Deihmosis it normal for ubuntu server to have a new update every single day?00:48
sarnoldall the updates are mailed to eg bionic-changes or xenial-changes: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bionic-changes/00:49
sarnoldyou could take a look at them to figure out how often it happens00:49
sarnoldsecurity updates are almost always monday through thursday, but we may release emergency updates outside of that window; and your server might receive them some time after we release them, based on your settings...00:50
sarnoldSRU updates may come out any day00:50
RoyKDeihmos: frequent updates are good - just install unattended-upgrades and let it do its business01:02
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lordievaderGood morning06:27
ygk_12345hi all good morning07:08
ygk_12345can someone look into this please07:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823146 in linux (Ubuntu) "network namespaces error" [Undecided,Incomplete]07:08
ygk_12345is anyone familiar with network namespaces ?07:18
ygk_12345is anyone here familiar with network namespaces07:27
bhuddahygk_12345: can you replicate the bug in a lab setting?07:28
ygk_12345bhuddah: i have 4 ubuntu 18 servers which is having this problem but each time a reboot seems to fix it07:30
bhuddahygk_12345: so at the moment all you know is that it happens "randomly"?07:32
ygk_12345bhuddah: yes and the command seems to never complete and hangs07:32
bhuddahygk_12345: and there are several different commands that hang by that time?07:33
ygk_12345bhuddah: no only this command07:33
bhuddahygk_12345: you wrote apport hangs too...07:33
ygk_12345bhuddah: apport doesn't hang but goes on forever . it is not related to the original issue07:34
bhuddahygk_12345: is that the first namespace you're trying to add?07:47
ygk_12345bhuddah: no. I already have some created earlier07:47
bhuddahygk_12345: no idea how to debug that sort of intermittent error there. sorry :/07:49
ygk_12345can anyone help me with my issue please07:50
bhuddahygk_12345: maybe try in #netfilter maybe they have an idea.07:55
tomreynwhat i recommended yesterday was to clone one of those untouchable production systems which run with outdated kernel versions and update the kernel on the cloned system, to see whether it still happens then.07:56
tomreynthe kernel version ygk_12345 is using on those production systems is not just not the latest but also specifically known to break userspace.07:57
lotuspsychjesame here, i reccomended you also to get your system up to date first ygk_1234507:58
ygk_12345lotuspsychje: but elsewhere we have another system with the same kernel and it is working fine07:58
bhuddahygk_12345: what is your primary goal? fixing the machine or understanding the bug?07:59
ygk_12345bhuddah: both so that it doesn't occur again in the future07:59
bhuddahygk_12345: OR08:00
lotuspsychjei really dont get why admins keep back important updates/kernels in production..08:01
bhuddahin my experience it comes from bad development practices mostly. arcane software with outdated software requirements.08:02
blackflowlotuspsychje: one day when you'll have a fleet of servers and any minute of downtime means clients and management yelling at you and money lost, you'll know :)   though, honestly, you keep them back only temporarily until the breakage is solved or it's fully tested.08:15
blackflowalso, I read kernel changelogs and do NOT upgrade the kernel every time there's one. there's no need to reboot for fixes and patches that don't concern the system it's running on and there's a lot of those in Ubuntu.08:15
ygk_12345lotuspsychje: bhuddah tomreyn actually when you have a running critical system, you cant risk to upgrade everytime there is one as it may break the software application. And thats a pain.08:18
bhuddahygk_12345: you have a development system, a test system, an integration system and then a live system. of course you can risk doing upgrades.08:21
tomreynygk_12345: i'm aware. i'm also aware that you don't run critical systems on a known bad foundation.08:21
tomreynand as bhuddah says, surely you can and hsould be able to upgrade your dev / test  and maybe integration systems08:22
blackflowwhat's "integration systems".... some new marketing/devops speak? like "serverless"?08:23
blackflowhow is it different from testing?08:23
bhuddahit's the development system for the integrators... sort of.08:24
blackflowwhat "integrators"?08:24
bhuddahthe people who operate the deployment and so on?08:25
blackflowand again how's that different from testing.08:25
blackflowyou have prod, and you clone prod for testing purposes (you test changes on systems that resemble production as much as possible, but aren't prod themselves). so what else do yo do?08:25
blackflowI guess I get triggered by devops circlejerk. "serverless integration devops meta-testing bull"....... GAH08:27
