tomreynjcotton: you can subscribe here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/157505300:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1575053 in snapd (Ubuntu) "Please move the "$HOME/snap" directory to a less obtrusive location" [Wishlist,Confirmed]00:06
jcotton>reported: 2016-04-2600:06
tomreynjcotton: if it annoys you that it shows in nautilus, the gnome file browser, then comment #22 has a workaround00:07
jcottonbetter thanks00:08
Mr_GraeyHello! Will someone help me resolve a minor Grub2 issue?00:09
tomreynjcotton: this dpeends on the "nautilus-hide" package00:11
Mr_GraeyI had it all set up to dual boot with two separate ssd's, each running its own OS (sdb with Ubuntu 18.04, sdc with Windows 10), but had to do a clean install of Windows 1000:11
jcottonseemed to be pre-installed for me00:11
Mr_GraeyHad some issues with Windows and so I had to make it sda in order to install it, same drive, new name. Now my Grub thinks windows is on a different partition, and updating Grub isn't working00:13
Fieldytomreyn: did you happen to see what i directed towards you earlier here?00:14
tomreynFieldy: sorry, i missed it so far. let's see.00:14
Fieldytomreyn: (hit this issue twice today now) fyi I created a launchpad account and attempted to create a bug for the long password sudo issues. but launchpad itself seems to be having issues, saying it timed out etc (the site says this, not my browser).00:15
Fieldyhttps://i.imgur.com/2cdPxGS.png is what i get00:15
tomreynFieldy: okay, first of all, i also pinged you here to report that i changed my mind and already posted a bug report.00:15
tomreynbug 182273600:16
ubottubug 1822736 in pam (Ubuntu) "Passwords longer than 255 characters break authentication" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182273600:16
tomreynFieldy: so ideally you can comment on / add to this instead.00:16
xutI would just try re-partitioning and reinstalling the whole thing again, Mr_Graey00:17
Fieldytomreyn: ahh ok, yeah i missed that. i'll check it out!00:17
tomreynFieldy: about launchpad, yes, it's indeed quite buggy. there is #launchpad here, and you can "ask questions" on the url they have on their topic.00:17
tomreynthanks for checking the bug, let me know what you think00:18
tomreynFieldy: ^00:18
Fieldytomreyn: that's very well done! there's not really much I can add to it (no, i'm not being lazy). solid stuff. I'll keep an eye on it00:19
tomreynMr_Graey: this seems to suggest that you have a stale grub configuration pointing to the old windows partition seomwhere in /etc/grub.d/. try installing the "os-prober" package and to run "update-grub".00:19
Mr_Graeyxut: Everything is running fine, just need the Grub loader to say Windows sda instead of sdb00:19
jcottontomreyn: he'll also need ntfs-3g00:20
tomreynMr_Graey: you may want to uninstall the "os-prober" package afterwards.00:20
tomreynMr_Graey: and see what jcotton just said00:20
Mr_GraeyBinocular vision lol00:21
tomreynFieldy: thank you! you can subscribe to it at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pam/+bug/1822736/+subscribe00:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822736 in pam (Ubuntu) "Passwords longer than 255 characters break authentication" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:21
Mr_Graeytomreyn, Didn't see os-prober in the repo00:22
tomreyn!info os-prober00:23
ubottuos-prober (source: os-prober): utility to detect other OSes on a set of drives. In component main, is optional. Version 1.74ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 19 kB, installed size 103 kB00:23
jcottonsudo apt install os-prober ntfs-3g00:23
Mr_GraeyI see00:23
Fieldythat's nifty00:23
tomreynFieldy: and hopefully without timeouts ;)00:24
Fieldyyeah i got subbed00:24
Fieldythat bites that it also hits fedora and workstation 1900:24
Fieldyi've got a boatload of various distros all over the place, i might test others00:25
tomreynthat'd be great00:25
Mr_Graeyjcotton, http://susepaste.org/view//3114634500:25
Mr_GraeyDon't see it anywhere in the GUI00:26
tomreynFieldy: also, you can add yourself as affected if you like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pam/+bug/1822736/+affectsmetoo00:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822736 in pam (Ubuntu) "Passwords longer than 255 characters break authentication" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:26
tomreynFieldy: doing so doesn't really change much but may cause it to be trigaed a little faster00:27
tomreynqwebirc90415: hi there00:27
Fieldyah ok00:27
Fieldywill do00:27
tomreynMr_Graey: they are not GUI applications. but you have them instaleld already. run "sudo update-grub"00:27
qwebirc90415can I format a used DVD clean to then download Linux iso on it?00:28
jcottonit needs to be a rewritable DVD (DVD-RW)00:28
Fieldyit would have to be a dvd-rw (haven't seen one in ages)00:28
jcottondoes your computer not support USB booting though?00:28
Fieldyi honeslty forget the next step00:28
* tomreyn hasn't seen DVD in ages00:28
Mr_Graeyjcotton, http://susepaste.org/view//1507352100:28
Mr_GraeyThat look normal?00:28
jcottonwell it found the Windows EFI entry00:29
jcottonas it's supposed to00:29
Mr_GraeyWrong partition I think though. I have Windows 10 on sda, a separate ssd00:29
qwebirc90415I don't know if my computer supports USB booting, but I was thinking to use a dvd and just reformat its content00:29
qwebirc90415if I can format it, then it would be a DVD-RW , right?00:30
jcottonbut try USB first00:30
bluetoothsucksSveta: No, it doesn't. Looking through the debian page now00:30
jcottonshould support USB booting unless it's like pre-200500:30
jcottonqwebirc90415: actually how old is it?00:30
EriC^^qwebirc90415: yeah, it usually says on the dvd, also they seem more purplish in color from my experience00:30
qwebirc90415I dont got a USB drive now, but plenty of DVD's00:30
tomreynMr_Graey: what does this report? mount | grep /boot/efi00:32
Mr_Graeytomreyn, http://susepaste.org/view//3224776200:33
Mr_Graeyhttps://imgur.com/a/LGKTGTS     https://imgur.com/a/sbscNJt     https://imgur.com/a/1BbY0YL00:34
tomreynMr_Graey: so your EFI system partition is on sdb. that's the one grub installs to, and the one where a windows UEFI installation will boot from, too00:34
tomreyn /dev/sdb1 specifically.00:35
tomreynso the Windows Boot Manager on /dev/sdb1@/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi should be the correct one, if your new windows installation does UEFI boot.00:35
Mr_GraeyIn order to get stupid Windows 10 to (re)install, I had to disconnect the other two drives (one is Ubuntu, the other is media). It named the new install sda00:35
Mr_GraeyOnly way I could get past the 0x80300024 error00:36
jcottonrandom question: the first partition of my NVMe SSD is denoted nvme0n1p1, with the SSD itself being nvme0n100:36
jcottonwhy is that?00:36
jcottonis `nvme0` a controller?00:37
tomreynMr_Graey: this looks like a windows error code. you will need to ask in ##windows00:37
Mr_GraeyI fixed it. I unplugged sata cables for the other two drives, installed Windows 10 on its own ssd, replugged, adjusted UEFI boot order, etc00:37
Mr_GraeyNow need Grub to work00:37
tomreynjcotton: yes. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/452120/persistent-device-naming-for-nvme-storage-devices00:38
Mr_GraeyI don't anticipate Windows people are gonna help me with Gurb00:38
jcottonthey won't00:38
tomreynMr_Graey: I don't anticipate Linux people will help you with Windows.00:39
jcottonthey'll redirect you to ##dual-boot and/or declare dual booting to be pointless00:39
jcottonwell, one of them will do the latter00:39
jcottonsource: in there all the time00:39
Mr_GraeyLooks empty in there00:40
jcottonyeah it is lol00:40
Mr_Graeyjcotton, Yeah00:40
Mr_Graeytomreyn, How about Grub?00:40
tomreynMr_Graey: what about Grub?00:41
Mr_GraeyCan haz halp preese?00:41
tomreynMr_Graey: what ios not working as it should?00:41
Mr_GraeyWhen I boot to my P2 ssd, Gurb2 loads as normal, but lists Windows 10 as sdb while it should be sda, where it is installed. At least, that is my assumption, because when I select it in Grub, I get System Recovery blue screen00:42
tomreyn"P2" is an SSD model / vendor?00:44
Mr_GraeyMy mobo uefi lists sata port connections as p0, p1, p2, etc00:44
tomreynokay SATA port 200:45
Mr_GraeyI have dvd drive p0, moved Windows to p1 in order to bypass silly error00:45
Mr_GraeyThis is all because Windows 10 moaned the error, which upon researching, indicated it had a "preference" for being alpha00:46
Mr_GraeyKing Tut00:46
Mr_GraeyI reorganized my sata connections in order to install Windows 10 to the empty ssd (formerly P3, now P1)00:47
Mr_GraeyLinux, like the champ it is, was fine with all of this00:47
Mr_GraeyExcept Grub is a bit confused now... or Windows is... I know I am00:47
tomreynMr_Graey: i think windows is not too forgiving if you try to boot it in a different disk constellation than it was originally installed in. this may be what causes the blue screen. we don't do windows fixing here. i have, however, no doubt that the windows boot loader is installed on your efi system partition, which ubuntu saw at /dev/sdb1, so the first partition on the second disk (from ubuntu's perspective).00:48
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tomreynos-probler goes over all disks and partitions and looks for known bootcode on it. on uefi systems it also checks what it sees on the uefi system partition, which your mainboard firmware reads and loads bootcode from.00:49
Mr_GraeyIf I boot the P1 SSD on its own, it loads Win10 correctly. If I boot P2 SSD, Grub loads, then Ubuntu if I select it, but not Windows00:49
tomreynif s.-prober found this windows boot code, then it exists.00:49
Mr_GraeyWindows is listed, but loads blue screen from Grub00:49
tomreynso the issue is that your windows installation is unable to scope with the different disk constellation. not an ubuntu issue, not one we can fix here00:50
Mr_GraeyOk ok00:50
Mr_GraeyBut the only way I know how to fix it is by fixing Grub00:51
Mr_GraeyCan I delete the Windows efi from sdb?00:51
Mr_GraeyThat should help00:51
venisomeboy to help me about bootloader?00:52
Mr_GraeyYou too? GAWD00:52
tomreynfor multi boot systems, we recomend installing $otherOS first, ubuntu second, not swapping disks around, and using grub to switch between OS, not the firmwares' boot disk override00:52
Mr_GraeyWanna sepuku together? A soldier's death00:52
Mr_Graeytomreyn, So if a user has to reinstall the other os, they have to reinstall the perfectly viable Ubuntu?00:53
veniIs it possible to install burg anymore?00:53
tomreynMr_Graey: no, not really. unles $otheros overwrites the boot sector (legacy bios/ mbr) or the linux / grub boot code (on the efi system partition / uefi)00:54
Mr_GraeyI don't see how it could have, since I disconnected the ssd with Ubuntu on it00:54
tomreyn!info burg00:54
ubottuPackage burg does not exist in bionic00:54
Mr_GraeyAt least, I did during installation00:54
tomreynveni: Package burg does not exist in bionic00:55
jcottonwhat's burg?00:55
tomreynMr_Graey: i assume you are not yet aware of how uefi booting works entirely differently to legacy bios booting, and recommend reading up on it00:55
veniburg is a gui bootloader00:56
tomreyn!uefi | Mr_Graey00:56
ubottuMr_Graey: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:56
Mr_Graeytomreyn, Fair assumption00:56
hggdhjcotton: a boot loader. Code is/was in LP, but there has been no updates since around 201000:56
veni!info burg00:57
ubottuPackage burg does not exist in bionic00:57
Mr_Graeytomreyn, Ironically, I had just finished reading that link when I came in here00:57
venieven if i have kept the folder burg from my previous version of ubuntu?00:58
Mr_GraeyThis channel needs a new name. I vote SOL00:59
hggdhMr_Graey: please keep on-topic01:00
