nevada1I'm getting a lot of PCIe Bus Errors in dmesg. And before each one, AER: Corrected error received. Any ideas about that stuff?00:00
leftyfbnevada1: if it's this (you lack the entire line), then you can try the nomsi line https://askubuntu.com/questions/771899/pcie-bus-error-severity-corrected00:03
p0wdernvm leftyfb, i figured it out00:04
p0wdersorry for pm ing you00:05
MrCeleryohhhhhh I totally lost my mind! I had the wrong subfolder name for the creds file00:09
nevada1leftyfb, thanks, do you perhaps have any insights on why that happens?00:09
mtlI've tried playing with channel bonding.. is it possible to combine a DSL connection via ethernet and a USB modem to get greater speed? :b00:09
MrCeleryI think I just needed someone to force me to stare at my fstab line for 5 minutes straight. thanks!00:09
leftyfbnevada1: nope. It worked on mine though00:10
JimBuntumtl, yes, not super easy without the right equipment or software00:10
mtlwhat software do I need?00:11
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JimBuntumtl, I have never went a simple software method... so I could not answer... hardware wise though... it's kinda simple... multi-WAN support on a router will suffice00:16
mtlI found something called dispatch-proxy00:17
JimBuntumtl, well, generally suffice... I suppose some may only offer fallback support00:17
JimBuntuOnce upon a time, this was popular for using multiple dial-up modems. mtl00:18
MrCelerySo apparently my error is actually coming from the cifs argument sec=ntlm00:33
MrCelerywhen i take this out of the fstab line, the mount works00:33
MrCelerythis isn;t good for security though, so i need to find another solution00:34
MrCelerysec=ntlmv2 works perfectly... someone should really update the documentation https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently00:36
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Brainiackwhats the diffrence between ubuntu and xubuntu00:50
NorthwestVeganxubuntu uses xfce so its more lightweight00:51
tomreynBrainiack: ubuntu comes with whatever desktop environment was picked as default one for this release, and xubuntu is based on xfce.00:51
Brainiackwhat is xfce which is better or is it a preference00:51
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NorthwestVegani prefer xfce over gnome or kde00:52
Brainiackalso anyone ever use SElinux with ubuntu i tried installing it and it killed my boot had to uninstall it00:52
Bashing-omBrainiack: ^^ and installed DE apps are different.00:52
tomreynubuntu 18.04 is based on gnome3, gnome-shell, Xorg00:52
tomreynBrainiack: ubuntu uses apparmor rather than SELinux. It is probably possible to make SELinux work on Ubuntu, too, but it would take a major effort.00:53
tomreynThere are several reasons why one might actually prefer Apparmor over SELinux, though.00:54
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MrCeleryI ended up really loving Unity a year before they got rid of it00:56
JimBuntuMrCelery, me too... even sooner :( oh well, soon we will likely have to adapt. That's fine with me.00:56
tomreynunity still exists, just is not the default anymore.00:57
Bashing-omMrCelery: Unity is still around :) community maintained .00:57
MrCelery^^ I am glad they kept it around but for now i am on cinnamon.00:58
Deihmosanyone know how you exclude kernel updates from unattended updates01:05
xamithanI think you can do apt-mark hold <package>01:08
MrCeleryI am trying to automount a 2 network drives using samba, fstab and cifs01:08
xamithanThen just undo it when you want to allow the kernels again01:08
MrCeleryand they wont mount on bootup... this is going to be a long night01:09
MrCelerythey mount when i do "sudo mount -a"01:11
xamithanAre they just not waiting on the network to start?01:12
MrCeleryi think the computer is not connecting to the network before it runs that file. is there any way to get it to connect before running those lines in fstab?01:13
xamithanThere is a mount option01:13
xamithan_netdev ?01:13
tomreynif _netdev doesn't work, use x-systemd.automount01:21
MrCelerythats the network drive01:21
MrCeleryso do i need to put that in the fstab line... if so where?01:21
MrCeleryor i mean the _netdev argument01:22
xamithanin the mount options01:22
xamithanlike where you put the user, credentials, etc01:22
xamithanor defaults even01:22
MrCeleryso far i have _netdev //IP/Joo48ARM /media/drive1 credentials=/home/smbcredsfile,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 001:23
MrCeleryokay... so not in the fstab01:23
xamithanDo that01:23
mr-robothi all01:24
mr-robotiam using kubuntu01:24
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MrCeleryit worked01:25
mr-robotand i want to change my konsole style so... i downloaded some files to /usr/share/konsole but i want to know how to use it01:25
xamithanNice,  that was quick01:25
mr-roboti want to use Charlie.colorscheme01:26
tomreynmr-robot: i suggest you ask in #kubuntu01:27
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mr-robotokay thanks tomreyn01:28
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AndyChow888Hi. Is umake still supported? I get "ERROR: Download page changed its syntax or is not parsable (url missing)".01:57
k_sze[work]If I have multiple monitors, is there a way to set the default monitor in which application windows will open?02:00
k_sze[work]Right now, if I launch, e.g., gvim from the shell in Terminal, sometimes the window opens in my second monitor and I don't want that.02:01
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k_sze[work]I want all new windows to always open in my first monitor by default.02:01
k_sze[work](I'm on Ubuntu 18.04.2)02:07
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jcb2016Has anyone here used mkusb if so was it difficult to use?02:18
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guiver_djcb2016: i haven't used it, but in case you haven't looked at doco - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb02:24
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rodrigo_umm hi02:35
tomreynk_sze[work]: maybe this helps? https://superuser.com/questions/1133904/how-to-set-default-display-for-new-windows-in-gnome-302:35
tomreynAndyChow888: the package providing the umake binary still exists and version numbers still grow: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ubuntu-make - that's all i know about it.02:39
k_sze[work]tomreyn, doesn't really help02:53
k_sze[work]e.g. configuring the Terminal app using the auto move window extension is pretty broken.02:54
k_sze[work]If I press Ctrl+Shift+N, the new window is nowhere to be found.02:54
tomreynthat's even with workspaces set only to the primary window?02:55
k_sze[work]Well, I configure Terminal app to always appear in Workspace 2.02:55
tomreyni see. well, it eemed like it could work.02:55
tomreynoh, well, then i guess it can'T work02:56
k_sze[work]I think the Terminal app still tries to follow my mouse cursor.02:57
k_sze[work]If my mouse cursor is on my primary display, it's effectively outside the display area of workspace 2.02:57
k_sze[work]And even when my mouse cursor is on my secondary display, the new Terminal window opens *underneath* my current window, which is annoying in another way.02:58
k_sze[work]Is there a different desktop environment or window manager that would behave in the way I prefer?03:00
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k_sze[work]It's too bad that KDE seems somehow broken with the Intel integrated graphics in my machine.03:02
Bashing-omk_sze[work]: Boot up a live xubuntu - xfce has native support for multi-monitors.03:02
Svetafile bug reports with kde03:16
AndyChow888k_sze[work], does "xrandr --output <screen_name> --primary" solve your use-case? If so, that's a temporary solution, but I'm not sure that gives your desired behavior.03:22
newdimensionHow can I find out what application is prompting Ubuntu to ask me for my private key password? I'm being asked about every half hour. Ubuntu 18.1003:23
AndyChow888newdimension, what are you doing when it asks you for your password?03:24
newdimensionAndyChow888: No discernable pattern. Moslty working in Pycharm so I either have its window open or Firefox03:25
AndyChow888Firefox will never ask you for a password.03:25
tomreynAndyChow888: it will if you use it as a password store and have a master password set.03:26
newdimensionright, I get the Ubuntu prompt to unlock my private key03:26
gambl0r3does anyone know how to fix high cpu usage with ubuntu?03:26
tomreyngambl0r3: use less cpu.03:27
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.03:27
AndyChow888That should not be the same password as your system. But ok. Then only when you access something where you stored a password. Python things should never ask for passwords, or you should use --user thinghy.03:27
newdimensiontomreyn: I don't use FF as a password store, nor do I have a master password set on it. Also, the prompt would look default. I'm getting the Ubuntu prompt that says an Application needs access to your private key and its locked. I'm fuzzy on the wording, but it's the normal one I get whenever I genuinely need to unlock my key e.g. on git push03:27
newdimension*FF prompt would look different03:27
gambl0r3i meant to ask, anyone know hot fix high cpu usage using firefox with ubuntu?03:28
gambl0r3how to...03:28
AndyChow888gambl0r3, remove ff and install chromium, or buy a better PC.03:28
XFGuys, is there any way by which i can change time of closing display of lock screen? because when i use windowbutton + L, it locks and when i move cursor it shows the screen but later again turns off display in less than 1 min03:29
AndyChow888I am currently using FF and Chromium, watching youtube. My CPU usage is 3%.03:29
XFi searched alot but nothing working03:29
tomreyngambl0r3: tyle this in the location bar: about:performance03:29
XFeven tried dconf thing03:30
gambl0r3tomreyn, ok then what03:30
AndyChow888XF, go to the power settings, change the delay.03:30
tomreyngambl0r3: press enter. it'll provide an overview of how energy impacting (which is a similar measure to cpu cycles burnt) your single tabs and extensions are03:31
AndyChow888tomreyn is correct. You might have extensions that are behaving badly.03:32
newdimensionJust got asked again, so it's around every 20 minutes...03:32
AndyChow888newdimension, say no.03:33
newdimensionI am03:33
AndyChow888And what happens?03:33
newdimensionPrompt closes, and get it again later03:33
newdimensionIs there a log that tracks these requests? Or at least a way to know what application is asking03:33
XFAndyChow888: i've set these options: http://i.imgur.com/0RuqnrK.png  But still the same prob03:33
tomreyngambl0r3: most of the time what causes a performance impact is really browser extensions. also try with a new profile, see if this performs reasonably better (firefox -P) or restart with addons disabled (from the help menu)03:33
gambl0r3everything is showing Low Engery impact03:34
AndyChow888newdimension, you might look in /var/logs, see if anything was changed in the last minutes, and read those logs.03:35
AndyChow888It seems rather suspicious, to be honest. I've never had that, in any distro.03:36
gambl0r3tomreyn, i only have two extensions, uBlock and react dev tools. i disabled both and rebooted. cpu usage still up03:37
gambl0r3let me clarify one thing. cpu usage isnt always high. it only spikes when loading a new page03:37
gambl0r3but is that normal?03:37
newdimensionAndyChow888: In auth.log I see Apr  3 23:25:03 VM gnome-keyring-daemon[1585]: the /usr/bin/ssh-add command failed: Child process exited with code 1 and this seems to be related https://superuser.com/questions/1359181/an-application-wants-to-access-the-private-key-but-its-locked-ssh03:37
XFwhen i move cursor it shows me lock screen time, but within 1 min display gets off, but i set to 5 mins03:38
gambl0r3and when i mean spike, it goes over 100%03:38
AndyChow888newdimension, ssh is a way to remotely access a computer. Are you doing any ssh stuff?03:38
tomreyngambl0r3: 100% means one of your (many?) CPU cores is kept busy.03:38
gambl0r3tomreyn, so you're saying its normal?03:39
tomreyngambl0r3: when you access a new web page it means the renderer needs to render it, surely this will drive up the load03:39
AndyChow888Random spikes don't matter.03:39
tomreyngambl0r3: what's your hardware? cpu and RAM?03:39
newdimensionI use ssh, but wasn't at the moment. ssh-add though, as far as I know is a way to register a key https://www.ssh.com/ssh/add03:39
gambl0r38giga ram i503:39
tomreyngambl0r3: so a multi core cpu, and sufficient ram. i don't think there's an issue.03:40
AndyChow888gambl0r3, if in doubt, run htop , and look at the load average. If it's under 1 (or under the number of cores you have), then it doesn't matter.03:40
AndyChow888newdimension, made any enemies recently?03:41
gambl0r3tomreyn, even watching hd youtube? my fan turns on. and cpu usage is always over 100% usage. my fan doesnt turn on when watching hd videos on my 5 year old laptop03:42
tomreynnewdimension: i suspect you have a cron job or other regularly running job which requires access to an ssh private key which is password encrypted03:42
newdimensionNot as far as I know :D, but I don't think it's nefarious. I upgraded from 18.4 to 18.10 a few weeks back. While the issue didn't start immediately, I feel that it's probably an issue with some kind of new package03:42
newdimensiontomreyn: that's the case, but I'm not familiar with what's running: https://dpaste.de/rDvc03:43
tomreyngambl0r3: try with a new profile.03:43
gambl0r3tomreyn, i was reading somewhere online something about hardware acceleration?03:44
gambl0r3just that be turned on or off03:44
AndyChow888gambl0r3, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/performance-settings?as=u&utm_source=inproduct03:45
AndyChow888hardware acceleration requires compatible gpu03:45
tomreynnewdimension: "gnome-keyring-daemon[1585]: the /usr/bin/ssh-add command failed: Child process exited with code 1" *may* suggest that no ssh-agent is running, causing ssh-add to fail. this is a theory. if you can find out what makes ssh-add fail there (and how it is run exactly), you should be closer to a solution.03:48
newdimensionIs this usually in cron.daily? google-chrome@                    --> /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome03:49
tomreynnewdimension: no, since google chrome is not normally installed on ubuntu.03:51
tomreynit is also not available from ubuntu archives.03:51
tomreynchromium is.03:51
AndyChow888newdimension, perhaps if you have chrome installed. Might be a daily check to see if there are updates.03:51
AndyChow888Things in /opt are closed sourced, non-standard software.03:51
AndyChow888Just read it, what does it do? It should say.03:52
tomreynnewdimension: maybe start with this:  echo 'SSH_AGENT_PID: '"$SSH_AGENT_PID"; ps $SSH_AGENT_PID03:53