ygk_12345any kernel gurus here ?08:27
ygk_12345atleast they can help me I believe08:28
bhuddahblackflow: i think that's even way older than devops. we've been doing that for ages. separation of different systems for different purposes...08:28
bhuddahygk_12345: reproduce the error on a test system, please. don't make all the people nervous.08:29
blackflowbhuddah: I think you're confusing unit testing terminology (levels of unit -> integration -> functional)  with deployment strategies.08:30
bhuddahblackflow: i bet it's a translation problem. i'm not english native and sometimes we call stuff by weird names.08:32
ygk_12345bhuddah: :)08:32
ygk_12345bhuddah: the thing here is that it worked earlier on these systems but suddenly we started seeing these issues. so testing on a similar system wont expose the real root cause08:33
ygk_12345bhuddah: it will go well with the test system also. it is related to these particular defective systems that is causing this issue08:34
bhuddahygk_12345: then clone one of the system. i don't know. that's all part of bug reproduction...08:34
ygk_12345bhuddah: so we cant really replicate the issue08:34
bhuddahhunting unicorns...08:35
ygk_12345bhuddah: tomreyn how to clone a running system ?08:37
bhuddahtell me you have backups...08:37
ygk_12345bhuddah: we dont have any backups as of now08:39
bhuddahaah. the "important" "production" machine without backups.08:40
bhuddahi think you can just rsync the whole machine btw. or rsync an lvm snapshot.08:42
blackflowygk_12345: "testing on a similar system wont expose" -- then they're not similar enough, that's the whole point here, and hinted at by bhuddah with the suggestion to clone production.08:43
blackflowbut see, you should have a clone of prod to begin with, and if you don't, then make one asap and always run changes through that _first_. and indeed, your prod is only as valuable as the effort you put into backups.08:44
lotuspsychjeblackflow: i fully understand yeling customers isnt pleasing, but keep running older kernels/security updates can result in even more yelling customers right?08:58
lotuspsychjeand as tomreyn suggested, i would stay long on his current kernel08:59
blackflowlotuspsychje: depends on what it is. sometimes a bug fixed can nuke your prod. happened to us twice. once when PHP fixed a long standing bug in class constructors (param precedence), we had to change the apps before applying the PHP update (which was also a security fix) because the apps were written for the working, though bugged PHP API.09:00
blackflowthe other time ubuntu kernel had an apparmor security fix that broke boot, two years or so ago. held that off until next patch level that fixed it again.09:00
blackflowso yeah there's no clear answer but one: test on as similar systems as possible, preferably down to every screw and nut in the chassis :)09:02
lotuspsychjeyeah test systems are wise09:02
blackflowright. just saying why there are quite valid reasons to hold off important updates. but yeah those are temporary situations one should aim to resolve asap.09:03
lotuspsychjeasap i understand blackflow09:04
lotuspsychjeblackflow: but ygk_12345 said yesterday he was still on that kernel because he was running..something09:05
lotuspsychjeygk_12345lotuspsychje: we have installed openstack on it. so cant take that risk09:08
blackflowlotuspsychje: yeah. I was just replying to "why admins keep back important updates/kernels in production". there be reasons. but also yes, one should look into fixing that asap.09:30
lotuspsychjeallrighty :p09:30
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coreycbsahid: cinder rc2 uploaded, thanks12:16
sahidcoreycb: ack12:19
J_DarnleyWhy does ubuntu 18.04 not have an ip address despite me leaving dhcp when I installed it.13:21
J_DarnleyThe interface today has no ip despite it getting one yesterday13:21
J_DarnleyOkay, what is this cloud-init thing?13:29
tomreynit's a utility to make cloud deployments easier, i think. you can uninstall it if you dont think you need it.13:36
J_DarnleyIs there a fallback for network configuration if I choose to do that?  Or do I need to install one?13:39
J_DarnleyHm, I'd better search the installed packages13:39
tomreynubuntu server 18.04 uses systemd-networkd for network configuration by default. there is also netplan, which can generate configurations for both systemd-networkd and network-manager (which is used on desktops by default).13:40
J_Darnleysystemd is fine, I can work it, just about13:42
Holidaytomreyn: here14:00
tomreynHoliday: hi, please repost your questions here14:02
HolidayHas anyone else notice any issues with networking when apt updates systemd, systemd-sysv, libsystemd0? We have 18.04 deployed but have to use ifupdown because of our vCenter version, and things seem to work fine until apt updates those libraries. When it does, networking is lost (nic doesn't reflect the IPs)14:02
