dokohuehner: rbalint submitted https://launchpad.net/bugs/1823125 did you test both tomcat versions?07:47
rbalintrunning piuparts on the whole package set would be a good idea, imo07:51
dokorbalint: the piuparts tests apparently succeeded in unstable ...07:53
rbalintdoko, ok, but the test in unstable is not valid for bionic07:54
rbalintdoko, i updated the bug, cosmic and disco are fine07:55
dokorbalint: well, if you can find out what exactly went wrong ...07:55
rbalintdoko, please refresh07:55
rbalintbut in general we can't accept piuparts tests for one release that ran on an other07:56
dokorbalint: I know that, but somebody has to investigate07:58
rbalintdoko, sure07:59
dokorbalint: strictly speaking, this is not a regression, because tomcat9 is new08:02
rbalintdoko in practice it is, solr-tomcat pulls it in08:04
rbalinti install everything from -updates and down that can be found in -proposed, then upgrade to proposed08:05
rbalintsolr-tomcat users will see their system broken by u-u08:05
huehnerdoko: only tested 8.5 as we built custom images around that08:06
dokoahh, crap08:06
huehnerdoko: also i tested our usage (tomcat8-user,tomcat8-common with our init-script mostly) not the new systemd.service path which came in via the backport08:07
huehnerdoko: sorry if i didnt explain that clearly enough back then08:08
huehnerdoko: question about tomcat9, as far as i understood you had to add it as some common jars (servlet-api etc..) used by 8.5 now are built by 9 ?08:26
huehnerdoko: or did you really need to add the user-visible i.e. tomcat9.deb ?08:43
rbalinthuehner, new solr-tomcat depends on tomcat9, i don't really understand the question10:49
rbalint(doko may be busy at the conference)10:49
rbalintdoko, re: piuparts investigation - only failures need to be investigated if britney blocks migration for them10:50
rbalintand there are no place for packages in the archive regressing in piuparts10:51
huehnerrbalint: then ignore my comment, i was raising dbout if we need tomcat9 with all binary packages really or could skip some -> apparently all needed11:09
huehnerrbalint: sry for the confusion11:09
rbalintok no problem11:11
sbeattietdaitx: are you looking at the u-u issues?17:21
tdaitxsbeattie: yes, I am17:44
rbalintsbeattie, i could not test all package upgrades because the packages are not all coinstallable19:39
rbalintsbeattie, i's suggest at least having a piuparts run including upgrades on each source package19:40
rbalintsbeattie, if there was a run like this, tomcat9 was missed :-(19:41
* sbeattie is unaware of any piuparts infrastructure that we have19:48
sbeattieIt would be kind of nice if that was the default autopkgtest if there's no autopkgtest in the debian tree19:49
rbalintsbeattie, it should not be ran only in absence of tests, since autopkgtest does not cover upgrades if the package is not in the base image20:12
sbeattierbalint: tomcat9 fix looks okay to me23:56

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