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xubuntu03whi, i have question on lock screen, each time when i click 'lock screen', then the computer turns black on the screen. I want to know how to fix this problem..thanks!02:34
xubuntu03wThe computer will not be able to reply after the black screen, can only be restarted.02:35
* defender99zu3 bows to all the nice people.02:38
defender99zu3I have a question about logging into Xubuntu without a monitor. Anyone around to give me a hand?02:38
xubuntu13whi does anyone know where ro get the xubuntu stickers? the site they link to doesnt have them04:37
xubuntu13wi need one for mainly the windows key, and maybe powered by xubuntu. i found knockoffs, but i want the official design04:40
pleia2hm, I wonder where we are still linking to them, maybe a blog post04:59
krytarikI figured they might have just checked the one provider we do feature currently - and didn't find what they wanted which also isn't said that they have.05:03
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knomeyou are already here.12:33
xubuntu90ixubnutu is very good Operating System12:34
nailykHi all. I have a weird issue on my xubuntu 16.04.05. (my gaming OS). While running some games (recently) like need for speed undercover (through wine) & super crate box (in steam),13:00
nailykit is like the up arrow is keept pressed.13:00
nailyk(I never tested thoses games before).13:01
nailykI check almost all the hardware parts (even if other games play just fine) but have no clue what could be checked to solve this. Any advices please ?13:01
Spasshello nailyk, do you have any controller plugged in when you play nfs? did you try to reconfigure keys in game options? which wine version are you using?13:09
nailykI was not able to get into any menus as the game is unusable. I did unplugged all my game controllers. Only keyboard, mouse remain on USB. I also ubplugged any bluetooth controllers just in case.13:10
nailykI do not think it is related to wine version as the steam game does the same. And, TBH I have no idea as I just run the game with right clic, run into wine :)13:11
Spassyou can try asking on channels for linux gamers, like #gamingonlinux and #steamlug13:16
nailykI will. But I was wondering how I can debug that. I tried showkeys but it mostly show only key press/release13:22
nailykFunny, I do not have any gamepad plugged, but running a jscal -c /dev/input/js0 solved the issue. I guess it somehow still use the calibration when I had plugged my gamepad.14:16
Spassyeah, that seemed like a gamepad related issue, that's why I asked about it, great that you solved it15:42
claytonis anyone actually online in this irc channel?23:48

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