tomreynMr_Graey: basically, with uefi booting juggling disks around like you did with legacy booting no longer works the same way. your mainboard firmware will look through all connected drives, trying to find a fat32 file system within the (usually, may vary by firmware) first 2 GB. the first one it finds, it will use, and only that. this partition may contain uefi compatible bootloaders, such as grub-efi and windows' uefi boot loader, which were01:00
tomreynplaced there by the installed OS. so all OS you have installed need to place their boot loaders there.01:00
Mr_Graeytomreyn, So if I delete the Windows efi thingie from the sdb chungus, it should look to the next one, which is on sda?01:01
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tomreynMr_Graey: i do not know what a "chungus" is. but no, that's not how it works.01:03
tomreynfirmware will use the first efi system partition (ESP) it finds, and only that.01:03
Mr_GraeyGot it01:03
Mr_GraeyIf the ever hostile Windows fails, and I reinstall it, I must nuke everything and begin again01:04
drewbertOkay. I give up. I have edited /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base and /etc/dnsmasq.conf and tries setting the dns server in the UI.  I'm using ubuntu MATE 18.04.  How. HOW? How do I persist dns settings?01:04
Mr_GraeyMicrowave computer on high for 17 minutes or until kitchen is ablaze01:04
Mr_GraeyI installed Ubuntu and Windows on separate drives specifically to avoid this01:05
Mr_GraeyIs there no way to dual boot without this pitfall?01:05
tomreynMr_Graey: there is no way to multi boot without pitfalls.01:06
Mr_GraeyI guess I could ditch grub and just f12 everytime I power on01:06
Mr_GraeySeems like a grub issue. If I don't use Grub, I have no issue. Just f12 at boot, pick the drive, bam. Done01:07
jcottonrEFInd is another option as a boot loader01:07
Mr_Graeyjcotton, Do tell. What is this?01:07
jcottonhaven't used it much tho01:07
tomreynMr_Graey: it is not a grub issue if windows fails to boot, no.01:07
Mr_GraeyWindows boots fine. Only grub fails01:08
Mr_GraeyIn my case01:08
Mr_GraeyTo think, I LIKED Grub01:08
tomreynyou reported a windows blue screen. that's windows failing to boot.01:08
Mr_GraeyIf I load port 2 SSD, Windows 10, vuala!01:08
tomreynyes, read up on uefi, it's needed.01:09
The_Graey_Manjcotton, http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/ Is pretty cool. What channel supports it?01:12
The_Graey_ManSurely not this one01:12
Mr_GraeyOnly if I use Grub on port 1 SSD, does Windows not boot01:12
Mr_GraeyGrub is using the wrong partition. I think I should delete the old efi from p1 ssd (sdb)01:12
Mr_GraeyMaybe interfering. Should all be UEFI though. No bios01:12
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MythikosHow do I install Ubuntu 18.04 on a separate drive without creating problems with Windows 10? I want to set it up so that Ubuntu isn't affected if I ever need to reinstall Windows 10, I want Ubuntu to be unaffected. I have two SSD's for this task, one for each operating system.01:35
MythikosIf it isn't possible, I'll just stick with Windows 10 and forget about Ubuntu. I need them to "get along"01:36
leftyfbMythikos: Make the Ubuntu SSD the first boot and install Ubuntu on there. That should intall grub onto that drive while detecting Windows on the other drive. You'll then boot to the Ubuntu drive all the time, picking Windows from the GRUB menu if you want to boot Windows.01:40
Mythikosleftyfb, I thought that might work, but Windows doesn't "like" being anything but first drive, or only drive... or both?01:41
leftyfbMythikos: Windows will be fine01:42
MythikosIf I need to reinstall Windows, I fear I may have issues01:42
tomreynleftyfb: Mythikos, who was previously here using nicknames Mr_Graey and The_Graey_Man, boots in UEFI mode.01:42
leftyfbMythikos: when you reinstall Windows, unplug the Ubuntu drive temporarily01:42
MythikosWell, I'm overhauling the system. Want to avoid this issue01:42
leftyfbtomreyn: ah, EFI adds a bit more complexity, but the overall setup should work roughly the same01:43
Mythikosleftyfb, I tried that, but then Grub gets messed up. It can't seem locate Windows01:43
leftyfbMythikos: then rerun grub-update after reinstalling Windows01:43
MythikosI'm willing to reinstall everything ground up. Just need advise01:43
MythikosFor some reason, that didn't work. I had really hoped and expected it would01:44
leftyfbMythikos: when you have trouble with it, come here to get help with it01:44
MythikosLet me think a moment01:44
MythikosI tried that, the former, not the latter. But still no luck01:45
leftyfbMythikos: What is your issue at this moment?01:47
MythikosI consider starting over a part of the learning curve, but how can I learn from this? I wish to avoid it. Maybe a fresh install of Windows 10 on sda (port 1 ssd), then a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 on sdb (port 2 ssd)? Should I do UEFI only (no legacy)?01:47
ms_does anyone know how can i setup a vpn using ubuntu ?01:47
MythikosGrub will not load Windows. I can only access Windows by booting that partition (drive) directly01:47
leftyfbms_: vpn server or client?01:47
leftyfbMythikos: grub will load Windows. Boot into Ubuntu and run grub-update and paste the output here01:48
leftyfbms_: for server: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openvpn.html.en01:48
Mythikosleftyfb, http://susepaste.org/view//6393569501:49
ms_Thank u i am new to ubuntu01:49
Mythikosms_, god speed01:50
leftyfbMythikos: look at that, it detected and added Windows to your GRUB menu01:50
MythikosI'll reboot and check it01:50
Mythikosleftyfb, I will note however that I tried this earlier01:51
MythikosMaybe I did it wrong01:51
leftyfbMythikos: these are things you mention first when you're asking for help01:51
Mythikosleftyfb, Apologies01:51
MythikosBeen at it nonstop for two days01:52
MythikosGetting loopy01:52
ms_i still cant understand this openvpn01:53
Mythikosms_, You tried Bitmask?01:53
leftyfbms_: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?01:54
ms_a vpn01:55
leftyfbms_: can you be more specific? How will you use it exactly? What is your goal?01:55
Mythikosms_, Try Bitmask out.https://bitmask.net/01:55
ms_i am from saudi arabia so alot of websites are blocked01:56
Mythikoshttps://bitmask.net/ ?01:56
leftyfbMythikos: please don't suggest 3rd party, unsupported applications that are not necessary01:56
leftyfbms_: ok, so you want a vpn client/service. Not run your own server01:56
Mythikosleftyfb, Okay01:56
leftyfbms_: pick an online vpn service and follow their instructions for setting up Ubuntu to connect to their service.01:57
Mythikosleftyfb, Wouldn't that imply 3rd party?01:57
ms_alright thanks man01:57
MythikosBecause Bitmask is opensource, and ONLY supports Linux01:58
leftyfbMythikos: I'm not suggesting which service, also, Ubuntu/Canonical does not provide one. I'm also not suggesting to install an unsupported vpn client since Ubuntu has one built in.01:58
MythikosIt does? That's cool. Didn't realize01:58
criptixocan anyone hear me02:00
leftyfb!ask | criptixo02:00
ubottucriptixo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:00
MythikosI'm going to reboot here soon. Just waiting on the Ubuntu 18.04 iso to download so I can make a boot drive02:00
MythikosPretty sure my situation is fubar02:00
leftyfbtatertots: Do you have an ubuntu issue you need help with?02:13
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Bashing-omqwebirc44278: Support ?02:29
leftyfbqwebirc44278: what can we help you with?02:30
qwebirc44278i need help installing ubuntu02:31
leftyfbqwebirc44278: ok, which part of you having a problem with?02:31
baodownqwebirc44278: have you backed up your essential files02:31
qwebirc44278when i boot up ubuntu from my flashdrive its starts the process and stops on some details02:32
leftyfbqwebirc44278: what details exactly?02:32
leftyfbqwebirc44278: what version of ubuntu and how exactly did you create the installation media?02:32
qwebirc44278saying like " ntfs " and some display (i think) details02:33
leftyfbqwebirc44278: what version of ubuntu and how exactly did you create the installation media?02:34
lordcirth_qwebirc44278, you're going to need to be more specific...02:34
qwebirc44278the version is ubuntu 18.10 amd64, i used universal usb installer02:35
qwebirc44278yeah i know i have to be more specific sorry02:35
leftyfbqwebirc44278: "universal usb installer?02:36
leftyfbqwebirc44278: what is that exactly?02:36
lordcirth_This? https://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/02:36
leftyfbqwebirc44278: where did you download the iso from?02:38
qwebirc44278from the oficial ubuntu website02:38
qwebirc44278i downloaded the iso in torrent02:38
qwebirc44278the torrent option in the website02:39
leftyfbqwebirc44278: ok, I would maybe suggest using the mini.iso to install. Or spend the time to ge screenshots and troubleshoot your issue02:39
baodownqwebirc44278: since you’ve already got it to fail to boot (which is good but we don’t know if it’s a bad usb) I think it would be best if you could send a screenshot of what error you’re getting02:39
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
leftyfbqwebirc44278: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/cosmic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso02:40
qwebirc44278 ok02:40
leftyfbqwebirc44278: though, I do highly recommend going with the LTS version: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso02:40
qwebirc44278sorry, i cannot find the information online02:46
qwebirc44278and i cant take a screenshot of it02:46
qwebirc44278what program should i use to install ubuntu to my flash drive02:47
baodownWell that makes it difficult to diagnose. You can possibly append the output to a log then move it onto a separate partition for us to read but I think thatd be troublesome02:48
tomreynqwebirc44278: personally i recommend using balena etcher, since it works on all major operating systems.02:48
tomreynyou can download it at https://www.balena.io/etcher/02:48
qwebirc44278im installing balena etcher now02:48
leftyfbqwebirc44278: use etcher to flash the bionic (18.04) mini.iso I recommended above02:49
qwebirc44278ok its finished02:53
qwebirc44278should shut down the computer now?02:53
qwebirc44278to boot it up?02:53
tomreynqwebirc44278: at some point you'll need to, yes02:54
leftyfbqwebirc44278: sure. When you are in the install, it will ask at some point which packages to install. Pick Ubuntu desktop as one of them02:55
tomreynqwebirc44278: do you know how to make the computer boot from the usb?02:55
tomreynqwebirc44278: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop#002:55
qwebirc44278ok im gonna boot it now, thanks for the help guys02:57
probsHi, I downloaded ubuntu for windows and I'm curious if someone can help me understand something with regard to github02:57
tomreynqwebirc44278: good luck!02:57
tomreyn!ufw | probs02:57
ubottuprobs: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo02:57
tomreynsorry, ignore this.02:58
probsmy project in github has makefile. will the ubuntu terminal be able to run this makefile?02:58
tomreynprobs: generally run it, yes, but the environment differs from a standard ubuntu installation, so *maybe* the application you're trying to build there may not support building in this environment.02:59
tomreyngive it a try.02:59
probsis there a way to connect the ubuntu to my github project?03:00
tomreyn!wsl | probs: We are happy to help with any generic Ubuntu questions here. For WSL specific questions read on03:01
ubottuprobs: We are happy to help with any generic Ubuntu questions here. For WSL specific questions read on: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide03:01
probsnevermind, I think I already have it on my computer03:01
probsok thank you03:01
tomreynprobs: there's also a #github channel. generally, all you'll need to use git repositories is a "git" client. you can install the package of the same name.03:02
tomreynqwebirc20640: hello.03:02
probsI think I already have that03:02
