Kon-I have proposed in my sources list but the Sources GUI says I only get partial proposed updates. How can I determine what non-default settings I have for this source? https://i.imgur.com/3ThgXhB.png00:38
jdekdeHello, any distros/flavors that offer having F2FS as a root partition?00:41
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cryptic0I use ssh keys to login to my Ubuntu droplet.  this morning I disabled root login and any password login in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and restarted the sshd daemon.  However, I am still able to login as root without password just the same.  What's up with that?01:00
cryptic0never mind, solved the problem.01:02
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kubkdecryptic0 how did yo usolve i?01:19
ChiLLabiSkubkde: He left the channel01:32
amosbirdHi, how can I install newer version of cmake ?01:37
hggdhamosbird: under a specific Ubuntu version you are limited to what that version provides01:38
hggdhamosbird: of course, you can download the cmake source and build it yourself. You are, then, on your own.01:38
kubkdeamosbird, you may be able to install .deb packages via Launchpad or Debian's official site precompiled, but be warned that you make break your entire system due to recursive dependencies one _one_ package01:39
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amosbirdroot@fc71b824c0f2:/home/amos/git# which cmake01:43
amosbirdroot@fc71b824c0f2:/home/amos/git# cmake01:43
amosbirdbash: /usr/bin/cmake: No such file or directory01:43
hggdhamosbird: you seem to be missing /usr/local/bin in the PATH. Also, use !pastebin for multiple lines01:44
amosbirdhggdh:  but why which shows the right command?01:45
hggdhamosbird: good question. 'which' searches the PATH01:46
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hggdhamosbird: what happens when you run 'env cmake'01:47
amosbirdhggdh:  I just moved cmake to /usr/bin01:48
mad_hatteris there a way i can see if my apache web server is effected by this? https://usn.ubuntu.com/3937-1/01:49
hggdhmad_hatter: simple: if you are running a version below the given versions in the USN, then you are vulnerable.01:50
mad_hatterit doesn't say what versions of apache are effected though, just 18.04 ubuntu01:50
hggdhamosbird: just a comment, en passant: it is usually a bad idea to run as root01:50
hggdhmad_hatter: are you running 18.04?01:50
mad_hatterbut the httpd version is 2.4.2901:51
mad_hatterwhich according to that page says we're okay01:51
amosbirdhggdh:  that's docker01:51
hggdhmad_hatter: the corrected version is apache2-bin - 2.4.29-1ubuntu4.601:51
mad_hatterhggdh: right we're running 2.4.2901:52
hggdhmad_hatter: NOT 2.4.2901:52
mad_hatterahh okay01:52
mad_hatterhow do i upgrade to that then? can i expect downtime01:52
hggdhmad_hatter: standard package update, provided you have the security pocket enabled: sudo apt update && sudo apt install apache-bin01:53
hggdhmad_hatter: sudo apt update && sudo apt install apache2-bin01:53
mad_hatterhggdh: whould dist-upgrade work as well?01:54
hggdhmad_hatter: yes, it will work, but full-upgrade will install any and all updates to 18.04. If you do not mind them, it is actually a good idea.01:55
mad_hatterwil i have to change anything with my apache configuration files?01:55
mad_hatterwill i need to bounce apache?01:55
mad_hatteror can apache stay running01:55
hggdhIDK, but I would bounce it anyway01:55
hggdhmad_hatter: yes, certainly you have to bounce apache01:56
hggdhmad_hatter: apache2-bin carries a LOT of code01:56
lzyshenme yisi>02:25
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r1nt3chi there02:49
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jxcl_2Hey guys, I have full disk encryption on my xps 13 9370 developer edition and had my motherboard replaced, now the system won't prompt me for my encrypted volume's password03:44
Tedwardjxcl_2, what does it do?03:45
jxcl_2I tried booting into a live media and the drive doesn't show up in /dev/ or lsblk at all03:45
jxcl_2it shows the bootloader and shows the ubuntu loading screen but then gives up and drops into initramfs03:45
Tedwardjxcl_2, in that case, go into the bios/efi on my xps 13 the del key gets you there03:45
Tedwarddoes the hardrive show up there?03:45
jxcl_2I'm booted in the live media right now, will check03:47
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Tedwardwb jxcl_2 what did you find out?03:48
jxcl_2Tedward: still checking, just switched computers03:49
Tedwardno problem, I am concern that since the drive is not showing up in the live media that it is not being found by the bios either03:49
tomreynfor what it's worth, if you're using linux (so software) based full disk encryption then the encryption keys are stored on the hard disk itself, not in tpm / on the mainboard.03:51
jxcl_2yeah the drive is showing up in the Device Information section and tin the boto loader options03:51
jxcl_2boot loader*03:51
jxcl_2I'm thinking that the initramfs has the drive by device id and changing the motherboard changed the device id03:51
jxcl_2but I don't know how to fix that03:51
Tedwardthat is likely, but I am confused by why it does not show up in the live media03:52
tomreyndoes this hint on what happened, run on the initramfs shell:    echo $REASON03:52
jxcl_2ok, it'll take a while for the boot to give up and drop me into the shell03:53
Tedwardjxcl_2, I think you should be able to boot into an ubuntu live disk, then chroot into your install after decrypting the drive and run the grub installer again03:53
Tedwardwhat is the etiquette in this room for posting links?03:53
tomreynyou are welcome to, if it's related03:54
Tedwardthanks tomreyn03:54
Tedwardjxcl_2, here is the ubuntu documentation on chroot https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot03:54
jxcl_2tomreyn: echo $REASON gives "-r Dropping to a shell. Will skip /dev/disk/by-uuid/<uuid> if you can't fix it"03:57
tomreynjxcl_2: while you'Re waiting, tell us more about your ubuntu installation. which version is it, how did you install it, did you upgrade it, yet, if so, from which earlier version?03:57
tomreynjxcl_2: so indeed the initramfs can't find some device03:58
jxcl_2I got the dev edition from Dell which was running the 17.04 LTS (I think), upgraded to 18.04 when I got it03:58
tomreynthen how / when did you do the full disk encryption?03:58
TedwardI take it the replacement of your mobo was after upgrading to 18.04?03:59
jxcl_2I think it was shipped with the system not set up so I got to choose FDE when I first set it up03:59
jxcl_2with the installer03:59
jxcl_2"blkid" in the initramfs doesn't show anything either04:00
tomreyndoes not show anything at all, or nothing matching the uuid in the $REASON?04:00
jxcl_2it shows no devices04:01
tomreynhmm thats unusual.04:01
Tedwardbut the bios shows it existing right?04:01
jxcl_2yeah and the initramfs it's running is off the drive as well04:02
jxcl_2there's only the one drive in the laptop04:02
tomreynmake sure fastboot and secure boot are off in the firmware04:02
Tedwardthe initramfs loads before the kernel, it is how the kernel is bootstrapped, but that is strange04:03
tomreyndoes     ls /dev/sd*    show anything?04:05
jxcl_2not in initramfs, in the ubuntu live media it's the usb drive04:07
tomreynso in the live media you also see nothing but the usb?04:08
tomreyni.e. not the hdd?04:08
tomreynokay, then you need to set the disk to AHCI, not RAID mode in the firmware04:09
tomreyn[ x ]  silly firmware defaults04:10
jxcl_2that did it!04:11
jxcl_2thank you!04:11
Tedwardgood advice tomreyn04:11
tomreynyou're welcome. not sure why i didnt think of that earlier04:11
jxcl_2I saw that in the BIOS menus and thought about changing it but didn't know what it meant so I left it alone lol04:11
Tedwardtomreyn, I didn't think the bios would allow RAID mode with just one drive04:11
jxcl_2the drive was found with the same drive id so I didn't have to rerun grub install either04:12
tomreynits just intels' fakeraid, and a default setting in many firmwares.04:12
Tedwardjxcl_2, the UUID should stay the same, one reason to use that over the kernel assigned /dev/sd*04:12
Tedwardgood thinking!04:13
jxcl_2I probably would not have figured that out for days, thanks so much guys04:13
gambl0r3anyone know how to fix high cpu usage using firefox ubuntu?04:13
Tedwardgambl0r3, what kind of usage?04:13
gambl0r3Tedward, firefox will spike when loading pages or watching youtube hd04:14
gambl0r3it can go as high up as 180% cpu usage04:14
cim209try disabling the addons? or run safe mode04:15
cim209see if that helps04:15
Tedwardgambl0r3, do you have a multi-core cpu?04:15
gambl0r3i have thinkpad t480s i5 8th gen cpu04:15
* tomreyn must have a deja vu04:16
Tedwardif it just spikes, not sure if that is really a problem, especially when loading hd video04:16
tomreyngambl0r3: how's this different today than it was yesetrday when we discxussed the very same thing?04:17
gambl0r3Tedward, its around cpu usage during video playback04:17
gambl0r3cpu only drops back down to 25% if i stop the vid04:17
gambl0r3tomreyn, its not different. im still experiencing issues04:18
gambl0r3i even have an older slower performance laptop and cpu does not go up over 40% even when watching hd youtube04:18
tomreyndid you try with a new firefox profile, as i suggested a couple times?04:19
Tedwarddoes your laptop have integrated graphics or discrete?04:19
gambl0r3did nothing04:19
gambl0r3Tedward, no04:19
tomreynah, you never told04:19
gambl0r3its annoying hearing my fan turn on when im visiting a new page or watching a vid04:20
tomreyn"no" is a bad answer to an "or" question04:20
gambl0r3no what i saying?04:20
tomreyngambl0r3: can you show this?   lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999904:21
gambl0r3Tedward, https://i.imgur.com/HWCKoFo.jpg04:22
gambl0r3tomreyn, whats that command do04:22
tomreyngambl0r3: post information on your graphics card to a pastebin-like site at termbin.com04:23
tomreyngambl0r3: does your other laptop have a dedicated graphics card?04:23
gambl0r3tomreyn, how do i dget graphics card info?04:23
cim209inxi -G04:23
tomreyngambl0r3: you just did04:23
gambl0r3tomreyn, no it doesnt. its a low end laptop04:24
tomreynhttps://termbin.com/u5uz is your graphics card indo04:24
Tedwardgambl0r3, yup and you have integrated graphics04:24
gambl0r3tomreyn, https://pastebin.com/N8tbcu3d04:24
amosbirdHmm, how can I fix this https://la.wentropy.com/EVdN ?04:24
Tedwardhaving said that, I still think firefox is using quite a bit of cpu for playing hd video04:24
tomreyngambl0r3: thanks for posting the same again (not needed, though)04:25
gambl0r3tomreyn, what do you want me to do?04:25
gambl0r3Tedward, did you see the screen?04:25
tomreyngambl0r3: accept that it porobably wont get any better than it is.04:25
gambl0r3how the hell does ff run better on my low spec laptop better than my high end laptop?04:26
Tedwardwhat is your low spec laptop?04:26
gambl0r3what if i uninstall/reinstall ff?04:26
gambl0r3Tedward, lenovo 120s04:27
gambl0r3Tedward, https://www.laptopmag.com/reviews/laptops/lenovo-ideapad-120s04:27
tomreynamosbird: run    apt-get update    first04:28
tomreynwith sudo04:28
tomreynamosbird: then    sudo apt-get -f install04:28
tomreyngambl0r3: can you tell us the exact dell model you have? this will tell    journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'04:30
gambl0r3tomreyn, its not a dell. its a thinkpad04:31
tomreyngambl0r3: oh right, but still, that's just a series04:31
gambl0r3thinkpad t480s04:31
tomreynjust a model series04:31
tomreynthere are different submodels04:31
gambl0r3it originally came with windows but i installed kubuntu instead04:31
gambl0r3tomreyn, im not sure hwo to find that04:32
tomreyni just told you04:32
tomreyn<tomreyn> gambl0r3: can you tell us the exact dell model you have? this will tell    journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'04:32
gambl0r3tomreyn, Apr 01 16:27:59 thnkpdt480s kernel: DMI: LENOVO 20L7CTO1WW/20L7CTO1WW, BIOS N22ET49W (1.26 ) 09/13/201804:32
gambl0r3sorry, i missed your msg04:32
tomreynno problem, thanks04:33
tomreyngambl0r3: here's the latest bios update for it: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/de/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/THINKPAD-T-SERIES-LAPTOPS/THINKPAD-T480S-TYPE-20L7-20L8/downloads/DS50222704:36
tomreynthis is v1.30, you have 1.2604:37
gambl0r3i need to update bios?04:37
tomreynyou may want to if the system doesn't perform the way you expect it to.04:38
tomreyn1.26 -> 1.30 contains two security fixes04:39
gambl0r3also those are all Windows downloads?04:39
tomreynthey are iso files04:39
Tedwardbios downloads are typically windows or dos binaries04:39
gambl0r3ok im hesitant to do any updates like bios. im scared im gonna screw something up and brick my laptop04:40
gambl0r3ill explore other options. thanks anyways!04:40
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tomreyngambl0r3: to put things into perspective: this compares your graphics chipset to another (CPU) integrated (non dedicated) mobile graphics chipset and a middle-class dedicated desktop graphics card   https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare//3805vs3120vs402504:47
gambl0r3ok which one is mine04:48
tomreynthe one on the left04:48
gambl0r3tomreyn, it cant be my hardware. this is the latest gen model04:49
gambl0r3and t480s is high spec model04:49
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tomreynactually bad comparison, the other integrated is old. take this instead: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare//3805vs3790vs402504:49
tomreyngambl0r3: intel uhd graphics 620 is what you have, it comes with your cpu04:50
tomreynhere's what you posted earlier https://termbin.com/u5uz04:51
tomreynthe design goal of the laptop you bought was to be light and thin, not powerful04:52
gambl0r3maybe not powerful, but should be powerful enoguh to power firefox i would assume04:53
tomreynand it does04:53
Tedwardgambl0r3, it is, it just uses quite a bit of your computing power04:53
Tedwardor did I misunderstand you?04:53
tomreyn<gambl0r3> it can go as high up as 180% cpu usage04:55
gambl0r3Tedward, i can use ff. but its annoything hearing the fan turn on whenever im browsing between pages or watching hd youtube. no what im saying?04:55
tomreynthat's 180% of 800%, since it's a4-core CPU with hyper threading, so 8 virtual cores04:55
edistoanyone having problems with controllers default position being top left in 18.04?04:56
tomreynedisto: no polls, please, if there's an issue (or seems to be one) please discuss it, with context.04:56
gambl0r3tomreyn, what?04:56
tomreyngambl0r3: what i wrote.04:56
Tedwardgambl0r3, you have a 4 core processor with hyper-threading, which means for practical purposes you have 8 cpu cores04:57
gambl0r3Tedward, thats good right?04:57
Tedward180% means you are utilizing one whole core and 80% of a second core04:57
