IrcsomeBot<myfenris> The following packages will be REMOVED: …   kde-style-qtcurve-qt501:39
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Anybody else experiencing issues with task switcher.  Once box is very slow (Large Icon mode) and a quick alt-tab is lost entirely.03:15
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> On another box, I get this error: The Window Switcher installation is broken, resources are missing. … Contact your distribution about this.03:15
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> I can switch active windows, but no feedback from the Window Switcher.03:17
valoriequick as a flash here, on disco03:18
valoriebut I get the same error!03:18
valoriestill works though03:18
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> yep03:18
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> both systems work, but one that does not flag/warn behaves slowly/intermittently.03:20
carbonzerohello devs!03:24
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> hey carbonzero, I don't think any devs are active at the moment.03:30
valorie@DarinMiller you are a developer!03:30
valoriebut the leads are sleeping I hope03:31
valoriethat was a new tester03:31
valoriewhich is timely03:32
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> :)03:35
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-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » linode-01 build #2883: SUCCESS in 51 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=linode-01/2883/08:45
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » master build #2883: SUCCESS in 1 min 39 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=master/2883/08:46
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » swy-01 build #2883: SUCCESS in 4 min 18 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=swy-01/2883/08:49
BluesKajHiyas all12:03
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » linode-01 build #2884: SUCCESS in 50 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=linode-01/2884/14:45
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » master build #2884: SUCCESS in 1 min 26 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=master/2884/14:46
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project mgmt_docker » swy-01 build #2884: SUCCESS in 4 min 12 sec: https://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_docker/label=swy-01/2884/14:49
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clivejoHi folks, quite a serious regression in akonadi making it slow WAY down if you have a lot of accounts with a lot of mail in them, affecting 18.12 (which I believe you have in disco) - patches are linked here - https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/distributions/2019-April/000314.html22:42
acheronukclivejo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/akonadi/+bug/182297822:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822978 in akonadi (Ubuntu Disco) "Backport upstream fixes for regression in Akonadi and PIM" [High,New]22:44
acheronukclivejo: https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/369322:44
acheronukwill probably finish that off tomorrow22:44
clivejogood stuff :)22:45
clivejowhich did he mention that?22:46
clivejowhat IRC channel?22:46
acheronukclivejo: #kde-devel22:46
clivejototally missed that!22:47
acheronukclivejo: on Thursday, @ about 10:30 am22:48
clivejoyeah found it22:49
clivejowho found the regression?22:50
acheronukLuca Beltrame and 'Dan', whowever 'Dan' is!22:52
acheronukDaniel Vrátil probably22:52
clivejoI guess he pinged you directly on there22:53
acheronukall I know in in that IRC22:53
acheronukclivejo: yeah, me and the archlinux KDE guy22:53
clivejothanks for the heads up :P22:53
acheronukclivejo: your are welcome. I nagged Luca to do those emails to distros :P22:56
clivejowell it definitely hogs the akonadi !22:58
IrcsomeBot<MichaelTunnell> @acheronuk is there any word on my suggestions?23:17
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> @MichaelTunnell, I doubt I'll be able to get much or any of it in this release. Too many other things have kept cropping up. 😢23:24
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> If that is the case, then will have to try to get things like that in early in 19.10, instead of after feature freeze.23:25
IrcsomeBot<MichaelTunnell> no problem, just wanted to check in. No rush23:37
IrcsomeBot<MichaelTunnell> I have some more to suggest for 19.10 I suppose :D like Alt+Space should not be KRunner . . . no idea who decided that but thats not good since every other DE even Windows uses Alt+Space for the window context menu (the thing that Alt+F3 loads)23:39
IrcsomeBot<MichaelTunnell> Super+Space should be KRunner because that just makes sense. Alt is usually to affect Application Windows. Ctrl affects the content inside a Window. Super is more universal. … Plus Super+Space would be close to Super launching the main menu so it just makes sense. … Alt+Space doesnt make any sense to be fighting a standard23:40

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