Unit193bluesabre: I'd kind of like to figure out xfce4-volumed-pulse sometime, btw.  If xfce4-volumed has a future it changes how I would package -pulse, so I can't really push the latter without possibly screwing up the future for the former.02:50
bluesabreUnit193: I'll figure out what we're doing with those two02:53
Unit193From what I understand, there's interest in getting the one moving, just never has happened.02:53
bluesabreYeah, as things often go in xfce-land :)02:54
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/MMs7mRRsWERV4tVqsTjY/ was my version, fwiw.03:01
Unit193Oh hey, the new screenshooter fixes one single regression, we should really pick that up.03:14
bluesabreFeel free to upload it. bbiab, jumping IRC clients03:15
pragomerwhat xfce version will come 19.04 with?05:52
Unit193Partly 4.13, a little 4.12, and some 4.11!06:08
Unit193(OK, maybe not.)06:08
Eickmeyer[m]<Unit193 "(OK, maybe not.)"> In other words, yes.06:26
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flocculantUnit193: you should have said Gnome "16:44
flocculant2 even 16:44
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