Meadis there a guide for decyphering how ubuntu names network inferfaces?05:09
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kc2bezMead: This article explains it the best I think - https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/10:10
Meadkc2bez: I saw that, but I was wanting more about how the physical/geographical location names are generated.10:30
Meadalso... if you have an USB network adapter... how is it named?10:30
kc2bezThe way I understand it the location on the bus is how they get named, I think the same holds true for USB.10:35
Meadkc2bez, sounds not predictable between different systems10:36
kc2bezI can see instances where that could hold true. The new scheme does allow you to use the old classic style but you have to do it manually.10:39
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StumblyHey guys, is anyone around right now? I could really do with some help.16:41
StumblyRunning a LiveUSB right now, with the hopes of making an install USB for Win7.16:41
StumblyTo do this, I usually use a utility called Unetbootin.16:41
StumblyBut for some reason, I can't seem to get the .bin file to install.16:42
s2artHi, can someone help me with an installation problem?18:28
lubot<aptghetto> Who knows?18:30
s2artI'm stucked in the installation process18:31
tewardwithout details about where you're stuck, what you're seeing, etc. nobody can help you :P18:31
s2artSo I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320 but with W10 is incredible slow (CPU is 2 cores 1.10Ghz), so I decide to look for a more convenient OS Lubuntu looks ideal, nice and fast.  I already disable secure boot, fast boot, and put it in legacy support, and I boot it from an USB, but in the installation it just got stucked at 80%, it just says (Starts procedure and passes 'fw_type' to other routine. I dont have a clue what´s wrong. Can please18:33
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lubot<aptghetto> Have you checked the integrity of the iso and installation media?18:46
lubot<S2art> Well it’s the second time I try, so I redownloaded the iso this morning and burned it again  … I haven’t quite checked the USB, but I would hope that is there’s any trouble with it, the system could tell me when I burn it in the first place18:48
Slimmy Greetings. I have a brand new sd card and adaptor. They are surely not faulty as I have tried this on 3 other adaptors with 2 different cards as well. I can't seem to get my Lubuntu to read my sd card, or detect it in any way. I do know though that port is fine since I can see it after running lsusb. How can I access it though?20:30
scoofydoes anyone have success setting keyboard layout in tty? (lubuntu 16). any setting I make, seems ignored. tried editing /etc/default/keyboard, dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration, editing /etc/vconsole.conf, nothing does any change.20:46

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