Holiday restart networking and things appear. On one system as a test, I removed netplan.io and it appears it's the only one this morning that DIDN'T lose networking.. so I'm wondering if there's an issue with systemd updates and netplan14:02
Holidaythis is a VM, ubuntu server 18.04 LTS, and should be using whatever the default is for the network management iirc14:02
Holiday(minus the fact I had to put ifupdown on it)14:02
tomreyndo you see the connectivity loss reflecte din logs?14:04
HolidayI do see the loss reflected and maybe it is a "who controls" issue although it only seems to show the one interface being mentioned (lo)14:11
tomreyncan you share the relevant logs of such an event on a pastebin?14:12
Holidaysystemd stops the networking, starts it again, stops the name resolution, and then barfs with systemd-networkd lo link is not managed by us and that's the last of it14:12
tomreynlo would be the loopback device.14:12
Holidayyeah, never mentions the actual ether14:12
tomreynthe loopback device becoiming unavailable would impact name resolution via the systemd-resolved dns cache listening on
tomreynmy (limited?) understanding is that netplan.io is never run automatically, so whether it is installed or not should not impact connectivity.14:16
Holidaytomreyn: https://pastebin.com/ekQwFzGQ14:16
Holidayalways seems to be when systemd is updated14:17
Holidaynow maybe it's because I had to do the ifupdown and renamed the interface to make the whole "vCenter version configure it's IP" deal to work, which does.. and otherwise everything seems happy14:17
Holidayits  literally just after the apt update runs14:17
cyphermoxHoliday: tomreyn: netplan does run automatically at very early boot to take the yaml and convert into the appropriate config for NetworkMaanger or systemd-networkd14:21
cyphermoxthat said, if there is no YAML, it does nothing14:21
Holiday@cyphermox hrm.. wonder if it's because I left the dhcp4: yes in the 01-netplan.yml config file.. basically it's the default with just ifupdown installed. Although, like I said, works on boot, ifdown && ifup etc all resolve the issue.. it's just when apt updates the systemd14:24
cyphermoxif you have dhcp4: yes for an interface in netplan yaml, then yes it could possibly do something if systemd is restarted14:25
cyphermoxyou shouldn't have the same interface configured in both ifupdown and netplan, that will cause conflicts14:25
HolidayI'll have to remove that then. I just left it as the Ubuntu netplan.io docs just say if you need/want to use ifupdown, just installing the package is enough14:26
tomreynthanks c-mox, i wasn't aware of that.14:36
cyphermoxto be clear, at boot, what happens is the same as running 'netplan generate'; it does nothing but write files, no restarting of services14:38
Oolcyphermox: just to know, when you reboot it do a netplan apply ?15:06
cyphermoxat boot time, it's always just running the generator; only writing files to /run15:08
cyphermoxunless I misunderstood your question15:08
cyphermox'netplan apply' and 'netplan try' are just for users to run when you change the config and want to see the result immediately15:09
Oolbut if you change the config and reboot without do netplan apply, the new config is apply at the next boot ?15:10
Oolcyphermox: dsl, I do my best in english :)15:11
cyphermoxyes, if you reboot the config is applied15:24
maxelHi all, I'm not sure how to begin troubleshooting this situation, but I've been attempting to upgrade an ubuntu server vm from 16.04 to 18.04 lts. every time I've done it, the biggest things I've noticed that break are the ssh server, and my mounting of an xfs file system15:48
maxelam I doing something wrong with my upgrade, or is this sort of thing expected?15:48
rbasakmaxel: local customisations may break if the surrounding infrastructure has changed between releases. There's no avoiding that unfortunately.15:51
rbasakmaxel: but for default or simple cases to break is a bug.15:51
maxelI had the weirdest problem with the ssh servere, where ufw seemed to introduce  a rule to disable ssh, once I allowed it again I had a problem where I would log in, and it would immediately kill the session15:53
rbasakCan you reproduce it on a fresh 16.04 installation thatn is then upgraded to 18.04?15:54
maxelI have not gone to those lengths yet, no15:55
blackflowmaxel: are your ssh keys DSA or RSA? iirc between xenial and bionic OpenSSH has stopped supporting DSA15:57
maxelI wasn't even using ssh keys, just user:pass login15:58
maxelalthough, when upgrading I opted to use the maintainers configuration, I'm not sure if I should be opting to keep my existing config15:59
blackflowmaxel: yes if you changed it from default15:59