tomreyngambl0r3: iÄm pretty sure you and i discussed hardware acceleration of your web browser recently. you had modified some experimental firefox property, causing issues. and had the common property for hardware accelerated rendering (which is exposed on preferences sscreens) disabled.03:56
tomreynyou should leave experimental settings alone (reset to default by right-clicking them on about:config) and enable graphics card assisted rendering.03:57
MMZFsomeone reply?03:57
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asasHi all! Whats new?03:58
newdimensiontomreyn: https://dpaste.de/WDJY03:59
tomreyn!ot | asas04:01
ubottuasas: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:01
tomreynXF: see if settings -> privacy -> screen lock (click it to bring up more options) helps you achieve what you w3ant.04:02
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tomreynnewdimension: hmm okay so an ssh agent is running and the environment variable points to the correct PID. this prooves my theory wrong, but you can still try to ssh-add all your ssh keys one by one and see what happens, whether this ever triggers an error.04:04
newdimensionDoesn't this show that my SSH-agent is different than the gnome one trying to be run?04:04
tomreynnewdimension: i don't think you run a "gnome ssh agent", just the standard ssh agent, which gnome-keyring-agent tried to ssh-add keys to as part of this regularly running process. but this ssh-add subcommand fails, for yet unknown reasons. ssh-add'ing each of your existing ssh keys manually should enable you to determine which of your ssh keys is causing this subprocess to fail, and to make it work. which i assume will then get rid of the repeat04:08
tomreynauthentication prompts04:08
gambl0r3tomreyn, did we?04:08
gambl0r3im not using a experimental version of ff?04:08
tomreyngambl0r3: no, but an experimental setting (property), at least you were at the time.04:09
gambl0r3tomreyn, is this normal?? https://i.imgur.com/HWCKoFo.jpg04:09
tomreyndoes it happen with a new firefox profile with the same browser tabs loaded?04:11
tomreyndo you get the same load if you watch the same video in vlc instead? vlc 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI3Q2-LtK9U'04:16
tomreynsurely watching two videos at the same time on a system without proper jhardware video acceleration can drive up load and trigger your fans.04:18
tomreyngambl0r3: ^ so as far as i'm concerned there's no issue here.04:18
tomreynnewdimension: this is a bit releated to the issues you see, maybe it helps reading it: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=239056604:19
luka_33What could cause a drive to fail to be recognized by a linux machine, but successfully be read by a windows one04:21
newdimensiontomreyn: I got through the thread, thanks. I was able to ssh-add my keys, with no error. The only different is that one of my keys when ssh-keys -L showed *key* user while the other was *key* location. After I ssh-add'd it changed from *key* user to *key* location04:21
newdimension*I'll go through04:21
gambl0r3tomreyn, i use olny one profile04:21
AndyChow888luka_33, what do you mean by fail to be recognized? Does lsblk see it?04:22
AndyChow888(or lsusb in case of a usb drive).04:22
luka_33I'll list what I've tried: fdisk doesn't show it, lsusb doesn't either: dmesg doesn't return anything relevent04:23
luka_33It's to the point that I thought it had hardware damage -- this being an external 1 TB HDD04:23
tomreyngambl0r3: that's common, but you could create a new one for testing, and then thrash it and return to your standard profile.04:23
luka_33Yet windows successfully read the drive, albiet it read that it was ext and couldn't thusly be read by windows04:24
gambl0r3tomreyn, ok but what do you want me to test?04:24
luka_33this is confounding.04:24
luka_33And it worked successfully in the past on multiple devices, and now doesn't work on those same devices.04:25
tomreyngambl0r3: nothing really, i don't think there's an issue, unless you have a dedicated graphics card and that's not helping with keeping down the system load while playing two HD videos in your web browser.04:25
AndyChow888luka_33, lsusb doesn't show it? Could be sign of a controller failure, especially if windows can read it, but not copy any files from it. It might be in state of failing. Try to backup the data if you don't have another backup.04:25
luka_33no the windows not being able to read it is standard operating procedure.  I got the same result when it was working -- windows can't read ext partitions without third party software.04:26
tomreynluka_33: disconnect the drive, wait 10 seconds. reconnect the drive, then run this, and post the address returned by it here:   dmesg | tail -n20 | nc termbin.com 999904:26
luka_33will do04:26
gambl0r3tomreyn, ok04:27
tomreynluka_33: also post this: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)04:27
luka_33ah wait, is nc something native on ubuntu?04:28
tomreynwhy would you ask?04:28
luka_33ok sorry I had it uninstalled.04:30
newdimensiontomreyn: ssh-add the key _might_ have solved the issue. I think the frequency is every 10 minutes according to the logs, and am a minute pass that without a prompt04:30
luka_33and the second : https://termbin.com/5keg04:30
tomreynluka_33: what'S the name of this channel?04:30
luka_33should've have posted that lol; that said, I also tested this on my mates ubuntu machine with the same result04:31
luka_33so I figured (possibly incorrectly) that it was irrelevent of distro04:32
tomreynluka_33: you can get support with ubuntu here when you have ubuntu logs and versions to report.04:32
tomreynluka_33: as the topic cleary says, this channel is for ubuntu support04:32
tomreynand the name, too04:32
zenguyhey any known issues when installing on a system with a rtx2070?04:33
tomreynzenguy: no poills please. if you have a specific issue, please discuss this instead.04:33
zenguyok i tried to install ubuntu 18.04 and ended up with one out of two monitors working and the resolution really low and choppy graphics to the point where it made firefox unuseable04:34
AndyChow888zenguy, what gpu do you have? Nvidia?04:35
zenguyyes rtx 207004:35
tomreynzenguy: also logs would help, and information on how the monitors are connected.04:35
tomreynand the specific ubuntu version04:36
AndyChow888zenguy, you need to install the nvidia drivers. add ppa graphics, then install nvidia 418 drivers. I have the same card, same 18.04.04:36
zenguymonitors are the 2k via hdmi and the 4k by dp04:36
tomreyn18.04.0, 18.04.1, 18.04.2,, ubuntu desktop, or another flavour, or ubuntu server?04:37
zenguyubuntu desktop04:37
AndyChow888zenguy, "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa", then update, and "ubuntu-drivers autoinstall"04:37
tomreyni agree with andy there04:37
zenguyok thanks i'll try that :)04:38
AndyChow888zenguy, you might also have to install the hwe linux kernel, not sure. I think I had to for cuda 10.1 on that card.04:38
tomreynkernel and X, or just kernel?04:39
zenguyhwe linux kernal?04:39
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack04:39
AndyChow888kernel and X. But you might not have to. Do one, then if not fixed, do the other.04:39
tomreynzenguy might already have HWE if they installed 18.04.204:40
AndyChow888Like: sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-18.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-18.0404:40
AndyChow888Yes tomreyn, it's likely.04:40
tomreynbe sure to     sudo apt update    beforehand04:41
AndyChow888RTX is still relatively new, hardware wise. But everything can work in 18.04, including TensorRT and all that good stuff.04:41
zenguythanks guys :)04:42
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c06hi all. my ubuntu 16.04.6 machine suddenly got hanged without any error messages.05:05
c06when i checked the daemon log am able to see some glitches (Tue Apr  2 15:59:59 2019) [sssd[be[cee.ericsson.com]]] [acctinfo_callback] (0x0100): Request processed. Returned 0,0,Success 451622 ^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^       @^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^05:06
c06is there any way i can find why my system hanged05:06
tomreync06: not unless oyu can reproduce it and take preparatory steps, i'm afraid.05:08
tomreynthese ^@ characters is what you usually get to see before a kernel crashes.05:09
sub526Hi All, sudo apt-cache policy <dkms_pkg> shows the available versions of the selected dkms package. Suppose if i want to switch the installed dkms package from latest to some older version, is there any command to switch?05:11
tomreync06: try "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported" to see whether you have unsupported packages installed.05:11
Meadis there a guide for decyphering how ubuntu names interfaces?05:11
tomreync06: also, check which kernel you were running when it happened, and whether a newer one is now available (may already be installed, or pending installaiton)05:12
tomreynMead: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/ - as also seen in the release notes05:12
c06tomreyn: thanks, give some sec sharing the details05:15
tomreynsub526: to downgrade a package - which is unsupported - you run "apt-get update && apt-cache policy packagename" to determine which versions are available, then "sudo apt install packagename=version"05:15
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c06tomreyn: kernel version : Linux compute-110-2.domain.tld 4.15.0-45-generic #48~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 29 18:03:48 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:16
tomreynsub526: this package will still get re-updated next time you / your system (automaticall) installs updates. to prevent this, you can "sudo apt mark hold packagename"05:16
tomreync06: two patchlevels behind. and if i recall correctly this version was not a good one.05:18
c06tomreyn: is there any page/link can i refer. because only some machines are facing this issue. all others are running fine05:19
tomreync06: two patchlevels behind, xenial hwe is now at and if i recall correctly the version you have / had was not a good one.05:19
tomreyn^ rephrased05:20
tomreync06: i'll try to find a bug report which may be related, give me a minute05:20
c06tomreyn: thanks for your help.. :)05:21
tomreync06: this might be related to bug 181387305:23
ubottubug 1813873 in linux (Ubuntu) "Userspace break as a result of missing patch backport" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181387305:23
tomreynwhile the first post may suggest that this was fixed after 4.15.0-44 it was actually fixed by 4.15.0-46 (so your 4.15.0-45 was still affected)05:25
tomreynsee comment #48 for the version providing the fix05:25
c06tomreyn: is there any way i can reproduce this bug..?05:26
tomreync06: i just got disconnected off my bouncer, may have missed anything you may have written after <c06> tomreyn: thanks for your help.. :)05:28
tomreynwhat i wrote last is this: while the first post may suggest that this was fixed after 4.15.0-44 it was actually fixed by 4.15.0-46 (so your 4.15.0-45 was still affected). see comment #48 for the version providing the fix.05:28
c06tomreyn: thanks for the comment. actually i have 10 machines with same config only one or two machines are facing this issue.. :(05:29
c06tomreyn: is there any way i can reproduce/ hung those machine so that i can suggest my team for kernel upgrade05:30
tomreynthis issue (assuming, not knowing, this is what is causing the issues you see) did not affect all systems, just some05:30
tomreync06: reproducer: not that i know of. but affected systems showed corruption when switching tty's and attempting to login05:31
tomreynmaybe just some of those, again05:31
tomreynyou have plenty of duplicate reports to read there05:32
tomreynsome of which will surely discuss more symptoms. i didn't read all of them05:32
c06tomreyn: thanks again i ll read once again and i will find some way upgrade this kernels05:33
tomreynhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelDebuggingTricks may help the team if you find a reproducer05:34
cfhowlettc06, sounds like you're running a server.  Perhaps #ubuntu-server can help05:34
tomreynbut generally the bug title alone should provide sufficient reasoning for patchinog things up05:35
lotuspsychjemorning cfhowlett05:35
cfhowlettafternoon lotuspsychje05:35
c06tomreyn: sure i ll check and i suggest my team to upgrade05:37
c06thanks again05:37
tomreynyou'Re welcome.05:42
c06tomreyn: have a nice day05:43
tomreync06: you, too.05:43
lotuspsychjeMead: what do you want to decypher on it?05:44
lotuspsychjesub526: what are you trying to do with dkms, your end goal?05:45
sub526lotuspsychje: We have out-of-tree kernel modules and these are released as dkms modules. I want to downgrade a particular dkms module05:46
lotuspsychjeDeihmos: why would you exclude kernel updates?05:47
lotuspsychjesub526: where did you get those dkms modules from?05:48
DeihmosBecause livepatch05:48
c06tomreyn: just for small conifirmation after this issue my machine got hanged and i need to reboot to get my machine backwith05:48
lotuspsychjeDeihmos: running behind on updates is a security risk, not sure what you want to acomplish?05:49
DeihmosDoesn’t livepatch auto patch the kernel05:50
lotuspsychjeDeihmos: yes, but why do you want to exclude?05:53
lotuspsychjearooni: there are a few settings on notify in dconf-editor if you like05:54
tomreync06: this confirms that your system had an issue, it doesn't say which issue it is. ;-)05:55
guiver_dDeihmos: fyi: "Since there are limitations to the kernel livepatch technology, some Linux kernel code paths cannot be safely patched while running. There may be occasions when the traditional kernel upgrade and reboot might still be necessary."  (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Livepatch)05:55
lotuspsychje!sound | Sysifoss05:56
ubottuSysifoss: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:56
tomreynDeihmos: An example: "Due to the high complexity of the fixes, we are unable to livepatch this CVE. Please plan to reboot into kernel version 4.4.0-108.131 or newer as soon as possible." https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-January/004214.html05:58
tomreyni.e. you still want to install kernel patches. they wont get used and livepatch won't touch them until you reboot.05:58
tomreynand you want to reboot to them whenever there are bugs which cannot be fixed by livepatch.05:59
tomreyn(or more often)05:59
cim209does anyone know a trusted repo i can add to install linux malware detect? apt search returns nothing06:09
lotuspsychjecognition___: apt-cache search openjdk or follow this for xenial: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-java-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux06:09
c06tomreyn: thanks :)06:09
