshiba etc18:10
EriC^^qwebirc74851: is there a boot options menu or uefi list menu?18:10
qwebirc74851idk what those are18:10
EriC^^i think if you search around there should be something useful, also maybe "Browse for efi file" or something18:10
EriC^^"Use default windows OS path" or something similar iirc18:11
EriC^^qwebirc74851: you could easily do this using any ubuntu or linux live usb, even tiny linux18:12
EriC^^i think tiny core linux is 12mb, you just need to mount the efi and you could switch the filenames yourself, or if you are able to download ubuntu you could use efibootmgr to change the uefi list there to use windows18:13
ChunkzZlordcirth: ?18:16
lordcirthChunkzZ, can you read the files as 'odroid'?18:17
ChunkzZHow do I check?18:17
lordcirthChunkzZ, as I said, using the 'file' command is one way.18:17
ChunkzZI can see them, yes.18:17
ChunkzZCan play them too.18:18
hggdhChunkzZ: under what userId?18:18
lordcirthChunkzZ, ok, so you do have access. When you run minidlna, does it return any errors?18:18
ChunkzZhggdh: odroid.18:18
ChunkzZlordcirth: nope, no errors.18:18
FieryCodis there a driver for the xps-15-9570 for sd cards on Ubuntu somewhere on the internet?18:19
demuEriC^^: The top answer in this post got me confused https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16956810/how-do-i-find-all-files-containing-specific-text-on-linux i.e --include=\*.{c,h} but then he --exclude=*.o18:19
pragmaticenigmaFieryCod: Ubuntu does not require the installation of drivers for most hardware. If the device is not working, you may need to make sure cables are securely attached to their connectors. If your machine is dual boot, or you have a second machine, ensure that the device either works or fails. If it fails on another computer or in Windows, then the device is no longer working.18:21
demuEric^^: Then went I test it, the \ made no difference18:21
tewardFieryCod: it should already be present; you can try to `sudo modprobe rtsx_pci` but `lspci` will still show it as 'unassigned class'.  I don't have an SD card here to test with though (I have the same laptop)18:22
FieryCodpragmaticenigma: The device is working properly on Windows18:22
pragmaticenigmademu: We already provided an answer to you. It's up to you to read the documentation to figure out how the backslash operates in grep18:22
EriC^^demu: personally i think he just forgot to put the \ there, that's my opinion, not sure18:22
EriC^^demu: read the docs, and also experiment yourself, make a dir with *.c and *.o extensions and trying using echo with the command etc and see what happens etc etc18:23
pragmaticenigmaFieryCod: Then it is likely that no one has encoutered that device before and there is no support yet for it in Linux18:23
FieryCodOk I got 3c:00.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTS525A PCI Express Card Reader (rev 01)18:24
EriC^^demu: i mean run the echo command while "cd" 'd into the dir18:24
FieryCodDoes it mean that it will not work?18:25
pragmaticenigmademu: Straight from the documentation that you are refusing to read: Search only files whose base name matches GLOB. A file-name glob can use *, ?, and [...] as wildcards, and \ to quote a wildcard or backslash character literally.18:25
pavlosprogrammerq: change MACAddressPolicy=persistent to none in /lib/systemd/network/99-default.link and try ...18:26
demuEric^^ and pragmaticenigma: thank you!18:31
FieryCodHave no idea how to fix that unassigned class RTS525A. ;/18:32
programmerqpavlos▸ tried that. added the results to the gist: https://gist.github.com/programmerq/6be97755d5003a6e651224d0da5700d1#file-syslog218:33
pragmaticenigmaFieryCod: You can't, The device is recognized as a card reader18:33
EriC^^demu: no problem18:33
FieryCodpragmaticenigma: Ok so that's good. If it's recognized then I should be able to mount the sdcard18:34
pragmaticenigmaFieryCod: That's the expected behavior18:34
programmerqI think it has more to do with the "invalid ipv4 config received". I tried disabling ipv4 in the network manager gui for this vpn connection, but it still says it's an invalid config.18:34
programmerq(this vpn has both ipv4 and ipv6 enabled, hence the tap device)18:34
=== tga0 is now known as Guest7430
fleabeardam I wrong to assume apache2 on ubuntu 18.04 doesn't use www-data as the user/group for running apache2?18:40
fleabeardI'm guessing it's using nobody:nogroup18:41
pavlosprogrammerq: that error has to do with the routes being pushed. check your openVPN server config18:41
leftyfbfleabeard: can't you check?18:41
pragmaticenigmafleabeard: Unless you have configured it to use something else, it uses the www-data18:41
fleabeardleftyfb, well I did 'apachectl -S' and it says User: name="www-data" id=33 not_used / Group: name="www-data" id=33 not_used.18:42
fleabeardI'm assuming the "not_used" means it's not using www-data?18:42
leftyfbfleabeard: ps -ef |grep apache18:42
fleabeardleftyfb, shows www-data, thanks!18:43
OerHeks The default value for User is "www-data". https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/httpd.html18:43
OerHeksThe default group is also "www-data", surprisingly18:44
ryahi_skaprinavCorrect way of upgrading pip?18:46
fleabeardso should I be worried that my files in /var/www/html have user/group of nobody:nogroup? Would I want to chown that to www-data:www-data?18:46