edistolol ok. I'm having an issue with my ps3 controller and any type of ps3 controller where its default position is top left, instead of center.04:58
Tedwardor just shy of 1/8th of your computing power04:58
Tedwardsorry it is late 1/4th of your computing power04:58
edistotrying to find a work around but I don't see any posts online with that particular issue even though, all my ps3 controllers are effected.04:58
tomreynedisto: oh, an input device, ps3 controller. personally i have no experience with those, i'm afraid.04:58
Tedwardedisto, I only have experience with the xbox360 controller, though I would recommend posting at https://www.gamingonlinux.com/04:59
Tedwardit si very likely that you will find someone familiar with the PS3 controller there05:00
tomreynthere's also #gamingonlinux here, they might also have some hints.05:01
edistotomreyn, thanks much =D05:01
Tedwardtomreyn, good point!05:01
gambl0r3whats the best way to uninstall ff from my ubuntu?05:06
gambl0r3sudo apt-get purge firefox ?05:07
tomreynyes, i'd think so05:07
lotuspsychjegambl0r3: when you say 'best' what do you mean?05:07
cim209delete ~/.mozilla if you don't wanna keep the old settings05:07
gambl0r3i want to delete everything05:07
gambl0r3ok and if i want to install the stable version of ff? sudo apt-get install firefox ?05:10
brlingambl0r3: Then you also have to do what cim209 said.05:10
gambl0r3brlin, yea did that alredy05:10
gambl0r3sudo apt-get install firefox...will this install the latest stable version?05:10
brlinThe `purge` command of APT only deals with system configs, which I believe firefox has none05:10
brlingambl0r3: Yes, currently Ubuntu ships the latest Firefox05:11
gambl0r3brlin, so this might fix my cpu usage right?05:11
brlin(May delay a few days, but still)05:11
brlingambl0r3: Unnecessarily05:11
gambl0r3what delay?05:11
cim209i would backup your system and run "sudo find / . -name mozilla" to find transients05:11
gambl0r3too late, alredy ran the command05:12
cim209that's just finding mozilla related file names05:12
cim209doesn't delete05:12
brlingambl0r3: Delay of uploaded into the Ubuntu software archive after upstream Mozilla's release05:12
brlincim209: That's not really necessary (and probably dangerous)05:13
cim209brlin: it probably is05:13
cim209dangerous that is05:13
brlingambl0r3: The fan problem you're noticing is probably due to poor GPU driver05:13
brlin(poor heat control)05:13
tomreynor mainboard firmware, which is why i recommended upgrading it05:13
brlinFor CPU, make sure you've installed the thermald package if your CPU make is intel05:14
brlintomreyn: You're right.05:14
gambl0r3it wasnt doing this before i had to reinstall ubuntu05:14
gambl0r3so it must be something i did in the ff settings05:14
gambl0r3i just dont know what i changed05:14
brlingambl0r3: Try to reproduce it in a new user account to verify it.05:15
brlinFirefox won't store settings out of your home directory05:15
tomreynit can't be due to firefox settings since you said you tested with a different firefox profile and that had the same 'issue'05:15
brlinMaybe it's an regression by another package's update?05:15
gambl0r3226% cpu usage. i just broke my old record05:17
brlinFirefox is a multi-process, multi-thread Web browser, I don't see anything wrong in particular in that screenshot.05:17
brlin(Yes, a process can utilize multiple CPU cores, hence the >100% cpu usage)05:18
gambl0r3well your computer must be a beast then05:18
tomreynwe explained before that he got 4+4 cpu cores (HT) and thus 800% total.05:18
lotuspsychjegambl0r3: keep the showoff for #ubuntu-discuss please05:18
brlinYou might want to try reproducing it in a different desktop environment though, might be window manager related.05:19
gambl0r3brlin, cpu usage keeps fluctuating05:20
gambl0r3is that normal?05:20
gambl0r3when watching hd youtube, it goes anywhere from 70%-200%+05:20
brlingambl0r3: Depending on your usage, probably05:20
gambl0r3fan is constantly turning on/off05:20
gambl0r3and its annoying05:20
brlinYou might want to check if the video acceleration is available05:21
lotuspsychjebrlin gambl0r3 hardware & tuning, doesnt fit here05:21
brlinWhat is your graphics hardware?05:21
lotuspsychjejoin both to #ubuntu-discuss please05:21
gambl0r3brlin, Apr 01 16:27:59 thnkpdt480s kernel: DMI: LENOVO 20L7CTO1WW/20L7CTO1WW, BIOS N22ET49W (1.26 ) 09/13/201805:22
brlinlotuspsychje: Well fan keeps annoying is a valid issue for #ubuntu AFAICT05:22
gambl0r3brlin, i agree05:22
lotuspsychjebrlin: support yes, discuss no05:22
gambl0r3lets keep the convo here05:22
brlinlotuspsychje: But isn't this a support channel?05:23
lotuspsychjebrlin: if you keep it ontopic sure05:23
gambl0r3brlin, https://pastebin.com/3qEFByXQ05:23
gambl0r3brlin, its fine just ignore him for now05:23
brlingambl0r3: You don't have any discrete graphics driver, right?05:24
gambl0r3somebody said i do05:24
gambl0r3brlin, i have t480s laptop05:24
brlinThe NVIDIA graphics is an optional component...05:25
gambl0r3integrated Intel UHD Graphics 62005:25
brlin`NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 搭配 2 GB GDDR5(選購)` This is what I saw here05:25
gambl0r3brlin, i dont have that card05:26
tomreynbrlin: it is just that gambl0r3 just keeps repeating a previously discussed (in details) non-issue here, isn't particularly good at following suggestions and responding to questions, but insists there is an issue when there really is none. the nervous fan control is probably a mix of a design and firmware issue. both of which are not ubuntu issues.05:27
brlingambl0r3: Let's just to be sure, please report the output of the `lspci | grep -E '(3D|VGA|Display)'` command in terminal05:27
gambl0r3brlin, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620 (rev 07)05:28
brlintomreyn: Be chill, it's not that I have any spare time to support other people problems either ;)05:28
tomreynhave fun05:29
brlingambl0r3: Please install the `vainfo` package and report the output of the `vainfo` command in a terminal.05:29
gambl0r3brlin, what does that command do?05:30
gambl0r3that package05:30
brlingambl0r3: It checks your graphics hardware's video hardware encoding/decoding capabilities05:30
brlinIf the hardware decoding support is not available the browser will use software decoding, which of course will heat up the hardware.05:31
brlin(Not that Firefox really support this yet though)05:31
AscavasaionHello there.  I am trying to write an ISO to US so I can install it onto another computer.  I did sudo dd if=filename.iso of=/dev/sdc and it writes and finishes without any error messages.  When I pop the USB into another computer and boot the USB it says that I need to insert a bootable media.  I have tried it two other machines and I get the same error message.  Any ideas?05:33
tomreynAscavasaion: which ubuntu release are you running? which iso file are you writing?05:34
brlinAscavasaion: Which ISO image you're trying to prepare the USB of?05:34
cim209gambl0r3: have you tried FF on a live usb05:34
tomreynAscavasaion: and how did you verify that the iso downloaded fully?05:34
gambl0r3cim209, no05:35
Ascavasaiontomreyn, 18.04 LTS.  It is Windows Vista Business.  It is the only version of Windows I have a key for.  I did not verify... I clicked download on some site and it downloaded an ISO.  I saw no checksums to compare the ISO to.05:36
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brlinAscavasaion: Please try the image from the ubuntu.com website05:36
tomreynAscavasaion: you may need to use woeusb to write windows iso's so that they become bootable.05:36
cim209gambl0r3: definitely worth a try05:36
brlin(WoeUSB developer passing by)05:37
Ascavasaionbrlin, Why would Ubuntu host an old Windows Vista ISO?05:37
gambl0r3so if it works fine with live usb, what does that mean?05:37
brlinAscavasaion: Apologies, I misread your reply05:37
Ascavasaionbrlin, HAHA  Okies... I thought as much.  Love it!05:37
cim209to see if it's a hardware or desktop setup failure05:37
brlinAscavasaion: Windows image doesn't support HybridISO and thus won't boot if you dd it05:37
Ascavasaiontomreyn, I tried installing Woeusb, but it wanted me to install gait and and... was not a deb package.05:38
tomreynAscavasaion: i'm pretty sure there are .deb's05:38
brlinAscavasaion: Download this script, add exec permission and run it in a terminal: https://github.com/slacka/WoeUSB/blob/master/src/woeusb05:38
brlinThe script is standalone and thus is able to run directly05:39
Ascavasaiontomreyn and brlin, the USB image is browseable on the machine I wrote it on... but does not boot, so your saying that it needs to be bootable makes sense05:39
brlinThough do make sure you've install the packages listed in the Depends field here: https://github.com/slacka/WoeUSB/blob/master/debian/control#L1705:39
cim209gambl0r3: also i would try out other kernel versions05:40
brlinAscavasaion: Windows installation image simply support that boot scheme.05:40
brlins/simply support/simply doesn't support/05:40
gambl0r3cim209, oh yea i remember doing that last time05:40
gambl0r3cim209, how do upgrade my kernel?05:41
cim209you can use UKUU05:41
gambl0r3yea thats what i used last time05:41
gambl0r3cim209, does this seem right? https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/02/ukuu-easy-way-to-install-mainline-kernel-ubuntu05:42
cim209since intel graphics are built into the kernel, see if a newer one helps with FF playbacks05:42
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gambl0r3cim209, good idea.05:42
cim209ya that's the one05:42
Ascavasaiontomreyn, Yep... found the deb packages here... https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/18.04/webupd8-amd64/woeusb_3.2.12-1~webupd8~bionic0_amd64.deb.html05:43
tomreynAscavasaion: if you prefer .deb's but don't mind unsupported (here) !ppa you can choose between these: https://launchpad.net/~tomtomtom/+archive/ubuntu/woeusb?field.series_filter=bionic and https://launchpad.net/%7Enilarimogard/+archive/ubuntu/webupd8?field.series_filter=bionic  provide woeusb .deb's05:43
brlinThe `sudo _the_woeusb_script_ --device _your_windows_image_ _your_usb_block_device_` command should do the job05:43
tomreynAscavasaion: don't install from the location you found, they just copy other peoples' packages, the one you found is from the second link i posted05:44
gambl0r3cim209, its installed05:44
brlinPlease use the WebUpd8 PPA if you really want to install it, avoid install the packages directly05:44
gambl0r3cim209, should i just try the latest kernel?05:45
brlin(Not that it is supported by we upstream, but that's what existing for quite a long time.)05:45
Ascavasaiontomreyn, Oh... Should I uninstall then?05:45
cim209what's listed?05:45
tomreynAscavasaion: you should not normally download .deb files directly from anywhere, but always install via apt archives (unless such are not available). if i got brlin right then they are a woeusb developer and are probably more qualified to guide with this software than i am.05:46
gambl0r3cim209, https://i.imgur.com/aPs8Evv.png05:46
brlinPlease follow the instructions on the https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/ubuntu/webupd8 page05:46
tomreynAscavasaion: so i'd uninstall now, then either do what brlin says (if oyu trust this code on that github repo) or use one of the ppa's (if you trust those)05:47
cim209try the latest one?05:47
Ascavasaion# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd805:48
Ascavasaion# sudo apt-get update05:48
Ascavasaion# sudo apt-get install woeusb05:48
AscavasaionNot acceptable?05:48
brlingambl0r3: Any updates on the `vainfo` command?05:48
brlinAscavasaion: Just follow it and it should be fine05:48
tomreynAscavasaion: you decide, we don't support PPAs here. but i assume it will be ok.05:48
gambl0r3how do i know which kernel im currently using?05:48
brlingambl0r3: Run `uname -r`05:49
gambl0r3damn im using a really old kernel05:49
cim209my servers are using 4.15.x05:49
gambl0r3im using 4.18.0-1605:50
brlinUbuntu is a feature freeze distro, it will only ship the kernel that is available at its development phase.05:50
gambl0r3so what are the risks by upgrading kernel. theres gotta be some05:50
gambl0r3are these kernels stable?05:50
cim209if whatever happens, you can always switch to the LTS05:50
cim209in grub05:50
brlingambl0r3: Not supported by Ubuntu developers, that's pretty much.05:50
tomreynbrlin: there are !HWE kernels, though, such as the one gambl0r3 is using05:51
cim209when you upgrade your kernel to mainline, there won't be any ubuntu patches to it05:51
brlintomreyn: Yep.05:51
brlin(What cim209 means the kernel will be somewhat weaker in security and may lack some functionalities)05:52
gambl0r3so if something goes wrong, i can go back to the prev version using grub?05:52
brlingambl0r3: The old kernel will be available as an separate boot option05:52
cim209you'll see it when you reboot05:53
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gambl0r3ok what should i do though. should i just upgrade to the latest version or try one version up?05:53
brlinqwebirc67387: ello05:53
brlingambl0r3: Try the latest first, feel free to try others if you have the spare time05:53
ubottuMozilla bug 1210727 in Audio/Video: Playback "Add VA-API hardware decoding support on Linux" [Normal,New]06:00
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brlinAscavasaion: Still got any problems in preparing the Vista boot USB?06:12
tomreyn!rootirc | Guest809806:14
ubottuGuest8098: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.06:14
Ascavasaionbrlin, It is all sorted and running... thank you.06:16
AscavasaionThank you tomreyn as well06:16
brlinAscavasaion: <306:16
tomreynAscavasaion: this is definitely the wrong place to discuss this, but maybe ask in ##windows sind surely there are better free and legal options than running an EOL windows system.06:22
gambl0r3i think i fixed it06:27
gambl0r3cpu usage no longer fluctuating, no fan noise anymore06:28
gambl0r3i can watch hd youtube no fan noise no cpu spikes06:28
cim209gambl0r3: new kernel?06:29
gambl0r3no, i just reinstalled ff06:29
gambl0r3thanks guys06:29
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=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
Furycd001HI Guys. Just yesterday I went and installed mpd, mpc & ncmpcpp. When I first launched mpd & ncmpcpp it would not load any music, so I tried pressing "u" to update & also running the update command. After several ducks I ran out of time and had to leave the house so I switched off my laptop. Upon turning on my laptop, mpd & ncmpcpp both say connection refused now. Here is a copy of my MPD config file >> https://paste.u06:54
tomreynFurycd001: what you posted got cut off in the middle of the first URL you posted06:55
Furycd001Opps sorry. Here's the part that got cut off....06:56
