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didrocksgood morning06:06
* didrocks reboot in a single monitor for Trevinho06:07
didrocksduflu: FYI, I rebooted without drm modeset=1 for nvidia. Let's see if I trigger slowness/freeze, but for now, nothing06:14
didrocksthe scaling issue is still here though06:14
dufludidrocks, please also check you don't have something busily writing to the journal. Because journal flushing also happens every 5 seconds and will freeze a program06:15
dufluMorning didrocks :)06:15
didrocksduflu: hey! Well, possibly related to io. It's mostly when I'm opening/closing apps06:16
didrocks(most of the time, not necessary a rule)06:17
dufludidrocks, If you have a HDD LED to look at then that helps :)06:17
dufluAlso strace06:17
didrocksduflu: unsure what to strace?06:17
dufludidrocks, write or fsync calls etc06:17
didrocksyeah, but which prog?06:17
dufludidrocks, gnome-shell maybe? But yeah it could be anything if kernel journal flushing is the issue06:18
didrocksand the question, is why it started for RAOF and I when it was ok beforehand and it seems it doesn't happen without drm modeset=106:18
didrocksbut my journal doesn't file up06:18
didrockslike, nothing is spamming it06:19
RAOFdidrocks: Nah, it happens for me with nvidia_drm.modeset=006:19
didrocksRAOF: argh, maybe it sounded only better here :/06:19
dufluThat's fine. Unfortunately I'm being harassed in upstream work so I'll have to get to this bug next week06:19
didrocksfinal freeze is next Thursday06:19
dufluUnless I have a particularly lucky Friday06:19
didrocksI don't think we can release with this, with a very small portion of testing, we have already 2 users with it06:20
RAOFYeah, no disc IO for me.06:20
didrocksso I don't want to imagine at scale :/06:20
didrocksRAOF: just got one without disc IO?06:20
dufluStill, it involves me changing and configuring new hardware. I will get to it ASAP06:20
RAOFdidrocks: Mine have *never* involved disc IO, as far as I can tell.06:21
didrocksRAOF: I didn't look at that really hard, I was used to disc IO issue at unity times, but that was another machinie06:21
RAOFApr 05 17:21:32 Behemoth gnome-shell[2390]: Couldn’t parse steam.desktop as a desktop file, will treat it as a regular file.06:22
RAOFApr 05 17:21:33 Behemoth gnome-shell[2390]: Couldn’t parse examples.desktop as a desktop file, will treat it as a regular file.06:22
RAOFThat's rather interesting, though.06:22
RAOFI get those two lines each time I hit enter in the terminal.06:22
didrocksterminal, like alt+F2? or gnome-terminal?06:22
RAOFOr, rather, each time I cause a zsh prompt to be displayed.06:23
didrocks(nothing here, all my desktop files should be correct)06:23
didrocksdon't know why it makes the shell reloading the desktop files06:23
RAOFSo, for some reason, displaying a zsh prompt triggers gnome-shell to try and reparse a bunch of desktop files?06:23
didrocksI guess you have those 2 in your favorite-apps gsettings key? ^06:23
RAOFI shouldn't?06:23
didrocksjust to know if it tries to parse the content of favorites-apps or all desktop files06:24
didrocks(examples.desktop is weird, I don't think we ever supported it in the shell)06:24
didrocksbut I may be wrong06:24
didrocksRAOF: so, if your steam.desktop is the upstream one, I just added it to favorites-apps and have bash displaying the login prompt multiples times06:26
didrocksno spam for me in the journal06:26
dufluIn case you guys have different bugs I will focus on RAOF's descriptions for now06:26
RAOFYeah, it's only in zsh.06:27
RAOFOnly in zsh.06:27
didrocksRAOF: do you have the slowness only when you press enter in zsh?06:27
didrockslike, it never happened when you started an app from the launcher?06:27
didrocks(that was my main use-case, start an app, everything frozen but a duplicated cursor that I can move for 5 s)06:28
RAOFI do not see the problem when launching an app from the launcher.06:30
didrocksargh, so maybe different issues…06:30
RAOFI *do* recall having the pauses trigger from ways other than having a zsh prompt displayed (not just <enter>, but returning from a nvim session, ctrl-C, starting a terminal) but the pause-on-zsh is just *so* obvious and easy to trigger it rather overwhelms everything else.06:31
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:31
oSoMoNand happy Friday!06:31
didrocksRAOF: I have this happening mostly on cold session boot06:31