probsI downloaded a whole lot of stuff I have no idea how to use. I'll try the github channel03:02
qwebirc20640i need help installing ubuntu03:03
tomreynqwebirc20640: welcome back.03:03
tomreynwhat's not working out, yet?03:03
qwebirc20640when i click install in the boot menu it just puts a black screen03:03
tomreynprobs: good luck.03:03
probsthank you03:04
tomreynqwebirc20640: do you know which hardware you have there?03:04
qwebirc20640Lenovo Thinkpad L42003:04
tomreynqwebirc20640: is this an nvidia graphics card?03:04
qwebirc20640intel core i503:05
qwebirc20640wait by hardware you mean like the computer im using?03:05
tomreynyes, the computer you are trying to install ubuntu on03:06
tomreynLenovo Thinkpad L420 seems to come with i5-2410M, i5-2520M, org i5-2540M. with integrated Intel HD 3000 Graphics. and maybe a dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 565v graphics chipset.03:07
tomreynRAM is 2GB or 4GB by default (8GB max). 2 GB can be a bit short for Ubuntu 18.10.03:08
Svetahi, qwebirc3043003:10
tomreynqwebirc30430: are you able to try booting into the installer again while remaining on the chat here?03:10
qwebirc30430im in my phone right now talking to you03:11
tomreynqwebirc30430: good, so you can also take photos of your screen when it fails to boot.03:11
tomreynand upload them to imgur.com, for example03:11
qwebirc30430how can i send you the photos03:11
tomreynqwebirc30430: you upload them to some image hosting site (such as imgur.com) and then post the web address of where you posted them here03:12
Svetaprobs: "connect the ubuntu to my github project" means using a git client, I think, it is possible03:12
Svetahi, qwebirc7806803:12
qwebirc78068how can i send you the photos03:13
tomreynqwebirc78068: it would help us communicating with you if you had a stable internet connection.03:13
tomreynqwebirc78068: you upload them to some image hosting site (such as imgur.com) and then post the web address of where you posted them here03:13
qwebirc78068this time it was because i exited the page trying to enter imgur.cim03:14
tomreynthat's probably why it prompts you as to whether you really want to go elsewehre03:14
qwebirc78068wait im gonna try to upload the images to imgur and send the link03:16
tomreyni suggest you try installing again, take a screenshot when it fails to boot, press escape and take another screenshot if this shows an error message then. and  press escape and ctrl-alt-F3 to get a text login.03:16
qwebirc78068i cannot even hit escape or do ctrl+alt+F303:18
qwebirc78068its just a black screen with nothing03:18
tomreynqwebirc78068: which installer ISO file did you use?03:19
qwebirc78068the mini.iso you sended me03:19
tomreynqwebirc78068: did etcher report that the data written to the installer usb stick was verified successfully?03:19
tomreynqwebirc78068: ok, give me a minute i will see what other options we have03:20
qwebirc14555ok im back03:21
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tomreynqwebirc14555: do you get to see this screen? https://i.imgur.com/MLVN2fc.png03:23
tomreynso it's not actually just black03:23
qwebirc14555but when i press install, the black screen appears03:23
tomreynokay, instead of selecting "install" there, select "command-line install"03:25
qwebirc88101sorry i disconnected again03:28
tomreynyes, all the time ;)03:28
qwebirc88101the same black screen appears03:28
tomreynokay, reboot to the installer boot menu again03:28
qwebirc88101one thing, do i need uefi or legacy bios to be able to do this?03:29
tomreynthen press "tab", then move the cursor to the left, replacing vga=788 by vga=77103:30
tomreyneither should work fine03:30
qwebirc88101on command-line install03:30
tomreynpersonally i would recommend uefi03:30
* CyberManifest doesn't have uefi03:31
tomreynnot on "command-line install" but on standard "install"03:31
tomreynqwebirc88101: i'll be away from keyboard for 5 minutes, don't despair03:34
qwebirc30029it didn't work :(03:35
qwebirc30029this kind of problem has happend to me several times, trying to install windows 8, windows 10, pop os, etc03:37
qwebirc30029could this problem be happening because i dont have Access to the legacy bios?03:38
qwebirc30029teyrom ( i think its like that your name) are you still there?03:39
tomreynqwebirc30029: it's tomreyn03:40
tomreynqwebirc9694: or you, i guess03:41
tomreyn3 minutes have passed, your nickname changed03:41
tomreynqwebirc9694: why does it change so often?03:41
qwebirc9694yea i dont have a stable connection03:41
qwebirc9694and the page disconnects me03:42
tomreynqwebirc9694: are you sure the iso file downloaded properly then?03:42
Meaduse /nick to define a unique one everytime you reconnect03:42
tomreynqwebirc9694: how can you be sure?03:42
qwebirc9694it installed succesfully and etcher said that the flash was successful03:43
=== qwebirc9694 is now known as lynx
tomreyndo you still have the iso file you downloaded?03:43
tomreyncan you tell me its file site in bytes?03:43
=== lynx is now known as Guest97348
tomreynthat is, single bytes, not megabytes or kilobytes03:44
Meadwhat type of kernel events trigger enteries into the kernel ring buffer?03:44
lordcirth_Mead, everything you see in 'dmesg'?03:45
tomreynMead: a lot. but not nearly all. what are you trying to achieve there?03:45
probsdoes anyone here use github? #github is dead03:46
tomreynGuest97348: the "lynx" nickname was a good try, but it is already taken by someone else, so you're now Guest9734803:46
tomreynGuest97348: you can try using a more specific one, such as lynx1234503:46
tomreynprobs: do you have an ubuntu support question?03:47
Meadtomreyn: creating notes about how to use dmeg, and want to define what the kernel ring buffer in my own words to describe what the command displays03:48
tomreynMead: have you read the man page, yet?03:48
tomreynit may help you find your own words to describe it.03:49
probscan ubuntu run makefiles?03:50
Meadyes I am looking at the man for dmesg "dmesg is used to examine or control the kernel ring buffer." it doesn't define what it is,03:50
lordcirth_probs, the 'make' command uses makefiles. You can easily install it. I recommend installing 'build-essential'03:51
probsamd64 you think? I'm on windows and nothing else there seems familiar03:53
lordcirth_probs, just run 'sudo apt install build-essential', same as all other software03:53
tomreynMead: there'S a good enough explanation here https://www.computerhope.com/unix/dmesg.htm03:53
lordcirth_well, most03:53
tomreynMead: about circular buffers: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/circular-buffers.txt03:53
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probsthank you. Do you experience with build-essential?03:55
Meadtomreyn: I read that too, but it doesn't describe what events are logged. just that they are "related to the operation of the kernel".03:56
lordcirth_probs, build-essential is just a meta-package that pulls in common tools for compiling.03:56
Eickmeyer[m]lordcirth_: I belive probs is running Windows.03:57
lordcirth_Eickmeyer[m], yes, but he was asking about running makefiles on ubuntu.03:57
Meadtomreyn: I got the idea of ring buffer, a buffer of specific size that once it fills up the oldest messages are removed to make space for new ones.03:57
probscorrect. I have a project for school which has a bunch of .cpp files and a makefile to tie them all together and wanted something that could run the makefile04:00
tomreynMead: i do not know whether there are documentations or policies on what events are to be logged by the kernel (and kernel modules) and what not. i imagine they may have such written policy documents, though. if any, you will likely find those on kernel.org. this is outside the scope of an ubuntu support request.04:00
probsI have ubuntu open for windows and I just cd .. all the way out because I didn't recognize any of the files/folders it was displaying when I did 'ls'04:01
probsI still don't. how can I access files on my computer using this?04:02
Eickmeyerprobs: You're using Ubuntu's Windows Subsystem for Linux, correct?04:03
lordcirth_!wsl | probs04:04
ubottuprobs: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide04:04
probsyes I am04:04
probsactually, one moment. let me make sure04:04
Eickmeyerprobs: I'll give you a hint, even though you've been redirected to the correct room.04:04
probsI downlaoded 'ubuntu' from the microsoft app store04:05
EickmeyerYes, that's Ubuntu on WSL.04:05
Eickmeyerif you "cd /mnt" and then type "ls" you'll see your drive letters (c, d, etc.)04:05
EickmeyerThat's where you can access your files.04:05
EickmeyerFurther than this, though, you'll want to try the #ubuntu-on-windows room.04:06
probsthank you04:06
tomreynprobs: you may also want to discuss why you are working with makefiles. this is not something the average user does much. maybe there is a better option to achieve what you are trying to do.04:08
probsIt's just in my assignment so I'm using it04:09
tomreynhomework assignment?04:10
lordcirth_probs, you may find this useful as well: https://linuxjourney.com/04:10
tomreyn!terminal | probs04:11
ubottuprobs: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:11
probsI don't use terminals or linux or ubuntu or any of these things at home04:11
tomreynmaybe that's something you should change ;)04:13
probsat a minimum for the sake of my grades04:13
probsI can't even complete projects that require makefiles04:13
probsbecause I can't do them at home and whenever I get to a PC on campus I spend 2-3 hours trying to figure out how to use the terminal and don't get anything done04:14
probsmaybe this'll help though, thank you04:14
tomreynprobs: you could try setting up a website (wordpress?) on a free-for-a-year linux cloud VM, or a VM hosted on your own computer at home. this can be a fun project, plus you would surely learn a lot.04:17
probsI have a VM with linux on my computer I'm using now but really have no clue how to use it. Someone set it up for me but got just far enough to have me log in and that's it. It's just a terminal04:19
lordcirth_probs, as I posted earlier, https://linuxjourney.com/ will help with that04:20
lotuspsychje!es | Hangar05:19
ubottuHangar: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:19
dsagcan i know how cpu load and cpu utilization is calculated.. there are multiple length articles in internet definetely.. but would be great if someone can help me understand in 2 or 3 lines05:23
lotuspsychjedsag: perhaps more a question for ##hardware05:23
lotuspsychjedsag: or is your issue ubuntu related?05:23
dsaglotuspsychje: alright05:25
tarzeaudsag: http://www.brendangregg.com/blog/2017-08-08/linux-load-averages.html05:30
tarzeaulotuspsychje_: it's linux05:30
dsagtarzeau: i have seen this, this is really hard to grasp05:31
dsagwould you mind if you can brief me05:31
lotuspsychje__tarzeau: did he mention?05:31
tarzeaulotuspsychje__: no, but i'd assume since he's asking in here05:31
tarzeaudsag: if you pay me, you can also check the source code of linux, www.kernel.org05:32
=== lotuspsychje__ is now known as lotuspsychje
tarzeaunow that there's apple pay cash? i'll tell all kinds of stories for a few bucks ;)05:33
dsaghaha are u serious?05:33
dsagok let me come in DM05:34
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dsaglets say i have a c binary or a node js binary. now i want to understand how this tool works.. what does it do.. how do i really go about this..06:52
dsagshould i be doing an strace?06:52
tomreynyou inspect the source code. but that's not an ubuntu support question, is it?06:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:54
dsagtomreyn: lets say i did not have the source code and i had only the binary07:10
=== Leion1 is now known as Leion
tomreyndsag: you could do a web search about it, or ask in an irc channel where it's not off-topic07:11
evg1how to install packet with keyboard layouts? I missed it in the instalation process.07:49
