Felipebroshello guys00:33
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mkonnovHey guys !11:33
mkonnovI came here just to say fuck you, poor losers, I'm leaving out of that piece of non-working shit, going back to arch. One day I found it a really lightweight distro that saved my time during installation, but as releases come, the things stopping to work one by one. Wish all the 'devs' of that funny distro stay poor and eat the draff (which I guess you already do). Good luck !11:37
knomehow nice. indeed, i'm just about to go get another pile of mud for dinner.11:54
diogenes_knome, with apples or mushrooms?12:03
diogenes_:) so no dessert12:04
knomesome dog excrement maybe if we're lucky12:07
diogenes_lol ok ok i hope i forget about this conversation before i have my dinner12:08
knomegood luck and sorry :)12:08
rebabI have hidden Artha (dictionary) by mistake. Now I can't see the app on the deskbar. How can I fix it?13:17
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