didrockslike the first apps I'm launching06:31
didrocksthen, it's at $RANDOM time06:31
didrockshappy Friday oSoMoN06:31
oSoMoNsalut didrocks06:35
dufluMorning oSoMoN06:36
dufluRAOF: I can only think of title bar text that the text shell can affect in the graphical shell06:37
dufluafk for a bit06:38
RAOFRemoving examples.desktop and steam.desktop (from ~, which for some reason gnome-shell is scanning for desktop files?!) does not eliminate the pauses (but does eliminate the journal entries, funnily enough ☺)06:38
oSoMoNhey duflu06:41
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dufluRAOF: Is the bug still Nvidia-specific?07:08
dufluCan you tell?07:08
RAOFduflu: I guess it might just be specific to my NVIDIA machine.07:11
dufluRAOF: Also what driver version are you on now?07:12
RAOFI could try turning on hybrid in the BIOS and seeing if it also happens with Intel if I can get it to use the Intel card.07:12
RAOF418. It doesn't help ☹️07:13
dufluI think mutter likes that... providing the LCD is connected to Intel07:13
dufluHeh. Gitlab is dead. I can definitely ignore upstream issues now07:14
RAOFThe LCD is connected to the Intel in hybrid mode.07:16
RAOFThe trick is getting things to use mesa 😀07:16
dufluRAOF: Do you have a custom prompt at all?07:21
RAOFYes, but I've tried it without and it still triggers.07:21
* RAOF is still unclear how the zsh prompt can hang gnome-shell07:22
dufluRAOF: You're sure it happens with gnome-terminal too? Not just qterminal?07:22
RAOFYes. I usuallyuse gnome-terminal;I just tested in qterminal to work out if it was a gnome-terminal bug.07:24
dufluOne slight problem with testing video cards now; my desktop is too small to close if one is installed :)07:26
dufluRAOF: I have one remaining concern before you fade into the night -- the assumption that poor performance is related to the memory usage. Sounds plausible but I also know of other serious Nvidia performance issues that appear over time. I wonder if we can make the bug just about memory to clarify that?07:30
RAOFSure, feel free to split of the “gnome-shell hangs for 5s each time I got enter in a terminal” bug 😀07:32
dufluRAOF: No that's the third problem you reported in the same bug :)07:32
dufluI was already going to split that07:32
dufluThere being performance problems are a concern, but if we were to fix the memory usage and not fix the performance problems, I don't want that to block the bug, waiting on multiple fixes07:34
RAOFOh, I think that is the performance problem.07:34
dufluYes, probably. But the first problem you reported was memory usage07:35
dufluI completely agree some part of 10GB RSS would hurt the system but it might not be the only hurt07:35
dufluI'm working on a few serious Nvidia performance issues upstream07:36
RAOFTo be clear, I think the “general sluggishness” I reported is the “press enter and wait 5s”.07:36
dufluSo we hope that is related to the memory usage, but if not then the bug needs splitting07:36
dufluI am now back on Nvidia.07:37
dufluIt's definitely started bigger07:38
dufluBut that's nothing new07:38
dufluSo far my gnome-shell on Nvidia with zsh has only shrunken and 1% CPU when busy :/07:42
willcookemorning all, happy Friday!07:55
dufluMorning willcooke07:58
dufluRAOF: In case you're still around... it appears the desktop-icons gnome-shell extension actively monitors all desktop files. Can you tell if any are changing?08:02
dufluEven in metadata?08:02
dufluHi Laney08:03
willcookeafternoon duflu, morning Laney08:03
RAOFduflu: I don't know why any would be changing. Nothing I'm doing *should* be modifying desktop files.08:06
dufluRAOF: Possibly even the metadata of ~ ?08:06
seb128good morning desktopers08:07
seb128happy friday!08:07
RAOFThere will be frequent writes to a file in ~08:08
dufluMorning seb12808:08
Laneyhi duflu willcooke seb12808:09
dufluRAOF: How about this?; gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons reacts to all metadata changes. That includes to your home directory. And the home directory's metadata changes every time zsh writes to ~/.zsh_history08:09
seb128hey RAOF duflu Laney08:09
dufluWe missed you08:10
seb128duflu, why is it not monitoring ~/Desktop only? bug?08:10
RAOFduflu: that's quite plausible08:10
dufluseb128, because ~ is visible on the desktop :)08:10
dufluThe icon with your name on it08:10
seb128well that doesn't require monitor tis content though?08:11
