OerHekstry mount -t sysv /dev/sdb3 /mnt/tmp  or custom name00:01
Fieldytomreyn: i was able to reproduce the issue both pre-updates and post-updates00:01
tomreynFieldy: i reproduced this. there seems to be a maximum password length.00:01
Fieldyi'll try with a shorter pass now00:01
Fieldytomreyn: it worked for me with a 128 char pass, same charcter set (alphanumeric, "special" chars, but no high-ansi or anything fancy like that)00:03
tomreynsaint_: show (pastebin) "dmesg | tail" after mount failure00:04
OerHekshe is crossposting in ##linux, ananke is helping him00:05
Fieldytomreyn: it also works with 192. interesting, but by no means a show stopper :P00:05
tomreynFieldy: probably breaks around 255 then?00:06
Fieldytomreyn: probably. i'm curious now, i'm gonna find out00:06
Fieldy<3 virtual machine snapshots00:06
Fieldyabuse abuse *oops* revert :P00:06
Fieldyworked at 255. let's try 25700:07
Fieldytomreyn: boom. works at 255. not at 257. i smell 8 bit stuff somewhere.00:08
Fieldycurious that it was ok in earlier vers :P00:08
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tomreynFieldy: my understanding is that there should be no maximum password length.00:12
Fieldytomreyn: that's what i thought too. sounds like something changed and there is an 8 bit limitation somewhere00:14
Fieldyon earlier installs i've used passwords in the 700 char range etc. do i really need that? no, but it's fun ;P00:14
SvetaFieldy, tomreyn, that looks like a clever bug, I'm glad you found it00:14
Fieldywell, i'm glad to help! it's a killer server distro. my default.00:15
tomreynFieldy: on my test vm, i failed to snapshot before setting the long password. i now tried to guess what to enter to be able to "sudo -i" again, but cutting the overly long password to 255 (also tried 256, 254) characters did not help.00:15
Fieldytomreyn: ahh yeah, good test. i didn't think it would be that simple. a hash or whatever the heck is probably being computed off the full length, but some other thing computed off the truncated / corrupted one, and that's where probs start00:16
tomreynFieldy: would you file a bug report later (I'd prefer), or should i?00:16
Fieldytomreyn: i could do that, it would certainly be later but i won't forget00:16
tomreynFieldy: yes, that's worse than you'd think.00:16
Fieldyagree. it may indicate some other bad stuff going on elsewhere00:17
tomreynFieldy: thanks, please subscribe me there or post the link here once you did.00:17
Fieldycan do. good teamwork!00:17
tomreynthank you.00:17
Fieldyyou're welcome. and thanks for your time00:17
tomreynand yours00:18
ChunkzZtomreyn: it's gotta be something to do with the HDD... tried deluge and it's the same... permission denied. wtf?00:20
tomreynChunkzZ: you never explained how you installed this ubuntu00:27
ChunkzZI downloaded the .ISO and flashed with etcher.00:28
tomreyn!smart | ChunkzZ00:30
ubottuChunkzZ: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools00:30
ChunkzZwhat you on about tomreyn ?00:32
xyz111Hi All, I'm running Lubuntu 16.04 with LX DE - will kdenlive work on my machine? if I try and install it from apt, will it download all of KDE?00:33
tomreynChunkzZ: you said there may be an issue with a HDD, a hard disk drive, so I pointed you to utilities you may use to check on the health of those.00:33
ChunkzZno. I mean permissions with the HDD. sab+ downloads are fine.00:33
tomreynChunkzZ: HDDs don't have a permissions system (unless added with ATA extensions maybe). you must be referring to file system permissions.00:34
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suissuesjust installed ubuntu onto my laptop. wondering why the su command doesnt work.00:39
tomreyn!details | suissues00:41
ubottusuissues: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.00:41
suissuesits been about 10 years since I last ran a Linux system, and you used to have to enter a root password to gain any super user permissions to install software and such.00:42
tomreyn!root | suissues00:42
ubottusuissues: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:42
suissuesso my question is what is the root password(its not my user password) or am I as the only user so far set up on this pc the "root" or "admin" user on the pc?00:43
tomreynsee above00:43
suissuesahhhhhh, things have changed in the last decade is suppose.00:43
suissuesso i would assume then, that myself as the only user on the computer at this time have admin privs to make any unilateral changes to the system I would like.00:44
TimeDoctoryeah you're in the "sudoer" group00:45
TimeDoctorer, "sudoers" group00:45
TimeDoctorso you can sudo00:45
TimeDoctorand that just asks for your password00:46
suissuesgotcha, things have changed. Tiz the way of the world. Time to relearn.... muahahaha00:46
suissuesnot much else has changed in the last decade has it?00:46
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tomreynxyz111: when you install a package, it's package debpendencies need to be satisfied. i.e. if a pacage depends on other packages, those will also be installed. there are direct dependencies which the package defines itself, those can be listed with "apt-cache show kdenlive | grep ^Depends" or just "apt depends kdenlive", and there are indirect dependencies, i.e. kdenlive depends on a package which itself depends on another package. those can be00:49
tomreynlisted with "apt-rdepends kdenlive".00:49
tomreynArsenios: actually, i think ubuntu always did it this way - setting up a restricted user with sudo access, no root password.00:51
tomreyn!releasenotes | Arsenios: While I notice you're joking, you may still want to peek at those to get a better idea of the things which have changed between the past decades' LTS releases00:52
ubottuArsenios: While I notice you're joking, you may still want to peek at those to get a better idea of the things which have changed between the past decades' LTS releases: For release notes of a given Ubuntu release, please refer to the 'Docs' column on the 'List of releases' table at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases00:52
Arsenioswhen i did my first ubuntu installation i had to set a root password. su was still a real thing, sudo was just prior to the curve i belive. I first installed ubuntu on an old laptop while i was still running debain on a P4.00:53
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tomreynArsenios: my memory may be failing me then. ;-)00:56
Arseniosyou and i must be around the same age, however i could also be the one whom has the failing memory.00:57
ArseniosThis day in age, I haven't had a reason to utilize a real computer for quite a long time. Now I have a need for one and cannot deal with microsoft, let alone that abomination they would like to call an operating system...00:59
Arseniosand lecrash01:01
Arseniosgoing to have to get a different irc client for sure.01:01
Arseniossorry if i missed your reply01:02
tomreynArsenios: you're welcome to ask support questions here (and to provide support to others, of course). let's keep chat in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss, though01:02
texlaIs Backbox considered a Ubuntu favor01:05
hggdhtexla: no01:07
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Lope`grub-install /dev/sda` "installing i38x-pc platform\n grub-install: error: disk `md0` not found."01:16
tomreynLope: were you hiding an ubuntu support question somewhere in there?01:16
Lopecan't get debootstrapped system to boot01:17
LopeI've chrooted into it and trying to install grub01:17
tomreynwhat'S the command you ran above that reutned this error message?01:18
Lope`grub-install /dev/sda`01:18
Lopesda1 and sdb1 are md001:18
kubkdeLope have you tried systemd or loadiriorng the proper modules p01:18
kubkdeor loading the proper modules prior to booting*01:19
tomreynLope: how did you setup the chroot?01:19
Lopekubkde, i don't know. I suspect modules are missing because when it boots it gets stuck and complains it can't read the LVM.01:20
Lopemount --bind /dev /tmp/chroot/dev; mount -t proc none /tmp/chroot/proc ; mount -t sysfs none /tmp/chroot/sys01:20
tomreynLope:  no root file system?01:21
Lopetomreyn, there definitely is one.01:21
tomreynLope: not in the commands you said you used to setup the chroot01:21
kubkdeLope, you can try modprobe lvm. I think it's safe to assume he's mounted his root fs if he was able to bind mount01:23
Jonno_FTWI can't unmount a usb flash drive with sudo umount /dev/sdb, I get umount: /dev/sdb: not mounted.01:23
Lopetomreyn, huh?01:23
Lopetomreyn, chroot /tmp/chroot01:23
tomreynLope: when you use chroot to change into an existing installation (or one you are about to create), you need to both mount those virtual file systems you posted above, but also mount the pyhsical file systems as they are listed in the to be repaired systesm' /etc/fstab01:23
Lopeoh, before that I mounted the root filesystem at chroot01:23
Lopemount /dev/vgx/lvy /tmp/chroot01:24
kubkdeLope, is your boot on a separate partition? I can't really tell with your setup01:24
LopeI've got sda1 and sdb1 = md0    then I've got sda2  sdb2 = md101:25
LopeInside md1 is LVM01:25
LopeThen I've got debian in one LV, now I've installed ubuntu in a new LV01:25
Lopecan't get ubuntu to boot01:25
tomreynLope: what's in md0?01:25
kubkdeAre you using MBR or GPT?01:25
LopeBecause the grub install is not completing without error01:26
Lopemd0 is /boot01:26
LopeThere's a bunch of crap in /boot01:26
LopeCan I delete it all?01:26
tomreyndid you mount md0 to /tmp/chroot/boot ?01:26
LopeIt's got kernel and initramfs and so on in there. So I probably can't delete that stuff.01:26
LopeBut I've tried rm -rf /boot/grub before running the grub install01:27
Lopetomreyn, i did01:27
kubkdeYou need those to boot, so I would not delete them. If you don't mind, you could try systemd-boot. 'bootctl install'01:28
tomreynyou should also have bind mounted /dev/pts01:28
Lopeinside the chroot `mount | grep boot` says /dev/md0 on /boot type ext2 ....01:28
LopeI've never used systemd-boot01:28
LopeIs it an alternative to grub?01:29
Lopeokay I can do pts01:29
tomreyntheoretically, yes, and it may work for simple configurations01:29
tomreynbut generally grub is recommended here01:29
Huliohi guys01:29
Lopetomreyn, but surely /dev/pts will be there because /dev is bind mounted?01:30
kubkdeAlthough it would probably be more difficult to go through than now. It's an alternative, but mainly for GPT tables. There's a ton of alternatives you can try: LILO, Syslinux, rEFInd. I never use GRUB because it doesn't support the filesystems I prefer01:30
tomreynLope: there's an easy way to find out, but the answer will be 'no'01:30
tomreynLope: what'S the reason you're doing a debootstrap installation rather than using an ISO installation?01:31
LopeIt's on a remote dedicated server01:31
LopeI couldn't afford the downtime. So I debootstrap installed to the new LV01:32
LopeRan the new LV ubuntu inside KVM while I got everything setup completely.01:32
LopeNow I want to boot that LV on the metal.01:32
tomreynLope: so which system are you running deboostrap on, using which version of debootstrap?01:32
Lopei ran debootstrap long ago01:32
tomreynand which ubuntu version are you trying to install this way?01:32
LopeThe ubuntu LV is fully functional inside KVM01:33