blackflow(which would be the case if you used keys)15:59
blackflowalso, if that's some hosted server, companies usually modify the ssh config to allow root, they don't pre-suppose your non-root admin account name. mostly. if that's teh case, you'll have to re-enable root login16:00
blackflow--- if you're using root, thatis.16:00
maxelI was not using root to login, but a user that is in wheel16:01
maxeland this is a self hosted server, I have an esxi server running vms, this is my ubuntu server vm16:01
blackflowmaxel: well, did you change the /etc/ssh/sshd_config in any way?16:01
maxelso nothing is enforced as far as policy16:01
maxelAFAIK I only changed the default port, and I checked the new port after upgrading16:02
blackflowmaxel: are you sure sshd is listening on that port? if you changed it back to your custom port, did you restart ssh.service?16:02
maxelI should try an upgrade again, I keep going back to my snapshot of this vm after running into so many problems after an upgrade16:02
blackflowor reload, that should suffice16:02
maxelyeah, I checked with a netstat -tlpn to see it's listening on the correct port16:02
blackflowmaxel: journalctl -eu ssh.service  might have clues16:03
maxelso I'm going back to my pre-upgrade state, I'm going to opt to keep my custom configs for any service. there are a couple prompts when upgrading asking which I want16:03
blackflowideally you should always keep local config modifications and then inspect them later to see if anything needs to change.16:05
maxelok, and I also noticed when ugprading it has an issue because I have postgresql running and it does not seem to like that16:06
maxelshould I just shut that service down before upgrading?16:06
tomreynno, you should just keep services running.16:10
tomreynbut "it has an issue because I have postgresql running" is really not very easy to respond to because it's so unspecific.16:11
maxelI'll post on here exactly what the prompt during upgrade is16:11
tomreyngood plan16:11
maxelit's not an issue, it just asks because of I think some libraries that are running when upgrading16:11
maxelso I'm getting back to a clean, upgraded state in my 16.04 install16:12
tomreynso it's just a prompt, not an issue?16:12
maxelright, it just made me paranoid because the description sounded like it couldn't perform an upgrade on those libraries since they were being used by the service16:12
tomreynso then there's no need to post it here unless something actually goes wrong.16:13
blackflowmaxel: over the years I found it best to boot into single user + network mode and upgrade with every service shut down.16:13
maxelok, so I am on 16.04.6, 0 packages can be updated, 0 security updates. 18.04.2 LTS is available16:15
maxelI'll make a snapshot here before I do the release upgrade again16:15
tomreynrun     ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported16:16
tomreynthose "unsupported" ones are not supported by canonical (but may or may not be supported by the community or 3rd parties). they have an upgrade path with your current apt sources.16:19
tomreyn"no longer downloadable" ones are not 'backed by' an apt source, apt does not know how they got there, or what to do with them, really. they are 'foreign'.16:20
maxelI don't think I'm using them anymore. sounds like you think I should remove those16:21
tomreynthose are not supported by canonical, and they have no upgrade path (security patches), unless you maintain those differently.16:21
tomreyni would not want software installed which has no way to get security patches.16:22
maxelwere you referring to the no longer supported only, or also the unsupported packagfes16:23
maxeland also, is there an easy way to clean up/remove the unsupported packages?16:23
tomreynanything i wrote after i meantiuoned "no longer downloadable" referred to packages which are in the "no longer downloadable" section of the output you posted.16:24
tomreynhttps://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages outputs the "no longer installable" ones in a form that is easier to parse. it also lists packages which are in versions not available in the currently active apt repositories.16:26
tomreynit does not discuss "unsupported" packages, though.16:27
maxelalright, hopefully this helps, removing some packages before upgrading16:30
tomreynyou could temporarily disable all apt sources which are not supported by Canonical, then run the foreign_packes script, this would cause those packages ubuntu-support-status considers "unsupported" to be listed as "no longer downloadable"16:30
tomreyni don'T expect the packages ubuntu-support-status lists under "Unsupported" to cause problems during the release upgrade.16:31
tomreynat least not those that come from ubuntu apt sources16:31
maxelok, cleaned everything up and am trying a release upgrade again16:37
