studiobot<Sakrecoer> So you managed to create an installer to add ubunustudio to other flavours? Like, maybe I'm just thinking in after-constructions, but I feel like that's been on the roadmap for so long. I'm really glad to see things are now getting pushed forward. :)11:48
studiobot<Eickmeyer> @Sakrecoer [So you managed to create an installer to add ubunustudio to other flavours? Like …], Yeah, but we didn't really "create" it so much as adapt ubuntustudio-installer to do the job. :)12:53
sakrecoerwell, a very cool feature non the less12:55
OvenWerkssakrecoer: our main roadblock for many tings has been uploaders. Most of installer has been waiting for years to release.15:08
sakrecoeri can't wait to see what happens now :)15:21
sakrecoeri mean, it has been a huge block15:21
studio-user932hi, can you help me with some hardware advices?16:11
OvenWerkswhat kind of hardware advice would you like?16:17
OvenWerksUSB Mic bad.16:17
studio-user932I need to know for a brand new PC if I should buy a CudaCores or a DirectCompute graphic card acceleration. CudaCores is Nvidia and DirectCompute is ATI video graphics. So what is the best for Blender, Gimp and Inkscape?16:52
studio-user932Thank you16:52
studio-user932Don't know much about hardware, so I need some advice16:53
Eickmeyerstudio-user932: A good place to ask would be ##hardware. You can get there by typing "/join ##hardware".16:53
valentinhello, can you help me? I need some advice for hardware. I want to buy a new PC and install Ubuntu Studio.16:57
valentinthank you16:58
studio-user932sorry, is the same16:58
OvenWerksOpps I missed them.17:42
* OvenWerks went out for breakfast with his Yf17:42
EickmeyerThey were curious about graphics, mostly.17:54
OvenWerksboth blender and gimp (or maybe just blender) can do rendering direct in certain GPUs17:56

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