LopeI bind mounted pts but I get the same error when I try to install grub01:33
LopeI found this https://serverfault.com/questions/443116/cannot-install-grub-to-raid1-md001:35
Lopegonna try the solution there01:35
tomreynyou're welcome to post the output of "lsblk -o+LABEL,UUID | nc termbin.com 9999", as run inside the chroot, here.01:36
tomreynthe serverfault answer would only apply if you repartitioned or replaced file systems recently01:37
Lopeoh, I didn't.01:44
=== hltrd is now known as holoturoide
LopeGeez I should have been more careful. That dd command wiped out my partition tables completely.01:45
LopeI had to re-create them and hope I made them the same.01:45
tomreynyou shoulöd reboot now.01:45
Lopeokay, rebooting01:45
kubkdeIf he reboots he wouldn't be able to enter GRUB?01:46
LopeI'm rebooting back into the recovery ISO01:46
LopeThe reboot ensures that my partition tables are legit.01:46
tomreynthe kernel was probably no longer in synch with partitions on disk, so this reboot was needed.01:46
LopeSo how can I get grub to install, that's the million dollar question?01:47
LopeI mean it should just work :/01:47
nohopI have this issue where, once in a while (I'm guessing during grub upgrades, but it's hard to tell) my windows partition's (that I use in a VM, but is on an actual 'dedicated' drive) boot sector gets overwritten.01:49
=== holoturoide is now known as drrzmr
nohopAny idea what could cause this?01:49
Huliohi guys, in database perspective,   it is a good idea to use   header->details(tables with AppID field to distinction of each app)  in the same tables ?01:49
=== drrzmr is now known as eder
Huliostupid boss said create tables will slow down the performance of DB01:50
tomreynLope: if everything is mounted properly, and configured correctly, it will indeed just work. there are just a lot of things that can go wrong.01:50
Hulioi find it is not true01:50
nohopI did swap my 'old' boot drive to be my 'new' windows drive a while ago, but the only reference to it I can find is in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, as a menuentry. This shoudlnt' cause grub to write to it though, would it?01:50
=== eder is now known as drrzmr
Lopetomreyn, could it be a problem with fstab?01:54
tomreynLope: the error message grub reported was about md0 earlier. what is the error message now? if it still reports that md0 is missing, it could be that you have a bad line for md0 in /etc/fstab01:56
Lopedamn, I've got a huge problem.01:56
LopeThe new partition tables I made weren't perfect.01:56
tomreynHulio: you should be asking this question on a support channel of the database server you're using.01:56
Lopenow it's not finding my md1 or LVM01:57
Lopeis there any way to figure out what the alignment should be?01:57
LopeWhen I created the first partition, it said it detected a RAID partition01:57
LopeBut when I created the 2nd partition it didn't say that.01:57
tomreynLope: in this situation, personally i would just reinstall, restoring backups if needed.01:58
LopeI hear you but my backups aren't current01:58
nueo/ does anyone have experience with fusefs where say, 100 client nodes mount a single server node? i seem to be having issues mounting more then 63 clients01:58
tomreynLope: you just learnt the hard way that you need to have current backups before you start editing partition tables.01:59
tomreynLope: testdisk *might* be able to detect previous partition tables, but it's not that likely after you already created new ones.02:00
tomreyn(I'm not offering to guide you there.)02:01
tomreynnohop: so you have some undiclosed version of ubuntu running as the main system on bare metal, and you have some undisclosed virtualization software with a windows guest system which is installed directly on a physical disk?02:03
nohoptomreyn: I run ntu 16.04 (n (now 18.04, i'm not sure if the update to 18.04 did it, but it happened many times in 16.04). I run windows 7 in Qemu/KVM. I'm using a physical disk partition as the 'disk image' for the virtual machine.02:06
nohopI did a grep -r on both /etc/ and /boot with the disk (sda), disk-id AND disk-uuid. that grub line seems the only relevant hit. But it seems strange to me that that could cause grub to want to write to that partition.02:07
tomreynnohop: you'Re saying you run Ubuntu 16.04, but you also mention an "update to 18.04", so which one is correct?02:07
nohopSorry, not a disk partition. An actual disk.02:08
tomreynnohop: if os-prober found the windows installation (or any other bootable installation) on the physical disk the windows installation is on, it may well be that it installed the grub boot loader to this disk.02:09
nohoptomreyn: It happened multiple times while running 16.04. I upgraded to 18.04 today, and after a reboot the VM's botosector was overwritten again. I have no way to tell if that upgrade to 18.04 one did it, or if some previous apt-get upgrade did it. I don't reboot often enough to know when something breaks.02:09
nohoptomreyn: Why would it do this, and can I kill the os-prober? My 'bare metal' only ever boots to Linux.02:10
tomreynnohop: i suggest uninstalling os-prober to prevent this from happening, unless you need it to keep the boot stanza updated so you can boot the physical system to windows.02:11
nohopI dd'd images of the bootsectors now, so that it will be an easy fix next time (This is a BITCH with windows 10.)02:11
nohopOh, there's no dependencies? I can just get rid of the fucker? That's great :)02:11
tomreyn!language | nohop02:11
ubottunohop: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList02:11
nohopOh, wow. And I was being so civil! :)02:12
nohopRemoving os-prober (1.74ubuntu1)02:12
nohopWoohoo. Let's see if my VM keeps running for a few months this time!02:12
nohopThanks man.02:13
tomreynyou're welcome.02:13
kubkdenohop, do you know of any recent guides for doing passthroughs? I'm having trouble finding good documentation02:16
nohopkubkde: Ouch. No. I did it a long time ago, and it still works. Fingers crossed02:19
LopeI accidentally messed up my MBR partition table. I tried to re-create it perfectly with f-disk. It seems to have found md0, however md1 doesn't come up and my LVM inside md1 is not detected. I ran testdisk https://i.imgur.com/rsdp3vil.png it sees the md1 and the LVM. What must I do to restore it?02:20
nohopI think I'm using the pci_stub thing02:20
nohopAnd I write the vendor and devices to /sys/bus/pci/drivers/vfio-pci/new_id02:21
nohopkubkde: What's the problem you're having?02:23
kubkdenohop, I've not gotten too far into it; I've added the bus ID to be passed through and it showed but with an error. I am about to reformat so I won't be checking in on it, but it's still good then that the older guides on it will still work02:26
nohopIt was a pain in the a to get working though.02:27
nohopAlso beware that NVIdia try to make life hard for you.02:27
nohopAnd AMD might have reset-issues.02:27
kubkdeYeah...it's going to suck until it doesn't lol. W7 is a personal preference or does it perform the best in VM? My laptop has a 'baked in' product key that only works for W1002:29
nohopI _just_ upgraded to win10 about a week or so ago.02:31
nohopFrom 7. So I don't know yet. So far so good. Aside from overwritten bootsectors :)02:31
nohopThat was, as we were talking about earlier, probably os-prober's fault. :)02:32
kubkdeGetting probed is never good news for anyone02:33
nohopUnless you're Cartman in the first episode.02:33
=== fred_1121 is now known as Guest83975
nohopNah, probably still nto good news.02:33
kubkdeI'm going to decide on a host distro and work it out. Thanks for the tips!02:34
nohopAnyways. I've been running it for years. It works well. I also created a chroot installation for qemu, in case stuff breaks.02:34
=== drrzmr is now known as holoturoide
nohopI'm _guessing_ that these days it might actually work directly from virt-manager.02:35
nohopBack then there was still too much stuff broken, so I just wrote a bash script that calls qemu directly.02:36
Deihmosis the livepatch really a snap app?02:37
tomreynDeihmos: yes. what makes you doubt it?02:37
Deihmosi thought i could avoid snaps02:38
Deihmosis there no other option?02:38
tomreynyyou can choose not to use livepatch02:38
kubkdePassthrough is a built in option for kernel compiling actually, so I think I have a leg up in that area02:39
Deihmosi thought there was a deb02:39
nohopkubkde: What do you mean?02:40
tomreynDeihmos: not that i heard of, and it would seem unlikely. generally livepatch is a Canonical offering, we can't go into much detail in here.02:40
tomreyn!livepatch | Deihmos02:40
ubottuDeihmos: Canonical Livepatch is a service offered by Canonical for 64 bit 14.04 and higher installs that modifies the currently running kernel for updates without the need to restart. More information can be found at https://ubottu.com/y/livepatch and https://www.ubuntu.com/server/livepatch02:40
kubkdenohop, when compiling the Linux kernel, there's an option to have KVM passthrough by default. The only things necessary on the user end is adding which devices to pass through in /etc/modprobe.d02:41
kubkdeBut tbh I'm not entirely sure what you mean by calling qemu if KVM is the hypervisor. I should read more...02:43
nohopkubkde: I never recompiled my kernel for it. And, yes, you do need to tell it which devices to pass throuhg. Probably in your ramdisk (before any other drivers that might use the device are loaded)02:43
nohopqemu can use KVM02:43
kubkdeRight. Should I be blacklisting my integrated gfx so it doesn't take priority? I'm afraid if I do that I wouldn't have anything on screen02:44
nohopYou definitely should prevent that driver from being loaded, yes.02:45
nohopYou won't be able to pass it through at all otherwise.02:45
kubkdeGreat, ty02:46
nohopkubkde: A better way is to edit /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and use the pci_stub02:46
nohopFor example, in my case, I added the line "pci_stub ids=10de:1c02,10de:10f1" to that file. Which makes the pci_stub drive (a dummy driver, basically) 'grab' those ID's before any other driver can.02:47
nohop(those are the ID's of my GPU and it's companion audio device)02:47
kubkdeIf my GPU doesn't have an audio PCI ID, is it fine to have only one ID added?02:50
nohopit's just a comma-separated list. Any number of ID's is fine.02:51
nohopYou have to pay attention to IOMMU groups though.02:51
nohopMaybe a thing to google... Or google if when it doesn't work :)02:51
kubkdeDefinitely going to be googling a lot tonight :(02:52
nohopFun stuff :)02:53
kubkdeI think I'm going to make it complicated and use CentOS to run Windows and Ubuntu/unix for the sake of using a distro made for it02:54
kubkdeOr maybe not. Lol. Thanks! I'll be off now02:55
nohopNever tried CentOs, wouldn't know.02:56
nohopSwitched to Debian probably about 20 years ago. Used Debian and Ubuntu pretty much exclusively when it comes to linux ever since.02:57
Lopehow do I make this structure in fdisk? https://i.imgur.com/rsdp3vil.png02:57
lkeithuhello everybody03:48
thikhush now03:50
Huliohi guys, how to extract .rar file03:50
thiktry #windows03:51
Hulionah got it: sudo apt-get install unrar03:52
LopePlease tell me if I have started my 2nd partition at the correct offset? (I got the offset by using fdisk's defaults and selecting a first partition of 512M. https://i.imgur.com/g7ENn50.png03:54