lotuspsychjecim209: we dont really reccomend using external repos, try installing packages from the official repos06:10
lotuspsychjecim209: what kind of malware are you trying to catch?06:10
cim209lotuspsychje: i'm looking at https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/06:11
cim209just a general malware scanner06:11
guiver_dcim209: clamav is in repos and doesn't require a PPA  (https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=clamav)06:11
cim209guiver_d: ya i saw06:11
lotuspsychjecim209: malware is a very general term, in security there's really alot of different techniques to catch malicious06:12
cim209lotuspsychje: agreed06:12
cim209i'm no security expert, just have basic security in placed06:13
lotuspsychjecim209: i like lynis alot, scans a system pretty profound of 'unusual' behaviour06:13
lotuspsychje!info lynis | cim20906:14
ubottucim209: lynis (source: lynis): security auditing tool for Unix based systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6.2-1 (bionic), package size 179 kB, installed size 1353 kB06:14
cim209cool, i'll check it out06:14
tomreyncim209: so what's your use case? maldet is primarily targetting shared web hosting, i think.06:14
cim209tomreyn: i am hosting sites06:14
cim209mainly wordpress06:15
cim209all the sites nginx and php configs are hardened06:15
tomreyncim209: shared webhosting / user uploads and dynamic websites?06:15
cim209tomreyn: most of them are controlled by me but one site has another guy uploading his content06:16
lotuspsychjecim209: for wordpress i advice you daily follow 0day exploits06:16
cim209lotuspsychje: oh man i got a taste of zeroday the other week lol06:16
tomreynlet's move to -discuss or -offtopic06:16
lotuspsychje!discuss | cim209 good idea06:17
ubottucim209 good idea: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!06:17
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cim209i'm installing lynis on my sandbox server, gonna test it out now06:18
cim209lotuspsychje: thanks for suggestions06:18
lotuspsychjecim209: but as tomreyn suggest, better discuss more finetweak on your use case06:18
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absencewhen an ubuntu system is locked, the screen turns off, and i can press a key to turn it on and get the password prompt. however, even if i stop typing for just a few seconds, it turns off again. how can i change this timeout?06:44
alignwaiversim curious does anyone know about using multiple hds simultaneously in ubuntu? I forgot to double check and I just installed kde neon without considering installing os to the small ssd which would probably be ideal...06:44
alignwaiversbut after looking im not sure if it did this automatically?06:44
EloaiI don't think I understand your question. You will be able to see your other hds just fine as they get mounted too.06:47
alignwaiversif i have an ssd that is 16 gb and an hd that is 500, I should put the o.s. on the ssd, but how much should I leave for swap space (or does it matter if I put that on the hdd)?06:49
bentinataHello. Why on "which" return 1 even though the executable is clearly there?06:50
lapionI have atril with a document that's open and it's using 83,325g Virtual memory accoring to top06:51
geodb27People : hi ! I'm on a fresh install of ubuntu 18.04 (server) and face a problem with network setup. Indeed, all my parameters (ip, mask, dns servers) are provided by a dhcp server. This is quite fine. However, with the new setup for dns provided by ubuntu, my machine can resolve all but what resides on my own domain.06:56
nikolamIs there a smarter way to handle BTRFS snapshots (after installing apt-btrfs-snapshot to create snapshot on every apt install/upgrade operation) , then to delete them manually in CLI, one by one?  Like some GUI?...06:56
geodb27What would be the best practice to have my dns servers be provided by my dhcp server and not have this uggly fake server that serves nothing at all ?06:57
tomreyngeodb27: please   /join #ubuntu-server   and repeat your question there.07:02
geodb27All right, thanks tomreyn.07:02
tomreynlapion: that's a löot. did you have a support question about it?07:04
tomreynalignwaivers: if you expect to be swapping much, you should probably put swap on the ssd. it will increase its wear, though, so don't do it on old ssds. ideally, though, you'll have much / just enough ram and won't be swapping to disk more than just a very little bit. and then it's not really relevant whether it is fast or slow storage.07:07
tomreynah, gone07:07
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Volundis there any easy to verify that a process or user/group has effective access to a specific file/folder?07:30
Volundeasy way*07:31
tomreynVolund: sudo -u USER touch /where/they/should/have/access/to; sudo -u USER rm -f /where/they/should/have/access/to07:32
tomreynthat's for write access07:33
tomreynread access, you'd create a file with unique content as the super user and have the restricted user read it (cat)07:33
absencewhen an ubuntu system is locked, the screen turns off, and i can press a key to turn it on and get the password prompt. however, even if i stop typing for just a few seconds, it turns off again. how can i change this timeout?07:34
r1nt3c_hi there07:36
tomreynabsence: did you see what i responded last but one time you asked, when you were here as "XF"?     See if settings -> privacy -> screen lock (click it to bring up more options) helps you achieve what you want.07:36
tomreyni'm not sure this let's you configure what you're trying to configure, though.07:36
tomreynr1nt3c_: hello there.07:37
r1nt3c_ls -a07:37
tomreynr1nt3c_: do you have an ubuntu support question?07:37
absencetomreyn: not sure what you mean by XF, but there are no settings for configuring the lock screen itself there07:40
nanoleafsay a word07:43
tomreynabsence: soemone named "XF" was here previously asking a very similar question to yours, posting this screen shot: http://i.imgur.com/0RuqnrK.png  - I assumed you were the same person, apprently not.07:43
tomreynnanoleaf: do you have an ubuntu support question?07:44
absencetomreyn: i see. i guess it's difficult to find this option if more people are looking for it :)07:45
nanoleafno, just curious about this software07:45
tomreyn!chat | nanoleaf07:45
ubottunanoleaf: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:45
tomreyn!discuss | nanoleaf07:46
ubottunanoleaf: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!07:46
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tomreynabsence: so this doesn't help, right? https://i.imgur.com/RYzRZpL.png07:48
absencetomreyn: unless i'm mistaken, that controls how long it takes for the desktop to lock07:50
tomreynsome other options are discussed here https://askubuntu.com/questions/1042641/how-to-set-custom-lock-screen-time-in-ubuntu-18-04/1042685#104268507:51
absencetomreyn: i've read that and a bunch of other stackoverflow answers. they're all about the time it takes for the desktop to go to the lock screen07:51
absencetomreyn: i'm interested in configuring how long the lock screen itself takes to blank07:53
tomreynabsence: i assuem the timeout may be hard coded for security and interoperability (with pam) reasons. but you could ask such questions on a gnome specific channel.07:54
absencetomreyn: i have the desktop-to-lockscreen period set to 5 minutes, but when i'm in the lockscreen, it blanks much faster. not sure if it's even a minute, and it's highly annoying07:54
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lotuspsychjeabsence: check in dconf-editor, there's a bunch of settings on 'lock' there08:04
howardggood day! does anyone know a way to detect "apt-get update" network error? The command always exits 0.08:04
lotuspsychjehowardg: can you pastebin whats happening please?08:05
howardgAn example of such network error is "Could not connect to xxxxxxxxx connection timed out", then apt-get moves on and eventually exits 008:06
lotuspsychjehowardg: can you pastebin whats happening please?08:06
absencelotuspsychje: thanks, already been there :)08:07
unsureuserHi all. I am on a 32-bit computer. I have 16.04 LTS installed and running. It prompted me to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (Bionic Beaver). I heard Ubuntu has dropped support for 32-bit. What should I do? Upgrade to 18.04.2 LTS or made do with 16.04 (supports 32-bit)?08:08
lotuspsychjeabsence: do lets presume you cant tweak then?08:10
TankburnI want to install PyCharm. Where is the best place to extract the installation home folder to? The install.txt let you decide but I am too novice to know what the best choice is.08:14
ryuounsureuser: that refers to the installation media. 32 bit is still present in the repos.08:14
guiver_dunsureuser: if you want to upgrade to 18.04 LTS - you can.  They are no longer spinning ISO's for Ubuntu 18.04 x86/i686, but flavors still do, and it's still supported; more limited ISO options are the prime difference08:15
ryuounsureuser: you can still install 32 bit if you know what you're doing, but at this point it might be time to upgrade to something new enough to run 64 bit natively.08:16
blackflowTankburn: install the snap, I'm using it.08:17
unsureuserOkay, got that. Thank you, ryuo and guiver_d :)08:17
absencelotuspsychje: it's not impossible, but it sounds unreasonable to not be able to tweak a screen saver08:18
ryuosnaps. i thought they were great until i tried to install the piranha snap. ow.08:19
blackflownot all snaps are bad08:20
blackflowpycharm is very good. the only "problem" I have with it is that, due to autoupdate of snaps, you can't test an upgrade which might break something. happens very, very rarely, but it happens. I'd still use that instead of manually fidling with the tarball, like I used to before.08:21
guiver_dunsureuser: fyi:   I have a x86/i686 pentium4 test box running Lubuntu 19.04 on kernel 5.0; I'd still likely be using 18.04 though it if wasn't a testbox, and I wouldn't run GNOME (18.04) on my x86/i686, ie. you'll have to decide if you want to try (backup first!)08:23
gr33n3rblackflow, do we still not have the ability to turn snap auto-updates off?08:23
nils_blackflow, I believe you can roll back though, I'm also a big Jetbrains user.08:24
ryuoguiver_d: pentium4? why? that thing's an energy guzzler.08:24
nils_I think it's great, the Pentium D is even better, keeps your coffee warm for days.08:25
guiver_dryuo: it's great when it's cold :)08:25
brlingr33n3r: You can determine how and when to update with an exception to turn it completely off: https://docs.snapcraft.io/keeping-snaps-up-to-date/702208:25
blackflowgr33n3r: nils_: yes, snap revert, but I'd still love to have a controlled environment when I schedule and test the upgrades _first_08:26
ryuoguiver_d: i see. i only say that because it would make sense to upgrade to something more energy efficient. the cost savings i've been told could pay for itself in due time.08:26
gr33n3rbrlin, so you can't turn it off completely? Just change the schedule?08:27
brlingr33n3r: Yep.08:27
gr33n3rthat's a shame08:28
guiver_dryuo: thanks, it was put into service for testing x86 installs/live  (which no longer exist for lubuntu/xubuntu..) - it's still useful for testing on occasion (not used other than that)08:28
blackflowthat totally removes any possibility of using snaps for servers unless, as some have suggested, you run your own snap proxy repo whatever. I have yet to find docs for that.08:28
alignwaiversanybody know the proper way to change the /home directory to a new partition?08:29
alignwaivers(/different hard drive)08:29
ygk_12345hi all08:30
nils_blackflow, I used to use ZFS on my workstations with an apt hook to take a snapshot any time I changed something but it's too much hassle with new kernels08:30
ygk_12345when I create a network namespace using ip netns add test on ubuntu 18 , it is hanginig08:30
ygk_12345it doesn't complte08:30
ygk_12345ans I see this error when listing namespaces "Error: Peer netns reference is invalid."08:31
Oolalignwaivers: in sum up, mount the new partition as /mount, as root copy all data, umount /mnt , umount your old /home and mount the new one08:31
OolI said copy, but you can use rsync, you just need to keep the owner and right08:33
blackflownils_: I use ZFS exclusively too, but rolling back is not the answer. and you can snap revert anyway08:36
blackflownils_: and what do you mean with too much hassle with new kernels?08:36
ygk_12345is anyone familiar here with network namespaces ?08:37
nils_blackflow, indeed, given that I never actually rolled back anything I gave up on it, I have regular backups anyways.08:37
blackflownils_: you gave up on ZFS?08:37
nils_blackflow, well any time there is a new kernel the zfs module won't build against it, an unfortunate reality with out of tree modules08:37
nils_blackflow, I only use it on my NAS now.08:37
blackflownils_: uh... Ubuntu packages ZFS modules preinstalled, no dkms any more.08:38
blackflowbeen like that for years08:38
nils_blackflow, I know but I build and run my own kernel.08:39
ygk_12345is anyone familiar here with network namespaces ?08:39
blackflownils_: ah so you run bleeding edge kernels which ZoL doesn't support yet? I can see that. Dont blame ZFS tho :) latest and greatest kernels, I wouldn't run them ever. too many bugs and problems that get fixed months later.08:40
ryuoygk_12345: what about it? i'm using it through LXC.08:40
blackflownils_: (even on gentoo, which I still use, I'm on 4.14 and will slowly test 4.19 before I upgrade)08:40
nils_blackflow, I'm using stable kernels, not the rc. I don't blame ZFS it's an unfortunate situation.08:40
nils_that is extremely conservative ;)08:41
ygk_12345ryuo: when I execute this command "ip netns add test" it is hanging and never completes . moreover when I list namespaces, it is throwing this error08:41
ygk_12345ryuo: Error: Peer netns reference is invalid. it is on ubuntu 1808:41
blackflownils_: yes stable. for example the 4.19 fs corruption bug that was found and fixed several point releases later.08:41
blackflownils_: 4.14 was so bad, it bacame usable only with .10 or sometime later.08:42
blackflownils_: but eh, if you're interested in this convo, we could switch it to #ubuntu-discuss. ;)08:43
ryuoygk_12345: what do you see here: /var/run/netns08:43
ygk_12345ryuo: i can see the namesapces created there, but when I do this "ip netns exec test ip a" it is showing this "setting the network namespac"e "test" failed: Invalid argument08:44
ryuoygk_12345: it sounds like it wasn't created successfully.08:45
ygk_12345ryuo: and the file permissions are empty on each namespace in /var/run/netns08:45
ygk_12345ryuo: ys08:45
ygk_12345ryuo: yes08:45
ygk_12345ryuo: "----------  1 root root    0 Apr  4 04:20 test"08:46
ryuoygk_12345: strange. here the file is 0644.08:46
ryuoygk_12345: you can try deleting it and starting over.08:47
ryuoygk_12345: ip netns delete08:47
ygk_12345ryuo: but still it is hangning while creating08:47
