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user|44750how to make a usb boot able file for kubuntu00:54
user|44750i use rufu but it not work00:54
DragnslcrDo you mean a Kubuntu installer image?00:55
user|44750i already download iso file00:56
user|44750i nned to makeit bootable usb00:56
user|44750i need to make it bootable usb00:57
user|44750any software formake bootable usb  this 'kubuntu .iso' file01:00
DragnslcrWhat operating system are you using right now?01:00
user|44750windows 1001:02
DragnslcrLooks like this is the recommended software for writing a disc image to a USB drive - https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/01:03
DragnslcrI've never used it, so I can't help much more than that, but it looks pretty simple to use01:05
carbonzeroWell, I tried to install the beta of 19.04 again today and I still got the error I got last week when I tried to get into software sources.02:34
carbonzeroIf I were to install the beta, will a future update take care of the software sources error where I can get into it and make my preferred changes for getting updates and what not?02:35
carbonzerowithout me having to reinstall again?02:36
Greenfrogdo you mean 18.o4 or 19.o402:44
Greenfrogbecause 18.10 is the latest release02:45
carbonzeroGreenfrog, 19.04.02:45
carbonzeroI was trying to test out 19.04 before it drops in a couple of weeks and I can't get into the software sources to check mark other stuff to keep updated.02:46
carbonzerojust wondered if I could just get it installed and wait for the fix that I know is coming and a future update'll take care of it.02:47
carbonzerokrytarik, so I can just install it and wait for the fix to come?02:47
Greenfrogic that is a problem with any beta release of any software beta means still being tested and my contain bugs02:47
carbonzeroGreenfrog, oh yeah, I know. Been doing QA for a while now. pretty much used to having problems creep up once in a while.02:48
krytarikcarbonzero: Yep.  Otherwise, just installing lxqt-sudo in the meantime wouldn't hurt so much either.02:48
Greenfrogok if you are up to it02:49
carbonzerokrytarik, oh yeah i forgot I could do that.02:54
carbonzerokrytarik, so just do sudo apt-install lxqt-sudo and good to go?02:55
krytarikAbout right, yes.02:55
carbonzerocool. I think I got told that last week but forgot. lol been super busy02:56
krytarikkde-runtime is what I suggested first - but this might actually be more efficient.02:58
valoriecarbonzero: can you describe again what was happening?03:00
valoriewere you still in the live session? or after install03:00
valorieI didn't find this problem when testing the beta03:00
valorieor in either of my upgrades03:01
carbonzerovalorie, it was after an install. I'd go to software sources in Discovery and try to get into software sources to check off Canonical Partners, and other things to keep my system as updated as possible and I'd get an error about not being able to execute some commeand. let me see if I can find that pic I took.03:02
krytarikAnd that's LP bug 1823306.03:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823306 in software-properties (Ubuntu Disco) "lxqt-sudo added to Exec line of software-properties-qt.desktop breaks use in KDE Plasma Discover" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182330603:03
carbonzeroubottu, I think that's the one. Simon was in on the conversation about it and he said he'd fix it.03:03
ubottucarbonzero: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:03
valorieGreenfrog: why do you advocate for lxqt-sudo?03:03
valorierather than KDEsudo03:04
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> »  to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why.03:04
valoriejust curious03:04
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carbonzerovalorie, I can't find that pic at the moment but I'm getting ready to install 19.04 again and if it comes up again, I'll do another screen shot03:05
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valoriebest of luck03:05
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valorieI suggest upgrading after install03:05
valoriethere have already been quite a few updates03:06
ubottuDaily builds of the images of the current development version of Kubuntu can be found at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/03:06
valorieor just do that, yeah03:07
carbonzerovalorie, https://mega.nz/#!m01EUQBa!8vf30AvObfpXFsBsOv_PWkUEEkC71OP_4uplT_gWCeo03:08
carbonzerothat one03:08
carbonzerovalorie, and I go to that very same server to get new images03:08