pragmaticenigmafleabeard: Only you can answer that question. There is no way for anyone else to know what needs to be owned by what user and group, and what it will break by changing things in that directory18:48
OerHeksryahi_skaprinav, python3-pip is patched, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+package/python3-pip18:48
OerHeksso why upgrade?18:48
fleabeardpragmaticenigma, ah okay, I wasn't sure if I needed to worry about what user/group was under that directory since apache.conf is using that path for serving files via http.18:50
ryahiOerHeks, pip19.0.1 is available. How can I update to that?18:51
Jeatonis it possible to devote a gpu for a vm?18:51
blackflowryahi: you shouldn't be using pip outside of virtualenv, so that's where you upgrade it.18:51
ryahiok thanks understood blackflow18:52
programmerqpavlos▸ I do have push "route net_gateway"18:52
blackflowfleabeard: ideally you don't want files owned by nobody. those uid/gid are special and not something for regular use.18:52
FieryCodOk I found that it's a problem not with the sd adapter but rather with sdxc18:52
pragmaticenigmafleabeard: That all depends on what security flags are set on the files. If the "e" block of the security flags is set to "r" then any process will be able to read the file18:52
pragmaticenigma"e" for all users fleabeard18:53
OerHeksryahi, *if* you want to; sudo -H pip2 install --upgrade pip // sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade pip > If youre running it without -H it will complain, because it detects that the currently set home directory (normal user) does not match the user it runs as (root).18:54
blackflowOerHeks: bad advice. never install files via pip as root, nor replace packaged' pip via pip as root18:55
blackflowunless you know very well what you're doing (and then you're not asking in #ubuntu), you should never use pip outside of a virtualenv, and most certainly never as root. clobbering packaged python files may render teh system unusable.18:56
OerHeksthat -H solves it, though?18:57
blackflowit clobbers packaged pip18:57
pragmaticenigmaOerHeks: I've seen it recommended pip packages should be installed within a virtualenv18:57
tatertotsprogrammerq: did you fix your configuration?18:57
tatertotsprogrammerq: Apr  1 14:29:41 tu NetworkManager[1179]: <warn>  [1554143381.9062] vpn-connection[0x563e70c7c540,26f74ac1-4882-4719-bb4d-c478f0f1d870,"client2",17:(tap0)]: invalid IP4 config received!18:57
tatertotsprogrammerq: you might want to take care of that18:58
programmerqtatertots▸ I've used this server configuration successfully on other devices, so I'm not sure what about the configuration is incorrect.18:58
programmerqI've even tried disabling the ipv4 stuff on the client config altogether to sidestep that18:58
tatertotsprogrammerq: what is the working/successful devices model/manufacture?18:58
pragmaticenigmaprogrammerq: There could be a versioning or regression that has changed the behavior that used to work.18:59
programmerqI've had success on multiple windows 10 clients, as well as tunnelblick via macos.18:59
tatertotsprogrammerq: just name the manufacture/model#18:59
programmerqgranted, it wasn't this week so it could be a version thing.18:59
pavlosprogrammerq: an example is push "route"  your mask is ff.ff.ff.ff are you sure?18:59
programmerqI _believe_ the push line I have in the server is appropriate in the case where you want to redirect all traffic through the VPN.19:00
blackflowOerHeks: also, your idea to use pip to install self, upgraded, under ~/  does not need sudo. running pip as user defaults to installing under ~/.local/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages/  but that also clobbers installed packages' functionality (PATH precedence) which is bad idea19:00
programmerqtatertots▸ windows 10 pro gaming pc. intel proc, asus motherboard, microsoft os19:00
programmerqnot sure how the manufacturer helps on the working clients?19:00
tatertotsprogrammerq: OK...i understand better what you're thinking is now19:01
programmerqthe router is an asus rt-ac68u19:01
tatertotsprogrammerq: it looks like you already have more than 1 "helper" going in here...I hate adding to the confusion so good luck my friend19:02
lordcirthlivesarah, hi19:04
tatertotsprogrammerq: how long ago was Apr  1 14:29:41 according to your local time?19:05
tatertotsprogrammerq: whats that like 30 min ago19:05
programmerqthese pastes are fresh. it's currently 15:05 local time, so 36 minutes ago.19:05
tatertotsyeah i figured about 30 min19:05
tatertotsso you're only about 45 min into working on this or being stuck where you are19:06
tatertotscarry on19:06
programmerqI first ran into the issue a week and a half ago or so, but put it on hold and decided to revisit it today.19:06
RandolfI have an external hard drive to connect to Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS.  When I try to follow the instructions on this page, I get error messages about the first sector not being on physical sectors, or trouble writing out superblock:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive19:56
ChunkzZlordcirth: solved it, re-ran the setup again and it's working now.19:56
RandolfWhat is the proper way to set up a new hard drive with ext4?  I'm using:  /dev/sdb19:56
leftyfbRandolf: just use gparted to create a new partition on it and format it19:58
=== lordcirth is now known as Guest20178