seb128I guess it would easy enough to disable that extension and see if that makes a performance difference08:11
didrockshey seb128, willcooke, Laney08:11
seb128lut didrocks, bon vendredi à toi! :)08:11
didrocksmerci, toi aussi :p08:11
dufluseb128, we can't disable or uninstall it :(08:15
dufluOnly turn off some icons08:15
seb128well you can install gnome-session and log into a GNOME vanilla session to see if it's an issue there08:15
dufluAlso I can't reproduce the bug still, so testing is still hard08:15
seb128and even enable the ubuntu launcher there08:15
dufluIt appears indeed only zsh commands trigger changes to the ~ metadata08:16
didrocksso, sounds like my perf issue is unrelated08:17
dufludidrocks, yeah but please do open a bug. I might know it already08:17
didrocksduflu: I want to confirm that I don't have it anymore without drm modeset08:18
didrockswhich sounds to be the case so far08:18
dufluOh, actually I still have that OFF08:18
* duflu enables it08:18
didrocksI got it so often (like every 10 minutes) that not having it in ~2h is weird08:18
didrocksah ofc, can't open the bug with ubuntu-bug right now as I'm running the scaling factor debug mutter version which isn't the one in the archive…08:19
dufludidrocks, please open a new bug. Even RAOF is reporting potentially multiple different issues in that one bug08:20
oSoMoNgood morning willcooke, seb12808:21
dufluWeird. My Xorg sessions can't start with nvidia-drm.modeset=1. Only Wayland works08:21
seb128lut oSoMoN, happy friday! how are you?08:21
seb128didrocks, when did the issue start for you?08:21
oSoMoNseb128, I'm good (although a bit tired, but hey, it's Friday!), you?08:22
seb128same! :)08:22
didrocksseb128: hard to say, it became more and more important (like it was once a day before)08:23
didrocksseb128: I bet with the new GNOME stack, but I would need to bisect if we can't find it anymore08:23
didrocksduflu: yeah, this is another upstream bug08:23
didrocksduflu: which was investigated but never resolved08:24
didrocksyou have to blacklist their blacklist08:24
dufluUgh. And moving the mouse on nvidia requires 45% CPU. It's only 10% on Intel08:24
seb128is the picker mp going anywhere or still more discussions/arguing?08:24
seb128we might want to distro patch that next cycle if that doesn't land upstream08:25
dufluseb128, it's bug free and all discussions resolved. But no current activity08:25
dufluInteresting Nvidia is so much worse. I might need to profile that for new problems08:25
dufluOh. No I don't need to. It's the software cursor. That's the difference. So 45% CPU is about expected08:26
dufluNot good, but not surprising08:26
didrocksduflu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutter/+bug/182330108:27
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1823301 in mutter (Ubuntu) "Shell hangs up at random times" [Undecided,New]08:27
didrocksI'll update the bug if I get it again with drm modeset=108:27
didrocksI meant08:27
seb128didrocks, did Trevinho email you about sponsoring his recent fixes today btw?08:32
didrocksseb128: you meant "fix" not "fixes"?08:45
didrocksseb128: I was wondering if that worth it, it's only rotating the screen, which is less important than the other fixes, correct?08:45
didrockslike not having a proper scaling on boot, which he's going to work on08:45
didrocksso I guess aiming an upload on Monday with both?08:45
seb128yeah, monday is probably fine08:46
dufludidrocks, unfortunately rotating the screen is the most popular duplicate reported08:46
dufluin the xrandr-scaling tagged bugs08:46
didrocksduflu: 2 duplicates?08:46
dufluYeah still true :)08:47
didrockssounds less a main use case that not having the correct scaling at boot?08:47
dufluThat's very true. Might not be statistically significant numbers yet08:48
didrockslet's see…08:49
seb128I had the impression that Marco said that the fix could resolve some other problems08:49
seb128also unsure he's able to reproduce/going to fix the on-boot issue by monday08:49
dufluYeah the number of fixes required is definitely going to be shorter than the above bug list08:49
seb128but we can still upload what we have on monday08:50
didrocksseb128: do we consider releasing disco without fixing that bug?08:50
seb128I've no idea how many users are impacted08:50
seb128that some nvidia only right?08:50
seb128it would be best to fix but I wouldn't consider it as a blocker08:51
didrocksok, so I'll have to reinstall bionic08:51