valoriehmm, why on earth would lxqt-sudo be in there anyway!03:09
valoriethat's bizarre03:09
carbonzeroI get it everytime03:09
valoriedid you report the bug?03:09
valorie`ubuntu-bug ubiquity`03:09
carbonzeroSimon Quigley was in on the conversation about it and said he'd fix it03:09
carbonzeroI'll still do the bug report03:09
carbonzeroHaven't done it since Simon was there03:10
carbonzerobut, I'm downloading the image again and I'll install it and go through the motions again.03:10
carbonzerovalorie, I'll debrief you when I get it all done. I'm making my startup USB drive as we speak.03:12
carbonzerovalorie, you're welcome. What's the QA website address again? qa.ubuntu.com?03:13
carbonzeroI'll even go do some of that, too.03:14
valorieyou were almost right03:14
valoriedisco daily is open; the beta tests are done since it's released03:15
carbonzerovalorie, lol. yeah, almost had it. Oh I see. so everybody beat me to it? sheesh lol that's ok. I've been busy with school anyway and haven't had much time to do any testing since I needed a stable machine up until now. at least I can get the beta on here and get it going before next week.03:16
valorieour testing window is just a few days03:16
valoriebecause the beta is freeze time03:17
valorieso we get the tests done, it's released, and the freeze is over03:17
carbonzerovalorie, oh. I see. I remember now.03:17
valorieyou can image with final release looming, freezes are no fun03:17
carbonzerowell, I'll at least have it before it drops and I'll catch the next cycle of testing for the october release03:19
valoriethere used to be two alphas sometimes and two betas03:19
valoriecarbonzero: we can use your help in that week before release03:19
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS). More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases03:19
valoriewell, I thought it would give me a DATE, sheesh03:19
carbonzerovalorie, before the october release?03:19
valorieno, we have one this month, for disco03:20
carbonzerovalorie, oh. so you need the help the week before?03:20
valorieI'm sure I'll be asking her often03:20
carbonzerook, sure thing. count me in. or I'll try as much as I can.03:21
carbonzerowhen that week's upon us, I just hit the iso.qa.ubuntu.com site a lot that week?03:21
carbonzerowith new installs each time?03:22
valorie18th of April, 2019 is the release date, so yeah, after the 10th sometime we'll get a release candidate03:22
carbonzerovalorie, ok. what should I look for and where?03:22
carbonzeroI'll get the RC and hit it hard.03:23
valorieif you are really interested, join #kubuntu-devel03:23
valoriethat's where testing calls actually come out03:23
carbonzeroI'll bounce-it-off-the-asphalt level of testing it. lol03:23
valoriewe tweet about it as well, asking for help03:23
carbonzerook. I'll join that channel, too.03:24
carbonzeroi'm in! I'll sit in on that one and try to follow along as much as I can and keep up with you03:25
carbonzeroSince I'm in school for software development, yeah, being in the devel channel's a major interest to me03:25
carbonzeroon twitter, I'm a follower of you and kubuntu, too, of course.03:25
valorielearning how to file bugs efficiently and link them to test results is gold03:26
carbonzerovalorie, I'm there. as Long as someone can walk me through once or twice, at least again, I'm good to go.03:26
valoriezyncing is very useful too03:27
valoriebecause once you have a downloaded image file, zsync only has to download the changes03:27
carbonzerook. I've heard of that but I'll have to have some help with that to know how to do it03:27
carbonzerowell, I'm ready to install this beta now. I shall return when I'm all done.03:28
carbonzerosorry, that's the radio man in me there.03:28
carbonzerocame out of nowhere.03:28
valorietook me a sec because they have a new login thing03:29
carbonzerogot it bookmarked and ready to read when I come back03:29
valorieand are still telling me "you can post to G+ too!03:29
valorieNO,, ya CANT03:29
carbonzerovalorie, uh nope. it's long gone.03:29
valoriegoogle should tell blogger about it03:30
carbonzerohell blogger's a google product I think03:30
valoriesince blogger is theirs!03:30
carbonzerosmh got to love those disconnected communications lines. O.O03:30
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> @valorie you still around?04:34
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/8c2eB1Hg/file_14553.jpg04:36
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Upon trying to submit a bug report, I get this.04:36
