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mitya57^^ infinity: this qtbase upload should fix the endianness issue we were talking about08:13
infinitymitya57: Excellent, I'll drop the kde hint and accept it.08:32
mitya57(the package with failing tests was kdelibs4support)08:33
* infinity nods.08:33
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted qtbase-opensource-src [sync] (disco-proposed) [5.12.2+dfsg-3]08:35
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infinitymitya57: Thanks for caring enough to look instead of just playing the "s390x no haz graphics, who cares" game.08:36
* infinity really wishes we had more than one big-endian arch so s390x didn't look so "weird" to people.08:36
mitya57Actually here the problem was in a core function (related to string encoding). The graphics may still have bugs on s390x :-(08:37
infinitymitya57: Oh, I'm sure rendering is a mess, but yes, it was obviously an endian bug i nthe string encoding (and I mentioned as much when people asked me to ignore it :P)08:37
infinitymitya57: But I didn't know the code well enough to hunt down why and fix it, so thanks.08:38
infinitymitya57: Did you add a test upstream to go with the fix (does upstream Qt do deep nitpicking unit tests?)?08:38
infinitymitya57: Seems a bit odd that something like this would only be caught by a random test in a 3rd party consumer of the API.08:39
infinityMaybe Qt's testing strategy is "let KDE test it for us", I dunno.08:39
mitya57We are running tests in some Qt modules but not in qtbase.08:40
mitya57Because there are too many failures, and I don't have enough time to look at them all.08:40
infinitySomeone needs to invent more hours.08:40
mitya57Maybe I will try to enable them at least for qtcore.08:41
infinityWould be nice if we could find a volunteer willing to go through the qtbase test suite on Debian/Ubuntu and XFAIL until it's green.08:41
infinityThen we'd have a (probably fairly short) list of stuff that needs looking at after that,.08:41
infinityAssuming the testsuite has a convenient way to twiddle that per-test.08:42
mitya57Some time ago (when Timo was the maintainer) we had a "110 files changed, 21678 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)" patch.08:43
mitya57But we did not manage to port it from Qt 5.5 to 5.6 so it was dropped…08:43
infinityThat's a lot of insertions.08:43
infinityOkay, I need to find a bed.08:44
mitya57It starts with something one won't expect :)08:44
mitya57(We removed rfc3261.txt from the tarball because it is not DFSG compliant, and needed to replace it with something)08:45
mitya57But not counting this, it is still a large patch.08:45
mitya57Good night!08:45
infinitymitya57: Hahaha.  Okay, so the fake RFC is like 95% of the patch, that looks less scary with context. :P08:47
mitya57The rest is still 109 files…08:47
infinitymitya57: Having to QSKIP at the test level instead of some higher-level list of XFAILs looks a bit cumbersome to maintain, though.08:48
mitya57There are BLACKLIST files but I think they work only in upstream CI.08:48
infinityCompare with, say:08:49
infinityWhich is still not the most pleasant thing, but at least it's one file with no chance to conflict on every upstream import.08:49
mitya57That is not possible with Qt I'm afraid08:49
mitya57There are files like https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/tree/tests/auto/corelib/thread/qthread/BLACKLIST, but they are per-directory, not global.08:50
acheronukinfinity: sorry. I'm so used to seeing KDE*something requiring a fix to adapt to new Qt, that I badly assumed :/08:50
infinityacheronuk: It's all good.  That's why we don't work in isolation.08:51
* acheronuk nods08:51
infinityRight, bed.  For realz.08:52
mitya57Good night for realz! :)08:53
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dokohmm, why does the gdb build hang?13:50
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-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted gcc-8 [source] (disco-proposed) [8.3.0-6ubuntu1]15:13
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted ubuntu-mate-meta [source] (disco-proposed) [1.231]15:13
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