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baltazarany way of getting anything that would allow me to do "open as root" or "open as administrator" for kubuntu 18.0403:06
valorieI hope not03:07
valoriethat's a TERRIBLE idea03:08
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:08
valorierunning gui things as sudo will screw up permissions03:08
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:08
baltazarover 10 years using linux... opening directories that the now domb bfilemanegers refuse to open, and being able to fire up the editor to edit the file with no issues.... WHATS THE PROBLEM THERE?03:10
baltazaram anoyed03:11
baltazardo I have to install proper debian with a proper user and root account to be able to use my computer?03:12
valorieany distro that allows this IMO is a very bad distro03:12
valorieof course you can use sudo su in the commandline03:12
valoriebut running any gui that way03:12
valoriewell, I've already said03:13
* valorie has been using linux for far more than 10 years03:13
baltazar... I guess security... of myself...03:14
baltazarbut it is annoying to say the least.... I mean, now it feels like Gnome... GNOME... and KDE has no Screen saver... what's next, a registry editor?03:16
baltazarnever liked the sudo bussness...03:17
Greenfrogkde has a screen saver install and run xscreensaver03:18
Greenfrogi have it works fine03:19
baltazaryes... yes... which has to be install!03:20
baltazarand probably will get depricated soon...03:21
valoriebecause most screensavers are not secure03:21
valoriepart of the point of linux is security03:21
baltazarmouse is not secure... lets cut that to...03:21
valorienot all systems are private03:21
Greenfrogso what is your issue? cant install xscreensaver or mad because it will soon be depreciated?03:22
valoriemany computers are shared with others03:22
baltazarlets do do a gnome...03:22
Greenfrogi dont know gnome ony kde03:22
valoriethis channel is for support, not arguing03:22
Greenfrogwhich uses unity/plasma03:23
valorieplease move to #kubuntu-offtopic for anything else03:23
Greenfrogi dont wish to argue thanks valorie :)03:23
Greenfrogthis person asked a question i tried to help03:24
baltazarmy issue, I need to access a directory, and edit a file... and am unable to do so thru the GUI... am being forsed to use CLI03:24
Greenfrogi dunno ask someone else03:25
valorieyou can access any directory and edit any file03:25
valoriethe gui will notify you if you need to escalate permissions03:25
Greenfrogyes thats true03:25
valoriekate works great!03:26
Greenfrogi had to use sudo chown command to access files that didnt have permissions03:26
baltazaram not able to gain access with Dolphin...03:27
Greenfroguse konsole03:27
baltazareven dumb windows allows to edit or open as administrator03:27
Greenfrogur not in windows03:28
Greenfrogthe syntax is different03:28
baltazarI was able to do this... in linux03:28
baltazaredit as root (admin)03:28
baltazarnow the GUI does not allow that03:29
Greenfrogok but what distro are you using?03:29
valoriewindows is insecure by design03:29
baltazarkubuntu 18.0403:29
Greenfrogok good03:29
Greenfroggo to discover and enter xscreensaver and install03:30
IrcsomeBot2<DarinMiller> baltazar, open the desired protected file with kate and kate will prompt for password upon save.03:30
baltazarI need to edit a file in an external SD card file that I need to access as admin03:30
Greenfrogi did it it worked03:30
baltazarI cant access the directory content03:31
Greenfrogdo you not knw your password?03:31
baltazarYES... buit no worries... I will do this some other day...03:31
baltazarhave a good night03:31
Greenfrogok thans for visiting :)03:31
Greenfrogvalorie: you seem quite knowlegable have you been in kubuntu long?03:33
Greenfrogi'm still a n00b03:33
valorieuser for many years; part of the team now03:34
Greenfroghow long might i ask03:34
valorieoh gosh03:34
valorielet me see how old my irc logs are03:34
Greenfrogi'm not trying to date you just ask of your experience03:35