ryuoare you using the official kernel?08:47
ygk_12345ryuo: yes "Linux b1v 4.15.0-45-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 29 16:28:13 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"08:48
ryuohm. there's newer kernels available. perhaps try that?08:48
ryuothough i'm stumped why it fails. it's working here.08:48
jfdswhat kernel should I select?08:48
ryuojfds: ...?08:49
jfdsduring install, what kernel08:49
jfdsgeneric, virtual, extra-virtual, 5?08:51
ryuogeneric if you don't know the difference.08:51
jfdshow can I know the difference if there is no explanation?08:51
ryuoexperience with Ubuntu. those other kernels are for specialized environments.08:52
ryuomust be a server install...08:52
ygk_12345is there anyone here who can help me with network namespaces08:55
tomreynhowardg: unfortunately the only way seem to be to parse the stederr output09:06
ygk_12345is there anyone here who can help me with network namespaces09:07
lotuspsychje!patience | ygk_1234509:08
ubottuygk_12345: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/09:08
lotuspsychjeygk_12345: the best way to get your issue solved, is post your question (all in one line) with all details; ubuntu version, kernel,..once in a while09:18
ygk_12345lotuspsychje: it is ubuntu 18 , iproute2 pkg09:20
ygk_12345Linux b1v 4.15.0-45-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 29 16:28:13 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:22
ygk_12345lotuspsychje: waiting ona network namespace experts here :)09:22
lotuspsychjeygk_12345: while you wait, update your system :p09:23
ygk_12345lotuspsychje: we have installed openstack on it. so cant take that risk09:23
tomreyn!yy.mm | ygk_1234509:23
ubottuygk_12345: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle09:23
lotuspsychjeygk_12345: holding back updates is a security risk..but your the boss of your system09:24
ygk_12345lotuspsychje: no I have a boss over me :)09:24
lotuspsychjeygk_12345: the problem is, if a volunteer helps you here, how can we be sure updates doesnt fix your current issue?09:30
ygk_12345lotuspsychje: no idea09:31
ygk_12345any one from Canonical here ?09:32
lotuspsychjeygk_12345: do you pay for advantage?09:32
ygk_12345lotuspsychje: we use opensource09:33
guiver_dygk_12345: Ubuntu Advantage includes paid support - https://buy.ubuntu.com/ ; this room is volunteers  (in free time/breaks if Canonical staff)09:35
ygk_12345guiver_d: ok09:35
ygk_12345i have taken a strace and it stops at a point where the command hangs09:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823146 in Ubuntu Kylin "network namespaces error" [Undecided,New]09:44
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ygk_12345anyone here who can helpme with this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntukylin/+bug/182314610:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823146 in Ubuntu Kylin "network namespaces error" [Undecided,New]10:01
ygk_12345any networking guys here around ?10:06
tomreynygk_12345: i suggest upgrading the kernel, doesn't have to be on a production system, but on a clone. also use "ubuntu-bug linux" to add log file to your bug report.10:07
tomreynygk_12345: actually, use "sudo apport-collect 1823146"10:08
tomreyn(but you may need to reassign the bug to linux beforehand)10:08
ygk_12345tomreyn: what does this command do ?10:09
tomreyncollect relevant logs / system information10:09
tomreynsee it's man page for more details10:09
Meadygk_12345 I am a networking guy10:09
tomreynygk has questions about network namespaces, not networking10:10
Meadand I thought it was my time to shine10:11
tomreynsorry to disappoint ;)10:11
SimonNLyour time will come.10:11
Sandyi crashed my lubuntu 16.10 with update to 18.1010:13
Sandynow it boots in rescue mode10:13
Sandyhow can I restore back 16.10 kernnel10:13
Sandycan anyone help10:14
ygk_12345tomreyn: how to reassign it to linux ?10:15
Sandywant to rollback to 16.10 version10:15
jeremy31Sandy, likely impossible to go back to 16.10 when it isn't supported anymore10:16
Sandyany ideas10:16
Sandyi think there are options to rollback to previous kernnel10:17
Sandylike in ubuntu we can hold shift key and select the kernnel10:18
jdarnleyCan someone help me diagnose what's gone wrong when trying to install from the 18.04.2 live server disk?10:20
ckopnssh host key changed, how to add it by force?10:20
tomreyn!16.10 | Sandy10:20
ubottuSandy: Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) was the 25th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 20th, 2017. See !eol and https://ubottu.com/y/yakkety10:20
ygk_12345any network namespaces expert here ?10:20
ckopni got RSA host key for host134 has changed and you have requested strict checking.10:20
guiver_dSandy: you do release 16.10's upgrade path was to 17.04, then 17.10 then 18.04 - only LTS has the option to jump to the next LTS release (ie. 16.04 can go to 18.04)10:21
guiver_djdarnley: I'd firstly just validate your install media - have you done that?10:22
jdarnleyThe short log isn't very helpful.  Last line is "removing previous storage devices".10:22
jdarnleyNo, I just wrote the image to USB but I can probably do that10:22
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tomreynygk_12345: i reassigned your report to Ubuntu Linux, and the Linux kernel. you can now use apport-collect to provide more information. chances are that someone triaging your bug report would aks you to re-test this with the latest supported ubuntu kernel (patch level). it may help to test it on the !HWE kernel or a recent !mainline kernel, too.10:26
ygk_12345tomreyn: ok thanks10:26
jfdswhy doesn't ubuntu have a desktop kernel?10:28
tomreyn!discuss | jfds10:28
ubottujfds: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!10:28
jfdsalso, some sensible firmware packaging10:28
tomreynjdarnley: verify botht he downloaded ISO file and the write of that to the storage10:30
tomreynthe installer media / storage, that is10:30
tomreynjdarnley: if you have a secific issue while using the installer, also diuscuss this10:31
xwyHow can I install xfce10:33
tomreynxwy: sudo apt update && sudo apt install xfce10:34
tomreynxwy: sudo apt update && sudo apt install xfce410:34
tomreyn^ this rather10:34
tomreynckopn: re-read the full message, it tells you what you need to do10:36
ckopntomreyn: yes  i removed the host key ,and ip, but i think there are forcing arguments for that10:39
jdarnleyiso verified fine but that isn't surprising given I used the torrent10:40
tomreynckopn: yes, i think so, too, but don't recall the exact option. do you know what a man page is, and if so, have you tried reading up on it?10:41
jdarnleyMy "specific" issue with the installer is a load of python error backtrace10:41
jdarnleyI think a command failed to run10:41
jdarnleymaybe "modprobe --use-blacklist bcache"10:41
tomreynjdarnley: when during your installation did it happen? what was the error message, if any?10:42
tomreynalso consider posting your log, which should be in /var/log/installer or similar10:43
tomreynyou can cat it and pipe that into    nc termbin.com 999910:43
jdarnleyIt happened just after I selected the partition setup (whole disk, no lvm)10:44
jdarnleyI saw the "enter hostname" screen for a moment then it showed me the error log10:45
ckopntomreyn: yes, it has parameter -o and many commands10:45
tomreynckopn: that's right, now look if you can spot the very option to use. those are documented in ssh_config(5)10:47
jdarnleyThe head N bytes of the usb device match the sha256sum of the image10:48
ph88why are all my repositories disabled after dist update ?10:48
tomreynjdarnley: you can file a bug report here, be sure to attach your log file https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/subiquity/+filebug10:49
tomreynph88: they aren't, just that ones which aren't supported10:49
jdarnley> One account to log in to everything on Ubuntu10:49
jdarnleyscrew that10:50
tomreynph88: i assumed you mean "do-release upgrade"10:50
ph88not sure what i did back then10:50
ph88something like that10:50
tomreynph88: does "apt-get update && apt policy" report that no reposiotires are configured?10:51
uzeeHi, I'm trying to setup automated desktop installs (ubuntu 18.04) using kickstart and later configuration with ansible. I have it working but am trying to figure out a simple solution for different users to be added on each machine. We use kerberos and I can setup kerberos accounts via ansible but each machine will have a different user, so trying to think of a way to do this in an automated way, eitherinter-active or otherwise, any ideas?10:51
=== conjo is now known as justaddcoffee
tomreynuzee: MAC address would be the usual way to bind it to 'hardware'10:53
tomreynuzee: MAC address would be the usual way to bind it to 'hardware'10:53
tomreynyou also have /etc/machine-id but i don't think this survives a reinstall10:53
uzeetomreyn: thanks but I don't understand your suggestion with reference to adding users...? am I missing something obvious?10:54
ph88tomreyn, doesn't look like it10:55
ph88i already modified the source list and uncomment10:55
tomreynuzee: i understand that you're trying to deploy different user accounts to specific systems. so you'll need a mapping between a unique user identifier and a unique system installation or hardware.10:55
uzeetomreyn: thanks I think now I understand about 10% of your suggestion :)10:56
tomreynph88: so i guess we can no longer work out whether there is or was an issue then.10:56
uzeebut in our situation, we dont have all users on linux so if you're suggesting in terms of setting up a mapping list of some sort and then using it post-install to add accounts, that wouldn't work in our scenario. Some of our users would be new and would need it right after they join the organization10:58
tomreynuzee: i have limited experience with system configuration deployment with ansible, so i can only recommend to check their documentation on existing solutions for this puepose. most likely such do exist. there's also #ansible here on freenode, i think.10:58
tomreynuzee: MAC addresses are npt OS dependant.10:59
bhuddahuzee: do you have a need to pair up computers and users? it's a bit of a strange requirement i feel.10:59
bhuddahyou shouldn't bet on mac addresses being unique either.10:59
tomreynbhuddah has a point there, or two.11:00
uzeeso, what I'm trying to figure out is lets say we have john, kate and bob that need ubuntu desktops. I can provision the machines with kickstart and then packages via ansible including kerberos setup. but obviiously i can't add all 3 accounts to all machines. Also, setting up a different config for each user would be counter-productive11:00
bhuddahuzee: usually you would have a central file server with the user directory and a AAA server to have their account and password.11:01
uzeeHence trying to see if there's a way to have something lets say interactive which pops up after the packages install/config is completed to say enter the user account you want to add... or something like that11:01
uzeebhuddah: yes, these are personal laptops/desktops that the organization hands out to users and they are normally named including a part of their userid in the machine-name11:02
uzeeby personal, i mean for their office11:02
bhuddahuzee: and you do not need to sync their files to a server and make backups and so on?11:03
uzeeand yes, we have all our accounts in ldap/kerberos so a central place is there, but the majority of machines are windows which are handled via sccm and AD separately11:04
bhuddahi'm sure you can have ubuntu users sign in via AD11:04
uzeebhuddah: no need to sync files or anything, backups are done through a separate tool11:04
tomreyn!info sssd11:05
ubottusssd (source: sssd): System Security Services Daemon -- metapackage. In component main, is extra. Version 1.16.1-1ubuntu1.1 (bionic), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB11:05
bhuddahi once did AD/kerberos integration in RHEL and that was pretty easy.11:05
uzeewe don't need to using AD, besides, whether its AD or kerberos, the problem I'm trying to solve is not how to authenticate, but rather how to automate a process where an account can be added post install11:05
tomreyn"adduser username" ;-)11:07
tomreynit can make sense to have both a specific local user account and additional network based authentication.11:07
uzeeIn case I haven't been able to explain properly, after the imaging and configuration is done, i can very easily run a command either directly (useradd) or via ansible to add a specific kerberos user. Thats already working and tested. What I was hoping to do was mainly for our help desk people so once imaging and config is done, something pops up as a post script or the like and they can supply the userid...11:08
uzeemaybe its too much trouble for a trivial thing that can be achieved by running one extra command... but i just thought to ask11:09
uzeetomreyn: haha, absolutely, thats what i wrote above, maybe I'm just over-complicating it11:09
bhuddahmaybe you can use "dialog" to open a dialog box for input? i don't know if that's possible in post...11:12
tomreynuzee: let's move to #ubuntu-discuss if you'd like to continue (no problem if not ;-) ).11:15
jdarnleyWhy will the installer not drop me to a shell when I select that option?11:19
tomreynjdarnley: the one and only ubuntu installer of the one and only ubuntu version ever released?11:20
tomreynhi qwebirc5235311:20
jdarnley18.04 still11:20
jdarnley18.04.2 server live install11:21
tomreynoh, we talked before, sorry.11:21
qwebirc52353I recently followed instructions to download Transmission on the Ubuntu documentation page. I'm new to Linux (yesterday) and I'm not sure what I downloaded.11:22
jdarnleyyeah, I bet this channel has a massive turnover rate11:22
tomreynyou can press ctrl-alt-f3 to get y shell11:22
lotuspsychjeqwebirc52353: transmission is installed by default on ubuntu11:22
tomreynqwebirc52353: do you still have the web address / URL of the documentation you followed?11:23
qwebirc52353I just followed the instructions for:  Add Transmission PPA Repository.11:25
tomreyn!ppa | qwebirc5235311:25
ubottuqwebirc52353: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:25
tomreynnote the warning11:25
lotuspsychjeqwebirc52353: also, before downloading software check if you already have it11:26
qwebirc52353Is there a way to uninstall it?11:26
tomreynideally just use the transmission package which comes with ubuntu11:26
tomreyn!ppa-purge | qwebirc5235311:26
ubottuqwebirc52353: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html11:26
qwebirc52353Thank you11:27
tomreynqwebirc52353: apparently you were using the transmission web interface, though. i am not sure whether the packages in ubuntu provide this in addition ot the standard user interface.11:27
tomreynactually yes, those are available in ubuntu itself, too11:28