maxelfirst thing coming up is "some third party entries in your sources.list were disabled. you can re-enable them after the upgrade with the 'software-properties' tool or your package manger."16:38
maxelI just don't know what that is referring to or what could be affected16:39
maxel3 packages no longer supported by canonical16:39
tomreynsome of your packages are clearly from 3rd party repositories (apt-cache policy lists actiive apt repositories). personally, i would remove any packages from 3rd party repositories before upgrading.16:39
tomreyn(or test that they don't cause problems during the upgrade)16:41
maxelok, so this was the postgres issue I was talking about. I've got a prompt about libc6. it says "running services and programs that are usign NSS need to be restarted, otherwise they might not be able to do lookup or authentication any more. The installation process is able to restart some services (such as ssh or telnetd), but other programs cannot be restarted automatically. One such program that needs manual stopping and restart16:42
maxelafter the glibc upgrade by yourself is xdm - because automatic restart might disconnect your active X11 sessions."16:42
maxeland it found postgresql as the service16:42
maxelI should be fine to upgrade glibc now?16:43
maxelalso, I don't know how I would test packages don't cause problems during the upgrade16:43
tomreynyou run a graphical login manager on a server?16:43
maxelnot that I'm aware of16:43
maxelif something is, I don't actively use it16:44
maxelI only use ssh to connect to this server16:44
tomreynxdm is that16:45
tomreynthis message basically tells you that if you proceed, you will need to ensure all services are restarted in the end. but since you will be rebooting anyways, this is nothing to worry about.16:46
tomreynbut you really should review the packages you have installed if this is a (clone of a) production system16:47
maxelit is a production system only for myself. it's just a samba share host and it runs miscellaneous services I use16:49
tomreyni see16:49
maxelso I appreciate the help!16:50
tomreynyou're welcome.16:51
maxelthis server had turned into something I'm terrified to touch because I do not want to mess up that shared drive, but I really need to get more comfortable with ubuntu16:52
maxelalright so now I'm to choosing which config to use. sshd_config is up first, and I believe you said I should be able to use the existing config16:53
tomreyni don't think i said so, no. but if changes are needed, it should be brought up during this phase.16:56
maxelok, I'm giving a shot retaining existing configs for sshd and nginx. now I'm removing packagges16:57
blackflowquestion... are service configs comin from Debian preferred, or is Ubuntu willing to change them for the better? Eg. munin-node is confiugred to run in the background, as Type=forking. I presume because Debian wants to keep the illusion of init freedom. Ubuntu doesn't. Would a patch be accepted to make it Type=simple?17:37
JanCdid you ask the Debian maintainer?17:40
blackflownope. But I know what their answer will be. "we support sysv which requires type=forking etc..."17:40
blackflowsince Ubuntu does not need to support sysv (I assume?!), then I suppose it could have proper service unit files, properly confined and run in most optimal fashion, but that deviates from Debian.17:41
blackflowI'm running munin that way, and am testing confinement, and I believe those settings are generally useful in Ubuntu's Munin.17:41
sarnoldmy guess is such a change would be more likely to be accepted if we already have a delta from debian for a given package17:42
JanCDebian might be open for a solution that adapts to the init system if that's possible17:42
blackflowI even have some apparmor profiles but those are extremely hard to write generally useful because of so man plugin options17:42
blackflowso *many17:42
blackflowsarnold: I've got maintainership experience with other systems, but .deb is outright scary and I wouldn't know where to begin checking that.17:44
sarnoldblackflow: yes17:44
blackflowJanC: I don't think they are. I alredy asked for some other services that suffer from teh same problem: Type=forking even though they support being run as simple or even, in some cases, as notify17:44
sarnoldblackflow: you can see the delta that ubuntu carries from debian on https://patches.ubuntu.com/17:45
JanCI assume it probably depends on who the Debian maintainer is...17:45
blackflowsarnold: yea there's a tiny patch fixing permissions17:47
blackflowJanC: so, start by asking the Debian maintainer, and if they refuse, try to fix it downstream in Ubuntu?17:48
blackflowI mean... am  I correct in assuming that Ubuntu does not _need_ to support other inits? systemd is the only officially supported?17:48
blackflowbecause these changes I have in mind would not be possible otherwise.17:49