Greenfrogi left redhat 8 now trying to regain momentum03:35
valoriemaybe 201103:36
valoriegood; happily married already03:36
Greenfrogyes and i'm very dated :P03:36
IrcsomeBot2<Mpho Jele> Uhm, good morning03:36
Greenfrogok thats nice03:36
Greenfroggood morning Mpho jele03:37
IrcsomeBot2<Mpho Jele> May I ask, does anyone know how I can download nodejs?03:38
Greenfrogvalorie: i'm glad for you03:38
valorieuh, I mean03:38
valorie!info nodejs03:38
ubottunodejs (source: nodejs): evented I/O for V8 javascript. In component universe, is extra. Version 8.10.0~dfsg-2ubuntu0.4 (bionic), package size 4731 kB, installed size 17586 kB03:38
Greenfrogif its a bionic package is there a problem dowloading?03:39
valorie@Mpho Jele - in linux one generally installs from the archive, not downloads03:39
valorieunless you have a need to build it for yourself03:39
* Greenfrog valorie would know03:40
valorie@Mpho Jele what version of Kubuntu are you running?03:40
Greenfrogyes good question03:40
IrcsomeBot2<Mpho Jele> 🙄uhm the latest? How do I check the version?03:41
valorieyou can ask krunner by clicking alt+space03:41
valorieand typing about system03:42
valoriechoose that and it will be displayed03:42
Greenfroghum, i'll try that too, just to look03:42
valoriekrunner is endlessly useful03:43
valorieit can even do maths for you03:43
valorielook up files, run some commands, launch apps03:44
valorieso much03:44
IrcsomeBot2<Mpho Jele> It's 18.04.2 LTS (I'm a very new new user, who mistakenly wide out windows trying to dual boot but Kubuntu is turning out "kinda" great)03:44
valorie@Mpho Jele - it might not be wiped out03:45
valorieit's possible grub just doesn't see it03:45
valorieKubuntu is great, yes03:45
valorieif you want to install something, just type Discover into krunner03:46
Greenfrogkrunner doesnt bring that03:46
valorieand search for nodejs in discover and tell it to install03:46
IrcsomeBot2<Mpho Jele> Oh, I don't care anymore, I've moved on, though it's only been a day03:46
Greenfrogup for me03:46
valoriekrunner won't find windows, no03:46
IrcsomeBot2<Mpho Jele> Anyways, so I should go to node.js website and I'll find the archive there?03:47
valorieI just said: launch discover and get it from there03:47
valorieinstalling things from random websites is a very bad idea03:47
valorieand really I can't believe windows still does it that way03:47
valorieI have a win VM and was shocked to discover that03:48
IrcsomeBot2<Mpho Jele> @valorie, I'm on discover and I'm not finding node.js03:48
valorieno dot03:48
valoriejust nodejs03:48
valorieis the packagename03:48
valoriejust "node" should bring it up03:49
valorieha, I couldn't find it either03:50
valorieuntil I looked in "installed"03:50
valoriealready installed03:50
IrcsomeBot2<Mpho Jele> Comes pre-installed?03:50
valoriethat I don't know03:51
valoriesearch your installed -- its at the bottom in discover03:52
valorieto be honest I usually use the commandline because it's quicker03:52
valoriebut I test discover all the time as well03:52
IrcsomeBot2<Mitchet> Thanks, I just installed it. You are very helpful👍03:53
valorieglad to hear it03:54
valorienot that I hear good things about node.js!03:54
Greenfrogyes look at installed03:55
IrcsomeBot2<Mitchet> @valorie, On Kubuntu or in general?03:55
valoriein general03:55
valorieI trust the packages from the archive03:55
valorieit's more the coding practices03:55
valoriebit of a security nightmare03:56
Greenfrogyes the packages from discover have been verified03:56
valorieso much testing03:56
Greenfrogwell, we are the beta group i guess03:56
IrcsomeBot2<Mitchet> so I'll opt to python but for now I'm still on a journey with javascript, i just use node for only simple, like basic serving tasks03:59
valorieGreenfrog: funny you should say that since I'm planning on upgrading to the beta a bit later04:07
valorieI already am running it on my travel laptop04:07
valorieby release we've done lots of testing at every level04:08
Greenfrogwhat app are we discussing?04:08