qwebirc52353I've since downloaded the regular verison from the Pop!_Shop as I'm using Pop!_OS.11:28
tomreynwe only support ubuntu and it's official !flavors here, can't support you then, i'm afraid.11:29
tomreynthere is ##linux, though11:29
qwebirc52353 ok i'll check there,  thanks for all your help11:30
tomreynyou're welcome, and come back when you run ubuntu!11:30
qwebirc52353will do11:30
jdarnleyI've put the install disk into a usb2 port and it seems to be working now.11:34
=== root is now known as Guest51785
uzeetomreyn: sorry was away for a bit, yes I don't mind moving to ubuntu-discuss at all, in fact I'm thinking of putting this on #ansible as well...11:39
=== andyhuzhill_ is now known as andyhuzhill
J_DarnleyOn a second observation, turning off fast boot and using usb3 also worked on another one.11:48
BluesKajHowdy folks12:44
ygk_12345can someone look into this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/182314612:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823146 in linux (Ubuntu) "network namespaces error" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:48
ygk_12345is anyone familiar here with network namespaces ?12:49
=== pizagetsmefrisky is now known as pizzaiolo
pragmaticenigmaygk_12345: Please don't cross post. Since you have submitted a bug please follow that thread and respond to the requests made there. Currently you are being asked to submit additional log files12:52
shangulHello. I get timeout when trying to open pypi.org . On the same computer and network I can easily open the website13:12
shangulAlso It's not firefox's problem. Other softwares have the same problem, too.13:13
JimBuntushangul, a bit confused... with what program are you having trouble opening the site... since you say you do NOT have the issue using the same computer and network?13:17
shanguloh I'm sorry13:17
shangulI meant on the same computer and network and in Windows I don't have this problem.13:18
JimBuntushangul, when you boot with Windows... are you using the exact same DNS ?13:18
shangulI don't know13:19
tomreynis your network configuration received from the network or do you have it manually configured, setting an ip address etc. on your won?13:20
shangulNo. there is DHCP13:21
JimBuntushangul, I would probably start there... checking the DNS being used... you could also run a few traceroute's. Maybe think if you have any odd routing set up in Ubuntu... 'traceroute' or 'tr'... 'sudo route -n' to see your routing in Ubuntu13:21
JimBuntu'cat /etc/hosts' may also show if there are manually set domain routings13:22
ygk_12345pragmaticenigma: I am collecting apport information from the server now13:22
shangulJimBuntu, There isn't much in /etc/hosts13:24
tomreynshangul: can you run this and tell / show us what it returns?    ping -c1 pypi.org13:24
shangul-c 1 you meant?13:25
tomreyn-c1 is the same13:25
shangultomreyn, working fine, 136ms13:28
tomreynshangul: which ip address did it resolve it to?13:28
tomreyni'm seeing the same13:29
JimBuntuplease try going to
JimBuntuah, nevermind, can't use that directly for the web site.13:30
shangulHow can I change the DNS server Linux uses?13:33
shangulIt's using localhost now13:33
tomreynwhich ubuntu release do you have there? lsb_release -ds13:35
shangulIt's 18.0413:36
=== cpaelzer_ is now known as cpaelzer
leftyfbshangul: nmcli device show |grep -i dns13:39
leftyfbthat's how you determine what dns server you're using13:39
shangulleftyfb, Showed the DNS servers I've set on my modem/router13:41
shangulWindows uses the same, too.13:41
leftyfbshangul: then those should work13:41
shangulBut I get timeout in Ubuntu and I don't get in Windows13:41
leftyfbshangul: if you can ping pypi.org and it's getting the right ip, then your DNS is fine13:41
shangulbut what's the problem then?13:42
leftyfbshangul: a timeout error is not a DNS error13:42
leftyfbshangul: can you get to any other site with firefox?13:42
cryptodanyou could also use systemd-resolve --status for dns server info13:42
leftyfbcryptodan: it's not a DNS issue13:42
leftyfbshangul: do you have some sort of firewall running on your ubuntu install? Do you have some sort of proxy that you're running on your windows instance that allows you to get to sites you can't normally get to?13:43
shangulleftyfb, As far as I know, No13:44
shangul(for both)13:44
leftyfbshangul: do you have another device you can test right now on the same network?13:44
cryptodanshangul: what are you using for your dns13:44
leftyfbshangul: a tablet or smart phone13:44
ygk_12345tomreyn: how long does it take for the apport command to collect information ?13:44
tomreynshangul: you said other applications were also unable to access pypi.org, which ones, what errors do they report?13:44
leftyfbcryptodan: it's not a DNS issue13:44
cryptodanleftyfb: hold up13:44
leftyfbcryptodan: they are able to ping pypi.org and resolve to the correct ip. It's not a DNS issue13:45
shangultomreyn, pip. It says timeout13:45
tomreynygk_12345: seconds.13:45
leftyfbshangul: do you have another device you can test right now on the same network? A tablet or smart phone?13:45
ygk_12345tomreyn: it is going on from a long time13:45
cryptodanshangul: can you provide your dns servers13:45
shangulleftyfb, lemme check13:45
leftyfbcryptodan: IT'S NOT A DNS ISSUE13:45
shangulwith small letters13:46
cryptodanid like to confirm by using nslookup sitename hisdnsservers13:46
leftyfbcryptodan: you don't need to confirm anything. We've already confirmed it. Please stop.13:46
tomreynygk_12345: maybe cancel and run it again. maybe it's a firewalling issue?13:46
ledenishangul: disable ip6 for your network and try then13:47
leftyfbledeni: dns resolves to an ipv4. I don't think it's an ipv6 issue13:48
tomreynfirefox would prefer ipv6, though, IIRC.13:49
cryptodanuntil the dns server ip's are provided we cant determine anything oh well13:50
tomreynshangul: does this report errors?   ping6 -c1 pypi.org13:50
leftyfbcryptodan: you can't. We can. We already verified it's not a DNS issue. Please stop13:51
cryptodanso did you run nslookup sitename.com someotherdnsserver to determine13:51
leftyfbcryptodan: please stop13:52
cryptodanbut did you?13:52
leftyfb[09:28:53] <tomreyn> shangul: which ip address did it resolve it to?13:52
leftyfb[09:29:04] <shangul>
leftyfb^^ this proves DNS is working fine13:53
leftyfbonce DNS resolves, DNS is not relevant13:53
leftyfbshangul: any luck with that other device?13:54
cryptodanother ips associated with the domain http://dpaste.com/2HM28X113:54
shangulleftyfb, Still trying. My internet connection is not very stable13:54
leftyfbcryptodan: We are done troubleshooting DNS.13:55
tomreynQuttera has pypi.org blacklisted.13:56
leftyfbtomreyn: Quttera?13:57
leftyfbtomreyn: so my previous inkling about them running some sort of proxy or something on Windows to get around blocked sites was true?13:58
tomreynmaybe, i'm not sure which products use their data13:59
tomreynbut it's one of the more common "threat intelligence" data providers13:59
shangulleftyfb, I couldn't load it with my Nokia. Now I should contact my ISP?14:05
shangulI just opened the website with tor14:06
leftyfbshangul: Are you sure you're not running a VPN or proxy or tor or something on your Windows install that gets around these blocks?14:06
shangulleftyfb, I don't remember running such things. But I can check.14:06
leftyfbshangul: I would check. It seems like it's blocked but you're working around it on Windows. Or maybe the timing lined up with the last time you checked on Windows where it wasn't being blocked14:07
hadipeyrowHello dear friends. I have a serious problem with pip. I can't install packages with pip. please help me! Operating System: GNU/Linux, Distro: Trisquel, python versions: python3 = 3.5.2, python2 = 2.7.12  Error Codes available in here: https://gitlab.com/gnulinuxtrisquel/piperror/raw/master/pip_erorr  Thanks14:08
leftyfbhadipeyrow: We only support Ubuntu here14:08
hadipeyrowleftyfb, Ok, Thanks...14:08
leftyfbhadipeyrow: Install Ubuntu and we can help. Though it'll probably just work with Ubuntu to begin with14:09
amosbirdHi, how can I dump the current screen configuration to xrandr commands?14:13
onio1Hi I am trying to use libudev in C code to open up a particular FTDI usb to serial converter cable. I found this example http://www.signal11.us/oss/udev/ but code seems to be failing at the following line dev = udev_device_get_parent_with_subsystem_devtype14:13
onio1running on Ubuntu 18.0414:14
leftyfbonio1: maybe try a C development channel?14:15
onio1cool leftyfb thanks14:16
ygk_12345tomreyn: the apport is still running froma long time eventhough I cancelled it and re launched it14:18
CyberManifestI'm so confused, can someone please help me: http://dpaste.com/1NQ618Y http://dpaste.com/1GZ4GS914:29
amosbirdcan you guys run :     perf stat -C 0 -a uncore_imc_0/cas_count_read/,uncore_imc_0/cas_count_write/ -I 1000       without an error?14:29
amosbirdit's listed in the man perf list manual14:29
joabebom dia pessoal meu firefox parou de funcionar alguem sabe como resolver14:32
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:34
tewardbleh ninja'd xD14:34
tomreynygk_12345: it doesn't print a URL and say that it is waiting to hear from Launchpad about your decision, right?14:35
lotuspsychjeask dedded14:37
heller_ubuntu 16.04 4.10.0-38-generic14:56
heller_i seem to have about 3G of unused kernels14:56
heller_i looked into running apt-get autoremove and it shows much more newer ones, like 4.15.X. Should i just run the autoremove and let it be?14:58
lordcirth__heller_, autoremove is safe, yeah14:58
JimBuntuCyberManifest, you don't seem to have compaudit... and those directories/files don't appear to be writable by other users ( except root... which you are now using in the example).14:58
heller_lordcirth__: but why does it want to remove the newer ones, not old?14:58
lordcirth__heller_, not sure why you'd have 4.15 in autoremove if you're running 4.15, but maybe you installed hwe and then switched back?14:58
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack14:59
CyberManifestJimBuntu, to resolve I'd just install compaudit?14:59
heller_lordcirth__: not that i know of :p14:59
heller_uptime is 518 days though15:00
ygk_12345just a gentle reminder for someone to look into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/182314615:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823146 in linux (Ubuntu) "network namespaces error" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:00
lordcirth__heller_, oh. Don't do that :P update, reboot, then autoremove.15:00
deafboyIs it just me, or is the apache2 privesc patch still missing from the repo?15:01
tomreynrunning 4.10, not 4.1515:01
heller_lordcirth__: ok :D15:01
heller_lordcirth__: only issue is that i'm runnning out of space because these kernels15:02
heller_and i cant reboot for now15:02
heller_any ideas?15:02
tomreyndeafboy: it's in the works, and an unsupported test build is in the security teams' ppa.15:02
lordcirth__heller_, like, 0 free space?15:02
lordcirth__You could update; full-upgrade; then autoremove now15:03
deafboytomreyn: awesome, thank you15:03
lordcirth__And schedule a reboot soon.15:03
CyberManifestJimBuntu, also compaudit doesn't seem to be available in my repos15:05
CyberManifest╭─rkm@Khadas ~15:05
CyberManifest╰─➤  apt-cache search compaudit                                             1 ↵15:05
CyberManifest╭─rkm@Khadas ~15:05
leftyfbygk_12345: this is not the place to get Canonical employees to look at your bug. Please just wait until someone does.15:06
tomreynCyberManifest: zsh-common. and i think you've been told before that this oh-my-zsh is not supported here15:06
heller_lordcirth__: less than G15:06
ygk_12345leftyfb: yes please15:06
tomreyn!paste | CyberManifest15:06
ubottuCyberManifest: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:06
CyberManifesttomreyn, when was I told that oh-my-zsh isn't supported here? Do you have a log snap shot of this?15:07
leftyfbCyberManifest: it's not supported here since it is not available in the Ubuntu repos15:08
tomreynCyberManifest: maybe, and maybe i mixed you up with someone else. sorry then.15:08
tomreynCyberManifest: but yeah, waht lefty says15:08
leftyfbCyberManifest: compaudit it part of the zsh-common package15:09
CyberManifestalright, thank you all, I'll ask in #zsh, with this rendition of Ubuntu for an ARM SBC doesn't seem many things are included in the repos :(15:11
=== gr00tznc is now known as iamgr00t
tomreynCyberManifest: turns out i indeed mixed you up there, apologies.15:16
CyberManifesttomreyn, no worries, I could understand the frustration of having to deal with the same issue.15:16
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=== jje_ is now known as jje
ZuvyI have been attempting to join Launchpad and followed the instructions regarding creating an openPGP dealio and uploading the finderpring. I recieves an email in return with instructions in pgp in my enigma installed thunderbird but still have no idea how to decrypt it to follow the instructions15:35
ZuvyAny help would be grand!15:35
=== jje_ is now known as jje
tomreynZuvy: the #launchpad irc channel's /topic explains how to get support with launchpad. for thunderbird / enigmail questions, you can ask here or in #enigmail, i'd say.15:39
tomreynenigmail would normally offer to decrypt e-mail which was received and is encrypted to a private key gpg knows about.15:41
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lotuspsychjewelcome Black15:44
BlackI need help 4 the ubuntu gnome installation15:44
=== Evie is now known as DrMrsTheMonarch
lotuspsychjeelaborate your issue please Black15:45
Blackok it gives me an errror on my other PC15:45
Blackafter this it goes in black screen and gives me a million of errror messages15:46
lotuspsychjeBlack: lets start from the beginning, wich ubuntu version are you trying to install?15:47
Blackthe last ubuntu gnome version15:47
lotuspsychjeBlack: ubuntu-gnome 16.04? or do you mean ubuntu-desktop 18.04?15:48
Blackubuntu gnome 16.0415:48
lotuspsychjeBlack: so you try to install from usb stick at boot, then whats happening please?15:49
Blacki try with dvd-r15:50
lotuspsychjeBlack: ok good, at wich point does your install stuck?15:50
Blackwhen i try to setup my settings and update the sistem15:50
tomreynhi chisaa15:50
lotuspsychjeBlack: so you succesfully installed ubuntu?15:51
Blacknot at all15:51
Blackcause when it updates he crashes misteriously15:52
lotuspsychjeBlack: updates from the setup?15:52
CyberManifestleftyfb, tomreyn, sorry if I'm bothering or if I'm still in the wrong place, but #zsh tells me it's an issue with "sudo" not being implamented properly by my distribution and I think refrences http://dpaste.com/0JNSQA5 they told me to say that security wasn't being done properly and wished me good luck. As the user I feel I'm being caught between two ideologies or something.15:52