NTQOn my server entropy seems to be low all the time, which means that entropy_avail is lower than 200 most of the time. Can I find out which program uses that much /dev/random?07:50
guivercevg1: this maybe helpful - https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/keyboard-layouts.html  (sorry I can't help further)07:52
TrangarMy ssh server just died randomly, and while fixing it I noticed that it depended on openssh-client 7.7p1-4 but I had 7.7p1-4Ubuntu installed, anyone know if something changed in that area?07:55
TrangarI can't imagine force upgrading or pinning a package/dependency07:55
pahow do i install a gtk2 theme?07:56
tomreynTrangar: openssh-client 7.7p1-4 is tge rekease version of ubuntu 18.10. version 7.7p1-4ubuntu0.3 is the latest security patch.07:58
tomreyn*the release version07:58
Trangartomreyn: is there any chance the security patch could have been installed without apt checking for a dependency?07:59
lotuspsychje!themes | pa07:59
ubottupa: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy07:59
tomreynTrangar: while the verison number you posted is cut off, i assume that the latest security patch for openssh-client was installed, as it should be, and there is no issue there.08:01
evg1guiverc thanks08:01
tomreynTrangar: openssh-server versions are the same08:02
=== Leion1 is now known as Leion
Trangartomreyn: so the situation was that my local openssh-server was depending on 1:7.7p1-4, but locally 1:7.7p1-4ubuntu0.3 was installed, and that crashed my ssh server when I tried starting it with systemctl08:11
TrangarI ended up downgrading to openssh-client 1:7.7p1-4 and that made the openssh-server able to start again08:12
TrangarMy question is mostly if this was an issue in apt/ppa, or if I messed something up, because I don't think I manually broke something08:13
Trangarwas depending on openssh-client 1:7.7p1-4*08:13
tomreynTrangar: it is correct that an openssh-server package will depend on the openssh-client package of the exact same version (installed on the same system). if your openssh-server package was 7.7p1-4 (the release version) it means that it missed several security patches and shoul dhave been upgraded. maybe it was upgraded, just wasn't restarted.08:16
TrangarI have openssh-server 1:7.7p1-4 installed, and apt doesn't seem interested in upgrading it08:17
TrangarBut I'm guessing openssh-client was upgraded to 1:7.7p1-4ubuntu0.3 without openssh-server being upgraded08:17
tomreynTrangar: if you have the security.ubuntu.com cosmic-security and the *.archive.ubuntu.com cosmic-updates apt source configured and install security patches regularly, and also restart services upon updates, this situation would not occur.08:18
tomreynTrangar: openssh-client would not have been upgraded to a higher version if openssh-server depended on an exact lower version08:19
TrangarHmm security is not enabled08:20
TrangarThen how did I get openssh-client 1:7.7p1-4ubuntu0.3 ...08:21
tomreynvia -updates08:21
TrangarBut openssh-server p1-4ubuntu0.3 is only in security?08:21
=== nomad1 is now known as nomad_fr
tomreynit's in both -security and -updates08:22
TrangarI don't have -updates either08:22
tomreynbut it still does not make sense that openssh-client would be upgraded to a version differing from the one the openssh-server depends on.08:22
TrangarThese are the only ubuntu ppa's I have as far as I can see https://paste.rs/th008:23
TrangarThese should not have installed openssh-client p1-4ubuntu0.3, right?08:23
tomreynthese are not PPAs but standard ubuntu archive mirrors08:24
tomreynand no, only the release version is available from these, in the main section08:24
TrangarThen I need to figure out how I got a newer version of openssh-client on my machine08:25
tomreynmaybe someone who took over your system wanted to make sure they have a current openssh-client installed08:25
TrangarI'm hoping nobody has access to my system08:25
tomreynwell, you didn't have security patches for the past half year08:25
TrangarI don't think it makes sense that someone would install a secure version of openssh-client, if they had unauthorized access to my machine08:26
tomreynnot much. i was mostly kidding about someone doing this. but you should consider reinstalling, and focus more on setting up systems securley than on figuring out the details of this version upgrade08:27
TrangarCouldn't I just enable security in sources.list and update?08:28
tomreynif you still want to determine what happened in terms of packages updates, inspect the logs at /var/log/apt/08:28
tomreynenabling ubuntu-security and ubuntu-updates and running sudo apt update and sudo apt full-upgrade will install the latest security updates. it will not undo any compromise of your system if such occurred during the past 6 months.08:29
TrangarWhy did this mark openssh-server to be removed?08:32
TrangarI've had openssh-server since 2019-03-05, but apt suddenly marked it as "should be removed"08:34
Trangaropenssh-server 1:7.7p1-4ubuntu0.2*08:35
TrangarErr .3, I was reading that wrong08:35
tomreynthe log you posted is from today08:36
TrangarYes, today apt marked openssh-server as "Remove"08:36
TrangarEven though it's been installed for almost a month08:36
TrangarOr rather, I upgraded from Ubuntu0.2 to Ubuntu0.3 a month ago08:37
TrangarAnd now apt can't install Ubuntu0.3 :D08:37
tomreyni suspect you have dependency conflicts. you can paste tthis: sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog08:38
qwebirc58340Hello, we just tried to install ubuntu 18.04.2 server and on network configuration selecting info option on the interface menu throws python error "AttributeError: "NetworkDev" object has no attribute '_net_info'""08:38
qwebirc58340and restarts the whole installation08:38
lotuspsychjejoin #ubuntu-server qwebirc58340 please08:38
qwebirc58340thank you lotuspsychje08:39
tomreynqwebirc58340: read up on bug 1816954 - workaround in comment 408:40
ubottubug 1816954 in subiquity (Ubuntu) "Unable to show Info nor Set static IP during install" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181695408:40
tomreynTrangar: also this: ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported | nc termbin.com 999908:41
Trangartomreyn: does paste.rs work? https://paste.rs/QXe08:42
TrangarFrom what I can tell, I had the p1-4Ubuntu0.3 security update installed for almost a month, but apt can't find it any more, so it tried downgrading to p1-408:43
TrangarAnd I'm not sure why apt can't find it, even now it says that p1-4 is the latest version08:43
TrangarAh because I used deb-src instead of deb, now it works again08:44
tomreynTrangar: parste.rs works for me. the output shows that you have (common) packages installed but no apt source configured for it. this still suggests a serious apt source misconfiguration.08:45
tomreynok, you just explained it.08:45
TrangarI'm not sure if there's a way to figure out how the security repo got disabled08:46
TrangarBut otherwise everything seems fine now08:46
tomreynonce you have your apt sources fixed, you can re-run both oneliners i provided08:46
tomreynapt repositories get disabled by someone manually disabling them, there is no other explanation.08:46
tomreynwell, theoretically any process which could write to sources.list could do it, but hopefully you dont have such.08:47
TrangarIt might've gotten messed up because I tried to make the GUI updater not prompt me that there are updates08:47
tomreyn...at least none other than those taking manual input from you08:47
Trangarubuntu-support-status: https://paste.rs/feJ - /tmp/aptlog: https://paste.rs/oJ408:49
tomreynTrangar: ubuntu-support-status: no apt source for "cups" sounds wrong.08:54
markus_dI cannot login into my fresh installed mysql server. Did something change for 5.7 version?08:57
Trangartomreyn: i was probably playing around with it and removed the repo afterwards08:59
tomreynTrangar: your apt sources on the second paste look fine to me. i guess you should review "ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported" now (with the proper apt sources setup, and apt refreshed) again09:01
tomreynmarkus_d: if you are asking whether mysql-server authentication mechanisms changed within an ubuntu release, the answer is most likely 'no', but you could review the changelog to know for sure.09:03
tomreynmarkus_d: if you are asking whether mysql-server authentication mechanisms changed as a result of an ubuntu release upgrade:09:04
ubottuFor release notes of a given Ubuntu release, please refer to the 'Docs' column on the 'List of releases' table at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases09:04
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AngsHi, I've ubuntu 18.04 and would like to use an arm tool chain from https://launchpad.net/~team-gcc-arm-embedded/+archive/ubuntu/ppa I followed the steps there but when I type "arm-none-eabi-gcc -v" it says it can't find such file. I check other tutorials like http://marksolters.com/programming/2016/06/22/arm-toolchain-16-04.html they show the same instruction09:23
Angscan anyone help me how to make it work on Ubuntu 18.04?09:23
lotuspsychje!arm | Angs start here mate09:30
ubottuAngs start here mate: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.09:30
=== java_master is now known as Taco
tomreynAngs: !ppa are generally not supported here, how to ask questions and file bugs about this PPA is explained in its description. A newer version of the gcc-arm-none-eabi package is available in Ubuntu 18.04 itself.09:33
tomreynAngs: the page by Mark Solters you pointed to states, in all red, on top, that the instructions provided below are obsolete, and you can just use the package available in Ubuntu proper.09:36
Angstomreyn, thank you. My problem is that I've just upgraded my ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04. I can compile my project without any problem, but the firmware doesn't work on the device. I've just installed 16.04 on VM and compiled the same project with the default compiler that the firmware works fine again.09:37
Angsdo you know what could be the issues?09:37
tarzeauAngs: what firmware?09:38
tomreynAngs: it is not possible to comment without further information on what you are trying to compile, and which architecture is used where.09:39
AngsI use a project on https://github.com/contiki-ng/contiki-ng for an embedded device (ARM M3), I am cross compiling the project on ubuntu09:39
tarzeauAngs: build log?09:40
tomreynSeek support from those who develop / maintain the firmware you are trying to build09:40
AngsI was thinking that maybe the default tool chain on new ubuntu is not compatible with it, I was trying to install an old version of the compiler to see if the version of the compiler is the issue09:41
Angsit is a very small community, I have been trying to write to them from yesterday, but I get no response.09:42
Angse.g., can I use old version of a compiler on ubuntu 18.04?09:42
Angsby using apt install?09:42
Angswhen I do apt install build-essentials etc. it installs the latest arm-none-eabi-gcc version09:43
tomreynAngs: i was wrong when i wrote that "A newer version of the gcc-arm-none-eabi package is available in Ubuntu 18.04 itself" - sorry. Apparently the current toolchain is available at https://developer.arm.com/tools-and-software/open-source-software/developer-tools/gnu-toolchain/gnu-rm/downloads09:52
tomreynAngs: either way, this is not an Ubuntu support question, which is the scope of this channel. There is #ubuntu-offtopic also.09:53
Angsok thanks09:53
widp_Hello, I am looking for the list of default packages in Ubuntu Desktop 18.10 64-bit default packages09:54
widp_could someone point me to this?09:54
tomreynwidp_: http://releases.ubuntu.com/cosmic/ubuntu-18.10-desktop-amd64.manifest09:58
BMSTRHi, I have a problem on ubuntu 16.04. When running a simple bash script (while loop starting an application to send out a single ping -> this is just for testing purpose!) everything works fine. But when I create a .desktop file which starts the same script it looks like it is sent to sleep pretty often... On ubuntu mate desktop, just created a new autostart entry.10:01