Greenfrogyes i understand that but all contingencies cant be accounted for04:09
Greenfrogsomeone will encounter a break04:10
Greenfrogits the nature of the biz04:10
valorieoh of course04:10
valoriethat doesn't mean that we are beta testers04:10
Greenfrogok really jk'ding04:11
Greenfrogbut we do have an influence04:11
Greenfrogthose in the trenches do have a voice04:12
Greenfroghello scottin :)04:13
Greenfrogmust b a random login :P04:15
GreenfrogHow many help desk personnel does it take to change a light bulb?04:31
GreenfrogNone - we have the same model of lightbulb and ours is working fine.04:32
GreenfrogAnd they'll just tell you to try turning it off and back on again.04:32
valoriethat said, one of my kids does customer service for System7604:35
valorieand he's great04:35
Greenfrogperson calling tech support "it says install disc 3 and all i can get into that little slot is 204:35
Greenfrogi'm sure he's thrilled04:36
Greenfrogwhat is system 76?04:37
valoriethey make linux computers04:37
Greenfrogdidnt know that04:38
GreenfrogHow many developers does it take to change a light bulb?04:38
GreenfrogI'm gonna need some specs or an outline of the scope, if you want me to give a realistic answer.04:39
Greenfrogdoes he like it?04:40
valoriehe does04:42
Greenfroghi james04:42
valoriesorry if I'm unresponsive but this is a help/support channel04:42
Greenfrogwell, thats a foot in the right derection04:42
valorieuse the -offtopic chan for jokes etc.04:42
* valorie is working04:42
Greenfrogok sorry04:42
Greenfrogwont happen again04:43
Greenfrogi considered a networking job once, in 2000 but the dot com bubble recked that04:45
Greenfrogbut then again maybe i wasnt driven enough04:46
Greenfroghi wardread :}04:47
Greenfrogwow, in again out agian04:48
Greenfrogvalorie: i'm gussing your running kubuntu?04:50
Greenfrogwhat made you decide for that?04:51
Greenfrogi like the kde desktop that's what swayed me04:52
Greenfrogok, i guess its getting late i'll leave you alone04:53
valorieI loved it at first sight and have been running it ever since05:02
valorieam now on 18.10 and if I get time tonight will upgrade to the beta05:03
Greenfrogit appears to me if you upgradt to 18.10 its not LTS05:10
Greenfrogthats why i havent05:11
Greenfroggoing to call it a night night night05:13
valorieright, I never stay on the LTS05:51
valorienow on the beta! \o/05:51
lordievaderGood  morning06:26
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godaaI have trouble setting up kde connectt06:56
godaacan someone help me out?06:56
valoriegodaa: can you be more specifi?06:57
valoriedo you have it installed on your computer and one your phone?06:57
godaaWhen I launch kde connect06:57
valorieon your computer, or your phone?06:57
godaainstead of my hostname is recieve this message06:57
godaaMessage recipient disconnected from message bus without replying06:57
godaaOn my computer06:58
valoriedo you have it installed on your phone?06:58
godaaIt] works with my other laptop which has manjaro kde installed06:59
valorieok, are they both the same version?06:59
valoriethat's key06:59
godaaHow do I check version>06:59
valorieversion numbers must match06:59
valorieeasiest on your computer is in the commandline06:59
valorieuh, sec06:59
godaait is 1.3.307:00
godaaOn my computer07:00
valorieapt-cache policy kdeconnect07:00
valorieon your phone -- I think you can check in Google Play07:01
valorieor FDroid07:01
valoriehowever you installed it07:01
godaaOn phone it is 1.12.607:01
godaaThe latest on google play07:01
godaaI think the problem is on the computer end07:02
valorieyes, looks like it07:02
valoriewhat version of Kubuntu are you running?07:02
valorie  Installed: 1.3.4-0ubuntu107:03
valorieis what I have07:03
godaaWhat kubuntu version?07:04
valoriewell, I did just upgrade to the beta of 19.0407:04
valorieso I don't know if it changed or not07:04
valorie!info kdeconnect07:04
ubottukdeconnect (source: kdeconnect): connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma Workspace. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.3-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (bionic), package size 564 kB, installed size 3178 kB07:04