slackinso, anyone know how I can disable d3 for a pci card when going in to suspend?04:02
wyseguyis there any different from installing ubuntu mate rather than ubuntu 18.04 then installing the mate desktop via sudo tasksel install ubuntu-mate-desktop?04:07
wyseguyi just hate the unity look04:08
lordcirth_wyseguy, not much.04:08
wyseguyi just remember having a lot of issues with ubuntu mate with multi monitors and such and no issues with regular ubuntu04:09
tomreynwyseguy: ubuntu 18.04 uses gnome-shell, not unity, by default.04:09
wyseguythey how come it looks like unity?04:10
wyseguyi want it to look like the mate desktop. if i can get that i would be at home :)04:10
tomreynit was designed to provide a similar look to unity. but the underlying DE differs, and it is possible to revert most of the changes if oyu desire to do so.04:11
=== guiverc_d is now known as guiverc
Kyroswyseguy: i have a feeling you would like the dash to panel extension04:12
wyseguyKyros, i just want old school gnome look, way more productive with that setup04:13
Kyrosyeah try that04:13
wyseguybut i remember having little issues with mate where i didnt with regular ubuntu04:13
Kyrosyou are going to want these three packages gnome-shell-extensions gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel gnome-tweaks04:13
wyseguynot sure what was causing the issues04:13
wyseguyokay, ill install those04:13
Kyrosuse the gnome-tweaks tool to enable the extension, logout ad back in, then you will be able to config it through the same tool04:14
wyseguyis there any real big difference from mate to the regular ubuntu?04:14
Kyrosthe underlying system is pretty much the same04:14
Kyrosif you mean ubuntu-mate vs ubuntu04:14
wyseguyi just want a vanilla install rather than tweaks and such04:14
wyseguyKyros, yes, ubuntu-mate vs ubuntu04:15
Kyrosfor what its worth i used to use mate and switch to this setup04:15
Kyrosand i actually like it better04:15
wyseguyKyros, what setup?04:15
wyseguythe tweaks?04:15
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
Kyrosgnome with the dash to panel extension04:15
wyseguyokay ill give that a try04:15
Kyrosthe tweaks tool just makes it easy to config extensions04:15
Kyrosits not like some weird thing04:16
wyseguyokay let me set it up04:16
wyseguywhat about dash-to-dock?04:17
wyseguylooking for where to enable the extension under tweaks04:20
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
tomreynyou install them as packages via apt. gnome-shell-extensions provides several extensions, but there are also separately packages ones. once installed, you can manage them using gnome-tweaks -> "Extensions" or at https://extensions.gnome.org/local/ .04:26
Lopetomreyn, great news!!!04:44
LopeI found an old terminal window open that had all the partition offsets in them from an fdisk -l output :)04:45
LopeI re-created the partitions with the exact offsets and it all magically works again.04:45
LopeNow the only issue is getting the grub install to succeed!04:45
RandolfLogin takes approximately 10 seconds on my new HP Envy x360 laptop (Intel i7 CPU, and nVidia GeForce video).  Then, when I go to shut down the system crashes at the last step and the CPU fan starts to run to get rid of the heat.  But, if I don't login, the shutdown/reboot process works without any problem.04:51
Randolf10 seconds is a very long time to wait for login, especially when my older i5 laptop logs in in under 1 second.04:52
RandolfIs this a known problem?  Is there a solution?  Thanks.04:52
ledeniLope: what error you got when try to install grub ' sudo install grub | nc termbin.com 9999'05:09
EriC^^ledeni: i think you mean sudo grub-install ?05:10
ledeniLope:  'sudo grub-install  | nc termbin.com 9999'05:13
Lopemy rescue ISO that I've booted is a 3.16 kernel.05:20
Jonno_FTWI have a problem where I can't install some packages because of this error:  libharfbuzz-dev : Depends: libglib2.0-dev (>= 2.19.1) but it is not going to be installed05:20
LopeI thought maybe that's why it can't install the chrooted grub05:20
Lopeso I just installed grub without being in the chroot. And it succeeded.05:21
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Jonno_FTWher's my full output: http://pastebin.ws/5ts4n205:22
lotuspsychjeJonno_FTW: did you add external ppa's to your system?05:23
Jonno_FTWlotuspsychje: I have some05:23
lotuspsychjeJonno_FTW: as we dont support them, please try to bring back your sources to the default ones05:23
Jonno_FTWmy gtk applications keep failing05:23
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | Jonno_FTW05:23
ubottuJonno_FTW: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html05:23
lotuspsychjeJonno_FTW: after you cleaned sources.list, sudo apt update again05:24
Jonno_FTWdo you think a ppa might be holding something back?05:24
lotuspsychjeJonno_FTW: external ppa's are often the cause of dependency hell yes05:25
Jonno_FTWlotuspsychje: is it not possible to find which package is causing the hold back?05:28
lotuspsychjeJonno_FTW: you are the owner of your system, that means you should know wich ppa's you added to your system, for what purpose of packafes that comes with it right?05:30
cyLawHello hello everyone06:35
* cyLaw waves to all !06:35
cyLawHow is omem_06:35
thomasberendsHello. I'm having a problem with audio on my new Dell XPS 15. The quality from both my bluetooth headset as from the build-in speakers is really bad. It's like I'm in a fishbowl. This is for both Spotify as with things like YouTube in Firefox.06:47
=== Thargoid_ is now known as stwalkerster
lotuspsychje!sound | thomasberends07:02
ubottuthomasberends: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.07:02
lotuspsychjethomasberends: sound is bad locally too like on vlc for example?07:03
thomasberendslotuspsychje: I'll try VLC too. Thanks for the useful links, that will keep me busy for a while.07:22
tomreynFieldy: i changed my mind, reported this already since it seems important enough that we want to have bug triage commence soon. This is bug 1822736 - I tagged it "security", so it is not currently public. If you tellme your Launchpad / Ubuntu SSO username I'd be happy to enable you to access it.07:56
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1822736 could not be found07:56
TrangarSilly ubottu, they just said it wasn't public07:57
lockedcan I get help with ssh?09:20
ayekatdepends on the question :-)09:21
lockedI have two laptops, one at work and one at home, they can connect via ssh when they are both on eduroam from the same building, but not if one of them is connected to any other eduroam (other university) or from home09:22
lockedcan't ping either09:22
mouseslocked: does the one @ home have SSH port 22 (or whatever port you use) allowed to pass both software and/or hardware firewall?09:24
lockedI can connect via teamviewer now on a distance. but it would be much more simple to use scp or ssh09:24
ayekatthat's probably because in the first case they're both in the same network, so most connections are allowed between machines inside09:24
mouses^^ this09:24
mousesif you are going network to network, you'll need to open a port09:24
ayekati.e. ask the eduroam maintainers to poke a hole into the network firewall for your machines, which is unlikely to happen09:25
aephi. any idea what i need to get callgrind to see debug symbols for C++/rust code on ubuntu? works by default on any other distro so i'm kinda lost09:25
lockedi checked the sshd_confid port 22 is commented, I can try to uncomment on both sides09:26
aep(even with the same valgrind version and the same target binary of course)09:26
ayekatlocked: no, the problem is that between the machines (i.e. between the two eduroam networks), there is a firewall that is blocking the connections09:28
locked@ayekat, so I can't solve it ?09:28
ayekatlocked: not really09:28
ayekatlocked: you'd need an intermediary machine (e.g. a server) outside the two networks that both your computers can access, and use that to bridge the connection09:29
ayekatlocked: which is what teamviewer appears to do, which is why that still works09:30
lockedI have access to a cluster, both machines can connect to that one but can't bridge. for example is I use ssh name@ip_second_machine, doesn't connect09:30
ayekatlocked: if both machines have access to the same machine, it may be worth looking at the -R option in ssh09:31
ayekatthen again... I assume you don't have root access to that cluster?09:31
lockedno root access on the cluster, no09:32
mouseslocked: best bet is going to be talking to the network admin/staff, in my humble opinion09:33
ayekatthe idea would be essentially: from machine A, ssh to machine B with the option -R {portnumber} (the syntax is a bit less trivial) - now any connection to that port {portnumber} on machine B will ssh-connect to machine A09:34
ayekatthe problem is that if the cluster is sitting behind a firewall, {portnumber} is probably not accessible either, so that is moot09:34
lockedthanks guys. I will send an email to the ITC but I ma quite sure they will not open any way for me to connect from home. I the worst case I will stick with teamviewer.09:35
ayekatnot to mention the question of whether you would be allowed to do such things - I don't think the cluster maintainers would be too happy if their machines were used for other purposes like this09:35
lockedtrue @ayekat09:35
ayekathonestly, I don't hink the network administrators are willing to poke a hole into their firewalls just so a random person can SSH from one machine to another :-}09:36
ayekat(and even if, you'd need to ask *two* administration teams, which reduces the likelihood even more)09:36
ayekatat least if I were the admin, I would reject09:37
realnotHi o/10:16
realnotHow I can find all version of a package available through package manager (not those installed)?10:17
realnotfor example here I can see only version 3.0.6 - https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/redis-server10:19
realnotbut the other ones?10:19
jeremy31realnot: There might be something in Synaptic Package Manager10:21
realnotjeremy31: looking man pages of apt-get10:22
lotuspsychjei succesfully installed 18.04.2 on an imac late 2009, but i cant seem to make the apple magic mouse 2 work on it: https://hastebin.com/fokokodexi.cs any ideas?10:23
realnottried apt-cache madison <pkg_name> and apt get without success. Always show the last available one10:26
jeremy31realnot: apt-cache showpkg <package-name> will list all the available versions10:26
gcclinuxignore my post :-p10:27
realnotjeremy31: http://dpaste.com/1QG8QGG10:28
realnotjeremy31: as you can see from there, there's online two version 3.0.6 and 3.0.6-1. Where are version 2.x.x or versions 3.0.1 and so on?10:28
jeremy31realnot: Those might not be available in the xenial repos10:29
realnotthis mean in xenial I can install only version 3.0.6? really?10:29
guiverc_dlotuspsychje, do you get any response from `xev` ?10:30
lotuspsychjeguiverc_d: lets see10:31
lotuspsychjeguiverc_d: no, only activity on the logitech mouse10:33
guiverc_dlotuspsychje, i'm reading https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/how-to-get-apple-magic-mouse-to-work-18-04/18047  (maybe it has clues)10:33
lotuspsychjeguiverc_d: cant see the magic mouse in blueman neither10:33