RandolfWell, gparted crashes and doesn't start, which is why I'm using command-line tools.19:59
RandolfI'm trying this guide now...  https://medium.com/@sh.tsang/partitioning-formatting-and-mounting-a-hard-drive-in-linux-ubuntu-18-04-324b7634d1e019:59
RandolfIt's an easier process, but in the end I still get the warning about having trouble writing superblocks.20:00
programmerqpaste your sequence of commands and their output. paste.ubuntu.com20:01
lordcirth__rozalski, hi20:03
rozalskiI thought irc was long dead =)20:04
lordcirth__rozalski, never!20:04
Randolfrozalski: IRC will never die.20:05
rozalskithat's good!20:05
Randolfprogrammerq:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fqgHsM9WM8/20:05
RandolfHello bob_ja.20:06
bob_jahi, how are you?20:07
mra90why does lspci -v return two memory entries for each device? I mean there is two time "Memory at address..."20:07
bob_jai can't get pulseaudio and systemd to play together20:07
Randolfbob_ja:  Doing well, thank you.  What brings you here?20:07
bob_jaDo you know if there have been any changes in 'Bionic Beaver' to the way systemd services are installed?20:09
programmerqRandolf▸ when you create a partition, you sohuld format that partition instead of the whole device20:10
EriC^^Randolf: you want to do sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb120:17
EriC^^Randolf: first you need to create a fresh partition table once again using g/f disk and the "o" option then "n" as you did20:18
bob_jadid it used to install somewhere else?20:18
bob_jahow should i add it to the path?20:18
bob_jaHow do i run systemd as a user service?20:24
leftyfbbob_ja: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?20:24
bob_jasystemd hasn't detected my pulseaudio.service20:25
bob_jaso i would like to start pulseaudio using systemd20:25
bob_ja then i can listen to youtube20:26
bob_jaalthough some of the videos are better without sound.20:26
leftyfbbob_ja: It looks like on Ubuntu 18.04, GDM starts pulseaudio. Not it's own service20:28
leftyfbbob_ja: that said, if you want to modify how things run properly, then systemctl --user status pulseaudio20:29
bob_jaleftyfb ok thanks20:29
Randolfprogrammerq:  Thanks.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong -- there's only one partition.20:43
RandolfEriC^^: I tried that with the "o" command (which sets up a default DOS partition by the looks of it), then n (follow defaults which start with 2048).  I used your command exactly "sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1" but it also had trouble at the end again.20:44
EriC^^Randolf: what was the error?20:45
RandolfStill not mounting when I plug the drive back in.20:45
RandolfWarning, had trouble writing out superblocks.20:45
=== tga0 is now known as Guest22158
EriC^^Randolf: type "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb | nc termbin.com 9999"20:45
ChunkzZlordcirth_: still around dude?20:46
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, yes20:47
EriC^^Randolf: type "sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999"20:47
ChunkzZlordcirth__: basically, I got an .mkv from my cctv, I put that into the dlna dir and it's detected... once I add a couple of movies they're not... wtf?20:47
RandolfOkay, will do...20:48
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, you mean the others aren't detected, or the mkv stops showing up once you put the others in?20:48
ChunkzZI mean the others aren't detected...20:48
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, what format are the others?20:49
ChunkzZ1 mp4, 1 avi and 1 mkv.20:49
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, and the other mkv doesn't show up?20:50
ChunkzZit's only showing the cctv one: Video files120:50
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, do they have the same ownership and permissions as the one that works?20:50
RandolfHmm, this doesn't seem to show the error this time.20:50
RandolfOh, hang on, I just typed "dmesg" and I'm seeing disk I/O errors.20:51
RandolfWell, Buffer I/O errors, actually.20:51
RandolfI think I'll need a different USB interface.20:51
lordcirth__Randolf, yeah, sounds like hardware.20:52
RandolfThe drive is fine.  It's the USB interface.  I'll try another...20:52
ChunkzZany ideas lordcirth__ ?20:52
RandolfHmm, interesting.  The drive mounted this time.  I'll still redo this with a different USB interface.20:52
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, you sure there's nothing in  /var/log/minidlna.log?20:53
ChunkzZwhere can I paste lordcirth__ ?20:54
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, pastebinit, or | nc termbin.com 999920:55
ChunkzZnah I got the log file, I need somewhere to paste it to. lol20:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:55
ChunkzZI'm SSH'd into it and can see the file.20:55
EriC^^ChunkzZ: cat /file | nc termbin.com 999920:55
ChunkzZlordcirth__: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Fx5nWmbXWz/20:56
EriC^^looks like a lot of permission denied ones20:57
Randolflordcirth__: Yes, it was the USB interface.20:57
RandolfEriC^^: It's working now with a different USB interface.20:57
RandolfThanks for your help.20:57
EriC^^Randolf: great, no problem20:58
ChunkzZEriC^^: yeah just seen it. can I change that?20:58
EriC^^ChunkzZ: yeah, chmod 600 the files20:58
ChunkzZyeah but do I have to do that to EVERY file?20:59
EriC^^type "ls -l /mnt/external/fight2.mp4" and paste here20:59
