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lynorianhi n-iCe02:44
n-iCehow you doing02:45
lynoriangood this channel is for support do you have any way I can help you?02:45
n-iCeI don't even use ubuntu02:46
n-iCeor lubuntu in this case02:46
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JohnDoe_71Rushi. lubuntu 18.04 and old netbook acer ao725. The touchpad is disabled at the boot and i need use Fn+f7 key to enable it. I want working touchpad at boot05:37
guiverc_dJohnDoe_71Rus, I can't help (i use only desktops), but https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Mouse contains information that may help you06:04
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adcaxcan anyone suggests a lightest ubuntu flavour? the newest lubuntu lags on my old laptop11:40
adcaxplease suggest a lighter ubuntu flavor. Latest version (with LXQt) 18.10 is not running properly on my old laptop11:42
guiverc_dadcax, lubuntu is generally regarded as the lightest, however you can also misused a desktop & make it perform worse than another if you use inappropriate apps on it (eg. use GTK+ apps on a Qt base and you've caused your memory to have duplicate libs wasting memory..)11:42
guiverc_dI tested Lubuntu 18.10 on a 1gb single core pentium M - and I was happy.  but with only 1gb of memory, I'd be careful with the apps I used...11:43
adcaxok thanks11:44
guiverc_dI also tested Xubuntu (GTK+) on the same laptop -- if I wanted GTK+ apps, Xubuntu would possibly be a better choice; but I did prefer Lubuntu on it (with Qt base)11:45
guiverc_d(Lubuntu 18.04 with LXDE may also be another choice... with it's longer LTS life)11:45
guiverc_dmy point is you need to consider the DESKTOP (& its base) with apps you intend using; esp. with limited ram... with enough ram you can ignore the libs (& memory they require)11:46
MeadI have 18.04, if I run the command "apt full-upgrade" would this install a newer version of lubuntu?12:19
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apt-ghettoNo, it takes the repos defined in /etc/apt/source.list your added sources12:35
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lubot<Abraham Martinez Diaz> Hello22:06
lubot<Abraham Martinez Diaz> i'm new to this group22:07
lubot<Abraham Martinez Diaz> I'm using lubuntu 19.04 and there's an error with inkscape22:08
wxlAbraham (use a nickname/username for IRC people to be able to mention you easier), try adding -o=APT::Install-Suggests=false to your apt command22:12
lubot<Abraham Martinez Diaz> E: The "python-uniconvertor" package does not have a candidate for installation22:12
wxlis that with my suggestion?22:13
lubot<Abraham Martinez Diaz> @wxl [<wxl> Abraham (use a nickname/username for IRC people to be able to mention you …], ok22:14
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> inkscape is installed22:19
wxlhorray :)22:19
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> but I need that package22:20
wxlyou need python-uniconvertor?22:20
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> @wxl [<wxl> you need python-uniconvertor?], Yes22:20
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> the application has a bug22:20
wxlthat package hasn't been available since 16.04 :(22:21
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> @wxl [<wxl> that package hasn't been available since 16.04 :(], :'(22:21
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> Any suggestions?22:22
wxli think there may be a snap package.. you could try that perhaps22:22
wxlpython-uniconvertor is broken in upstream debian, too22:23
wxlwhat's really strange though is that it's a *SUGGEST*, which is the lowest form of "dependency." it's not even a dependency, technically. it's an enhancement.22:24
wxli.e. inkscape should work just fine without it22:25
wxlthe other thing i can tell you, is that this problem should exist across every flavor of ubuntu and debian and all of their derivatives22:25
lubot<lynorian> suggests can be wierd?22:28
EickmeyerSuggests can be outdated and not even factor anything that actually exists or not.22:29
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> @wxl [<wxl> i.e. inkscape should work just fine without it], the application closes because of that error22:30
wxlhow do you know it's because of that error and not some other problem?22:30
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> The weird thing is that in my work I have Lubuntu 18.04 LXTQ and inkscape works fine but in Lubuntu 19.04 no22:33
wxldifferent versions of inkscape.. not necessarily weir22:34
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> @wxl [<wxl> different versions of inkscape.. not necessarily weir], ok22:35
wxlso what is the error? and how do you know it's related to uniconvertor?22:35
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> when I copy and paste images that error appears22:36
wxlwhat error?22:36
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> and inkscape seems to need it for svg images22:37
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> give me a second and I translate the error22:37
lynorianoh seems there is a github fork that has emerged after orignial maintainer left22:47
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> You must install the UniConvertor software. … For GNU-Linux: install the python uniconverter package. … For Windows: Download it from … https://sk1project.net/modules.php?name=Products&product=uniconvertor&op=download and install it in the Python location on your system22:49
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> I did not know, I did not know it22:53
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> @lynorian [<lynorian> oh seems there is a github fork that has emerged after orignial maint …], I did not know, I did not know it22:54
lynorian@ajedrezAbraham I was not talking about inkscape more stuff iwth the manual22:55
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> 👍22:57
wxl@AjedrezAbraham https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/43714322:57
wxltl;dr save to svg and you should be able to get around the issue22:58
wxlotherwise try the snap https://snapcraft.io/inkscape22:58
EickmeyerAnother option is to ask someone on #inkscape on irc.23:00
wxli suspect it won't go well23:00
wxl"tell your distribution to fix their packages"23:00
Eickmeyerwxl: I've only ever once encountered that.23:01
wxlEickmeyer: oh what blissful world you must live in :)23:02
lynorianwxl the github fork somewhat works23:05
lynorianI think I should rename the LXDE branch as 18.0423:06
wxli agree (also -> devel)23:07
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> @lubuntu_bot I will try to install UniConvertor from https://sk1project.net/viewpage.php?page_id=2623:08
wxl@AjedrezAbraham that's really old and targeted at the *10.04* version of ubuntu. i would NOT suggest it23:09
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> @wxl [<wxl> @AjedrezAbraham that's really old and targeted at the *10.04* version of u …], This package: … python-uniconvertor-2.0rc4_20190402_ubuntu_18.10_amd64.deb23:11
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> sudo dpkg -i python-uniconvertor-2.0rc4_20190402_ubuntu_18.10_amd64.deb23:19
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> sudo apt install -f23:20
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> it worked 😃23:21
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> XD23:22
wxlEickmeyer: if you have any intention of caring about that and have people to bug about it it looks like they may not know where the upstream is?23:22
* Eickmeyer is confused23:40
Eickmeyerwxl: if that package is needed for some workflows, then it might be worth getting the github fork packaged.23:41
wxlEickmeyer: well, inkscape XD it looks like debian can't find the upstream source23:42
Eickmeyerwxl: I'll ask about it.23:42
EickmeyerExpecially since it directly affects Ubuntu Studio.23:43
wxlwell thanks because it doesn't lubuntu XD23:45

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