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BluesKajHi folks10:56
=== andyhuzhill_ is now known as andyhuzhill
guiverc_dHi gcclinux, if you have a Ubuntu support question, please just ask it.  Someone will answer/respond if they & when they can.  Please try & keep question to a single line, and be patient awaiting reply11:21
gcclinux<guiverc_d> no questions but happy to help when I can :-)11:22
guiverc_dthat's even better gcclinux :)  Welcome !11:23
S4renHi all, does anyone know if ubuntu provides an alternative to the "LINKDELAY" option that Centos has?11:23
gcclinuxClient: HexChat 2.14.2 • OS: Ubuntu "cosmic" 18.10 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3740QM CPU @ 2.70GHz (1.21GHz) • Memory: Physical: 7.5 GiB Total (3.7 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (1.9 GiB Free) • Storage: 339.1 GB / 495.4 GB (156.3 GB Free) • VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GF108GLM [NVS 5200M] @ Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor DRAM Controller • Uptime: 2d 1h 14m 14s11:24
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=== Leion1 is now known as Leion
lockedguys thanks for all. I close the chat for now11:51
tablericerunning the software updater on a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04, but the update is hanging on "Waiting for unattended-upgr to exit"... How should I proceed?11:55
gcclinuxtablerice, can you cancel it and then run a sudo apt update first?12:10
Oolperhaps close the graphical update window12:11
tablericegcclinux: I started with sudo apt update, but it threw an error as if synaptic was open or something similar. Then I opened the GUI updater and it was hanging. No worries- I rebooted and I'm up and running now. Thanks!12:12
gcclinux<tablerice> had the same issue turnout i lost my connection to the internet so as a quick hack just added nameserver into /etc/resolv.conf12:15
olspookishmagushello, anyone recalls the last release that would fit inside a CDRom?12:22
olspookishmagusI'm not talking about the "MinimalCD" option here, but the full .iso would burn in a 700MB CDR12:23
Lopecan openssh-kernel-server have some kind of connection limit? I'm having problems with a new debian where if I'm already connected I can't open new connections, neither SSH nor SSHFS. Any ideas?12:24
gcclinuxI think it must have been around ubuntu 11.0412:24
olspookishmagusyeah gcclinux seems so12:25
olspookishmagusubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso2011-04-27 17:07 nickserv 685M12:25
gcclinux<Lope> do you have /etc/security/limits.conf set and are you trying to login as root?12:27
Lopeyes, connecting as root12:28
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Lopegcclinux, the entire /etc/security/limits.conf is commented out12:28
gcclinux<Lope> have you tried connecting as a different user with more than one connection?12:28
Mead I have 18.04 currently installed, if I run the command "apt full-upgrade" would this install a newer number version of ubuntu? And what version would it take me to?12:29
EriC^^Mead: no it would update the whole system and kernel possibly, that's all12:29
EriC^^Mead: sudo do-release-upgrade could update you to 18.1012:30
pragmaticenigmaolspookishmagus: While you might be able to find an archived version of Ubuntu in a smaller format, if you intend to install it, you won't be able to update to the newer version. Older versions are going to be suspectible to many unpatched vulnerabilities. Please use care with your approach12:30
Meadand if I just run apt upgrade  it just installs the latest version the apps I have installed, and doesn't touch the OS?12:31
EriC^^Mead: it updates the programs but not the kernel or possibly any other program that needs to remove or install something new to satisfy dependencies12:31
EriC^^Mead: you don't want to upgrade the kernel?12:31
MeadI am trying to grasp what the commands do exactly12:32
gcclinuxLope, you need to try to use a different user first that way we can identify if it is a user security (root) or a config on your sshd (ClientAliveCountMax)12:33
EriC^^Mead: i see12:34
Lopegcclinux, okay, I've actually disconnected all clients, and now can't login. So it's a weird thing.12:35
LopeI've never experienced this before.12:35
gcclinuxLope, obvious questions here: ping ? routing? do you have physical access or only remotely?12:37
Meadso full-upgrade will upgrade apps and kernal/OS, and just "upgrade" will upgrade just apps, is this correct?12:37
EriC^^Mead: yeah, basically12:38
gcclinuxLope, on home network I sometimes get frozen connections or unable to re-establish but you can reboot or wait a few minutes then try again12:39
Lopeeven nc -z ip 1234; echo $? is just lagging and lagging.12:40
LopeI wonder if I have a MTU problem.12:40
gcclinuxLope, did you made any changes to your MTU settings or network settings?12:45
MeadEriC^^: thanks, gonna put this in my own words in my journal, then be back with more questions to clarify about more options. in a bit.12:48
EriC^^Mead: ok, no problem12:48
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NicoRomahi, anyone with connection problem to archive.ubuntu.com or security ?12:49
lotuspsychjeNicoRoma: pastebin your issues please?12:49
NicoRoma: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/InRelease  Could not connect to archive.ubuntu.com:80 (, connection timed out Could not connect to archive.ubuntu.com:80 (, connection timed out Could not connect to archive.ubuntu.com:80 (, connection timed out Could not connect to archive.ubuntu.com:80 (, connection timed out W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubun12:50
lotuspsychjeNicoRoma: are you behind a firewall or router?12:50
NicoRomano firewall or router...12:52
gcclinuxNicoRoma - Run just this to start apt-get -y update12:52
gcclinuxsudo apt-get -y update12:53
NicoRomahave this error on apt-get update12:53
gcclinuxi just had the error few minutes ago, rerun the update and all worked12:53
NicoRomanow is ok12:54
gcclinuxcool :-)12:54
NicoRomaerror... is down newly12:55
pragmaticenigmaNicoRoma: It is likely that the mirror sites are currently sync'ing with the primary repositories. Try again in a few hours12:56
estandoes this always happen when they're syncing? i haven't noticed it before and it's a little annoying :p12:58
lotuspsychjeestan: seems like the ubuntu-mirror people have some high traffic atm12:58
estanalright. i'll sit tight and weather the storm.12:59
pragmaticenigmaestan: Updates are continuously provided, the mirrors sync at least once per day with each other. There could also be server maintanence being performed leading to extended down time. Everyone in this channel is a volunteer, we unfortunately do not have insight to the inner workings of the mirrors used for distributing updates.13:00
estanpragmaticenigma: alright.13:02
ChunkzZlordcirth_ tomreyn I fixed the issue with minidlna! seems it was a problem with the install I was using; used a different ubuntu flavor and it's fine now! :)13:13
ChunkzZVideo files413:14
ChunkzZ:D :D :D :D13:14
lotuspsychjeChunkzZ: wich flavor?13:14
ChunkzZlotuspsychje: the official minimal iso from odroid.13:14
lotuspsychjeChunkzZ: thats not ubuntu?13:15
ChunkzZit is ubuntu bansed.13:15
xingwhat's up with securitt.ubuntu.com? does ubuntu has some kind of service status page?13:17
lotuspsychjexing: its being worked on atm13:17
xingsecurity.ubuntu.com rather13:17
xinglotuspsychje: ok13:18
lotuspsychjexing: there's a high traffic load currently13:18
lordcirth_ChunkzZ, see, this is why non-ubuntu distro's aren't supported, and why it doesn't help to lie to people who are trying to help you.13:18
cfhowlettworks perfec for me. xing13:18
ChunkzZhow was I lying lordcirth_ ?13:18
lordcirth_ChunkzZ, We asked several times what distro it was and you kept saying it was Ubuntu.13:19
ChunkzZit IS ubuntu.13:19
lordcirth_No, it isn't. It's ubuntu-based, as you said.13:19
ChunkzZstill ubuntu................13:19
lotuspsychje!derivatives > ChunkzZ13:19
ubottuChunkzZ, please see my private message13:19
lordcirth_Not for purposes of support here.13:19
pragmaticenigmaChunkzZ: This channel only supports the Ubuntu offerings that are provided directly from Canonical. Any other "ubuntu" that is not downloaded from one of the official Ubuntu sites is NOT ubuntu.13:20
xingcfhowlett: i get 48% packet loss13:20
cfhowlettxing eh?  I stated that security.ubuntu.com was up and working for me.  I can't advise about packet loss.13:21
Cheezis there an easy to hand list of mirrors instead of archive.ubuntu.com?13:33
cfhowlettcheeze https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors13:33
Cheezactually that means updating a dozen docker files. i think i'll just wait for it to come back and mark this as a non-urgent issue >_>13:34
aric49i see some chatter about the ubuntu apt repos --- I guess I'm not the only one having issues downloading updates13:36
Cheezyeah i'm just getting connection refused13:36
Lopegcclinux, i got it working, thanks bud13:36
cfhowlettchange mirrors?13:36
Cheezcfhowlett: just said i'm not going to do that, it's easier to wait :)13:36
LopeI think it was lack of entropy, but I also had problems in my firewall rulesm making tests hit and miss.13:37
gcclinuxLope, what was it in the end?13:37
pragmaticenigmacfhowlett: It is best to just wait it out13:37
Lopeinstalled haveged and fixed firewall13:37
cfhowlettpragmaticenigma, that is what I've always done.13:37
Lopessh server wasn't even picking up for nc -z13:37
pragmaticenigmacfhowlett: The main archive.ubuntu.com mirror is a load balancer, it ensure that all connections to the repositories are equally balanced to the nearest server to your estimated location as well as server loads. Telling people to manually change that offsets the efforts to ensure everyone has a good experience. Outages should be expected from time to time, and they are typically resolved within a couple hours13:39
cfhowlettpragmaticenigma, tl:dr   "Chillax for a bit and it'll be alright"13:40
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old_benzGetting timeouts from security.ubuntu.com and archive.ubuntu.com from multiple geographic locations.13:42
lotuspsychjeold_benz: its being worked on currently high loads13:42
Guest67332Hey Guys, Maybe be a real silly question, but somehow i have managed to break my desktop. I can still use my sidebar etc. but the desktop is non interactive. i can go through file browser or terminal and add/remove stuff and it appears on the desktop, but i cannot click nor right click on the desktop itself. This may have been a post product of playing around compiz and komorebi at the same time. any ideas how i can unbreak it?13:44
cfhowlettwhat have you tried thus far Guest6733213:46
__Myst__Hi, my brightness seems to get automatically reset to 100% even if i change it?13:46
__Myst__As in, not on reboot, but after a few seconds.13:46
__Myst__I have no crontab13:46
Guest67332Ive been messing around with the compiz settings just incase it caused the crash. Disabled all the "desktop features". Purged Komorebi. Sitting with a, as per ubuntu terms, standard desktop. beside that and checking if the GUI appearance settings would change anything. I havent tried any commands as of yet, my linux file system knowledge is not as great as i want it to be yet, scared to just start throwing commands around. i know 13:50
