lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic09:10
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (disco), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB09:10
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ZuverinkI'm having periodic random loss of WiFi usage. Suddenly the WiFi icon disappears and states I'm offline. The loss happends when I close the laptop lid as well(so when returning from suspend)  Only fix seems so far to reboot. Im a nood, Tell me what I need to do to assist in process of fixinf bbug and will do my best. Happens 5-9 times a day. Thank you fine developer types.16:02
lotuspsychjeZuverink: what kind of chipset are you on please?16:03
ZuverinkTell me how to get that information for you16:03
lotuspsychjeZuverink: pastebin: sudo lshw -C network please16:04
ZuverinkSorry, total nood16:04
ZuverinkDid I do that correctly, the whole pastebi thing?16:07
lotuspsychjeZuverink: yes, thank you16:07
ZuverinkDang, already learned something today!16:07
ZuverinkThat help yo at all?16:08
lotuspsychjeZuverink: realtek chipsets are bit picky on kernel versions16:08
lotuspsychjeZuverink: did you clean install 19.04 beta or upgrade?16:09
Zuverinklotuspsychje, what do you suggest?16:09
ZuverinkYes a clean install16:09
ZuverinkI never updrade16:09
lotuspsychjeZuverink: there's a few things you could test16:09
ZuverinkList them off Mr Tech Guru16:10
ZuverinkIm listening16:10
lotuspsychjeZuverink: try a 18.04.2 iso and see if wifi is stable there, or try the realtek github on 19.0416:10
ZuverinkI appreciate you helping me16:10
Zuverinkso either reinstall 18.0.4 or what exactly on the realtel github, ive no experience using stuff like that16:11
ZuverinkMy main reason for using 19.04 is that they have finally build a dock style for gnow shel that does not want to make me puke and that is thanks to gnome 33216:13
ubottuError: Gnome bug 332 could not be found16:13
Zuverinkim not a unity style fan, not really a fam of the way the apps are display when you hit menu but in 3.32 is is very bareable.. every version below 19.04 just seems to lag the system  Gnome Deleopers and those that contributed to the Ubuntu vestion of 3.32 deserve a medal and a parade16:16
lotuspsychjeZuverink: check here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/176337116:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1763371 in linux (Ubuntu) "rtl8188ee wifi doesn't work in bionic" [Medium,Confirmed]16:21
lotuspsychjeZuverink: there's a git link there16:21
jorianhello, I am testing out 19.04 with wayland.  I'm running into some strange behavior and wanted to see if anyone else has seen this.  I have two displays hooked into a tb16 thunderbolt dock.  When I open the display settings I do no have any options to arrange the monitors.  All I can see are just settings for orientation down to scale.16:22
tomreyni'd search the web to get a better idea of what the support status with this thunderbolt dock on linux is16:31
joriani've done some googling and it seems to work.  and i had it working in kubuntu 18.1016:31
joriani haven't tried it in default ubuntu 18.1016:32
joriani also hadit working in kubuntu 19.04 (forgot I tested that as well)16:32
jorianand both displays are currently working and running at 4k.  just strangely missing the option to arrange them16:33
ZuverinkThank you to all you hard working devs, I really appreciate the Minimal install option! Great work so far, cant wait to see the finished product.16:39
lotuspsychjeZuverink: we will tell the devs :p16:39
ZuverinkI'll hold you to that!16:40
* lotuspsychje picks up the dev phone16:43
EickmeyerWell, at least one dev saw that.17:03
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LynysysHi - when I make a video window fullscreen in Ubuntu Disco Beta, it takes over the X Server and wont let me "unfullscreen" and I have to restart the display manager. I have Intel Graphics on a MSI CUBI. What package should I file the bug under?22:51

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