tomreynwidp_: those are just the packages installed via apt(-get) / dpkg, though. i do not know how to determine the list of snaps which are installed by default.10:02
tomreynBMSTR: compare process priorities, maybe they differ.10:04
isomarigreetings, why can't I purge tracker without removing cairo-dock?10:05
tomreynisomari: maybe "cairo-dock" indirectly depends on "tracker" on your (undisclosed) ubuntu release on your (undisclosed) architecture?10:09
j0sephHi all. I wanted to know what applications in Ubuntu 18.04/10 (Desktop) use the snap GNOME 3.26 runtime package. Is it the GNOME snap apps (calculator, logs, etc.) that come with the system? I have removed those, so will I need the snap GNOME 3.26 runtime? Thanks10:14
isomaritomreyn: cosmic amd6410:16
isomaritomreyn: I have many machines and for some reason tracker got installed on only one of them. They all have cairo-dock.10:17
isomariis there a way to uninstall a package without it's dependencies? I know that could be problematic in most cases but in this case, the only non tracker package that it wants to remove is cairo-dock.10:19
EriC^^isomari: maybe 'sudo apt-get remove <package> <packageyouwanttokeep>+10:20
tomreynisomari: check "ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported" on the system where it wants to remove it10:28
tomreyn...and compare to the others10:28
Dbuggerbetween AMD and Intel, is there a better option for support under Ubuntu?10:53
Mystifiedhey guys, a long term user of linux & ubuntu10:55
blackflowDbugger: there shouldn't be any difference in support, from what's given via upstream (the kernel really). There _could_ be some specific SAUCE patches for one or the other, but you'd have to look up the Ubuntu kernel changelogs to see if there are.10:55
MystifiedIm about to toss in ubuntu, if i cant find  a fix10:55
Mystifiedi have lenova yoga10:56
Dbuggerblackflow, thanks10:56
Mystifiedlaptop/tablet 8th gen i%10:56
blackflowDbugger: "SAUCE" are Ubuntu specific patches to the kernel, not yet upstreamed.10:56
blackflow!enter | Mystified10:56
ubottuMystified: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.10:56
Mystifiedbut unable to have "right click " mouse features..10:56
Mystifiedright cllick does work10:57
Mystifiedbut using it only works once in a blue moon on apps like browser10:57
Mystifiedok ubottu10:58
Mystifiedits so frustrating even in qbittorrent I cant click on anything10:58
Mystifiedunable to copy & paste into new links10:59
tomreynDbugger: were you referring to CPU's, graphics cards, something else entirely?11:00
Dbuggertomreyn, just CPUs, i gotta buy a new motherboard, and that means also CPU, so I was wondering what to chose11:03
Dbuggerbut if there are no real differences between i3, i5, i7, i9 or Rayzen, then it is not such a big problem11:03
tomreynDbugger: so i concur, for current generation CPUs it shouldn't matter.11:10
Dbuggertomreyn, thanks11:10
JimBuntuMystified, 'right-click' may be a two-finger gesture in this case... or at least more reliable as such... that is how it is with one of my Lenovo's.11:10
Mystifiedthanks ill try11:11
Mystified:) JimBuntu11:11
JimBuntuMystified, working better now?11:11
Mystifiedtoo early to tell11:11
Mystifiedneed try on other apps11:12
Mystifiedso far so good11:12
MystifiedI'm a lot happier now11:12
MystifiedI was about to try the new fedora to see if right clicked on that os11:13
JimBuntuMystified, cool, hopefully it keeps working well. I don't care for it working this way either... some updated touchpad. Best wishes.11:13
MystifiedI cant stand fedora11:13
MystifiedHow can i resize the touch screen keyboard on ubuntu11:14
Mystifiedi mostly use the keyboard11:14
Mystifiedin a lot of the apps im unable to use touch screen11:16
Mystifiedlike here i use konversation11:16
os_hi, i wonder why monodevelop isn't packaged any more, does it have some vulnerables or something?11:16
Mystifiedwhen touch the screen to type no keyboard popss up but mouse gestures work11:17
tomreynos_: https://bugs.debian.org/89386011:20
ubottuDebian bug 893860 in ftp.debian.org "RM: monodevelop -- RoM; RoQA; unmaintained, depends on webkitgtk" [Normal,Open]11:20
os_tomreyn, thanks11:21
tomreynos_: i suspect vscode may be considered a replacement by some.11:22
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BluesKajHey folks12:00
pjmavaHello BluesKaj12:05
BluesKajhi pjmava12:06
pjmavaI have joined this group recently. (I am new to IRC)12:07
lordcirth_pjmava, hello and welcome. This the Ubuntu support channel. If you want to chat, join #ubuntu-discuss :)12:11
pjmavaHey lordcirth, Thank you.12:12
gamesterI got a notification that there's only 1GB left in root/partition. I don't remember exact wording (but I have a 50GB partition that root is using). Anyway, I click on "examine problem" and it opens a program that shows that root is taking 17GB, not 49GB.12:49
gamesterSo which is it?12:50
jcottoncheck `df -h` in terminal12:50
jcottonwill you used/free for all partitions12:50
jcotton*will tell you12:51
gamesterok yeah 45G used, 48G size. Strange that the program used to "examine the problem" is so far off. Makes it also impossible to see where this data is. Is it hidden data that it's not seeing?12:51
gamesterprogram is "Disk Usage Analyzer"12:52
jcottonon Windows I would tell you to chkdsk in case the FS is disagreeing with itself12:52
jcottonnot sure about what's normal to do on Ubuntu though12:52
gamesterit looks like I need to run fsck which means booting into something else first12:54
jcottonmaybe run the Disk Usage thing as root?12:55
* jcotton shurgs12:55
gamesterif only ubuntu/gnome's UI would allow that somehow? Else I have to use the console and for that I have to find the executable path, and the UI also does not show where it is.12:55
rypervenchejcotton: Are any other partitions that low? Perhaps it's misreading the partition.12:57
jcottondid you mean to ask gamester?12:58
rypervencheI did indeed :)12:58
gamesterI don't see any other partitions that low. Only /dev/loop stuff which is some snap thing12:59
lordcirth_gamester, 'ncdu' is really nice for seeing where the space went.13:16
black_13what is a good remote desktop that i can connect from my imac to an ubuntu machine and us the apple mouse13:26
widp_hello, I have this card reader: https://www.saturn.de/de/product/_isy-icr-510-2220663.html13:28
widp_it doesn't seem to show up in /media/13:28
widp_should I install drivers?13:28
jcottonafter you stick in a card?13:29
widp_lsusb shows it though13:30
widp_so I am wondering if I should mount it or something13:31
Guest37955No. The media should be automatically mounted.13:33
widp_so what could be wrong and how do I figure that out?13:34
widp_this is the device that shows up in lsusb: Bus 001 Device 009: ID 05e3:0727 Genesys Logic, Inc. microSD Reader/Writer13:34
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Guest37955widp_: Follow the syslog and see what happens when you plug in a memory card when the adapter is connected13:41
Guest37955widp_: sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog13:42
vltHello. How to find out if Ubuntu will work on a "HP ProBook 440 G6 6HM57ES"?13:46
BluesKajvlt, try ubuntu on live media like usb or dvd13:50
RonaldsMazitisI am trying to run thugpro - thug2 mod13:53
RonaldsMazitison ubuntu13:53
RonaldsMazitisseems like You can't get installer online anymore13:53
RonaldsMazitisso I install on win and copy files to linux, problem is once You install, it asks where original thug2 files are located13:54
leftyfbRonaldsMazitis: go to #winehq for help with installing Windows applications in wine13:54
RonaldsMazitiscan't choose where they are located on ubuntu13:54
leftyfbRonaldsMazitis: we can only support software in the official ubuntu repositories13:55
Captain_HaddockOr try installing it via Lutris. I'm not sure if they have an IRC channel for support, but they do have one on Discord.13:56
q9Hi, when try to open templates, libreoffice starts lstating every file on my machine which takes forever. How do I prevent that?14:02
thebishophi all, i just got a shiny new HP Spectre x360 13" laptop running ubuntu 19.04 beta. mostly the hardware support seems OK, but i have a few issues which line up with Arch linux's community documentation.  is there an ubuntu-specific place i should go to report these issues?  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HP_Spectre_x360_-_13-ap0xxxx14:09
blackflowthebishop: what kind of issues? it might be wise to file a bug report against a package responsible for the subsystem14:10
leftyfb!ubuntu+1 | thebishop14:11
ubottuthebishop: Disco Dingo is the codename for Ubuntu 19.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+114:11
thebishopleftyfb, thanks, i'll go there14:11
qwebirc10113Hello, having problems trying to enable livepatch on an 18.04.02 LTS box. This is the output ( https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hjDgBBXJDv/ ) i keep getting, /snap/bin is in my PATH, the /snap/ file is there, i've also tried rebooting, uninstall/reinstall, with the same outcome... What am i overlooking?14:27
brlinqwebirc10113:  Try `sudo snap remove canonical-livepatch` and `sudo snap install canonical-livepatch` in a terminal14:39
brlinOh you've already done that, then what's the output of `snap run canonical-livepatch`?14:40
qwebirc10113@brlin ok, so that command `snap run canonical-livepatch` gave me the welcome msg14:41
brlinqwebirc10113: Can you list the contents in `/snap/bin`?14:43
qwebirc10113running the `enable` cmd from sudo gives "cmd not found" running it from reg user gives an error connectiong to daemon/permission denied.14:44
Mr_SheeshI've installed Ubuntu onto a thumb drive for a friend, it boots nicely (For now, has to be the Live test, software on the HDD she wants to keep!) but Ubuntu isn't seeing the WiFi device on her laptop (Realtek RTL8723DE); Not sure how to get the install to see her WiFi card, or if it'll be easier to just buy a USB 802.11 dongle that Linux DOES see. Anyone have a good idea here?14:45
qwebirc10113@brlin 'ls -a /snap/bin/` = `.  ..  canonical-livepatch  filebot`14:45
brlinqwebirc10113: Hmm then the command should really work :-/14:46
brlinqwebirc10113: Does the enable command prefixed with `sudo snap run ` work?14:47
qwebirc10113@brlin That worked!14:48
leftyfbMr_Sheesh: why not just install ubuntu?14:48
brlinqwebirc10113: What is the output of `which canonical-livepatch`?14:48
brlinleftyfb: > (For now, has to be the Live test, software on the HDD she wants to keep!)14:49
qwebirc10113brlin: `/snap/bin/canonical-livepatch`14:49
leftyfbbrlin: dual boot14:50
Mr_Sheeshleftyfb She has some costly software on the HDD, she'd rather not lose it14:51
leftyfbMr_Sheesh: dual boot?14:51
brlinqwebirc10113: What's the output of `sudo grep secure_path /etc/sudoers`?14:51
leftyfbMr_Sheesh: troubleshooting/installing drivers in a live environment isn't meant to be easy14:51
Mr_Sheeshpossible but I'm not sure there's time to do that before they leave the area14:51
brlinMaybe it's isn't a live environment?14:52
leftyfbMr_Sheesh: it would definitely be quicker than troubleshooting driver issues on a live stick14:52
brlinYou do can install Ubuntu on a thumb drive with a poor I/O performance14:52
qwebirc10113brlin: ` Defaults        secure_path="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/snap/bin" `14:52
Mr_SheeshTrue that. I can ask. Has the HDD space, half the HDD still open.14:52
brlinqwebirc10113: I have no idea why it didn't work directly in this case :-/14:53
qwebirc10113brlin: np. you were more than helpful.. if you dont mind me asking, what made you think to throw `sudo snap run` before the cmd? i tried googling `sudo snap run canonical-livepatch enable` (the cmd you suggested) but didnt find anything on SE/etc.. just interested in how your thought process worked towards that if ya dont mind. might help me out in the future.14:54