krytarik@carbonzero: Oh hey, I forgot to mention if you were to install the lxqt-sudo package, definitely use the '--no-install-recommends' option then! :P04:37
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> I'm running the minimal installation. I'll try the full install next.04:37
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> No install recommends? In sources?04:37
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Is that the same as the pre-released updates?04:38
krytarik"sudo apt install --no-install-recommends lxqt-sudo"04:38
krytarikCause otherwise you'd get a looot more of LXQt then.04:39
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Just ran the command you gave me04:40
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Krytarik: looking good so far04:40
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Krytarik: I'm in software sources now after the lxqt-sudo command.04:41
krytarikYay.. :)04:41
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> \0/04:42
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Ahhhh now I feel so much better. Let's see if I can file a report.04:42
IrcsomeBot<Eickmeyer> I thought Simon was going to fix that bug.04:42
krytarikYeah, it's in progress.04:42
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Ok, I'll hd.04:43
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Hold04:43
IrcsomeBot<Eickmeyer> 👍04:43
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> 🙏🏽👊🏼🤘🏼04:43
IrcsomeBot<carbonzero> Now to tweak.04:44
valorie@carbonzero yes, I"m back05:04
valorieoh ugh05:05
valoriehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity is where the bugs are05:08
valoriebut it's SO much easier to do it via ubuntu-bug ubiquity05:08
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BluesKajHiyas all12:02
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IrcsomeBotAlbertostephan was added by: Albertostephan13:43
IrcsomeBot<Albertostephan> Hi I have problems with hd integrity coulbe and here there is not net...could any send me a copy in DVD payed on send... … The restoreaA/ do not work not enter even in command line not grub..13:45
IrcsomeBot<Albertostephan> Kubuntu lts13:46
tomreynAlbertostephan: i read this twice, but cannot make out what you're saying.14:04
IrcsomeBot<Albertostephan> Ok I haved installed Kubuntu 16...LTS and other os...I doit and upgrade to 18.04. … The sistem crasched...and download a recovery...or what ever audit's cd stick or what ever impossible...hd integrity...have to reinstall can't access to grub or console first have to test OS the hda them  … And I have not net and phone dat insufficient. … ..them if some body's could send me a DVD or other support media. … ..if not try to14:21
IrcsomeBotcity and think who we do it...thanks.. … Payeable to receipt … Again thanks14:21
tomreyni suggest you connect to https://webchat.freenode.net and join the ubuntu channel of your native language. e.g. if you r native language is spanish, join #ubuntu-es14:33
BluesKaj!es | Albertostephan14:34
ubottuAlbertostephan: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:34
w0lfHi there15:18
w0lfI have done a fresh install of kubuntu15:18
w0lfand able to log into the server15:18
carbonzerow0lf, what's up15:18
w0lf after that I have installed mesa-utils and radeon xorg drivers15:19
w0lfsince then ubnutu is booting  in to shell and not  opening  GUI15:19
w0lfI have then installed sddm and managed to log into gui15:19
w0lfbut thats not a solution I think15:19
w0lfhow can I  fix this issue ?15:19
Brandon{ACS}I had a simiar issue with Simple-Help (remote connection software) and found that gdm3 uses wayland by default so Simple-Help wouldn't work with it15:25
w0lfany pointers fols ?15:31
w0lffolks ?15:31
Brandon{ACS}w0lf: you said you installed radeon xorg drivers - have you ruled out wayland being the cause?15:33
w0lfBrandon{ACS}, what iswayland ?15:35
w0lfwayland ?15:35
BluesKajBrandon{ACS}, wayland is not default non kubuntu15:36
w0lfgot ya15:36
w0lfwell I do not know about this15:36
w0lfI have installed Kubuntu15:36
w0lfso I thought sddm is the default one15:36
BluesKaj!nomodeset | w0lf,15:36
ubottuw0lf,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:36
w0lfBluesKaj, thank you let me see the link15:37
w0lfshould I uninstall SDDM now  ?15:38
w0lfguys ?15:40
BluesKajw0lf, if you installed Kubuntu from the iso then sddm is already installed by default15:41
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Randunihi all..how are all my Kubuntu peeps?17:15
