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IrcsomeBot2<Eickmeyer> @carbonzero, The only way you're going to know that is if you try it yourself. Would require updating, probably.00:05
Eickmeyervalorie: Yeah, tsimonq2 was working on it. Definitely a mixup in a .desktop file.00:06
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rahulch /join #kde-edu05:57
rahulchoops, sorry05:57
IrcsomeBot2<Chandra Sekhar> How to install Adobe photoshop in kubuntu system?09:14
IrcsomeBot2<deep1221> @Chandra Sekhar, Photoshop … Graphics Editor … Gimp … http://www.gimp.org … Inkscape … http://www.inkscape.org … Krita … https://krita.org … MyPaint … http://mypaint.intilinux.com … Pinta … http://pinta­project.com/ … Pixlr … http://pixlr.com … PicMonkey … http://www.picmonkey.com09:15
IrcsomeBot2<deep1221> try these alternatives09:15
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IrcsomeBot2<acheronuk> @carbonzero, Lubuntu are working on it: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T1509:27
Grootis anyone awake?10:20
BluesKajHi folks10:56
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manager_Всем привет!11:41
Greenfrogspk engish please11:46
acheronukthey left11:47
Greenfrogotherwise there must be a channel that speaks your language11:47
Greenfrogwe speak english here :)11:48
BluesKajthe russian is gone Greenfrog11:48
Greenfrogis the same when i talk to tech support.  i appreciate u speak english but i need some one that speaks English well enough to communicate techinal issues11:51
Greenfrogthey don't11:52
BluesKaj u speak english?11:52
Greenfrogit's offshore tech support, the co. that hires them don' care11:52
Greenfrogyou don't?11:53
BluesKajno text speak here please , spell out your words11:53
Greenfrogwhat didm11:54
Greenfrogdidn't i spell out?11:54
BluesKaju for you11:54
Greenfrogjust asking11:54
ubottuShortened English is difficult for some non-native English speakers to read. Please use full words instead. Thanks!11:54
Greenfrogi see11:54
Greenfrogok got it11:55
Greenfrogthanks sorry for the trunkacation11:56
jubo2y0 piippöl11:58
jubo2Got a suggestion for an innovative feature for Kubuntu11:58
jubo2I just posted this in #firefox, but as I state there this is an OS thing, not a FF thing11:59
jubo2[14:45] <jubo2> I got a suggestion / feature request, but this is more likely something to be done in the OS and not FF, but I gonna post here anyways: It would be very nice to be able to set an icon for each FireFox window so that when I click on the FF in task bar the logos would tell me much quicker which window I want11:59
jubo2[14:45] <jubo2> Now all the windows just show the FireFox logo and at least for me it would be helpful to have a graphic per window so I can faster find the window I'm looking for11:59
jubo2Can anyone give an estimate of how much work it would require to give the ability for the user to set a logo per open window of an application? If it is not very much worth I'd like to file this as an official feature request in the appropriate ticket system12:01
user|31596hi Im so sorry but what is the system requirements for kubuntu 18.10?12:01
jubo2user|31596: More than 4GB RAM in my exprience, but I am no expert, nor Kubuntu insider12:02
user|31596ok bye12:02
mzuverinkCan someone point me to a how to set up of Latte Dock, or the plasmoid version of Latte Dock? I cannot figure out how to get it to the bottom center of the desktop.14:00
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IrcsomeBot2<carbonzero> Mzuverink: right click the dock, choose latte settings, under behavior choose bottom and center.19:09
IrcsomeBot2BL4CK19 was added by: BL4CK1921:58
IrcsomeBot2<BL4CK19> hi21:58
IrcsomeBot2<Tourist Sam> hello22:07
Guest44752my .xsession-errors have 100 gb22:22
Guest44752after sudo rm the space is not free22:23
Guest44752and trash is clear22:23
Guest44752fkn kde force me to reboot cause of this shit22:24
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IrcsomeBot2Emily Rogers was added by: Emily Rogers23:28
IrcsomeBot2<Emily Rogers> Минутка рекламы … Как вы знаете, телеграм только что удалил официальный канала ХИДРА   😭 … Поэтому мы вынуждены рассказать вам о новых каналах 😊 … Официальный сайт:  😱 hydra-site.cn … @gidrasf_gazhish_zakladki … @gidra_zakladki_onlain  … @GASHISHT … @E_Lexer … @hidra_gydra_hudr23:28
IrcsomeBot2вопросы   💋💋 … @SUPPCCRC … @GIDRA_SHOP24 … @GIDRA_MAGAZIN … @NARKO_KARTEL23:28
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