OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: Talking more with Rick about firewire... He tried again with everything stock. This works... sort of.17:41
OvenWerksAudacity can see the device and can use it.17:41
OvenWerksThen he did the most obvious thing and started ffado-mixer to turn the phantom power on which actually worked but then phantom turned itself off and he got the dying off audio as it did. The device then reset itself :)   :P17:43
OvenWerksI wish ffado-mixer would just not work at all when the firewire device is being used as an ALSA device.17:44
OvenWerksSo anyway, the documentation needs to include a warning not to try using ffado-mixer!17:45
EickmeyerYeah, that's a pain.17:45
EickmeyerSo, then that begs the question as to if ffado-mixer needs to be removed from the seed.17:45
OvenWerksI have asked Rick to try again and see if alsamixer has all the controls needed to run the unit. (Phantom power etc.)17:46
OvenWerksI hope to find out if alsa is complete enough17:46
EickmeyerYeah. Otherwise, it might be back to the drawing board?17:46
OvenWerksHowever, if we set -controls up to enable ffado drivers we should also be able to disable the ffado-mixer menu item17:47
OvenWerksor even make it run alsa-mixer in a terminal ;)17:48
EickmeyerNah, that'd be hacky.17:48
EickmeyerThere's also qasmixer, which is basically a gui for alsamixer.17:48
OvenWerksI wonder if it has a system default configure17:49
EickmeyerI'd look, but I'm getting ready to test the latest daily.17:49
OvenWerksIt defaults to Mixer device "default" which is pulse. I would like it to default to "hw:Card"17:50
EickmeyerRight. That's par for the course for alsamixer.17:50
OvenWerksThe man page gives no idea17:53
OvenWerksThere are no files installed that look like a config17:54
EickmeyerSo, that means it's hard-coded. :/17:58
OvenWerksAnyway, at this point, I want to see the final outcome from Rick's experiments17:58
OvenWerksyes it is. The device can be set on the commandline17:58
EickmeyerIf that's the case, then maybe modify the .desktop file?17:59
OvenWerksBut if we set it to hw:0 or card 017:59
OvenWerksthat means the user always has to change it to hw:2 or whatever.17:59
EickmeyerAh, yes. :/17:59
OvenWerksRight now it opens at the device layout from last time18:00
EickmeyerThen a button that launches it from -controls set to whatever is master?18:00
OvenWerksThat would be possible yes.18:00
EickmeyerSeems like the best option we've got.18:01
OvenWerksqasmixer --device=hw:M66 works here.18:02
EickmeyerSweet. We have either a workaround or a solution.18:03
OvenWerksqasmixer has a real problem deciding if a control is an input or output18:03
OvenWerksAll of my devices have at least some controls that show as both inputs and outputs and changing one changes the other.18:05
EickmeyerThat's not ideal.18:05
OvenWerkslast update is end of 2016 so probably not quite dead.18:06
EickmeyerIt's definitely approaching senile, though.18:07
OvenWerksI would almost like to fork it...18:07
EickmeyerUbuntu Studio Mixer!!!18:07
OvenWerksIt was upgraded to QT5 at least.18:07
OvenWerksActually I would be better off to start over I think. It would take less time as I would not have to A)learn QT or B) figure out how they did things.18:10
EickmeyerOh, okay.18:10
OvenWerksIt could be written in python or tcl/tk or whatever.18:10
OvenWerksBut it does look like we need a good ALSA mixer18:11
EickmeyerAgreed. alsamixer itself isn't ideal. ncurses interfaces aren't exactly intuitive anymore.18:12
OvenWerksIt would be nice to do a jack router as well. Like patchage, but show unused alsa devices as well (in an off colour) that get auto connected to jack vai zita-ajbridge when connected on the GUI18:13
OvenWerks(and become an "On colour ;)18:13
* OvenWerks has a longterm goal to show and end point on the network this way as well18:14
EickmeyerThat would be really cool.18:15
EickmeyerLooks like there used to be a gnome-alsamixer, but it's long dead.18:15
OvenWerksmost of the alsa mixer GUIs do not give _all_ the controls. That was what I liked about QASmixer18:16
OvenWerksQASmixer aslo lays tings out nicer. Most gui alsa mixers go for a minimum look that fits well with a popup/down from systray with just the controls the user needs for desktop use. QASmixer thinks like an Application and tries to lay things out like a HW mixer.18:26
EickmeyerYeah. Just tried "alsamixergui" and it's garbage.18:29
OvenWerksYa, I went through everything I could find before we put QASmixer in18:35
Eickmeyer!ubuntustudio-installer | OvenWerks: I did another thing20:06
ubottuOvenWerks: I did another thing: Ubuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, or add additional packages. For more info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioInstaller20:06
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