Kumoolwhat a thing to say and leave after 3 minutes00:34
johanhelmuthYeah, that was a bit odd00:35
xubuntu37wHi gang. When I right click say for example my terminal, the dropdown menu has a shadow which is about 20px greater than the geometery of the menu. i.e there is the encasing shadow, some transparent space, then the menu08:26
xubuntu37whas anyone seen this before / know how to fix this?08:26
xubuntu37whttp://i.imgur.com/i38LLkl.png an image for reference08:27
diogenes_xubuntu37w, not sure i've come across that issue but have a look at: settings > window manager tweaks > compositor08:29
xubuntu37wGood idea. Do you know if changes to compositor settings take place immediately or do i need to log in and out?08:31
diogenes_xubuntu37w, first try to disable the compositor altogether and see if there is any change, it should have the immediate effect08:31
xubuntu37w(i had disabled the compositor before, attempting to fix screen tearing issue)08:35
xubuntu37wcome to think of it, I should probably be troubleshooting compton. Thanks for your help08:36
xubuntu86wI'm sorry if I arrive directly with my problem, but I have an issue with xubuntu. I accidentally set the resolution wrong and now my screen doesn't get a video signal anymore. I can still go into terminal mode via control-F1 or into a low resolution version via recovery mode, which works if necessary. But I have to write something for school and that is very hard for me with the low resolution. I'd really appreciate quick help.14:53
xubuntu86wRight now I'm in recovery mode. I only own this one computer.14:54
Spasshello xubuntu86w, what's your Xubuntu version? what graphics card are you using? what driver are you using for it?14:56
xubuntu86wIn terminal mode, it says Ubuntu 18.10, but it's xubuntu, probably the same version. My graphics card is nVidia, some gForce 7xx (I can find out in detail if neccessary) and I am using the free driver (which I'd like to continue as I only use propietary software if really neccessary).14:57
xubuntu86wThank you14:57
xubuntu86wNot GForce, it's an NVidia 720 GT15:01
xubuntu86wI'm sorry...15:01
xubuntu86wNot sure if that works, but could I attempt to use a shortcut to open a terminal and enter some command to reset the resolution. As far as I understood this subject, the graphical envireoment is not away, it's just invisible because my screen doesn't understand this low resolution.15:06
Spassdo you have something in the "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" file?15:07
xubuntu86wLet me see15:07
xubuntu86wcat xorg.conf didn't return anything. It appears empty15:08
Spasswhere did you set the wrong resolution? somewhere in the GUI settings?15:09
xubuntu86wYes, it was a GUI.15:09
xubuntu86wThe program is called 'Anzeige', at least in the german language version. Anzeige roughly means Display15:10
xubuntu86wI already attempted to use that tool in recovery mode but that wasn't possible15:11
Spassso when you type this command "xfconf-query -c displays -lv" you can see that wrongly set resolution there, correct?15:12
Spasssomething like "/Default/XXX/Resolution"15:12
xubuntu86w"/Default/DVI-D-1/Resolution   320x180" YES! But currently I have 800X600 in recovery mode. But yes, I believe the wrong resolution was that one (But I'm not sure...)15:13
xubuntu86wMy screen is indeed connected using DVI-D15:14
Spassok, what resolution you want to have?15:16
Spasswhat's the native resolution of your screen?15:17
xubuntu86w(Full HD)15:17
Spassnot sure if it will work, but try this command "xfconf-query -c displays -p /Default/DVI-D-1/Resolution -s 1920x1080"15:18
Spassand then check if something changed using "xfconf-query -c displays -p /Default/DVI-D-1/Resolution -v"15:19
xubuntu86wWell nothing immediatly happend but this might just be the case because I'm in recovery mode. I'll reboot and report my progress. Thank you for help.15:19
xubuntu86wWrote this in reply to your first message, sorry.15:19
xubuntu86wIn reply of the second: Yes, its 1920x108015:19
Spasssecond command should show you the change15:20
Spassok, try to reboot :)15:20
xubuntu86wAlright, see you later15:20
Spassshutdown -r now15:20
xubuntu60wThank you SO MUCH!15:22
xubuntu60wIt worked15:22
Spassgreat, glad I could help15:22
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johanhelmuthWhat is the most stable nvidia driver for Xubuntu 18.04 right now?16:00
johanhelmuthIt seems I'm having some slight issues with 418 at the moment.16:00
SpassXubuntu 18.04 officially has 390.116 as tested (it's in the official repos), it worked fine for me, but I've recently installed 418 from the PPA and it's fine for me too so far16:05
johanhelmuthYeah, everything worked fine with 418, until I tried using nvenc on OBS as the encoder. I'm fairly certain it's a driver issue, since I can convert video files using nvenc with ffmmpeg.16:12
johanhelmuthOr, I shouldn't say driver issue. An OBS issue with the 418 driver, rather.16:12
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xubuntu47dmy screen is zoomed in and follows my mouse arround21:38
xubuntu47dhow do i revert it back to normal?21:38
gnrpalt+mouse wheel21:38
gnrp(scroll down)21:38
xubuntu47dthank you21:39
mdadm_hurtsintalling xubuntu on previously existing software RAID. Any pointers?22:29

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