Furycd001Here is a copy of my MPD config file >> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SXZPz25yhT/ << & here is a copy of my ncmpcpp config file << https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WbmX8xy7Qt/ >> Please halp06:56
tomreynFurycd001: have you reviewed your logs to understand why mpd did not start up properly, or does not listen on the port you're connecting on?06:57
tomreynmpd's log file should be located at /var/log/mpd/mpd.log according to the configuration file you posted.06:59
daedelothdid something change to the .Trash-1000 folder? I can't seem to get 'trash' working for my second hard drive07:00
tomreyndaedeloth: how are you testing exactly, which file system is on your second hard drive? which ubuntu release is this? nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)07:02
daedelothwell, i have a second partition mounted at /media/Data07:03
daedelothwhen, in gnome, i remove a file from that partition, i only have the option to 'permantently delete' the file07:04
tomreyni will assume default gnome-shell based desktop environment.07:04
Furycd001I've looked at the log file but I don't really know how to go about fixing the errors that it's showing. Sorry I'm trying to learn and It isn't really working out. Here's a copy of the log file >> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5WFGGd5SCd/ <<07:04
daedelothso just to be sure i created a .Trash-1000 folder in /media/Data07:04
tomreyndaedeloth: mount | grep /media/Data07:04
daedeloth` /dev/sda1 on /media/Data type ext4 (rw,relatime)07:05
ygk_12345can someone look into this please https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/182314607:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823146 in linux (Ubuntu) "network namespaces error" [Undecided,Incomplete]07:06
lotuspsychjeFurycd001: you trying to fix mpd?07:06
lotuspsychjeygk_12345: try in #ubuntu-server please07:06
tomreynFurycd001: how did you install mpd?07:06
Furycd001I was already in sudo -i so I just ran apt install mpd mpc ncmpcpp07:07
tomreyndaedeloth: so the file system from your 2nd HDD which you mount to /media/Data is ext4. I would expect that files you delete (effectively move to trash) in nautilus are moved to /media/Data/.Trash-$(id -u) indeed.07:09
tomreyndaedeloth: this would only work if your user is able to wrte there, though07:09
tomreynFurycd001: which ubuntu version do you run there?    nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)07:11
daedelothtomreyn, yes, I would think so too07:12
daedelothdrwxr-xr-x  2 daedeloth           daedeloth  4096 apr  5 08:49  .Trash-100007:12
Furycd001Xbuntu 16.04.607:12
tomreyndaedeloth: this is where exactly?07:12
daedeloth /media/Data/.Trash-100007:12
lotuspsychjeFurycd001: seems like it has issues finding your music folder, did you check if it exists?07:13
tomreyndaedeloth: what does this report?    id -u daedeloth07:13
Furycd001I'm just using /home/furycd001/Music/ which I can access and ply music from using other clients....07:14
lotuspsychjeFurycd001: dont you need to config mpd for first use?07:15
lotuspsychjewelcome qwebirc85765 how can we help you today?07:15
tomreyndaedeloth: does this report an error?  sudo -u daedeloth touch /media/Data/.Trash-1000/test && sudo -u daedeloth rm /media/Data/.Trash-1000/test07:15
daedelothoh, tomreyn, i'm lying07:15
daedelothi have a soft symlink from /media/Data/Documents to /home/daedeloth/Documents07:16
daedelothi thought nautilus would figure out how that works, but apparently it doesn't07:16
qwebirc85765i'm new here i don't know hot to change my name07:16
daedelothwhen i remove a file from /media/Data/Documents it gets moved to trash07:16
lotuspsychjeqwebirc85765: type /nick something-here07:16
daedelothwhen I remove a file from /home/daedeloth/Documents, it gets removed permanently07:16
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lotuspsychjeFurycd001: see the #mpd channel for finetuning07:17
Furycd001I don't know ?? I was following along with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk8hn8xAgzo&t=306s && this documentation https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MPD07:17
lotuspsychjesorianotech: welcome to ubuntu support, here is where we handle ubuntu related problems07:17
sorianotechthanks @lotuspsychje07:17
tomreyndaedeloth: hmm i dind't try this before. but i guess that's how it is then.07:17
lotuspsychjeFurycd001: read: In the configuration, many of the default options will be what is required; however, there is still some customization needed to be done.07:18
lotuspsychjeFurycd001: did you edit that mpd.conf?07:18
Furycd001Yes I did edit that conf.07:19
sorianotechi'm study to get the LPIC-1 exam, any one knows any place to do some test to prepare the exam?07:19
lotuspsychjeFurycd001: did you specify your music dir too?07:19
Furycd001Yes in the conf file I replace the default mpd music folder with my own so it looks like "music_directory"/home/furycd001/Music/""07:21
tomreynlotuspsychje: <Furycd001> Here is a copy of my MPD config file >> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SXZPz25yhT/ << & here is a copy of my ncmpcpp config file << https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WbmX8xy7Qt/ >> Please halp07:21
tomreynFurycd001: what date is it now where you are07:22
Furycd0015th April 8:22am07:22
lotuspsychjesorianotech: how is it related to ubuntu please?07:23
tomreynFurycd001: the log file you posted at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5WFGGd5SCd/ suggests that mpd never started today. so this seems to be what we need to focus on.07:23
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Furycd001Ohhhh ok. Should I try to launch it ??07:24
lotuspsychjewelcome mattia what can we do for you?07:24
tomreynFurycd001: the guide you used to setup mpd at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MPD discusses two different ways to start mpd automatically, which one did you configure?07:24
tomreyn"3. Configuring MPD to run as a system service" vs. "4. Configuring MPD to run as a user service"07:24
Furycd001I just followed from the top for system service07:25
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tomreynFurycd001: hmm. ok, i'm not so familiar with mpd, but according to this how.to mpd should be started automatically on boot. does this command show it running?   pgrep mpd07:27
Furycd001that command shows nothing.07:27
Furycd001mpd doesn't appear in my processes so I don't think that it's running....07:28
tomreynFurycd001: okay, so mpd is not running. now look at your system logs to find out whether it was attempted to be run and failed for some reason. you can view them yourself using "journalctl -b" or share them with us using "journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999"07:29
Furycd001Here's a copy of the log >> https://termbin.com/pnej07:30
tomreynFurycd001: try this:  systemctl status mpd07:33
tomreynFurycd001: does this hint on what may be wrong?07:35
lotuspsychjefatal_error: line 212: Missing "type" configurati07:35
Furycd001Line 212 in the conf file shows "#audio_output {"07:37
lotuspsychjeFurycd001: did you compare with those examples tomreyn suggested?07:37
tomreynFurycd001: for some context: systemctl, the command you just used, is the utility you use to manage and review system services on a linux system which uses the systemd init system (the documentation you followed is partially outdated in that it refers to earlier / outdated alternatives such as upstart). so just keep in mind that you have an ubuntu release with systemd, where services are managed using systemctl. and logs can be reviewed using07:39
lotuspsychjewelcome to ubuntu support john_07:39
Furycd001thank you for the heads up and for the information. Much appreciated.07:40
albechI have two 2TB volumes presented to my VM and I wish to combine these into one 4TB volume. I know this can be done with BTRFS, but I would rather use EXT4. These volumes are already on a RAID5 so I am not worried about redundancy of data, just the total size of the volume.. Could be using LVM on top of EXT4 anything I should be considering otherwise? The disk will store a few large backup files.07:41
tomreynFurycd001: according to the "systemctl status mpd" output you posted there seem to be two issues. the first one is "fatal_error: line 212: Missing "type" configuration", the second one is "db: Database corrupted".07:41
sorianotechlotuspsychje: i just wonder some of you have already done maybe can help me, thanks07:41
Furycd001Ok so I'm not sure about the first one, but the db I created it myself using touch07:42
lotuspsychjesorianotech: well this is ubuntu support, is your issue related to ubuntu?07:42
tomreynFurycd001: if something reports that there is an issue in a specific line of a configuration file, but this line is commented out (yours starts with a # character, which starts a comment, so this line is not interpreted), it usually means that this is the last line of a configuration block in which something was expected to be found, but it wasn't there.07:42
sorianotechunderstood, i'will come with my issue when it happen, thanks :)07:43
tomreynFurycd001: actually line 212 is not a comment, sorry. line 212 is "audio_output {"07:43
lotuspsychje!alis | sorianotech see also07:44
ubottusorianotech see also: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"07:44
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"07:45
Furycd001Ohh !! Should I go comment that part out in my conifg file ??07:45
sorianotechdone, thanks07:45
tomreynFurycd001: you should only have a single audio_output { ... } section in this configuration file. but you have one on lines 212-220, and another on lines 286-29007:46
tomreynFurycd001: indeed, lines 212 and 220 should be commented out if you are going to use the pulse output configured in lines 286-29007:46
tomreynand you probably want to07:46
Furycd001I kept uncommented the pulse one and left the rest as they where. Should I have removed them ??07:47
Furycd001or just commented them all ??07:47
tomreynFurycd001: comment out lines 212 and 220, keep lines 286-290 uncommented (as they are).07:48
tomreynFurycd001: no need to actually delete anything.07:48
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Furycd001Ok I've went through and commented out everything other than pulse in the audio section.07:51
tomreynFurycd001: i think this solves the first issue (we will still need to ensure that mpd now starts successfully), now about the database: you said you created this using the "touch" command. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MPD#Configuring_MPD_to_run_as_a_user_service does indeed say you should do this, if you are setting it up as a *user* service - but you are setting up mpd as a system service.07:52
tomreynFurycd001: where did you create the database, do you still know?07:53
tomreyni.e. the "touch" command you ran07:54
Furycd001Created one in /var/lib/mpd/ & another in /home/furycd001/.mpd/mpd.db07:58
tomreynFurycd001: i suggest you rename both of them so mpd no longer finds them, and if this fixes issues, you should delete the ones you renamed.07:59
tomreyni.e. "move them out of the way"07:59
Furycd001Ok give me a sec....07:59
tomreynsince mpd runs as a system service it should not be accessing /home/furycd001/.mpd/mpd.db anyways, but rename it just to be sure08:00
tomreynFurycd001: once that's done use the 'systemctl' command to (re)start the 'mpd' service. alternatively, you can also reboot.08:01
tomreynFurycd001: if mpd then doesn't work, yet, you can use the systemctl command again as we did before, to inspect the 'status' of the 'mpd' service.08:02
tomreynFurycd001: then fix any remaining issues and repeat. i'll be away from keyboard for a while soon, so i'm telling you this in advance.08:03
Furycd001Ok so I just ran that command and mpd is still saying connection refused. Here's the new output from the earlier command >> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pydhdfcwTH/08:04
Furycd001Not a problem. Thank you very much for all the help you have provided so far :)08:05
tomreynFurycd001: can you get us this otput unabbreviated?  systemctl status mpd 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999908:07
Furycd001Here you go https://termbin.com/23ee08:08
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bobdobbsI'm on ubuntu 18.04. How do I discover which web browser is my default and how do I change this?08:32
cim209preferred applications i think08:33
bobdobbsactually, I might need a little more help. I can't find anything in the settings that configures preferred applications08:36
Ben64settings->details->default applications08:38
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OpticulHi! Anyone happen to know how to make macro commands in the cloud9 terminal? (like making "cd.." a macro for "cd ..")08:55
cim209cloud9? as in c9.io?08:55
OpticulBoth google and the "cloud9ide" channel round up dead, so I ended up here :P08:56
cim209don't think there is one, btw they're moving their free plans fully to AWS 1 year free tier08:56
cim209so i pulled out08:56
cim209and deleted all my workspaces08:56
OpticulI know, I am completing the current tutorials on c9 and then moving to AWS08:56
OpticulThey have a bunch of permanent free tiers as well, but yeah, a bunch of it will start costing money after a year08:57
OpticulI do have a harvard account to the C9.IO though, so for some reason I am supposed to be "unaffected". Still migrating08:57
OpticulTried to stick to dying software before, nothing good comes of it08:57
OpticulI am surprized you can08:58
cim209i'm using docker for dev08:58
cim209and production08:58
OpticulSell me on it!08:59
OpticulI am quite new to this, been mostly unity/android dev until a couple of months ago when I started to play around with frontend/middleware08:59
cim209installing docker in ubuntu is a breeze08:59
cim209at least for servers09:00
OpticulI am running a windows machine, but have a linode server that runs ubuntu09:00
cim209fresh install?09:00
OpticulThe linode? Updated to newest software for ubuntu (16 something I think) and put a trial homepage on it just to make sure I knew how to host, not touched it since09:01
OpticulBeen playing around in locally or with cloud9 since then :P09:02
cim209if you want to install 18.04 on it, and play around with docker, try my docker stack https://github.com/demyxco/demyx09:02
lotuspsychjemove to #ubuntu-discuss guys09:03
lotuspsychjekeep the channel free for support questions please09:03
cim209Opticul: i'm in #ubuntu-offtopic09:03
MultbrelchHi all. I try to connect a Lubuntu 14.04 box (client) with a Lubuntu 18.04 box (sever), which the latter is connected via wifi. I use 'share connection' (server) and assign manually on the client. Both see each other but there is no internet on the client. Help, and thx09:09
Multbrelchsee each other means, I can ping them09:09
MultbrelchMust I choose also 'share connection' for ivp6?09:12