EriC^^ChunkzZ: no, you could use find to do it for you20:59
ChunkzZit's messed up... I just pasted from my windows machine to the smb share and now they're detected?!21:00
ChunkzZall 4 files are now in minidlna21:00
RandolfEriC^^: This seems strange to me -- I can't create files or directories on the drive, even though it shows up as a 960 GB volume.21:00
ChunkzZVideo files421:00
EriC^^ChunkzZ: the permissions when you pasted them changed probably21:00
EriC^^Randolf: type "mount | grep sdb1 | nc termbin.com 9999"21:01
Randolf/dev/sdb1 on /media/randolf/b16e0f2b-685d-4b5d-b452-6a70372c28be type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,data=ordered,uhelper=udisks2)21:01
RandolfI see the "rw" flag there.21:02
RandolfNo errors in dmesg.21:02
EriC^^i'm guessing it's a permissions issue, type "sudo chmod 777 /media/randolf/b16e0f2b-685d-4b5d-b452-6a70372c28be"21:02
ChunkzZI got a torrent of ubuntu downloading... to test it.21:03
RandolfOkay, I see.  I just looked with FAR Manager, and only "root" had Write access.21:03
RandolfThat fixed it.21:03
RandolfThanks again.21:03
ChunkzZEriC^^: how can I see the perms now?21:04
EriC^^type "ls -l /mnt/external/fight2.mp4" and paste here21:04
ChunkzZno, I'm on about a torrent I just downloaded, xubuntu. the fight one's and kid are showing because I copied from my windows machine.21:05
lordcirth__Well, use the same on that file, then21:05
ChunkzZhow can I see what perms are the fight one and change them on the torrent?21:06
ChunkzZthey're showing green, fight and kid etc.21:06
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, EriC^^ just told you how to see permissions.21:06
ChunkzZ-rw-rw---- 1 qbittorrent-nox qbittorrent-nox 1474953216 Apr  1 21:03 /mnt/external/xubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso21:07
tomreynsudo chmod o+r /mnt/external/xubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso21:07
ChunkzZtomreyn: do I have to do that to every file?21:08
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, you can *carefully* use -R to do it recursively21:08
ChunkzZcan't I just do it to the file and whatever is inside is done?21:08
ChunkzZlordcirth__: ^21:08
tomreynChunkzZ: unless you make it so that these files are created with different permissions or in a directory where everyone can read, you'll need to do it to every file, yes21:09
EriC^^ChunkzZ: what does "ls -ld /mnt/external give?"21:09
EriC^^ChunkzZ: what does "ls -ld /mnt/external" give?21:09
ChunkzZdrwxrwxrwx 4 root root 4096 Apr  1 21:02 /mnt/external21:09
ChunkzZtomreyn: no easier way?21:10
EriC^^well the permissions seem to all check out, and the program still doesnt pick those particular files up? (not windows pasted ones or do you mean you pasted them there?)21:10
ChunkzZno I'm on about what qbittorrent downloaded, the torrent of xubuntu.21:11
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, you could change the umask of the process that is writing these files.21:11
ChunkzZthe persmissions.21:11
tomreynChunkzZ: no easier way.21:11
ChunkzZlordcirth__: how?21:11
EriC^^i dont think umask allows permissions for others to change21:12
EriC^^nevermind it does, it just doesnt let execution for all21:12
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, https://www.computerhope.com/unix/uumask.htm21:13
ChunkzZ-rw-rw-r-- 1 qbittorrent-nox qbittorrent-nox 1474953216 Apr  1 21:03 /mnt/external/xubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso21:13
ChunkzZthat's after I ran tomreyn's command.21:14
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, and does it show up now?21:14
ChunkzZidk, it's not a movie/video file21:14
tomreynChunkzZ: actually you could add your user to the qbittorrent-nox group, too.21:14
lordcirth__tomreyn, oh, good point21:14
tomreynsudo adduser $USER qbittorrent-nox21:15
ChunkzZThe user `odroid' is already a member of `qbittorrent-nox'.21:15
tomreyn+ logout (maybe restart gdm also) + login21:16
EriC^^maybe the program isnt running as the user 'odroid'21:16
ChunkzZhow do I check EriC^^ ?21:16
EriC^^try 'cat /etc/passwd' and see if there's anything like the program name21:17
tomreynaccording to this message, i assume "odroid" is the user account ChunkzZ operates at. and that makes me think this is not ubuntu.21:17
lordcirth__I asked him that. He said it was, for what that's worth...21:18
ChunkzZit's ubuntu...21:18
tomreyninstalled how?21:18
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, so why is the account 'odroid'?21:18
ChunkzZbecause I named it that?21:18
lordcirth__It just sounds a lot like it's running on Android or something.21:19
ChunkzZidk what that means ^ :/21:19
EriC^^looks like this is the user minidlna, so sudo adduser minidlna qbittorrent-nox21:20
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, I did ask what user the minidlna server was running as...21:23
ChunkzZI don't remember that...21:25
tomreynChunkzZ: i don't want to be too strict now, but for the future please be aware that ubuntu systems we can support here are only those listed on the channel topic, installed using the ISOs on releases.ubuntu.com. custom installers and HDD / sd card images (like I assume you used) as well as ISOs hosted by third parties (unless amthcing the official ISOSs checksums) may have been modified, and thus can't be supported here.21:28
tomreyn(you can still ask for help in ##linux with those.)21:29