cfhowlettGuest67332, have you rebooted?13:50
Guest67332yeah, same thing13:50
nils_I'm seeing quite a few errors trying to install from ubuntu mirrors (404, 504)13:51
cfhowlettnils_, known issue.  wait awhile for the fix.  unknown duration.13:52
Cheezso is everyone, it's great, i just get to twiddle my thumbs and say it's an upstream issue :D13:52
Guest67332Should i just move over to a virtual console and reload?13:52
nils_cfhowlett, thanks, is there a status page or something?13:54
Guest67332Crazy thing, just noticed, keyboard commands work on desktop, its just the mouse that doesn't13:56
cfhowlettGuest67332, batteries!13:57
Guest67332Wired xD also i can move it around so yeah the mouse aint dead xD13:57
Guest67332Also, if i keyboard around and open a folder on the desktop by pressing enter, i can then interact with it with the mouse13:58
Guest67332Clearly, i break things properly when i do13:58
MeadGuest67332 I occationally have an issue like that with my mouse,  I find that unplugging and replugging in the the USB port fixes it14:03
Guest67332@Mead Sadly that didnt work, Mouse works everywhere else except the DE14:08
Meadwhat type of mouse?14:10
Meaderrr brand/model?14:10
nithyavWelcome to World of Ubuntu Linux14:11
Guest67332Standard microsoft mouse14:12
pragmaticenigmaGuest67332: To better help you, please provide more information about your machine: Which Ubuntu flavor and version, the kernel version if you know it, and what you did just prior to the machine expeciencing these issues14:15
Guest67332Its not a mouse issue tho, def a software/os issue, as i said earlier, probably my doing while i was checking out different desktop managers etc. This is my work PC where i normally just do recoveries and things Microsoft cant. But somewhere along the line i have managed to disable mouse control of the desktop only14:15
pragmaticenigmaGuest67332: Please answer my questions14:16
Guest67332im running Ubuntu 16.04, Linux 4.4.0-142-generic #168-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 16 21:00:45 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:16
pragmaticenigmaGuest67332: What settings were you trying to change with the desktop managers? Did you also notice the warning that comes with the compiz config saying that it will potentially break things if you are not careful14:19
Guest67332Yeah no i understand this is probably all entirely my fault, its not one big train smash if i cant fix it, this is only just my work PC, i can reload if push comes to shove. I was experimenting with feautures of Compiz for a client of mine. Mostly the Cube desktops and the desktop related features. I am slowly going through settings and seeing if any will fix my problem. Was just curious to find out if there is a simple solution l14:23
lotuspsychjeGuest67332: after enable some compiz settings, you need a reboot..is that whats happening?14:25
lotuspsychjeGuest67332: some of those features can make your desktop lock, like wobble windows etc..14:25
Guest67332Well the reboot doesnt seem to fix it. im busy disabling all the Compiz features and im gonna purge it to see if it sorts out this issue14:26
pragmaticenigmaGuest67332: I would recommend next time to test things using a virtual machine instead of your main desktop. VirtualBox is free and will save you a ton of time when things go south14:27
pragmaticenigmaGuest67332: Do you have a back up of your machine prior to tinkering?14:27
raubGuest67332: Did you just install packages or you also configured them?14:29
raubHow can I get a list of packages in an ubuntu iso?14:30
raubas in ubuntu install iso14:30
lotuspsychjeraub: you can add the install media to your sources list, then install like synaptics to see14:31
brendandhi, i'm sure i'm the millionth person asking this, but what's up with archive.ubuntu.com?14:32
leftyfbbrendand: they're working on it14:33
leftyfbuser_: can we help you with something?14:33
raublotuspsychje: That sounds complicate. Can I do it without having to edit my sources list? Just want to see where a package listed in the preseed config file is hiding as I cannot find a file matching that name14:34
brendandleftyfb, thanks, is there any kind of eta? if not, no worries14:34
pragmaticenigmaraub: Remeber to remove the CD from your sources list when you are done looking at the results. Otherwise the package manager will have trouble updating your machine14:34
pragmaticenigmabrendand: We are all volunteers here, we do not have knowledge about Canonicals server management14:35
lotuspsychjebrendand: feel free to idle in #ubuntu-mirrors14:35
raubpragmaticenigma: is there a way to do that *without* adding it to the sources list?14:35
pragmaticenigmaraub: It might help to know why you need the list, perhaps there is a more direct approach to answering your question14:36
raubpragmaticenigma: as mentioned before, there is a package being listed in the preseed config file I cannot find by simply searching for the name in the iso.14:37
ChunkzZQuick question, when in April is the new Ubuntu getting released?14:37
pragmaticenigmaraub: the first message I see from you occurred about 10 minutes ago. I have been in channel for the last 2 hours... there was no previous message14:38
leftyfbChunkzZ: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule14:38
pragmaticenigmaChunkzZ: When it's ready, we're volunteers here, we do not know the precise release schedule. The link leftyfb provided is an estimate, there may still be delays before it officially released.14:39
raubpragmaticenigma: you probably missed it because it was a reply to lotuspsychje :)14:39
ChunkzZleftyfb: will 19.04 be an lts release?14:40
leftyfbChunkzZ: no14:40
ChunkzZSo 9 months support?14:40
leftyfbChunkzZ: https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle14:41
lotuspsychjeChunkzZ: you just fixed issues on a derivative, now you are going to test 19.04?14:41
raubpragmaticenigma: in any case, someone created this install iso and it is not working, so I plan on just sucking the packages and installing them on a fresh ubuntu install matching the release number14:41
ChunkzZleftyfb: thanks14:41
pragmaticenigmaraub: more details are needed, like what is the package not being found, you're withholding information that would help the volunteers help you.14:42
leftyfbraub: use the official Ubuntu images. Otherwise, you won't find support here.14:42
twanAre there general mirror problems with archive.u.c & security.u.c?14:42
pragmaticenigmaraub: if the image is bad, it's bad, Build a new one14:42
leftyfbtwan: yes, they're working on it14:42
ChunkzZlotuspsychje: who said anything about testing 19.04?!14:42
twanleftyfb: Great, thx!14:42
raubpragmaticenigma: the issue is that you are trying to change the question. I just want to list the available packages in an install iso like I would do in by, say looking at http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/c/14:54
raubI think I just answered my question!14:54
R13oseHow do I fix the errors in terminal when updating and upgrading?  E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?14:56
cfhowlett!aptlock | R13ose14:56
ubottuR13ose: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:56
leftyfbR13ose: reboot14:56
cfhowlettthat's not even true leftyfb14:57
cfhowlettthis aint' windows.  reboots are not the default remedy14:57
R13oseFor almost all problems in Unix, you shouldn't have to reboot14:57
lotuspsychjeRandolf: can we help you?14:58
leftyfbcfhowlett: whatever has a lock on it should release it. If not, then the lock file will need to be deleted manually. Though if something is using it, then you'll need to track that down instead. A reboot will certainly clear out whatever is using it and if it's still after a reboot, then it's safe to delete.14:58
leftyfbSo yes, that is true. That IS a good solution.14:58
Randolflotuspsychje: Actually, I'm having problems with slow logins on a new laptop.  It's an HP Envy x360 which has an i7 CPU and an nVidia GeForce video card.14:59
R13oseThanks cfhowlett that worked out14:59
cfhowlettR13ose, happy2help14:59
lotuspsychjeRandolf: wich chipset of nvidia please?14:59
R13oseHow did the APT front-end crash and my database be locked?14:59
Randolflotuspsychje: And when I shutdown or reboot, the system freezes and the CPU fan starts running instead of the system powering off (or rebooting).14:59
BlueProtomanI have a laptop running Ubuntu 18.10.  My laptop's built-in screen is not displaying anything (and in fact is not even being recognized), but I can output to a monitor via VGA just fine.  Any ideas?14:59
heloare there any reports of repository slowness? i'm having some issues15:00
cfhowlettR13ose, if something didn't complete the sudo process, e.g. an installation, that would do it.15:00
RandolfBut, if I choose shutdown (or reboot) before logging in (i.e., at the login prompt), Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS completes the process properly.15:00
RandolfI'll try to find out which chipset I have.15:00
cfhowletthelo, several.  wait for the fix upstream15:00
helogreat, thanks15:00
R13oseWhen is 19.04 coming out?15:00
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: graphics driver installed correctly? sudo lshw -C video15:00
nils_is there a channel op here? I think the repository issues should be mentioned in the /topic15:00
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Yes, I am currently using my laptop's nVidia driver.15:01
lotuspsychjenils_: its being worked on currently15:01
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: chipset? driver version please?15:01
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rPS9vwJBj6/15:02
lotuspsychjenils_: the channel working on mirrors has the useful info in topic15:02
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: And I have driver version 41515:02
Fieldytomreyn: fyi I created a launchpad account and attempted to create a bug for the long password sudo issues. but launchpad itself seems to be having issues, saying it timed out etc (the site says this, not my browser). I will try again later15:02
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: so you have a black screen at boot correct?15:03
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Correct.  And all the timer after.  No weird flashing or glitching or anything.  And my laptop screen was fine last night.15:03
Randolflotuspsychje: According to "sudo lshw -C video" its seems that I have:  GP108M [GeForce MX150]15:04
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: try to get in !nomodeset and install another driver version as a test?15:04
lotuspsychjeRandolf: driver=..?15:04
NicoRomano info about repository sync?15:04
lotuspsychjeNicoRoma: still working on it15:04
Randolflotuspsychje: I'm still fairly new to Ubuntu.  How can I find that out?15:04
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Don't wanna reconfigure my system like that until I can confirm that this is a driver issue.  How can I diagnose this in more detail?15:05
lotuspsychjeRandolf: the same command i gave you, at bottom15:05
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: if you have a black screen, there's not too many options right, kernels try, nomodeset,..15:06