cmyrlandHello all. I've been out of the Ubuntu-game for a while, but I'm trying to get back at it. I realise there are tons of forums and other sources where I might find answers, but after being away from the community for a while, I figured I'd start here.  I've bought a Huawei Matebook X Pro, and Ubuntu 19.04 runs nicely out of the box, but there are a few minor issues: 1) Ubuntu doesn't allow gestures other09:17
lotuspsychjecmyrland: come join in #ubuntu+1 for 19.04 support please09:18
cmyrlandthan two-finger scrolling. 2) It's a hidef panel with 3000x2000 resolution, which means I need to scale stuff up for it to be readable. the 200% setting works nice, but when I attach my 2nd screen, a 1080p standard old desktop monitor, I either have to choose readability on the one or the other. 200% scaling on the desktop screen looks ridiculous, and 100% scaling renders the laptop screen unuable. 3)09:19
cmyrlandI'd love to use the finger print reader to log in, like I do in Windows, but it doesn't appear to work. Other than that, things are looking pretty good! Any help with those questions is greatly appreciated.09:19
cmyrlandIt seems like gnome should allow for independent scaling of multiple screens, as each screen has it's own scale-setting, but when I hit apply, it affects both screens09:19
cmyrlandlotuspsychje: thanks, done.09:25
lunaSeason 12 of Ubuntu Podcast is now on: http://ubuntupodcast.org/2019/04/04/s12e00-frontier/09:27
lotuspsychje!discuss | luna09:27
ubottuluna: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!09:27
qwebirc34299I need to install ubuntu.. on laptop.. i dont have any operating system except Bios..09:32
qwebirc34299Please guide..09:32
qwebirc34299i have the ubuntu iso file in usb09:32
blackflowqwebirc34299: is the USB bootable?   see this:  https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop#009:41
CoolerZHey, I am running ubuntu 18.0409:55
CoolerZI installed wireshark using "sudo apt-get install wireshark"09:55
CoolerZbut for some reason it didn't make a group called wireshark09:56
CoolerZIs the installer broken?09:56
tomreynCoolerZ: why do you expect it to create such a group?09:56
CoolerZtomreyn, oh does it only create that group if you answer yes to "Should non super-users be able to capture packets?" question?09:58
tomreynCoolerZ: this may be, yes. not sure.09:58
tomreyni rather assume your answer to this question rather decides whether the wireshark-* binary executable carries the suid bit or not, though10:00
CoolerZok well it worked when I answered "yes" to that queston10:00
tomreynif, however, you care about security and not that much about preventing CLI use, you should capture using tcpdump or tshark and use wireshark only to examine existing packet captures, ideally in a VM.10:02
blackflowtomreyn: why in a VM? reading a pcacp file doesn't pose increased security risk (more than any program opening external files does). if we're to use every such program in a VM, there's a Xen based QubesOS specializing in that, but proven not be as secure as the concept implies.10:28
toolzwhat are these matrix shells any way, more robots just hanging around?10:31
toolzI doubt actually even connect on those, if they are supposed to be real peoples bouncers, heh10:31
coconuttoolz: another network which does irc too10:32
toolzso whats that10:32
toolzthey connect there and automatically connect here aswell or what?10:32
tomreyn!ot | toolz10:32
ubottutoolz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:32
coconutjust for chat like me do10:32
tomreyn/join #matrix to learn about the protocol, and maybe the bridge, too.10:33
toolzI dont need to, it sucks anyway10:33
toolzjust my opinion :)10:33
BluesKajHi folks10:49
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pagioshi, i am upgrading 16 to 18 and reached this step where the window kind of dimmed and stuck here, what can i do ? https://i.imgur.com/8GTcB4p.png10:55
lotuspsychjepagios: how long are you waiting?10:57
pagiosbeen on that line for about 5min10:57
pagiosbut dunno why the screen dimmed10:58
lotuspsychjepagios: high loads cause that on xenial10:58
lotuspsychjepagios: can you open htop at this point?10:58
lotuspsychjeor total freeze?10:58
blackflowor change to CLI TTY and observe top from there10:59
pagiosno everything else is working10:59
pagiosnot a total freeze10:59
lotuspsychjepagios: try to kill services, not relevant to your upgrade process10:59
pagioshanging at istalling gtk-common-themes11:00
blackflowI wouldn't do that. The problem is that the window is not responsive, nothing to do with other services.11:00
lotuspsychjekilling upgrade is risky right11:00
pagioscan i tail on some files?11:00
blackfloweither wait out a bit longer, or kill it and risk having a half-borked system11:00
blackflowI'd use top from a terminal to see if the upgrade process is doing anything at all.11:01
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MeadI'd go get coffee or take my dog out for a little walk, come back 20+ minutes later before I go killing that process11:02
blackflowone thing though, I see in that window that it's (re)building Virtual Box guest additions. would that be a problem? Kernels 4.15 and newer (Bionic) have the guest additions as part of the regular kernel, and I don't know if there's a conflict with packaged driver.11:03
lotuspsychjepagios: got a screenshot where it hangs at gtk themes?11:06
brlinpagios: Does `ps aux | grep whiptail` command print anything?11:09
brlin`gtk-common-themes` is a content sharing snap package for various Gtk3 snaps11:10
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blackflowthing is, you're swithing now from apt based packaging to snap for some core components. there's no way you can do this cleanly from a running gnome. I don't know why anyone even suggests the GUI upgrader, ever.11:19
blackflowI'd reboot into multi-user.target (instead of graphical.target) and run the upgrade from there with nothing but the console and network running.11:20
lotuspsychjetrue, gui upgrade for a lot of systems can be pretty heavy blackflow11:21
lotuspsychjeand the not cleaned old kernel list results in initram nightmare next..11:22
blackflownot just heavy but outright broken.11:22
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CrazySamdoes ubuntu installer support nvme drives?11:27
lotuspsychjeCrazySam: yes, you might wanna look into the advanced partitioning11:28
CrazySamwhat does advanced partitioning got to do with it?11:28
blackflowindeed. if anything it's about /dev(ice) name and nothing much else, wrt partitioning.11:29
CrazySamso that i may see device names?11:29
CrazySamdefine wrt11:30
blackflow"with regards to"11:30
blackflowCrazySam: I don't have nvmes so I can't tell you from personal experience, but it should be transparent to the installer11:30
CrazySamok i'm going in11:30
pagiosstill waiting12:07
lotuspsychjepagios: back your data while you can :p12:07
pagioslotuspsychje, lol12:07
lotuspsychjemaybe tomreyn has ideas?12:08
pagiosi can cook a turkey too12:08
lotuspsychjetomreyn: <pagios> hi, i am upgrading 16 to 18 and reached this step where the window kind of dimmed and stuck here, what can i do ? https://i.imgur.com/8GTcB4p.png12:08
tomreynhmm not a lot, not. but those kernel versions you have installed are unusual12:09
tomreynpagios: is it still grey, and also still showing exactly the same text on the bottom as on the screenshot you posted?12:10
blackflowsounds like Backup And Reinstall Anew time!12:10
pagiosit just moved! its alive!12:11
tomreynthat or you just accidentially hit the table12:12
pagiosnot it is working12:13
tomreynyou will not appreciate gnome-shell on this computer.12:15
pagiosthank you all i appreciate your help12:15
ph88how can i find out if i'm on x11 or wayland ?12:16
pagiosbtw is there a way to disable the POWERbutton from shutting down the pc? i accidentally hit it sometimes12:17
tomreynph88: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE12:20
ph88wow i'm on x11 o_O12:21
ph88how come i'm not on wayland? i'm running latest ubuntu12:21
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tomreyn!releasenotes | ph8812:22
ubottuph88: For release notes of a given Ubuntu release, please refer to the 'Docs' column on the 'List of releases' table at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases12:22
tomreynpagios:  HandlePowerKey=ignore and PowerKeyIgnoreInhibited=yes in /etc/systemd/logind.conf12:26
dmidmaHello All =D12:27
pagiostomreyn, i remove the # prefixing it ?12:29
tomreynpagios: yes.12:29
tomreynpagios: you'll need to close and restart your sessions for it to apply. this may mean rebooting.12:31
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CrazySami survived12:46
CrazySamblackflow: it worked12:46
CrazySamone thing i noticed in ubuntu 18.10 is that you can't sign in as live session user with a blank password12:49
CrazySami mean by clicking on the live session user icon and then "sign in"12:50
=== Kulrak|2 is now known as Kulrak
CrazySamand even if you click on "not listed" and then type in user "ubuntu" and skip password, you still don't get in12:50
CrazySambut! here's the weird part... if you just leave the computer for a short while so the screen goes to sleep, and then get back to it, then you can sign in as "ubuntu" with blank pass12:52
tomreynCrazySam: where and when do you "click on the live session user icon and then 'sign in'"? you should already be signed in.12:56
=== Makaveli7_ is now known as Makaveli7
CrazySamtomreyn: sign in page12:57
CrazySami sign out by quitting the installer12:57
CrazySamthis lands you on the sign in page12:58
tomreynCrazySam: there should be noie, you should be logged in automatically. are we talking about the default ubuntu 18.10 live / installer? or some other flavour?12:58
tomreyn*none, not "noie"12:58
CrazySamtomreyn: yes normal 18.10 on a usb stick12:59
CrazySamuefi mode12:59
tomreynCrazySam: can you post a screenshot to imgur.com?12:59
CrazySamof what? sign in page?12:59
tomreynor just a photo taken with a smartphone12:59
tomreynyes, if this is an installer12:59
CrazySamtomreyn: https://linuxhint.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/r24.png13:00
tomreynCrazySam: you get to see this when you boot?13:01
tomreynor after logging out manually?13:01
stonedHello I need a thesaurus program, prefrebly comand line13:01
CrazySamtomreyn: didn't you read what i said? after quitting the installer13:01
CrazySamthis is what the installer looks like: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/es6-bundled/src/codelabs/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop/img/7d1ddd116b0080d5.png13:02
CrazySamnote how there is a little circle in the upper right corner with an X in it13:03
tomreynCrazySam: opps i missed this part, sorry.13:03
tomreynCrazySam: i can login there without specifying a password, though13:03
CrazySamquitting the installer should leave me at the live session desktop13:03
CrazySam^^ what you said...13:04
tomreynstoned: dictd + dict-moby-thesaurus13:04
CrazySamit's not a new question...13:05
CrazySampassword is blank, username is ubuntu13:05
ramsub07Hi, I have a bluetooth earphones that I need to re-pair with my Ubuntu 16.04 every time after I pair my earphones to other devices. What could be the issue? If i don't pair with any other device, and just restart my earphones, it almost immediately pairs with my ubuntu13:05
CrazySambut it's funny how it doesn't work unless you let the screen go to sleep and then shake it up and you can sign in13:06
CrazySamx window system?13:07
CrazySamserver sign in over ssh?13:07
CrazySamssh requires a password13:07
os_hi, i want to develop c#/.net on ubuntu, shall i use .net core or mono?13:10
ttr9os_, you mean kernel?13:12
=== ledeni_ is now known as ledeni
os_ttr9, no!13:13
NoImNotNineVoltos_: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37738106/net-core-vs-mono ?13:15
ttr9os_ I think you have to redirect this question at #NET or something13:16
os_no, i ask what is the usual13:16
os_i mean to publish it as free apps, you know13:17
ttr9sorry I have never use this before13:17
cfhowlettyou're assuming there is a reasonable number of  developers here in this channel at this moment ...13:17
cfhowlettbut I bet if you asked the c# channel, they would know13:17
NoImNotNineVoltos_: i think the post i linked to has a very good explanation of the differences. do you have a specific question beyond that?13:18
os_NoImNotNineVolt, yes, if i want to write a program that i hope to be packaged in ubuntu, i have to use mono, right?13:19
NoImNotNineVolti don't really follow canonical's packaging policies, but that wouldn't surprise me (though, you could just use a non-microsoft language instead)13:21
=== [_] is now known as [itchyjunk]
NoImNotNineVoltthey don't strike me as especially ideological, though. they're no debian.13:22
NoImNotNineVoltwho knows.13:23
os_you're right, also, .net core isnt (very) portable at the moment13:23
rebabI have hidden Artha (dictionary) by mistake. Now I can't see the app on the deskbar. How can I fix it?13:23
NoImNotNineVoltsome packages aren't very portable.13:24
NoImNotNineVoltthat's not sufficient reason to keep them out of the repos.13:24
os_i mean isn't usable (yet) in linux, not in the meaning of portability to another distro13:25
tomreynthere is #ubuntu-app-devel for development related, not support related, questions13:25
os_oh, sorry13:25
SinaCutieHow is it not usable yet? .net core specifically has an ubuntu deb. :)13:25
tomreynrebab: which graphical desktop / ubuntu flavour are you referring to?13:27
os_SinaCutie, it seems that it has some debugging problems, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37738106/net-core-vs-mono13:27
donofrioit's 9.05 where is the drop for 9.04?13:28
rebabtomreyn: xubuntu but I guess it's not about Xubuntu. I have to find Artha's config file and reset it.13:28
donofrioI tried do-release-upgrade and it said no new LTS ;(13:29
cfhowlettdonofrio, current ubuntu is 18.1013:30
rebabtomreyn: I found it. artha.conf it will be good I guess.13:31
tomreynrebab: not sure whether it stores the config to. maybe in ~/.gconf, unless it has a dor directory of its own in your $HOME, or a subdirectory in ~/.config13:31
tomreynoh good job13:31
tomreyndonofrio: are you trying to upgrade your ubuntu installation?13:32
rebabwhy ubuntu keeps conf files? Even though I purged the software.13:33
JimBunturebab, So you can re-install and keep configuration if desired.13:34
J_DarnleyWhat is this cloud-init thing on 18.04 server?  And how to I interact with it it restore dhcp on an ethernet device?13:34
rebabJimBuntu: how do I completely remove the program? apt purge something doesn't remove conf files.13:35
J_DarnleyOkay, something here is bound to help https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/network-config.html13:35
JimBunturebab, hmmm. apt purge should remove them, compared to apt remove13:37