JanCif it can be fixed in Debian, I'm sure the Ubuntu developers prefer that17:49
blackflowI can try that, see what happens.17:49
blackflowsarnold: oh btw, that ZFS wiki... was I talking to you about it? can't remember... neway, folks from #zfsonlinux said they had the wiki access and would fix it, but I don't think they did...17:51
maxelso I just finished my upgrade to 18.04 lts. my ssh service is no longer running and I'm not sure why the upgrade stopped the service17:51
blackflowsarnold: oh YOU removed those..... thanks! :)17:52
sarnoldblackflow: indeed, someone said they'd get to it, but a few days alter I noticed it wasn't done, so I just removed the ones that were outright ridiculous17:53
sarnoldblackflow: I think ptx0 preferred them there so he had something to laugh at :)17:53
maxelok, I've recreated the situation I do not understand. I stared up ssh service, and I am able to connect with putty, but as soon as I type in my password it kills the connection17:53
blackflowsarnold: of course we would :)17:54
blackflowsarnold: it was me who asked you about it, but we were having a discussion in #zfsonlinux about that, and then later someone said they had the access (as I myself don't), and they would fix it, so I left it at that.17:55
sarnoldblackflow: aha :) it was long enough ago that I've forgotten the details.. and long since out of scrollback :)17:56
blackflowthen ptx0 kicked me out of the chan because I said Oracle vs Google was about Dalvik, and I never bothered to return in that cesspool of a chan, and forgot about the wiki.17:56
blackflowbanned me for 24 hours actually :)17:56
sarnoldthat sounds like him. yeah.17:56
blackflowyeah :)17:56
blackflownever actually managed to get any meaningful help from #zfsonlinux, so there's no loss. :)17:57
blackflowmaxel: do you have server side access? the service journal entries might hold a hint17:58
blackflowjournalctl -eu ssh.service17:59
maxelyeah, I found the journalctl error, got a PAM access denied, tweaked the sshd_config to not use PAM and it's working17:59
maxelI'm not sure why it changed through the upgrade though17:59
Meadhello, I just installed 18.04-server on a system, strange thing is that it gets a ipv6 address from my gateway but not a ipv4.17:59
blackflowmaxel: UsePAM is default, so if you didn't have it before, it must've been your change17:59
maxeland also it is not automatically starting the ssh service18:00
blackflowmaxel: is it enabled?    systemctl status ssh.service18:00
maxelloaded, but inactive after a restart18:00
maxelI started it up manually last boot18:00
blackflowoh wait, I think it's now socket activated?18:01
blackflowas in, won't start until first attempt on the port18:01
maxelit is denying my attempt to connect, well not denying18:01
maxelbut my connection doesn't work18:01
blackflowuntil you manually start ssh.service?18:02
maxelit might be because my server is starting in emergency mode18:03
maxelI've never had it in that state before though18:03
blackflowjust checked, there's ssh.socket but it's not require'd by ssh.service, so that's not being socket activated, I guess. look through the logs, if it's enabled, but doesnt' start, is something preventing it?18:04
maxelhmm, ok. and the other problem I'm wrestling with is the mounting of a filesystem failing. the log just says "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock" to a raid disk that is formatted in XFS that worked in my 16.04 install18:06
maxelI see the drive listed in both fdisk and parted18:12
blackflowmaxel: what/how are you trying to mount exactly?18:18
blackflowcan you pastebin the commands you run, and their outputs, and/or fstab itself?18:19
maxelhere is my fstab: https://pastebin.com/TjLV499M18:22
maxeltrying to remember what I can look at to see the actual command being run when mounting18:23
maxelinternet is being spotty18:24
blackflowmaxel: is that hardware raid, or software/mdadm? if the latter, you must mount the appropriate /dev/mdX18:24
maxelit is raid, and mounted through a raid card in the server and then shared through esxi to the vm18:24
blackflowso the VM has no idea it's raid?18:25
maxelI don't believe so18:25
maxelI'm not sure how to validate that18:25
blackflowbtw what do you mean by "mounted through a raid card?" fstab needs a block device18:26
maxelI just mean to set up the raid I had to install a raid controller in the copmuter, and connect my 4 drives to that18:26
blackflowI don't know what "shared through esxi" means but if it's anything like "sharing an external directory" into the VM, like host-guest dir sharing, that's not gonna work18:26
maxeland then I created the raid volume through an interface to that raid card18:26
blackflowand then you formatted the resulting RAID _device_ with xfs?18:27