Blackafter setupping settings15:52
ZuverinkNoob question, off topic, taboo, I get it but simply, how do I resgister my nick on freenode?15:52
ZuverinkAn I apologize profusely15:52
lotuspsychjeBlack: after the last settings like username, password?15:53
leftyfb!register | Zuverink15:53
ubottuZuverink: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.15:53
Blackno when i setup my data and hour15:53
Zuverinkleftyfb, ty15:53
leftyfbZuverink: future reference, these types of questions can go into #freenode15:53
Blackdate sorry15:53
BlackItalian way to say it15:54
CyberManifest<CcxWrk> You shouldn't use interactive shell, or any program with executable configuration, while your HOME points to something not owned by your user. That's the big issue and it's with sudo, not zsh, not omz, not any other shell or application you launch. <CcxWrk> You can go shout "you are doing security wrong" at Ubuntu. Good luck.15:54
lotuspsychjeBlack: so you never get to see the partitioning in setup correct?15:54
lotuspsychjeBlack: do you singleboot ubuntu or dualboot? uefi system?15:55
Blackno other os15:56
lotuspsychjeBlack: wich Os did work on your pc before installing ubuntu?15:56
Blackwindows 1015:56
Blackhe was working bad15:56
lotuspsychjeBlack: did you change uefi settings?15:56
Blackyes 4 open ubunt from the DVD15:57
lotuspsychjeBlack: 4 open?15:57
Black4 start ubunt from dvd15:57
Eickmeyer!bug | CyberManifest15:57
ubottuCyberManifest: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:57
lotuspsychjeBlack: try doublecheck your bios if: secureboot=OFF fastboot=OFF please?15:58
Blackok give me 5/10 mins15:58
CyberManifestEickmeyer, thanks, but which package would I mention ? isn't sudo not a package ?15:58
EickmeyerCyberManifest: sudo is a package. Also, once filed, add zsh to the bug since it could be a bug in zsh's package as well.16:00
EickmeyerNot necessarily zsh itself, but the packaging.16:01
EickmeyerIf you don't know how to do that, come back here with the bug number (say "Eickmeyer: bug {number}" and I'll add zsh.16:02
Blackok there is fast boot on normal boot(no other selectoin available) and secure boot is on other OS (no other selection available)16:03
CyberManifestEickmeyer, do I have to install ubuntu-bug manually ? http://dpaste.com/1QRY0FD16:03
lotuspsychjeBlack: change secure boot off please, boot legacy not uefi16:03
EickmeyerCyberManifest: Use bash for this, please.16:04
Eickmeyer(it's a bash script)16:04
BlackI can't16:05
lotuspsychjeBlack: why?16:05
Blackidk why but is not an option16:05
Eickmeyerlotuspsychje: Not all UEFI's support legacy mode, sadly.16:05
Blackdo ypu wnat the mb model?16:05
lotuspsychjeBlack: some uefi options might need a reboot before16:06
CyberManifestEickmeyer, so install it then: http://dpaste.com/3EYJDGP16:06
lotuspsychjeBlack: wich model is this?16:06
EickmeyerCyberManifest: Yes.16:06
Blackon th option there is only on secure boot the other os option and the uefi16:06
EickmeyerShould be installed by default, I don't know why it's not unless it was removed, CyberManifest16:07
Blacki put it on other os16:07
Blackgive me a min and i say to you what model is16:07
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CyberManifestEickmeyer, you mentioned to add zsh to the bug, what do I do from here: http://dpaste.com/26TKMKS ?16:09
EickmeyerCyberManifest: No, you'll do it from the launchpad page that opens in your browser.16:10
CyberManifestEickmeyer this Ubuntu implementation was from Khadas an ARM SBC maker16:10
CyberManifestEickmeyer, alright, but from that screen what do I do just choose "S: Send report" ?16:11
Blackok is an asus H110-I/M32CD4DP_M8 mini atx16:11
tomreynCyberManifest: you're not running ubuntu, then there's probably not much use in reporting a bug. apport will just tell you the same.16:12
tomreyni mean ubuntu-bug16:12
EickmeyerCyberManifest, tomreyn is right. You are running an unsupported, custom version of Ubuntu. You need to contact khadas about this. We do not support your build here.16:15
* Eickmeyer just did the research16:16
tomreyn!who | Black16:18
ubottuBlack: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:18
lotuspsychjeBlack: the manual doesnt seems to show uefi settings16:18
CyberManifestEickmeyer, would I mark it as a security vulnerability ?16:18
Black!lotuspsychje what can i do?16:19
ubottuBlack: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:19
EickmeyerCyberManifest: As I already stated, your custom build of Ubuntu will generate a report and get marked as invalid.16:19
CyberManifestEickmeyer, tomreyn either of yall have a support channel for Khadas?16:19
lotuspsychjeBlack: try change uefi settings, cause i assume this is blocking your partitioning ate setup16:19
EickmeyerCyberManifest: Start at khadas.com.16:19
Black!who lotuspsychje what can I do?16:19
ubottuBlack: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:19
Blackok :)16:20
leftyfbCyberManifest: your OS is unsupported here. Try it on Ubuntu proper and we might be able to help. Or better yet, it'll probably just work16:20
lotuspsychjeBlack: you can ask in ##hardware if you like if you need the help on your motherboard16:20
Black!lotuspsychje ok I try16:20
ubottuBlack: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:20
Blackthanks and bye :)16:20
CyberManifestEickmeyer, it seemed to go through... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/182320216:20
ubottuError: launchpad bug 1823202 not found16:20
jorianhello, I am testing out 19.04 with wayland.  I'm running into some strange behavior and wanted to see if anyone else has seen this.  I have two displays hooked into a tb16 thunderbolt dock.  When I open the display settings I do no have any options to arrange the monitors.  All I can see are just settings for orientation down to scale.16:21
tomreynCyberManifest: there is also https://github.com/khadas/16:21
CyberManifestsaid it would be marked private16:21
leftyfbCyberManifest: you should delete that bug since it's probably not relevant to Ubuntu16:21
lotuspsychjejorian: join #ubuntu+1 please16:21
EickmeyerCyberManifest: It's going to get marked as invalid as soon as the security permissions are dropped.16:21
leftyfbCyberManifest: go test with Ubuntu and then see if you get the same issue. If you do, then continue with your report16:21
ZuverinkWhats the best mail client program for Gnome so as the user can read open pgp mail  Thunderbird/enigmail is not working or set up has confused me, just want easy set up? Thanks in advance. Note, this will not be my default mailer.16:22
CyberManifestleftyfb, I'll let the moderators do that, since it might be relevant, and since I've wasted enough time on something I'm told isn't supported.16:22
leftyfbCyberManifest: ah right, waste the developers time. Sounds productive.16:22
EickmeyerCyberManifest: You probably wouldn't have wasted as much time if you had told us what you were running to begin with.16:22
tomreynZuverink: it wont get easier than that.16:22
jorian@lotuspsychje thanks, didn't realize there was a seperate channel for that16:23
lotuspsychjeZuverink: geary is clean & easy16:23
CyberManifesttomreyn, that's not an IRC channel, I may never get a response or it may take more time than before I get fed up and switch to a non Ubuntu/Debian distribution. or Another device for that matter. Maybe even Windows by that point.16:23
CyberManifestEickmeyer, check the logs, I did tell16:23
Zuverinklotuspsychje, Geary does openpgp?16:24
cryptodanZuverink: i use claws-mail16:24
lotuspsychjeZuverink: cant confirm that16:24
CyberManifest[10:11:50] <CyberManifest> alright, thank you all, I'll ask in #zsh, with this rendition of Ubuntu for an ARM SBC doesn't seem many things are included in the repos :(16:25
tomreynCyberManifest: "support channel" can mean maany things, such as a github issue tracker,. i wasn't aware you're looking for an irc channel16:26
EickmeyerCyberManifest: You didn't mention where it was acquired or that it was custom made for your hardware.16:26
CyberManifesttomreyn, my apologies for not being clear in regards to "channel"16:26
CyberManifestEickmeyer, " rendition of Ubuntu for an ARM SBC"16:27
tomreynCyberManifest: no worries there.16:27
EickmeyerCyberManifest: Yes, that was my first clue, but that was only about half-way into the process16:27
EickmeyerEither way, it's unsupported here.16:27
tomreynCyberManifest: as this channel states, it is just for ubuntu support. what you run is not ubuntu. good luck getting support elsewhere until you run ubuntu, when we'll happily support you here.16:28
CyberManifest[10:57:35] <Eickmeyer> !bug | CyberManifest16:31
CyberManifest[10:57:35] <ubottu> CyberManifest: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs. AFTER [10:11:50] <CyberManifest> alright, thank you all, I'll ask in #zsh, with this rendition of Ubuntu for an ARM SBC doesn't seem many things are included in the repos :16:31
CyberManifest( not in the middle of the process16:31
Zuverinklotuspsychje, cryptodan Geary is plan and basic, no OpenPGP, Which version of Claws, the Claws-Mail or the Claws_Moon?16:32
cryptodanZuverink: claws-mail its in the repos16:32
cryptodanZuverink: run "sudo apt install claws-mail*"16:34
CyberManifesttomreyn, this IS an Ubuntu "derivative" which is clearly stated in ubottu's statement of: " If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives..."16:34
CyberManifestClient: HexChat 2.14.1 • OS: Ubuntu "bionic" 18.04 • Memory: Physical: 2.9 GiB Total (1.4 GiB Free) Swap: 1.4 GiB Total (1.4 GiB Free) • Storage: 11.4 GB / 64.9 GB (53.5 GB Free) • Uptime: 3h 8m 16s16:34
Zuverinkcryptodan, do you know the differences, bot say 3.32, is one maybe a paort. Im looking for ease of use. Last time I used S-C as it ws then called I felt like I was back at the University of Washington using the of Pine Client. I'll Check both  and report back to you. Your awesome, thanks for the help.16:35
tomreynplease stop pasting into the channel, thanks.16:35
cryptodanZuverink: claws-mail is very easy16:36
hggdhCyberManifest: please /join #ubuntu-discuss so that I can expand on Ubuntu and derivatives16:43
CyberManifesthggdh, I have to go eat now with my father, can I do such once I return ?16:44
hggdhCyberManifest: yes16:45
Zuverinkcryptodan, I cannot get claws to allow me to log into my gmail account, it gives many errors https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bwjn3dXP7x/16:58
netkam2can I record command line only with ffmpg anyone know (I dont have x installed)16:58
cryptodanZuverink: youll need to allow less secure apps in gmail for it to work16:59
netkam2trying to record a screengrab16:59
brlinnetkam2: Check out asciinema17:00
cryptodanZuverink: https://myaccount.google.com/security thats where you enable less secure apps17:01
netkam2brlin: aha17:01
brlin`sudo snap install --classic asciinema`17:01
netkam2..er im on centos717:01
netkam2i got the yum install instructions17:02
brlinnetkam2: Well you're on #ubuntu17:02
netkam2yeah... I figured the level of geekery here would be able to answer my question17:03
Zuverinkcryptodan, and how  mind you do I go about doing that. Or should I go RTFM? Im admitting my sin to uo, Ive been up 42 hours and and just trying to get this done to beable to read a damn openpgp email from my boss, so that I can go die in bed of excessive sleep deprivition, Your my hero do, quick and dirty, oh, dang, you sent it. my Hero. I owe you many beers.17:03
brlinAlso for recent enough CentOS it is possible to install snap apps: https://docs.snapcraft.io/installing-snap-on-centos/1002017:03
brlinZuverink: Cheers!17:04
cryptodansleep is more important and email will always be there17:04
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noregreti'm running 18.04 in a vm, and having trouble with adjusting window size, after some googling, I learnt about restarting the open-vm-tools service which actually makes it work, is there a way around that? ie. not having to restart taht service each time, what is the issue exactly? any ideas?17:36
lordcirth__noregret, what hypervisor? KVM? Virtualbox?17:37
noregretlordcirth__: vmware fusion 1117:37
johnfghi folks17:54
johnfgrunning xubuntu, I need to add PATH in .profile, vs. .bash_profile I'm used to.17:55
johnfgThere's no PATH set, per se, at present, just some shell language if I have a .local/bin, or ~/bin set.17:56
johnfgShould I just add the paths I want there, within the if/then, or add it like in a .bash_profile?17:56
gaudilhello everybody18:05
gaudilI've got a problem wtih ubuntu 18.04 running unity18:05
gaudilit seems I'm unable to find a way of enabling bluetooth receiving files functionality18:05
gaudiland idea how to handle this?18:06
gaudilI cna of course send files from the computer but receiving isn't working18:06
jeremy31gaudil: install blueman, I think the option is in local service18:07
gaudiljeremy31: thank you very much it worked!18:14
tim0n3Hi All18:20
tonyti have a vps running centos 7 and when i log in to it via ssh i see this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5RdXnTGmZR/ . i have ubuntu 18.04 installed locally. i was wondering does ubuntu keep track of the same thing and does it keep a log of such things some on the OS?18:22
xamithanall it does is parse the logs,  there is very many programs that do that18:23
tim0n3when did you start getting the errMessage18:24
tonytis there something that i can install on ubuntu for it to detect that?18:24
tonytjust now18:24
tonytnad have been getting the same thing on that vps for several days now18:24
pragmaticenigma!who | tonyt , xamithan , tim0n318:25
ubottutonyt , xamithan , tim0n3: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:25
xamithantonyt: You can probably find the code in the centos profile and copy it over to your own user profile.  You'll have to figure out where it is though18:26
xamithanOut of scope for this channel18:26
pragmaticenigmatonyt: That error message is sent from the remote system, nothing locally tracks the number of failed attempts to a remote host18:26
tonytxamithan so ubuntu does not keep track of failed log ons automatcilly?18:26
tonytand log it some place?18:27
JimBuntutonyt, by default, you can find that information in /var/log/auth.log18:27
xamithanin the log files yes,  but there isn't any parsing programs without external software18:27
tonytok thanks all. i was just curious18:27
JimBuntutonyt, don't be surprised to find high numbers of login attempts, especially if you are using the default port and allow all IPs to try it. Please DO NOT allow passwords and ONLY allow keys or better.18:28
xamithanAnd if people don't stop doing that !who thing to me when there is only two/three people talking I'm just going to spam it on everyone18:29
tonytJimBuntu ok thanks18:30
CyberManifesthggdh, I've returned and have joined #ubuntu-discuss as directed18:39
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tim0n3Does anyone here use Ubuntu for firewalling?18:45
