guivercis there a wiki/page/schedule that tells me what time daily's get spun? (i realize it won't be accurate being likely job-start times)00:14
krytarikguiverc: There is a crontab in the ubuntu-cdimage projekt on LP for the various images.00:21
guivercthanks heaps krytarik :)   I'll look.]00:27
guivercthanks again krytarik https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/ubuntu-cdimage/mainline/view/head:/etc/crontab I think is what I was after..  (found from what you provided!)00:35
krytarikYeah, and sure. :)00:35
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somerandomstringis it just me, or do you also get 404s when apt upgrade-ing?19:45
lotuspsychjesomerandomstring: the repos getting high traffic at the moment19:46
lotuspsychjesomerandomstring: its a known issue, and being worked on19:46
somerandomstringlotuspsychje: should I wait or change mirror?19:46
lotuspsychjesomerandomstring: you could try another mirror, but not sure it will work at this moment19:47
somerandomstringOK, thank you!19:48

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