seb128it get less reports that the screen rotate one :p08:51
didrocksI thought the FFe was under the consideration that no obvious regression?08:51
didrocksfor scaling factor08:51
didrockssounds crazy to have to argue on that, shrugh08:51
seb128seems like you are strongly in favor of considering it as a blocker08:51
didrocksI thought the "high" importance reflected it?08:52
seb128was anyone able to reproduce08:52
jibelthere are not enough users of disco to get lot of report about the nvidia issue08:52
seb128or are the only one who saw the issue so far?08:52
jibelit's critical to me08:52
didrocksseb128: at least 2 persons08:52
jibelthe system is unusable08:52
didrockswhich is 2 less than rotating the screen, agreed :p08:52
didrocksstill 50%08:52
seb128did you try if the screen rotate one helps?08:53
dufluAha! I wonder if that explains why I can't log into Xorg sessions now I use Nvidia-DRM08:53
seb128I think Marco said it could impact on other problems08:53
didrocksseb128: I didn't, Marco didn't tell this could be related08:53
didrocksbut as I have to reboot, not before EOD08:53
seb128I'm not sure if it is08:53
seb128let's wait for him to be online08:53
seb128but yeah, I think either we consider a blocker or not depends of who is impacted08:54
seb128if it's all nvidia users it's one for sure08:54
seb128but I was under the impression that Daniel and Marco couldn't reproduce08:54
seb128which hints it's not all nvidia08:54
didrocksnvidia + multiple monitors maybe08:54
seb128we are missing data at this point08:54
didrocksone monitor is ok08:54
didrockswhich was another test I spent time on08:55
seb128and there is an easy workaround iirc?08:55
didrocksalt-f2 + r08:55
didrocksor go to g-c-c08:55
didrockschange the scaling to 200%08:55
didrocksand revert08:55
didrockson each boot08:56
didrockswhich I guess most users won't be able to spot08:56
willcookeIs this issue only when you enable the gsettings key, or all the time?08:56
didrocksall the time08:56
didrockswithout the gsettings key enabled08:56
willcookegot it08:56
seb128and drm-modeset makes a difference?08:56
didrocksit seems to only benefits on the hang up for me08:56
seb128k, weird that Marco doesn't reproduce08:56
didrocksI guess he didn't try with 2 monitors ?08:56
seb128duflu, did you try nvidia on dual monitor? do you see that scaling issue?08:57
seb128I've no nvidia hardware so I can't test08:57
didrocksI guess we can script to alt-f2 +r unconditionnally on user login :p08:57
seb128I should maybe get some at some point, testing on nvidia keeps being an issue08:57
dufluseb128, not there yet but I have the hardware in hand to test all today08:58
willcookeI'll see if I can bring something back from Taipei08:58
seb128willcooke, thx08:58
seb128didrocks, but yeah, let's try to get it fixed anyway, would be best08:58
didrocksI hope so, at least, it's not a LTS but I guess if we confirm that it's for all nvidia users with multiple monitors, it's bad08:59
didrocksespecially as the FFe was acked on the fact that there is no regression spotted08:59
seb128yes, as said if that's the case then yes I agree it's a rls bug08:59
seb128but we got few reports so far, we lack data...08:59
didrocksI don't think comparing 2 vs 4 reporters when the dataset is so small makes one one rls bug and one not09:00
dufluI would say that's a lot of bug reports, given how few users to early testing, and how few of them are inclined to report problems at all09:00
didrockswhen we go to so few reports09:00
duflu-to +do09:00
seb128didrocks, well, you use the dataset to argue the rotation fix is not important enough to warrant an upload :p09:02
didrocksno warrant an upload today09:02
seb128(half trolling there, but yeah I agree, that's what I said we need to confirm)09:02
didrockswithout waiting for more fixes09:02
seb128we are also due GNOME .1 next week09:03
seb128which fixes a bunch of launchpad milestoned other problems09:03
didrocksyeah, so that can be uploaded at the same time09:03
seb128including the touch coordinate being off on x1109:03
didrockswhen I do an upload, I test it throughfully ;)09:03
seb128that's the spirit :)09:03
seb128I hope they do release a tarball on time though09:03
seb128we need it next week09:03
dufluseb128, probably not complete but https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=fixed-in-3.32.109:05
willcookenice, thanks duflu09:05