IrcsomeBotDanas was added by: Danas17:16
IrcsomeBot<Danas> Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have formatted external hdd in Ext4 format in the hopes to use it as an additional space for data storage, however now Kubuntu won't load if this hdd  is not connected. How do I reset it? That hdd does not hold anything needed for the system, it's only to hold video footage for editing.  I hoped ext4 would have better performance than ntfs for Linux, and I though it would work as any17:22
IrcsomeBotregular external hdd. But now my system won't load without it. Googling didn't lead to required information how to solve it. :(17:22
isomarigreetings, should networkd-dispatcher be running if I'm using NetworkManager?17:25
gnokHello! I'm trying to get the hybrid graphics working on Kubuntu 18.04 running on a Thinkpad P1. I tried using nvidia-prime to select intel and change to hybrid graphics in BIOS but KDE doesn't run properly: it's stuck at splash screen after login. I'm not sure how to fix this; any help is appreciated.19:26
gnokTurns out installing the 390 drivers fixed the issue from what I can see.19:56
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IrcsomeBot<Albertostephan> File system to fail... prouvé z vous..20:21
valoriecan you say what's happening, @Albertostephan ?20:30
ToasterDEVHello everyone! New user here :)21:06
ToasterDEVI've been trying to install backports kubuntu-desktop onto a Linux on Dex Ubuntu 16.04 arm64 distro, but every time the metapackage gets to kde-runtime, it presents issues while handling kdesud.21:07
ToasterDEVI would be really grateful if somebody could lend me a hand with this.21:07
ToasterDEVHere is the installation log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ttFGmcxchj/21:08
OerHeksline 10 : 0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 596 not upgraded.21:11
OerHeksfirst upgrade properly, before installing stuff21:11
OerHekssudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade # and reboot21:11
ToasterDEVNot quite an option, as far as I can tell. Ubuntu runs under the Android kernel, so apt upgrade always fails for some reason. Perhaps I am doing something wrong there, let me try again with those commands and I'll paste the output.21:13
valorieAndroid kernel?21:13
OerHeks46 not fully installed or removed .. oh i see21:13
ToasterDEVKind of, it's a chroot environment within a Samsung container.21:14
valorieI wonder how backports even works in a chroot21:16
valoriedunno; have never tried it21:16
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ToasterDEVIt's this thing.21:16
OerHeks'experience' it is, good luck21:18
valorieyeah, but running kubuntu on a phone with the android kernel?21:20
valoriedunno about that21:20
valorieand 16.04.5 is so old21:20
valoriealmost EOL21:21
valorieI don't believe that we're still even doing security updates on that -- Ubuntu is of course21:21
ToasterDEVFair enough, still puzzles me why they didn't go with 18.04 at least.21:21
valoriebut not KDE packages21:21
valoriehmm, maybe I was thinking of 14.0421:22
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:22
OerHeksgrinn, KDE neon arm6421:22
valorieyeah, disregard what I said21:22
valoriestill in support21:23
ToasterDEVOh, alright then.21:23
ToasterDEVMost of the issue with apt upgrade comes from depmod, it seems it's getting permission denied errors regarding the kernel image.21:24
valoriebut that's on supported platforms with stock kernels21:24
valorieso -- yeah21:25
ToasterDEVWhat would be the best course of action then?21:25
ToasterDEVInternet went out, back again now.21:27
valorieToasterDEV: I would ask in #ubuntu which is a much larger channel21:28
OerHeksi think the backports part is over-the-top for your goal21:29
valoriewhat you are running into is not a Kubuntu problem per se21:29
valorieI agree with OerHeks21:29
EickmeyerThe other problem is that, since it's not actually distributed by Ubuntu, it's not really Ubuntu.21:29
valorieright, other users *may* have tried this though21:29
OerHeksit is with help of canonical, official image, but it is not KDE .. which must be build with android policy21:30
valoriecould even be some ubuntuphone devels in there21:30
ToasterDEVOkay then, I'll go back there and check. Thanks for the help, oddball topic as it may be.21:31
EickmeyerThose folks might be in #ubports21:31
ToasterDEVAlso in freenode?21:32
ToasterDEVGreat! Checking there now. See ya later everyone!21:32
valorieoh, good idea Eickmeyer21:38
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