valoriethere you go07:04
godaaWait let met try updating07:05
valorieso I suggest sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade kdeconnect07:05
valorieof course I always run the backports PPA too07:06
valorieto get the latest07:06
ubottuIf new updated packages are built for an application, they may go into Kubuntu Backports, which is one of the official Kubuntu PPAs. See https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs for more information.07:06
ubottuIf new updated packages are built for an application, they may go into Kubuntu Backports, which is one of the official Kubuntu PPAs. See https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs for more information.07:09
godaaAre you able to visit kde.org?07:09
godaaI am getting an Error code 22?07:10
IrcsomeBot2<pauloz10> If your KDE Connect isn't showing up or pairing look at your firewall. Add these in Konsole: sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp … sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/tcp07:10
valorieyes, there is an issue tonight with them07:10
valorietransient though07:11
valorieafter a bit they work07:11
valorievery strange07:11
godaaI updated and 1.3.3 is the latest07:11
valorienow does it pair?07:12
valorieI found it works best from the phone to the computer07:12
valorieand remove the old pairing first07:13
godaado i need to reboot after updating firewall rules?07:13
IrcsomeBot2<pauloz10> no07:13
valorieI doubt it07:13
godaaMy firewall is inactive07:14
godaaufw status outputs -> status:inactive07:14
godaaLet me reboot07:15
godaaaI rebooted still no luck07:17
valorieI just followed my own advice and it's working07:18
valorieso you have matching versions and still no pairing?07:19
godaaadmesg output: [   14.869430] kdeconnectd[1535]: segfault at 20 ip 00007f602ad5c757 sp 00007ffecf3e4850 error 4 in libQt5Network.so.5.11.1[7f602ac64000+118000]07:19
valoriehave you removed the old pairing?07:19
valorieand done discovery again?07:19
valoriethey are on the same network07:19
valorieI'm guessing you need #kdeconnect because I have nothing more to offer07:20
valoriethey are moving the channel to a new matrix bridge07:21
valorieif you don't want to see that hide joins & parts in your irc client07:21
godaaadmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KkFzzTpSPy/07:22
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valoriegodaaa: none of that means anything to me07:23
godaaaI will try adding ppa07:23
valoriehowever #kdeconnect can help07:23
godaaaE: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/webupd8team/indicator-kdeconnect/ubuntu cosmic Release' does not have a Release file.07:25
godaaaN: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.07:25
godaaaN: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.07:25
godaaaHow do I resolve this?07:25
valorieif you have matching versions, then that is not the issue07:25
valorieplease ask in #kdeconnect where the devels are07:25
valoriebest wishes to get it resolved07:26
valorieI love kdeconnect07:26
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BluesKajHi folks10:48
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rebabI have hidden Artha (dictionary) by mistake. Now I can't see the app on the deskbar. How can I fix it?13:23
piotrj3kubuntu 19.04 has interesting effects...14:01
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LINKSWORD2There we go.22:52
LINKSWORD2Hey everybody.22:53
LINKSWORD2Does anybody know why a PS/2 mouse isn't working on Kubuntu?22:55
LINKSWORD2Batteries are good, etc.22:55
DragnslcrA PS/2 mouse with batteries?22:56
LINKSWORD2Wireless PS/2 mouse. I'm using the accompanying keyboard out of the mouse/keyboard set.22:59
LINKSWORD2Both are wireless, and I'm currently still using the keyboard.22:59
DragnslcrI don't remember wireless PS/2 keyboards and mice at all23:01
LINKSWORD2 /quit23:07

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