seb128andyrock, looks like you need to follow up on https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-control-center/merge_requests/423 ?09:09
gitbotGNOME issue (Merge request) 423 in gnome-control-center "online-accounts: Don't segfault if get_all_providers_cb is called during init" [1. Crash, 6. Component: Online Accounts, Opened]09:10
dufluwillcooke, your touch bug is now there too (hit refresh)09:10
willcookeduflu, ha!  I was in the process of adding it, and by the time I'd found it the tag was already there :)09:12
dufluwillcooke, it was there days ago but with a typo09:25
duflua day ago?09:25
dufluThe most annoying Nvidia bug right now is with Wayland sessions the monitor goes to sleep forever09:26
dufluAnd Xorg sessions never start. I assume something is crashing09:26
seb128duflu, you should call it a week and go enjoy the w.e, you are not going to debug those issue today now09:34
dufluActually I just found my Xorg login failure is one of the xrandr-scaling regressions09:36
dufluNow updating09:36
seb128duflu, which one?09:36
dufluseb128, bug 182261609:37
ubot5`bug 1822616 in budgie-desktop (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] gnome-shell/budgie-wm crashed with SIGABRT "assertion failed: (width > 0 && height > 0 && scale > 0)" in meta_monitor_manager_xrandr_update_screen_size" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182261609:37
seb128is that fixed with the xorg patch uploaded this week?09:37
dufluI don't think Marco knows about it yet?09:37
seb128hum, please ping him about those regressions when you find them, he should know about them09:37
seb128Trevinho, ^09:37
dufluAnd until a minute ago it was not verified09:39
seb128didrocks, k, so QA has been pinged to know if they can help confirming/verifying if those issues happen on any nvidia config with multimonitor, it should help us to asset priorities hopefully09:41
didrocksah, great to know!09:41
seb128Laney, willcooke, do you have any opinion on skipping the ppc64el/s390x webkit2gtk regression to have the current version migrating to disco proper? I doubt we are going to be able to debug on those archs before release (we could try, but it's not easy to have access and webkit is probably not going to be easy to debug)09:43
seb128I'm leaning toward declaring we don't support desktop/webkitgtk on those archs anyway09:43
LaneyI don't really have opinions09:44
Laneyis this fixed by xnox's sphinx upload in the queue?09:44
seb128oh, let me look, I didn't notice he had an upload09:44
seb128yes, he basically did what I said09:44
seb128+  * Skip sphinx-doc test on obscure arches, as there is no js-capable09:45
seb128+    engine available at the moment to test that js in sphinx generated09:45
seb128+    html docs is good.09:45
Laneyso no I don't think that's a good approach09:45
seb128that's somewhat a misleading description09:45
Laneybut I don't insist on things, make them unsupported if you think that's best09:45
seb128that test worked in .9109:45
seb128Laney, well, I just doubt we are going to be able to sort out webkit on those archs by ourselves (and the upstream bug report from j_bicha didn't get any comment)09:46
seb128so the options are basically to ship wiht .91 on our main archs09:46
seb128or to ignore the fact that it's buggy on s390x/ppc64el09:47
Laneyok, your call09:48
seb128I vote +1 for skipping the error and shipping the stable version, I think it's the better tradeoff if we can't fix the regression on the weird archs09:49
seb128(which I think we don't have the engineering resources for, or at least it's not the most important thing to work on for us at this point)09:49
willcookeseb128, I think you're right about making a decision on not supporting desktop on those archs.  I'd like to hear what xnox thinks about that statement09:49
LaneyI don't have opinions, so fine if you think it's fine09:49
seb128I've no opinion on the way we skip though09:49
LaneyI'll accept that upload09:50
seb128I would rather have marked the autopkgtest result to skip09:50
seb128so we keep a reminder there is an issue09:50
seb128but I will let you know decide what you prefer between the uploaded workaround and skip09:50
seb128Laney, thx09:50
Laneyno problem, happy to execute09:51
dufluseb128, Tidier now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=xrandr-scaling09:57
seb128duflu, thx09:58
seb128Trevinho, ^09:58
dufluThose are all bugs which can be avoided by downgrading mutter09:58
