EickmeyerOvenWerks: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioInstaller17:55
OvenWerksNext for installer... allow to install only some packages from a meta :)17:57
EickmeyerThat will require a folder hierarchy.17:58
OvenWerks also reading the meta depends17:58
Eickmeyer19.10 goals?17:58
EickmeyerIf it has to be a 20.04 thing, I'm happy with that.17:59
OvenWerksWith back ports it is not so bad, maybe add an upgrade from backport button first.18:00
EickmeyerWell, adding the backports PPA should technically run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade", shouldn't it?18:03
EickmeyerUnless we omitted that.18:04
OvenWerksis that what the user would expect?18:04
OvenWerksI don't think it does the upgrade, just update18:05
EickmeyerWell, if we run the update, eventually update-manager is going to catch it.18:05
Eickmeyerer, upgrade.18:05
EickmeyerSo, I guess it doesn't matter.18:06
OvenWerksSo it is effectively done either way.18:08
OvenWerksThen we should just add it.18:10
OvenWerksor at least enable the install button18:10
EickmeyerYou mean upgrade? There's already an install button.18:11
OvenWerksWe should also refill the available packages to install18:11
EickmeyerI agree with that.18:12
OvenWerksYes but the install button is normally disabled until a package is selected18:12
EickmeyerBy the way, I backported lmms and calf, if you didn't know already, to get rid of the calf-ladspa bug.18:12
EickmeyerI see.18:12
EickmeyerThat's expected behavior.18:13
EickmeyerSo, what's the behavior you're meaning now?18:13
* Eickmeyer needs clarification18:13
OvenWerksSo even add an entry to the package list that says upgrade to backports18:13
EickmeyerOkay. Does that need to be a metapackage or something that just gets hard-coded?18:14
OvenWerksHard coded18:14
EickmeyerOkay. 18:15
EickmeyerDo we want to add this to 19.04 (as in, an oversight, oops, found a bug) or to 19.10?18:16
OvenWerksnext cycle.18:16
OvenWerksbackports will add it in anyway :)18:16
EickmeyerBut only if a build is manually triggered (which, with the way I've set that up, requires a version bump in the changelog).18:17
OvenWerksLeaving it for now also looks better for you getting UL rights.18:17
EickmeyerYeah, that's true. Wouldn't want to abuse my privilege. :)18:18
OvenWerksfrivolous uploads are not good18:18
EickmeyerAt this point, only if they're bug fixes is it okay.18:18
OvenWerksthis is not a bug, just a change in thinking. That makes it a feature18:19
EickmeyerI already did two post-beta uploads which were approved (-look for the wallpaper I made and -icon-theme for a base on the dark variant of papirus for those that like that).18:20
OvenWerkswallpaper was a bug in a reasonable sense. Icons could go with that too.18:21
EickmeyerAlso, I got the screenshot of the desktop in the Ubiquity slideshow updated.18:21
EickmeyerOther screenshots could use some TLC, but that was the big one.18:22
OvenWerksSo we are about a year behind :P18:22
OvenWerkswe have what should have been an LTS (I think)18:23
EickmeyerI believe you are correct.18:23
OvenWerksI guess it is a good first step to ward 200418:23
EickmeyerYes. More polish on what we have and adding lsp-plugins are definite goals from here forward.18:24
* OvenWerks kind of hopes Ardour 6.0 gets out by then18:24
EickmeyerOh, wouldn't that be lovely.18:25
EickmeyerI kindof wouldn't mind making it so that people don't think they have to add the kxstudio repos.18:27
EickmeyerWe need to be complete out-of-the-box.18:27
OvenWerksYou have made a good start by adding Carla18:27
EickmeyerI think we're getting there.18:27
OvenWerks I think the more of kx we can add OOTB the better18:27
EickmeyerI agree.18:28
OvenWerksThat way we can keep KX from causing trouble18:28
EickmeyerThat's one reason I'm looking at the lsp-plugins, and am eying distroho as well.18:28
OvenWerksBy not including the parts that do cause trouble18:28
Eickmeyeri.e. Cadence.18:28
OvenWerksFalktx has had in mind to add all of his own SW to the debian/ubuntu repos18:30
OvenWerksfor some time18:30
OvenWerksFor Cadence, I should probably take the time to make up a PR to make it less intrusive18:31
EickmeyerWell, he hasn't even touched Cadence for a few months since he's been working so hard on Carla.18:32
EickmeyerHe has even moved some of Catia's features (such as buffer selection in the status bar) to Carla 2.1.18:33
EickmeyerCarla 2.1 is going to be real nice. The patchbay will have in-line controls.18:33
OvenWerksCadence covers windows and Macos too. It looks for what kind of Linux and does different things depending on what it finds... That is a lot fo work.18:33
EickmeyerYeah. That's something that others have been giving him PRs for Claudia about. It's set-up to detect Debian packages, but doesn't work well with RPM-based distros or others at all.18:36
EickmeyerHe's pretty ecstatic about Carla being in Ubuntu.18:39
OvenWerksHis kxstudio iso was always based on ubuntu18:40
OvenWerksI think if Studio was in good shape he would be happy to just use that... though he does like KDE18:41
EickmeyerThen Kubuntu + -installer. :)18:48
OvenWerksThere are a few things he does we could never do, like provide a downloaded copy of Ardour.18:52
OvenWerksI think he has given up on LS though18:53
OvenWerksLS will die by bad licence18:53
OvenWerks I am told that any of the devs for LS that can be found would be willing to change the licence, it is just that some can not be found at all18:54
OvenWerksThere is another project that will deal with the same files now (I don't know how far along it is) and if it gets very far at all, LS will basicly vanish19:07
EickmeyerI guess I'm not tracking. LS?19:08
OvenWerksLinux sampler19:08
OvenWerksWhat was previously keeping Carla out of debian19:09
EickmeyerOh, yes. He indeed has, and it's no longer a dependency for most projects.19:09
OvenWerks(till it was removed)19:09
EickmeyerProbably was the only reason I was able to get Carla in Ubuntu since he dropped LS.19:10
OvenWerksyes, I think he also dropped some other builtin synths19:10
EickmeyerFluidsynth isn't a dependency, iirc.19:10
OvenWerksThere are three FS plugins these days I think.19:11
OvenWerksCalf is the oldest, but a-fluidsynth is now a thing and I think there is one other (aside from AVLdrums which is also FS inside)19:12

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