kaosinecrap, I wasn't paying attention there for a bit XD00:27
kaosinehuh guess it was just a netsplit or something that pinged me00:29
nicolas17kaosine: no, there was a mess with the matrix bridge00:42
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mr-roboti want to change my konsole style so... i downloaded some files to /usr/share/konsole but i want to know how to use it01:29
mr-roboti want to use Charlie.colorscheme01:29
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wewwewHello everyone04:11
lordievaderGood morning06:30
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:44
IrcsomeBot2<zifi2> Hello. Konsole strangely opens urls. When i open url from konsole through ctrl+click(or num key). firefox not log in, and gets redirected. If i just copy url and paste it in firefox or other program, it will be open correctly. Someone faced with such behavior?14:51
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keithzg[m]Well drat, my Plasma session here at work (Kubuntu 18.04, no backports PPA enabled) is still screwed, none of plasma actually pops up and it appears to be constantly chewing up 100% of a CPU core.20:22
keithzg[m]...and just as I post that, it finally comes up. Still, about 10 minutes is arguably too long for a session to come up, so I'm sure something is wrong!20:23
valoriekeithzg[m]: any reason you don't want backports?21:23
valorieimo it is better21:23
valorieand you can ppa-purge if you want21:23
keithzg[m]valorie: No reason in particular, I just haven't happened to re-enable that PPA since I updated this machine to 18.04 (which was shortly after 18.04.1 came out, if I recall correctly; I try and keep my desktop at work on roughly what  I have the servers at).21:25
valorieimo it is the best choice21:26
valoriesince you can ppa-purge21:26
keithzg[m]I should probably do that. Maybe tomorrow, seems like good 'work' for a Friday :D21:26
keithzg[m]Hmmm especially since, as the notifications from this channel have shown, apparently the browser integration plugin is no longer working for me?21:32
keithzg[m]Well, another thing to "work" on tomorrow!21:33
valorieremind me what the browser integration plugin is?21:56
valorieI remember trying to get it to work long ago when it didn't, and now I can't remember why21:57

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