Randolflotuspsychje: I'm sorry, I must have missed it.  What is the command?15:06
lotuspsychjeRandolf: scroll up please15:06
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: I'll try booting into nomodeset.  However, not even the BIOS screen or GRUB displays on my laptop (they do on the VGA monitor though).15:07
Randolflotuspsychje: Did you mean "sudo lshw -C video"?15:07
lotuspsychjeRandolf: yes15:07
lotuspsychjeRandolf: at bottom it should give you driver=15:07
RandolfOh, I see it:  driver=nouveau latency=015:08
lotuspsychjeRandolf: allright, what gives you: ubuntu-drivers list please15:08
benharrianyone else notice archive.ubuntu.com and security.ubuntu.com being _super_ slow rn?15:09
nils_lotuspsychje, see what I mean? ;)15:09
Randolflotuspsychje: nvidia-driver-39015:09
lotuspsychjebenharri: its being worked on currently due high traffic15:09
benharriok just wanted to make sure it wasn't on my end15:10
benharrithanks :)15:10
lotuspsychjenils_: you are part of the community, feel free to ask in #ubuntu-ops15:10
nils_we're all suffering15:10
lotuspsychjeRandolf: try to install the 39015:10
Randolflotuspsychje: It's not installed?  Hmm, I'm not sure how to do that.  I guess I'll use "apt search 390" to find it...15:11
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lotuspsychjeRandolf: ubuntu-drivers autoinstall15:11
Fieldybenharri: yup i get timeouts15:11
RandolfOh, okay, I'll try that.15:11
Fieldyi'm sure they're workin on it15:11
pragmaticenigmaR13ose: We are volunteers here and are not privileged to know when Canonical will actually release the next version. You can check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule for updates, though the schedule may change without notice15:12
Randolflotuspsychje: It's waiting to download.  I'll provide an update in a little while.  Thanks so much for your help.15:12
lotuspsychjeRandolf: welcome15:12
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: for your GTX i would test a lower driver from the ubuntu graphics ppa15:13
* Mead wonders why linux users would purchase nvidia cards15:14
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Is there a log of updates I can check?  My laptop has been on for two weeks straight (including sleep mode)15:14
lotuspsychjeMead: you could discuss that in #ubuntu-discuss15:14
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: dpkg logs15:14
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: With that two weeks ending last night15:14
pragmaticenigmaMead: Is there something that we can help you with?15:14
Meadpragmaticenigma: not at the moment, but thanks for asking15:16
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twobitspriteIs it just me, or is archive.ubuntu.com being really slow?15:22
leftyfbtwobitsprite: Canonical is aware and working on it15:23
pragmaticenigmatwobitsprite: It is a known issue, please be patient as there are efforts being made to remedy the situation15:23
twobitspriteleftyfb, pragmaticenigma: thanks!15:23
pavlostwobitsprite: wait a few hours ...15:23
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Within the past two weeks, possibly relevant packages that I have installed or upgraded include mesa-vdpau-drivers, mesa-va-drivers, and nvidia-settings.  This excludes an upgrade I did today *after* I noticed my display problem.15:24
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: can i ask you, where you got 415 from?15:25
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Checking my drivers in Software & Updates15:25
frechdachs69I currently get 'Bad signature' from net-retriever while doing a mini.iso based installation; any idea?15:27
frechdachs69Bad signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key" ?15:28
pragmaticenigmafrechdachs69: The software mirrors are currently experiencing outages, they are being worked on15:28
frechdachs69pragmaticenigma: ahh ... thx15:28
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: To clarify, I *am* using my nvidia drivers properly right now.  `nvidia-smi` displays information about my GPU.  It's just that my laptop's built-in display isn't working.15:28
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: its not because the drivers are installed properly, they are the best for your system15:29
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Sorry, I don't understand, what do you mean?15:29
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: it means you can install any driver you choose, but that does not mean its the best driver fro your card15:30
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Ah.  Gotcha.15:30
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: so do you recall where you downloaded it from?15:30
Randolflotuspsychje: I'm noticing a lot of "i386" references in the files being downloaded for the nVidia GeForce drivers.  I thought Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was only 64-bit.  I just want to make sure the right files are being downloaded.15:30
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: The graphics-drivers PPA, I think15:31
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: so you just picked latest, or did the ubuntu-drivers autoinstall?15:31
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: I don't remember, but I *have* turned my laptop on and off multiple times since I did install the driver back in February and had no problems15:32
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: im curious wich driver ubuntu proposes for your card, aka: ubuntu-drivers list15:32
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: This is the list http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HdVrtR5Ffb/15:33
lotuspsychjeRandolf: when ubuntu installs the driver, it takes what it needs15:33
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: lets try a 390 for starters?15:34
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: `ubuntu-drivers devices` suggests 418 http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ktHn9ZNHZ2/15:34
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: yeah thats reccomended from the ubuntu ppa i presume15:35
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: can you still reach login window, or black screen from boot?15:36
Randolflotuspsychje: Okay.  I've found that apt (which it looks like "ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" is using) has been fully reliable for that.  The repositories are slow today, but that's okay.15:36
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Black screen on my laptop's built-in display, including before Linux starts (i.e. the BIOS menu and GRUB).  Everything works fine on an external VGA monitor.15:37
lotuspsychjeRandolf: after its installed, try a reboot. if you get a black screen use !nomodeset to get in okay15:37
Randolflotuspsychje: Okay, I'll do that.  I don't know where I'd need to enter !nomodeset though, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.15:38
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: allrighty, lets try a nomodeset as a test?15:38
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Okay, how do I do that?15:38
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | BlueProtoman15:39
ubottuBlueProtoman: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:39
compdocBlueProtoman, you dont see the bios boot screens?15:39
BlueProtomancompdoc: Not on my laptop's built-in screen.  But I do on a VGA monitor I have connected.15:40
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: you did not push the Fn + F screen to a black screen right?15:41
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Correct.15:41
Croephaare the ubuntu mirrors slow for anyone but me ?15:41
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: think was compdoc suggests, if you dont have screen at bios neither might be faulty hardware15:42
compdoc.BlueProtoman, some laptops have a key combo that can shut off the internal screen15:42
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: If that's the case, I'm extra-confused.  Because my laptop's built-in screen has not been acting weirdly recently.15:43
BlueProtomancompdoc: Which key combos would that be?  Or, alternatively, which little icons should I be looking for on my Fn keys?15:43
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: lets say it this way, ubuntu cant break the screen at bios level15:43
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: That's why I was hesitant to change my drivers, but I need to make sure I'm not crazy.15:43
compdocdepends on the brand, etc. google it for your model'15:43
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: ddi you try to get in grub yet?15:44
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: What, nomodeset?  No, not yet, I'm looking up my laptop model online to see if other people have had this issue15:44
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: no, i mean just a good old grub enter with holding shift15:45
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: I dual-boot with Windows, so I enter GRUB by default anyway15:45
BlueProtoman...though I haven't used Windows in a while.15:45
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: you just said you had a black screen at boot too?15:46
lotuspsychjeBlueProtoman: you see grub, but you cant see bios?15:46
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Laptop's screen is black.  But I can see it on a monitor.  Let me reboot and come back with a picture.15:46
RandolfI had to stop using Windows 10 because it kept crashing itself into blue screens after downloading many hours of updates.  My only regret about switching to Unbuntu Linux 18.04 LTS (which has been rock solid stable for me, and tremendously faster) is that I didn't switch earlier.15:46
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: You would not believe what just happened.15:48
BlueProtomanlotuspsychje: Right as I was about to take a picture to illustrate my problem, my problem went away.15:49
eater9-Some of my desktop processes tend to silently die in the background after a few days (clipit, autokey, pavucontrol). Any recommendations for a way to auto-restart them if they die? I'm looking at Monit but it might be overkill.15:51
pragmaticenigmaeater9-: It might be a good idea to look into the logs to see why they're dying... also, are you sure they're completely dead, and not just a thread failed?15:53
eater9-pragmaticenigma: they seem to be completely dead, and it seems to happen with applications that have a system tray presence when I change monitors15:57
pragmaticenigmaeater9-: Like going from a docking station to just a laptop (or unplugging a monitor to take a laptop mobile)?15:58
eater9-pragmaticenigma: exactly. but it's hard to reproduce reliably16:00
pragmaticenigmaeater9-: While it's the long way round, I would encourage you to file bug reports for each of those. I'm sure others could be experiencing the same issue.16:01
pragmaticenigmaeater9-: I'm wondering if something else is crashing and taking those applets with it16:01
eater9-pragmaticenigma: yeah, docking and undocking this laptop has a number of side effects that right now I'm just trying to work around and/or minimize16:04
egyptian_is the repo http://archive.ubuntu.com/ down?16:18
pragmaticenigmaegyptian_: Yes16:19
