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bluesabrehttps://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2019-April/000679.html in case anybody wants to package or test... 2 long-running LP bugs fixed with this one :)10:54
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xfce4-announce:: ANNOUNCE: parole 1.0.2 released @ http://xfce.10915.n7.nabble.com/ANNOUNCE-parole-1-0-2-released-tp52925.html (by Sean Davis-6)10:54
Unit193Congrats, you beat the bot. :>10:58
bluesabreNot a moment to spare when we're in release month and I have to go to work :D10:59
ochosiUnit193: can we re-activate the "daily" part for xfce4-settings?21:09
ochosii've been working o that quite heavily lately and i suppose that's going to continue for a bit21:09
ochosi(ah meh, forget it, i just requested some builds manually. that's good enough i guess)21:11
Unit193https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+recipe/xfce4-settings-daily seems to claim it is built daily.21:15
ochosivcs import has failed and therefore stopped21:24
ochosii'll see if that will run again21:24
ochosiif so, i'll try to re-run the recipe21:24
Unit193Already poking.21:24
ochosithanks a bunch!21:24
ochosivcs worked fine now21:28
ochosilet's see if the builds do too21:28
Unit193Packaging might need a re-sync, not sure.21:31
Unit193Could use it, doesn't *need* it.21:33
ochosihm, the builds look ok, but the names are really odd21:34
ochosii mean the versions are off21:35
ochosiis that a hardcoded thing..?21:35
ochosiright, so it can't publish the builds because the names remain the same (which is wrong anyway)21:36
Unit1932774 is the bzr revno, afaik.21:36
ochosisure, but while the vcs was updated, the build name remained the same21:37
ochosior do i misunderstand something?21:38
Unit193The following files contain translations and are currently not in use. Please21:38
Unit193consider adding these to the POTFILES.in file, located in the po/ directory.21:38
Unit193That's the error.21:38
ochosifix pushed21:40
Unit193ochosi: I added disco and was going to request a build for it too, but that button requested it for *all* enabled dists so several were duped (it had picked up on the vcs update, and automatically started them.)21:41
ochosischeduled another import21:42
ochosijust to be sure i get a working build tonight :>21:42
ochosi(need to force everybody in the office tomorrow to update so i get some testers >:D)21:42
Unit193Not that it helps, but the experimental PPA contains the last release, even though disco doesn't (I'd presume you requested that, so I did.(21:43
ochosiyeah, i'm just trying to consolidate things before the next release21:45
ochosione issue i just fixed with the branch i merged was related to auto-applying of display profiles21:45
ochosithe other issue i need to fix before the release is a dedicated icon for xfce4-color-settings21:45
ochosi(even though it's an optional settings dialog)21:45
ochosiok, requested another build to see if it now works with the potfiles fix21:49
Unit193Hha. :P21:49
Unit193...Why did I push xfconf in there?  So everything would build against the new lib?  Sounds like it..21:52
ochosii still haven't tested the gconf backend btw21:53
Unit193I haven't because my script to migrate settings didn't work, so aliov needs poked, but he's not around sooo..21:53
Unit193Also Corsac would greatly appreciate something more automatic than my script anyway.21:54
Unit193AssertionError: Invalid sha for <Commit dd9f3d9dea2b6ed639d7bcd565d6b300299620df>: 14732d1bd3965dc09a2de78a4bcc812d1f47883421:54
Unit193ochosi: You never force-pushed to elementary stuff did you?21:54
ochosihm, i don't think so21:56
ochosii mean it vaguely sounds like something i'd do, but not to the master branch21:56
ubottuError: launchpad bug 13138613 not found21:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1313861 in Bazaar Git Plugin "git: AssertionError: Invalid sha for <Commit ...>: ..." [Undecided,Triaged]21:56
Unit193We should just have git imports to the git format and drop bzr entirely.21:58
bluesabredo eeeeet22:00
Unit193(I'm looking at the rest of the daily builds and fixing.)22:00
Unit193bluesabre: Oh hey!22:00
bluesabredinner time, bbabl22:00
Unit193I don't think I can push to your packaging repos, though.22:01
bluesabreUnit193: lemme know which ones tied to me and I'll get them moved to xubuntu-dev23:13
bluesabreUnit193: I'm about to package up parole 1.0.2, unless you already have it somewhere?23:13
Unit193bluesabre: Noo, that's your baby, I didn't touch it!23:14

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