ChunkzZnow qbittorrent won't work.. sigh.21:30
tomreyn*amthcing -> matching21:39
=== messer440 is now known as Guest4820
staxxx$ sh install-irc-buttrape.sh21:51
staxxx$ ./boredaf21:52
OerHeksstaxxx, please stop that, thanks.21:53
staxxxPkill sense-of-humor21:53
staxxxGot it21:53
jeremy31sudo killall offtopic21:54
staxxxLol jeremy31 is awesome21:54
gislavedlordcirth_ is there an automount eq for ubuntu ? not autofs as it doesn't seem to support glusterfs type21:55
ChunkzZtomreyn: so I can't get help here? lol21:55
gislavedoops lordcirth_ :)21:55
ChunkzZit's still not seeing the file I grabbed... permission denied.21:56
staxxxAnyone recommend a good resource for beginners to ubuntu on android?21:56
tomreynChunkzZ: not if you don't run a supported ubuntu release, no.21:56
ChunkzZtomreyn: this is an ubuntu release lmao21:56
staxxxDifference between supported and un?21:57
tomreynsee /topic and what i explained above21:57
staxxxI got mine thru a termux apt install from github21:57
gislavedI need a listener like autofs that can work with glusterfs21:57
ekidoI have a strange problem21:58
staxxxMe too ekido21:58
ekidoI was booting from live usb stick, everything was fine21:58
ekidothen I plugged in my internal SSD, but then it prompted to Busybox21:59
tomreynstaxxx: since you weren't ther earlier: ubuntu systems we can support here are only those listed on the channel topic, installed using the ISOs on releases.ubuntu.com. custom installers and HDD / sd card images (like I assume you used) as well as ISOs hosted by third parties (unless matching the official ISO checksums) may have been modified, and thus can't be supported here.21:59
ekidoI removed the SSD, but BusyBox is still there21:59
OerHeksekido, certainly strange, one does not hotswap an internal hdd/ssd22:00
staxxxOk sorry. Idk what im using. Total noob here was just wondering if anyone knew a good tutorial so i dont bug anyone with noobosicty22:00
ekidoI did not hotswap, I turned off the computer between boots22:01
OerHeksoh oke :-D22:01
tomreyn!terminal | staxxx22:01
ubottustaxxx: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal22:01
OerHeksafter adding the ssd, did you went into the bios, and out?22:01
OerHekssome machines do not accept a device without bios entry22:02
ekidooh, ok, no I didn't22:02
tomreynstaxxx: your installation is not supported here, but you can ask your questions in ##linux22:02
staxxxThanks tomreyn!22:02
gislavedus ubuntu capable of remount a network filesystem when it cannot connect ?22:03
EriC^^ekido: maybe the live usb was on its way out22:04
ekidoEriC^^, what do you mean by that?22:04
EriC^^ekido: the usb is damaged and has a bad image right now22:05
am_i was in here earlier22:05
EriC^^did you change any bios options at all before trying the ssd22:05
am_oh hey dude22:06
am_yea i cant see anything22:06
am_related to windows22:06
am_ive got a list of the disks in my system but thats it22:07
ekidoEriC^^, no I didn't change any bios options22:07
tomreyngislaved: you can't mount a network file system where the server is not reachable. why would you?22:07
ekidoI wouldn't exactly know which ones22:07
ekidoOnChip SATA Type maybe?22:08
ekidoBut it stil seems so odd to me that BusyBox is still there after I removed the SSD22:08
tomreynam_: hi, what's the issue you're trying to solve, please sum up. also discuss the ubuntu version you're running.22:08
am_its ubuntu 1622:08
tomreyn!yy.mm | am22:08
ubottuam: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle22:08
tomreynam_: ^22:09
am_yea sry thats as much as i can tell you22:09
tomreynam_: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)22:09
am_i cant boot22:09
gislavedtomreyn glusterfs uses backup servers22:09
OerHeksam_, perhaps your windows is using exfat https://itsfoss.com/mount-exfat/22:09
am_well ill explain22:10
am_so i was wanting to uninstall my copy of ububtu22:11
tomreyngislaved: so?22:11
am_so i just wiped the partition it was installed on22:11
gislavedtomreyn so if it listens it could connect to the backup when the mounted one fails22:11
am_but now i can only boot in to grub rescue22:11
mikjaerHow do i get ubuntu to not load the ordinary gui and use .xinit instead?22:12
am_somone here told me to create a live usb with windows on it, so i did that but its not showing up in uefi22:12
EriC^^ekido: do you get the try install ubuntu menu when it first boots?22:12
mikjaerHow do i get ubuntu to not load the ordinary gui and use .xinitrc instead?22:13
ekidoOk, I now did ESC on the boot screen: I get this error22:13
am_i can see the usb in disk management tho22:13
EriC^^am_: how did you create the usb?22:13
ekido /init line 7: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found22:13
ekidoand  /init line 7: can't open /dev/sda: No medium found22:13
am_theres a tool from the microsoft wesite22:13
EriC^^am_: try a different usb port22:13
ircarcsmikjaer: disable the sddm / xdm / gdm service ?22:13
EriC^^and try pressing f1222:14
am_trid 222:14
am_tried 222:14
am_so idk22:14
am_ill try again now just in case22:14
EriC^^am_: ports or usbs?22:14
gislavedtomreyn so what is your solution then ?22:14
am_but any ideas otherwise?22:14
xut_am: use Rufus.22:14
tomreyngislaved: the client will try connecting to first volume file server initially. if this fails at some point, it will try connecting to the backupvolfile-server22:14
am_man nah i only got 1 usb lol22:14
