aidiango update your web servers, everyone15:49
aidiani'm not really familiar with package maintaining.23:51
aidianbut /bin/dash changed behavior from 16.04->18.04, which is breaking another package i need.23:52
aidianthe package i need, votca-csg, does have a fix, but it's not in the 18.04 repo. but it _is_ in 19.0423:53
aidiani'm not entirely sure how to solve this23:54
aidianand no, i can't update the whole system to 19.04 for one dumb package23:54
aidiananyone have any suggestions or advice? it seems like the 18.04 package probably _should_ be updated to the not broken version23:55
aidiancause otherwise the software is basically DOA without a really horrible workaround23:55

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