nhainesaidian: If you're familiar with the fix itself, you can submit a bug report for 18.04 LTS (bionic) and ask the fix to be applied.  Better if you can use bzr to branch the 18.04 source and apply the fix and upload that to Launchpad.  (If you know how to apply the fix, I can help with the uploading.)01:04
aidiannhaines: i don't know exactly what they did in their code to fix it03:03
aidianexcept stop using that particular perl structure03:03
aidianmaybe i'll contact the authors and see if they'll consider submitting one of those stable release updates, though03:04
aidianapparently this has been known since 16.04, even03:06
aidianbackports would be good too, hm03:37
aidianhmmmm yes04:00
aidiani may have to learn how to at least submit a backport request04:00
nhainesaidian: if it's mostly perl, you might be able to install the 19.04 packages and see if they'll work on 18.04.  That might be a stopgap.  Virtual machines or Linux containers might be your friend there, just as a scratch surface.  :)04:06
aidiani actually did set up a containerized verison for now04:11
aidianthe package is not mostly perl, it is only partly perl04:11
aidianthe compile dependencies are bearish or i'd have just compiled the latest04:11
aidiani can do, but it's complicated04:12
aidiancontainer isn't ideal either04:12
aidianbut it does seem to work tentatively, i'm waiting on input from the actual user to see how it goes04:13
aidianVM isn't really an option either04:15
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