gislavedtomreyn sure but where to set both ?22:14
gislavedin fstab ?22:14
am_i had to go to my cousins to use his internet connection instead of my bad mobile internet lmao22:15
EriC^^am_: see if usb booting is turned on in the bios22:15
tomreyngislaved: sure, in fstab, as mount options, or on the command line if you use the mount command.22:15
gislavedtomreyn eh ? fstab always uses mount ?22:16
EriC^^am_: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1005604/unable-to-boot-usb-on-gigabyte-mother-board22:16
EriC^^ekido: if the ssd is removed then the usb is being booted, i'd think it went bad22:16
tomreyngislaved: yes it does. https://docs.gluster.org/en/v3/Administrator%20Guide/Setting%20Up%20Clients/#mounting-volumes22:16
EriC^^ekido: are you sure there's no other hdd in the pc?22:17
gislavedtomreyn eh, that is not what I asked... or stated22:17
ekidoEriC^^, I have the open PC in front of me, there is nothing22:17
tmrolandhow do i remove "software updater" and "software and updates" gtk apps? got installed by some other package22:17
ekidoExcept for a DVD drive22:18
ekidowhich is empty22:18
EriC^^ekido: must be the usb then22:18
tomreyngislaved: the documentation discusses how to set backupvolfile-server, and this is exactly what you asked.22:18
EriC^^ekido: try making the live usb again preferrably with a different usb22:19
ekidook, thank you22:19
gislavedtomreyn no I asked using autofs to make it always workable without human interaction... now you saif fstab could do the same... as long I use mount... I stated... does fstab use mount then ?22:19
gislavedso... how to do in fstab to make sure it works ?22:20
ekidoI'll try that and possibly come back later22:20
am_im back22:20
am_yea i tried a different port22:20
am_no result22:20
am_weird because i was just using the same usb for ubuntu22:21
tomreyngislaved: this must be a misunderstanding, i did not state that fstab does the same as autofs. /etc/fstab is a configuration file, used by the "mount" command, and autofs is a software.22:21
gislavedtomreyn true!22:30
jcottonso I remapped caps lock to backspace using gnome-tweak-tool22:30
jcottonand it works everywehre /execpt/ VSCode22:30
gislavedtomreyn issue is, could I set all those options in the fstab as well... I wonder22:30
Sleakergislaved: it's probably related to this: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/2399122:32
tomreyntmroland: sudo apt-get --simulate -y purge update-manager-core22:32
jcottonSleaker: was that meant for me?22:32
Sleakerjcotton: yes sorry.22:32
gislavedSleaker ?22:32
Sleakersuggestd to take up the issue with vscode team.22:32
gislavedSleaker you owe me beer now, lots of it... so I can make friend here by sharing it :P22:32
Sleakergislaved: why would I owe you beer?22:33
gislavedSleaker you wasted my time ;)22:33
tomreyngislaved: you can set mount options in /etc/fstab, not autofs options. autofs is still a separate software which uses a separate configuration file and adds the additional feature hwere file systems are automatically mounted upon access (if needed).22:33
gislavedtomreyn autofs options is not the case here, the mount/glusterfs options are22:34
tomreyngislaved: what are you trying to do?22:34
gislavedtomreyn here it says we can... fstab method22:34
tomreynsee above22:35
gislavedyeah you describe it different/wrong/terrible... you owe me beer now as well and I can give a party ;)22:36
saint_anyone know how i can mount a sysV files system on ubuntu ?22:36
gislavedsaint_ very solid glue ?22:37
kk4ewtsaint please take a look at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SysVinit_to_Systemd_Cheatsheet22:37
saint_kk4ewt thank you22:37
saint_kk4ewt actually that does not answer my question22:37
Some_PersonI don't suppose there's likely a way to recover a source code file I just deleted that I spent all day writing, is there?22:37
saint_been trying to mount the file system using -t sysv22:38
tomreynsaint_: https://superuser.com/questions/894450/mount-sysv-filesystem-under-linux22:38
saint_but mount wnot accept it22:38
saint_tomreyn i checked this one already . not working.22:38
jcottonSome_Person: i mean generally file deletion just marks the space as unused22:38
jcottonthe data is still there until it's overwritten (or TRIM'd away for SSDs)22:38
Some_Personjcotton: Anything I can try?22:39
Some_PersonI really, really don't want to be up past midnight rewriting it :(22:39
jcottonmaybe look ehre22:39
qwebirc66124Hey. I'm having some trouble with running multiple gpu's on ubuntu 18.10. I have a nvidia 1080 on my main monitor, and then a single nvidia 1050ti running my other two. It would be very appreciated if i could get some hellp22:39
jcottonand regardless take this as a lesson to ahve backups and source control22:39
tomreynsaint_: what does "file -s /dev/..." say about the underlying block device?22:40
tomreynsaint_: and which ubuntu release are you running.22:40
gislavedtomreyn does mount -t glusterfs, so also the fstab, use FUSE, so the gluster client ?22:41
gislavednormally you use a .vol for that....22:41
qwebirc40201Having some issues with higher system CPU usage with 10Gbps NIC vs 1Gbps NIC under the same load, and I'm wondering what tuning parameters I am missing22:41
saint_tomreyn https://pastebin.com/Ya41sW6J22:41
tomreyngislaved: what does the documentation i pointed you to say about it?22:41
