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GodricArjiAnybody know how to remove all these games from my system?04:20
GodricArjiis there like an overall package i can remove?04:20
krytarikGodricArji: "sudo apt purge --auto-remove gnome-mines gnome-sudoku sgt-launcher"04:27
GodricArjikrytarik: thank you so much04:27
GodricArjii don't need all those games cluttering up my hdd04:28
xubuntu89iWhat is this place?04:56
GodricArjiits the xubuntu irc help channel04:57
xubuntu89iI think my Lenovo laptop may be compromised. Looking for some guidance. Found something called 'fortran' and another thing called 'kmemstick' ... clamscan seemed leary of both :/04:58
xubuntu89iEntire system now behaving strangely and OS reinstalls failing04:59
GodricArjii assume you already googled it?05:03
xubuntu89iYeah. Way down the rabbit hole.05:03
GodricArjilooks like fortran is a compiler05:04
xubuntu89iI'm not quite savvy enough to know how to google from there :\05:05
GodricArjiwell a quick google search shows that fortran is a compiler but for what im not sure. << not tech savvy with linux very well. As for kmemstick, i have no idea05:06
GodricArjikmemstick looks like it either has something to do with usb's or suspending of your system05:07
xubuntu89iany suggestions for gleening more info before i wipe this system (again)? ... there was a lot of rootkit noise in my google searches for kmemstick05:07
GodricArjithat's all i can find05:07
GodricArjione sec05:07
GodricArjixubuntu89i: all i can find is an error on an arch reddit for kmemstick and that fortran is a compiler that possibly is linked to GCC05:10
GodricArjibut that's all i can find05:10
xubuntu89ieff. thanks anyway.05:12
GodricArjiif you wanna wait a bit im sure someone with more experience than me will come on and help ya out05:13
llllpppplllhello everybody06:03
llllpppplllI haved two displays06:03
llllpppplllHow can I use hot-key to move a application window from left display to right display ?06:04
well_laid_lawnafaik unless you have different desktops on each display that's not doable - but I could be wrong06:07
well_laid_lawnsomeone in #xfce might have a clue if no one here does llllpppplll06:08
llllpppplllBinding  desktops on different displays ?06:14
llllpppplllHow to do it ?06:15
well_laid_lawnthe last post might help llllpppplll06:28
well_laid_lawnseems you can't have different workspaces on different monitors with xfce yet going by my search skills06:28
llllpppplllthank you06:31
pmjdebruijnhey folks06:45
pmjdebruijnI just upgraded 18.04 to the latest HWE with linux-4.1806:45
pmjdebruijnthough now when I enable light-locker, both my displays go into power saving mode, and won't come out of it again, until if switch VTs (Ctrl+Alt+F1 and back)06:46
pmjdebruijnthis is on Intel HD Graphics 630, so nothing too bizarre06:46
pmjdebruijndoes this sound familiar to anyone06:46
knomepmjdebruijn, potentially related, but not on 18.04, and switching VTs doesn't help, i need to restart lightdm06:59
knomebut this only happens very rarely, and there might be another reason why this happwns07:00
pmjdebruijnI and a few collegues have this regularly07:09
pmjdebruijn18.04 without HWE was fine07:09
pmjdebruijnso either the kernel or xorg is involved07:09
brainwashpmjdebruijn: there is a launchpad report for that issue08:41
brainwashpmjdebruijn: bug 180160908:42
ubottubug 1801609 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Fails to deactivate dpms off mode after user initiated wake-up events(not system-suspended, just locked and dpms active)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/180160908:42
rapidwaveI'm using Xubuntu, need to add Eclipse to the Programming menu under Gnome foot menu14:58
nikolamWhat theme do you recommend for Xfce/Xubuntu , I actually need to have arrows in the scroll bars, I need it to sometimes scroll more precise16:41
gnrpnikolam: What do you mean with arrows?16:49
gnrpaah, I get it16:49
gnrpis there no style which adds these arrows again?16:49
nikolamgnrp, Looking for one...16:52
nikolammanage to build form source xfce-theme-manager from PPA..17:36

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