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lordievaderGood morning07:25
brektymeHi, I'm getting a libc segfault when pxebooting an install during the disk detection. Does anyone have any ideas?13:41
blackflowbrektyme: hard to tell unless you trace something somwhere to see where it faults. otoh, is the booting OS correct for the hardware and architecture?13:43
brektymeI'm using the kernel and initrd from the mirrors, both amd6413:44
brektymewhich is correct for the hardware13:44
brektymethe kernel and initrd from here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/13:48
brektymeusing the kernel and initrd from here gets past the segfault, but was causing issues with installation later around not being able to find kernel modules: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/13:49
brektymealthough just testing now with the newer kernel and initrd it had no issues with installation.13:51
DammitJimhas anyone set up drbd on ubuntu servers and use pacemaker to not only ensure who is the master, but also trigger the start of a service?15:05
sdezielDammitJim: drbd works really well (tested on every LTS from 10.04 to 16.04 so far) but not with pacemaker15:23
DammitJimsdeziel, how are you using it w/o pacemaker?15:24
DammitJimthanks for your info, btw15:24
DammitJimman, a lot of people don't like glusterfs and recommend ceph besides drbd15:24
sdezielDammitJim: I'm using it through ganeti (cluster manager) that automates the creation of DRBD volumes that get assigned to QEMU VMs15:24
sdezielDRBD is kind of old school15:24
DammitJimholy shnikies!15:24
DammitJimbut drbd is pretty solid, right?15:25
sdezieloh yeah15:25
sdezielwe've been live migrating VMs since many years15:25
sdezielno DRBD issue to report15:25
DammitJimhow do you share the drbd file system to be accessed by clients?15:26
DammitJimlike is this something where I can have a process in one of the drbd servers (or on all of them) where the process writes locally to the file system?15:27
sdezielthe clients are QEMU processes so all they see is a regular block device like you'd get from a LVM slice15:27
sdezielDammitJim: yes you can have that15:27
DammitJimoh, interesting... they see a block device15:27
DammitJimso, say 2 drbd servers15:27
sdezielDammitJim: you can see DRBD as RAID1 over the network15:27
sdezielread are served by the local copy if possible with a fallback to the peer15:28
DammitJimthen the qemu process runs on another server, but can see the RAID1 over the network to access the block device for a new VM?15:28
sdezielwe have say /dev/drbd1 on node01 and node02. A given VM running off of node01 uses /dev/drbd1. During a live migration, the QEMU process is "moved" to node02 which already has the same disk content at /dev/drbd1 so only QEMU's memory needs copying15:29
sdezielas far as QEMU is concerned it writes to a local disk, end of story15:30
sdezielDRBD does the magic behind the scene15:30
DammitJimthat's insane15:31
sdezielinsane in the good way?15:31
DammitJimI think I understand it, but my brain might still be behind processing this15:31
DammitJiminsanely good, yes15:31
sdezielyes it is15:31
DammitJimdo you remember if you had to zero out the hard drive before configuring drbd?15:36
DammitJimI don't know why I'm running into issues with /dev/sdb1 where it doesn't allow me to add it15:36
sdezielDammitJim: I'd refer you to https://docs.linbit.com/docs/users-guide-8.4/#ch-configure as it's been an eternity that I manually configured a DRBD device manually (ganeti does it all for us)15:39
sdezielDammitJim: unless you have unrelated partitions on sdb, I would recommend to either directly feed /dev/sdb to DRBD or put LVM/etc under it15:41
sdezielpartitions make it hard to resize later down the road15:41
DammitJimgosh, LVM might make sense in case that someone decides we need more storage15:41
DammitJimso, I can even do this with LVM?!!!15:41
sdezielthat's what we use15:42
DammitJimgosh, I have a lot of work ahead of me15:42
sdezielLVs under and DRBD over15:42
DammitJimI need to take baby steps15:42
sdezielI think the LVM way is best even for experimenting15:42
DammitJimtotally separate question (I need to get to other important stuff)... any recommendations to join a Windows domain?15:43
DammitJimI've run into so many issues with samba/kerberos, etc... even though I have a somewhat working solution15:44
DammitJimthe systems seem to break that funcionality when upgrading from Ubuntu 16 to 1815:44
fearnothinghaving some DNS problems22:43
fearnothingdig @ www.google.com - works fine22:43
fearnothingdig @192.168.x.x www.google.com - no packets get sent to 192.168.x.x22:44
sarnoldis that address routable? check with ip route get22:45
fearnothingit's on the same subnet22:45
fearnothingfound the problem22:47
fearnothingI'm a dingus22:48
sarnoldooh, what was it? :) I always like learning new ways to be a dingus ;)22:50
tewardfearnothing: wrong IP?  DNS server not working right?  Nonexistent DNS server at address?22:51
tewardwe are curious22:51
tewardohai sarnold there be work for you :p22:51
fearnothingre-IPed my DNS server 3 months ago didn't I22:52
fearnothingupdated all my other hosts' resolv.conf files but forgot this one22:52
tewardERR: Wrong IP in DNS nameservers list.22:52
tewardI've done that too :P22:52
fearnothingright, time to do-release-upgrade because I've been a lazy mofo22:53
sarnoldfearnothing: oooh that's a good one :)22:53
fearnothing(?!.*regex)I've got(?:\s(?<problem>[^\s]+)){99}22:55
fearnothingyeah for some reason I had used a 32-bit image for my bind server, and that meant I couldn't install something else I needed22:56
fearnothingI mean wtf it was only installed 2 years ago where did I even get a 32 bit image22:57
sarnold"a dns server probably doesn't need much address space anyway"22:57
fearnothingthat's ancient history man22:57

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