dufluAlthough my bug has a strange overlay with nvidia-drm09:59
seb128I need to get answers from Trevinho today09:59
seb128he said that the changeset would be a no-op if the option was not enabled, which it's clearly not09:59
seb128I'm still unclear if the fact that it's not is a bug which he's going to fix or if it was a wrong statement, and in which case if we should revisit the decision based on that or just push forward fixing the issues found10:00
dufluWell it pains me to leave you unhappy, but also this has been a productive afternoon10:04
dufluif only for triage10:04
dufluFor the record, a _plain_ Nvidia install and Xorg login works fine with the new mutter here10:05
seb128new being current git?10:06
seb128without the scaling work from marco?10:06
seb128do you mean they fixed things?10:06
dufluseb128, no I mean current disco with scaling installed but not configured10:06
dufluHere's a shorter list :)  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutter/+bugs?field.tag=xrandr-scaling10:09
dufluOne fix landed. Probably only two more required10:12
didrockshum, pushing the mutter "rotate screen" fix to a ppa10:43
didrocksas I can't build esaily with my nvidia binary blob due to deps10:43
didrocksand rebooting then multiple times to answer duflu's questions… (could have pinged me rather than treating the bug and set it to incomplete)10:44
seb128yeah, he tends to do that :/10:45
seb128didrocks, do you remember what was the outcome about the transparency-mode (or was that a Marco thing also?)10:46
seb128just saw bug #182330310:46
ubot5`bug 1823303 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu) "error in 10_ubuntu-dock.gschema.override" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182330310:46
seb128that's just cosmetic because it ignores the value, but basically we just need to drop the override?10:47
seb128or did we need a different value/default change?10:47
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didrocksseb128: we agreed to have no transparency when the dock was fixed and a slight transparency in intellihide10:55
didrocksbut I guess Marco never did it in the end10:55
didrockson the key10:55
didrocksthe value doesn't exist anymore indeed, I mentioned it to him10:55
didrocks(it should have been in the upload dropping those)10:56
didrocksI think depending on if we want to have this ^ behavior or not, the override can still be needed (but set to something else)10:56
seb128(I will check with him when he gets online)10:59
seb128Marrrrrcoooo :)10:59
didrocksok, rebooting with my tools to log CPU/MEM usages11:00
didrockslet's see if I can spot something for duflu on Wayland or Xorg (as it seems I need to test both…)11:01
didrockstesting on wayland now, brb11:06
didrocksand finally, rebooting with Marco's rotating patch to see if it fixes the scaling issue on boot for me11:12
didrocksand the bug is still there.11:16
seb128didrocks, thx for testing11:45
didrocksno pb11:47
didrocksanswered on duflu's bug as well11:47
didrocksas the hanging bug (mine) seems to be drm enabled specific, doesn't seem to be a blocker, but as it was working fine for the past year, maybe better to tackle it early…11:48
seb128let's see if daniel has some ideas about that one11:50
didrocksyeah, having the Shell eating 100% CPU alone when nothing is happening is weird… especially as it's like 20 times ~ 10 minutes in the first few minutes when you open apps/start your session11:51
willcookeOdd.  seb128,jibel next time you do a fresh install on real hardware.. can you check the sound panel.  My test laptop had the balance set so only the left speaker was on?!  I'm going to reinstall and see if it happens again.12:05
willcookeyeah, live session is the same12:07
willcookehm. odd.12:17
willcookeNow I cant make it do it12:18
willcookeignore.  I will do more testing12:18
willcookejibel, on a different note; have you seen the live session not auto-logging-in often?12:22
willcookeI can reproduce quite often now on the haunted laptop12:24
xnoxwillcooke, seb128, Laney - the sphinx packages does generate correct documentation, and it's js works fine. So imho this is not a regression of sphinx on ppc64el/s390x, hence sphinx shouldn't be blocking things. W.r.t. webkit2gtk -> it seems it doesn't have unittests enabled, nor does it have an autopkgtest itself. Imho - it should have those, cause it's a non-trivial package. Even if we remove webkit2gtk on ppc64le/s390x the sphinx patch will12:24