egyptian_pragmaticenigma: can you link me the statuspage for it?16:19
frechdachs69pragmaticenigma: is there any status page?16:24
pragmaticenigmaegyptian_: There is no status page that I am aware of16:24
pragmaticenigmafrechdachs69: egyptian_: you can idle in #ubuntu-mirrors to see if there are any updates16:25
JordiGHHaving trouble reaching security.ubuntu.com during `apt update`, is that what you guys are already talking about?16:25
pragmaticenigmaJordiGH: yes16:26
tewardJordiGH: known issue, I would idle in #ubuntu-mirrors for ongoing updates (however there's no updates at this time)16:26
JordiGHWonder if this will make a frontpage HN post.16:28
JordiGHOh, I can reach it again.16:29
pragmaticenigmaJordiGH: The issues have been intermittent16:29
JordiGHSomeone must be uploading a massive still-embargoed security fix.16:30
eater9-pragmaticenigma: they're not all tray apps though, pavucontrol for instance. Maybe there's a tool that can notify me when something dies so I can try to find the cause(s)?16:40
pragmaticenigmaeater9-: There are some commands for journalctl that you can use (assuming you're on Ubuntu 18.04 or newer , I'm not sure if anything older has it)16:52
eater9-I am .. what are the commands?16:53
pragmaticenigmaunfortunately I'm not very familiar with them. I just know how to retrieve the previous boot's log16:53
eater9-pragmaticenigma: I don't see anything in the logs pertaining to these dying processes anyway, so I was thinking I need some way to regularly monitor or poll their status16:57
pragmaticenigmaeater9-: I think the tool you mentioned earlier is probably the solution. I think it can send an e-mail/dbus alert when it restarts something16:57
eater9-pragmaticenigma: OK, thanks ... I'll try to get that configured to do what I want16:58
dgoadeubuntu -- do you see me?16:59
dgoadeif you do then I must exist, right?17:00
compdoctoo early for those kinds of questions17:00
dgoadedoes anyone have status on mirror
dgoadei'm getting a lot of timeout from apt in aws codebuild17:00
compdocit happens. i think there are aopt commands to clean up that syuff17:01
dgoadeso -- no known issues with that mirror? I don't know which one it is but I assume US since that's where I'm based.17:02
dgoadeor at least oin AWS us-east-117:02
pavlosdgoade: that host seems up but ping times are about 150ms (accessing from west coast)17:04
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dgoadethanks for the reply, pavlos. I see that from the east coast too.17:05
dgoadei'm thinking of tweaking the /etc/apt/sources.list file17:06
dgoadei would expect it to automatically try other mirrors by default though17:06
gvvg_Hi - I just installed ubuntu 18.04.2 and used LVM which I never have used before17:13
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gvvg_I it has created /dev/sda1 1M bios boot     /dev/sda2  1G and /dev/sd3 399GB17:13
gvvg_simply put can I add the 399GB to my current running server? I thought it would have been done automagically :)17:15
xamithanUh,  if you did it during install.  It was17:16
gvvg_I guess I didn't now I am not sure what to do? what can I pastebin to show you my system?17:18
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appleguruanyone know why setting multiple static IPs on one NIC like this isn’t working reliably?17:21
xamithanSo your vg has all the space,  you need to add it to your lv17:23
appleguruseems to work ok if I do it manually17:24
applegurusudo ip address add dev enp1s017:24
xamithan"lvextend -r -l 100%FREE /path/to/lv" will probably do the truck17:24
appleguruhow can I acheive the same via the interfaces file?17:24
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gvvg_xamithan: and path to lv would be? sorry it is quite confusing to me17:28
lordcirth__gvvg_, run 'lvdisplay'17:28
pavlosappleguru: did you up/down enp1s0 ? (systemctl restart network)17:30
appleguruyes, even rebooted17:30
appleguruI can usually get one ip to work17:30
applegurubut more than one extra does not17:30
pavlosappleguru: ip addr show should show you 2 ip (in inet)17:33
hescomy builds are taking forever today.  They depend for a few packages on archive.ubuntu.com, which seems to be the bottleneck.  Are others experiencing these issues?17:42
hescoperhaps after my errand, it will be time to investigate leveraging aptly's capacity to host a proxy for remote repos.17:44
hescoxamithan: imaging that your 'yes' might have been in response to my question.  I just now joined this channel, not sure what conversations I may have walked in on.17:45
lordcirth__hesco, the problem with the mirrors is known and being worked on.17:46
leftyfbhesco: yes, there are known issues with the repos today17:46
leftyfb!who | xamithan17:46
ubottuxamithan: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:46
hescothanks lordcirth__, leftyfb.  That is appreciated.17:47
hescooff to those errands, then.17:47
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GoodCauseayyy where do i buy a verified user acct for FB?18:40
lotuspsychje!ot | GoodCause18:40
ubottuGoodCause: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:40
hggdhGoodCause: I do not know, but this is not a support issue18:40
tewardhggdh: nor is it something on topic on Freenode, it sounds like account hijacking purchasing :P18:41
GoodCauseyea yea yea whats a better chan for this query?18:41
GoodCausenot hijacking, purchasing18:41
lordcirth__!alis | GoodCause18:41
ubottuGoodCause: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:41
GoodCausethx friends18:41
tewardGoodCause: same basic problem, it's offtopic on Freenode I think.18:41
GoodCausewell i appreciate ur time thx and keep up the gr8 twerk18:42
wamichoHello I need assistance on connecting GNS3 to virtualbox anyone with ideas18:44
wamichowhat is the port virtualbox uses ?18:44
lordcirth__wamicho, the port it uses for what?18:45
=== Class7_ is now known as Class7
wamicholordcirth_  on GNS it needs IP and port probably there is where i am going wrong18:48
wamichoof the virtual machine18:48
lordcirth__wamicho, to ssh to the VM?18:50
wamichoi need to add the VMS to GNS318:50
lordcirth__If you want ssh, you need to port forward an external port to port 22 on the VM.18:51
Kurt-xubuntuhello i have an old core2duo desktop machine it has always been solid as a rock under xubuntu been running it on this box for ages recently reformated put a fresh version of xubuntu 18.04 on it having a video issue when the monitor goes to sleep and you wake it back up everything is washed out in white if you force x to restart it comes back at the log in screen18:51
Kurt-xubuntukinda anoying18:51
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: wich graphics card & driver is that please18:51
Kurt-xubuntudescription: VGA compatible controller18:55
Kurt-xubuntuproduct: 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller18:55
Kurt-xubuntuvendor: Intel Corporation18:55
Kurt-xubuntuphysical id: 18:55
lotuspsychjeuse a pastebin Kurt-xubuntu please18:55
lordcirth__!paste | Kurt-xubuntu18:55
ubottuKurt-xubuntu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:55
Kurt-xubuntucomplete specs file18:57
Kurt-xubuntuwas just easier that way18:58
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: so this issue only happens when your system hibernates and comes back?19:00
pragmaticenigmaKurt-xubuntu: Please use pastebin, volunteers are leary of downloading unknown files to their systems19:00
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: can you pastebin us your dmesg please?19:02
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: intel driver is loaded, lets have a look in your dmesg maybe we can find more19:03
Kurt-xubuntusorry i had lost that tab had to find it19:03
Kurt-xubuntuthat looks intresting19:08
lotuspsychjety Kurt-xubuntu19:08
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: so can you confirm this was working on kernel 4.15 and now its getting you troubles on 4.18 right?19:09
Kurt-xubuntuya just started to happen couple days ago i can boot into grub and fire up the last kernel and see if it still happens19:10
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: if you would test a few kernels yes, that would surely help19:11
Kurt-xubuntuok will let you know19:11
lotuspsychje!acpi | Kurt-xubuntu see also19:11
ubottuKurt-xubuntu see also: to debug ACPI issues on ubuntu make sure your bios is up to date and follow the procedure here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI19:11
Kurt-xubuntuthank you19:12
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: any luck?19:23
Kurt-xubuntuwell i rolled it back from kernel .16 to kernel .1519:24
olderfoxHello world19:25
Kurt-xubuntulets see what dmesg spits out now19:25
lotuspsychjeolderfox: can we help you?19:26
ioriaKurt-xubuntu, what is .16  kernel ?19:26
olderfoxI'm a new user of ubuntu, So just look around19:27
olderfoxTHank for you carry me19:28
lotuspsychjeolderfox: welcome to ubuntu support, if you have ubuntu support questions here's the place to ask19:28
olderfoxGot it, Thank you19:29
imihi how can I disable that "beep" sound that is autible when you keep pressing the up key in an empty gedit editor?19:31
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: those are the subnumbers og 4.1819:32
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: i bet that did not solve19:32
Kurt-xubuntuwell it was working fine till couple days ago19:33
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: but you said you fresh installed?19:34
Kurt-xubuntuah ya like a month ago19:34
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: maybe you could take a look in your dpkg logs, what kind of packages installed to trace back why19:36
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: you might also consider filing a new !bug as i dont find much relevant bugs on it19:42
Kurt-xubuntudpkg.log has nada since the 29th19:44
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: do you know howto file a !bug?19:46
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: make sure you have a launchpad account, then from terminal: ubuntu-bug linux19:51
lotuspsychjeKurt-xubuntu: then add your title & description (your story)19:52
[itchyjunk]Hi, after the `security update` thing i did, it gives `system error detected` message when ever i boot up. But it doesn't tell me what error it is.20:04
[itchyjunk]Is there a way to see what system error it's detecting at boot up?20:05
raverHi is there a repo for ubuntu 18.04 LTS for biboumi 8.3?20:05
raverit is available for 18.10...20:05
striveCheck /var/log/boot.log20:05
lordcirth__raver, sounds like a question for biboumi devs20:07
lordcirth__nevermind, that page says there isn't.20:07
[itchyjunk]Hey, everything seems to have [OK] before it but one item has [*] before it. I can't seem to recognize what the issue was. here is the [*] item: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bbHxqpSPgY/20:10
lordcirth__[itchyjunk], that doesn't look like a problem to me.20:14
gislavedis it possible to get around a mount like /mnt/foo/bar and have bar owned my root and symlink to it from a folder where another user has rights ?20:15
hggdhgislaved: no. logical link will still depend on the target's permissions20:16