saint_you see that fdisk shows it as GNU HURD or SYSV22:42
saint_while file -s shows it as DOS/MBR22:42
saint_but I know for a fact that it s a SCO/SysV file system22:42
tomreyn<tomreyn> saint_: and which ubuntu release are you running?22:43
gislavedtomreyn should do, will use fstab but fstab  initiates the client, which is fine... I wonder if it will retry the master again if the backup fails, etc22:43
saint_tomreyn Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS22:44
tomreyngislaved: i do not know. if it's not stated in the documentation, maybe just give it a try if you can simulate it.22:45
tomreynsaint_: on 16.04.6 is supported, please install the missing updates.22:45
gislavedtomreyn yes need to do so anyways :)  I'm already on GD2, did you try that yet ? pretty amazing good22:45
saint_tomreyn will do. thanks22:46
tomreyngislaved: i don't use glusterfs at this time. enjoy.22:48
gislavedtomreyn thanks! https://github.com/rohantmp/gd2-testing22:48
gislavedeasy peasy!22:48
ekidoEriC^^, I now have the solution. BIOS had DVD drive in #1 Boot Priority and somehow this messed everythin up (although it is empty)22:49
Some_PersonIs there anything I can try to undelete these files without having to get a live Linux environment running? I figure I probably don't have time to both try to undelete files and reimplement this shit if it fails, at least not without pulling an all-nighter22:50
Some_Personunless it's super-super-quick to do the former22:51
Some_PersonAnd what are my chances at success with the tools, all of which seem to require the partition be unmounted?22:52
Some_PersonPossibly complicating things: I use full-dick encrypton22:53
Some_Personfull-disk encryption22:53
EriC^^ekido: i see, thanks for sharing, glad it worked out22:54
qwebirc51279What is the command to login to nick serv?22:55
Yushatak /msg nickserv identify PASS22:55
fleabeard/ns id PASS22:55
Yushatakoh it can be easier?22:55
EriC^^Some_Person: you could try using photorec to recover it, using the decrypted /dev/mapper22:55
Yushataknice to know22:55
Yushatakbeen using IRC for years and never knew22:55
qwebirc51279Ahh, thanks :)22:55
EriC^^Some_Person: or possibly testdisk, i'd try that first as you can browse to the file and see if it's recoverable, or ext-undelete, photorec would recover all text files you've ever deleted, then you could grep them to find your file i guess22:56
Some_PersonEriC^^: Does that recover specific files, or does it just grab whatever it can?22:56
Some_PersonI need 2 text files. I've probably deleted shittons of text files22:56
EriC^^Some_Person: it recovers files based on their headers, you specify22:56
EriC^^try testdisk/ext-undelete, with ext-undelete you can specify the deleted date i think22:57
Some_Personextundelete seems to require unmounting t22:57
EriC^^oh, try testdisk then22:58
EriC^^Some_Person: actually, unmount it and use the /dev/mapper22:58
EriC^^with undelete22:58
qwebirc79077Nickserv says I'm identified for ASMJunkie, but is still showing up my temporary name22:58
EriC^^qwebirc79077: /nick <newnick>22:59
=== qwebirc79077 is now known as ASMJunkie
ASMJunkieSo if anyone is willing to go down the rabbit hole of nvidia driver issues, I could use the help23:00
Some_PersonEriC^^: It's my root filesystem, so the only way I'm unmounting it is by downloading and setting up a live environment23:09
EriC^^Some_Person: go for it23:10
EriC^^Some_Person: if you care about the file, at this point you shouldn't be mounting the filesystem as read-write no matter what23:11
Some_PersonPhew... it seems I'm lucky. photorec got the code back at least23:11
jcottonSome_Person: now go ahead and make backups and check it into source control23:14
Some_Personjcotton: Indeed23:14
Some_PersonStill looking for the other file, although that's less of a big deal... maybe an hour to recreate instead of a god damn day's worth of work23:15
Some_PersonIt also looks like the recovered version doesn't have some of the last changes for some reason... I had just finished a refactoring when I idiotically deleted it. Still, not as big a deal as losing it23:16
EriC^^maybe there are multiple files23:17
jcottonI would check it over to make sure there's no garbage in itr23:17
EriC^^or possibly it hadn't sync'd with the disk before you deleted23:17
gislavedtomreyn yes fstab helps me :D23:17
tomreynSome_Person: generally, when you need to try to undelete file system objects, what you need to do as fast as possible is to prevent further writes to this file system. that's because any additional writes to the file system (which can occur several times a second on /home and other file systems) will remarkably decrease your chances of recovery.23:26
gislavedtomreyn sleep well!23:27
tomreynSome_Person: so next time you do this, the first command you need to run is sudo mount -o remount,ro /path/to/device/holiding/that/filesystem23:27
gislavedkisses and hugs!23:27
tomreyngislaved: you, too23:27
shibbolethlatest fwupdate *security upgrade* is dropping an efi binary on the esp partition?23:29
tomreynSome_Person: ...and then you save any open / unsaved files elsewhere and don't remount (or reboot into) this file system again until you recovered the data or created a file system image to recover the data from later.23:30
jcottonshibboleth: huh?23:31
tomreynshibboleth: are you asking for confirmation there, since this looks more like a statement than a question? if you are asking for confirmatiuon, you will need to provide context / details23:31