xnoxstill need to go in (cause sphinx needs to stay green across the board). As far as I understand webkit2gtk (in some future update) might come back working on s390x/ppc64el but it's a question of timing and noticing it. And it has 74 reverse dependenices on ppc64el/s390x.12:24
xnoxwillcooke, seb128, Laney - my preference is to ship a knowngly broken webkit2gtk on ppc64le/s390x cause it seems to be good enough for most packages, based on autopkgtest results.12:25
xnox(i guess html core/css, but not js-engine)12:25
jibelwillcooke, yes it's an old bug12:27
willcookejibel, live session one?12:27
jibelwillcooke, gnome-shell  fails to start12:27
willcookehahaha, I think I know what's causing the left audio only12:27
willcookemore testing needed12:27
willcookexnox, thanks for the info12:28
jibelwillcooke, is there an error in the journal?12:29
jibelor a timeout more likely12:29
willcookenext time it breaks I'll look12:29
willcookeI worked out what's going on with the audio balance :)13:16
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1823336 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Scrolling the sound panel with the mouse wheel can result in sliders being moved by mistake" [Undecided,New]13:16
willcookenot sure if it's really a bug13:16
Laneyxnox: your analysis seems a bit wrong. excuses was saying that webkit2gtk broke sphinx on those arches, which seems like it did do13:25
Laneymight be right to not care about it, but as far as I can tell the machinery did the right thing there13:25
seb128xnox, Laney, right, my understanding is that the javascript bits are working on s390x/ppc64el with .91 and regressed with .92 so it's a real webkit2gtk bug and the test were right to fail/block it13:44
seb128willcooke, weird the balance bug, I never saw that one13:44
willcookeI think screen size has a lot to do with it13:45
seb128with sound balance?13:47
willcookethe general layout of the screen meaning that balance slider is under the pointer when you move from the sound panel selector in the list to the main sound panel13:48
seb128willcooke, sounds like the bug you opened should have been against g-c-c not gnome-shell? also unsure it's a bug at all, scrolling over a slider has always been moving the slider and is the expected behaviour afaik13:51
willcookeyeah it's probably not a bug.  I've never seen it happen before and I think it's generally more difficult to trigger on the old layout.  So.... ?  dunno.  I'll log it upsteam and see what they say.13:56
oSoMoNgood morning Trevinho14:31
Trevinhohi oSoMoN14:31
didrocksTrevinho: I'm unsure I'll have time to bisect, are every commits buildable in https://gitlab.gnome.org/3v1n0/mutter/commits/xrandr-scaling?14:33
Trevinhodidrocks: should be yes14:34
Trevinhodidrocks: but I'm quite sure it's one of the first ones at this point14:34
Trevinhobut let me try to reproduce this first, then I'll ask you again for help :P14:34
didrocksTrevinho: FYI I tested your rotating monitor fix, but yeah, it didn't have any effect14:35
Trevinhoyeah I was looking at the backlog, since I just read the highlighths so far, but I wanted to read it full first of commenting14:35
Trevinhobut it was expected, it might have not been true in wayland, but in X11 there's no change.14:35
xnoxLaney, "excuses was saying that webkit2gtk broke sphinx on those arches" no that is not the case, please read the actual autopkgtest in sphinx that failed. The test that failed in sphinx, is a python script which imports webkit2gtk gir, loads a webpage of generated docs, and tries to excersize js search within docs. The sphinx docs themselves generate correctly on those architectures, and sphinx has no build/runtime dependencies on webkit2gtk.15:43
xnoxit's just one autopkgtest uses webkit2gtk as an automated "web-browser window"15:43
xnoxLaney, sphinx is not broken on ppc64el/s390x15:43
xnox(nor the generated docs)15:43
Laneythanks, I did read it15:45
Laneywhen A triggers B, and B fails, it is an indication that A is broken if all is working well15:45
Laneythat's what is happening here15:46
willcookeHave a good weekend all.17:52
Eickmeyerclobrano: I just took a look at Ubiquity running with the patched version of materia-gtk-theme, and I have reason to believe the _xfce.scss file may have needed to be patched as well since Ubuntu Studio uses Xfce.19:23