donofriotomreyn, figured 19.04 would be out13:39
donofrioit's 19.04.05 (thought it would drop 4/4/19, looks like it's just to be released this month...not yesterday....oh well....lol)13:40
cfhowlettdonofrio, 19.04.5 will never be seen13:41
plutesdid something happen in a recent update that automatically made a wired connection, I noticed yesterday that a wired connection had appeared from nowhere. I've not used Ethernet on my laptop13:41
cfhowlettit's only supported for 9 months13:41
tomreyn!19.04 | donofrio13:41
ubottudonofrio: Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) will be the 30th release of Ubuntu, scheduled for April 2019 (<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule#>). It will be supported for nine months.13:41
donofrio30th facepalm on me13:41
donofrionine months?13:42
donofrioso a new LTS is not released each year?13:42
cfhowlettLTS has NEVER been released every year.  every TWO only13:42
teward^ this13:42
tomreyn!lts | donofrio13:42
ubottudonofrio: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.13:42
donofrioso next LTS is 20.04 (to be released on 20.04.04 or 20.04.30?  just wondering how this release cycle works is all)13:43
plutesanyone know why a wired connection would just appear?13:44
cfhowlettdonofrio, not quite.  20.04 will be released in April.  exact date unknown13:44
CookieMlts releases are for general audience, regular ones are dedicated to tinkerers for their instability13:45
tomreynplutes: maybe someone connected the wire?13:45
plutestomreyn, its weird no one should of, come with a mac address from china13:46
JimBuntu'mac address from China' ? MAC prefixes are awarded to manufacturers... not regions.13:47
NoImNotNineVoltaren't manufacturers associated with locations or regions?13:48
OerHeksif you don't use wired networking, explain how that 'china connection' appears? amazing...13:48
JimBuntuNoImNotNineVolt, 'associated'... sure... but it has no bearing on the MAC.13:48
NoImNotNineVoltJimBuntu: MAC prefixes are assigned to manufacturers.13:49
plutescompany is chinese13:50
plutesLCFC(HeFei) Electronics Technology co., ltd13:50
plutes68:F7:28:CF:FF:FD , I closed it now13:50
leftyfbdonofrio: the 20.04.04 does not mean it was released on April 4th of 2020. It will be the 4th point release of 20.04.13:50
tomreyna lot of chips come from china, so that's not unexpected at all.13:50
JimBuntuplutes, you realize the MAC should be directly related to your hardware ( if not being randomized ) and has nothing to do with any outside connection... right?13:51
leftyfbsorry, 20.04.413:51
plutesJimBuntu, but ive not had that connection there last week just appeared13:52
=== Taco is now known as Google-Chrome
ayekatplutes: what command are you running to see that "connection"?13:53
tomreynvimar: hi13:53
plutesno command top right drop down, said wired connection 113:53
vimaro/ tomreyn How you doing?13:54
ayekatplutes: that means you are connected to a network13:54
HolidayHas anyone else notice any issues with networking when apt updates systemd, systemd-sysv, libsystemd0? We have 18.04 deployed but have to use ifupdown because of our vCenter version, and things seem to work fine until apt updates those libraries. When it does, networking is lost (nic doesn't reflect the IPs)13:54
tomreynvimar: fine, thanks! do you have any ubuntu support questions then?13:54
plutesyea wifi, but a new ethernet connection appeared with that mac address.13:55
Holidayrestart networking and things appear. On one system as a test, I removed netplan.io and it appears it's the only one this morning that DIDN'T lose networking.. so I'm wondering if there's an issue with systemd updates and netplan13:55
ayekatplutes: do you have an ethernet cable plugged in?13:55
vimarNo mate I don't have any yet, but when I'll come up with any you're the first I'll ask.13:56
plutesHoliday, funny you say that from my logs not sure if this is a issue COMMAND=/usr/lib/update-notifier/package-system-locked]13:56
plutesayekat, no mate13:56
vimartomreyn: ^^13:56
ayekatplutes: is your ubuntu running in a virtual machine?13:57
tomreynHoliday: is this a server? are yuo using systemd-networkd for network management?13:57
brlinplutes: `ip addr | pastebinit -a ''` please13:57
NoImNotNineVoltplutes: someone installed a new ethernet adapter in your computer.13:57
tomreynvimar: ok ;) just thought i'd ask, have a nice day.13:57
brlinLikely it's a virtual one created by software13:57
plutesNoImNotNineVolt, thats what im thinking but would have to of been from outside my home13:58
vimarThanks tomreyn, you too.13:58
Holidaytomreyn: this is a VM, ubuntu server 18.04 LTS, and should be using whatever the default is for the network management iirc13:58
brlinand the MAC address is just randomized to be starting with 68:F7:2813:58
tomreynthanks vimar13:58
plutesbrlin, whats that13:58
NoImNotNineVoltplutes: no, in your computer.13:58
ayekatplutes: what's the output of `ip addr`?13:58
tomreynHoliday: yes, systemd-networkd is defautl for servers. please join #ubuntu-server for server related questions13:59
brlinplutes: A command that pastes your network interfaces info on the pastebin13:59
plutesmy macs are different14:00
plutesbrlin, what do you want to see from it?14:01
ayekatthe full output, ideally14:02
brlinMainly network interface names generated by the kernel or systemd14:02
pluteslo enp3s0 wlp2s0 and p2s014:03
ayekatwhat's that?14:03
plutessorry not the forth I dont know14:03
ayekatwould be nice if we could have the full output, though14:04
NoImNotNineVoltparallel port?14:05
pluteshttps://pastebin.com/SY5u8vcJ I dont want to show ths but here it is14:06
sentimentcan somebody please send the ir xdg symbol to me?14:07
sentimentI deleted it by mistake14:07
sentimentmy persian keyboard is not lost14:07
ayekatplutes: there is no p2s0 interface there14:07
plutesterminal window was small14:07
JimBuntuplutes, nor is there any information in that pastebin that is a security concern.14:07
plutessee anything wrong there?14:08
ayekatplutes: hard to say, because you cut off the relevant part14:08
plutesall there14:09
ayekatwell, p2s0 isn't14:09
tomreynsentiment: sudo apt update && sudo apt install --reinstall xkb-data14:09
plutessmall window looks like the fourth to14:09
ayekatah wait14:10
plutessplit from wlp2so14:10
ayekatso p2s0 was just wlp2s0 wrapped around and you initially thought it was a fourth interface14:10
brlinplutes: Would you mind do `lspci | grep Ethernet | pastebinit -a ''` as well?14:10
tomreynsentiment: usually, you should not need to touch anything in /usr/14:10
brlinThis pastes the Ethernet PCI hardware available in you computer14:10
brlin(If there really is one)14:11
lotuspsychje!who | ayekat plutes brlin14:11
ubottuayekat plutes brlin: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:11
brlinplutes: According to the `enp3s0` naming  the ethernet device does seems to be from your computer internal component.14:12
brlinlotuspsychje: Thanks for the reminder14:12
plutesbrlin, without the pastebinint 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 10)14:12
ayekatlotuspsychje: I use nicknames when it would become ambiguous otherwise - is there an instance where I was ambiguous?14:12
lotuspsychjeayekat: when the channel gets crowdy, please use the tab14:13
brlinplutes: That's actually a Taiwanese chip, it shouldn't really use the `68:f7:28` Mac address prefix14:14
ayekatlotuspsychje: that's not what I meant14:14
lotuspsychjeayekat: feel free to explain me in #ubuntu-discuss14:14
plutesbrlin, really?14:15
brlinplutes: Yep.14:15
plutesbrlin, what should I do?14:16
brlinplutes: Find out where the MAC address got overrided by software and remove it, or simply ignore the strange MAC address14:17
brlin(not that it will affect in security anyway)14:17
hidsince last hour, my laptop fans arent spining as fast as they used to14:18
ayekatplutes: it's rather odd that the GUI would show that there is a wired connection, even if the interface hasn't got any IP address assigned14:18
hidso i noticed the cpu average temperature increase by 15-20°C14:19
brlinplutes: May I ask what's the computer make of yours?14:19
pragmaticenigma!enter | hid14:19
ubottuhid: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.14:19
plutesbrlin, Thanks, I killed it last night. should be ok. Lenovo14:19
hidhow can i see what's the problem regarding ths?14:19
cfhowletthid, laptop or desktop14:20
hidSince last hour, my laptop fans arent spining as fast as they used to. I noticed the cpu average temperature increase by 15-20°C. How can I see what's the problem and solve it?14:20
hidcfhowlett: laptop14:21
brlinplutes: Lenovo is a Chinese make BTW14:21
brlinplutes: You may want to take that in consideration14:21
cfhowletthid, usually, fan issues stem from hardware.  cleaned your vents lately?14:21
brlinplutes: Seems to be a Lenovo-specific thing: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-B-and-G-Series-Notebooks/Hello-guy-s-i-have-problem-with-my-lenovo-g50-30/td-p/328444414:22
LeoBrasHello, I want to fix a bug on libvirt* that is already fixed on mainline (it's a backport to bionic). Where is the right place to get the source code?14:22
LeoBrasFor me, it seems that getting the code from 'apt-get source' is different from 'pull-lp-source' even if they are both from bionic14:22
LeoBras And both are different from the ubuntu libvirt git repo (4.0 bionic branch)14:23
brlinLocate the source package on Launchpad then14:23
brlinAlso that seems to be a #ubuntu-devel thing14:23
hidcfhowlett: no, I didn't. But the fans got slower whilst I was using the laptop14:23
EickmeyerLeoBras: I answered you in #ubuntu-devel.14:26
plutesbrlin, thank you14:27
brlinplutes: np.14:27
MonkeyDusthid: is this useful https://askubuntu.com/questions/22108/how-to-control-fan-speed14:28
hidcfhowlett: so I restarted it and the fans were spining rapidly, then when I logged in ubuntu session, they got slow14:28
cfhowletthid, !  unusual to say the least.14:29
=== alexander_ is now known as chapuade
LeoBrasbrlin, thanks!14:31
LeoBrasEickmeyer, thanks!14:32
brlinLeoBras: np!14:32
bernyrdI have an ubuntu cloud config that boots properly in KVM14:37
bernyrdI'd like to know how I might prepare the seed ISO and the cloud qcow2 so that I might boot them on a real computer14:37
transhumanisthi! how do we list the drives that are mounted on /media they dont appear in fstab!14:37
BluesKajtranshumanist, sudo fdisk -l14:42
lordcirth__transhumanist, df -h14:45
transhumanistBluesKaj, I am familiar but I would like to move things mounted under /media to a mount of my choosing fstab would normally show them so I could edit them14:45
leftyfbtranshumanist: mount14:45
transhumanistdo I just move them by putting them in fstab and do a mount -a14:46
BluesKajtranshumanist, use the uuid from blkid14:46
transhumanistok that makes it a pain in the ass no problem14:46
leftyfbtranshumanist: I think you're referring to gnome's ability to mount things using gvfs as opposed to mounting on every boot with fstab14:46
BluesKajfstab is always a pita , but a necessary one14:47
transhumanistmaybe seems like that yes leftyfb I am unfamiliary14:47
blackflowwhat leftyfb just said. also, if you put mountpoints in fstab that might not be present on boot, make sure there's "nofail" in the options list, or else the boot will stall for minutes14:47
blackflowtranshumanist: ^^14:47
transhumanistok thanks14:48
blackflowtranshumanist: if I were you, I'd look into .mount systemd units and have them mount automatically when the device appears, _not_ fstab14:48
leftyfbtranshumanist: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MoveMountpointHowto14:48
transhumanistgot a link blackfow14:49
leftyfbah, systemd might be better than the link I just posted. I have no experience with that though14:49
leftyfbtranshumanist: https://oguya.ch/posts/2015-09-01-systemd-mount-partition/  # found on google by searching for "ubuntu systemd mount"14:49
blackflowtranshumanist: otoh no, but quick googling finds this:  https://blog.tomecek.net/post/automount-with-systemd/      also systemd.mount(5) manpage for details on options and format14:50
transhumanistok so I think the root of my problem is that when the system was built I took out a drive and put in another one (has multiple drives) because the two drives were on the same / dev/ it gets confused with the automatic mount setup.14:59
transhumanistI wont be able to take a look at it again till tomorrow unfortunately but I have to kinda figure it out today14:59
lordcirth__transhumanist, did you use /dev/sda syntax in fstab? yeah don't do that.14:59
transhumanistno I haven't done that14:59
lordcirth__Use UUIDs instead, it's much more robust14:59
transhumanistits using UUID's14:59
lordcirth__Then what do you mean by "on the same /dev"?15:00
transhumanistbut the automount for secondary drives is still getting confused15:00
transhumanistdev/sdb or dev/sdc type of things15:00
transhumanisttwo drives are known with the same device15:01
transhumanistits a problem with systemd I think to be honest15:01
transhumanistI did this this way because a drive had a virus and we were trying to recover that particular drive after building the system without it being installed15:02
OerHeksinteresting, but you blame systemd?15:02
transhumanistto avoid any traces of it from interfering with the boto15:02
lordcirth__transhumanist, can you pastebin the command & output where you are seeing that two drives have the same device file?15:02
transhumanistwhat I am saying is systemd is miss identifying it I think15:02
transhumanistI can't unfortunately its on a customers system, and I wont have access to it till tomorrow15:03
transhumanistI was just trying to get some ideas how to potentially fix it15:03
cryptodantranshumanist: chroot into the environment and remove the entry from fstab all together and you are done15:04
transhumanistas of right now I am kinda taking the customers word for what he is seeing to, so could be an error between keyboard and chair15:04
lordcirth__I suspect you've misidentified the problem. But let us know when you have access again, I'm interested to know what's going on.15:04
lordcirth__Ah, there's your mistake. never trust a client :P15:05
OerHekstranshumanist, without proper info from blkid and fstab, no answer15:05
transhumanistdoesnt show up at all in fstab cryptodan15:05
transhumanistok no problem thanks15:05
OerHeks /media/ is for removable storage, /mnt/ for internal drives15:05
cryptodanthen if it doesnt show up in fstab you should not have any issues booting up15:06
transhumanistyeah and it sees it as removable storage15:06
transhumanisteven though its an internal drive15:06
blackflowtranshumanist: systemd is not responsible for /dev(ice) names, udev is, and sda s Sata Device A , so it totally depends on what the BIOS will return as "first SATA device" when asked.   as mentioned, use /dev/disk/by-uuid/.... paths15:06
