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lubot<AjedrezAbraham> Check the integrity of the ISO13:17
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> I use DISKS for LiveUSB13:17
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> Try to run the installation from the terminal13:17
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> and when installation 80% look at the terminal13:17
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> In Windows I prefer to use Lili-USB13:17
lubot<AjedrezAbraham> Sorry for my English but my language is Spanish13:17
ctrdo you lose anything with this more lightweight desktop?14:07
ctrin functionally14:07
ctri mean14:07
ctri was thinking security but then iptables is same i guess14:08
ctrnvm bad thought14:08
lubot<teward001> functionality wise no you don't lose anything over other desktop environments unless you depend on something specifically in the other environments.14:08
lubot<teward001> security-wise it's still the same for the most part14:09
lubot<teward001> `iptables`/`ufw` can still be used under the hood regardless of DE14:09
ctris it active without 'turning it on '14:11
ctrim noob btw14:11
ctrso basically it's just a lightweight enviroment ?14:11
ctrit's just same as normal ubuntu?14:12
ctri really like this enviroment14:12
lubot<teward001> it's a different desktop environment with a different default packages/applications set, but otherwise it's still Ubuntu under the hood14:14
lubot<teward001> and no, none of the Ubuntus enable the firewall by default last I checked14:14
lubot<teward001> you'd still have to `ufw enable` to enable a basic firewall14:14
lubot<teward001> (or configure `iptables` yourself and load it automatically with `iptables-persistent` or something, which is not default-installed)14:14
ctrufw is in menu somewhere?14:15
ctrare the security updates as good as normal ubuntu?14:16
ctroh so persisent command makes it always on14:16
lubot<teward001> it's a lot harder to explain than that14:19
lubot<teward001> `ufw` is not a GUI program :P14:19
lubot<teward001> nor is `iptables`14:19
ctrwhats my simplist option to have it on14:19
lubot<teward001> and if you configure `iptables` manually yourself with the rules you want, then install `iptables-persistent` it will load those14:19
lubot<teward001> however if you use `ufw` it always autoloads at boot14:19
ctrso i download ufw from software manager?14:19
ctran turn it on an im set14:19
lubot<teward001> ctr: I'd suggest you go into the terminal and do `ufw enable` - if it says ufw isn't installed the I'll have to talk to @tsimonq2 as a security guy and you'll have to `sudo apt install ufw` on the command line, then do `ufw enable`14:20
ctrok thanks for help14:21
ctrim gonna take break14:21
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robert__trying to install whisker menu17:27
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