EickmeyerThat said, the patch didn't work as expected.19:26
clobranoEickmeyer: I thought it used gnome. So I need to install xfce first19:27
EickmeyerAlso, you spelled Ubiquity wrong in the original patch / PR, and I didn't catch it until now. :)19:28
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flusheddataHi, has anyone been able to import gnupg keys into seahorse?23:06
flusheddataI cannot import my keys nor can I import X.509 certs either.. :-(23:08
sarnoldwhat error do you get?23:08
flusheddataThe import button is greyed out23:08
flusheddatawhen trying to import X.509'x23:08
gQuigsflusheddata: what Ubuntu release?23:09
flusheddataI can use my X.509 certificate and my gnupg keys with Thunderbird/Enigmail.23:10
flusheddataI got aware of something going wrong when I tried to gpg sign a LibreOffice document. In windows I can sign with pgp/gnupg, but not with ubuntu 18.10.23:11
sarnolddoes it work from the command line?23:12
flusheddatayes, like a charm. Sorry I should habe mentioned that23:12
gQuigswow, that was a big bump in version for seahorse 3.20 to 3.30 for 18.04 to 18.1023:12
flusheddatacli gpg works like a charm. Every option23:13
flusheddataThe thing is that I have noted that to me Seahorse seems a bit buggy.23:13
flusheddataAlso, after a while double clicking on a key in order to see its options, when I double click to enter again the window is blank23:14
flusheddataWithout any control (button, field, etc)23:14
sarnoldis there anything in the ~/.xsession-errors? quite often gui programs will dump warnings and errors to stdout, and usually that winds up in that file23:15
flusheddataAnyway I can use gpg graphically as the seahorse-nautilus plugin works fine23:16
flusheddataGoing to check...23:16
gQuigsflusheddata: it also looks like some of the dialogs have been redone in disco..    might be worth trying an upgrade (although still beta..)23:17
gQuigsyou can also use  journalctl -f   while you open it23:18
flusheddataThere is not such a .xsession-erros file in my home23:18
flusheddatagQuigs: I have tried it in virtualbox, but I think I am going to do a fresh install of 19.04 in my new two ssd's23:19
flusheddataOh my...23:23
flusheddataabr 06 01:22:28 TPE550 seahorse[8910]: gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first: assertion 'GTK_IS_TREE_MODEL (tree_model)' failed23:23
flusheddataabr 06 01:22:28 TPE550 seahorse[8910]: gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first: assertion 'GTK_IS_TREE_MODEL (tree_model)' failed23:23
flusheddataabr 06 01:22:28 TPE550 seahorse[8910]: gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first: assertion 'GTK_IS_TREE_MODEL (tree_model)' failed23:23
flusheddataabr 06 01:22:28 TPE550 seahorse[8910]: gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first: assertion 'GTK_IS_TREE_MODEL (tree_model)' failed23:23
flusheddataabr 06 01:22:28 TPE550 seahorse[8910]: gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first: assertion 'GTK_IS_TREE_MODEL (tree_model)' failed23:23
flusheddataYou know, I am a bit newbie and English is not my first language either.23:25
gQuigsflusheddata: I'm not that good at reading those, but I don't see anything obvious that I would consider related from it...   my last guess would be seahorse expects a certain file extension...23:26
gQuigsmany are not actually useful error message IME23:27
sarnoldthey all feel plausibly related23:27
sarnolda box is grey, why is it grey, maybe because it's not actually a box. or isn't a container. or whatever.23:28
sarnoldbut gtk apps just tend to spew this stuff :(23:28
flusheddataAnyway, I think it could investigate more23:28
flusheddataThank you so much you both23:29
hggdhinteresting. Ran seahorse myself, and had it die with an X error (but I am under KDE, and on Disco, so there)23:29
flusheddataI am affraid Seahorse has some problems23:30
hggdhflusheddata: it might, indeed. But my experience is probably different from yours -- different versions, and DE23:30
flusheddataI tried managing my gpg keys with Kleopatra (tough I am gnome) and it works fine.23:31
flusheddatahggdh: try to double-click on another person's public key and exit several times. Eventually the opened window would not show controls at all. Well at least in gnome23:33
hggdhflusheddata: cannot, right now, seahorse dies. Will have to re-login under Gnome to sanely check23:34

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