[itchyjunk]Hmm, I do get a pop up when I start my computer though. With a "Report" and "Cancel" option. I've hit the report button before but I don't get any info. I'll screen shot it next time it happens and inquire further.20:16
gislavedmeh that sucks, I need to mount a network share for dovecot20:16
lordcirth__gislaved, symlink permissions are ignored in favor of the file they point to.20:18
gislavedlordcirth__ yeah I just need to give the user rights on bar20:19
gislavedlordcirth_ not possible to do from fstab ?20:19
Kurt-xubuntugislaved you can look at everything you have reported by that report error tool for your current system using the same login method used by ubuntu forums i have done that before20:20
gislavedKurt-xubuntu huh ?20:21
Kurt-xubuntusomeone here can explain it better20:21
Kurt-xubuntuthere is a site where you can go log in and look to see what errors that report error tool in ubuntu has reported20:22
Kurt-xubuntuparden me my brain is mush20:22
lordcirth__gislaved, does the mounted filesystem have POSIX permissions?20:24
Kurt-xubuntuah it was [itchyjunk] who was asking about that20:24
gislavedlordcirth_ nope, I have freeipa in place also20:24
Kurt-xubuntumy bad20:24
[itchyjunk]ahh i see20:26
kuwangerI'm trying to restore my / drive.  For some reason my encrypted home directory isn't automounting.  Does my /home/<user>/ need to be a specific permission to work or is something else possible the issue?20:44
gislavedtomreyn ping20:45
lordcirth__kuwanger, restoring how?20:46
kuwangerlordcirth__: I have a backup from an external HDD that I cp -av'd over.20:47
lordcirth__kuwanger, and this / backup includes /home?20:47
kuwangerThe only thing missing was the actual /home/<user>/ folder itself.20:47
lordcirth__kuwanger, ecryptfs leaves /home/<user/ empty. The cleartext files get mounted into it.20:48
lordcirth__The encrypted files are stored as /home/.ecryptfs, iirc20:48
kuwangerThat's what I thought, which is why I'm confused.  /home/.ecryptfs/home/.Private is there.20:48
lordcirth__kuwanger, try running ecryptfs-recover-private20:50
kuwangerlordcirth__: Just checked on another system and it looks like there's symlinks in /home/<user>/ to .ecryptfs and .Private20:51
kuwangerlordcirth__: And recreating those symlinks makes it work again.20:53
lordcirth__Interesting, what are the symlinks?20:54
kuwangerlordcirth__: ln -s /home/.ecryptfs/<user>/.ecryptfs /home/<user>/.ecryptfs; ln -s /home/.ecryptfs/<user>/.Private /home/<user>/.Private20:57
lordcirth__kuwanger, interesting, that must be how it knows where the ecryptfs data is.20:57
kuwangerlordcirth__: Yea.  Makes sense in retrospect, but it's hard to tell such things when you can't normally list said "empty" directory. :/21:00
peter22222anybody familiar with "crunch"?21:01
lordcirth__peter22222, don't ask polls, ask your real question21:03
peter22222is there a possibility to limit the number of upper case letters in the passwords generated by crunch? there s nothing explicitly said about that in the manual...21:04
peter22222like i know my password has 1 upper case letter, 3 lower case letters and 2-4 numbers in it21:05
lordcirth__peter22222, crunch doesn't seem to be specifically for password generation. I recommend using 'pwgen', I think it does what you want by default21:06
kuwangerNow to figure out why my user is listed many times in /etc/group but "groups" only lists me in one group. :/21:06
peter22222thank you.21:08
pi0any recommended suggestions to setup a dns server and sub domains21:17
kuwangerAnd it was because some the other files (maybe .Xauthority?) were in "empty" /home/<user>/ which was confusing the X login shell or something.21:18
kuwangerlordcirth__: Oh, there were also symlinks to ecryptfs-private-... something desktop and txt (as README.txt) which may or may not be important.21:18
kuwangerAnyways, thanks for the help (and me ranting). :)21:20
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Guest75581Does Anyone Know how to search not a local repository but a potential repository to add from a web server so i can discover new repository's to add via he terminal21:33
ryahiGuest75581, you can add repository using command "sudo add-apt-repository"21:36
ryahiThen just run sudo apt update21:37
Guest75581:ryahi but how do i search for one to add21:37
Fieldytomreyn: (apologies if this is a repeat, i just tried again, same result) fyi I created a launchpad account and attempted to create a bug for the long password sudo issues. but launchpad itself seems to be having issues, saying it timed out etc (the site says this, not my browser). I will try again later21:38
Fieldythis is the error i see https://i.imgur.com/2cdPxGS.png21:40
ryahiGuest75581, you only add a repository if a software you want to use is not available in the ubuntu default repository.21:40
Guest75581:ryahi yes thats what i want to do add a repository thats not ubuntu a custom one not a package a repository with multiple packages to be displayed in gnome software21:42
ryahiFieldy, if you want to use a terminal as root, just type sudo -i in the terminal and then you won't have to type your password more than once21:42
evg1hi all, I m under disco. I wanted to install russian keyboard later, but I cant see it in the list. How to install russian keyboard with command?21:42
ryahiGuest75581, just search for installation instructions of your software in a browser. It will have mentioned the repository name or there must be a .deb file.21:43
Guest75581:ryahi is there a way to search for a repository in the terminal and not the browser21:44
Fieldyryahi: thanks! however this is regarding an issue i worked with him on, if a password of a user that can otherwise sudo is changed to a length greater than 255, sudo won't work. he asked me to file a bug, which i've tried twice with the error in the screenshot21:45
ryahiGuest75581, I don't think there is but I'm also kind of noob. So wait if anyone else knows the answer to that.21:48
ryahiFieldy, oh ok. Good luck.21:48
pavlosGuest75581: the ppa's you have installed are in sources.list, "grep ppa /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*" is this what you want or something else?21:49
Fieldytl;dr in the latest ubuntu server install, don't set / change your normal users password to something longer than 255 chars. you won't be able to sudo evar again. likely not a showstopper :P21:50
Fieldywell. during install or any time later really21:50
pavlosGuest75581: there is a y-ppa-manager that allows you to do plenty with ppa's. https://www.tecmint.com/y-ppa-manager-easily-add-remove-purge-ppas-in-ubuntu/21:51
evg1how to page up /down in weechat?21:51
Guest75581pavlos: at the momment i have only ubuntu repository such as debian security main etc.. i would like to search for custom repository like google security main21:51
Guest75581a ppa is a software package not a repository21:53
jeremy31Guest75581: post url from terminal for> cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999921:55
pavlosGuest75581: ppa is a personal package archive (a collection of packages)21:55
evg1what is the lightes client for irc?21:57
Guest75581pavlos: yes but with ubuntu repositories in the sources list it display's all that software in the gnome software im looking for a repository to display software in the software centre not just install a package21:58
evg1how to install keyboard languages?22:05
ayekatevg1: you mean a keyboard layout?22:08
ayekatthere are many already installed - which one in particular do you need?22:08
evg1ayekat: yes, I can't find them in the menus22:09
evg1I meant , only english layouts22:10
evg1i need only russian and english22:10
ayekatevg1: I don't have an Ubuntu with a DE under my nose here, but I'm pretty sure you can choose non-english layouts22:11
pridkettlet's say if i have IP   and let's say  my neighbor who use same ISP as me has IP :   if somebody DDOS my ip ,  obviously i would go offline, but would my neighbor go offline as well?22:11
compdocit might slow his connection22:11
xut_u running a server at home?22:11
evg1I have selection : English US , Canada, Australia , Britain , and nothing else. (Add an imput source menu)22:13
ayekatevg1: if you scroll to the bottom, isn't there a ⋮ entry or something?22:14
ayekatevg1: ah yes, that would be the "Add an input source" menu, which should give further options22:14
ayekatno wait, I'm mixing things up - but ⋮ should give move options22:15
evg1nothing there, it looks like languages are absent22:15
evg1Maybe it's a beta bug, or I choosed minimul instalation?22:16
evg1I have lived well without russian keyboard this week ,but faced hot topic in twitter =)22:20
evg1Who wants refubrished metal  cheep fanless fullHD laptop for ubuntu 19.04? acer swift 1. Amazing deal on ebay now!22:23
fallenourDo LXD containers support ceph natively?22:24
fallenourAnd if so, whats the best way for me to connect them to ceph pools?22:24
pavlosevg1: are you running 18.04 ?22:24
fallenourI really do prefer lxd over docker if I can help it.22:24
evg1pavlos 19.04!22:25
evg1not good keyboard, but other features are awesome for me.22:25
pavlosevg1: I'd have to spin a vm to find the russian keyboard ...22:25
evg1pavlos: I guess the problem in the minimal instalation. You don't need to.22:26
pavlosevg1: ok22:27
pridkett let's say if i have IP   and let's say  my neighbor who use same ISP as me has IP :   if somebody DDOS my ip ,  obviously i would go offline, but would my neighbor go offline as well?22:31
xamithan!ot | pridkett22:34
ubottupridkett: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:34
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bluetoothsuckswhat's the best way to troubleshoot bluetooth errors? All of my bluetooth devices randomly disconnect and I can't reconnect anything unless I suspend and wake. I'm running 18.04 on a T430.23:16
Svetabluetoothsucks: https://wiki.debian.org/BluetoothUser#Troubleshooting23:25
Svetabluetoothsucks: does marking the device as 'trusted' help?23:26
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ardyaHi, is it a known issue that trying to do a manual network configuration during install of 18.04.2 server results in a reboot when you Save the network configuration?23:49
tomreynardya: if i recall correctly, yes. i think there's also a workaround for it on the bug report.23:50
ardyaI think there are python errors when trying to Save, but they disappear too quickly and the machine reboots23:50
ardyagot a URL for that?23:51
tomreynardya: bug 181695423:52
ubottubug 1816954 in subiquity (Ubuntu) "Unable to show Info nor Set static IP during install" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181695423:52
tomreyn"If you switch to tty2 and run "snap refresh subiquity" you'll get a version of the installer with this bug fixed."23:52
ardyathank you very much23:52
tomreynyou're welcome. if it keeps failing, your other options are to use the alternate server installer (based on "debian-installer") or to try an (unsupported) daily build of the standard server installer.23:54
tomreynardya: ^23:54
jcottonis there any way to move/hide ~/snap?23:55
=== Stalin is now known as BenderRodriguez
jcottonit's annoying to have it not hidden23:55
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ardyatomreyn: the tty2 trick worked. netconfig saved, installation proceeding, thanks again23:58

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