brlinqwebirc10113: Well I'm a snap packager that knows more usage of the `snap` command ;)14:55
qwebirc10113ahh, rgr! ty ty again.14:55
thneeHmm I am doing /etc/init.d/uwsgi start on ubuntu bionic and it says [fail] and returns 1. But my config should work, and the log is not showing any errors?15:04
leftyfbthnee: shouldn't you be using systemd?15:06
thneeleftyfb: I dunno, I am just testing that it works in a docker container right now.. systemd just calls the init script anyway15:08
leftyfbthnee: you want to run a container server in a docker container?15:08
leftyfbthnee: and, I'm not sure about uwsgi, but systemd service files should not just be calling init scripts. Not when written properly anyway15:09
thneeleftyfb: I am just using a docker container to test my uwsgi config locally. In prod it will be running in a VM, not in docker15:09
thneeIt's weird because when I run uwsgi directly with the same arguments as the init script uses, it works fine. So I'm really not sure why the init script for uwsgi is failing. There is so much custom shell code in /usr/share/uwsgi/init/do_command, kinda hard to follow15:17
ioriathnee, don't you have a  /var/log/uwsgi.log ?15:20
thneeioria: no, only /var/log/uwsgi/app/my_app.log15:22
ioriathnee, paste   sudo systemctl restart uwsgi15:24
thneeI don't understand in /usr/share/uwsgi/conf/default.ini how does this work "pidfile = /run/uwsgi/%(deb-confnamespace)/%(deb-confname)/pid". When is that supposed to be substituted?15:24
thneeAnd I do have VERBOSE=yes in /etc/default/uwsgi, but that does not seem to do anything..15:25
ioriathnee, paste   sudo systemctl restart uwsgi15:26
thneeioria: I am not using systemd, since this is in a docker container15:27
thneeBut systemd would just call the init.d script15:27
ioriathnee,   sudo service uwsgi status15:28
ioriaor /etc/init.d/uwsgi restart15:28
thneeioria: 1, just like the return code from /etc/init.d/uwsgi start15:28
ioriathnee,  uwsgi --ini /usr/share/uwsgi/conf/default.ini --ini /etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled/mysite.ini15:29
thneeioria: fails with open("/run/uwsgi/%(deb-confnamespace)/%(deb-confname)/pid"): No such file or directory [core/utils.c line 3590]15:30
ioriathnee,  strace -f uwsgi --ini /usr/share/uwsgi/conf/default.ini --ini /etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled/mysite.ini15:31
thneeioria: strace: ptrace(PTRACE_TRACEME, ...): Operation not permitted15:32
ioriathnee,  that's all ?15:32
thneeand "+++ exited with 1 +++"15:32
ioriathnee,  i think yo uneed to stop it first (not sure)15:34
thneeioria: but if remove the problem with %(deb-confnamespace)/%(deb-confname), it works fine to run it with the otherwise default config file15:36
ioriaor might be not working in docker , idk15:36
thneeSo the init script somehow thinks that it failed, even though it doesnt. I can see that the processes were started just fine, but the init script says [fail] anyway15:37
ioriathenes, yes, and we're trying to get some infos about that15:38
ioriathenes,  and strace is a useful tool (if it works)15:39
ioriathnee, ^15:39
mr-robothi all15:43
gaylordFockermr-robot: hi, and happy hump day!15:44
mr-robotnot a hump day at all15:46
mr-robotiam studing15:46
mr-robota l o t15:46
ZteamHi all!15:46
mr-robothi z15:46
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ZteamWhy doesn't dmesg | tail -F follow the system events, isn't that how it's suposed to work?15:47
ioriathnee, try to create an empty  /usr/lib/uwsgi/plugins directory  and  run /etc/init.d/uwsgi restart15:48
pragmaticenigmaZteam: because tail doesn't work that way?15:49
Zteampragmaticenigma, so whats' the proper way to monitor dmesg then?15:50
mr-robotcan i make a server in hexchat?15:52
pragmaticenigmamr-robot: You cannot15:53
pragmaticenigmaZteam: tail -f /var/log/dmesg15:53
mr-robotis it paid or what?15:53
leftyfbZteam: dmesg -w15:53
pragmaticenigmamr-robot: That is offtopic for this channel. This is for Ubuntu support only. You will have to research that topic elsewhere or use alis to search for a more appropriate channel15:54
leftyfbpragmaticenigma: /var/log/dmesg is not a thing15:54
pragmaticenigma!alis | mr-robot15:54
ubottumr-robot: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"15:54
pragmaticenigmaleftyfb: According to the documentation it should be: http://www.linfo.org/dmesg.html15:55
mr-robotoh thanks15:55
pragmaticenigmaZteam: It appears dmesg -w is what you want15:56
leftyfbpragmaticenigma: Not in 18.04 apparently15:56
leftyfbZteam: I already told them that15:56
pragmaticenigmaleftyfb: My bad, I thought they had written that, not you15:57
Zteampragmaticenigma,, leftyfb thanks :)15:58
leftyfbZteam: man dmesg15:58
leftyfbZteam: -T might also be useful15:58
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Zteamleftyfb, , thanks very useful :)16:00
Zteamleftyfb, dmesg -wH seems very useful too :D16:03
thneeioria: I tried emptying the plugins dir, still [fail]. I ran the container unconfined and used strace -f, both on the /usr/bin/uwsgi, and the /etc/init.d/uwsgi start. Both of them end with the epoll_wait loop of the actual worker process, so it's hard to know what happened before..16:09
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ioriathnee, so the are left with the logs files ...16:12
filenotfoundWHat channel do we go to discuss 19.04 issues? I recognize this is the wrong forum16:12
leftyfb!ubuntu+1 | filenotfound16:13
ubottufilenotfound: Disco Dingo is the codename for Ubuntu 19.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+116:13
filenotfoundubottu, thanks, count remeber the channel name, ty!16:14
ubottufilenotfound: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:14
mkayubuntu version names are stupid and silly. cant they just stick to numbers16:14
thneeioria: This init script seems fishy.. I think I will just avoid it and use my own script. I really don't need all this complexity anyway16:15
filenotfoundubottu You are the most helpful entity ive talked to today.16:15
ubottufilenotfound: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:15
thneeioria: Thanks for all the help!16:15
lotuspsychjemkay: you can discuss codenames in #ubuntu-discuss16:15
ioriathnee, ok16:16
Zuvyjoin #ubuntu+116:22
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mustmodifyStrange issue. When I login to a server and rm -rf some/relative/directory, it works. But when my deploy script logs in with the same credentials and does `/usr/bin/env rm -rf /some/absolute/directory/same/one` I see "cannot remove '...', permission denied."16:24
mustmodifyany thoughts?16:24
mustmodifyand actually, when I run the exact same command, I also get permission denied.16:25
mustmodifyOh, NM, not the same directory, the target is owned by root.16:25
mustmodifySorry to bother.16:25
leftyfbalso, why /usr/bin/env as opposed to /bin/rm ?16:27
ggolinhas anyone seen issues with running ssh-keygen on bionic w/4.18-egde?16:27
leftyfbggolin: are you taking a survey?16:27
ggolinleftyfb: sort of. ran out of things to check. it hangs indefinitely.16:28
leftyfbggolin: ask for help, not others experiences16:28
ggolin10/4 good pal16:28
leftyfbggolin: does -v give you anything?16:29
leftyfbggolin: or strace16:29
leftyfbggolin: also, what is your exact command?16:29
ggolinstrace shows an indefinite call to getpid(). the exact command is ssh-keygen -A or just ssh-keygen. available_entropy is at 4010.16:30
leftyfbggolin: tried it on the hwe kernel?16:30
ggolinleftyfb: am on hwe-4.18 edge, also tried on stock 4.15.16:31
leftyfbggolin: edge != hwe16:31
leftyfbggolin: does it work on 4.15?16:31
ggolindoes not16:31
ggolindoes not work on 4.18 either16:32
leftyfbggolin: ok, so something is up with your machine regardless of the kernel16:32
sahanhow are you16:32
leftyfb!support | sahan16:32
ubottusahan: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com16:32
ggolinthat'd be a great thing, leftyfb, however xenial does not exhibit this issue at all.16:32
leftyfbggolin: tried it as sudo or anyother user?16:32
ggolinleftyfb: am root16:32
leftyfbggolin: try it without root. Try it with a live cd/usb16:33
ggolinyeah im past all that at this point, unfortunately. not my first rodeo.16:33
leftyfbggolin: ok, does it work with user? Does it work with a live cd/usb?16:34
leftyfbggolin: If it's not your first rodeo, then you should know that providing this information is pretty important when troubleshooting16:34
cryocaustikHi, all - working an AWS micro server that is being auto setup with Ubuntu 18.04, however it is coming with node 6.17.0 installed; what would be the proper method of removing node/npm and replacing it with the 10.x version?16:35
=== mhcerri_ is now known as mhcerri
leftyfbcryocaustik: Ubuntu 18.04 comes with version 8.10 of the nodejs package16:36
pragmaticenigmacryocaustik: You would have to remove the package and install directly the version you desire. Unfortunately that is as far as we can help you. This channel supports the pacakges as provided by Ubuntu in it's package repos.16:36
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drewbertuninstall resolvconf, manually set /etc/resolve.conf, reinstall resolvconf, reboot16:36
leftyfbdrewbert: can we help you with something?16:37
cryocaustikI see; thanks for the responses. Not sure why AWS sticks 6.x instead of the normal 8 =/16:37
drewbertleftyfb, you could have yesterday.  That was the answer.16:37
drewbertRecorded here for posterity.16:37
pragmaticenigmacryocaustik: You would have to contact the vendor that supports your AWS instance16:38
ggolinhey, he's busy patronizing, drewbert16:38
leftyfbggolin: you have yet to answer the questions16:38
cryocaustikpragmaticenigma I was just using their free tier to try the Cloud9 web IDE, but I will try their support to see what I can find. Thanks again16:39
OficineRoboticahello to all ....i'm triyng to use hdajackretask to make all my laptop speakers work but when i click apply now i get tee:/sys/class/sound/hwC1D0/reconfig: device busy , how can i apply the settings witought rebooting as this is a trial and error process? thank you16:39
cryocaustikpragmaticenigma just found this in their AWS docs, they want you to use `nvm install node` to update to the latest version16:43
cryocaustiksrc: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cloud9/latest/user-guide/sample-nodejs.html#sample-nodejs-install16:43
xebrahi, does ubuntu check if firmware updates are available?16:46
pragmaticenigmaxebra: Can you be more specific?16:47
xebrapragmaticenigma, ok. This new UEFI thing allows the OS to flash the firmware and do weird things that once were not allowed. Last year I got "cpu microcode" updates (maybe to fix meltdown), and ubuntu installed that.16:49
xebraI wonder if Ubuntu checks for other UEFI/firmware updates too, or not, and how.16:50
pragmaticenigmaxebra: No, that sort of firmware is not typically downloaded automatically or installed. Ubuntu does download the microcode updates for processors, but that is loaded on each boot16:50
xebraok, so I think I might expect to see microcode vulnerabilities automatically fixed by Ubuntu, but I'd probably have to check myself for any other firmware updates16:52
leftyfbxebra: the fixes are loaded at boot16:52
leftyfbxebra: ubuntu does not automatically flash firmware onto any hardware16:53
leftyfbxebra: there's also patches in the kernel16:53
leftyfbxebra: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/SpectreAndMeltdown16:53
pragmaticenigmaxebra: Correct, the microcode is loaded at every boot. The processor uses the microcode initially from firmware, and then when Ubuntu boots it replaces it with it's modified version. This however means Ubuntu will run with microcode fixes, but other OSes on the same machine will not (unless they provide their own updates)16:53