gofioany thoughts on this? https://fosspost.org/analytics/privacy-security-concern-regarding-gnome-software18:49
ayekattonyt: possibly - what's your question?18:49
ayekattonyt: sorry, wrong nick18:49
johnfghi folks18:49
ayekatah, they left the channel, that's why18:49
johnfgI've installed the canon drivers for my imageclass mf4150, but still am not able to print :-(18:50
johnfgFrom localhost:631, a test page shows that the job has completed, but nothing has printed.18:50
johnfgNothing enlightening in /var/log/cups either.18:51
gofiois this true? "Additionally, fwupd (upon each checking for updates in GNOME Software) sends your machine ID (hashed), IP address,"18:51
johnfghttp://paste.ubuntu.com/p/K9fB5FgTnd/ is the less than helpful (to me) cups/error_log.18:52
heller_so guys18:52
heller_ubuntu 16.04 LTS running with 4.10.x kernel18:52
heller_autoremove wants to delete kernels newer than 4.10.18:53
heller_should i just let it?18:53
lordcirth__heller_, did you not get a chance to reboot yet?18:53
lordcirth__As I understand it, autoremove will delete kernels that are both not the newest, and not the running kernel.18:53
lordcirth__For that and other reasons, you *really* need to update, reboot, and then autoremove.18:54
heller_does it then boot with newer kernel?18:54
heller_and then autoremove to remove older?18:54
heller_and yes i've got no chance to reboot yet18:54
heller_its running something which i cant lose for this month18:54
heller_but its running out of space perhaps before i can reach it18:55
OerHeksgofio, no, not ip adress, and the rest is probably truye, but not harmfull at all, you red an old hoax article https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/8c0kk4/a_privacy_security_concern_regarding_gnome/ see the 1st answer18:57
gofiothing is the ip adress is the number one thing is pushing be back from jumping into ubuntu 18.04 even though so far loving the gnome environment, or however the correct word is. Sorry19:00
lordcirth__heller_, the autoremove should still be safe.19:00
heller_so i'll  just go with the autoremove?19:00
gofiothanks OerHeks, u sure of that :?19:00
lordcirth__heller_, You just might end up redownloading the latest one when you finally update and reboot19:00
heller_thats okay19:00
Ben64heller_: you should switch kernels, 4.10 is no longer supported19:01
lordcirth__heller_, I'm curious, what takes a month and can't restart19:01
lordcirth__Ben64, he knows, he just hasn't rebooted19:01
heller_me unable to access it :)19:01
OerHeksgofio, sure, if you want to see your machine id ( this can be altered):  hostnamectl status19:01
Ben644.10 hasn't been supported in a year19:01
heller_yeah its running 4.10.0-38-generic19:01
lordcirth__Ben64, 500+ days uptime, lol19:02
Ben64you need either 4.4 or 4.1519:02
heller_need is a strong word here :)19:02
OerHeksgodiand the project needs some id to check for hardware bios updates, it is less than your browser or mediaplayer is sharing with the internets19:02
OerHeksgofio ^^19:03
heller_autoremove running19:04
gofiointeresting OerHeks, thanks! Actually I was asking the author of the first article on twitter cuz the funny thing is I read it first in spanish thinking it was original, and then asked about it to the real author on twitter lol : Point being, I guess I'll have to better trust what u just said19:05
gofioI'm still running on ubuntu 17.10 OerHeks so I have to move to 18.04 asap19:05
OerHeksgofio, happy to help, please upgrade asap as you miss some critical updates19:06
OerHekshave fun!19:06
gofioactually firefox among others OerHeks19:07
gofiothanks OerHeks  :-)19:08
ioriagofio, ff is the only thing that get updated19:09
gofiohope I can move to lubuntu 18.04 without too much of a hassle19:09
gofiobut not for ubuntu 17.10 as far as I know ioria19:09
lordcirth__gofio, should work, but always have backups19:09
ioriagofio, the same ff version for every release19:09
gofioor could not find it, nor I can ask about ubuntu 17.10 here19:10
gofioanyways if that ip adress thing is not such a big deal I'm moving to 18.0419:10
tewardI thought 17.10 EOL'd?19:11
ubottuUbuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html19:11
tewardyep, you should upgrade to 18.04 regardless19:11
teward(17.10 is past end of support019:11
gofioI know, that's why wanted to clear up that ip adress thing first19:11
cryptodanwhat ip address thing19:11
gofioor else go back to 14.0419:12
tewardgofio: ... which dies this month.19:12
Ben6414.04 is eol this month19:12
teward18.04's your only step19:12
tewardand what IP thing?19:12
lordcirth__He posted above, there was a concern about IP addresses being leaked19:12
gofiothis cryptodan  https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/8c0kk4/a_privacy_security_concern_regarding_gnome/19:12
gofiobetween a rock and a hard place teward :-D19:13
gofioxactly lordcirth__  thanks :-)19:13
cryptodangofio: next time link to the actual article and not reddit, and there should be no privacy oriented discussion regarding that and you shouldnt worry at all.  actual concern is here https://fosspost.org/analytics/privacy-security-concern-regarding-gnome-software19:16
gofioyeap cryptodan  that's the first link I posted19:17
cryptodangofio: you posted a link to reddit19:17
gofiothen thanks to OerHeks I could see Richard Hughes response to that article, which gives me the light I needed, indeed19:18
gofioI posted the redit link to u cryptodan. Wasn't my first post19:19
gofiocryptodan: 20:49 <gofio> any thoughts on this? https://fosspost.org/analytics/privacy-security-concern-regarding-gnome-software19:20
ioriagofio, don't use gnome-software ? :þ19:21
cryptodangofio: that is the link in your reddit post19:21
cryptodangofio: and for me its no bigger issue then me going to a website and their server collects my ip, useragent, and other information19:21
cryptodangofio: which to me is no private data19:22
lordcirth__gofio, reddit also pointed out that the site posting that has about a dozen trackers on that page.19:23
gofioyeap lordcirth__, just read the answer from Richard Huges. And actually have the author on twitter. So I guess I'll get both sides of the argument. Thing is not random collecting the ip machine adress here and there but to collect it all in central data base located in London as at first is what I understood from th original article19:27
cryptodangofio: again not private data19:28
gofiowhich it sems is notthe case - anyways I don't think there's a way I can prove any of the stated either way19:28
ioriaips are not  private19:28
gofioisn't ur machine internal ip adress private to u cryptodan :?19:28
OerHekslocal lan ip is not of interest19:29
ioriaand rarely is your exact location19:29
cryptodangofio:, 172.16-31.0.0/16, and are private non-routable ip addresses and known publically by anyone with basic networking so no its not private and same goes for external ip addresses19:30
gofiois not that ip the one I'm talking about ioria and yes, I do have dynamic ip adress or however said, and most of the times I'm somewhere else. i'm talking about the ip of the machine whichis always the same, as far asI'm concerned19:30
cryptodangofio: its not leaked19:31
ioriagofio, vius a El Poble Nou ?19:31
OerHeksthis whole ip tracking story is bogus19:32
gofionope iora, but again I think we're talking about different things19:33
gofio"According to fwupd.org/privacy, some parts of this data is being shared by 3rd-party hardware vendors, who may be interested in the number of people downloading these updates and what kind of Linux distros they are using. IP addresses are not shared, but client user-agent & hashed machine IDs are."19:35
gofio"The issue here is that in GNOME Software, users have no idea that such data is being sent or collected."19:35
lordcirth__Your user-agent is shared with every site you visit, why would sending it to the site you get your *firmware* from be a problem?19:36
ioriagofio, are you worried about the machine id ?19:37
OerHeksgofio,  i gave you answer, now please stop this fud ..19:38
gofioisn't that just like somebody had hacked me up ioria if u collect everything my machine does :?19:38
gofioI know OerHeks, I'm just answering. But it's ok for me. Got what I was looking for. Thanks19:39
ioriagofio, that it's just a number19:40
cuddylierUbuntu 16.04 fails to install via PXE with the following error "libc6-udeb failed for unknown reasons" at the 'detect disks' stage. I'm using the latest files from here: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/19:43
cuddylierUbuntu 18.04 doesn't have the same issue.19:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1817358 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 16.04 netboot installation failed during loading of installer component libc6-udeb" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:45
ioriacuddylier, ^19:45
cuddylierYeah, I did find lots of those bug reports on Google19:45
cuddylierI guess maybe the only solution is using that old netboot image19:45
cuddylierOdd it hasn't been fixed yet.19:48
gofiois there a spanish ubuntu channel on this server that u know ioria ?19:49
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:49
gofiothanks ioria19:50
ioriagofio, ok19:50
gofiou there ioria?19:50
iorianope mate :þ19:50
gofiok, thanks. Given u know catalan ;-)19:50
gofiofor a moment I thought u could be :-)19:51
ioriano problem19:52
lordcirth__izara, hi19:56
guest33454Hello!  I can't run apt-get update or any other commands because the machine can't reach any of the repositorys.  It appears this is a DNS issue, as I can ping IP addresses and not domain names.  This is a fresh install, all I have done is install xrdp, and set a static IP via the GUI.20:00
guest33454kubkde: yes?20:01
kubkdeNo idea if he left but `nano /etc/fstab/`, comment out the existing and use `nameserver` from Cloudflare's own20:01
kubkdeDouble check wpa_supplicant and NetworkManager20:02
guest33454isnt etc/fstab for drive configurations?20:02
kubkdeapt clean && apt update && -y20:02
guest33454static file system information20:02
kubkdeyes, apologies. /etc/resolv.conf20:02
kubkdeYup, /etc/resolv.conf is waht I meant20:04
guest33454kubkde: looks like that works, is this persistant across reboots?20:04
lordcirth__guest33454, what Ubuntu version, and desktop or server?20:04
kubkdeThe default is based on your ISP,but you can always change it. Using a VPN will override it, as well. Yes, the change persistsm, unless you have a particuarely aggressive package20:04
lordcirth__Since 16.04 /etc/resolv.conf has had a "Do not edit this" comment in it.20:04
lordcirth__16.04 uses resolvconf, and 18.04 uses netplan20:05
kubkdeI use it 3-4 times a week to chroot into a different kernel and enable networkgin20:05
OerHeksre-edit your manually set network-manager settings.. you missed the DNS part i guess20:05
guest33454I tried setting the DNS via the GUI several times20:06
guest33454didn't work20:06
guest33454this worked though20:06
OerHekskubkde, hard to believe, see the comment in the file, it does not survive reboot20:06
kubkdeconf.head should...let me recheck20:06
guest33454lordcirth__: this is 18.1020:06
kubkdeI don't see the warning because i've truncated mine. _However_, I use a VPN that autosets it so we may be working with different systems. You can execute a cron task on boot to change it, or possibly set chmod to something so low that it wouldn't be editable20:09
OerHeks18.10, then netplan it is .. https://netplan.io/examples // https://www.linux.com/learn/intro-to-linux/2018/9/how-use-netplan-network-configuration-tool-linux20:09
kubkdeHold on. WHich is newest? wpa_supplicant, netplan, or etc? Inquirty20:10
OerHekswpa_supplicant is just for auth wireless, as of 18.04 netplan is in place20:13
OerHeksor just use networkmanager properly20:14
Sc0tty-Hi, how do I change ubuntu 18.04 to look like the classic ubuntu without the sidebar / top dropdown menu instead?20:17
guest33454Okay, I just rebooted because of some graphics drivers stuff (Trying to setup tensorflow-gpu and Jupyter notebooks).  The DNS change did not persist20:19
guest33454What can I do to make it persistant20:19
OerHeks!info ubuntu-unity-desktop20:20
ubottuubuntu-unity-desktop (source: ubuntu-unity-meta): The Ubuntu Unity desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1 (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 8 kB (Only available for amd64; arm64; armhf; i386; ppc64el)20:20
OerHeksscottt, install ubuntu-unity-desktop, logout, change, login, done20:20
CookieMSc0tty- even^20:24
xutWhat's so great about unity?20:24
SlimmyGreetings. I have a brand new sd card and adaptor. They are surely not faulty as I have tried this on 3 other adaptors with 2 different cards as well. I can't seem to get my Lubuntu to read my sd card, or detect it in any way. I do know though that port is fine since I can see it after running lsusb. How can I access it though?20:28
xutGo to #lubuntu?20:29
LeoBhello! I am trying to compile libvirt for ubuntu from the git repo (https://git.launchpad.net/~libvirt-maintainers/ubuntu/+source/libvirt, branch ubuntu/bionic) but 'fakeroot debian/rules binary' fails, with messages about moving files20:29
LeoBis this the right procedure?20:29
LeoB(it seems to finish compilation, but do not create the package20:30
Bashing-omSlimmy: "a brand new sd card" . Is the card formated and partitioned with a file system ? - What shows ' sudo parted -l ' ?20:31
lordcirth__LeoB, why do you need to compile it, instead of using the repo version?20:35
LeoBlordcirth__, Including a patch20:35
lordcirth__LeoB, ok. Can you please pastebin these errors you get?20:36
lordcirth__!paste | LeoB20:36
ubottuLeoB: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:36
LeoBlordcirth__, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/N4YN6p8KFk/20:39
SlimmyBashing-om: It only shows my hard disk20:40
Bashing-omSlimmy: Ouch ! ,, and when boioting does bios see the adapter ?20:41
SlimmyBashing-om: Very cool question actually, didn't think about it. I am 90% sure it does, since lsusb does find it. But I will check after I'm done with the project im on rn20:43
Bashing-omSlimmy: Odd that 'lsusb' sees the device and that 'parted' can not !20:44
lordcirth__Slimmy, anything in dmesg when you plug it in?20:45
Slimmylordcirth__: usb-storage 1-8:1.0: USB Mass Storage device detected20:46
lordcirth__Slimmy, but nothing about 'attached sdc' or so?20:50
Slimmysd 4:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 020:51
Slimmyok this is really weird let me send you a paste20:51
Slimmylordcirth__: Is pastebin fine with you?20:52
lordcirth__Slimmy, of course20:52
Slimmylordcirth__ https://pastebin.com/M4awEsru20:54
Slimmylordcirth__: I also get fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdb: No medium found20:55
lordcirth__Slimmy, well that's interesting. That's what CD drives say when there's no disk20:56