transhumanistok thans15:07
blackflowin fstab you can use UUID=<uuid-here> instead of /dev/...  path, I'm not sure about .mount's  What= option, if you'll be using the .mount15:07
transhumanistnot me either never run into this problem with a physical slot showing up as a removable device before15:08
cryptodantranshumanist: thats how it is now with linux drives not in fstab are seen as removable15:08
transhumanistmust be because it was plugged in after initial build15:08
cryptodanjust like a usb drive is /dev/sdXY there is no way to tell if its an internal /dev/sdXY or external /dev/sdXY15:09
transhumanistok guess I have some reading to do about this cryptodan15:09
blackflowOerHeks: btw, nitpicky, but.... "/media/ is for removable storage, /mnt/ for internal drives"   it's not that strict.  /media is gnome thing. /mnt has traditionally been for any mount point, not just "internal drives". I often mount "removable devices" to /mnt, like USB disks when I run backups and stuff. it's just hier(7) guideline.15:12
Kon-!find linux-headers-4.15.0-4715:12
ubottuFound: linux-headers-4.15.0-47, linux-headers-4.15.0-47-generic, linux-headers-4.15.0-47-lowlatency15:12
Kon-!info linux-headers-4.15.0-4715:12
ubottulinux-headers-4.15.0-47 (source: linux): Header files related to Linux kernel version 4.15.0. In component main, is optional. Version 4.15.0-47.50 (bionic), package size 10740 kB, installed size 75381 kB15:12
leftyfbKon-: can we help you with something?15:13
Kon-!find libwebsocket-api-java15:13
ubottuPackage/file libwebsocket-api-java does not exist in bionic15:13
OerHeksblackflow, correct, but automaticly it will mount under /media/ when not in fstab15:13
leftyfbKon-: the bot is not your personal google search. Can we help you with something?15:13
Kon-leftyfb: I accidentally had proposed packages installed and I'm trying to go through the list and think about how likely I am to break something in a downgrade15:14
OerHeksthis usercase is hard to understand, without blkid and fstab15:14
leftyfbKon-: what's wrong with the proposed packages? Which packages?15:14
Kon-leftyfb: Nothing is wrong with the proposed packages, but I'd like not to get proposed updates in the future15:14
blackflowOerHeks: right, but it doesn't matter if it's "internal" or "removable"15:14
leftyfbKon-: then disable the repo15:15
Kon-Won't that downgrade existing packages?15:15
leftyfbKon-: no15:15
CookieMKon-, you can investigate ubottu on PM, like this /msg ubottu «your search term here»15:15
Kon-Good idea CookieM, thanks15:16
Kon-And I didn't know that leftyfb thank you15:16
Kon-I assumed the Ubuntu repo sources behaved like a PPA15:16
leftyfbKon-: even if you remove a PPA from your sources, the packages you installed from it still stay installed and are not downgraded. Downgrading never happens automatically.15:17
EriC^^Kon-: did you try ppa-purge?15:18
leftyfbEriC^^: ppa-purge does exactly what he doesn't want to happen. It also doesn't work on the proposed repo15:19
Kon-Okay, that makes sense. PPA-purge causes downgrades, but simply removing a source does not15:20
Kon-Thanks all for clearing that up15:20
leftyfbKon-: ppa-purge is a tool (not installed by default) used specifically for removing a ppa and removing it's packages. Just disabling a repo doesn't do that.15:20
jatcc10helllo my dear friends15:21
leftyfbjatcc10: hello. What can we help you with?15:22
leftyfbjatcc09: you only need to be logged in here once15:22
jatcc09nun bored ass fuck15:22
jatcc10ong im bored asf15:22
hggdhplease mind your language15:22
leftyfbjatcc09: please watch your language. This is a support channel. If you want to chat, go to #ubuntu-offtopic15:22
jatcc09ng i dont like this class15:22
jatcc09fuck you15:22
jatcc10shut up15:23
jatcc09i hate you15:23
leftyfbjatcc09: ok, feel free to CTRL+F4 and never return15:23
Ool09 years old perhaps :)15:23
lightshadowwhat a childish behaviour wow15:27
lightshadowI guess he's a student, thinking he's cool by acting like this and in few years will be here right in this channel to ask real help when he will be in trouble....15:29
hggdhback to topic, please15:30
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plutesonce the new distro is out, do I just sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. & do you lose anything? had mine running since june15:40
tomreynplutes: what are you running now?15:42
tomreyn!upgrade | not dist-upgrade then, no, plutes15:43
ubottunot dist-upgrade then, no, plutes: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:43
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
plutesubottu, thankyou15:43
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:43
blackflowwhy a blanket "no" on dist-upgrade? one should know what it does and then use it if that's wanted, no?15:46
tomreynit's not a supported upgrade method.15:47
blackflowwhat do you mean?15:47
plutesI think it wipes out the old but im probably wrong15:48
tomreynblackflow: i interpreted plutes' questions like this: i run ubuntu 18.04 now. when ubuntu 19.04 releases, can i just upgrade to it by running apt-get dist-upgrade?"15:48
plutestomreyn, yea and will i lose my current files15:49
blackflowtomreyn: ah indeed, I totally misread the question (I read it as using, say, Dingo _now_ before it's out officially and then using dist-upgrade to keep on upgrading to full release)15:49
DJonesplutes: Toupgrade to 19.04 from 18.04, the normal process would be to upgrade to 18.10 and then after thats completed,upgrade to 19.0415:50
tomreynapt(-get) dist-upgrade does not carry out a release upgrade. update-manager and do-release-upgrade can do that.15:50
tomreynplutes: and you do not loose your files when upgrading, but any such change should not be done without having current backups readily available.15:51
lotuspsychjeplutes: also keep in mind you go from an lts to a non-lts that way15:52
plutesI will keep it in mind for the future15:52
plutesbad i dont know what lts is.15:52
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.15:53
plutesso then 18.04 is still good for 4 more years15:54
pragmaticenigmaplutes: Right, and it will overlap with the next LTS release, so you can take your time choosing when to upgrade to 20.04 When that because available in 202015:54
plutesthanks to you all for clearing that up for me15:55
leftyfbplutes: personally, I only use LTS releases.16:05
Iknus_50hi guys !!16:12
bernyrdI'd like to know how I might prepare the seed ISO and the cloud qcow2 so that I might boot them on a real computer16:16
OerHeksbernyrd, seed iso? and qcow2; a cloud image to bare metal?16:19
bernyrdOerHeks: yes what I believe happens is the prepared qcow2 image looks for a cdrom (or just partition?) with a specific label and then feeds the data on it to a setup script16:20
bernyrdOerHeks: I want that, but with the qcow2 unpacked to internal storage of a real machine, and the cdrom/partition just being a cdrom/partition on the same disk16:21
bernyrdscript is cloud-init16:21
OerHeksone can make an image of an qcow2 install; https://askubuntu.com/questions/195139/how-to-convert-qcow2-virtual-disk-to-physical-machine-and-reversely16:21
leftyfbbernyrd: why? Why not just use the normal cloud image?16:21
bernyrdleftyfb: this is to provision machines. I prepare system on my dev machine and then unpack the qcow2 to a disk in an enclosure, then install it and just turn the machine on16:22
bernyrdOerHeks: I have found that but have no idea how to provide the cloud-init data16:22
bernyrdso I am using normal cloud image, but the normal cloud image needs a YAML file to set up ssh keys and so on16:22
teodor-dumitruHi all ! When I try to "sudo apt autoremove --purge retroarch", the terminal prompts me to install 33 more packages (https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/njGJWDHJHM). Previously, when I tried the same command, it behaved correctly and purged only retroarch-related packages.16:23
leftyfbteodor-dumitru: what version of ubuntu?16:24
teodor-dumitru18.04 fully updated16:24
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tiago_Hi there. I'm playing with Ubuntu 18 and I am facing an issue. After insert the username/password to login I have chosen GNOME-FlashBack instead Ubuntu and from this way it works. If I do a LOGOFF/LOGIN I don't need to choose again GNOME-FlashBack because it is already saved, but if I shutdown the machine this 'setting' is lose. I couldn't find which file has been changed during shutdown to change it. Working on Ubuntu 16 I couldn't16:35
tiago_ reproduce this issue. On ubuntu 16 GNOME-COMPIZ is always saved as default after I choose it at least one time. Do you have idea which file can be edited to change this behavior on Ubuntu 18?16:35
johnfghi folks16:36
johnfgI had this question before, but never got an answer.16:36
leftyfbtiago_: there is no "Ubuntu 18". It's either 18.04 or 18.10. It makes a difference when seeking support.16:36
johnfgI need to go to cups at localhost:631, and do it as root.16:36
leftyfb!details | johnfg16:37
ubottujohnfg: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:37
tiago_Sorry, 18.0416:37
johnfgHowever, since there's no passwd on the root account, I can't enter root and a password, and it doesn't accept me as user and password, even though I'm in both lp and lpadmin groups!16:37
johnfgleftyfb: I was busy typing it out :-)16:38
cryptodanjohnfg: if you are part of group lpadmin then you should use firefox to access cups16:38
leftyfbtiago_: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm316:38
johnfgRunning Firefox as root in a regular user's session is not supported.16:39
leftyfbjohnfg: after adding yourself to the right groups, reboot. Or restart the cups service.16:39
qwebirc26189Hello, I'm having a weird issue with netplan and more in general with systemd-networkd, it seems that upon updates it doesn't bring back up my bridge over bond... very worrying16:39
johnfgleftyfb: I've done both, but hasn't made a difference.16:39
cryptodanjohnfg: did i mention running firefox as root?16:39
blackflowjohnfg: if you want to use the cups admin panel to do administrative tasks, you'll have to set a root password. your user being in those groups doesn't mean much, cups needs root to install/remove printers16:39
OerHekswhy cups as root?16:40
cryptodanblackflow: uh no it  doesnt16:40
johnfgOerHeks: I don't want that, but that's how things are configured on this new xubuntu install.16:41
johnfgSince you guys strongly discouraged giving root a password, I haven't done that again :-)16:41
tiago_I tryed. I saw two options: GDM3 and LIGHTDM. Even selection GDM3 and restarting, I got the same issue.16:42
cryptodanjohnfg: just add yourself to the lpadmin group and logout and login back in open firefox as regular user and login to cups16:42
johnfgcryptodan: Doesn't work, already tried.  I'm in the lpadmin group, and if I go to modify a printer, it asks for username and password.  I'm not accepted.16:42
cryptodanthen something is wrong with your cups setup16:43
leftyfbtiago_: I found a forum post that suggests installing lightdm over gdm and using lightdm. lightdm keeps the setting16:43
leftyfbjohnfg: type: groups16:44
blackflowthe cups web interface requires root. period.16:44
johnfgleftyfb: lpadmin shows up.16:45
johnfgblackflow: I'm thinking you're probably right, more's the pity.16:45
blackflowjohnfg: been like that forever.16:45
osseHow do I switch between the different keyboard layouts within the same language?16:45
cryptodanblackflow: uh no it doesnt16:45
blackflowjohnfg: and whoever told you giving root a pass is bad, should think it over. there's situations where you can't sudo, you need root. like the rescue shell for example. I always set a root pass, there's nothing really wrong with that. sudo alone is not omnipotent.16:46
blackflowit's one thing to have a root pass, and quite another to block remote root login which yes, is a sane advice.16:46
blackflowcryptodan: I'd be happy if you proved me wrong.16:46
bernyrd>block [remote] root login16:47
bernyrd>passwordless sudo16:47
tiago_I'll try. Please wait a moment.16:47
tiago_Using lightdm I can't insert username/password to an username is not listed. When I start the machine it shows me just two accounts and those accounts are in passwd. The other accounts is on NIS, so I'd need to insert the username manually but using lightdm I can't.16:49
lotuspsychje!keyboard | osse16:50
ubottuosse: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout16:50
cryptodanblackflow: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/cups.html.en - In order to perform administrative tasks via the web interface, you must either have the root account enabled on your server, or authenticate as a user in the lpadmin group. For security reasons, CUPS won't authenticate a user that doesn't have a password. To add a user to the lpadmin group, run at the terminal prompt:16:50
blackflowcryptodan: well that doesn't seem to work. you posted a link. as "proof" I'd like you to show me being logged in as a lpadmin group'd user in the cups interface.16:51
blackflowcryptodan: I'll be happy to adjust my knowledgebase. I know only root worked for me, for years.16:51
cryptodanit does work16:51
cryptodanand has worked since i have used ubuntu 8.0416:52
blackflowcryptodan: I just tried, I'm in the lpadmin group. no go.16:52
cryptodanghen your cups is broken blackflow16:52
blackflowcryptodan: default bionic setup16:52
cryptodansure it is16:52
blackflowif it _is_ broken, then it's broken on bionic.16:52
blackflow(and all the previous releases, like I said, nothing but root worked for me, ever, with the web admin)16:53
johnfgbeing  in the lpadmin group does *not* give cups access, on 18.04.16:53
johnfgI know it should, but it doesn't.16:53
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cryptodanjohnfg: it does for me on mint 19.1 based on ubuntu 18.0416:55
blackflowthere doesn't seem to be a bug reported for that, or I can't find it16:55
blackflow"based on" and then totally, completely and utterly changed. yeah, that works on gentoo linux if you set it up like that.16:56
johnfgIt will be interesting to see if anyone running 18.04 itself is able to access cups, just being in lpadmin.16:56
blackflowjohnfg: no, like I said, just tried. and like I said, never was able to, on Ubuntu.16:57
blackflowI belive this is #ubuntu and we're talking about how things work on Ubuntu. if it works on <random distro> that's irrelevant for this discussion. In bionic, it does NOT work. never did on Ubuntu iirc.16:57
osselotuspsychje: are those instructions for gnome2 ?16:57
lotuspsychjeosse: wich ubuntu flavor are you on please?16:58
leftyfbblackflow: cryptodan johnfg: I was just able to login to http://localhost:631/admin using my username and password using Ubuntu 18.0416:59
cryptodanthank you leftyfb16:59
lotuspsychjeworks here aswell16:59