maxelI'm trying to describe that esxi (the hypervisor OS) sees the volume fine, and that I had to basically share the resources with this vm18:27
maxelI'm sorry I am so unhelpful here, I can't even remember how I set up the raid volume anymore. I believe the raid card formatted the volume and it happened to use xfs18:28
blackflow"share" how, I have no idea what vmware does there. for that fstab line, /dev/sda needs to be a block device. is it? does `blkid` run in the VM show it?18:28
blackflowmaxel: that's the thing with hardware raid. it's proprietary who-knows-what-and-good-luck-if-you-have-issues kind of nonsense.18:28
maxelah, and I needed hardware raid because I wanted raid 5, and that can't be done with my mobo18:29
maxelblkid seems to see the volume yes18:29
blackflowalso, is it just the fact that you're maybe missing a partition on that device? it's a bit unusal the entire drive is being mounted like that. usually there's a GPT or MBR-based partition table on them18:29
blackflowwhat does `parted /dev/sda unit mib print` (run as root)   show?18:30
maxelcertainly possible, every memory of how I initially set this up has escaped me, so I'm struggling with some of these questions18:30
blackflowmaxel: mdadm doesn't need motherboard support. "fakeraid" does, but that's not good either.18:31
maxel 1      0.00MiB  7680000MiB  7680000MiB  xfs18:31
mdeslaurkstenerud: how far did you get with php 7.2.16? looks like 7.2.17 is out with some security fixes: bug 182338618:31
ubottubug 1823386 in php7.2 (Ubuntu) "[MRE] Please update to latest upstream release 7.2.17 & 7.3.4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182338618:31
blackflowmaxel: ah so you need /dev/sda1 in that fstab line18:31
blackflowand you mount /dev/sda1 and not /dev/sda18:31
maxelis that a normal thing to change in a release upgrade?18:32
blackflowchange what exactly?18:32
maxelthe sda volume name or whatever that is18:32
blackflowI don't think anything changed there.18:32
maxelI'm not sure if you saw what I was doing before, but this volume was working 2 hours ago in ubuntu 16.04 before I ran the release upgrade18:33
blackflowunless.... can you actually please pastebin the full output of that parted command? I'm interested in the partition table shown18:33
maxelpastebinit is nor working for some reason18:34
blackflowmaxel: `parted /dev/sda unit mib print | nc termbin.com 9999`18:34
blackflowsudo parted if you're not root18:34
friendlyguyhi there! i just upgraded a server from ubuntu 1604 to 1804, but there were some errors during the upgrade18:35
maxelfriendlyguy, I'm going through the same process right now18:35
friendlyguynow dhcp isnt working any more, had to configure the interface manually18:36
friendlyguythere is an error with systemd-shim18:36
friendlyguyi tries to override a file and comes back with an error that its not allowed18:37
blackflowmaxel: I see, so that's "loop", no partition table there. that's a bit weird setup. dunno if supported by xfs actually. could be that's what changed.18:37
maxelhmmm, well I set something up that is over my my head apparently18:38
blackflowmaxel: or you know what, this could all be red herring. if you didn't format it as xfs and are expecting the raid system to have done so, just reformat it yourself18:38
friendlyguy/usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/org.freedesktop.systemd1.service with /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/org.freedesktop.systemd1.service.systemd18:38
blackflowmaxel: but if you DID have data there, then DON'T18:38
maxelI do have data that I want to keep18:38
maxelthis is where I'm confused because however it is set up, it works pre-upgrade18:39
maxelI can go back to a vm snapshot and see everything fine18:39
blackflowmaxel: try to mount it without specifying the fs type.    `mount /dev/sda /mnt`   and see if that works18:39
maxelbut when I come back to the 18.04 ugpraded snapshot there are problems18:39
maxelhow would I even validate that worked?18:40
blackflowmaxel: newer kernel, it's possible xfs changed some expectations, I wouldn't know sorry.18:40
blackflowmaxel: if it didn't complain and there be files on /mnt, then it worked.18:40
maxelhuh, yeah, looks like it worked18:40
maxelhow do I unmount? I want to change it back to the original name I had18:41
friendlyguyah... looks like renaming that file did the trick. now apt-get install -f continues18:41
friendlyguylets see how that works out :)18:41
blackflowmaxel: umount /dev/sda18:41
blackflowmaxel: maybe it's something about those options, lemme see18:41
maxelhmm, umount says target is busy18:42
tewardare you currently `cd`'d into wherever it's mounted?18:43
maxelI was not18:43
maxeljust restarting the server now18:43
blackflowsudo umount it18:44
blackflowweirdly, it's very difficult to find xfs manpage :)18:44