pragmaticenigmaxebra: Firmware updates provided by your system manufacture often require installation from windows. Which is why it's a good idea to either dual boot, or keep a separate disk with a windows installation available to install those updates. There are some tools that allow you to install the vendor firmwares from Ubuntu, but the come with a very high risk of system damage16:55
xebrawhat I'm saying is that if a fix for my firmware is available, I guess Ubuntu won't tell that to me, and would not upgrade it. So I guess I need to manually check for updates16:55
leftyfbxebra: what firmware?16:57
xebraleftyfb, the main firmware (motherboard)16:57
leftyfbxebra: ubuntu will typically release security and bugs with firmware (on boot as mentioned) as part of normal package updates16:57
pragmaticenigmaxebra: I think what you mean is BIOS update or UEFI updates16:58
leftyfbxebra: ubuntu will not automatically flash firmware16:58
xebraah, maybe now I get it. It updates the code, but only after boot, not by flashing the ROM. pragmaticenigma yeah, UEFI interface16:58
jcottonfor UEFI machines what steps do i need to take before enabling secure boot?17:00
jcottonUbunut is installed in and boots in UEFI mode17:00
jcottonUbuntu 18.1017:00
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anikethHi, is there a ppa for getting postfix 3.5 version into ubuntu 18.0417:01
Alina-malinahey all is there any badass professional female->male voice converters on ubuntu?17:04
pragmaticenigmajcotton: You cannot change secure boot settings after the OS is installed17:08
pragmaticenigma!latest | aniketh17:08
ubottuaniketh: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:08
jcottoneh? surely not17:08
brlinjcotton: Try install the `shim-signed`, `linux-signed-generic`, and the `grub-efi-amd64-signed` packages17:09
pragmaticenigmajcotton: It wasn't before, looks like my notes are old: https://askubuntu.com/a/104794417:10
brlinpragmaticenigma: That's definitely not the case17:10
jcottonbrlin: cool thanks17:10
jcottonlooks like they're already installed17:11
pragmaticenigmaaniketh: This channel only supports and recommends using the software as provided in the default software repositories. Adding PPAs is at your own risk and up to you to find the one that provides the desired outcome.17:11
brlinpragmaticenigma: Also `sudo grub-install --uefi-secure-boot` to install the signed bootloaders17:11
jcottontho I wonder if my mobo has the right CA cert17:11
brlinpragmaticenigma: Apologies, I thought you're replying to jcotton17:11
brlin@jcotton As long as it has MS 3rd party certificate it should be fine17:12
jcottonif not I know where to get it and how to laod it17:12
brlinjcotton: You can verify it by running the `sbkeysync --verbose` command and see if the "Microsoft Corporation UEFI CA 2011" certificate is available in the DB17:13
jcottonah yep it's there17:14
brlinIt should also possible to manually load it, but it might require resetting the platform key, not sure about that17:14
jcottonand wow that's a long revocation list17:14
brlinMalwares ;)17:15
jcotton  PK:17:16
jcotton    /CN=DO NOT TRUST - AMI Test PK17:16
jcottongood job Gigabyte17:16
jcottoncould always make my own i gues17:17
brlinjcotton: Yep.17:18
jcottonbrlin: actually are there tools for working with secure boot?17:21
cryptodanjcotton: mokutils17:22
brlinjcotton: There quite a few tutorials to manually sign the platform keys, etc.17:22
pragmaticenigmahello wbt , is there something that we can help you with?17:24
ZteamAlina-malina, not really (as far as I know) you could try to fiddle with the voice in Audacity a bit perhaps, other than that, you might try to run some Windows stuff through Wine17:24
xebraI just used mokutil --db to see the keys, I also have a key from Canonical there, I don't know how it ended up there17:25
xebraI'd never heard of sbkeysync17:26
Alina-malinaZteam, ye audacity is good, but i am not sure if it can do it in real time ;-\17:26
Zteamxebra, :D17:27
xebraZteam, what are you laughing at? lol17:28
ZteamAlina-malina, hmm... you could try Ardour I guess, I never used it personaly but it it should be able to handle realtime audio perfectly, but it might be a bit overkill for your needs tho17:30
Zteamxebra, Sorry, man it appeared to be a joke, my bad :-)17:31
Deihmoshow do you use unattended updates with livepatch? do you disable security updates ?17:32
Alina-malinaok thanks Zteam  i will try that17:33
xebraZteam, well, the thing is, I thought a key needed to be confirmed (with password) to add it to firmware/uefi/secure boot. I don't remember doing that for Canonical. But maybe I'm missing something17:33
xebraand then sbkeysync, there's no man page and I don't see much info on the net about it17:33
brlinDeihmos: Livepatch only deals with kernel patches, you still need security updates for others17:33
brlinxebra: I believe mokutil is the 2nd stage of the secure boot process17:34
EickmeyerAlina-malina: the Ubuntu Studio flavor is preconfigured for realtime audio, and includes a lot of realtime audio utilities.17:34
brlin(at least related to it)17:34
ubottuUbuntu Studio is an official flavor of Ubuntu for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their creativity workstation. It contains packages for artists of all kinds, including Audio, Music, Video, Photography, Graphic Design, and Publishing. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org17:35
brlinCanonical uses its own key to validate the signed GRUB boot loader17:35
ZteamDeihmos, I don't belive that's needed, because security updates don't require root-priviliges to install, but I never tried it myself17:35
ZteamEickmeyer, I believe APT does set up for you17:36
EickmeyerZteam: I'm the project lead.17:37
EickmeyerAnd, no, there are a number of tweaks that need to be done for realtime memory access and other things.17:38
EickmeyerHowever, in 19.04 and in our backports PPA there are faster ways of configuring.17:38
ZteamEickmeyer, I see, well.... All I can say is great work (and there is a reason I'd say "I believe" :-)17:40
EickmeyerZteam: Thanks. :)17:40
Alina-malinaok thanks Eickmeyer will look at it too, i just try to contact people on @audacity to make sure if i could use that in real time17:48
EickmeyerAlina-malina: If not Audacity, then Ardour would be the one to go with as it's specifically made with realtime in mind.17:52
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brlinI would like to ask if here's the proper place to ask question regarding the generation of the desktop images?18:03
=== ryahi_skaprinav_ is now known as ryahi_skaprinav
baodownDo you mean burning an iso or generating one  brlin?18:04
brlinbaodown: Generating one.18:04
baodownBrlin do you have an iso you want to use to recreate or one from scratch?18:05
brlinbaodown: Creating one from scratch, preferably the same method of the official image uses.18:06
baodownbrlin: you can check out linuxfromscratch, which details how to do it. Then I’d recommend checking Debian to learn how to make packages in official maintainer style18:08
brlinbaodown: I didn't mean to build from source though, but from the existing Ubuntu packages18:09
bastiaanthe standard btrfs setup used subvolume @home. I recreated all users. Now I actually have a different btrfs partition named /home how do I reconnect these home dirs with the newly created users (with the same name)18:10
Zteambrlin, you might find it more easy, to build your ISO, from the minimal ubuntu ISO :)18:10
Zteambrlin, https://www.linux.com/learn/roll-your-own-customized-ubuntu-uck18:11
brlinZteam: AFAICT UCK is discontinued.18:12
johnfghi folks18:12
johnfgWorking on this new install of xubuntu.18:12
baodownbrlin then you can go two ways (that I know work): there’s a CLI guide on the official Ubuntu website that’s slightly dated but works, then there’s A GUI package called Cubic that you can download from their PPA. You can take a vanilla Ubuntu ISO and edit it with either; the latter option is what I prefer because it makes it easier to edit the package manifest18:13
johnfgI've made ownership of /var/www/html www-data.www.data, and I've added myself to the www-data group.  However, I still don't have privileges to write in html.18:13
brlinjohnfg: You have to log out and re-login the user session to make the group change effective18:14
johnfgWhat should owner.group and mode be for /var/www/html so I as a user in www-data can write to html?18:14
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johnfgbrlin: Ah, I'll give that a try, thanks!@18:14
Zteambrlin, does that really matter, it might still be usuable (O haven't tried it so I don't know18:15
johnfgbrlin: Didn't make a difference.  I logged in on tty1, and shows I'm in the group, but I can't write in html.18:16
brlinjohnfg: `ls -l /var/www/html` ?18:16
johnfgdrwxr-xr-x 3 www-data www-data     4096 Apr  3 12:11 html18:18
brlinThe `www-data` group don't have write access to this folder18:18
johnfgI wonder what the mode should be then?18:18
brlinYou probably should check out Ubuntu Server Guide for the design and proper usage of `/var/www/html`18:19
brlin775 should be reasonable18:19
naxisHello, ionno if i'm doing this right but I'm looking for the optimal way to wrap webpages and turn them to desktop apps (electron is out of the equation)18:21
lordcirth__naxis, not really on topic here, I think? You could try #ubuntu-discuss, perhaps.18:22
naxisalright, sorry and thanks for the answer :)18:22
heelraynerdoes anyone know of a guid for configuring barrier?18:30
bastiaanheelrayner: I guess you mean a GUI?18:31
bastiaanguid is a global unique id18:31
lordcirth__heelrayner, what is "barrier" in this context?18:36
lordcirth__This? https://github.com/debauchee/barrier18:36
JimBuntuheelrayner, if it is the Synergy fork... then it should come with a GUI named 'barrier'18:37
nagyghi everyone18:40
lordcirth__nagyg, hi18:40
dlynchHey there. I've got a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro that has a DisplayPort AlternateMode capable USB-C port on it, but I'm having trouble getting it working with my adapter. I bought a "plugable USB-C to HDMI 2.0 DPAM Adapter" from Amazon that has good reviews and a good support site that assures me this adapter should work with any DisplayPort AlternateMode capable USB-C port.18:40
dlynchIt is my understanding that DP-AM capability was not added to linux until the 4.19 kernel, so I have updated my Ubuntu to the most recent stable in UKUU/Ubuntu Kernel Repos (5.0.3) but I still am having trouble getting it working.18:40
dlynchThe output from xrandr doesn't seem to indicate it recognizing anything being plugged in, and neither does the Display section of the Ubuntu Settings page.18:40
dlynchI need it to connect to my 4K monitor at 60Hz, and I'm not sure how to proceed.18:40
heelrayner@lordcirth_, yes18:45
kbhelpHello, how do I change the behavior (configure which character to be displayed) of SHIFT + "? The setxkbmap command for the layout I am trying to configure is 'setxkbmap -layout us -variant intl', and the layout can be seen here http://dry.sailingissues.com/keyboard-US-International.png18:46
heelrayneri configured it to specs18:46
heelraynerbut it doesn't connect18:46
lordcirth__heelrayner, How did you install it?18:49
heelraynerflatpak install flathub com.github.debauchee.barrier18:52
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dos000I am trying to pass the offline password manager but now i am connected via vnc and the passphrase prompt is prolly goingt to another display. Is there a way i can tell pass/gpg to use commandline pin entry ?19:20
dos000s/trying to pass/trying to use19:21
darkmindsalut tout le monde19:22
JimBuntuhello darkmind , this channel is for volunteer support. Open chat is available in #ubuntu-offtopic though19:23
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Syllinwhen i run `systemctl list-unit-files --all`, i get various statuses (enabled static disabled generated masked). enabled and disabled kind of make sense to me. wheres the best resource for me to learn more about the other statuses?19:30
Syllin(on 18.04)19:30
Eickmeyer[m]!fr | darkmind19:31