blackflowdoesn't work here. Bionic, "minimal" installation option used.16:59
cryptodanblackflow: then maybe thats why yours fails17:00
blackflownot at all.17:00
cryptodanso 4 people are lying?17:00
cryptodanor rather 317:00
blackflowI never said that. I'm saying it doesn't work on default bionic installation (from "minimal" installer option).17:01
blackflowor two, rather, you don't even use ubuntu.17:01
osselotuspsychje: plain vanilla 18.1017:01
cryptodanand im sure if i brung up a vm of ubuntu 18.04 it would work out of box for me17:01
JimBuntuvanilla 16.04 - that :631 link worked for me... was able to log in using a non-root user to view logs/etc.17:02
cryptodanbut being on 4g lte ubuntu 18.04 would take a long time17:02
osselotuspsychje: I think I found my answer. I can add a new input source under Region and Languages17:06
lotuspsychje+1 osse17:06
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teodor-dumitruYesterday I tried to acces a font through "Fonts" from Ubuntu 18.04 (Vanilla x64, fully updated, EFI secure-boot) and after about 1 min the whole system stopped responding and then GNOME crashed. A terminal-like output appeared and refused any input. I was forced to forcefully shutdown the computer. Here is the log:https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MSDnFTGtkH/. This might be the cause of strange behaviour when trying to purge retroarch.17:13
=== tnViking is now known as cortana
osseI also had to edit evdev.xml to make my own layout appear in the list of available layouts. Not sure it's worth the trouble cmpared to running a "setxkbmap foO" command when logging in17:14
QuinnStormosse: yeah, xorg [currently] is written as though it expects people who want to add keyboard layouts to build the whole tree with them in it.  ah, foresight.  nobody seems to ever have it about anything important....17:16
osseNot sure it's xorgs fault. Many moons ago I could just drop a new file into /usr/share/X11/xkb and it would appear as a valid choice in the keyboard settings17:17
osseI think that was gnome217:17
QuinnStorm...the number of times I've typed and kill-line'd a sentence about the number of times I've failed to have foresight....17:17
QuinnStormosse: oh wow...that actually makes it MORE likely to be their fault.17:17
* QuinnStorm glances over toward freedesktop.org17:17
QuinnStormyou know17:17
osseHow so?17:17
Eickmeyerteodor-dumitru: Looks like gnome-shell crashed pretty hard. Report that as a bug using "ubuntu-bug gnome-shell" in a terminal.17:17
QuinnStormwell osse because now its a conscious decision by some author/maintainer to /turn off/ that feature in favor of requiring in-tree build/addition17:18
QuinnStorm...unfortunately I can't guess, having met that crew, and despite hanlon's razor's corrolaries, given the diversity of approach in all ways that I observed at XDev, if they did it on purpose or not.17:20
osseSilly me. I didn't notice the evdev.xml file was part of Xorg's data17:20
QuinnStormyeah, tis generated from somethng in the source tree that populates that and all the rest with some central macro that code-generates out into those...probably via automake or whatever build system they're using now17:21
QuinnStormthe problem is there's no hooks available for post-binary-build changes, and most distros aren't wanting to add a proprietary harness for that.  personally I sidestepped it all and wrote https://github.com/rtmf/pykmapd17:22
osseSeems to be just duplication of the data available by looking at the symbols files17:22
QuinnStormits not configurable either but its not [yet] designed for general use17:22
QuinnStormif you can read/write python17:22
QuinnStormits pretty useable17:22
QuinnStormand it works on all things that access a keyboard device b/c it gets an exclusive grab and creates its own libuinput dev node17:23
QuinnStormso console, X, um...$other_thing17:23
QuinnStormhell, it even works on a rooted android device, presuming you've installed python and the relevant libs17:24
QuinnStormthat one surprised me17:24
QuinnStormguess the kernel is basically stock there17:24
osseBut if I just dropped a file into /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols and it worked before, does that mean that ye olde gnome2 didn't care about the xml stuff and read the symbols files directly?17:24
QuinnStormfsck, I'm almost out of mountain dew and totally out of cash.  I hate being homeless and unemployed.17:25
osse... or something like that?17:25
QuinnStormosse: it depends, did the xml file used to exist?17:25
osseThat I don't know17:25
osseI don't have that OS anymore17:25
* QuinnStorm wasn't a gnome user at almost all of any possible time you could have sampled her state at. has always preferred KDE since she first tried it in the 2.x days17:26
Eickmeyerosse, QuinnStorm: Is this still a support topic or something that should be moved to #ubuntu-discuss as a discussion?17:26
=== TheReturnOfJo is now known as BattleAngle
osseI suppose it's a discussion by now17:26
QuinnStormbefore that i used fvwm and before that, on the SunOS boxes at duq.edu, I used CDE -- so KDE was easy enough to grok, 2.x was very CDE17:26
QuinnStormEickmeyer: yeah sorry17:27
EickmeyerThen please move it there.17:27
* QuinnStorm got carried away17:27
EickmeyerNo worries, we just need to stay on topic.17:27
osseActually I did have different support question just now. But it seems to have been fixed since I last looked into it :) I just to have problems switching WMs at the login screen; after logging in the screen would be black for a couple of seconds and then gnome/unity appeared as if I hadn't selected something else in the first place.17:34
tiago_leftyfb_: Hi, do you have any other suggestion ?17:37
johnnyfiveAnyone have intimate knowledge of apt? I'm building apt 1.6 inside bionic with some custom changes, and installing it, but the changes don't seem to be working. I can verify that my apt is the one running by "which apt" (/usr/local/bin/apt)17:58
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brlinTry #ubuntu-devel18:22
CaptianImpulseOkay I have a question that I want to see if somone can answer for me. It’s it possible to install Linux programs on a raspberry pi mode b3+18:27
tatertotsCaptianImpulse: since you didn't ask a real detailed specific question, your answer will be a kin...yes...for example the linux program vi or vim is installable in Ras Pi B3+.18:30
tatertotsCaptianImpulse: take care and have a nice day18:31
CaptianImpulseThank you18:32
tatertotsyou're welcome18:32
OerHekssome programms will, others don't.18:33
sphrakHave anyone heard if the upgrade script for postgresql-10.7 is broken or causes problems? im on 18.04 and got the update today, but it broke down completely it seems18:37
KOLANICHHello everybody. How to add a package into universe?18:37
lordcirth__KOLANICH, http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/packaging-new-software.html#submitting-for-inclusion18:40
garrettkajmowiczI'm doing a bit of kernel development on an ubuntu system and have enabled panic_on_warn. Despite installing and enabling linux-crashdump, the operation seems to hang immediately after secondary_startup_64. Is this known and/or able to be worked around?18:42
OerHekssphrak, do you have the log?18:42
sphrakOerHeks: hold on, im not sure what log im even looking for just yet18:43
OerHeksor what happens if you reinstall postgresql-1018:44
sphrakOerHeks: odd.. before the installer just froze at the upgrade script.. had to kill it. Reinstalled now, and it started to work18:46
bipulWhat would be the settings inside /etc/schroot/schroot.conf , if we are creating more then one "chroot jail" ??18:47
OerHekssphrak, have fun!18:48
sphrakOerHeks: thanks :D18:51
Floppy_dskis somone there?18:52
Floppy_dskoh hey :D18:52
Floppy_dskwhat are u doing here?18:52
Floppy_dskwhy is nobody writing something? xD18:53
GraysonBriggspeople's attention spans18:54
OerHekssomething, i just did it.18:55
JezekusI am facing problem that if I try to remove lvremove but the process will stuck and I cant remove the lv and only possible solution for getting server back online is to reboot it19:12
Jezekusrunning ubuntu 16.04 LTS19:12
Jezekusany ideas?19:12
rypervencheJezekus: You're trying to remove an LV using lvremove or you're trying to remove the lvremove binary, or ..what? Can you explain a bit more?19:13
Jezekusrypervenche, I am trying to remove logical volume so I can remove volumegroup from the physical device19:14
rypervencheJezekus: Is your LV currently being mounted somewhere? What error message(s) do you receive when you try to run the lvremove command?19:14
Jezekusphysical device is SAS SSD 1.6TB from samsung running fine with smartstatus without errors19:15
Jezekusquite new Dell 74019:15
rypervencheJezekus: That answers neither of my questions. :P19:16
Jezekusrypervenche, not mounted, no processes, checked with fuser and lsof19:16
JezekusI got NO error, console will just stuck19:17
Jezekusnot reacting on CTRL+C command19:17
Jezekusbut when I login via second SSH no problem on the server19:17
blackflowJezekus: can you run   `dmesg -w` in another terminal and observe its output as you try to remove the LV?19:17
Jezekusno output there19:18
blackflowah so the server is not really frozen, you can ssh just fine and it works normally, it's just the command you issued that got stuck?19:19
Jezekusand I am not able to remove the LV19:19
blackflowthat's totally not what you originally said but ok19:19
blackflowdoes ps show your command working at something? is it stuck in D state?19:20
Jezekussorry I was not completely precise19:20
blackflowalso is there any additional output with     journalctl -f    (run this first, then your lv remove command)19:21
Jezekusblackflow, nothing in journalctl19:21
blackflowJezekus: okay, and my other question? does ps, or top, show it in D state? is it at 100% CPU too?19:22
blackflowJezekus: also, try deactivating it first.   `lvchange -an  <that volume>`19:24
=== communicate[m] is now known as communicate
Jezekusprocess is in D (disk sleep)19:26
JezekusLV was deactivated before remove19:26
blackflowwellp, dunno. dmesg is silent, journal is silent, it's stuck at iowait. perhaps you just need to let it finish? I'm not exactly sure what it does there, could be re-de-fragmenting-vg-whatever19:27
blackflowone more thing you could check is iostat and see if there's any disk activity while it's running19:27
Jezekusno writes on that particular drive19:28
blackflowoh, is anything mounted off of it on boot? like, at all?19:28
mbntHi, when ever I try to use chromium-browser, I get this annoying keyring pop-up that asks for passwords. How do I kill this?19:29
Jezekusblackflow, no just plain data disk just added to the server19:29
Bashing-ommbnt: See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2287420 .19:32
blackflowJezekus: yes but you're trying to remove a LV which is part of a VG for which that disk is a PV, right?19:32
Jezekusblackflow, yes19:32
mattflyanyone has a problem that the meta key stops working after some usage time?  not even xev detects19:32
Jezekusblackflow, no more physical devices in that particular VG19:33
blackflowJezekus: can you stop the whole VG?  vgchang -an <that vg>19:33
mbntBashing-om, Thanks. That pop up makes me want to send my fist through the monitor.19:34
blackflowJezekus: I mean, if you're 100% sure nothing is mounted, nothign _was_ mounted that you tried to `umount -l`, nothign was bind-mounted off of it or on it, there's nothing in dmesg, nothing in journal, and it's just stuck in D state, I hve no idea what to think of it, other than it's a hardware issue.19:34
blackflowJezekus: note that SMART data not showing errors doesn't mean there aren't any. that thing is not a stranger of false negatives.19:34
=== cortana is now known as daemon
compdocif smart is saying there are reallocated sectors, you should replace the drive19:35
Jezekuscompdoc, no reallocated sectors19:36
Jezekusblackflow, I am not saying there is no HW bug but I have 6pcs of that particular servers and 12 of such ssds19:37
Jezekusit was running like 3/4 of years19:37
flingIs nine working fine on the latest ubuntu?20:03
flingDo I need to update ppa sources somehow when updating from 17.10? -> https://bpaste.net/show/d68ec0e4658c20:04
* Zuverink is away: I'm busy20:06
Bashing-omfling: The artful repo no longer exists.20:07
Bashing-om!17,10 | fling20:07
Bashing-om!17.10 | fling20:08
ubottufling: Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html20:08
flingBashing-om: which distro to upgrade to for nine?20:08
OerHekswhat is 'nine' ?20:08
Bashing-omfling: Explain the term nine to us .20:09
OerHekscurrent supported are 16.04 LTS,18.04 LTS, 18.1020:09
OerHeksoh, not interested in clicking.20:09
lordcirth__gallium nine20:09
lordcirth__Is what the link says20:09
OerHeks18.10 it is .. https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/10/gallium-nine-ubuntu-18-1020:10
flingd3d9 support patched into mesa/wine/drivers20:10
flingOerHeks: does this mean I don't need ppa anymore?20:11
OerHeksthat is what the article says, mesa 18.2 and opengl 4.420:12
OerHeksor wait for 19.04 Disco with kernel 5.x20:13
flingOerHeks: but ppas are still available https://launchpad.net/~commendsarnex/+archive/ubuntu/winedri3 https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers20:15
flingI'm not using ubuntu kernel, running it in a container.20:15
OerHeksuse ppa's  at your own risc, we do not support those issues, they maybe give newer versions, happy testing!20:17
bernyrdhello, if I want to run ubuntu cloud on a real computer how can I supply the init data?20:17
flingOerHeks: how to check if wine-d3d9-staging is available without a ppa?20:18
OerHekslook for it on launchpad?20:20
OerHeksor use the bot20:20
OerHeks!info wine cosmic20:20
ubottuwine (source: wine): Windows API implementation - standard suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.3-2 (cosmic), package size 50 kB, installed size 187 kB20:20
OerHeksi think that d3d9 package is ppa only, check in #winehq20:21
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Vooloocan I run sudo apt-get update && upgrade on boot? where should I put the script, and can it be unattended?20:32
VoolooI have unattended upgrades on, but I specifically want to run it also on boot20:32
williamxuHey! I'm learning about linux. Is Ubuntu a good place to start?20:35
CookieMwilliamxu, definitely20:35
williamxuWhere is a good place for me to learn the basics? I haven't even installed it yet and I can't find a good tutorial on how20:36
Bashing-omwilliamxu: Any is a good place to start .. this is better than any other in my humblest of experience. Years back the support structure sold me on ubuntu :)20:36
Bashing-om!uefi | williamxu20:37
ubottuwilliamxu: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:37
vimarwilliamxu: That's great. Yes, Ubuntu is a good distro to start.20:37