Slimmylordcirth__: I honestly have no idea what to do. Like actually none20:57
lordcirth__Yeah that's a new one for me too20:57
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LeoBlordcirth__, about https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/N4YN6p8KFk/21:07
LeoBdo you have any suggestion?21:08
lordcirth__LeoB, I have no idea, but #libvirt might21:09
LeoBok, but it seems something with deb package creation21:10
nolsenThis is really just something so minor, but anyone know how to get the mute keyboard LED indicator to work?21:16
nolsenSince it doesn't tell me if it's muted/unmuted21:16
nolsenFor HP-15xxxx btw21:16
jeremy31nolsen I have a HP 15 something that the indicator works on21:18
nolsenjeremy31: I have a 17, light doesn't ever work.21:19
jeremy31The light on mine is on the F6 function key21:20
nolsenIt's on my F6 as well21:20
CyberManifestI'm here21:22
jeremy31nolsen my HP has Mint on it but the LED should be part of the kernel and/or some BIOS funtion21:25
slacker_nlyou don't need to uncomment the last line in the sudoers file CyberManifest21:25
slacker_nland you cannot name the conf file .conf, just name it 01_env_keep21:27
CyberManifestslacker_nl, at this point there are other issues, cause I'm getting the same thing and complete:13: command not found compdef21:28
slacker_nlCyberManifest: but `sudo sudo -V` doesn't show HOME in the preserve section right?21:30
CyberManifestlet me check21:30
CyberManifestshould I restart the shell to be sure21:30
CyberManifestslacker_nl, http://dpaste.com/2GXJSKP21:31
slacker_nlstill there21:31
slacker_nldid you chmod 440 on the file?21:32
slacker_nllemme check if I can reproduce it21:34
CyberManifestslacker_nl, http://dpaste.com/0DPZZ4221:34
CyberManifestdoes it need execute?21:35
slacker_nlrename it to 01_env_keep21:35
CyberManifestwithout the .conf extention?21:36
slacker_nlsee xx:2721:36
slacker_nl < slacker_nl> and you cannot name the conf file .conf, just name it 01_env_keep21:36
CyberManifestdone... http://dpaste.com/0ZZJ4HB21:37
slacker_nlsudo sudo -V to check21:37
CyberManifestlooks gone... http://dpaste.com/2NHTJ3Q21:38
CyberManifestnow try sudo -s?21:39
Speed_i need help connecting to my ssh server, i used to work before but now its promptting me for a password for some reason, i thought i had password authentication disabled. my publick key is still in authorised keys tho21:39
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CyberManifestslacker_nl, well, I don't get the warning, and I don't have zsh anymore :/ or at least not the theme, so I guess it worked21:40
CyberManifestslacker_nl, http://dpaste.com/1R8RNHH21:40
slacker_nlecho $SHELL21:41
slacker_nland/or env and look for SHELL21:41
slacker_nlshould say something like /bin/zsh21:41
CyberManifestyeah it's still zsh, but I'm guessing oh-my-zsh didn't get loaded?21:41
slacker_nlwhich is a good thing (tm)21:41
CyberManifestslacker_nl, cool, so now I can install Visual Studio Code?21:42
CyberManifestoh wait I forgot I can't :(21:42
CyberManifestit's not in the repos :(21:42
slacker_nli think it is in the ubuntu repo's21:42
CyberManifestyeah, but for all intents and purposes, This isn't Ubuntu21:43
CyberManifestslacker_nl, isn't that for x86 ? this is for ARM21:43
CyberManifestslacker_nl, that's why I was trying to use: https://code.headmelted.com/21:44
slacker_nlI dunno21:44
slacker_nlI use vim21:44
CyberManifestvim doesn't have auto complete, or other fancy fools tools that I'd prefer to use21:45
slacker_nlit does21:45
CyberManifestby default ?21:45
CyberManifestor more configuring?21:45
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slacker_nlno, you need to install a plugin21:46
slacker_nlhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwYoEogoEtfsVF90dHF3Q3FyM2M/view / https://github.com/vim-scripts/AutoComplPop21:46
CyberManifestslacker_nl, I appreciate the resources and I may look into it in the future, but that's a lot of work to get to where I want when Visual Studio Code is Configured as desired Out of the Box21:47
slacker_nlWell, good luck with installing it that case ;)21:48
slacker_nlI'm heading to bed21:48
CyberManifestslacker_nl, lol, thanks, but no, seriously Thank you for all your help :)21:48
slacker_nland maybe update your bug @ ubuntu, because they break the default behaviour of sudo21:49
slacker_nland/or update the report with your fix21:50
CyberManifestwhat do you mean "break the default behaviour of sudo" ?21:50
CyberManifestgotta track it down again21:51
slacker_nlthat patch that they added in ... 1.7.4p4-5ubuntu6 breaks the default sudo compared to upstream (both sudo and debian)21:51
slacker_nlyou can reference to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/76014021:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 760140 in sudo (Ubuntu Natty) "HOME environmental variable no long preserved with sudo by default" [Medium,Fix released]21:52
CyberManifestslacker_nl, how do I edit this bug I don't know that I can, they may have taken my permission?21:53
slacker_nlyou opened a bug at ubuntu right?21:54
CyberManifestslacker_nl, yeah,,, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/182320221:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823202 in zsh (Ubuntu) "HOME points to something not owned by user in sudo" [Undecided,New]21:54
slacker_nlyeah, update that one21:54
slacker_nland reference to the other bug21:54
slacker_nladd a comment21:54
CyberManifestI don't see an update button21:54
CyberManifestthere's not a place to add a comment21:54
CyberManifestoh, it turns out I wasn't loged in21:55
CryptolockHi guys, ive changed the ip of the server to static, eveyrimte its rebooted i have to add the gq route manually sudo ip route add default via
slacker_nladdthe gateway in /etc/network/interfaces?21:56
Cryptolockwhen i try to do so, it asks " sudo apt install ifupdown "21:57
Cryptolockbut the sudo apt install ifupdown is already installed21:57
slacker_nladd --reinstall and see what happens?21:57
slacker_nlwhat does apt-cache policy ifupdown say?21:58
Bashing-omCryptolock: What release is theis ? Does netplan apply ?21:58
Cryptolockits server 18:0421:59
Bashing-omCryptolock: Netplan !21:59
Bashing-om!netplan | Cryptolock22:00
ubottuCryptolock: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/22:00
CryptolockBashing-om i am not sure if netplan is installed.22:00
Cryptolockubotu i got it, its not out of the box working ? needs config ?22:01
slacker_nlit's a bot ;)22:02
slacker_nlCryptolock: apt-cache policy netplan22:02
slacker_nlCryptolock: or use dpkg -l netplan\*22:02
Bashing-omCryptolock: It is ,, server install will be via systemd-networkd .22:03
Cryptolockit shows netplan version is 0 0 0 022:03
Cryptolocknetplanio version 0.40.122:03
Bashing-om!info netplan | bionic22:04
ubottubionic: netplan (source: plan): network server for `plan'. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.1-5build1 (bionic), package size 28 kB, installed size 106 kB22:04
slacker_nlCryptolock: that was from dpkg -l?22:04
CyberManifestslacker_nl, ok, I've added a comment, how do I close it as resolved; or do I want to do this?22:04
slacker_nlCyberManifest: up to you22:05
slacker_nlif you want it open for discussion, keep it open, else close22:05
CyberManifestwell, how do I close just for refrence?22:06
slacker_nlUhhhh, I'm not logged in and not sure if I have my crednetials for launchpad in my pw manager22:07
Cryptolockslacker_nl i just need to add the gw to the default interface :)22:07
slacker_nlCryptolock: to the interface where you have set the static IP22:07
slacker_nlCryptolock: https://paste.debian.net/1076165/ something like that22:08
slacker_nlit's from a debian server, but the idea is the same22:08
slacker_nlubottu: close bug?22:09
ubottuslacker_nl: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:09
CyberManifestslacker_nl, would it show for you from the URL https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/1823202?comments=all ?22:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823202 in zsh (Ubuntu) "HOME points to something not owned by user in sudo" [Undecided,New]22:09
slacker_nli have the bug open in my browser, but I need to be logged in to see buttons and what not22:10
CyberManifestoh, well, I don't see a button to close or mark resolved22:10
slacker_nland my password seems to be broken22:10
slacker_nlunable to help with this22:10
slacker_nlbest of luck with the editor22:11
jeremy31CyberManifest: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/1823202/+edit22:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823202 in zsh (Ubuntu) "HOME points to something not owned by user in sudo" [Undecided,New]22:11
slacker_nland Cryptolock best of luck with the gatway22:11
CyberManifestI can change the status, sould I pick: "Fix Committed" or "Fix Releaased" ?22:11
slacker_nlthe fix would be a patch to remove the debian/patch/xxxx.patch file22:12
slacker_nlwhich isn't committed or released22:12
CyberManifestjeremy31, just select change?22:12
Bashing-omCryptolock: netplan - old docs no longer apply. For reference to set static see: https://blog.ubuntu.com/2017/12/01/ubuntu-bionic-netplan .22:13
jeremy31CyberManifest: You may just need to post how it was fixed22:14
CyberManifestjeremy31, I did22:14
CyberManifestjeremy31, last comment https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/1823202?comments=all22:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823202 in zsh (Ubuntu) "HOME points to something not owned by user in sudo" [Undecided,New]22:15
slacker_nlCyberManifest: there are two other bugs that are the same as yours, both can be found in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/76014022:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 760140 in sudo (Ubuntu Natty) "HOME environmental variable no long preserved with sudo by default" [Medium,Fix released]22:16
slacker_nlI personally believe that the decision of adding this patch is wrong, please refer Bug #1373495. / I'm expecting the documented behavior. Please refer Bug #88993622:16
ubottubug 1373495 in One Hundred Papercuts "sudo shouldn't preserve caller's HOME environment variable by default" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137349522:16
ubottubug 889936 in sudo (Ubuntu) "sudo(8) incorrectly says HOME is reset if env_reset is set" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88993622:16
CyberManifestslacker_nl, so mark it as duplicate? and have it search those two numbers?22:19
slacker_nland don't get your hopes up that they'll fix it ;)22:20
slacker_nlat least you've learned something about sudo ;)22:20
CyberManifestslacker_nl, it can only let me mark it as a duplicate for one or the other22:22
slacker_nlpick any22:22
slacker_nlyou can always add a comment with links to both bugs22:23
slacker_nland a link back in the original bug22:23
slacker_nlif you really want all holes covered22:23
slacker_nlcd ~/bed22:23
CyberManifestslacker_nl, oh, yeah I'm not worried about the fix, cause you're work around works good enough for me, and I did learn, not just about sudo but also the infernal bug reporting; didn't even know ubuntu had an inhouse bug report script22:24
gofioI'm doin a backup and it says .launchpadlib couldn't be added, and on the personal folder it shows a lock symbol along the .launchpadlib folder, does that have any correlation :? tia22:24
slacker_nlbugreport or something?22:24
CyberManifestslacker_nl, yeah I just quoted your remarks in the comments https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/1823202?comments=all22:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 889936 in sudo (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1823202 sudo(8) incorrectly says HOME is reset if env_reset is set" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:24
CyberManifestslacker_nl, "ubuntu-bug" ;)22:25
slacker_nlreportbug is the debian version of it then22:25
CyberManifestslacker_nl, cool, thanks for the ProTip :)22:26
CyberManifestslacker_nl, now if my memory will remember :/22:26
slacker_nlCyberManifest: I'm sure it will22:26
slacker_nlCyberManifest: have a go at ansible, that way you can automate these things22:27
slacker_nland git your configs22:27
CyberManifestI have an Ubuntu One account to allow me to report bugs, I presume Debian's "reportbug" would require me to have some form of a Debian account?22:28
slacker_nlit just sends an email22:28
CyberManifestoh good :)22:28
slacker_nldebian bug reporting is just via e-mail22:28
slacker_nlor at least, I haven't seen anything that resembles a UI to update bugs22:29
CyberManifestslacker_nl, well, thank you for all the help, advice, and tips, I'm going to get off the system for now and rest, but again Thank You Very Much, It's been most appreciated and helpful and you are kind.22:31
slacker_nl:) enjoy your day22:33
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BenMcLeanHi there folks22:47
LynysysHi - when I make a video window fullscreen in Ubuntu Disco Beta, it takes over the X Server and wont let me "unfullscreen" and I have to restart the display manager. I have Intel Graphics on a MSI CUBI. What package should I file the bug under?22:47
BenMcLeanI'm having a problem where the Ubuntu installer isn't seeing the third SSD I have installed22:48
tewardLynysys: Disco support in #ubuntu+1 only22:48
tewardthey'll also help you figure where to file the bug.22:48
BenMcLeanI have three SSDs installed in my laptop. Two are 2 TB SSDs that I'm using for Windows and the third is a 256 GB SSD that I want to dedicate to Linux22:48
BenMcLeanWhen I run the Ubuntu installer, it only sees the first two SSDs22:48
BenMcLeanhow do I get it to see the third SSD ??22:51
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dman777I had imagemagick 6 installed with apt-get. I think manually compiled image magick 7 from these directions https://gist.github.com/rjnienaber/af47fccb8410926ba7ea35f96c3b87fd but identify --version still shows 6.*. Any ideas what is wrong?23:32
Sleakerdman777: your path is still running v623:33
dman777Sleaker: how do I fix the path? I guess ldconfig would of fixed that23:34
Sleakerdman777: uninstall 6, or change the symlinks/pathing to make it run 723:34
Sleakeruhh no.23:34
Sleakerecho $PATH23:34
Sleakerthat shows you the order that directories are checked when you run a command.23:35
dman777Sleaker: uninstalling the old ver did the trick. thank you.23:35
Sleakerwhich imagemagick - will tell you what exactly is getting run23:35
Sleakerdman777: be careful, you may have broken a lot of stuff that uses v6 library23:35
Sleakerimagemagick is used all over. so just a word of warning.23:35
dman777Sleaker: on a headless cloud server?23:35
Sleakerprobably not.23:36
Sleakerjust depends on if you have stuff doing image manipulation that and was using libmagickcore23:36
Sleakerif you left the lib, you should be fine.23:37

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