maxeland ssh still isn't starting up automatically, but one problem at a time18:45
maxelhere's the process and options it is attempting: Process: 1042 ExecMount=/bin/mount /dev/sda /media/BMFD -t xfs -o defaults,users,barrier=0 (code=exited, status=32)18:47
maxelso when I run mount with no arguments it seems to work18:47
blackflowmaxel: well, I don't use xfs, but that barrier=0 options doesn't seem right. the manpage says its a boolean, so   either barrier   or  nobarier   should be specified18:47
marzWhen Debian goes stable there are no version bumps to the software. Is it the same with Ubuntu ?18:47
blackflowmaxel: what process is that, can you pastebin the whole unit?18:48
maxelI can't even remember where those arguments are defined18:48
blackflowmarz: yes with exceptions like SRU, and some desktopy things like FireFox being latest18:48
blackflowmarz: in the xfs(5) manpage18:48
maxelyou may be on to something, if the options changed then this could explain all my problems18:48
sarnoldmarz: it depends. firefox, chromium-browser, mysql, mariadb, etc get bumped.. the browsers to new versions as they are released, databases to the new minor releases..18:49
bipulI am stuck while giving a chroot jail configuration at /etc/schroot/schroot.conf  for more then one chroot jail.18:49
blackflow(which needed xfsprogs to be installed, and funnily google didn't return a "xfs manpage" but insisted if I meant ZFS)18:49
bipulDoes anyone know?18:49
blackflowmaxel: that wouldn't be unusual across kernel versions18:49
sarnoldmarz: we've had to do new version bumps for samba, in the past, but that was painful all aronud and we really hope to never do that again.18:49
sarnoldmarz: but yes we do *vastly* prefer to apply specific security patches18:49
marzI’ve seen updates to packages on the server that aren’t security updates18:50
maxelblackflow, yeah, that has to be it, I just ran the mount command manually and it worked18:50
blackflowmaxel: but try the command with all the options you specified in that unit18:51
maxelright, I just changed barrier=0 to just barrier and it mounted18:51
blackflowmaxel: eh, barrier=0 sounds more like nobarier18:52
maxelnow I need to tweak the service so it works correctly18:52
maxelgood point18:52
blackflownot sure it'd be wise to change that tho'18:52
blackflowI mean, barriers = good, on systems with no data checksums.18:52
blackflowslower, but more integrity there.18:53
maxelI can try both, I had some issues mounting that drive as a samba share and I don't remember what I had to do to get it to work18:53
blackflowI'd leave defaults (ie. don't specify it at all) if you didn't know exactly which one you need18:53
sarnoldmarz: yes, there's standard bug updates too; those should also be smaller fixes, but sometimes new minor versions are accepted there too18:55
friendlyguyhumm, dhcp is working though it didnt update the resolv.conf file19:02
friendlyguythere is no name resolution19:02
friendlyguyany idea where to start searching?19:02
maxelblackflow, well, looks like you figured it out. it's all because of that barrier option. I removed that option and everything is working. drive is mounted, all the issues with services not working were because of the emerggency mode19:04
maxelso thanks a ton for the help!19:04
blackflowmaxel: awesome!19:07
maxelI wish I could remember why I added that option to begin with19:07
blackflowmaxel: usually to speed things up. barriers force flushes of writeback caches periodically so it's slightly slower in some cases, but better for integrity.19:08
blackflowI'd leave defaults, if you didn't know exactly what and why you need of it.19:08
ahasenackrbasak: another question is, there is a directory with a file in version 1 of the package, and in version 2 that directory isn't declared in d/dirs anymore, nor is that file used19:18
ahasenackwhile upgrading, dpkg warns that it can't remove a non-empty directory19:18
ahasenackI'm adding a preinst snippet for that, it checks the deb version and does an rm -f of the file, and the directory is taken care of by dpkg itself after the upgrade19:19
ahasenacksounds right?19:19
ahasenackit's in /var19:19
ahasenack /var/cache/<dirname>/file19:19
RoyKahasenack: stop the process, remove the chache dir or move it somewhere else and restart the process20:16
ahasenackthere is no process (no daemon, if that's what you mean)20:17
RoyKthen just move the dir somewhere else and remove it once the problem is solved20:18
ahasenackthe new version doesn't use that anymore20:23
ahasenackwhat I did is working, seems clean, I just wanted to double check20:23
ahasenackpreinst: rm -f /dir/file20:23
ahasenacknew package: debian/dirs doesn't mention /dir anymore20:23
ahasenackupgrade: dpkg takes care of removing /dir as long as it's empty (which preinst took care of)20:23
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