ubottudarkmind: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:31
EriC^^!systemd | Syllin maybe this is helpful19:32
ubottuSyllin maybe this is helpful: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units19:32
ckopnif i update my beta everyday , do i need clean install release version or i will get it with updates?19:35
lordcirth__Syllin, also, the full docs are here: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/index.html19:36
EriC^^ckopn: you'd get it with updates19:36
Syllinthanks all19:36
ckopnI hope too19:38
lordcirth__ckopn, look in /etc/apt/sources.list. You are tracking 19.04, right? You will keep getting 19.04 when it's released, it doesn't change.19:39
ckopndeb http://ru.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ disco main restricted19:41
EriC^^ckopn: it's a repository19:42
lordcirth__ckopn, 'disco' is the Ubuntu version, 'main' is the basic packages, 'restricted' is stuff like patented codecs and drivers19:42
lordcirth__there's also universe and multiverse19:43
ckopnok,  thanks i see other lines are different19:43
dlamim doing some docker stuff, and on an 'apt-get install' i'm  getting  'Failed to fetch http://security.debian.org/pool/updates/main/l/linux/linux-libc-dev_3.16.59-1_amd64.deb  404  Not Found'   any ideas?   i  did 'sudo apt-get update' before too!20:04
Sleakerdlam: that file doesn't exist.20:05
Sleakerthe only version of libc 3,16 in security-cdn.debian.org is 3.16.64-220:06
Sleakermaybe a mirror issue?20:06
Sleakeryou can browse the repo link from any web browser20:06
Sleakerdlam: what repo are you pointed at, stretch-updates ?20:07
Sleakeralso note, this is #ubuntu not debian.20:07
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brlinIs there a system-wide config location for ~/.config/monitors.xml?20:33
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vibhuanyone here20:58
lotuspsychje!ask | vibhu20:59
ubottuvibhu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:59
vibhui have a doubt about ubuntu itself20:59
leftyfbvibhu: ubuntu.com/download  go try it from a usb drive20:59
leftyfbvibhu: this is a support channel. If you want to chat about ubuntu, go to #ubuntu-offtopic21:00
vibhui start ubuntu and it shows blank screen21:00
vibhuafter 1,2 restarts it boots normally21:00
vibhuif anyone can permantly tell us a solution here that would be a big help21:01
vibhuamd radeon is the graphic processor here21:01
leftyfbvibhu: what version of ubuntu?21:01
vibhuits 16.0421:04
lotuspsychjevibhu: what about your kernel version?21:04
leftyfbvibhu: how did you install Ubuntu? Is this a fresh install or an upgrade? Did it work fine at one point and now it's not?21:05
leftyfbvibhu: if so, what changed?21:05
Sc0tty-Hi, I installed some Nvidia drivers and now when my laptop boots it boots into grub and I need to set root, prefix etc then boot into normal mode, is there a way to fix this?21:17
fearnothingI'm having DNS problems21:21
fearnothingI can't resolve anything, and I can't see why21:22
fearnothingto be fair I haven't logged in to this server in a while...21:22
fearnothingactually, a correction21:23
fearnothingdig @internal_server -t A www.google.com - times out, and no packets are sent to internal_server21:23
fearnothingdig @ -t A www.google.com works fine though21:23
compdocso your lans dns service is borked21:24
compdocare you the borkee?21:24
fearnothingno it is not borked21:24
fearnothingevery other device can get DNS out of it just fine21:24
fearnothingand I'm tcpdumping on it to watch for packets from the borked host, and it doesn't see any21:25
Bashing-omSc0tty-: 1st thing to check is what graphic's driver is loaded ' sudo lshw -C display ' .21:26
dos000mayday .. i am trying to use pass in ubuntu 18.04 but i cant see the gnome-keyring that is supposed to ask me for the passphrase21:29
dos000after some time it just times out21:29
leftyfbfearnothing: what version of ubuntu?21:30
dos000i am using vnc remotely .. when i use the tool locally i usually get a prompt21:30
fearnothingleftyfb - 16.0421:31
fearnothingcould do with updating I guess :P21:31
leftyfbfearnothing: is this running a desktop environment at all?21:31
fearnothingno, headless21:31
leftyfbfearnothing: cat /etc/resolv.conf21:31
fearnothingnameserver <my_internal_dns>21:32
leftyfbfearnothing: dig @<my_internal_dns> -t A www.google.com21:32
leftyfbfearnothing: ?21:34
leftyfbfearnothing: if it doesn't work, then either "my_internal_dns" isn't working or is being blocked to/from your ubuntu 16.04 client21:38
leftyfbsorry, server, not client21:39
yukenWhat the heck is the difference between apt and apt-get?21:51
Bashing-omyuken: see: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/26q2sm/apt_vs_aptget/ ; https://mvogt.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/apt-1-0/ ; https://itsfoss.com/apt-vs-apt-get-difference/ .21:55
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fearnothingleftyb: I'm afraid that's not what's going on22:18
fearnothingwhen I try sending a request to my internal server there's not even a port 53 packet leaving the ubuntu host22:20
fearnothingso it's definitely a problem with the ubuntu box22:26
lotuspsychjefearnothing: feel free to re-ask your original issue, maybe other volunteers can think along22:27
fearnothingsometime since the last time I logged in, DNS on it has stopped working to my internal DNS resolver22:32
fearnothingif I dig @, that works fine22:32
fearnothingif I dig @internal_server, no DNS packets traverse eth022:33
lotuspsychjefearnothing: server?22:38
fearnothinglotuspsychje - what do you mean?22:38
lotuspsychjefearnothing: are you on ubuntu server?22:39
lotuspsychjefearnothing: try #ubuntu-server22:42
jcottonso I turned on secure boot but now my graphics are garbage22:42
jcottonGTX 1080, low resolution, dual monitors not working22:43
lotuspsychjejcotton: driver version please?22:44
jcottonhow do i find that?22:44
lotuspsychjejcotton: software&updates tab additional drivers22:45
jcottonnvidia-driver-390 on Ubuntu 18.1022:46
lotuspsychje!nvidia | jcotton22:46
ubottujcotton: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa22:46
lotuspsychjejcotton: pick a higher one for gtx cards from the ubuntu ppa22:46
Randolflotuspsychje: Thanks for your help yesterday morning -- my HP Envy x360 laptop is working reliably now, and the reboot/shutdown process no longer freezes.  Login is also less than 1 second instead of taking more than 10 seconds too.22:46
RandolfThat nVidia driver tools install stuff did the trick.22:47
RandolfTools and drivers, that is.22:47
lotuspsychjeRandolf: wich driver are you on currently?22:47
RandolfI'll check...22:47
jcottonit's install nvidia-drivers-418 right now22:48
lotuspsychjejcotton: allrighty, good luck ; )22:49
RandolfOh, hang on, that's my other laptop.  I can't check right now.  Ha ha.22:49
lotuspsychjeRandolf: if it works, its good22:49
RandolfIt's great, and it runs in a much higher resolution now too.22:49
lotuspsychjeglad to hear22:50
jeremy31lotuspsychje: Did you get your bluetooth going?22:50
lotuspsychjejeremy31: yes, me and guiver_d fixxed the apple magic mouse with a git22:51
RandolfI'm curious about the "iptraf" package installed with apt -- it doesn't create a binary called "iptraf" but rather "iptraf-ng."  Is this a mistake, or is there a reason for adding the -ng part to the filename of the binary?22:51
lotuspsychjejeremy31: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-signed-hwe/+bug/182277022:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822770 in linux-signed-hwe (Ubuntu) "Apple magic mouse 2 does not work by default" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:51
jeremy31lotuspsychje: good, I figured it might have been a Broadcom bluetooth card without firmware22:52
Bashing-omjcotton: Nvidia confirms ya want the 418 version driver: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/145182/en-us for that card.22:53
jcottonok install done22:53
jcottonreboot time22:54
lotuspsychjejeremy31: now to hope the git owner will push fix to ubuntu, as i pinged him22:54
jcottonlotuspsychje: that worked thanks!22:55
lotuspsychjewelcome jcotton22:56
cognition___Hi, is there any way to install openjdk 1.8.0_162 on 16.04?22:59
jeremy31lotuspsychje: I hope you have more influence than I do23:00
lotuspsychjejeremy31: well for me its pretty important these kind of things work, on LTS installed some bionics with success on different macs already23:01
PowderLinuxis 19.04 going to be an LTS ?23:02
lotuspsychjePowderLinux: no23:02
Bashing-om!release | PowderLinux23:02
ubottuPowderLinux: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS). More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases23:02
PowderLinuxohh. for some reason i thought all .4s were LTS and all .10s were non LTS23:03
Bashing-omPowderLinux: 1st release in an even year is LTS - 14.04 16.04 18.04 20.04 :)23:05
PowderLinuxgotcha. thanks!23:07
stan_man_canHey all -- Just installed 18.04 and used ubuntu-drivers to install nvidia drivers, how can I check that they're working?23:15
EriC^^stan_man_can: lshw -c video23:17
EriC^^see the driver in use, also maybe try running glxgears23:18
p0wderan easy way is to go to settings > details23:18
stan_man_cansounds like it's good to go?23:18
stan_man_canp0wder: server edition so no gui23:18
EriC^^stan_man_can: looks good23:19
SysifossHi, I'm having this issue with pulseaudio where my audio gets staticy at times and requires me to run pulseaudio -k and restart whatever I was listening to or watching. I also have to kill pulse audio when I plug in an hdmi cable and want it to recognize the audio output of that display as a choice. My sound chip is an ALC892.23:19
stan_man_canany proper tutorial for setting a static IP in 18.04? i've found a few contrasting articles23:19
arooniis there any way to adjust how long notifications stay up on ubuntu 18.04?  it seems like they stay on way too long23:21
tilasb87 Hey everyone. I am looking for assistance with setting up my 3d printer on Ubuntu using replicatorG. Can anyone possibly help, or direct me somewhere to another channel where I may find help? Please and Thank you. I already tried asking in #3dprinters, but Everyone's sleeping at their desk I assume. lol.23:22
Bashing-omstan_man_can: See if https://blog.ubuntu.com/2017/12/01/ubuntu-bionic-netplan helps.23:23
stan_man_canIs this Cloud Image different than Server? I just went to ubuntu.com, clicked Download, then 18.04 LTS and it autodownlaoded ubuntu-18.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso but it seems to be cloud stuff?23:26
tilasb87yes, that would be the ISO to install ubuntu as a server. You would have no desktop environment. Just a terminal interface.23:28
tilasb87No problem.23:29
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MrCeleryI am getting a parsing error when i try to automount a windows network share to my ubuntu vm. Installed samba and i am using cifs to mount.23:46
MrCelerythe line i have in fstab is the following: //WINIP/Shared /media/drive1 credentials=/home/smbcredsfile,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 023:46
MrCeleryany ideas?23:47
tewardMrCelery: I do believe you forgot to define `cifs` as the filesystem/mount type23:51
tewardtry: //WINIP/Shared /media/drive1 cifs credentials=/home/smbcredsfile,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 023:51
tewardMrCelery: ERROR: Not Enough Arguments :p23:52
p0wderdont you need to have ntfs-3g under type23:53
leftyfbp0wder: network filesystems don't care what filesystem your drive is23:53
leftyfbp0wder: please do not PM23:55
MrCelerystedward: sorry, i actually typed it manually just then... i do have cifs in there .... let me retype //WINIP/Shared /media/drive1 cifs credentials=/home/smbcredsfile,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 023:55
p0wderhow do i send it in red like that?23:55
p0wderi thought it was /msg username23:56

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