shibbolethit is a statemt23:32
shibbolethit is a statement23:32
tomreynthen it's badly placed here23:32
jcottonwhy the question mark then?23:32
shibbolethrelated question: what the actual fuck?23:32
tomreyn!language | shibboleth23:32
ubottushibboleth: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:32
jcottonyou're asking why UEFI updates are that way?23:32
hggdhshibboleth: please mind your language23:32
Fieldyhello, i've installed ubuntu server I set up a normal usuername, and its password, at install time. after install i can log in and use sudo. but if I change the password of this account with passwd, after that I can never use sudo again (auth failure). any idea what i'm missing here?23:33
shibbolethno, that is not my question23:33
SvetaFieldy: what does "id username" tell you, with "username" replaced with the name of the user whose password you have changed?23:34
shibboleththat's called a *feature update*, not a *security upgrade*23:34
OerHekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwupdate yes, libfwup will create a new EFI Boot entry to launch the firmware updating EFI application.23:34
FieldySveta: other than a group named after the user, these additional groups: 4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),108(lxd)23:35
jcottonI have no idea what shibboleth is getting at23:35
tomreynFieldy: just a side note, the version number is probably 18.04.2. second minor release of the 18.04 time based release version (released in april=04 2018)23:35
hggdhshibboleth: still not something for here. If you disagree, you can email the developers23:35
shibbolethin short: it is now much easier to install efi rootkits through ubuntu, the platform for which was released an a *security upgrade*23:35
Fieldytomreyn: ahh yes you're right, thanks23:35
jcottonshibboleth: UEFI updates are signed23:35
hggdhshibboleth: enough. Go elsewhere to discuss this. For example, #ubuntu-hardened23:35
jcottonthe firmware verifies the update before installing the update23:35
shibbolethjust like friggin microsoft called their "telemetry for win7/win8" as a *security upgrade*23:35
shibboleth"bend over and take it"23:36
OerHeksshibboleth, you could think the same about osx and windows10 .. FUD23:36
Fieldyshibboleth: lol yeah so lame23:36
tomreynFieldy: what you'Re describing there is indeed a non standard, unexpected, behaviour.23:36
Fieldytomreyn: yea i don't recall having this issue with the previous long term release/support (i forget which i'm tired)23:36
SvetaFieldy: the user being in the sudo group is sufficient23:37
FieldySveta: yeah that's what i was thinkin23:38
shibboleth"efi updates are signed"23:38
shibbolethyeah, see...23:38
hggdhshibboleth: enough already.23:38
tomreynFieldy: how did you install?23:38
Fieldyhowever I did a re-install, verified i could sudo with the users pass set at install time. then I sudo-d to root, used passwd to change that users pass, and logged in as the user with the new pass. i was then unable to sudo23:38
shibboleththe ppl who will be most prone to mess with your firmware don't exactly view that as a major hurdle23:38
Fieldytomreyn: ubuntu-18.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso23:39
Fieldymd5sum fcbcc756a1aa5314d52e882067c4ca6a23:39
tomreynFieldy: thanks, i'll see if i can reproduce this.23:40
Fieldytomreyn: oh nice, thank you for your time! let me know if there's anything else i can do to help23:40
Fieldyi'm also going to try something different, i'll let you know if anything changes23:40
tomreynFieldy: if you can provide exact commands you used (you can redact the user name you used, if needed), this would help.23:40
=== drrzmr is now known as holoturoide
Fieldytomreyn: sure. 1) I ssh'd in as <usuername> after install and reboot 2) I did sudo -i su - (we can haggle over details but this has always worked for me). entered the users pass, as set at install. got root. can also run anything else with sudo 3) exit, back to the normal user 4) change the password with passwd 5) can no longer sudo -i su - (sudo: 1 incorrect password attempt)23:43
Fieldytomreyn: the only thing I can imagine causing an issue is that i'm using exceptionally long passwords. i will install again and replicate, using a much shorter pass (the one changed to)23:43
Fieldyhowever i use those other earlier installs without issue23:43
Fieldyer. I use those on earlier installs without issue23:44
Fieldyi will try a few things on this very fast vm setup i've got23:45
tomreynthanks. when you say exceptionally long passwords, can you say how long it should be at least?23:46
tomreynalso, did you install any pending updates before you changed the password?23:46
Fieldytomreyn: in the 260 chars area. alpha, numeric, "special" chars but nothing funny like high ascii chars23:46
Fieldytomreyn: no, no updates23:46
Fieldyinstall is finishing up on test rig, i'll keep the passwords reasonable and keep everything else the same23:48
tomreynFieldy: if you can break it again, can you try installing all pending updates, rebooting, and trying to reproduce again?23:50
Fieldytomreyn: sure23:50
saint_tomreyn i just updated to 16.04.6 and still can't mount sysV file system23:52
tomreynsaint_: what's the error message?23:54
saint_tomreyn same thing23:57

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