bluesabreAnybody know how to reliably reproduce the garcon/whisker crash?00:48
brainwashbluesabre: the changelog for whiskermenu 2.3.1 mentions only this: "Fix crash when reload is required."08:35
brainwashdisco has 2.3.108:36
brainwashso, maybe this fix is faulty08:36
ochosifyi, tintou from elementary is now co-maintaining light-locker11:10
ochosiso development will continue11:10
Unit193Aren't we more interested in xfce4-screensaver?11:19
DravereJust wanted to drop by and say: Thank you very much for the xfwm update on 18.04! Appreciate your work! :)17:29
Unit193bluesabre: Someone appreciated you! ↑20:26

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