kyrofaI've been waiting for over ten minutes for a snap review to happen, and it's still saying "Task 034cf753-97ad-4d60-9ca6-a22efa70ef4a is waiting for execution"00:25
kyrofaIs something wrong?00:25
kyrofaGuess I'll have to try again Monday00:31
hloeungkyrofa: there's a huge build queue - https://launchpad.net/builders00:35
hloeunga full test rebuild was kicked off00:36
hloeungtest rebuild of disco00:36
kyrofahloeung, now it says it's waiting for a retry, so there seems to be a level of flakiness beyond a busy queue00:37
hloeungkyrofa: which snap is this?00:39
hloeungI don't think it's flakiness, but probably an issue with your snap so if you could point me at which, maybe I can find the build logs for it00:42
wgrantkyrofa: That sounds more like a #snapstore question?00:47
wgrantkyrofa: But regardless, we need to know details of the snap.00:47
kyrofawgrant, didn't realize snapstore had a channel, I'll direct such queries there in the future01:05
kyrofaHmm. That room seems to be lacking the folks I would expect :)01:06
kyrofaAnyway, looks like the retry finally succeeded01:06
wgrantkyrofa: It's an internal channel. #snappy if you want a public one.01:10
acheronukcjwatson: are merge proposal for LP git broken?16:17
acheronukall I get no matter what I try is "xyz is not mergeable into this repository"16:17
acheronukoh. project namespace wrong16:24
rbasakacheronuk: that seems like a really common pitfall. Bug 1813778 will IMHO help.16:26
ubot5`bug 1813778 in Launchpad itself ""Personal" push URLs not displayed on code pages" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181377816:26
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