OerHekstons of manuals and wiki's https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation20:37
williamxuawesome! Thanks everyone! Checking those two links out now :)20:38
vimarwilliamxu: Google: How to xxxxxx Ubuntu20:38
OerHeksVooloo, so you have unattended running, that will bite with your manual upgrade/script , when not finished20:38
VoolooI am thinking about running sudo /usr/bin/unattended-upgrade -v on boot20:38
OerHeksi would leave it that way, specially when you have kernel live patch enabled20:39
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Voolooshould I use upstart or what to add that command?20:39
Vooloounattended only runs once per day, I want it to execute immediately after launching20:40
Voolooapparently you can get cron to run on startup with @reboot sudo /usr/bin/unattended-upgrade -v ... that seems nice20:41
OerHeksdepends if this is 16.04 or 18.04, systemd20:44
zetherooI just can't wrap my head around DNS in 18.04. Even after entering nameserver IP's in the /etc/netplan/yaml file there still isn't any in /etc/resolv.conf20:46
zetherooother than nameserver
=== dl is now known as Guest99663
tatertotszetheroo: uh yeah....there isn't supposed to be anything in /etc/resolv.conf...it's 201920:47
tewardzetheroo: the netplan IPs get fed into systemd-resolved, which has a stub resolver sitting on
zetherootatertots: well there is stuff there, like the search domain, so it's taking that I guess from netplan.20:48
tatertotszetheroo: i believe someone even left a nice little "comment" note in the file to let you know20:48
tewardzetheroo: it won't edit /etc/resolv.conf.  Check your `systemd-resolve --status` output and look for the "DNS Servers" lines20:48
tewardsee if your nameserver IPs show there20:48
tewardif they do then that means SystemD is going to forward recursive requests to that nameserver20:48
OerHekszetheroo, after that; sudo netplan apply20:49
OerHeksor propperly try: sudo netplan try20:49
zetherooteward: yes, they are there20:49
tewardzetheroo: then it's using those namservers for DNS resolution, no more action needed from you20:50
DuckyDevHi gusy. I've a server running which is reporting that is is out of space on the /boot section. But I cannot uninstall any of the old kernels there is on the system?21:01
DuckyDevany ideas?21:01
lordcirth__DuckyDev, did you try apt autoremove?21:02
Bashing-omDuckyDev: ^^ ' sudo apt autoremove ' .21:03
DuckyDevBashing-om, lordcirth__ that gives me almost the same result ( https://pastebin.com/0dpQSits ), however I'm not quite sure if it is safe to use the -f flag in order to actually perform the autoremove21:04
Bashing-omDuckyDev: looking .21:04
Steve35hello I have a question about Anbox and they seen not interested so I will send here too21:04
hggdhSteve35: what is Anbox?21:05
lordcirth__an android container of some sort, it seems21:05
Steve35 cd anbox $ mkdir build $ cd build $ cmake .. $ make" and plus this one "sudo make install". My question is "how do I execute the application on terminal?" I'm using ubuntu 18.0421:05
lordcirth__Steve35, presumably you run 'anbox'?21:05
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic trusty21:05
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB21:05
Steve35lordcirth__: I've tried this at my first attempt21:06
van777I suggest not anbox, genymotion. It has a free version.21:07
lordcirth__Steve35, anbox<tab><tab>21:08
Steve35van777: my cpu resources are limited to 1ghz people around said anbox was more leightweight21:09
Steve35lordcirth__: there is nothing pointing to anbox21:10
whistlepig33in ubuntu 18.10 when ctrl-tabbing to different tabs...  no longer goes from one tab to another down the line.  it just bounces back and forth between 2 unless I hold down ctrl and then I get this annoying horizontal menu of tab thumbnails.  How do I get it back to the way it was?21:10
lordcirth__Steve35, well, I guess it didn't install properly, or it installed somewhere that's not in your $PATH21:10
Steve35van777: anbox is complete free why do you recommend genymotion?21:10
DuckyDevBashing-om: I guess It is relevant that the server is still running Ubuntu 14.04.5 -_-21:10
Steve35lordcirth__: I agree21:11
lordcirth__DuckyDev, technically still supported here. But you ought to upgrade soon.21:11
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Well, one can remove - purge old kernels with apt ( or worse case dpkg). Pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ; uname -r ' so we know what our targets are - and not mess with what is booting !21:12
DuckyDevlordcirth__: and I will, I just need to fix this since I'm out of space on the /boot dir21:12
lordcirth__DuckyDev, apt install -f won't break anything, but it might also fail due to lack of space21:13
DuckyDevBashing-om: https://pastebin.com/CEdN2mTj21:14
Bashing-omDuckyDev: looking.21:14
DuckyDevlordcirth__: spot on ;) it fails due to missing space21:14
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Still looking but - Ouch ! "iU  linux-generic". At some point we will have to fix this !21:15
DuckyDevBashing-om: Is there any reason for the Ouch? You lost me there ;)21:19
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Let's try and get rid of some of the cruft so I can see better ' dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P ' Where the file is marked "rc' for removed but config files remain.// so long as linux-generic is not fully installed, can not install any new kernels.21:21
DuckyDevBashing-om: https://pastebin.com/vqK9Z4vx21:23
DuckyDevshould I try to do and apt-get install -f now?21:24
m0th3rsup3r10ris there much of a risk if you run linux and someone clicks on a suspicious link in an email?21:32
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Looks much more manageable // see the packages marked 'iU ' ? Those are the ones we need to focus on to remove.21:34
Steve35m0th3rsup3r10r: yes.21:34
OerHeksm0th3rsup3r10r, what is much? there are too many variables there, what hardware, what linux version, what browser, what protection21:34
m0th3rsup3r10rSteve35, any advice for what to do if your parents clicked on one?21:34
m0th3rsup3r10rSteve35, I captured the email with full headers21:35
DuckyDevBashing-om: So every line with 1U should be removed?21:35
DuckyDevincluding the linux-base?21:35
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Gimme a moment to craft up a dpkg command :)21:35
Steve35m0th3rsup3r10r: if you are using linux I recommend you to take a look into firejail aplication and do a profile for your browser.21:36
DuckyDevBashing-om: I cannot say how much I appreciate the help you are giving me! thanks21:36
m0th3rsup3r10rSteve35, they were running chromium21:36
OerHeksor what email programm21:36
OerHeksThunderbird can prevent opening urls and spoofing21:37
m0th3rsup3r10rso clicked on a link in their yahoo mail21:37
Steve35m0th3rsup3r10r: you sound like trolling21:38
m0th3rsup3r10rSteve35, how do you mean? That's what happened21:38
m0th3rsup3r10rSteve35, I don21:39
m0th3rsup3r10rSteve35, I dont know what to tell them to do at this point21:39
OerHeksnothing we can do about clicking an url by your parents, you talk about email/header, can you post this on imgur ?21:39
Bashing-omDuckyDev: See how this flys :  ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.13.0-125 linux-headers-3.13.0-125-generic linux-image-3.13.0-125-generic linux-image-extra-3.13.0-125-generic / .21:40
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, sure or a pastebin21:40
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Oh .. you are not in the least the 1st with this issue :P There are times have had to get deep to cope with it :(21:41
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DuckyDevBashing-om: so I'm not quite sure how to describe this output :D https://pastebin.com/3rUhnHZW21:43
DuckyDevbut here is is21:43
DuckyDev*it is21:43
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Looking .21:43
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, https://pastebin.com/bfSxa3e421:44
DuckyDevBashing-om: I tried without the "/ ." and it gave me this https://pastebin.com/9ic3MBvH21:45
Bashing-omDuckyDev: It is that extra "3.13.0-125-generic /" .. yeah .. looking ^^ again .21:46
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, they thought someone had ordered a Pandora Premium service so immediately clicked on the link to cancel :P21:48
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, when i looked at the IP it appeared to be originating from the UK Milton Keynes area21:49
DuckyDevBashing-om: welcome back ;)21:53
OerHeksm0th3rsup3r10r, contact yahoo? or pandora ..21:54
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Sorry system malfunction - reboot required. See; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2174867 . Are you able to adpat to your case to effect the repair ?21:54
ckopncan I upgrade 18.04 to 19.04 without troubles?21:55
OerHeksckopn, not yet.21:55
ckopnbut will be able?21:56
OerHeksi thought you need to go to 18.10 first?21:57
Sushi-sanckopn #ubuntu+121:58
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DuckyDevBashing-om: I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow ;) I need to get some sleep before I do this21:59
DuckyDevbut thanks for the help so far!21:59
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m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, why yahoo and pandora if it was fake?22:11
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, it also had an itunes logo on it22:12
Bashing-omDuckyDev: Sorry - lost context - Are you the one with /boot to full ?22:12
OerHeksm0th3rsup3r10r, yahoo, as it is yahoo mail22:16
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, im sure they get millions of complaints a day but I can -- I was thinking more trying to determine what risks could have been posed run on a debian-based OS . . . or if something malicious could have been done to the browser or the service22:19
=== mceier_ is now known as mceier
m0th3rsup3r10rwhen they clicked on it they just got an error page, but i suppose something malicious could have been running in the background22:20
OerHeksnow you say something else, they get an error page, how odd22:21
OerHeksi am not into FUD22:21
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, i said the same thing only added that detail of what they just told me22:22
=== xnaas2 is now known as xnaas
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, there in the email there is root path which pops up which i saw: http://teezakhamrai.com/x/22:23
m0th3rsup3r10rOerHeks, so maybe not a very good phisher22:24
OerHeksyeah, you might get banned by posting that url in this chat :-(22:25
OerHeksoh man, i am going to make coffee22:25
leftyfbm0th3rsup3r10r: Do you have an ubuntu issue you need help with?22:26
leftyfbm0th3rsup3r10r: because otherwise, your current topic is offtopic here.22:26
m0th3rsup3r10rleftyfb, yes -- that was the original question but people asked for more details22:26
m0th3rsup3r10rleftyfb, so what risks does it pose to the OS?22:26
leftyfbm0th3rsup3r10r: without seeing the exact email, we wouldn't know. Nor are we going to assess. Delete it and move in.22:27
m0th3rsup3r10rleftyfb, OerHeks said he wanted to assess that's the only reason i gave more info22:27
m0th3rsup3r10rleftyfb, he asked me to post headers22:27
EickmeyerThat topic is not specific to Ubuntu support.22:28
leftyfbm0th3rsup3r10r: try #security or ##linux22:28
m0th3rsup3r10rleftyfb, ok thanks22:28
vltHello. I just installed Ubuntu 18.04 (on a new notebook). What do I have to press instead of alt+space,x now to maximize a window? What instead of ctrl+alt+l to lock the screen?22:29
Eickmeyervlt: Maximize should be [Super]-[up], and lock is [Super]-[L].22:30
leftyfbvlt: if you open activities and type "keyboard" and open up the keyboard settings, you'll see all the default key bindings22:31
nullbyte_how can i add --noclear to login prompt for a boot option and how can i add more consoles/ttys22:32
vltEickmeyer: Thank you! Didn’t know about [Super].22:32
nullbyte_there is no inittab22:32
pragmaticenigmanullbyte_: Did you see this? https://serverfault.com/a/80048322:34
vltIt seems the F1 to F12 keys I can only use by pressing an additional [Fn] key, otherwise things like volume up/down or brightness are triggered. How can I invert that behaviour?22:35
pragmaticenigmavlt: You will have to consult the manual for your computer. Each computer handles those "hot" keys differently and how to turn them off22:36
vltpragmaticenigma: Ok, thanks.22:36
Estranhosomeone can help me with Anbox network configuration?22:38
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pragmaticenigmaEstranho: This channel only supports Ubuntu and software distributed through it's official software repositories. For assistance you can try searching using !alis for a channel specific to your question, or go to the Anbox project website to find out where they host help forums.22:42
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"22:42
diemanhello everyone22:42
dieman/join #java22:42
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Estranhopragmaticenigma: mmmkay sorry to bother22:44
EriC^^vlt: usually in the bios you van invert that22:45
Euph0riaI just installed ubuntu, the update has run a couple times since the initial install and now it has no Audio.  The mixer is showing "Dummy Output" under output devices, and "Dummy Input".  Can someone please help me get audio back up and running.  It was working fine earlier today before the system updated.22:49
=== dieman is now known as Dieman
Eickmeyer!audio | Euph0ria: Start here:23:04
ubottuEuph0ria: Start here:: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.23:04
digiberkAnyone know any USB C hubs that work in Linux? I want it to charge my computer, output displays and also have peripherals plugged in.23:18
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raidghostHow to fix inverted colors? Must be some issues with the INTEL graphical Driver thingy on HP laptops23:29
noregretis it possible to install latest smb on server 18.04.2 ? is there a repo for it23:30
raidghostsmb? why not nfs ?23:32
guivercnoregret, may not be easy; i looked up a deos (https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco/samba) and some are easy; others (eg. python) need that upgraded too which I'm betting may cause issues elsewhere on system..  (it was only a quick scan following a couple of packages)23:41
guivercs/python/python3 ^23:42
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Eickmeyerdigiberk: USB is an open standard. It's actually a challenge to find a USB hub that /wouldn't/ work.23:45
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Diemanhello guys23:53
Diemandoes anyone have experience with nvidia repo?23:53
DiemanI'm having such big headache to make my 144hz monitor work23:53
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